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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nixon*— (Continued from Page I.) iThe Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., October 28, 1974 I Pastor Parker, 54, Dies in Florida Mrs. Elmer Gaddy time, and by protracted length of time, I mean many months.” Anna M. daddy, 88, of 2908 The    former President    has The    Rev    Robert    Parker    54    WJ(,0W ,of been    subpoenaed by both    the im.    iv. v.    jim i    I Mi mu,    a*,    Kinder E. (.addy, died Saturday^ .    , founding pastor of St. Andrew f0]j0win« a long illness    defense and the prosecution as Lu (her an church in Cedar |iorn m |Wfi a, utt.s a witness in the Watergate —J KlT'foilowtoit! -.'/ona iUnos’T*'K°'^reck. Iowa, she lived most of;cover-up trial in Washington, lcordcr Sund ajd em | s Pastor Parker served the St hcr l,fe at Vinton tM'fore movirtBiD C.    I incumbent E. F, "Pat” Kane are I astor J ark<r served the St. fo Ce(lar Itapids She was mar. onnreDatmn frnm IQ5Q ....    .    ... ____ Sandy, Kane Trade Words On Tactics Martha Sandy, Fire Destroys Farm Buildings Near Hiawatha Andrew congregation from 1959 nod t0 Mr (;addy Jan |8 |9|1 Hay valued at $5,680 and a Republican barn and corn crib of undetermined value were destroyed by fire Sunday evening at a farm north of Hiawatha. win percent of their salaries t0 A Unn deputy, who was with Kanes campaign Her charge lho sheriffs emergency squad A spokesman there said the required to give from I to 1.5 special prosecutor's office to 1962. He was associate Pastor *]oon 'Davenport1    daughters,    I    have    no    comment"    on    Barker'sJay^s j Providing radio assistance ’and hk rltalnT    '    rcrd    Zclma    Ferguson,    Cedar    Rapids,;statement.    candidates    night    llghts- reP°rle<l ,hc farm 'J U* WI ATH! lf CHOC AM $ Rain and snow are expected Monday night in most of the Rockies, while rain is expected over the Mississippi valley and the upper New England area. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Davenport, where a memorial fund has been established. Burial Wednesday morning in Evergreen cemetery, Fairfield. Friends may call from 7 to 9 noun to gas meter Jones park SW. his retirement ‘    --------,*    "“*'—“’1............. candidates night. • Surviving ire his wife    k^yson’    Sunnyvale,    “Long    Haul”    Kane, also appearing at the !* ' ,,    .    7    s    „’ Calif.; four sons, Lloyd and    ,    did not comment on frothy; two daughters Mrs K,d both of Anaheim, ^fi,., I.uugren declined to discuss "f**' d£ S^TmM iPtona d    Thompson of    Newtonia Orvdlc and Lyle, bt,th of    the political or legal    cense- * “Vafed that “ it is    not a fad student    a“ son    Dan"    a™ 0at    C<>dar Kapids; 12 «randchiWren    fences of Nixon's health, but „ al|. the (acts just    don-t tear ",    . ll '    Ii V I    . and 17 great-grandchildren „ „n|v ,0 ,, auCstion he said that nut ”    ... ...c ....... Luther, a grandchild, two; services: Timer chapel west, “    ^    ..C()St|v„    The    house on the farm is OC* sisters and three brothers. al ,*:W am. Tuesday by Dr. “r Nxi" al ^c- point    alleged    I    cupied    by the family of Clair Services. ^^sday    at 6.30-john p worlds.    Burial: Ever-1)0 ava,lablc ,or court pr)( \ractjce is    costly    to taxpayers,    Caldwell, whose son. Bob,    re- p.m., St    aul Lutheran church,    green cemetery, Vinton Friends    ings.    I cannot say when. Over    l)ecause empjoyes    have    fjU1t, out    portedly discovered the fire. may call at Turner west.    the long haul I’m fure he’ll be f rpspntm»nf Vrniiirinff eon- The blaye was b*Wled by the —I available."    lsiderable exFense rn [rain new Monroe township, Hiawatha and Mrs. Frank    Wingert    |)r    s<otl Driscoll, another    employes.    Marion fire departments The Ethel C. Wingert, 89, of 1639 (consulting physician, said the She said she would not require If,re destroyed 4,BUU    aes p.m. Monday at    Hill and Ere-    First avenue) SE, died Sunday    I deep venous system in    Nixon’s ,employes to feed a    campaign W-  ____ dericks    funeral    home,    Haven-following a long illness. »She had    left leg is ”99 44-100ths    percent committee, because    they are port.    ; been a Cedar Rapids resident 68blotted ” but there is a small working for the taxpayer, not -I years. Born Nov. 6, 1884, at Ot- superficial vein carrying blood the recorder. Mrs David Holley tumwa, she was married to to the major vein from Nixon's Mrs. Sandy also commented 7, Frank Wingert on April 22, 1908, lower extremities.    she would not demand employes Kathryn    Holley, 83,    of Clinton    £ec|ar Rapids.    Mrs. Wingert j A    venogram performed    to belong    to either    political $4,000 Burglary In Center Point The Weather I James Kopish, mon I*,*,,.,,™ -    .    .    ,    i Daugherty and Terrance Ma High temperatures Sunday, tow temper- .    , ,,    » atures overnight and inches of precipita- Honey , all OI hon    — 10:13 p.m. Saturday. Unknown to leaves ll Glenbrook drive SE. 11:10 p.m. Saturday. I nk- ^.a5B a5Be t j nown^to^»»ve«^Sb(Uenth street I was married to David Holley. T Westport, Conn., and three j perfidy system of the lower Cedar Rapids.! 11:36 p.m. Saturday. tTik-| Sury[vin8 are__,hr.ee dauf?b' grandchildren.    portion of the leg, Driscoll said and formerly of Cedar Rapids, died Sunday. She was born Aug. 5, 1891, in the Netherlands. She A report that about $4,000 worth of equipment and tools was a member of St. Paul’s Wednesday .showed a clot in the party .    .    f    Suehomel United Methodist church.    deep venous system of the left    Asked bv The Gazette if he    L__ Surviving are a son, Richard calf and another clot in the f.u- Chevrolet in Center Point has wished to reply to his oppo-.    _. .    ,4.    ..    ,.    . nent’s charges, Kane said he ^en./‘ e^.'v the knn ^ “ignored” them Sunday night Anchorage    46 30    L Angeles    69 61 Atlanta    81 52    Miami    77 74 Bismarck    57 28    Min aoolis    70 56 Chicago ..    67 56 .01    N. Orleans . 80 60 Denver    66 38    New York    66 40 Duluth    62 47    Phoenix    74 60 Honolulu v 8C 76 I 30    Seattle    55 47 90 Houston .. 78 72 OI    Washington 74 42 C. R. Weather High Sunday ................ 73 Low overnight    ..............58 Noon Monday ............... 68 2 p.m. Monday...............71 and Donald Vyskock, Bloomfield, Colo. Michelle Corniea, Marion, and Daniel Prohaska. Cedar Rapids. Winifred Chamnes and Michel Tanner. Springville. Joan Slater and William Hickey, Central City. Magistrate's Court and Ridgeway drive SE. 11:45 p.m. Saturday noun to leaves Vernon drive and Fairview drive SE. 12:06 a m. Sunday. Unknown to leaves 600 Cottage Grove avenue SE. 12:56 p.m. Sunday. Unknown to leaves in front of 5100 Gor- Mrs. Melvin Cohea, Clinton, and 1 nk- Mrs. Emil Shull, Cedar Rapids; IO grandchildren; and 20 greatgrandchildren sheriff’s office. The items were taken after the company's building was broken into Thursday night, the Precipitation ..............None    I    Manchester; Gregg Ross, I sol Total for October ......0.881 Wilson avenue SW; each fined Normal for Octobor  2.26 *75. and    Larry,,    w'car- Center Point; Mervin Hudson, Sherry Tripod. Boulder. Colo., nown to'leaved Vernon drivelers, Mrs. Allen Heath, Chicago.;' services; Chapel of Memories Lungren said Nixon is re-because he did not think them .,nH Tinn n iri V'virnoL- T4iru-,m_ i , r-»^ j    »»__    at i0i30 a.m. Tuesday by the I sporting to hospital treatment “worthy of comment. ’ Rev. Denton Ericson of St. and is not in “any undue pain.”    Voluntary    report    said Paul's United Methodist church.; Nixon was readmitted to the Of the 12 employ« in his of- Qther    reported    break- c    „    ,    »    ,    Burial:    Cedar    Memorial,    (hospital    last    Wednesday Jiftcnfice, he said two had ^ntar*,in<. inciude the following: I Services: Tuesday at J pm iFriends may call at Cedar Me- Lungren found that the oral an-jily contributed $175-$2W) be-,    4705    John. at the Snell-Smith funeral home!morial fun"raj home after slti-coagulant taken at his San tween them The remainder of    y in Clinton. Friends may call|p m ^on{jay an(i at the chapel I Clemente home was working in-lil“ ** r,l/' us Speeding — David Stoncking, I don avenue NW.    !    until    8 pm. Monday.    !    after 9 am Tuesday. The cas-; adequately. He left the hospital Mt. Vernon; fined $100 and) 1:14 a.m. Sunday. Unknown    --- ket will be closed at all times Oct. 4 after 12 days of tests and Ridgeway Jacob J. Wildman      treatment    for    phlebitis,    a    vein Jacob J. Wildman, 88. died; Mrs. John Castek inflammation. costs. Cheryl McWilliams.! to leaves Vernon th, *1,500 rn his campaign iundj50" aven“e ^W-had,^r‘ las of Ort. 15) cam, from his rcnc-v a"d chang, stolen from a cash register, a drawer and and Fairview drives SE. 10:11 a.m. Sunday. Illegal burning Ninth avenue and Fourth street SE Saturday at Edgewood Manor Normal through October . 29.39 roule Marion; each fined 11:29 am. Sundav. Overheat-icare center after a long illness. 'Iotal for 1974 ..............40.80    $35    an(\ costs. William Finzer.    eel    oven Barometer, falling .......    29.95    836    Fifth avenue SE; Donna    street    SE. Humidity al noon    59%    I Reynolds, Hiawatha; Walter    3:27 p m Steadman, 1417 Oakland road Wind direction and velocity atjj^g. ponaid Davis, 6502 Brook- 2 p m, S at 15 mph.    view lane NE; Orville Loghry, Sun rises Tuesday, 6:35; sun    825    Fourth street SW; Douglas set^    Waforlrtn*    Rr*ad    A’Moarn Year Ago Today — High, 43; low. 41; rainfall, none. King, Waterloo; Brad A’Hearn. 3082 Circle drive NE; Gary Rabik, Center Point; Wesley Bandon, 1463 Miami drive NE; Traveler's Forecast Ronald Thirty-eighth street SE; Carl Olson. Ely; Jerry Sedlock, 4428 Surrey court, Marion; Cynthia • Cloudy 56-33jia™bsfn’ 5720 Johnson avenue Tslnvrs 71-55 NW: dames Cox >211 Crest-view drive SE; Jeffery Humb-lin, 1263 Thirty-third street NE; Michael Ne w c u rn b , Walker; Robert Newmire, route two. Cedar Rapids; Mary Dorman. 2890 Alburnett road, Marion; Paul Coleman, box 2031, Cedar Rapids; Billy Shears, 1318 First avenue NW; John Reader, 701 Nineteenth street NW; Charles Hodges, 206 Seventeenth street SE; each fined $30 and costs. Ramona Middleton, 3405 Clover drive SW; Wayne Wilcox, 347 Park Terrace drive SE; Arthur Jones, 577 Twelfth street, „ _! Marion; Merle Helmrich, Ma-. iMJiwille; Mary Robinson, 3000 J street SW; Gayle Shoemaker. Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.8. no change Lansing (18) 7 6, no change Darn 9 (18). 12.4. no change Glasgow’. 1373 to leaves on asphalt 544 Vernon 1043 Twenty-first Born June 29, 1886. in Big Grove township, he was married to Emma Rimes Sept. 15, 1904. Surviving are a daughter, Florence Abbott, Cedar Rapids; three sons, Ralph and Earl, Iowa City, and Leroy, of Morse; two sisters, Mrs. Chester Denter and Jane Mace, both of Iowa Sunday. Unknown to leaves H avenue and Maplewood drive NE. 3:59 p.m. Sunday. Needless call 286 Lewellen drive NW. 4:03 p.m. Sunday. Illegal burning on oiled street 958 Twelfth street NE. 7:13 p.m. Sunday. Unknown Tuesday W eather, lli-Lo Bismarck .... Chicago...... Cincinnati  Shwrs 68-52 Cleveland  Cloudy 65-49 Des Moines . Tsh'vrs 64-48 Detroit ......... Rain 65-47 Indianapolis......Shw’rs 65-48 Kansas City  Shwrs 65-52 Milwaukee    Cloudy    64-40 Mpls.-St. Paul . • • Shwrs 61-49 Omaha ..........Shwrs    67-55 St. Louis  Tshw’rs 65-52 Sioux Falls  Cloudy 59-35 Degree Days Saturday ................. 13 Sunday    7 Total to date..........632 Through October 28. 1974 . 283 Percent of normal year Total normal year ..... Stella Sindelar Castek. 95, of 2132 C street SW. widow of John Castek, died early Monday after a brief illness. She wai born June 6. 1879, near Swisher. She was a member of the Western Frater- Ziegler: Nixon To Pay His Own Hospital Bills LONG BEACH, Calif I UPI I-Richard Nixon's hospitalization own contribution (over $700),,    .    ..    . from a rummage sale (S2504300I    s    n and (rom friends and family a breakin Sunday between 11:15 members. Kane denied the ac- P II1, a •    **    ' cusation that he only has Demo- Thomas ca , cats on his staff, saying four Hl11 ™ad' f,ast of    Ra£d    ' are independent and two are Re- rePort®d MO worth of nickels publican    *.as st0!cn du"ng a brcakm at _ _ his residence Friday. ohue’s. McGregor (18) 6 7, no change Guttenberg < 15)    3.8, no change Dubuque (17) 7.1. no change Davenport (15) 4.1, fall .1 Keokuk (16) missing drive SE. 7:26 p.m. Sunday. Unknown to leaves on asphalt 2201 Ridgeway drive SE. 7:42 p.m. Sunday. Unknown to grass 1935 Bever avenue SE. . 7:59 p.m. Sunday. Needless call 513 Ninteenth street SE. 8:02 p.m. Sunday. Unknown to grass Fourth street and C avemue NE. 10:59 p.m. Sunday. Faulty carburetor 1000 block Third avenue SE. 8:11 a.m. Monday. Unknown to leaves 2626 J street SW. Iowa Deaths Blairstown — Joe C. Schulte. 89. Tuesday at IO at St. John’s Catholic church. Burial: St. Patrick’s cemetery. Watkins. Rosary Monday at 8 at Halverson’s. Chelsea — Frank Peska, 82. Tuesday at IO at Hrabak’s where Rosary will be recited 7:30 p.m. Monday.    (soldiers Waukon — Charles Sullivan 10:30 at St. nal Life As«i. Surviving are a daughter,(is another blow to his battered Mrs. Stephen M. Svec, Cedar (finances. Nixon has no health «    j    fu    -»    —IRapids; two sons, Joseph F. insurance. City;    17    grandchildren and 22 sindelar. Cedar Rapids; Charles “All hospital costs come out great-grandchildren.    w sindelar, Casselberry, Fla : of his own pocket. Someone ne- Heart Risk Test Chamber Does Is Available N°+ Register Repair Crews Services: 2 p.m. Tuesday at Donohue mortuary, Iowa City. Burial: Oakland cemetery, Iowa nine grandchildren; 28 great- glected to take out insurance.” grandchildren; seven great- former White House Press Sec-great-grandchildren; and acetary Ron Ziegler said Sunday. City. Visitation Monday at Don- s|ster Mrs. John O’Mera. Mus- Nixon spent ll days in the Ulster Bomb Blast Kills 2, Injures 35 hospital before west charged Oct. 4 he Free in C. R. Th h . The business consumers The Linn County Heart Assn., bureau of the Cedar Rapids-in cooperation with the Iowa Marion area Chamber of Com-lipid research clinic at the Uni- merce has issued a caution to ii v versify of Iowa college of medi- area residents who may be ap-was dis- c‘ne* *s conducting a free coro- proached by door-to-door home nary risk factor screening pro- improvement crews, Chamber Wednesday ai ll a rn. by .he, He was rehosp,Hiked    _,_n^lir^Rap^sJor^en^enera^manger Harold Ewoldt t h e Cedar at CNR. (13) 3.35 Coralville Lake Pool level Monday no report Births — Mercy Ort. 26 — To the families of 448 Owen street NW; James Heeren, 1641 Twenty-third street NW:    Frederick Humphrey, 1836 Seventh avenue SE; Robert Caldwell, 259,    . Nineteenth street SW; each    ..a    .    ,T fined $20 and costs.    1    Mary s Catb?llc Church of Ly- i    * i ai    curgus. Military services at Driver* license violation -—(graveside. Rosary 8 p.m. Mon Roger Christensen, 3000 J -street SW; fined $25 and costs Jesse Gojn, 1417 A avenue NE; Phillip Pierce, 1311 Fourth street NW; Randall Hartman, 257 Twelfth street NW; Brad A’Hearn. 3082 Circle drive NE; each fined $15 and costs. catinc. Services; Janeba-Kuba Dal    ll am by Hie. He was rehospitalized    bnrt.sram in    wmar iwwiMij Rev Clarence    "'ran™' &al:' Wednesday, and rigors say    that '«*£??*"    ag« of * and ».    1 has announced Czech    National Rosary Tues-,under the best conditions    he *    sPccdlc risks being Information    reaching S '7    30 pm    a Janeba-Kuba;will not be released until    .be decked    are cholesterol and-burcau is that    some    of these aay, /.ju p.m. ai jdneo-iv wi    eIlr0nrv    ic    b ood pressure eve s.    icrews operating in the area west    where fronds may call    The'clack    lakes about five    have implied they ;registered- likely — the stay could    run to    m,nut€S* an(*    each participant    with the Chamber, Ewoldtsaid. wceks    and his doctor will be notified    He commented that there is BELFAST (UPI) — A stolen    Memorial ^services , Nixon.g    financia|    adVisers    confidentially of the results of    no registration procedure with van packed with explosives Hruska. Charles — Turner have already indicated that his"** *«*•    L'he ChambfrJ0r ,such °P!ra' blew up a canteen at Ballykinler,    daaP|f|, fheSjev Denton'Vricson    money problems are    almost    Testing will    be done weekdays    bons. The Chamber neither army camp Monday,    causing    and“af'ThO    «"a'" *« force him to sell one    from 8 a m.    until noon at the    ^<^£££2?*. dean, and many ininriev    AM    Burial: Czrch National    of his homes, probably    the es-    Eagles club rooms, 202 Seventh    We bureau recommends that aeatn ana man> injuries.    Hruska is survived bv    Lis j tate at Rev    Biscayne    Fla    avenue SE, until Nov. 15. Ap-    individuals exercise a ‘normal The army said at least two] wife, the former Anna Maria j Njxon appearefj    t0    pointments may be made by amount of caution” before en- after 9 a m. Tuesday. Memorial Services killed and .‘15 I    V.    J    “    I-'*' _ day at Martin Brothers. A I b u r n ett — Emma B. Thomas, 82. Tuesday ut I at Cedar Memorial Chapel of Memorial. Visitation at Cedar Memorial Monday and Tuesday afternoon were <uum tutu marrjed June other persons were injured, 14(Everett. Wash. Mittclstad. to whom he was 20,    1925 of them seriously. Most of the injured also were soldiers. Firemen who doused the flaming remains of the shattered canteen 200 yards outside the World war ll camp found the charred body of one victim. The force of the blast shattered windows in a nearby primary school, but none of the children was hurt. School of- Dvkr funeral at have a bill here for at least 201telephoning 366-0787 days of hospitalization, plus the Infant — Thornburg fees of a battery of medical home McGregor at specia|ists i    M Ann ir Rnriar ! Predicts Ford Plan To Equalize Woman Robbed At Knifepoint tering into arrangements for such work. Ewoldt said a list of previous jobs should be requested from an improvement firm and that additional bids be obtained from et. r.r. u * ,oo«i "'est Branch — Alda Hart-Sharon I f I ugh a ujpt, 1235 icy? 94 seattle, Wash. Wednes-Center Point road NE; fined>dav at 10:30, Barker's. SIO and costs.    Oelwein    —    Ollie    Scholz,    70. Disobey police officer — Brant’s. Thomas Famrmann. 3223!David Stoneking, Mt. Vernon:    Independence    —    Hans    Henry,.. Soutter avenue SE. a son; Jack    fined    $35 and costs.    Kuehl. 82. Tuesday    at    2    lm-;*lclals dismissed classes tor the Leehty, 1509 Eleventh street    Traffic signal violation —    manuel Lutheran    church.    Ma-!day. NW, a daughter; Thomas    Marv    Beckv Marengo;    Lyle    son-Hawe. Wolvers, Mt. Vernon, a haugh-(schulte Swisher- Melvin Gib- Toledo — Joseph E. Prusha. ter; Lawrence Talbott. 114    son>    ,033 Eighth street    NW.    ^Henderson's. Ninth street NW. a daughter. lwo charges; Diane Jennings,) vT~ W,nn*e A. P’l’,    J ,.|.0‘e    4523    Regal    avenue NE; Mar- (w ’ ll Tuesday at 10:30. Births j,. Lu..e S    •    «t:ijs i«i2 B str€H*t SW-i Mason-Hawe. Oct. 27 — To the families of TerT> S/a'b0t ]622 North TowneL-C*?-c.ade ” Jamcs Dolphin. Pleasant Grove cemetery. Turner west was in charge of! local arrangements. Penningroth. Bertha Reichert — First Presbyterian church at noon Monday by the Rev. John 1 1 f    ■    n • Shew. Burial: Cedar Memorial.! VJ.O. vJll iTICGS Turner chapel east was in charge of arrangements.    HARTFORD,    Conn. (AP) Klass Ann Traxler — program to equalize oil prices Dyewood avenue kSE. said two surtax proposal. Simon also said A A Cedar Rapids woman told local businesses for price com-police Monday she was robbed Poison. at knife-point by two men who    ---- picked her up as she was hit- Cj»*nAmu_ chiking.    I    BWIHWnF Deborah S. Black. 22. of 2918 (Continued from Page I.) An army spokesman Turner chapel east at 3 p m throughout the country will be    men drove her out    into the    congress would approve a wind man!BuriaI:E^n Israel. '°wl~ announced by the Ford adminis-    coun,r*v. where they    pulled a    fall profits tax on    excess cor- sturbaum, stephen Charles _ (ration on Tuesday, according to    switchblade knife on    her and    poration profits, but    he said that Westminster Presbyterian Rep. Steele (R-Conn.).    took a bracelet and her billfold    many corporations    appear to saidjchapel at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday! Steele said that Treasury Sec- containing $7.    have excessive profits now be- whoever planked the bomb knew (by D^r John ^ Woods. BurK^l. rctary simon (old h)m (haf the Thc men had offered her a cause of inflation and outdated Strphan Weckwerth, Amana, a daught Roberts, 400 NE, a son. ,Sout'’ place NE;’Robert Prenosll, **■ wJdnesday at WrSO, St. aughtpr; Larry IL 2933 E avenue NE: carli fined Mf,rtln..s ch,urch' F"‘'nds mav Thirty-ninth strectj 5j5 and costl.    call after 7 p.m. Monday at Out-of-Town Births Doran H. Wilson. there would be a large number of civilians and soldiers at the canteen. He called the attack “completely indiscriminate.^” Police said Monday they still had no clues or motives to lead them to Protestant and Roman extremists who have at Turner west until 9 Tuesday, new program will go into effect ndo whcn thc>' savv    hitchik- accounting methods. The casket will not be opened at Dec. I.    ing    in the 600 block of Eighth av- Simon blamed much of the the church. Jeff Paper Rated As All-American Steele said utility customers cnue SE about 12    30    a rn. Mon-    nation’s current economic woes in states that are dependent on da>'    on excessive government spend- high-priced foreign oil have M*ss    Rlat’k sa*d    (he two men    jpg, which he said has been the higher bills because of that de- drovt'    around for    a    while m‘    case for 14 of the last 15 years, pendency.    stead of taking her home. Then “if there s one thing that I Under the new system, he fhey drovc out on a gravel road learned during this process of Devaney’s. Overtime Parking — Albert Delhi _ avonue Tuesday at ll, U n i t e d I Catholic extremists wnu tiavci T, ipffercnn hioh sehnnl stu- At C’nrvalli*i. Ore. — Mr and '*    '    ,m    in<    ’    .    i^,et bod^1 church. Shelly’* waging un increasing as- H J n-u,,naLr ha^ received its said od importers can purchase info fhr country and robbed her, designing new economic and fis- Mrs. Danny J. Wall, a son Oc faulty equipment -—Mervin Manchester.    sassmation    c    a    rn    n a i a n which newspaper has it I cd I . .    nr    ice-con    trolled    she    said, although she did not cai policies it's that we in the 20 Mr Wall L the son of Mr Hudson, route two. Marion:    Brandon    —    Nota    M. Donley, sassmaiIon c a 111 P d J.8 n .ltn 10th consecutive All-American.    .lo .tDU> P'lce-CTtliroilM    «    cai politics, it s mal we in me ann iwi« tame*; F Wall 156 Rodney Yarrington, 1247 Third 77. Wednesday at 10:30. White- claimed its 17th victim in six .,-*;-., frnm fh„ vat;ftnai erho- d°mestic oil at $5.25 per barrel. Know me exact location    Inned States of America have Cherry Hill road NW. Mrs. street NW; Lois Mains. 244 Phillips, Vinton, where a weeks during the weekend hnstie Press Assn *    *    The tickets can be sold to do- *he men dropped her off^ in more government than we need Wall is the_daughu*r of Mr. and j R^ce mad NW; each fined suynemonal fund has been cs-    Sunday    victim,    an    18    Competing    against    other    bi-    mc®Hc oil refiners who are now *he Unblock of E avenue NW, ...And we certainly have more Mrs. Max Netolicky, Solon. ta lib sod. To Mr Intoxiration — Agnes Seller-    ~~    Ldivard    L    Donovan. At Lake Forest, III and Mrs. George Grmydon rer, 4800 Gordon avenue llateh, Prairie View, 111. a son | fined $30 and costs. ]s^)V;i8L Tuesday at Oct. 17. Mrs. Hatch is tho j daughter of Col. and Mrs. Edwin G, Houghton. 6611 Kent1 drive NE At Minneapolis — Mr. and Mrs David M. Strachan a daughter Oct. 26. Mrs. Strachan j is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.j William O. Kane 1032 Twenty-ninth street NE. At .Amarillo Texas The Rev. and Mrs Bruce Cottrell a daughter Oct. 28. Cottrell is I he son of Mr. and Mis. Charles Cottrell, 4631 Midway drive NW. 8:30 a.rn Brosh’s and 9 a m. St. Mary’s t in I* i church. Burial in St. Joseph’s cemetery, Iowa City. Rosary year-old Roman Catholic, was|weeyv newspapers published byjdePendent oh either high-priced Reckless driving — Carmele, 418 I avenue fined $25 and costs. vS‘aU|? co-tCVr!J    ?4    Wednesday    at ii .*t army camp victim brought to; Fischer, YMCA; fined $95 and | Muretoch chapel in Center! inftC tojj NW: Monday at 8 Brosh’s."*    west    of    Belfast    Sunday. Center Point Adeline E His death and that call i D.l at I costs. Virginia Hughes, 1819 D Point where friends may street SW; fined $45 and costs, after I Tuesday. Diana Reed, 182 Fourteenth    What Cheer    Robert avenue SW; fined $15 and costs. |    Maxwell 64.    Tuesday at    2 Disturbing the peace — Cecil    Harden’*. 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Editors of the paper during the judging period, the second and third terms of the last KesistinK and officer Failure to stop Terrance SE; Marriages Dissolved Glen Allen and Collette Mane Yarrington. Janet Elaine and Wayne Ora Hahn. John Lloyd and    Helena Amelia l^emon. I-arry G. and Mary C.    ...    , Belt/. Doris    M and U*Hoy    IJ    •«»> h•    41->    Twelfth    street Robert Lawson Sue Ann and fmed $20 and costs. Russel Lynn Tnllefson. Gerald    Fires Ti. and Jerry    Ann Donaldson. Deborah A.’    and Duane L.    9:37    p m    Saturday    I nknoun (’lark John    B. and Tu Ye    to leaves 550 block    Knollwood Spencer.    (drive    SE. 9:48 p m Saturday Unknown Marriage Licenses to leave* 24oo block Grande Teresa Dudgeon and Jon avenue SE. Vniidine, Mary Jagerson and lo oh p in Saturday Fnk-1 cont.) street SW; fined S2n arni .min Uhamellnr Helmut Schmidt freight trains, scheduled!^, y*,,. were Mark Dukes arrived Monday for three da>s through thi A ---*— HEFLIN, Ala. (UPI) - Two ig h t      ^ ugh this east Alabama town an(j strehle. Adviser is Hon ald Forrester. 2917 DaUntnnd i?f„.,alks' a,ld.    *>a'    t.v    ^houtSI    minutes    apart,    hi!head- s^h'‘ ll ii I I V/1H TUI, if I I 1/fUl Winm ! f    »    I    J    IJ    .    I    • avenue SE. fined $50 and cost j be,aaer U*°nid Brezhnev re- on Saturday in a thunderous. Joseph Haas, Coggon, fined $251 eeived him at Vnukovo airport j fiery collision that killed two and rost    (though    not required by protocol (trainmen and injured three mm* Senior Citizen Buses Cedar Rapids System Telephone 363^244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 398-5605 Elsewhere 800-332-5934 The Linn sheriff’s office disclosed Monday that an estimated $5,000 damage was inflicted mi property at the Seventh Day Adventist school, route one. Marion, last Thursday night. Furniture and equipment were turned over, paint was spread on walls and water damage was inflicted by leaving the water on and clogging drains, officials said Let a want ad help you solve your buying or selling problems! Dial 398 823L ^hr (frtltr Hup id* f ifobtithtd In Iii] bv Th# Corte# Co oho pobiiintd doily an* Sunday at )0Q Third av# IE. Odor Woom*. lo*o $240* Second dais pot'ag# paid at C#dar Rook!* iowa Subscription roto* bv carri#r *$ cent* a *•#* By moil; Night Edtfioh and Sunday t issue* $37J a month, SI* OO a year At. ternoon Edition* and Sunday I issues $1 IS a month, $40 OO o v#or. Other states and U S territory* $40 OO O v#or. No Malt Subscriptions accented In ar#at hpytn* Oarett# corrtpr service Th# Associated Br#** I* entitled enclusiveiy to the use tor republication at oil the local nows printed in this n#ws paper as well as all AW news dispatches to do so. others. bioral Taut, asies from our tkilfod orfisf* PIERSON’S rsSor* IMI lins SIVO. NW IIOWI RPHONE TOUW* Semi a bit of cheer with a bouquat from... 4 Seasons IBI Ml VMM ll    313    HIS z < o whon words aren't enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-SI 39 PHON! ANSWERED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY v •> JOHN K. l.\Pi:.N Convenienl Downtown location 308 3rd Avo. SI    365-051 J ;

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