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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I NAJIOnAI WIAtHtl St kviCf fOMCAM to TAM ISI 9-7 ~ M 30,00 30.00 50.001 Obituaries —Economy— (Continued from Page I ) Walter L. Reitz the public tell us if it is willing ,    ^    to pay the    price,”    she    said “lf Joseph    C. Lucas    j|*g willing    to pay    the    price, it! AOS TON | Walter L.    Reitz,    87,    f ormerly    -Joseph Charles Lucas, 70.    of    shouldn’t squawk    about mfla- of Cedar Rapids.’    died    in    tho    715    H avenue    NW.-died Friday    tion.” JfkP|Iowa Masonic home at Betten. after a long illness Born April Hendrik Houthakker, Harvard /vv york dorf Thursday He was born March 25,   ,,    ,    .    _____________ at Sterling. 111 . and had been ,was a membcr    *’a'    the answer would be campaign congress Friday reaffirmed one militant groups TIip Cedar Rapids Gazette: Friday, Sept. 6, 1974    3 Continental Congress' Affirms Privacy Right PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Del- Ford will dramatize the prob-3, HMM. in Iowa City, he lived university, former Nixon ad- ogates to the 200th anniversary Jems of women by meeting with I gay most of his life in Cedar Rapids, j ministration economist: Part of meeting of the First Continental the leaders of some of the most trick's Catholic church and such as the employed at Penick and Ford    mcK *    cnun n HU{1 a r<>'    f ‘nan c e    reform, making of America s basic principles    National" Organization    for (from 192(1 until 1941. While em-    J,red ma('himst    of    Iowa    Manti-    congress less    sueceptible to re .the right of the    individual chi    Women and the Women’s Politi- ployed there he managed the    fa^tur,n8 Co-    quests from    business such as zen to privacy.    cal Caucus - as well as    the Penick and Ford baseball team    Surviving are    his    wife.    hem;    j the dairy and trucking indus-j Approval by    representatives    league of Women Voters    and ■in the Industrial league.    Mr. °,n(> laugher.    Mrs. Kenneth    tries.    of the first 13 states came dur-,the    Federation of Business and I Reitz was a 50-year member of I J*0/1' e(lar RaPlri«; ,w0 He also. proposed making the ling the “reconvening’’ of the Professional women. Crescent Lodge AF and    AM I Rrandehildren;    a sister. Mary    corporate income tax rate    first congress, the start of the Cedar Rapids Consistory    and!*'P*^man’ and    a brother    now a uniform 48 percent    bicentennial celebration ....... _    J    Frank    Whiners,    I uh WI ATH* I F01 OC AM $    __ Rain is expected Friday night from the eastern Gulf Coast through parts of the Ohio-Tennessee valley to the Atlantic coast and in parts of the upper Mississippi valley. Mostly fair elsewhere. was a life (Shrine Surviving arr Portland, Ore.; Walter L. Reitz, jr., Alexandria, Va.; a daugh tor, Elizabeth Miller, Arlington! Heights, Va.; a brother, Charles C. Reitz, Cedar Rapids; two sisters, Aria R. Crocker and Mary E. Reitz, both of Los An- He also was to confer with member of El Kahirj*/‘""J    bo,h    of    '^[variable.    with high-profit inrius President Ford was scheduled pP    I he" White8 tfou seR p r ob- Rapids.    tries paying taxes at higher    to attend a dinner later Friday    ,, . discuss Rockefeller’s fu- t i sons John SeryicPS pending at Tpahcn rates.    to conclude the two-day meet-    discuss Rockefellers ’    ’    funeral    home.    Robert    Nathan, Washington ing. consultant: “Go after restraints White House aides said Ford s of trade and monopolies very, I visit would be strictly ceremoni-vcry vigorously,” he urged. He    a1. There had been speculation cited the auth industry, where    (hat the President might use the    ^cunty Council meeting and - contrary to the law of supply    occasion to unveil his amnesty    Planned to confer with a pres- land demand-prices are rapid-    program for Vietnam draft    »8»«us gathering of business leaders representing the Na- To Try Youth As Adult in I an    a,,u    —    Prices    are rapid- program Murder excise ^ rKS*ng (>von    demand is'dodgers and deserters Meanwhile Ford scheduled a meeting with Walter Annen-berg, the ture role in the administration and to map strategy for speedy confirmation of his nomination Ford also called a National —Daily Record— The Weather Extended Forecast — Partly cloudy Sunday through Tuesday. Highs in 70s and lows mostly in 50s. Hiqh temperatures Thursday, low tem-oeratures overnight end inches of pre-cioitation 47 45 L. Angeles W leach fined $30 and costs. John Uchytil, 2056 First avenue NE; I Jeffrey Mebel, 1270 Third ave-! nue SFL Darrell Busch, Shellsburg; Edward Welhelm, Atkins; Daryl Zerbee, 716 FI avenue NW; each fined $20 and costs. Right-of-way violation — Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth Honolulu Houston Judge Downs New Trial for Richard Zacek I geles, Calif.    ,    __ Services- Turner chapel cast!    slow    and    supplies    ample. I at 1:30 Monday by Crescent Kelly .Johnson will be tried as, He joined Houthakker in sug-!lodge. Burial: Linwood ceme-!an adult on a charge of murder- gGS,in« restructuring the du o I terv Friends may call at m8 J°hn Beving, Linn District industry - breaking it up into Turner east. All Master Masons Associate .Judge John Sieben-1 smaUer, competing companies^ are asked to meet with Crescent mann ruled Thursday.    (    arl Madden. L.S. Chamber ; lodge at Turner east at 1:15 Th'’ l*-y«ar-old Cedar Rapid* ^ Commers JjBtitule nation-p.m. Monday to attend the aer-"“7 is one of thre<‘ PerH)ns ac' w .V •’due?"0" »pr* vice. eused in the shooting death of• P^re the young for available the 61-year-old man at the vie- 1°**' Reduce government s cost-tim’s residence at 919 Sixth *y paperwork demands on bu-Mrs. Henry Wiegman [street SE Sunday morning. [amess Grace M. Wiegman. 63, widow The other two, also of „---- ,    i Rapids, are Eddie Ayers, 23. Michigan, former Nixon ad-also known as Eddie White, and ministration adviser: Put pres- morning American ambassador to Great Britain wtio has long wanted to leave his post at the Court of St. James. Annenberg was persuaded by former President Nixon to slav on for a time. tional Assn of Manufacturers and the Chamber of Commerce. Social Services Board Allocates Day Care Funds Ford arranged to funeral of Gen attend the Tho other two. also of Cedar! P»»l McCracken, University Abrams in tho memorial chapel Linn District Judge James Carter has dismissed the appli-, . „    ....    1nco    _ cation for posKonvktion of He"Iy Wiegman. 195.1 B ave- Hazel Schneider. 2257 C    heMife'died    hTa'Steven    Washington,"!*.........'sure    on    banks    and    savings and *7 „ .,2 M,.„.    »».»|SW;    fined    $30    and    ?sts    !”'“ard    Cedar    Rapids    hospital    Friday1    At    his    arraignment    Friday    ta™    associations    to require I Velma S, moons, 2279 c street Seated rn April he stably;    '    ^    •    Johnson    had    a    preliminary‘hem nearby Fort Meyer in 75    52    .09    IWin’epolts    72    50 44    5*    N. Orleans    03    73 *7    53    New York    72    59 44    <7    Phoenix 103    ll *7    72    .It    Seattle    75    59 77    59    Washington    74    45 each fined C. R. Weather High Thursday  ............69 Low overnight ...............521    chester Noon Friday ................ 68    costs. 2 p.m. Friday ...............TO    Driver’* license violation — Precipitation. ...........NoneiKevi«    Paulsen,    Alburnett; Total for September ........0 25 fined SIO and costs to allocate “reasonable SW: tined *15 and costs.    J    would.    "    -    |    following a long illness, ane wast—— -™    »    amn„nK-    funds    for    housing Traffic signal vieiaiin., to a- ,    ,    ....    ,    born Aug. 9. 19! I. in Nebraska hearing set for .Sept. 19 at 2 30 amounts OIlunas tor Dousing PaTnela ^honip*on. 92* F ave-* - JL t if’t”1. rf3 a r    * rk»a£;! Mrs. Wiegman was a member pm. Bond was se. a. $50,0001- even rf they carlearn.more nue NW; Allen Kemp, Palo;lf ,that the defense mi8ht of the First Lutheran church. and he was returned to the.through loans to corporations Lindsay Lee, 1606 Maplewood] have kepi evidence out of a trial    . .    _    Imimtv    iail    in    lion    of bond    Arthur    Dkum,    Brookings In- &    ,    ftintiuinn    nm    .    enn    Hr    u,.rrh coun'ty jail in lieu of bond. drive NE; Barton Haigh, Man-jif it had attacked a search war-    ^    ?    i    Ayers    was    arraigned    on    the    I    stitution:    Fight    inflation    by    cut Normal for September Normal through Sept. . Total for 1974 .......... Barometer, falling_____ Humidity at noon ..... .3.97 27.12 • 38.35! Striking unattended vehiele 30.221— Paula Taggart, West Park g3ltrailer court; fined $25 and Wind direction and velocity at " 0 cr ,    ,    ,    Attempt    to elude police — 1 p.m. SE at ll mpn.    (Gregory    Conner, 1123 K ave- Sun rises Saturday, 6.38; sun nue NW; fined $40 anet costs. sets. 7:31.    Vehicle    control violation — School stop sign violation Leona Rocarok, 208 Ninth I make such a direct attack is street SE; fined $15 and costs. waivedi u was |h(, basjs ()f Wiegman, Havs, Fan.; a daugh . . ter, Mrs. J.R. Tomlinson, StJcharge Thursday Paul However he went on, after^    "HeSg'    ofifrnm    $'0#0*J    ‘°    f    000    and    h" /.acek filed guilty, the right to {^0|orado    U,QC    rr,t,irnnrl    in    ia.i $1.) and)rant which the judge said was obtained by a false and misleading affidavit filed by police. Preliminary I Rn8 laxes which add t0 thp 19 at I costs of goods in the market ace. He cited excise taxes, such as was returned to the county jail; that imposed on telephone ser Mrs. J R. Tomlinson, St. r *    J,    ‘ I, Minn., six grandchildren;!^1^ wa* set for Sept IS at co, brothers, (ieorge Herring. 30    redtT',P    , that theory    that County Atty.    _    _    _ ,    „ . , William Faches said earlier that    Dr'    Geor*« w-    Carlson-    Bur,al: he believed    there was only a    0ak    HilL Fricnds may    register five percent    chance that Zacek    at Turn!'r east    un,d 9 P    m- Kn‘ might get a new trial.    lday and al lhe church at,er 10 a.rn Saturday. The casket will Services: First Lutheran in lieu of bond. Washington is to receive a vice, and payroll taxes, such as social security, which is passed Zacek's plea for a new chance Year Ago Today — High. 75; I Charles Paquet, 2811 Henry ja* 3 ,ria‘ was based on the low 57-rainfall none    j court NW; fined $10 and costs, 'county attorney’s statement in a Intoxication — Larry Fouke-i report on an investigation of the Traveler’s Forecast ta- Hiawatha; fined $4o and police department, that an ille- . SATURDAY Bismarck Chicago  PtCldy 80-59 Cincinnati ... PtCldy 78-59 Robin street costs. _ «.Ti Faulty equipment — Weather, Hi-Loj Hartgrave, 1006 Dover . .PtCldy 71-50j    fjnoci JIO and costs. Truck route violation —[man is serving a 75-year term Raymond Tensity, Davenport; in the penitentiary after being I found guilty of second-degree church at 3 p.m. Saturday by,bearing neX| Wednesday to de-!aJ°nR consumers. Pkr* P AAtfTA WI PoflcAM liltPl ol •    . "    ’    1*1 termine whether he should bC|    Import    Bill    isite, in Washington through the tried as an adult. He is being Senate Democrats pledged summer. held in the jail under a juvenile    meanwhile to help    President    He    and a companion    stopped .court order pending the filing    por(j fight inflation,    but within    at the site Wednesday    enroute of any charges.    [hours the senate passed an oil to Utah State university. '*hB(LV,na rep(Jrtedly )yas sh()t    import bill which    opponents;    arrived ten    minutes I the head one time^with a .22 calL    c)aim wou!d makP the problem    after    thc cloejng hour    Supt L |pistol during a robbery m which!worse by boosting the price ofll/)rraine Mintz^yer saidH Josephine Primrose, 55, wife [css ^an ^as taken from 0j| The Linn county board of social services voted Friday to Creighton aH°cate $15,449 of the $25,938 received under a state law for {br day care centers to acquire or improve facilities or to acquire recreational or education equipment or supplies. Allocations made were to Doll House Nursery, $2,000. Eden Day Care Center, $5,389: St. Wenceslaus Day Care Center, $3,060. and Buttons ’n’ Bows Day Care Center, $5,000. The remained o fthe funds is to he allocated in December Three other centers have expressd interest in the funds. The allocations are to be ..    ...    *    j    u    based on need for the care in !°Uvg„L"r,d, WaLTPl°c!±b.y th, community served by the Surprise Visit To West Branch By Steven Ford WEST BRANCH (AP) - Steven Ford, son of President Gerald Ford, visited the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site here this week. the National Park Sm**    ^    tow-income which administers the historic ,    ...    y    r_____,    ____, families served, need for the equipment or improvement and manner in which the center derives its support. not be opened at any time. Mrs. Melvin Primrose PtCldv Cleveland . .. Des Moines .. Detroit ...... Indianapolis . Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha ...... St. Louis .... I Sioux Falls ... .PtCldy 78-48 Mississippi Stages I Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.9, no change Lansing (18) 8.1, no change Dam 9 (18) 12.0, fall .1 McGregor (18) 6 4, no change Guttenberg (15) 3.6. fall .1 Dubuque (17) 6.9. rise I Davenport (15) 4.0, fall .3 Keokuk (16) 2.6. rise .2 gal search had been made at of Melvin Primrose, 368 Nine-!®ev*n8s son J°hn» ML Zacek’s residence.    Jeenth street SE. a lifelong resi- The 33-year-old Cedar Rapids dent of Cedar Rapids and a    —Award clerk in the Linn county treasurer’s office for the last ten years, died in a Cedar Rapids hospital, editor, and Frank Nye, murder. He had pled guilty to’Thursday following a brief sociate editor. The not to Democrats asked Ford year did not Mintzmyer at first identify they them- Hopeful on Trade Status for Reds navmuiiu                 _    (Continued    from    Page I.) PtCldy 77-571 fine<1 $25 and cosls-Fair <7-58j    Iowa PtCldv 75-561    ,0Wa    ueaTns PtCldy 82-63i Wyoming — Scott McDonald, PtCldy 74-54 (66. Saturday at 1:30, Wyoming PtCldv 75-56 Methodic church. Hayden’s. F’air 82-58 Traer — Gary Adamek, 33. PtCldy 81-58! Saturday at 10:30, Overton’s. Tama — Lyle J. Lckin, 54. Harrison’s.    Iw,tn    an    aueged    conspiracy      --      ,    _, Kalona — Vera Elleniruin the reputations of* other | Brethren.    I    Record.    I    But Friday Senate RepuM Schrock, RO. Saturday at 2:30, police officers found that the! Surviving in addition to her search was "at least husband are a son, Ronald; a|pees receiving awards include: Dubuque and the Iowa City jai saying it might result oniv MOSCOW (AP) — A high- wait until next year to tjon    f    ranking    U.    S.    commerce depart- take action on the economy and Ru| sajd )he en(?e of ment official said Thursday that vowed to keep congress in se<v acComDanvmE ear carrvmai1^ * 0 r d adm^tratton is sion through the end of the year    ,XP'“ha‘    m »,! f nPtimf‘d" as- lf necessary.    V|ded    a    duf    ,hal    a    membcr    of    that    congress    will approve trade Meeting privately, they unam- ^ President’'- f :1.......-    —!concessions for the Soviet Union s family was on hand, and Steven an open charge of murder inlillness.    I    Top    awards    in    the    page    one    mously    approved    a resolution the death of 17-year-old Jean! She was horn April 5. 1919, in category went to The Clinton pledging to work with Ford thls;made his*identity knowm Halverson of Cedar Rapids. (cedar Rapids and was married Herald    and    Nevada Evening,year to come    up    with    a    r«wj ,>Whcn j fim offered A report of a grand jury that I Dec. 24,    1948. in Cedar Journal, and women’s page    economic program    to    curb    mtla- indicted six men in connection [Rapids. Mrs. Primrose was a honors    went    to the Telegraph-    tion and gi\e iwith an alleged conspiracy to member of the Church of the Herald    and    the Cedar Falls    new boost Record. Other the economy a eventually b€fore [i adjourns this year. George Pantos, deputy under-to reo-1 secretary of commerce for leg-pen the buildings, they said islatiye affairs, speaking at a 'nn1 " varc Mint/mvpr said plastics exhibition here. noted “But after I had gone inside some shifts in congress that to get some brochure* for them.jroade passage appear more like. Lower Deer Creek church. Powell’s. Cedar at C.R. (13) 3.48, fall .01 Coralville Lake Pool level Friday ..... 685.19 Births — Mercy Sent. 6 — Mr. an dMrs.I U4rtlw#    , David Stastn.v, i00 Fhirty-fifth Saturday at Halverson’s dcrson’s. Clermont — Mrs. Clarence j premises. (Beulah) Rear, 62. Saturday at' 1:30, West Clermont Lutheran church. Burnham and Wood’s. Belle Plaine — Frances C. Vopalensky, 69. Monday at 1:30 at the Methodist church. Burial: International cemetery, Luzerne. Visitation after Mennonite I zacek scarcn was ai leasi, husband are a son, Ronald; a under color of right, and proba-idaughter, Nancie. her mother, Elma White. Rapids; a sister, Bowser. Norway; a brother, Leonard White, Ventura. Calif.; Eastern iowa newspa- Leader Hugh Scott took a dim y    would    like    a    tour!    MF --------j-iview 0f |be Democratic propos-i J    J Toledo Frank C Zimmer-1 $.$„ man. 67. Saturday at ll. First dl> ]fSal ,n ^ of th^ fact that United Methodist church.L^acek was at the time a parole Burial: Dysart cemetery. Hen-;violator and had waived his rights permitting a search of his “Also, entry was probably made under exigent circumstances, permitting warrantless two stepdaughters, Mrs. J. T. all of Cedar!Press^Citizen, second and third. Mitred refiPectiveI-v’ in page one *or larger newspapers; Vinton Cedar Valley Times, third in page one for smaller newspa- Dinneen. and Mrs. L R. Morris. both of vScottdale, Ariz. Services; Turner chapel east search under the law of search at noon Monday by Dr. W:aync and seizure Storeman. Burial : Linwood -KCRG Tower- (Continued from Page I.) in “breastbeating." “The only reason for staying in session is because you're afraid to go home,” Scot* said. “We’ll have to plan more than just breastbeating.” Later in the day. the senate approved a bill to require that i part of U.S. oil imports be carried in American tankers. Senator Cotton (R-N.H.). chief They wound minutes here. up spending 45 Greek, Turkish Leaders Meet New SALT Talks Start in 2 Weeks WASHINGTON IAP) - The second round of talks between the United States and the Soviet Union on limiting strategic nu- - Martha Schrubbc, South Lyon, Mich. 2 at Olson-Fjel- Decorah 88, died in Monday at stul’s. Deep River 21. Monday at th oven’s, Brooklyn. Community bure. cemetery street. Marion a daughter Births — St. Luke's Sept. 5 — To the families of Michael Elliott. Hiawatha, a son; Phil E. Tisue, 2360 Towne House drive NE. a daughter; Leonard Timm, 3116 Sue lane NW, a daughter. Out of Town Births ai Hr, Moines Mr. anti|B|arne Christians Mrs. Thomas Butters a daugh-;    w ter, Sept. 5. Rutters is the son I of Mr and Mrs. R. O. Butters, J ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philip-, . _ pines (API - Men armed wilh|the Iowa supreme court. Sally Edwards and Meriyn|k>*o knives and automatic rffiesj f Rowley, Mary Thompson and [massacred 28 Moslems, includ- 15^*3 OMS Refuse ing women and children Thurs- day in an upland village 23 To Free Prelate miles northeast of here, police- said. Villagers described the JERUSALEM (AP) — An men as Christians.    Israeli district court Thursday refused to release the Greek 3! However, Judge Carter said [Friends may call at Turner east jthe ,ower must ** UP l!s,ov■ opponent of the bill ;F’riday that because of a 1970 after I p.m. Saturday.    15,    due to contractual obligations can crews make 1 O. 628 Third avenue SW. Marriage Licenses James Ross, Sharon Jones and James Fuller, all of Cedar Rapids. Linda Cairns, Hiawatha. and Alvin Soukup, Toddville. Iowa supreme court decision the state could not contend the search was legal as a result of Daniel Coic.!zacek's parole status. The judge 31 Burial" ref®,rred to R as an illegal entry. Millers-( He said that in fairness tolfie officers it should be noted that the events took place in 1969. before the cited decision, which was adopted in a 5-4 vote. An appeal of the F’riday decision is expected to be made to For Massacre By United Press International leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities met on    the    truce line    that1 clear* weapons will    resume in crosses Nicosia    Friday    for two weeks, U. S. officials say. 1 said Ameri-|Peace taIks hours after ri^le and The talks, known as SALT IL more money mortar fire rocked the caPital should deal with controls on th* and the risk of ice storms dur-T^j    'f‘a“tors    wouW    push    before dawn.    quality of nuclear    weapons Memorial Services iIhe cost of oil    higher    at    a    time    c>. P r ,u *    HrM'dem Glafkos They .re considered    lo present Memorial services    A    delay,    the    counter    petition    of jnf]ntion    derides,    head of the Greek Cy- a trickier problem than SALT I, Vail, William Darrel — Fri- continued, would also set back ...f Prrsident wens lhc priot majority, and Vice- which dealt with quantities of w^»t    by Rie    Re v. John^.^reg3-    n°r^1€l*n ^ a    bill I will never Uste^ to an- Resident Rauf Denktash. leader L ea pons. cry.    Burial:    Cedar    Memorial    (by the    IEBN,    which is to have    othpr word from the President of the Turkish Cypriot minority.__ about all he is going to do about mct at 4 p.m. (9 a m. CDTI to    grdnr RnpicU fighting inflation,” Cotton said. |dlscuss a Pr,ii0ncr exchange and Iowa Sens. Clark and Hughes 1 problems of the estimated split their votes on the measure. 200,000 people on the island who no Hughes voted (have lost their homes or means of livelihood in eight weeks of __  warfare. 30 YEARS AGO - The war It was their first meeting Both parties    in    the suit agreed    riepartment announced plans for since the Geneva peace talks Friday    to work    out details for    narfiai ^mobilization of the broke down Aug. 14 and the of Ger-iTurkish invasion force on the cemetery. Friends may call at j an antenna on the tower Turner west until I p.m. Fri-    Ask    Bon(j    posting day. The casket will not be n,h,    „r,i opened after the service.    J    h(' ‘/l«vt$ on company asked Swehla. t.eorre Richard    lf    an,    ‘''Junction    allowing Thursday at 3 p.m. at Turnet'the excavation was issued, Gun-,Cjark votpd chapel east by the Very Rev. nar Olsen be required to post a Canon D. A. Loferski. F'urthci $2.5 million bond to insure payment of damages. yes. services at Balik Friday funeral at 11:30 a.rn home. Spillville. Burial: ZCB.T cemetery Nesetril. Milo 10:30 a.m. rnaay 10 wurx oui avians lur partja| demobilization Satiwday at the Janoba-Kuba additional metallurgical tests on armv aftpr tbp defeat E$tobi'$h*<! IMS bv Th# CaxtOc Co and published dolly and Sunday at 500 Third ave SE. Cedar Rapids. Iowa SJ406 Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa Subscription rotes bv carrier 95 cents a week By moil: Night Edition and Sunday 4 issues S3 75 a month, S39 OO a year Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues S3 15 a month. S40 OO a year. Other states and U S territories SAO OO a year. No Mo-I Subscriptions accepted In oreas having Goiette carrier service Marriages Dissolved funeral home west by the Rev. | thp collapsed tower itself.    manv Charles R. Mehaffey, of tho As-    .    (    ...    ic    ,nt,ny- bury United Methodist church    Inis    nidiiriai    is    |bers and Jan Hus lodge of the lOOF housed in a specially-built struc- would Burial: Czech National.    ture at the site near Walker. and disclosed that fa-and overseas veterans be the first to return to civilian life. island launched a two-day blitz. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed in this news paper os well os all AP news dispatches .lam R Jeane F7 and Wagner. Linda G. Joseph Zielinski. Flv William O, Clarke. Jeannette Ann and Edward Henry Wickham Janice M. and lam E. LL Pedro F’rancisco, jtoliee and'john[commander in this port city 525^a,hoil° archbishop of Jerusa-kn F and I miles south of Manila, said one I ™' bad and also rejected victim was shot and the rosl|hts claim that he had diplomatic hacked to death in Mala village, a few miles from where Moslem rebels ambushed a passenger bus Aug 24. Authorities here said 26 Chris ten veil. Fires Thur 2525 11:02 a ni rubbish at Street SW\ 4:37 p.m. Thin -day. Investigate odor at 1233 Fourth street NW 7:09 am Friday, tent gas odor from building at 1035 Rockford road SW Magistrate s Court Spading Stephen Stanford, 23 Summer circle NF!; Janet Kvach, Hiawatha; .Shirley Haley, Springville; Dean St.nick. Springville; Maik Port, Springville, Lawrence Bjorn-sen, 3239 Parkview court SF; Jerry Boudin, Independence; BROSH CHAPEL -.day Ashes to Twenty-ninth immunity and could not be tried on charges of smuggling arms for Arab guerillas. Judge Miriam Ben-Porath said Msgr    Hilar ion Capudji) I it v    I I .must remain in jail because Hans, including two governmentarm> into the country and handing! them in t<» lei ronst F rantusco said it was probable the Mala killings were in retaliation for the ambush. “I ami afraid there will be more sense Cedar Rapids “Dero/pyf lo lUihlir .Serrice” Inquire About (Kir Pre-arranged Services Solon Express Your Sorrow With Flowers from Flower Shop 3028 Mf. Vernon Rd 363-5885 4 Seasons iwGSSL*" JOHIV E. LARES flower* for all occasions mw* 30M 3rd Ave. SF 3654511 troopers, were killed in the bus ami 20 others were wounded Sfio’e Spatial! tat bar Know with flown PIERSONS"tSPft I MMI I I I is HI VIK NW*** 1 I low el plume MilHH.’f* less killings,” he added. It Pays To Advertise let our flowers speak for you serious a matter Court officials said Msgr. Ca-jpudji will be brought to court on Sept. 20 to plead to the charges, and the* judge said the trial will liogin “at the earliest opportuni tv." FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24    .    r hour* every day 50 CALLS SOLD! LIME oak drop leaf dining room table and 4 choir* ISO Bookcase 55. J piece drop leaf breokfo*! set *35 393 /131 Robert ' Sold everything within an hour,” said Mn. Adam* of 1450 Keith Dr. N E. To Order Your Action-Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 to 5 Monday thru Saturday - Until Noon Saturday FALL BIBLE CONFERENCE featuring: Dr. Bruce Shelley, Ph.D. Professor of Church Hnfory Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary Denver, Colorado Conference theme: “DISCIPLESHIP TO DAY Calvary Baptist Church 3rd Ave, A 12th St. S W Cedar Rapids, Iowa phone. 364 5382 ll Friday, September 6-7:30 pm Saturday, September 7-7:30 pm Sunday, September 8-10:15 am 7:00 pm “The Making Of A Disciple” What's So Great About Living?” The Marks Of A Successful Church” The Hope Of Heaven and The Age Of Aquarius" no admission charge/nursery facilities open/love offering received I he warm-hearted church with the heart-warming message” t i f * ;

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