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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., October 25. 1974 Campaign Trail Magistrate Court mm: Rinas Hits Tax Structure Inequities wm: iii» 'I- Speaking at a coffee at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton: Moyer. 1920 Eighth avenue,! 4 Linn Cases To Grand Jury Four persons were bound over to the grand jury following pre- Joe Rinas (D-Marion), a can- Marion, Sister Birchard said) inary hearmSs didate for re-election to the she believes law enforcement trato s C0UrK state house of representatives agents would prefer that those Perry Lindeman’ 1    jteenth    street    NE, over Tuesday on of controlled in magis- Veterans Day, Federal Offices To Be Closed Federal offices, including post offices, will be closed Monday because of the Veterans day holiday. Cedar Rapids Postmaster C. J. Soda announced there will be no except Purchase of 10,000 Watt Station Voted by Kirkwood By Judy Daubcnmier    with    this,    we    had    better    forget The Kirkwood Community col-;about radio " Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) hands on the mail delivery Monday for special delivery. Window service at post offices 527 Six-1 wiii not be available, although from the 29th district, lashed requesting such information apout at. inequities in state and loge board of directors Thursday authorized its staff to apply for a license to operate a 10.0(H)-watt FM radio station. Larry Patten, head of educational media at Kirkwood, had recommended to the board that was bound the lock box lobbv in the main. ,    „    ,    4    ** , t • v • t» _j    0ver    iuesuav on a charge ofi°^‘ce be open all day. The * e 00 s ^    on    s at. mcqtHt.es in state and in person "and pOMMy^" T"“ ™geJ" First street station lock box Power be boosted from its local tax structures at a can- sign a request before .the infor-jpossession .ot controlled j lobby will be open 7-9 a m didates night gathering at Ken-1mation is released.”    ^stance.    He    is charged with pos- piCkups Monday from all col- nedv high school this week. i she said “The immediate Isess*on °* LSD on Sept. 28. i lection boxes w ill begin at 3 Rinas, calling for a total over-1 availability of this information! LaVern    Burns’ 1133 Sixth p.m. haul of state and local tax I by phone could assist a burglar street    was bound over last| A 7- schedules, cited figures indicat-in timing his breakin.”    weck on    a c^arSe of em*| APODS-" ♦ * * In other business, Bnllantyne !reported that the SEATS program for providing transportation to the elderly had received enough funding from county boards of supervisors to allow it to operate for about ! another year. SEATS is run by the Area 3 Trustees Elected to Coe Board banging his judge’s bench. “We do, too.” said Neal. Hurriedly, the judge sent the jury Three new mcmbers of the from the room.    ^ cojjPgP board of trustees “.Making Speeches''    were Pi(,ctl.(j at the board’s so- John Wilson, Haldeman’s at- mi-annual meeting on the Coe campus Friday. Elected as new trustees were Mrs. William G. Meffert, 2392 Blake boulevard SE, who will be the fourth generation of her family to serve on the Coe board; J. Anthony Patterson, a Dallas, Texas, attorney and, at torney who had his battles with the judge earlier in the week, agreed to the tape being played. The judge looked at Mitchell’s lawyer, William Hundley. “i’m neutral in this,” said present 10-watts to 10.000 watts. I    **    *“•*    ,,,w    *..... Hundley,    holding    both    arms    in The    10.000-watt    station    would    Agency    on    Aging housed at    the air. bt*    able    to    reach    nearly    all    of    Kirkwood. It    was started with    Shaking    his    head. Sirica    said: federal    funding, which recently j “The problem with    you    law-    member    ever like to    try    your    board;    and    Peter F. Bezanson, 26 years of ing that Iowa families in the lo- a statement Friday. Sister est income brackets <0-$5000> Birchard said she wanted to pay on the average 12.5 percent makp dear that “I had no part, of their total annual income in whatsoever, in encouraging or state and local taxes, whereas those in the highest income brackets ($25,000 + ) pay only 8.4 percent of their annual earnings bezzlement by agent. He charged in connection with an1 181 (Continued from Page I.) o *    41 The exact vote was not imme- incident Sept. 19 at the Giant|dia(e|y availabu, store, 3111 Sixteenth avenue SW. Parrish, no address. Henry’ Final Decision Under summit procedural in state and local taxes. Rinas said that it is ridiculous to require those hardest hit by-inflation to continue to bear the greatest tax burdens. He la-,„    v    ,    T    . be led the restructuring of Hennessey) were made. .. I lo th f i ner nf iic/n-iminatinn was 1)0 over last week on brules, the recommendation will the tiling it a discrimination charge 0f assauit with intent to be be placed before the kings complaint against incumbent do grea( bodily injury. He is and presidents for a final deci- Treasurer James Hennessey. (charged with assaulting Jerry sjon “I was present, as were other candidates, at the public meeting in which the remarks (by MeekonSept.il.    j    The    recommendation    was ori- Russell Fished, jr., route ginated by Syria and co-spon-three, Marion, was bound over last week on a charge of assault w ith intent to do great bodily in- sored by Egypt. It has been the main item of disagreement ___________o    __    since the ministers began their Iowa’s tax system to better re- telly disagree with the position jury. He is charged with as- preparatory meetings Tuesday. fleet ability to pay as a top mv opponent took on . . . limit- vaulting Gene Parks, a Linn, Abou Amara said Jordan had legislative priority.    jing    responsibilities assigned to ^untF dePuty sheriff’ on    inexact and unequivocal infor Transportation policy was an-|WOmen employes in his office.    _ other area which Rinas stressed but Y t that a formal com.    Annorir    nn was of utmost importance to , . A J, t ,    ... . ....    IWO Men Appear on Iowans. Rinas called for in- Plalnt had ,0 >* f,lcd at ,hls mation that if Jordan is blocked out of the negotiating process with Israel, there will be no lib- the seven-county area served bv Kirkwood, while the present station can broadcast within a radius of about five miles. Patten said used equipment can be purchased from the University of Northern Iowa's radio station for about $45,000. That station is purchasing new equipment. What Is Included For about $45,000, Patten said the college can purchase a 400-foot tower, transmitter, and a small building to house the equipment. The cost also includes erection of the facilities. The college must apply for the license soon, he said, since there are reports the Federal Communications Commission will soon stop issuing licenses for 10.000-watt stations in Febru- age. the youngest elected to the expired. vers is you 11 rases bv making SDeeches and president, MorAmerica I inan-Director Wayne Newton cf Lu- |fasesl>y.™King_.:TCi•• eia| corp.. Cedar Rapids.   Rinas called for    4 creased emphasis on altema- P°int m    campaign, tives to truck freight transport ! He said that the iowa highway j Ford Commended for Drunk Driving Counts ,    .    .......    m    11 ary because of a frequency allo- |oration of Arab land by peaceful j cation probiem .means.    ■    The    college    would    also    have Two persons appeared in    Back    to    Geneva    J    lo spend about $10,000 a year for magistrate s court Thursday on Another Syrian proposal called operation charges of drunk driving.    for a piedge from ali the Arab Thomas Baresh. Anamosa, governments not to negotiate se- F o r programming. Patten suggested re-broadcasting portions of WOI, the radio station at Iowa State university, and KHKE, UNI S radio station. “A Start” zcrne said some counties may have resented having to fund the SEATS program. “This type of thing gets us in jeopardy with other governmental units. People who ride SEATS are tickled to death about it, but the county supervisors in Benton county are mad we stuck this thing in Benton county,” he said. “If the service is ever withdrawn, a lot of people will be mad at Kirkwood.” that is not the way to do it.' Frates: Who are you referring Mrs. Meffert is the daughter to. Mr. Neal?    o f Mr.    and Mrs.    Robert Sirica: All of you.    Armstrong    of Cedar    Rapids. He then called a recess.    Armstrong    currently is    serving Returning to the    court, with on the Coe    board A graduate of the jury still out, he said he!Ohio Wesleyan university and Yale university, Mrs. Meffert is a former public school teacher. Mrs. Meffert serves as a ar- school volunteer tutor, on the board of directors for !Armstrong’s department store and the Cedar Rapids Art It took only seven minutes ! before the next argument broke .out. Frates had finished with Dean and Neal got another wanted to make a statement. He talked about the tension, stress and strain, adding. “The jury shouldn't hear such guments.” At It Again center. Patterson is a 1970 graduate of Coe, where he was active as a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon social fraternity; Sachem, se- Board President B A. Jensen of Cedar Rapids said the SEAT S crack at him to correct any con-program offers a good service, traditions. Frates was on his njor”mcn-s honorary fraternity; but may not be directly related feet objecting.    |tbe varsjty tennis team; Clan of to Kirkwood’s function as an ed-! * ^r- ‘^ea* *s ar8uing tee U. vice-president of the student ucational institution.    ^You    re^o    ing    the    Sena‘C; 'V°rkCd 38 * S'Ud<"1‘ ^ But Ballantyne noted the col- (bing,'’ Sirica replied, lege also has a duty to be a “But not as bad as “community service organza-;Frates retorted tion” by using its expertise to    ----- start programs which might not otherwise ever exist. (Continued from Page I.) samo sistant in the business depart-. ., ment and the computer center, s’ and was selected as the Outstanding Senior Man by the Cedar Rapids Jaycees. Patterson graduated with honors from the school of law at Southern Methodist universi- commission was falling behind House Appearance in their long range plans partly due to accelerated highway de-: DUBUQUE — Speaking to the I was bound over to the grand jparately with Israel but to take generation.    I    Dubuque Rotary club this week, j jury following a preliminary negotiations back to the dor- He said that much of that I Second district Republican con- hearing. He was arrested Oct. mard Geneva conference, which degeneration could be traced to!^ressiona^ candidate Tom Riley 13.    would bring the Soviet Union an increasing reliance on truckic°rnmended President Gerald) Kenneth Robertson, 318 Eighth back ja[Q (be    peacemaking transit. He said that especially1Ford for his voluntary appear- street SE, waived a preliminary proccss.       „    _    r„. in the area of grain hauling, a ance.^as^    a    house    hearing and was bound o\er to Delegation sources said Egyp- start with so we can keep the Completion is still set for weapons pact by the end of 1975. Riggs in Dallas. 0    O’    LiJtAtAwit    mtknAmmSHAA    4    A    Inptl    ......,w*,J <•••«••• If/v    .      ....    _    .    .    I    *    I    it_____-J .f    ••»!*    I*    aa    .       • higher priority on rail freight systems would not only markedly decrease wear on highways, The board also toured Iowa steps taken now t0 promote the tv in Dallas in 1973, and is as-hall. the colleges student ser- Geneva arms negotiations can:sociated with the law firm of “It would be something to 'ices building nearing comple- have a permanent result: A Johnson. Bromberg, I^eeds and judiciary subcommittee to testi- the grand jury. He was arrested tian President Anwar Sadat and station on the air 14 hours a day,11* end of November, with oc- fy on the Nixon pardon.    I    Sept. 2. Riley proposed that Mr. Ford    ---- but would also serve the duai TmqklnlTrSrr inLarinces ^wo ^rom Dubuque function of energy conservation. ^    'Face Check Counts «f cw^lwinrtheorisu'to    Asst. US Atty. Robert Sikma    Sadafs support for a gradual I local programming” educational funding as a top    opposition party to question the    Thursday filed charges in Cedar    movement toward a peace set-) He also recommended    apply- priority and expressing oppose PnL Minister about‘national.RaPlds fed<,ral court a8ainst    Thc nM sleP would ing for membership in the Cor- tion to tax breaks for large cor-    Dolicv and nroblems on a once    two Dllbutlu<’ Pe0P|e for alleged-    separate negotiations between poration for Public Broadcasl- porations.    a week basis has worked well    ly transP°rlmS forged checks    Israel and Egypt, Jordan anding to take advantage    of its _,.j    believe    it    would    be    acr0!FS statc Bnes-    Syria on further territorial with- programming and $10,000 grants necessary or feasible for the ap- Diane Lee Tims was charged I draw als by Israel.    for    programming    given    to    all pearances to be as often as once Iwit^ talang a forged check to! Sadat and Faisal were also,that corporation’s members. ___________r    At    their first meeting Thurs- Bezanson is a graduate of the King Faisal of Saudi Arabia    and still get in    three or    four    cuPanc>' Jan^-I-    day. Kissinger    and Brezhnev    University of Wisconsin, Colum- were “extremely reluctant” to    hours a day of    Kirkwood    pro-    *    *    *    surveyed trade    relations be-    bia university and the industrial return to Geneva. Secretary of    gramming.” said    Patten.    In    financial matters, the    jween tbeir two    countries and    banking school at the University State Kissinger during his recent    I “We could grow into the    sta-    hoard    authorized payment of    tbeir conflicting    approaches to    of Colorado. He serves as pres- visit to the Middle East won tion over a period of years with $123,329.06 in interim bills, and tbp Arab-Isracli dispute.    ident not only of MorAmerica. $55,635.79 in regular bills. a w^k'Vcrhaps every second Ar*tansas’ and Jerry Wayne reported unenthusiastic about: Supt. Selby Ballantyne recom- nate Amintore Fanfani failed commitment to Soviet-American ‘    ‘    Archer    is alleged to have taken1 another Syrian proposal to re-,mended that the board autho- Friday in his effort to form a detente in luncheon toasts, and retired. L. L. J. Howe, who holds one to Missouri.    vive    the    use of the so-called oil Irize applying for the license. (government, plunging Italy into Kissinger emphasized that this an honorary doctorate in laws Both incidents are alleged to weapon and to pool Arab oil have taken place in June of 1973 billions for a new mobilization Lipsky To Ask for Bicycle Safety Law State Rep. Joan Lipsky <R.!month wou,d suffice.” he said Cedar Rapids) said Friday she *The *re(Il*nt us® 0fsuch a intends to introduce legislation    would ^ beneficial to aimed at reducing “.. . the B^d^bUul if^Watergate^would and involved checks of $94,68. against Israel, alarming increase in accidents*11 ^    g    ”    --- involving bicyclists.”    T?"5 , , .    .    _    that it did had this practice been In a speech before the DAR. m e((ect at ,hc time „ Mrs. Lipsky said the legislation    _ would be designed to encourage unntkrL . i l communities to develop a three- txOpeCKy: JOO phase bicycle safety program Needs Experience She said the first involves! _    . „    ,    _ training and education; second.! ^u§ene J- Kopecky, Demo-establishment of marked routes cra,lc <--a"d'da^J* ]‘‘"n county not heavily used by motor vehi- a,,orney- said Thursday that the des; and ihird. licensing of both Pr0seeu,10n ot .crim,nal cases riders and vehicles to assure • : • 15 a maJ°r aspens,bitty fitness of both.    *h,fh reda‘"s €XPfnc'ncc in t *u / 4 ii . dealing with criminal law. All of these factors will tend s k| al a oof(et. at tbc to reduce accidents, she said home of Mr and Mrs Rlchard Since many of our bicyclists {wjiocolls, 2101 Knollshire road are chilth-en, this safety Pr0" .\E Kopcckv said "Boing an as-gram is of greatest importance. lSistanl Fwunty atloraey for ,hc As more traffic fills our jasl seven vears bas gjven me streets, bicyclists have fewer (hc    ,unltv t0 become ac. safe places to ride. Children rid-:    e d with developments mg small-sued bicy cles should \    ■ handltng all tv pox of be restricted to sidewalks and mmjna) mat|ers*> special bike trails because of js (hal experjencc whlcb is the many hazards and their nccessarv and on whlch , „,yj PMT visibility on our streets. t0 assu^e (he duljes tba| are She said where bicycle trails ,hrus(    ,he    ,    a„or. and licensing programs have! Fanfani Bid Fails in Italy ROME (AP) Kissinger said they made “a but also Jackson State Bank very good beginning” but gave and Trust Co., Maquoketa; no details. Foreign Minister An- First Trust and Savings Bank, drei Gromyko said both sides W h e a 11 a n d ; Bezanson-were encouraged and Brezhnev Whitehead Insurance Agency, was pleased.    Inc., Cedar Rapids, and Bozan- Both Gromyko and Kissinger son Properties, Inc., Cedar Premier-desig- renewed their governments' Rapids. Three members of the board Director Lew Dreibelbis of deeper political confusion and American policy was unchanged from Coe, will become a life Anamosa supported the action, setting the stage for a strong by the change in the U.S. presi- member, and J. Edward Dirks saying. “If we don't eo ahead Communist bid for power. dency.    and Lee II. Slater. Political Ad». Political Adv. Political Adv. Politico! Adv. v BosT4'1 r hyEsrj** ^ Ar ★ ★ They were the hit of the evening. Old Mr.. Boston Five Star Brandy. Mixedor on the rocks. Serve Old Mr. Boston Five Star Brandy. And wait for the encores. Available in Fifths and Pints. © Lot Mr Boston be >our bartender. He makes more fine liquor products than anyone else in tho world. VVhifkies.Vodka.Cm.Rum Scotch Brandy.Cordial*.Cocktails. been used there has reduction in accidents. been a new 80 Proof, Mr Boston Dewier, Boston. Mass. *1974   it    —■ Birchard: Change Information Policy Sister Genevieve Birchard. I Republican candidate for Linn county treasurer, said Thursday “the practice of giving anyone who telephones the treasurer’s office the name and address of the owner of a parked car is a dangerous one" told THE GOSPEL ROAD The Story of Jesus sung and ti by JOHNNY CASH Ta Be Stowe ai the t olio wing Ckorchts November 3rd, 1974 • Traitv < hurrh if the .Nuirrie 112* K'St SW (etfarJUpMs 7.0# pa • Thii Pines Baptist!'birrh 33M Pod SI ISI. <*4ar Rapid*. 7.01 pas • First Ballist dwrfh • Aaaaota, 7 JO pa . • First Bapt*'* ( birth Slaton, 7:39 pn • Hoover Wesleyutbirrb Walker, 7 JO pa Nobody but me thought I could do it myself. I was never a real handyman around the house. But then I talked with my Armstrong retailer. He gave me tips on installation, tools, and helped me choose the right carpet for my room. He even gave me a “how to” booklet. Then, in much less time than I thought it would take . . . done! Suddenly my rec room looks new again. rin* Tim# yid co, /'f„i .• * ■ * A • g«OT:*»r,c fl f *j* ye*, can My 7 $6.95 »q yd vt Armstrong tufted carpets. Designs for all decors. —-v- do-4 »ouf»e»t way w4t> product* by I    itva    do-4-your»*Hl    way    *•»'    prooucts    by I Armstrong THIHO AVf NUC AT % (HST STRM T S I DOWNTOWN Cf DAR RAPIDS Cor pat Showroom . . . first floor, South. VOTE FOR EUGENE J. Democrat LINN COUNTY ATTORNEY KOPECKY IS QUALIFIED Kl K Experienced in Criminal Felony tm •    ■    •    •    • Trial Division Chief Attorney to Grand Jury more than three years Counsel to Social Welfare K Assistant County Attorney 7 Years Continual Interest in just prosecution .Pqidjor by the Committee to Elect Kopecky Linn County Attorney —- Pinkie Primrose and Tom Shea, Co Clum. ;

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