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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 Thy Odat Rapids Gazette: Mon.. October 28, 1974 "i imittiiimt tinai ii ee^-M^wia Campaign Trail 1,000 Aff end Open House At Salvation Army Center «■*» "**    iSB*SEK;$saf5l*6    $J®:?!* Stanley Calls for Meany-Proof Congress DAVENPORT - The Republican candidate for U.S. senator Monday called for election of a “Meany-proof” congress to insure success in the fight against inflation. Completion of the “brick and! Recalling the struggle dating I mortar” phase merely signals,back    over a decade    to build a .    5    the start of the truly vital part    new    center. Brig.    Kennedy of the new Salvation Army    termed the dedication day “a can attend supervisor meetings    corps Community Center, three    day    of a miracle.    Even 18 Arabs Talk Of Reviving Oil Weapon RABAT. Morocco (AP) — Kissinger— (Continued from Page I.) has said that for a nonnuclear nation turning nuclear, there is    _ #    . !no difference between explo-    pTIPnClS Rocky: Loans Two Bicyclists Of $507,656 ^JXcidenU jsions for peaceful purposes and military test blasts. His careful language about WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice- | easily,” Ginsberg told the audience. “I will suggest that we move some of the meetings around the county and also hold some meetings at night, both in the courthouse and in other towns. “County government should be as accessible to the people as A 13-year-old boy injured in a bicycle accident Sunday morning in Norridge park was in St. ........................................Arab minislCTS    llsin*    ■•liklng-OTto.oF    the Mian prcsidont ,h'si*!"i"t; Kotk<‘fo"" R0od eondi.ion Monday at speakers said Sunday afternoon    months ago,    there were many    ’he °>I weapon against    the    West    no-arms pledge wats    seen as    an'said Monday    that he lias made    j10Spjta| at dedication ceremonies. J who said it couldn’t be done,” again and “sought to establish a attempt to underline concern loans of $507,858 to personal Almost 1,000 persons attended Brig. Kennedy said.    joint    position    in    response    to    the    *about nuc^ar proliferation with- j friends, business associates or the open house at the center,    The public    is invited    to tour j    threms of thp    ()i,    consuming I    ^.injUri^ !he sensitiviUes    of I relatives over    the past 17 years. 1000 C avenue AW. Tile building    the building    Tuesday    through    .. ........ Indian officials State Rep. David Stanley told    .    ..    ...    .    . a news conference here that the lf* can make    "P n0Dd    lnpu', first major step to fighting infla-Trom    ,be people, and this J tory    address, Hon is “to cut the influence of I would be one step toward mak-A F L - CIO President George jng involvement easier.” Meany in congress.”    I    - “Congress must respond to Birchard; Speed the needs of the people, not the,. D .    . inflationary demands of George UP Registrations Meany.”    Sister Genevieve Birchard, Stanley called his Democratic Republican candidate for    Unn will be open daily this week for! Friday from 9 a m. to noon and public inspection    t    to    5    p.m. , Terming it a “house of ser------ vice and a house of compas-:^ Persons Held countries,” the official Moroc- Mrs. Gandhi gave Kissinger a Rockefeller disclosed the ..........     _ frosty reception at the start of formation in letters to C hairman    Welsh    flew his visit, which is aimed at Cannon tD-Nev.) of the senate    ' Kenneth A. Welsh, 13, son of Mr and Mrs Charles J. Welsh, 4507 Ozark street NE. was hurt when the chain on his bicycle over the handlebars and landed on the sion,” Brig. Raymond Carroll of Kansas City said, in his dedica-.TQ Grand J UPV tory address, “We dedicate the    • brick and mortar but we also | Three persons appeared   ___________ rededicate ourselves to greater magistrates court, waived Pr^~|tinued flow of oil from service.”    liminary hearings and were main sources of supply i opponent, Congressman John county treasurer> promised Sun river, “a cog in the Meany Aid Thousands    bound over to the gl and jury. He said the programs in the Jonathan Foster, Mt. \ernon. new building will touch the lives was bound over °n a charge of of literally thousands of men possession of a controlled sub-and women, boys and girls “in stance with intent to deliver. He an ever-expanding, ever-enlarg- *s charged with possession of of service to the marijuana. USD and cocaine on (Jct. 14. can news agency said Monday. No details were disclosed, but officials said the “threats” in-1 mending relations between the I rules committee and Chairman eluded recent statements by j U.S. and India. But later they [^dino iD-N J > of the house ju- back of his neck. President Ford and Secretary of both agreed that those relations diciary committee.    *    *    * State Kissinger that the major are “on the way up.”    The    former New York gover Another bicyclist. Scott Manson consumers regard the con-;    Marginal    nor    is    scheduled    to    testify    be-    hart,    14,    son of Mr. and Mrs. their j    . t    fore    the    senate    committee    Nov.    Harold    Manhart,    2300    J    street vital In an interview published a \u on hjg ear,ier disc|osures 0f SW. was injured when his bicyc flationary spending.” He noted that in his visit to,1 interest. The oil ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Qatar, Bahrein and the United Arab Emirates met Sunday on the sidelines of the Arab summit, which has hogged down over the rival claims of Jordan and the Palestine Liberation Organization to futue con mg program hoe    in    (day night to attempt to speed up I community.”    .    „    ^    .    .    ,, machine that has promoted in-;(he ^    pf    !    The    Rev.    Stephen Hoot, chair- Randall Makley. Palo, waived, Her comment came at th* man of ** ^Kati™ Ar"’y ad,:^,^d In a chaVo^m'aMJ , __    ., . „ . L .    „    .    ...    .    visory    board,    announced    that1 oouna over on a cnarge or man Iowa last week President Ford Springville Jaycees candidates tjle ^ |ans (Q joj^iatp new c,ous injury to a building. He is singled out Culver as “an infill night.    community    service programs charged with damaging a build- lion creator and 'a big. big; “Many people,” she said.Lhich wefc TOt possible in the!inR al 6712 Abrook lane NE, spender.    have    been    inconvenienced    byjMM„SrtllB    ran|liliM    the property of Delores Du-aaN waiting weeks, even months, for the title to their car to be rn • i, . o #•. Probed. Uteres a disagree!    “5"“;j*"'^*15?*“ , Delay in Vets Benefits men! between the car dealers «f Hoot sajd "It’s the lives of p«l «eek and was bound over on a between Jordan and the Pales-GRINNELL - Legislation1-™ ™int>’ and 'be treasurer |p|e an(j (hp fffect |he salvation I char*e of breaking and entering. few hours before Kissinger s ar-j '    ,    $    ; j(ts to le c0||lded wi,h a car Saturday ".':al    .,r0nLMoSJCOtt; il.mdayJ I public officials and staff aides afternoon. during his 15 years in Albany. Police said Manhart was The committee chairman had heading north on J street SW I americans oui umonunateivi”^”1 a lls,in* of ”ock(’. ^"phI^Tv'* Stoh^ander* thev have recorded India as Tellers loans between 195# and tar driven by Ralph vander-na\e regarded india as.    Rockefeller said he was millen. 59. of 3608 Blairs Ferry imarginal to their global strate-:DUl nocwwiier sam ne wa*,    flirnnri    un „    including all loans made from Ioad NE, as it turned left onto India has particularly been 1957 through Oct. I, 1974.    Twenty-first avenue SW. Man- India has particularly been    J a|1 of these loans bari, charged with not aving a '------ f~“    his    bicycle, was Mercy hospital and Jo°rda#n    bank    01    ‘h*    f'^tan    'in°    thoS    1971    “    war    "hat!    wer^"    mV.de    to    do^l-llww.    for    hls    bic>cle' Meivinsky Charges previous limited facilities. •Here To Serve’ property mond, on July 29. “Ifs not just a building we re' Jimmy Kirklin. 509 Fifth ave- Thc Arab _    ... Igave birth to Bangladesh. Kis-1 friends, associates or members    , The summit reconvened Mon-Sjnger js trying to coax of my family," Rockefeller said. released with Jordan and the PLO jndja away from Soviet! The largest loan to any indi- T’nion, which has shipped India vidual was to Robert Anderson, at which would raise veteran edu-;as t0 who ,s resP°nsible for th,s:Armv program will have on rational benefits is being de-delav-    them.    Today is only the begin- still at an impasse.    Union, which has shipped India1 vidual was to Robert Anderson, Another ^ JL rab summit Monday, an estimated $1.75 billion worth who served as secretary of the    2399 Blake boule arri by a strategy conflict; 0f arms.    treasury during the Eisenhower SE, was injured Saturday afteradministration and who was de- noon wben bls car    tbo tinians, set up a special peace ^ making mission of seven top MPlnS■*,l, Arab leaders to settle the feud as a layed this Veterans day by White House threats of a veto. Congressman Edward Mez-vinsky declared Monday. Campaigning here and in Vinton, the Democratic candidate for re-election said the legisla tion has been passed house and senate but held up by congressional con- garage at nue SW. “As treasurer, I will cooper-1 njng.” ate with the dealers, inves- Echoing tbat same theme, tigate the matter and see to it; Major* Eugene Adnev said, “W’e that you, the car buyers, are are here in this new building to given the prompt and efficient s^j*ve people. If we don’t do service you deserve.    : that, there’s no reason to be t ^    |here. If we don’t do that, there’s by both Riley Proposes Savings no reason for this building.” is being in*erGS* Tay Rr^aL    Brig.    Walter Kennedy of congressional con-    91    Peoria,    divisional commander    son high school Sunday night He is charged in connection with an Oct. ll breakin at a 1218 Nineteenth ave- at ad cost- conference officials: ! said. ---- |    “It    is either the PLO or Jordan,” said spokesmen for King Hussein and guerilla chieftain Yasir Arafat, using identical Burglars Use School's Own Cuffing Torch Thieves who broke into Jeffer- words. Both insisted the conference must choose between them. “The PLO rejects the right of cern that President Ford kill it with a “pocket veto”. will CLINTON — A proposal to ex- for this area, termed the new used a cutting torch from the i0I!da,n t0 rePres€at an> Part of ficial said. (Continued from Page I.) issue new instructions to their arms negotiators in Geneva within a month of the meeting between President Ford and Soviet Communist party chief l>eonid Brezhnev in Vladivostok Nov. 23 and 24. A treaty might be ready for signing when Brezhnev visits Washington next summer, the of- I scribed by Rockefeller I long-time friend. According to the three-page list. Anderson received a $60,000 loan Jan. 2. 1957 and another $24,000 on April I, 1957. Both loans were repaid in full June 6. 1957, nearly two months before gourmet Anderson became treasury sec- motel curb and hit a tree at Grande avenue and Park terrace SE. Dorrington was treated at Mercy hospital and released. “With Apologies” ROCK HILL. S. C. (AP) - A restaurant at a local offered “truite aux retary. Need a compact, car!? The best buys !tured in the classified ads! empt from federal income tax;building "the best corps build- school’s auto mechanics area to Palestinian territory Magistrate Court Hearings Held In Five Cases gain access to other parts of the building. Police said the thieves en tered the building by breaking a window, then pried open a set of double doors in the hallway. Using a cutting torch and oxygen tanks, the burglars cut the lock on a steel gate in the hallway leading to the main office Mezvinsky said the Pres-5500 in Interest earned ing in this division.” ident's concern is that he thinks on savings accounts deserves |-the measure is inflationary. serious c o.n s i d e r a t i o n by “While I agree that we’ve got congress, in the opinion of State to trim the federal budget,” he ^en Tom Riley, Second district explained, “I don’t think you do Republican candidate for it by chopping away at pro- congress, grams like this that are de-; Addressing Monday’s meeting signed to help people carry the of the Clinton Rotary club. Riley rising burden of inflation. listed advantages of such an ex-; |n Mvp    —J    .    ,    ffovprnmpnts “I don’t think helping veter-jeruption.    **    IVO    V^a565    Police    said    they    forced    the    ‘    __ ans stay in school    and in train- “First of all. it would fight    Five persons were bound over lock on a    sliding glass door of mg programs is    a    waste    of inflation by encouraging savings    to the grand jury following pre-j the main    office, w here desk money.”    >and reducing consumer de-    liminary hearings in magis-idrawers    and files were ran- —    Inland. Secondly, it would help|trate’s court.    sacked. It was not known if any- Culver: Foreiqn    Aid    r0^ l^e ^ard Pressed bousing    Ernest Deason.. of Sixteenth thing was    missing from the of- *    ~L -    industry and young families avenue SW, was bound over last fice. Cuts Prompt Reforms wanting homes by attracting week on a charge of breaking The door to an auto mechan-QSCEOLA — Democrat John ^mgs to thrift institutionsiand entering. He is charged In'ic* room was also forced open. 28 but it was unknown if anything resi- was taken from there. at any circum- time and under any circum- Kissinger said he thought his stances, including withdrawal v’*sit to Moscow 'laid a good negotiations.” PLO spokesman basis for the Madivostok sum-’ Yasser Abd Rabbo declared mit.” which he said should After six hours of debate be- “make a useful contribution” to hind closed doors Sunday, the better Soviet-American rela-tone of the various statements tions. indicated that Israel’s stance was helping to build up support for Hussein among the other Advertuement amendos” on its F'rench menu. The management thought it economy meant “trout with almonds.” are fen- But it actually means “trout with apologies.” Advertisement . Culver said here Sunday that.^'bieh make up the bulk of the connection with the Sept. congressional cuts in foreign aid s home mortgages.’ he breakin at the Falsie Deason i for South Vietnam “have not contended.    dence, 503 C avenue NW. only saved our taxpayers sever-! Thirdly, studies show that; Steve Ramey, of Fifth avenue a1 hundred million dollars, but * be median income of savings SE. was bound over last week on have also prompted much-need- aad loan account holders is a charge of breaking and entered reforms in that country.” *$13,000 a year which means the he is charged in connection Campaigning here for the U.S. proposal would give the with the Oct. ll breakin at a senate, Culver cited recent news av^ra8e citizen a much de- garage fit 1218 Nineteenth ave-reports of a cabinet shakeup in tax break.” Riley stated. nu<? SW. Saigon in which two ministers The housing industry is de- Frank Carter, jr., 1607 Second, were ousted because of a scan- Pressed because thrift institu- avenue SW, was bound over onj dal involving fertilizer furnished Ikmis lack the money to lend to a charge of burglary. He is by the U S    prospective buyers because in- charged in connection with an “If the Iowa Democrats in vestors 8re putiing their savings incident Oct, 5 at the Merle congress had not been alert to *n public or private securities Blair residence, route one. this problem and had not se- offering a much higher yield.” Marion cured pssssge of & Ibw halting Ril^y told his Clinton audience.* Steve Huggins, 710 ihird ave-further fertilizer purchases for "The cost of the proposal to nue SW, was bound over last Vietnam, this scandal might the I nited States treasury week on a charge of malicious well have been continued/'    ^    more than offset by jitijurv to a building. He is Culver said    increased    taxes from added em- charged with damaging a build- Culver sDonsored in the house p!o.Vment in the building trades ing at !'03 E avenue NE. the of r^=r=i.n«. horn. building, as well as property of Steve Johnson, on sponsoredinatcSfiw public expenditures ,n un-IOc. *■ Senators Dick Clark and Harold employment compensation and    JacK Tiumalu. Coggon, was Hughes to prevent further pur-housing subsidies.”    bound over last week on a chases of fertilizer as foreign i    -- charge of false uttering.of a aid for Vietnam, this year. Culver Campaign ' nC k    Y'!T “These are not hand-cuff re-,..-striations, but sensible decisions ltmerarY 5/ofed    S and S Hardware store. Sprmg- bv the congress. If this adminis- Congressman John Culver has on ^ tration had its will. most of our'scheduled an all-night campaign foreign aid, our fertilizer, and visit in Cedar Rapids Monday our Food for Peace commode night in his effort to become ties would go only to Vietnam,”)US. senator Culver said. “Other countries, The visit will begin with hand- To Report Drug Violation Telephone Michael Dooley 377-8081 GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nom. Sports, Bookkeeping, General information one Offices Not listed Below Coll    ................ JIB 8211 (irculetien-Svbunptien Dept  398-8333 Mon thru Set I am to 7 pm. Sundogs Until 12 Noon Holidays 11 a rn. to 7 pm. Wont Ads    ..............398-8234 Mon thru Fn. 8 a rn. to S p.m Saturday until 12 Noon Ditploy Advertising ...............398 8222 Bom teSpm Monon Office    ........ 398 8430 What Do Many Doctors Use When They Suffer Pain And Itch Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues? Exclusive formula gives prompt, temporary relief from such pain and itch in many cases. Helps shrink swelling of hemorrhoidal tissues due to inflammation. News about a most effective .medication comes from a recent .survey of doctors. Asked what they, themselves, use to relieve such painful symptoms, many «»f the doctors reporting named one particular medication they either us#* themselves or in their office practice. T his medication gives prompt relief for hours in many cases from pain and itching of hemorrhoidal tissues. And it actually helps shrink swelling of such tissues caused by' infection. Tests by doctors showed this to bt* true. The medication used was Preparation //"—the same ex-“ elusive formula you can buy at any drug counter w ithout a prescription. Try doctor-tested Preparation II. There’s no other formula like if. At drugcounters everywhere. Ointment or suppositories. WE CAME ABOUT YOUR HEALTH United State Bank Is Offering A Special Opportunity to Enroll in the BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD DEPOSITOR GROUP PLAN* Man Fined $300 on Drunk Driving Plea George Strellner. 609 Third .    ,    ,    „    .    o    .    . •    avenue SW, pled guilty in mag- where people are actually ..fan-- ■staking on }>,xt«*nth a venue js,rate-s f0,Pt ,a*t ,(/a mg would have been tragically, SW beginning at 4 p m Other I ch    of d,unk drjvi , shortchanged    j    times_ and locations scheduled was fjned J300 and c0,l; He was arrested Ma\ 12 Ginsberg: Change    *pe(.'a    Fro    - m m .. n I- •    center; 10:30. St. Luke’s hospi-j A . _ Meeting Policies    tai workers; iris,    Wilson    and    Assault-Battery Democratic candidate for ^ corkers    Charge    Dismissed Linn county supervisor, Stanley ,^[ter midnight Culver will A charge of assault and bat-Ginsberg, speaking at a can- iv*s^ restaurants, truck stops, tery against Kenneth Billick. didates meeting Sunday night bowling alleys, grocery stores Waterloo, was dismissed Friday sponsored by the .Springville and similar businesses.    jn magistrate's court on request Jaycees, said periodic meetings A campaign spokesman said a of the complaining witness. of supervisors should be held in similar night of campaigning in He was charged with assault-various areas of Linn county. It>e* Moines last week showed ing John Welbes (Jct Ii. Ginsberg also pointed out that there is a need for campaigners the present scheduling of board to be available to    those    who meetings in the courthouse pre- work at night vents people with conflicting working hours from attending. “I would like to see a schedule worked out so that anvone rn i® Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa The advantages of this enrollment are: 1. You may enroll regardless of present health or medical history—no physical exam, (ll months waiting period on pre-existing conditions for new policy holders.) 2. Payments automatically deducted from your checking account monthly or semi-annually. 3. People over 65 and on Medicare will be interested in the new Supplemental Coverage. (6 months waiting period on pre-existing conditions for new policy holders.) r-* Free Lecture “Christian Science: Its Revelation and Its Relevance” Tues., Oct. 29,8 p.m. First Church of Christ, Scientist 1242 2nd Ave.S.E. JULES CERN , Member Christian Science Board of Lectureship Carl Hick Horn. Phon. 365-27S9 HEDGES’ REALTORS Rheee U4H21 Rhone 362-2131 LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERIOD OCTOBER 1f 1974 to OCTOBER 31,1974 A Blue Cross-Blue Shield Representative will be at our Bank on the following schedule, during enrollment period LAST 2 DAYS! Tuesday, Oct. 29, I P.M. to 4 P.M. Wednesday, Oct. 30 9 A.M. to NOON Another Service from Your Friendly Family Bank We Welcome New Customers UNITED STATE HANK 129 Sixteenth Avenue. S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 364-8115 Open Mon. Thru Thurs. 9AM til 4PM Friday 9 to 6 DRIVE UP WINDOWS Mon. Thru Thurs. 9 a m. til 4:30 p m. fn 9 to 6: Sat. 9am to 12 MEMBER EDIC ;

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