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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Sept. §, 1974 Interstates Safer’ Urgent Need to Complete System B> MarKy Met’av AMES (AP)—Despite a decrease in the number of vehicles traveling on interstate highways in Iowa, there still is an urgency to complete the system There are two reasons for this, said Program and Scheduling Director Ii VV. Anderson, the interstates are better roads and they are safer roads. The four-lane interstates replaced many bad roads. Anderson said, including some two-lane highways that were just 18 feel wide ‘‘For instance. between Cedar Rapids and Waterloo (where construction of interstate highway is pending) there is no good road.” he added. “And no matter how you measure it. the safety factor is greater on the interstates than on the two-lane highways If we postpone completing the system, we are foregoing the potential for saving li\es ” Death Rate \nderson said tin1 death rate on rural interstates is less than one-third the rate on other primary highways and less than one-fourth the rate on secondary roads On urban interstates, the rate is less than half that on other city roadways \bout 85 percent of Iowa's interstate system is open to traffic That amounts to HTD of the proposed TSP miles There are three interstates in Iowa 1-811 crosses Iowa east and west through Des Moines. 1-35 bisects the state north and south through Des Moines and I-LM) runs along Iowa's western border from Sioux City to the Missouri line The national limit of 42.500 miles of interstate set by ('(ingress is SO per cent complete, although Anderson said only 70 per cent of tilt' federal funding has been appropriated Inflation But when the entire system, and Iowa's share of it, will lie completed has not been determined—and inflation is one of the culprits The concept of federally-funded highways connecting the 48 states was formally recognized in 1044 with the passage of the Federal Highway Act But since no funds were appropriated, the concept did not progress very rapidly Then, in 1050. the federal highway tax fund was created. which provided money for the interstate system on a 90-10 percent federal state funding basis The initial deadline for completion of the system was 1072 Now. funding has been extended through 1070, although Anderson said the Iowa Crime Rate Doubles; Officials Question Figures VV ASI H\(JT()N (A F) -Serious crime in Iowa nearly doubled from 1072 to 1073. the FBI reports, but Iowa law enforcement officials seriously question what the figures mean. Across the nation, the federal agency reported that serious crime increased six percent . The “Total ( rime Index' , an accounting of serious violent and property violations, in 1972 was 42,130 for Iowa A year later, the figure soared to 82,230, “I’m not ready to agree that crime has doubled in the state this year” said Iowa Public Support for Work Right Law Growing DES MOINES (AP) - Support is growing in Iowa for retention of the state’s 27-yearold right to work law. the chairman of a group supporting the statute said Thursday. Centerville publisher Robert K Beck, chairman of Iowans for Right To Work. said a recent survey revealed that 83 percent of 607 people questioned favor the law Thirteen per cent oppose it and four percent had no opinion. Support for the law increased three percent since the last survey in 1900 “This is a strong endorsement of the principle of voluntary unionism.” Birk commented. Among union members and their families questioned the survey said support for the law is 70 percent. Twenty-six percent were opposed and four percent were undecided. Beck noted that the Republican and Democratic parties are at (Kids of the law . which states that union participation may not be a prerequisite to employment. The Democratic platform favors repeal, while the Republican’s platform urges tiiat it lie retained State Sen. James Schaben. Dunlap, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, was quoted this summer in a union publication as saying he would Ik* happy to sign a bill repealing the law. In the survey commissioned by Beck’s committee, support for the law reached 91 per cent among Republicans, 85 percent among independents and 78 percent among Democrats Safety Commissioner Charles Larson when told of the figures. More Officers The numbers are “probably an indication of more peace officers on the street and probably more people are reporting crimes in hopes that something can be done." Larson added. The figures listed for 1973 show there were 2.831 8 serious crimes committed in the state for each UM) (MMI people, as opposed to 1,481.3 in 1972 The report also quoted figures for hundreds of other American cities, even those of only IO.(MMI population. Suburban Crime The FBI report showed that. in addition to a six nercent increase in serious crime across the nation, 59 cities over UMI.(MMI population reported actual decreases in serious crime, compared to 114 cities the vear before Crime was up in the urbs, too, the FBI said sub- It increased nine percent. while rural areas had a 111 percent rise The report said the more numerous property crimes such as larceny and auto theft increased faster than crimes of v iolence, six to five percent In all. there were 8.8 million serious crimes    reported to peace officers    last year, compared to 8 I million the vear lK*fore level has dropped iii recent years This reduction will increase the time it takes to complete the system The first leg of the interstate completed in Iowa was a section of 1-35 from the edge of Des Moines to Osceola in 1959 The next stretch was on 1-29 north of Council Bluffs. I-8(1. the most heavily-traveled interstate in Iowa. was completed iii 1972 But inflation has created a question mark instead of an answer to when the last of Iowa’s interstate will be completed. ( ast Index “It s quite bad,” said Anderson “Our cost index has gone up 4(1 percent in the last year That s our costs for the first half of 1973 compared w ith the first half of 1974 " To date the commission has let bids for $829 million for interstate construction in Iowa. Anderson said. Of that amount, the federal government has (or will have) absorbed $587 million When the entire system is completed, it will serve 20 per cent of all motor traffic iii the U.S. on about one percent of the public road mileage Traffic Decrease Bene Mills, transportation data base engineer for the commission, said traffic on Iowa interstates has dropped about eight percent in the last year Based on tin* results of seven traffic counters, there were 43,332 vehicles traveling the interstates on an average day in January, 1973. A year later the figure had dropped to 39,947—a decrease of 7 8 percent. In July. 1973. a figure of 78.-708 was recorded    For    the same period this year, traffic was down to 70,301, a drop of 8.2 percent. Mills said the net loss actually is about 14 percent because until this year, traffic on the interstates    had    increased an average    of    six jKTcent a year State Program Begins to Wipe out Child’s Diseases DES MOINES (IPI) -State health officials have undertaken an ambitious program aimed at completely eradicating children’s diseases in Iowa within the next two years State Health Commissioner Norman Pawlewski said today the Iowa health department has initiated the program to completely wipe out measles, german measles, whooping cough and other child-related illnesses iii the state by 1978 lie said Iowa and “a few other” states are in a rare position at the present time to eradicate diseases that are subject to immunization prevention Culver, Riley Express Shock of East Iowa Disaster Aid Decision Two Eastern Iowa officeholders and 1974 candidates expressed "shwk" in separate statements that the federal government has denied disaster aid to 28 Iowa counties which suffered storm damage this summer Congressman John Culver. Democratic candidate for U.S. senator, issued a statement in Des Moines while State Sen Tom Riley, Republican candidate for Second district congressman. released in Kirschen Pays Into Client Fund SIOUX CITY (CPI) - a*. sistant I S Attorney Al Kirschen of Sioux City, Friday paid his $25 into the Iowa Bar Assn ’s client .security fund Cedar Rapids copies of a telegram he sent to U.S. Secre-tarv of Agriculture Earl But/ “Having urged full production. it is inconceivable that the government will not move to offer assistance to farmers who have been crippled economically because of conditions beyond their control," Riley wired But/. VV ill Ask Ray Riley said he will ask Gov. Robert Ray to m'ke a formal request that the denial decision be reconsidered Culver said he understands the Iowa agricultural stabilization conservation committee was informed Aug 23 that the Deep River Man Killed in Crash BROOKLYN (UPI) - Kirschen was    among 52 I Lhinny    Cole.    22.    rural Deep lawyers suspended    earlier this    Wiver,    was killed    Thursday in week from practicing in Iowa    a car-truck    crash near the courts for failure to comply with the fund’s regulations The payment was made under protest because of what Ktraction called “the recognition of the power of the court over me “ The Sioux City attorney, who is the special prosecutor in charge of the Wounded Knee trials said he has been in touch with the V. S justice department over the matter He said the justice department is not concerm*d over his suspension and he said it considers tile suspension both an administrative and legal error. Now! Have your furnace cleaned and checked before cold weather! Your headquarters for /4m ana 24-HOUR SERVICE Call 364-4626 After Business Hwarv (all JSM PAUL NOVAK All Makes & Models Furnaces and Air Conditioners NOVAK Moating I Air Conditioning 36 16th Avenue S.W "Serving Cedar Rapids for 39 Years" intersection of interstate so and a Poweshiek county road south of here State troopers said Cole s car was hit by a truck driven by William Fisher. Tama Fisher was not injured but was charged with making an improper left turn. Cole was dead on arrival at University hospitals in Iowa City r rcilDiiiPC^ request for emergency assistance for the 28 counties had bt*<*11 turned down He said the government has an emergency conservation measures program which provides help on a cost-sharing basis for recovery from storm damage. Callous Disregard He said the agriculture department s reason for re-jecttng the request was that “repair of damage is not beyond the capability of producers with their own equipment.'* Reacting to that. Culver commented: “Once again the USDA bus shown callous disregard for the Iowa funning community. The truth is that farmers don’t have the kind of equipment needed for much of this work and their resources are far from being us abundant as the USDA officials seem to believe.** The denial does not affect the crop damage disaster aid sought for many counties by Gov Rav earlier this summer. Part of the program is designed to urge parents to continue immunization of children for childhood diseases and to pinpoint any cases of these diseases immediately. he said. Stop Spread "We want to put out the brush fires before they spread.” Pawlewski said. "We want to stop the disease with the child arid not let it spread We arc confident we can do it.” Pawlewski said the department has asked the Iowa medical society to urge their members to cooperate in the eradication program. He said if a child is suspected of having one of the diseases, the parents are urged to have a physician get a “definitive" diagnosis. “Through this procedure. we can go in and find out the child’s contacts, through school children or relatives and this will help stop the spread of the diseases," Pawlewski said. Hopkinton Youths Injured in Crash HOPKINTON — Three Hopkinton youths were injured in a one-car accident on a county gravel road a mile north and five miles west of here Thursday night All were admitted to Mercy hospital in Cedar Rapids. Patrick Murray. 17, was in fair condition in the intensive cart* unit Kent Ridenour, 18, and David Hunter. 15, were in good condition State police radio said Jones and Delaware county deputies investigated the accident It was reported that the car, driven by Murray, went over the crest of a hill, crossed over the oncoming lane and went into the ditch, coming to rest at an embankment 248 feet from where it left the road AP Wirephoto Traffic Jam Students are back at the University of Iowa, and with them come the perennial problem — too many bicycles. The growing number of bicycle enthusiasts on campus has made overcrowded bike racks a daily occurence. Another popular means of student transport, CAMBUS, is in the background. Charge Omahan With Assault of Scherle’s Son OMAHA, Neb. (AP)-An 18year-«ld Omahan has been charged with assault to do great bodily injury after an incident early Sunday morning involving the son of Rep William Scherle (R-lowa). Benjamin J Harris appeared before Municipal Judge Theodore Carlson Tuesday and a preliminary hearing on the felony charge was set Nov. 27. Harris was arrested Sunday morning and freed on $1,518) hind later that day Judge Carlson continued the bond John R Scherle, an Omahan, told police he argued with a man in an Omaha bar Saturday night, then was met by the man early Sunday morning after closing Scherle said the man and several companions knocked him down. Rep. Scherle, of Henderson said his son is a Creighton university student and woks parttime as a musician at the bar Rule Prosecution Witness History is Private Data DES MOINES (AP) - Neither judges nor the Iowa Bureau of Criminal Investigation may tell defense attorneys about any criminal record a prosecution witness has, an attorney generals opinion said Thursday Public Safety Commissioner Charles I^irson had asked for the opinion. Asst. Atty Gen. Peter Voorhees wrote that state law says criminal history data can he transmitted only to criminal justice agencies, which docs not include* defense attorneys. “The investigation of a witnesses’ background is the duty of the counsel, not the court.” Voorhees wrote. “The* court has no duty to aid either party in the* prepa-ratiem of their case.” The attorney said the Iowa Supreme Court recently held that prior felony convictions can be used to impeach the credibility of a witness only if the crime involved dishonesty, and “the judge determines any danger of unfair prejudice does not substantially outweigh (probable) value of such prior felony conviction..." Tama Police Return Juvenile Runaway TAMA—Tama [Mil ice apprehended a 16-year-old runaway in the Tama Livestock Auction this week after an employe arriving for work reported the building had been broken into. 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