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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., October 26, 1974 Mrs. Floyd McIntosh Ford To Visit Sioux City By Ford Clark IOWA CITY — Peter Rodino, Democrat seeking re-election to ♦    WASHINGTON    (UPI)    - The! I Ann Margaret McIntosh. 62.^ ^ conFriday; I formerly of 4420 Bowling street |^at president Gerald Ford will SW, widow of Floyd McIntosh, j stop in Sioux City on the first died Thursday in a local nurs- leg of a three-dav western earning home following a long ill- Paign tour next Thursday. White House officials said the the U.S. house of represent- Ut So.    . .    ,    .    1 _ .    ,    .    \>ateu,    visit was in response    to    a re- i Born    Feb. I,    19L.    at    Wes-    qupst by    Sjxth    RepubU. boro I    a    she    lived    rn    (edat    (.an R    wu M    o{    sioux Rapids;    for    the    last    40    years.    c- R    offida,s    said    th    did | Mrs. McIntosh had been em* no^knovv as yct if the Presidrnt Ipl°yed at Hawkeye u ber Co. |woujd just Speak a* the Sioux 'for 23 years until her retire 1 anent in 1973. Heros Welcome at U. of For Hearing Chairman I. cho „ on City airP°rt or attend 3 rall-v ‘"man who chaired the impeach- oiH: w cis an nun”, *    \    J orarv life member of AFLrCIO Ford will stop in Sioux City United Rubber local 387. She is survived bv 60 NJ,. , urn m Atte* roiocAjt ♦ Showers and thunderstorms are expected over portions of the southwest, central plains, middle Mississippi valley, the Pacific Northwest coast and the southern tip of Florida. Fair to partly cloudy elsewhere. exactly one week after an ap-„    ,    _    „ , , three    pearance jn Moines. The sons: Floyd    t.    McIntosh.    White House said he will move jUgcie    j    .    j on to Los Angeles for a dinner ^ edar Rap!ds,    and Ernest    J.    and overnight after the Sioux McIntosh, Fort Campbell, ky.; JCRv two daughters, Mrs. William * “    __ Bruce and Mrs. David Phelps, both of Cedar Rapids and six grandchildren. Services: Monday at IO a m. at Stewart funeral home by the Book Returned 61 Years Late ment hearings on former Presi- the task and his continual worry dent Nixon.    that the American people would Rodino stressed two points in not understand the need for the his 40-minute speech — the need hearings. to “return to old-fashioned val- “Rut I was proven wrong,” he atives from New York, received ues,” and “the impeachment said. “The people responded a “hero’s welcome” at the Uni- hearings, all of it reasserts and magnificently.” varsity of Iowa college of law preserves the system.    Rodino was greeted with an Friday.    “The    impeachment    inquiry    ovation as he said: Some 300 people streamed into    was the right course. There was)    now    (o    |c the student lounge to hear the    fl(    t„ ,ake up where we left off " _________________ With Rodino were First «*• I#,    tuft Congressman Ed Mez- RF VV Unions    vinsky’ seeking re-election; Sec- / t?U/7/a/Cra, I UL. TY I IlyJI lo    ond district congressman John /    |    ii i I k J I    Culver, seeking election to the KsldSh on rlOtel M6/66    senate, and James Schaben, Democratic gubernatorial can-Calm returned to the    Roose-    local    238 secretary-treasurer. didate. velt hotel area Friday    night    Harry    Wilford, issued a state-    —— - after a Thursday night    distur-    ment    regardjng tbc remark hance in which two police of-'.    .    ,    .    ..    ...    . fleers were injured and five per- dlrec,ad at P°l,ce °"'cers b> sons were arrested.    i    pickets, “They re union men HANOVER, N. H. (AP) Sympathy pickets joined mem- just like us . . . if they do any-Rev. Richard J. Hass. Burial I boog that was 67 years overdue!*"?, «!»«.sinking Hotel, Res- thing, they'll be in a lot of troy. in Mt. Calvary cemetery. ;at the Dartmouth college Ii- ^adiiv'.d ‘JUs RuJJ|sc hie when they join a union " velt. None of the five arrested City Briefs cemetery, j at the Dartmouth college Friends may call at the funeral brary has been returned, home Sunday from 2 to 9 p.m. Friends may, if they wish, contribute to the American Cancer Society. Post Office: No Stamps, No Delivery The Weather •Money Missing —. Harry M o k r e j s , 603 Thirty-second between Second and Third ave-lstr<*1 NE- ^*>7 reported $200, nue SE.    leash    and    an unspecified amount ; A New Hampshire woman dis- ^was a member of the hotel covered the book.^ "John Bright unjon on strike since Aug. I. on America’’, among the Saturday, Teamsters union belongings of her late husband's___ father. The book, by 19th-Cen- ^    ^ I* f tory British orator and states- CypfUS K61I6T He said the physical attack on Cedar Rapids two policemen Thursday was cbarj£S Soda has uncalled for and whoever is responsible should be dealt with Postmaster announced that in line with a postal service Cook Infant Heather D. Cook, infant man John Bright, has 106 pages, r ' ' J Cj.,pJ.0J .  i_.    »    .,    .    .      “R!vpn    a    slmv    rraHor    thprp-    I    UllvJ    I    Cl    I    I    CU twiJr,:'o™m,Mi,nFdl'ilwh,:orf or. 8:33 a m. Saturday. Air-c-of securities taken from his rcsi-daughter of Airman ist Class ”^ven a s'ow reader, there «si .03 l. A..,i,i 7,airPort.    donee    in    a    breakin.    and    Mr,    Scotl    rnnk    rWfellnw forf- could «et throu«h i( hand’- fe :|s    I,    ;!?;:M    Iowa    Deaths    *    *    ♦    to    Iy    ,to    ®7    ytf$'    padng    Wmse,f Chico ...«»« N.ori«h, 73 30 _.i    George    P    Dirks    68    B“resh    Ren,al    -    Rfnt bel,er t a J ma’ a    Angelo,;well by reading one page every Denver Duluth J* 37 J? 34 New York Phoenix 59 44 .07 n 47 Honolulu . M m    soon it    s* 43 M™dayril at 7he Wayne''Zion I brand named equipment.—Adv. I Texas, died Wednesday.    [231    days."    a    library    spokesman, Houston 75 60 woshmgton 73 si , Lutheran church. Gocttsch's. I    *    *    *    In addition to her parents she said. Chance , CPnlraI City — Mike Sweet,    Games. Montrose—doors,    Sat.    is survived by her    grand- “The book was never exactly of showers in Eastern Iowa Mon-1 Jr*4?l3f?clay *? 30    f;Tn.itcd    B:30: Sun. 6:00 — Adv.    parents. Mr. and Mrs.    Harvey in raging demand It was bor of showers in eastern Iowa Mon Methodist church. Visitation    *    *    *    Roethlisberger, Cedar    Rapids; Parts Taken!— Chris GralundJMr. and Mrs. Donald Cook. Tel- A relief fund drive for Cypriot war victims is being conducted in Cedar Rapids. John Karoules, as provided by law.    directive, letters without stamps Cedar Rapids police officers will not be delivered. The direc-recently voted to join the tive is effective aNov. 17. Letters lacking postage will be returned to the sender or, if there is no return address, sent Teamsters union. Wilford said in A/l—Miising. Extended Forecast day and Tuesday, otherwise I after ll Sunday. Murdoch’s. „ ,    ’    ~    ' ™'""'»"vrgvr vuuar napiiu»; rowed once previous to the 1907, partly    cloudy    with    .small    tem-!central    arts Taken ~ Chris Gralund-    iMr- 311(1 Mrs- Donald Cook. Tri- due date -    in February,    1902.” ( perature    changes    Lows    mostly    Sifoumey—Elmer W. Horra?,180® J street SW, Friday report-    j ford, Pa., and her great grand-! If fines    had been assessed. in (he 40s and highs generally talSth“S?d*L™h,t S ”jSunVed '"a Ures-'*° l‘d,?p‘pes’ I parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles they would have totaled1 tHsv fin,*    Catholic church. Kosar> bun- a suede jacket taken from his Leksa, Cedar Rapids.    $1,234.29. tne bus.    I day at Reynolds.      .    ,    .    ..    ,    .    . I .    r    .    .    .    . car while in a parking lot at Private memorial services The spokesman said the book 4050 Bowling street SW. The    will be held Thursday at I p.m. is back on    the shelves    waiting items were valued at $210.    at the Chapel of Memories by;for its third    borrower. *    *    *    the Rev. George B. McDill of John Karoules C. R. Weather Oxford Junction — Louis Ct. Kula, 88. Monday IO at Sacred High    F’riday ..............70 Heart in Oxford Junction. Ro- Low overnight ...............38'sarv Sunday 7:30 p m. Friends wT    „ .    7    oa! may call after I Sunday at Hay- Noon    Saturday .............. fi®'den .s. 2 p.m....................... 66    Brandon — Netta M. Donle Rainfall .................. Nonej77.    White-Phillips’,    Indepen- Total for October.......... 0    88    dence. Normal for October ....... 226    r , ~ *    '-T7 Normal through October .29.39 5 TO TI I BV JiqnS Total for 1974 ........... 40.80    •«    »    . Barometer, falling ....... 30    37    ITI    1711*171611*    TO Humidity at noon ....... 38%    peOD/„ Qf lQwa Wind direction and velocity at j reoPle OT 'OWa Gazette weather station at 2 DES MOINES (AP) — David the statement that “. . .the first duty of any police officer is to uphold and enforce the laws of the United States, the state of Iowa. and in this instance, the city of Cedar Rapids, and their union affiliation and responsibilities are secondary to to the post office's dead letter department. At present, mail without stamps is generally delivered with the recipient required to pay the postage due. The more stringent enforcement of postal policy. Seda said. Promotion Plug Rest    Rental Rents    The Best,    the Hus Memorial Presbyterian    DL-J*    Pn4-^ I ?y, - Adv.    church. Arrangements by the    lyHOuGS    fUTS 111 *    *    *    Cedar .Memorial funeral home. DeLaine Gartner is now assn-1    _ dated with Kilhan’s Lindale Memorial Services NEW YORK (AP) .eau y ^ lop. Adv.^    Christensen,    Chris    C.    —    Republican leader ...    ...    Monday at 4 p.m. at Chapel of    Rhodes says    he looks    forward Shampoo living    room    $11.95,;    Memories by tho Rev. David    eagerly to a promotion — House John J. bedroom $8 95. Diamond Carpet Larson of St. Mark's Lutheran 366-6226.—Adv.    church. Burial: Cedar Memon- *    *    t    j a1. Arrangements by Cedar Me FJquipment Taken — Richard p.m. SW at 6 mph.    j    Stanley. Republican candidate Sun rises 6:33 a m., sun sets for U. S. senator, Friday signed Stanley, 3000 J street SW, a “binding commitment to the rlda.V reported a tackle box people of Iowa” to live up to his valued at $32 and fishing equip- orial. 5:08 p.m. Year Ago Today — High, 71; low, 48; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Sunday Miller Sees In a letter to the New York Times, the Arizona Republican commented on a Times editorial that cited “failures” by the Democratic-controlled congress said law enforcement.” Wilford said the Teamsters is due to the increasing volume membership and the policemen of mail bearing no postage and have been told this. “We expect the resultant costs to both the the police to do their sworn duty post office and the receiver. in the future the same as they ■ The change in procedure, he chairman of the project. said have in the past."    said. will not affret business clothes, baby food and monej He went on to say. reply mail or mad with insuf-are needed    "Teamsters    union    238 has never    Relent postage. These will be The collection point is St. condoned nor permitted miscon- processed as in the past with John the Baptist Greek Ortho- duct or violence by its members .the recipient paying the dif-dox church. 501 A avenue NE. on a picket line and we expect ference. Donations in check form the members of all other unions should be made out to the St. to conduct themselves responsi-John Greek Cyprus Relief Fund, ply and legally as well.”  * * * ▼auamm    Douglas    Heiden,    32. Ryan, I avern Uisfuroancey business manager of the Inter-Two Men Arrested natlona! Brotherhood of Elec- Gunman Kills Five at Party CLEVELAND (AP) - Police trical Workers local 1362, was sajd a gunman opened fire with Two persons were arrested one of those arrested Thursday an automatic carbine at a party campaign promises if he is ment valued at $168 taken from PrOSD6Ct lOT elected .Nov. 5.    >hls    vehicle    parked    at    his    resi-j    r Coal Accord The contract covered 17    points    d<?nce on which Stanley    has    based    *    *    * Weather, Hi-Lo much of his campaign against Mr. Perfect Hairstyling. Open I .,..cu,vrTnv ..D,    r_u B'flarck ......«J-341;Congressman John Culver, his Wednesday Evenings starting. ^SHiNGTON (AP) - Imt- Chicago ........PtCldy    69-49    n ®    Nov G — Adv    pfl    Mine Workers President Ar- Cincinnati ...... Mdj    sn,h    *    *    *    nold    Miller    says    the outlook    for Cleveland ......... Fair    62-42    The contract included such    o Des Moines    Rain    56-50    things as giving “first priority j    un    a Games. Public i 2 P*y>R ..... ™    S-U    lo the interests of the people o( I welcome. Temple Judah. Bever ;^tke next month has improved Indianapolis ... .PtCldy (0-46 ,    t, , Ave. and Lindsey l^ane S.F,.plth tcntati\e agreement on Kansas City .... Shwrs 68-50 'owa m all decisions .Stanley    e    some    key contract issues. Milwaukee ... . Fair 62-48 would make as a U. S. senator uwy tim, 8di»n u<ui i.jw.    „ Mpls.-St. Paul ...PtCldy 67.44 Among other things, Stanley _Adv’ *    „    *    ’    I    think theres a possibility £ma.ha  .........|hhwrs    «•>-!*' promised lo work    against any    j    ,,    *    , *    *    .. , lhat    wc    can    wraP    up    the    con- ^ T^,,,c    Shwrs    70-53    lf"  _  b    _/1 Bazaar - Goulash, maidrites, tract in time for ratification. St. Louis Sioux Falls in congressional sa- ‘Ivifnrxv inflation ic PtCldy 64-33 increase Degree Days    I a r i e s Friday ...................... ll Total to date ............... 612 Through Oct. 29,    1973 ...... 255    ful    or    unnecessary spending. f’ercent of normal year 9 22 and to work against secrecy in Total normal year .....6.631    federal    government. Out-of-Town-Births I Stanle>' Lwas asked b.v new,s* department,' /h « (lf Vl Ar Ham nu ii’Ai ilrl rv A r>t irk I • kolaches. pies, cakes, sweets, said Miller. “It depends on how tor Barry Coldwater said Fri- table Rhodes said “the only way to early Saturday after a distur- night.    .    ..... change congress is for the peo- hance at the K avenue tavern. Heiden said. “Aa citizens of rnday night, killing five pcr-ple to change the leadership” 417 K avenue NW.    Cedar Rapids, we will not stand    sons and wounding three others, and it was time “for the voters Charles E. Wicher, 38.    1006    for this kind of treatment. We    Police identified three of the to give the Republican party a Fifth street NW, was charged feel the police department over- victims as Leola Phillips, who chance.”    with malicious injury to a build- reacted We are now checking was celebrating her 40th birth- Rhodes concluded, “Please be ,nS fixtures, assault and bat- into the possibility of filing day; her husband, and the assured that I eagerly look for- tery and resisting an officer. charges against the police de- owner of the two-family house, ward to the day w'hen I can    said they were called payment or individual police- James Muldrew. become speaker of the house.”    tavern    after    a man be-men for provocation and police police said they were told that _____ came angered by a barmaid’s brutality.”    a man entered the suite where refusal to accept pennies for Heiden went on to say that \fuidrew was holding the party Misinterpreted on    purchase of liquor. The man one member of a labor union for Phillips and. following Rocky* Coldwater    allegedly threw a bar stool was handcuffed and put into the an argument. opened fire. TI Terre Ari, ,.P1 ta, nnl" ,a pl?bf" "!aehine    brfik;    back seal of a pa,r°Vcar- Shm'"    One. witness said he saw three TECSON, Anz. (IPI) -Sena-|mg it and tipped over    a    pool    mg no resistance. ’ Two ponce-    or four men run fr()m (he hous(. men (hen proceeded to beat him and flfe jn a car He sajd hc ran the suite and found bodies on the floor. *    *    deadlocked over five major non-; During a radio interview The officers told Wicher he reported that there were 12 ponders Taken — Wait Sweet,    jSSUes    and    Miller    said    {Thursday,    Coldwater    was    asked    would have to pay for the dam- beemen at the scene, superintendent of the    city    meter    a    strike    appeared likely unless: what he thought Rockefeller’s j age if he w as responsible or riday    reported    j the industry* w as willing to make Chances were of being confirm-1 face arrest. Wicher allegedly ed and he replied:    refused and backed away from “Right now. I think there may one officer and ran toward of-! be a better chance that his beer Russell Hatch, striking In an    interview Thursday,!name will be withdrawn than him with his fist. Progress Miller said considerable progress has been made in these A,..,.,j uanvu uv department, F At Northbrook, III. — Mr.Ihe w0ldd ^ jtw° parking meters taken from ^^T^c and    **• Hr* *° '*!e bro e'the downtown area between concessions son Oct. 20. Sample is the son his contract, particularly early of Mr and Mrs. Emory Sample, I in his term    * I Wednesday and friday. The 3313 Waveland drive KW.    assumc ^ immcdlate p,.,. meters were valued at $161. Fires    laity would be a great deal of    and lnsulator show 10:53 a m. Friday. Malfune- enticism and condemnation byjiREW Hall 1211 Wiley Blvd. S W. areas with tentative agreement tlon of alarm at 701 Tenth the news media of Iowa.’ he Sun 9 to 4 30 PM —    '    1    K street SE.    ;said.    “    " 4:05 pm Friday. Hlefal    And# he    added. “Tho voters,    nlH    .    loM burning at 3726 Park Terrace-    ..ij    th4*    coms    bought,    sold, SE.    would    have    every    right    to    throw    jsed    Jerome    s    IE    Tower    _ 6:28    p.m.    Friday.    xuiMnre!m<“ out at the next election.    Adv call at Fifth street and Seventh avenue SE. 7:18    p.m.    Friday.    Undeter mined to leaves behind 550 Vernon drive SE. 7:58 p.m. Friday. Train to    LONG BEACH (AP)    — men-    mond    ring uackfbtb ovenue SE and ard Nixon    is making    satisfy-    morn!    ami    six    06 carat dta- .ver, he is shooting'for'a Nov.'i voluntar'.Ty. 5 H    inn    Friday.    Needle*.    ,01? Progress but surgery-    re-    mends around it.    Family ring I    daic    !    _L call at    Eighth    avenue arid Sixth    ma,ns a P°ssib!c treatment    for    reported missing    from Sandy street SE.    the phlebitis in his swollen left McCoy’s room St. Luke’s Hos- 9:43    p.m.    Friday.    Undoer-    leg, his doctors say.    pital about 10-18-74. 364-0289 or mined to leaves at 1506 Thir-j They also said Friday that 366-2183. - Adv. treatment has caused some!-- have it submitted to further Wicher was subdued by tive questioning. I do know there are officers. A small quantity of “This is ridiculous unless they ail drove two cars because there were 23 marked police cars on the scene plus plainclothes policemen and a number of unmarked cars.” Order Heir To Tend Animals SAN FRANCISCO IAP' -George Gamble, an heir to the Procter & Gamble soap fortune, has been ordered to spend one day a week for the next year Heiden said Police Chief Wal- tending .sick animals at the San Nixon Progressing; Surgery Still Possible people in the senate who are in j mace w as used to apprehend ^ace ^Peters showed obvious c 0 °°-Adv. m some issues, and indicated Washington, not out campaign- Wicher, police said.    “partiality in this strike by the It s part of the probation that the talks would shift to 'ing, who have approached the After the arrest. Wicher was wa.v he was allowing picketers terms worked out after Gamble, ap-1 wages in a few days.    President on that suggestion.” taken to St. Luke’s hospital to to get hit by cars and generally 35. was convicted of transportee union’s contract with the Coldwater said later that he receive treatment for a cut on    abused    by    police    of-jing    illegally-killed game He ^    Bituminous Coal Operators Assn.    did not mean there was a goo<4 b‘s bea41 He was then taken    to fleers.    was    also fined $10,000. *    expires Nov. 12 and Miller said    chance President Ford wouldltbe county jail where he    is!' Reward—for    ans information    a tentative settlement would    lask withdrawal of the nomina- being held on $750 bond. i i l() !,    r('c.°.V(.‘r^ f)t tno have to be reached by Nov. 4 lion. Coldwater said that, if the 'The second person. Francis Huh. kar,Jt >^How gold ladies cha- ,f d js t0 be ratified in time by nomination appeared doomed. Smith. 43, of 9 Twenty-ninth av-'*< mono ring set with .-5 carat dia- membership. He said, how- Rockefeller might withdraw enue SW', was charged with resisting arrest after he allegedly! Mo st Colleges Maintain Or Increase Enrollment disregarded several orders from police to leave and instead drove his car through the area at a high rate of speed tecnth avenue SVV. 9:43 p.m. Friday. Needler rail in alley at Twelfth street minor bleeding in Nixon’s gum both Dropped from Plane, Missile Test-Fired WASHINGTON (AP) - The crete air force says it was successful used previously. in its first attempt to te.^t-fire an    tests are part of a dc- intercontinent.il ballistic missile fonse department program to “There is a much clearer un- A|*CibS — derstanding as I see it now on what the real problems are.” he (Continued from Page I said. “Safety is our highest pri-, Faisal    of Saudi Arabia ,WI< ority and ifs my opinion that!among    the moderates, reported-    $ 125    1)011(1 we can have a good safety pro- |y were “extremely reluctant”    ---- gram in coal mining at no pro- about returning to Geneva, fa- Items ReDOrted hibilive costs.    jvonng separate negotiations by T i r /■> “They’ll Ratify”    Jordan. Egypt and Syria with I akeil from Cars Miller is negotiating his first    Two persons Saturday report- study, released Friday, snowed volved in science and techno- contract as head of the 120.004)- *s>nan proposal, however, ed items valued at more than 19 percent — 394 schools — logy    exchange    programs    an-    member union A former miner    fb<‘ neK°Lations to be    $560    taken    from    their    cars    while    reported    enrollment    increases or inert missiles were n0ljncetl    Saturday    that    substan-1 disabled by black lung disease, 7’sum<‘d in <,(’neva- "here the    parked in    the    200    block    of    Sev-    Another    25    percent —    202    col lie took office nearly two years Arabs would present a united enth avenue SE NEW YORK IAP) — Most of “They may expect the econ-the country’* private colleges °my and the job market, to have maintained or increased boun.f'<' bac,k ?bor,17 and Progressing on Scientific Swap WASHINGTON (AP) - American and Soviet officials in-in science .,    .    ... .want something to do in the m- He was being held in lieu of enrollment this fall despite ™s- terim ” he said ing tuition costs and other prob-j The s(udy rcporled lhat 57 lems, a survey has found. j percent 0f tho private schools I Of the I-IOO private schools, bad larger freshman classes 804 were checked by the Na-,tban jast year. and ^ percent Itional Council of Independent bad freshman classes of about Colleges and Universities The the sam<, S1Z(, tial progress has been made. ; he took office nearly two years    VMmiu    Preseni    a    united    enth    avenue    SE.    leges    —    reported    enrollment Dr.    H Guyford Stever,    ago after sweeping out the en-!    P°s|tion and where    Debra    Enos.    408    Blue    Reef,    equal to last    year, science    advisor to President    trenched regime of W A j(he    S°vlpt I mon would have an    Hiawatha,    told    police    a    tape    The    increases ranged from dropped    in    flight    from    an    air-    develop a'varietv of wavs    to    fire    1’0rd' told a    news conference    “Toby” Boyle    with a campaign    opportunity to take part.    player, .'JO    tapes and    a    tachome-;3 percent to 40 percent. plane    ICBM from mobile platforms ,bal    c<JUnlrie-s    will    be    to turn the union back to the The-summit includes the lead-ter were taken from her car Howard Bowen, former chan- Major Gen Winant Sidle, a |n addition    to air launchings    helP°d b-v tha exchanges,    and    rank-and-file    ers of every Arab nation except.she placed the    value    of    the    cellor of the    Claremont college Pentagon .spokesman, said an truck tram    and barge mounts    that ,he PWanis “are an    im-    UMW members    get to vote on    [rdq y!Kf ,ya< 1)010 of whlch items at $300.    in California,    said job shortages; 86,000-pound Minuteman was ar<> under    sfudy Thf> soviet    P°r,ant building block in    de-    their contract for    the first time    ™ e r, , . ,fvfn ?° oonsldfr: George Trpkosh,    2749    Union    may be forcing young people to| rolled out the rear cargo door of [ mon Is reported corking on ”    and industry officials have ex-    J*""    lw®    <irive    SW.    told police 45 assorted go to college. a giant €-5 transport Plane similar concepts    ’    Actual research, Stever said, pressed concern that they will e* nowovcr> senl lower level tapes in a cardboard box were, _ Thursday,    20,000    feet    over    the    Missiles    on    mobile    platforms    1S read>' to    in ^veral    strike no matter how rich the pr< enU lves _taken    from    his    car.    Trpkosh Pacific off California    would ^ much less vulnerable areas ^'^red by the agreement package in order to win more    n    i    vi    sald    th<‘    tapes *i'rv worth $2W) The missile dropped to 8,000 m a surprise attack than would seating the joint commission concessions.    Kayal    Vl#tt    |    - feet before its engine ignited. tjle 1054 u.    S. ICBMs mounted    on scientific and technical coop-    But Miller asserted “that's not,    STOCKHOLM IAP) - Swed- then climbed    to    20,000    feet    in    its ja permanent underground silos, eration    which was signed in    the feeling I get from the mem- i*sh    King    Carl XVI Gustaf will ln-vferonH    hum    hM«r,>    faiiino    Moscow    May 24, 1972, by Rich-    bership “If we get a contract(visit the    U. S. during bi-centcn-| ard Nixon and    Leonid Brezhnev ,    that addresses    itself to the prob-    nial celebrations in 1976    Sever- The current    session was the    lems we have    and it’s consist-    a1 Swedish-American groups    in-! third meeting of the commis-ent with the views of the mem-1 vifed the 28-year-old bachelor •s)°n    I bership, they'll ratify it.” !kmg to attend T'hf tf eiiir Xnpitii (GtitfHe e»*aftlnh*d In til) bi Th* Cotati* C« ono pubiithvd aorty ond Sunday ot VOO Third av* SC. C*dor l»opldi. 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