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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Sept. I, 1974 Iowa Population Outlook Brightens, No Brain Drain Iowa’s populi!- H> Harrison Weber DES MOINES (IDEA) lion picture is changing Mr years, going back to the 1940s. Iowa has experienced a net out-migration Some politicians have referred to it as the “brain-drain ” Hut the lutes! figures from the ll. S Department of Commerce indicate a reversal of that trend A report prepared jointly by the I S. Bu-lean oi ( ensus and the records and statistics division of the Iowa department of health shows Iowa had a net in-migration of 32.IHMI persons between 1970 and 1973 Although it s only a gain of l l percent, its significance is brought home by the fact that Iowa experienced a net out-migration of 183- 000 persons between 1900 70, 233,000 between 1950-00 and 170,(HIO between 1940-50 Births Down Krum 1970 to 1973, the state's population increased by 79,000 from 2,825.041 to 2,901,-(MKI During this period, there were 143.(NNI births and 90,(MNI deaths There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of births iii Iowa, from 03,531 iii 1954 to only 41 (MHI in 1972 The decrease has been linked to the usage of birth control pills Meanwhile the number of deaths recorded iii Iowa each year has been oil the increase from 25.088 in 1954 to 30,(NHI in 1972 There are a number of reasons for Iowa’s population starting to stabilize To begin with, the big migration from the farms appears to have leveled off Between 1902 and 1971 the number of Iowa farms (Un lined by 23 rec ut, from 173,015 lo 132.010 Recent Years The farm population, over tile same peri od. declined 21 percent, from 059,773 in 1902 to 518,500 in 1972 But the decrease has only been a trickle iii recent years For example, from 1971 to 1972 the decline in the farm population was only 1,031 compared to 25.240 between 1905 and 1900 Industrial development has been on the upswing In 1973. for instance, a record 25 588 new jobs were created in Iowa Over the 1903-73 period, Iowa’s employment iii man ufacturing has increased 34.7 percent Enrollment in high schools has increased 15 percent since the fall of 1903, from 123.403 to 141.980 Total enrollment in all Iowa colleges and universities has increased IMI percent since* 1905 to 110,740 Much of that increase is attributable to area community colleges as their enrollments have soared 175 percent since their inception in 1905 Statistics In terms of numbers, Polk county had the largest net in-migration from 1970-73 with 2,-400 persons, followed by Story, 2.100; Warren. I,WHI, and Dubuque and Boone counties, each with 1.700 Conversely, Des Moines county had tile largest net out-migration with 2,(NNI persons followed by Black Hawk and Johnson counties, each with I .HOO Following are statistics for Eastern Iowa counties citing net migration between April I. 1970. and July I, 1973 Allamakee, 14,908 to 15,800, up 5 5%, Benton, 22.285 to 23,700, up 3 6%; Buchanan, 21,762 to 21,WK), up less than 1%; Cedar, 17,-655 to 18,HNI, up 2 3%; Clayton, 20,606 to 21 -700, up 5 2%; Delaware, 18,770 to 19,2(H>, up 2.5% Dubuque. 90,609 to 94,900. up 4.8%; Fayette. 26,898 to 27.600, up 2.4%; Iowa. 15,419 to 15,600, up 0.9%; Jackson. 20,839 to 21,5(H), up 3.1%; Johnson, 72,127 to 73,300, up 1.6%; Jones, 19,868 to 19.900, up less than 1%; Keokuk 13,943 to 13.9IMI down 0.2% Finn. 163,213 to I67,4(HI. up 2 6%; Poweshiek. 18,803 to 19.600, up 4.1%; Tama, 20,147 to 20.5(H), up 1.7%; Washington 18,967 to 18,900, down (1.5%; Winneshiek 21,758 to 22.HIH) up3 7%. Decorah Council Ordered To Revamp Water System By Doris Ahem DECORAH — Extensive changes in Decorah s water supply and system will be necessitated soon as the result of an order issued Tuesday by the Iowa department of environmental quality. The Decorah council and other city officials received notice at their meeting Tuesday that the city has 60 days in which to file its statement of intention to comply with the order According to City Clerk charles Anderson. City Engineer Umell Erdman has already begun a study to determine necessary steps to carry oui instructions in the state department order Anderson said the project will include modifying present chlorination and fluoridation equipment and increasing Decorah s water-storage capacity by 225.(NNI gallons per dav. Storage Tank According to Anderson, the city’s present daily storage is about 75(1.(NNI gallons Environmental quality officials determined that Decorah s average daily storage needs total around 975.IMM) gallons. Anderson said this will probably require construction of a new storage tank The council instructed the city engineer to present estimates of costs for tin* water-storage expansion at the next council meeting Public hazards resulting from Decorah’s present overcrowded sanitation system were emphasized again Tuesday night A preliminary engineering study, prepared by Wallace. Holland. Hastier, Schmitz, and Co . of Rochester. Minn., underscored steps required to solve the problem. The engineering firm. in cooperation with city officials. will make an application for a federal grant to help finance design and construction The cost of this preliminary report, when completed, will total $19,(NKI The federal government will pay 7(1 percent of this cost Site Selection Actual construction of a new sewage-treatment and sanitation plant awaits selection of a site and approval of the de- Library System Board Meeting In Iowa City IOWA CITY — The seven-member board of trustees of the East Central Regional Library System will met Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Iowa City public library. Nelle Neafie, EI RL administrator. said Friday it marks the first time the board has held its regular meeting in Iowa City The session will be open to the public. The board has adopted a policy, Mrs Neafie said. of holding its regular meetings in comunities throughout the ten-county arca, including Benton. Cedar, Clinton. Iowa. Jackson. Johnson, Jones, Linn, Poweshiek and Tama counties The East Central Library System is one of seven such districts established by the Iowa general assembly last year The two-fold aim is “to serve the unserved” by providing library service to persons who did not previously have access to library service and to work toward strengthening existing libraries Thomas Sunnily of Iowa City is chairman of the ECKL board of trustees ON THIS DATE in 1969 Vietnamese peace talks resumed, with Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge appealing anew for humane treatment of C S war prisoners Toledo Court Orders Promissory Payment TOLEDO—District court Judge James IL Carter' has ruled a $7,413 26 payment he made by Fred and Opal Mutney, Dakota City, Neb., to the Marshalltown Savings and Loan Assn.. Marshalltown, on a promissory note for real estate Salt* of the premises was ordered and the mortgage foreclosed on the property, hut the court found that subsequent to action by the hank the Matnevs moved from the property with no intention of returning to occupy the premises. Hillbilly Foods Course Planned SPRINGVILLE - A course in “hillbilly foods” will be offered as one of the adult (‘veiling classes here Richard Caudill, a product of the Kentucky hills, will be teaching students how to make corn pone. rebel cake. hush puppies, stack cakes and wild bird dishes The course is one of eight tieing offered in Springville. which is served by Kirkwood Community college Other courses include how to strum a guitar, master arc welding and basic electronics and read blueprints \\ .nil .id office open 8-5 Mon thru Err. until noon Sat School Days are here againI ; I WEEK / SALE! SAT., SEPT. 7 SAT, SEPT. 14 Dietzgen Teledyne Post Keuffel & Esser Drawing Sets! Post and Pickett We aho have School Grade Drafting Supplies Now Open Ail Day Saturday 8-5 mid Mon. through Friday 7:30-3:00 STANDARD BLUEPRINT COMPANY OF IOWA 7 I I Second Avenue SE Cadar Rapids Phone 364-2473 20% Discount On Slide Rules! And payment of environmental quality. Anderson reported Wednesday that sites under consideration include one between tin* city limits of Decorah and the village of Freeport, about three miles northeast of Decorah .Anderson and Boyer said that if the Freeport site is chosen, it seems likely the village of Freeport will eventually tie in with the new system The seriousness of tin* Decorah sanitation problem first came to the attention of the public last April when two northeast Iowa engineering firms reported their findings t(» the city council (•as Leaks In those reports, it was pointed (nit that gas leaks, infiltration of water into the waste treatment plant, and obnoxious orders over a wide* section of the city were matters requiring immediate study and early action “A new sanitation system is mandatory," Erdman said, “because of the fact that Decorah’s population and industrial expansion are now overtaxing the system s capacity ” Erdman and engineers believe the project will take* a total of three or four years to complete. Zoning Officer Other actions of the council Tuesday night included employment of Byron Torvik as city building inspector and zoning administration officer at a salary of $15(1 a month through 1975; setting a safety committee meeting to take action on bicycle traffic violations which have become widespread; and approving expenses for 12 Decorah firemen to attend the firemen’s convention in Coralville, Sept 13, 14. and 15. Erdman reported that the $124,(MMI sewer-installation project iii Miaow a Heights, residential arca iii tin* south part of Decorah, has been completed and is ready for use The Norwegian-American museums application for permission to construct second story balconies, supported by pillars on the sidewalk. was approved The council stipulated, however, that the approval was granted on tin* assumption tin* museum will carry adequate public liability insurance to cover tin* improvement Board Action Aids Outlook for Health Care Unit DECORAH — Inauguration of a new health care center at the Winneshiek county home took an important step forward Tuesday when tin* board of supervisors voted to present a $176.(MMI bond issue for 'the purpose to voters in the November general election The hoard also entered into a contract with the Carleton I) Bch Co., Des Moines, as fiscal consultant, and retained the law firm of Chapman and Cutler. Chicago, for the issue Officials of the board said the project probably will include construction of a new building on county land al Freeport The new building is expected to house* 96 beds, provide* four lo six rooms as a juvenile detention center, and also provide a day room, a counseling room, and two sle*e*p rooms for juveniles. Presently, juvenile offenders are* detained in jail cedis or in other places wh(*re* supervision is inadequate* Another use* for the new building will be* as a half-way hemse* for alcoholic rehabilitation The* board also approved an auctioneer's license* for Fred Seheidel, Ossian, and an official bond for John Mikkelson. director of the Area One Developmental Center for Handicapped Adults. FREE GOBLET with $50 deposit! Your choice of three elegant styles FREE W itll a qualifying deposit in a First National Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit. Additional goblets available ut beautifully reduced prices Start your collection today' ( Limit, one free gift l>cr filmily I First National Bank of Marion Prayers for Patty at West Liberty Bv Cordon Hanson WEST LIBERTY. Iowa (AP) — Undaunted by the mysterious disappearance of Patricia Hears!. a small church group from this Eastern Iowa community continues to pray for her well-being. The* prayers b<*gan on a daily basis iii early March, but arc now l>e*ing held once a week About 24 persons had gathered each noon in the* United Methodist church here for one-hour prayer vigils shortly after Miss Hearst, daughter of ne*wspapcr publisher Randolph Hearst. was kidnaped. “We feel even more sorry for her family and the*v probably need our prayers more than ever now," f said Joyce Bowen. 45. a member of the* prayer group and mother of four children age*s IO to 20 Kidnaped Eeh ( Miss Hearst. 20. was dragged screaming from her Berkeley, Calif., apartment by members of the* Symbionese Liberation Army on Feb. 4 Mrs Bowen's husband, lames, 45, said when the* daily vigils lx*gan that participants were* “giving the* powe*r of prayer a real test.” Mrs Bowen added “Last August everybody was busy with the* county fair — that s a big time for farmers — so we* discontinued the* daily prayers." The group, comprised mostly of farm families, meets every Sunday night in members’ homes “and we* added Patty to our prayer list there." she* said Only Outsider Miss Hearst is the* only outsider on the* list “The* others are* our own sick people* in the* community, our local church and local affairs." Mrs Bowen explained "We identified more with the* parents to be*gin with, but as we* read more and more about Patty, we* fe*e*l she’s probably a girl who has been under the* influence of these* (SLA) people/and needs our prayers." How long will the* prayers. now into their seventh month, continue? "We’ll just keep her on the list until she’s found, or maybe* even afterward," Mrs Bowen replied "We’re* thinking of the He*arst family. It’s not a thing they’ll get over easily, even if they find her." ON THIS DATE in 1964, Egypt and Saudi Arabia announced agreement for a peaceful settlement of the two-vear-old Yemeni civil war. Advertisement The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. Housing Plans For Oakdale Are Shelved IOWA CITY (AP)- Plans for temporary student housing oil the* University of Iowa's Oakdale campus iii converted hospital rooms have* been shelved Student government leaders and potential residents had expressed dissatifaction with the idea. Complaints centered on Oakdale's remoteness from the* main campus and the* lack of adequate transportation for students without cars Oakdale* is about a 15-minute drive* from the* main campus. Assignment of students at the* facilities had bevil considered necessary due to a shortage of dormitory rooms at the* IL of I. Officials said late* Thursda.v 163students were* still waiting assignment to . permanent housing. Rooms iii W est law ii on the* we*st campus will be* converted into dormitory rooms, officials said Telephones are* great for visiting . . . and also the* easy way to place a want ad! YOUR LAWN NEEDS FOOD RIGHT NOW EVEN MORE THAN IT DID LAST SPRING Weeds no problem? 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