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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa MATTHAI WtAlMlt M«ytCf tonCMI I. 7AM «>1    r~ 30.00    _    •>/*/*« Mrs. John Dolan Watergate— • Continued from Page I.) Thf Cedar Rapid.*) Gazette: Eri., October IS, 1974 WI WI ATX I TOIOCAS1 *> Snow is expected Friday night from New York through northern New England. Snow changing to ram is forecast for parts of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Fair to partly cloudy elsewhere. —Daily Record— The Weather Fi res Hi^ti temoji atures Thursday, Krw tem Dftratures overnight ana inches of pre eipltaticn Anchorage    at    38    .17    L Anqele*    94    *3 Atlanta    ll    49    Miami    BS    71 Bismarck 47 35 Min'apotis 59 34 Chicago    40    44    .OI    N. Orleans    74    50 Denver    BO    43    New York    45    «J Duluth .    49    31    .05    Phoenix    95    43 Honolulu    84    71    .04    Seattle    41    43 Houston    BO    40    Washington    70    St 4:22 p.m. Kila Alberta Dolan. 85, formerly of 415 A avenue NW, widow of John Dolan, died Friday in a local hospital after a short illness. Born April 20, 1889. at Delmar, sho had lived in Cedar| Rapids most of her life. She was a member of St. Patrick’s Cath-1 olio church and Our Lady of Ka-j tima circle. Surviving are three daugh-j tors, Genevieve Tucker and Anita Dolan, both of Des Moines, and Mrs. Kugene Larkin, Cedar Rapids; four sons, Robert and James of Cedar Rapids, Joseph, Wausau. Wis., and Gerald. San Diego, Calif.; 27 grandchildren:    15 great grandchildren; and a brother, Edward McGoneglc, Bettendorf. Services: St. Patrick’s church [Monday at 9:30 am. by the Rev. Carl Hies. Burial: Mt. Calgary. There will be a Rosary Sunday at 6:30 p.m. by the I Knights of Columbus and a prayer service by Father Hies. i the parish and Our Lady of Kahuna circle at 7 p.m. Sunday at son, 92, McAllen, Texas. Mon-it he Teahen chapel, where SJL!1 vi30; ,Unitc^ Methodist friends may call from 2 to 9 church. Visitation at Murdoch s, c . Central City, after I Sunday. p m Munday. Memorial fund established. Wellman — Omer J. Yoder, 80. Saturday at 9:30, Wellman, Mennonite church. Powell’s. Milvoy Benish, a former Wyoming—Maymie Streeper, Cedar Rapids resident, died Army, Air Force Dismiss Charges Over Academies SNOW 57showls N ,t8w ’when Hunt, Gordon Liddy and the five men arrested in Democratic party headquarters commitments,” Dean testified vv^inf,icte^-He said that Colson related he .    ®    second    was    a ‘wwersa- had told the Hunt lawyer:    ,lon    ,^lson    and    Hunt- “You can tell Hunt a year is a rcGorded y loni! time and clemency is gen-’    of    WAsmNrTnM masyiimen"dCred a,#Und ^ >i°usly    * "** civil,an leaders of the army and After hearing that Dean said Nixon congratulates Dean for    a«r force have    dismissed formal    v ‘options of federal and state he told Fhrlfchman lhat thp "the    way you’ve    hand,Gd it”    requests that the top officials of    laws have been found at a word certainly would spread I(the    Wa,rrffate    investigation)!thcir service    academics be    Cedar Rapids work site where among the other defendants and very ski,lful because ycu ~ court-martialed for allegedly'Edward Sweeney, 27, was killed asked what he should do if they l)U,,in8 your fingers in the dikes vin a mg c civi rig i s o jn g cave.|n Wednesday. also made demands on the Pvery    {'mo ‘hat    ,G'*» have    state Labor Commissioner White House    sprung here and sprung Vhero.    Air Force    Secretary John Dean, in turn, assures Nixon McLucas concluded after a thor- derry Addy said preliminary in- The Claims Law Violated at Death Site “He said give the others the that “not a thing will come ough review that ‘‘the charges vestigation of the building site did not merit criminal prosecu- at 4548 Fairlane drive NE re* lion” of the present and former vea]ed none of three alternate superintendents    and    comman- , .__ , , r , ,    . ..    .    „    safety    measures    was followed dants of cadets at the    Air    Force    , .    ,    .    .. Academy, the    Pentagon said    dur*n8    *bc    excavation of    the Thursday If said that in a separate ac- Milvoy Benish Extended Forecast — Partly cloudy Sunday through Tuesday, with no rain expected. Born July 25. 1906, in Cedar Rapids, he was a veteran of 21 years in the air force. He moved to Oklahoma on retirement in 1963. He was a Thursday. Ink-, noun to leaves at front of 375, Park Terrace SE.    81 • San Diego, Callf. Saturday Monday in Midwest City, Okla. 7:01 p.m. Thursday. Illegal at 1:30, Hayden s, where friends burning at 2332 Aspen lanc|ma-v cal1 after 7:30 Friday. NE.    Anamosa    —    Margaret    Olt- 7:28 p.m. Thursday. I nk-.mann, 85. Saturday at 1:30, St. nown to leaves at Blake boule- , Paul Luther a n church, vard and Forest drive SFI. i Goettsch’s. known to leaves ISuSrof 2% .^Monday at°l?0 GoHtsch’s’:mcmber of MizPab Masonic Highs Sunday, mid 50s, lows in Mt. Vernon road SF:.    I Anamosa, where friends may lod8G’ AF. and AM. 30s. Highs Monday and Tuesday    p m. Thursday. I nk- jcau after i Saturday.    Surviving    are    his    wife,    the coe c rn anc    nown to leaves at Bever Park. . .    „ . ..    _    ,    1    * In 60s. lows rn 40S.    1(,.|4    pm xhursdav ,nk.j lnd*pend*n*, -Carl Louis n D ...    .,    nown to loaves at 1309 B ave- ^ cf ,*’.??• J?0.1?    >0:30 C. R. Weather    nue NE    ^ohn s Catholic church. „. , ti, a    ~9    * fw ...    1 Military rites at gravesite. Mil- Hign inursaay ...............Petition for    'itar.v memorial service Sunday luOW overnight    46    R*nLr..rsG-vi    ;at 7:30 followed by wake scr- same assurances but no hard, commitments,” Dean related. crashing down to our. our sur- Afterward, he said, he told prisc bc*fore,the ^?s,dential Mitchell about the assurances e*ec*,on nearly twf months given to Hunt but said he could away- not recall Mitchell’s response.    “Don    t Tell Me”    .    „ ...    mu    .    r    Thursday    ditch where Sweeney was killed. Raising Money    I he Golson-Hunt tape was of- .    „    ,,    .    .    ,    ,    ,    . fered in sunnort of the govern- 11 sa,d that *n a separate ac- Both state and federal work Dean also testified that Ehr- (.    •    “    .    .    g    tion Army Secretary Howard rules under the Occupational lichman and Mitchell became sj iIdd' .J, Callaway dismissed charges Safety and Health Acts (OSHA) uneasy about the prospect of re- } J ; *    ,    w    1    J    »    against officials ‘ responsible call for shoring on the sides, or election committee official Fred hur„|ars “    for the operation of the U. S. a gentle sloping of the sides, or erick LaRue traveling about    tpstifipri    lhaf ,.linf Military Academy.”    a protective metal cage for wLuTCng ^eC!n^v whdt!cal,ed Colson to seek'financial The charges were brought lasters in ditches deeper than the monev would bn hcpH for ^ a*d ^or bimself and tbe others. Aug- L3 by five air force of- ee    . rvan Hinton i-'h ^ h    Colson recorded the conversa-1 Beers, who alleged various vio- Addy said the ditch rn which savfne “lr, JJSiTbU rftion- let Dean listen to it lotions of the Uniform Code of Sweeney was killed was 14 feet I aRup'tn an orniinH th n ^ and make a tape cassette copy. Military Justice in the Air deep with vertical sides, and /ammi thi« mnnpv ”    6    Colson, who is now in prison F’orce Academy's honor code there was no shoring nor metal noun    Phriinhman    «    on h‘s Rul,ty Plea to a charKe in and ,he servicc’s treatment of cage, costed that a Crelv mUiknXjthe E,,sb€rg case, tries to keep former Capt Michael Rose. j Addy, who said the ditch ap-and long-time Nixon campaign Hunt fr°m tC,ling him anythinK Thc officers, who included peared to be in “serious ’ viola-sunnorter Thnmac Pannaf about Watergate. The prosecu- Rose. asserted that the officials| tion of OSHA requirements, said contacted a? a nnmiihie wiirm lors transcript of the conversa-condoned or ordered illegal pun- recent ditch violations have re-of funds in bein thp nrioinai Wi ition includes this exchange:    ishment and that authorities at!suited in penalties to contrac- te rgatedefem! ants    “! don<t want t0 8et in ^ the Air Force Academy used {tors ranging from $517 to $912. position ac knowing something‘‘numerous illegal coercive The ditch was being dug by Nixon s Health    that I don't now know for the techniques ... to obtain confes- Dean’s testimony came after rcason that f wanna be perfect- sions” from cadets accused in a Nixon’s lawyer, Herbert Miller. ^ free t0 he,P ya’ and the only 1972 cheating episode.    Chief    Muckraker told Judge John Sirica Thursday iway f can ^^P y3, ls ub> to; They said Rose, who has since that Nixon might be able to rema‘n as completely uh, you resigned his commission, was Ryf)5 /of Office come before the judge in three know, unknowing as I am. harassed and persecuted after sacramento ^abf (AP)— Pexa Construction Co. Noon Friday ........ .    53 2 p.m. Friday .............. H    ba^U™y    7 ation ........... None    $5,520, with $580 claimed as:    .    .    . Bankruptcy F:ugcne Brewer, Ur- vice at 8 former Evalynne M. Hansen; a sister, Blanche. Cedar Rapids. Graveside services will be conducted Friday at I p.m. in Sioux City, with Nelson-Burger weeks and “no longer raise the; health issue.” Miller said that he would have a prognosis on Nixon's health in he wrote a study of the 1972 case ^ Simpson ^ Ca|jfornja-s But Hunt makes his point. “I^sh'ment of ?he'!-adets    self-proclaimed Muckraker-in- Allffht ♦ hot HAH lliAlll/i IlfQHt TA » The officers also asserted that ‘‘Money Cheapest” thought that you would want to Chief.” says he’s running for at Mason-Hawe’s!chapel in charge. c: rn av nail aff nr* 7! Precipitation Total for October.......... 0.88    exempt. Kl _ i ro ne    James LeRoy    Shurtz, 1219 Normal for Ottober ••    Fourth    avenue SF. Debts: Normal through October ..29 39;S2.283.48. Assets: $455, with Total for 1974 ..............40.80    $195 claimed as exempt. Barometer rising .........30.25    Eugene F. and    Flora Mcln- Q~(r tosh. 2134 C ....... street SVV. He "’listed debts of $23,219.72. She Humidity at noon — Mind direction and velocity    at    jisted debts of $2eTl9T2~    Both 2 p.m. Calm.    J listed assets of    $6,570,    with Sun rises Saturday,    7:23;    sun    1 $3-295 claimed as    exempt. I Robert E. and    Ruth A.    Tou- Independence — James Edward Bearbower, 48, formerly of Independence. Monday at 2 at White’s. Military memorial service Sunday at 8. Burial: Brandon cemetery, Williamsburg — Ixm Memorial Services that time and lhat 'Tm sure it £?»    i    West    Point    officials    acquisced    rn    ^mnr    as will be favorable.” In San Clemente, Calif., however. Nixon’s spokesman. a write-in candi- Rogors-, 80. Saturday MeSwiggin-Uhlmann’.' North English cemetery . Claassrn, Ilda E. —- Turner chapel east at 10:30 a.m. Saturday by Dr. Arnold Herbst and the Rev. Walter E. Kelli-ison. Burial: Oak Hill. Friends A. may call at Turner east. sets, 6; 19. Kalona — John H. Speas, 91. Sunday at 2 at Kalona Men- at 2 at Lundquist, Clara E. — 10:30 Burial:,a m, Saturday at Beatty-Beurle chapel by the Rev. Glenn Mc louse. Traer. Both listed debts! nonite church. Burial: Sharon ^car Ago loday — High. 68; 0| §17.857.38. He    listed    assets    Hill    cemetery.    Visitation    at    Below,    53; rainfall, none.    of of $1,610.    with    $1,600    terseim’s.    Memorial    fund    es- claimed as exempt. She listed I tablishod. Traveler s Forecast    assets    of $400,    with    $200    -------------- _ .    .    claimed    as exempt. Salurday    Duane Allen Blozviofc, 4420 CITllCli OTIOn*™" _    n,ar-)Tr’    Bowling street SW. Debts:: Bismarck  PtCldy 63-38 $U 89524 Assets. $350 wUhj Chicago ...... C loudy 54-40 all claimcd as exempt. Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines Detroit . Indianapolis (Continued from Page I.) » 51-341'-■jVr™N“Gr.7:i«rf A avenue!° Clow* «-31 NE Debts; SB,845.13. Assets:|'ea^e cath Jcar- bul •» “rote PtC!d>    $812. with SHOO claimed as ex- .Tc kson Cloudy 49-34 (empt Michael and VFW post 788 auxiliary. Burial; Campbell cemetery. The family will meet at the home of Robert A. Safely, 1350 J avenue NE, following the service. Widgeon. Erma V. — Turner chapel east at 1:30 p.m. Saturday by the Very Rev. Canon D. A. Loferski. Burial: Czech National. Friends may call at Turner east until I p.m. Saturday. The casket will not be f opened after the service break apart, uh. for foolish reasons.” “I agree,” Colson replies. former White House Press Sec !    *]?’    n°‘ * h retarv Ronald Zieeler said the Hunt ,epl,es:    "e get( uh‘ former Chief Executive is “not *ou kn0w ,d*rd‘ ^rth-hand re- Michael Kelford. now are army very well." and thai his left legiasfurances.,xtill. the ready is )ieutcnants still is swollen with phlebitis. H?.,aV*sa^s    ---- Nixon    had been    subpoenaed    JAI'    r|8ht n0,w'    "«ve set a by Fhrlichman    deadline now for    close of busi- After    receiving    word    from    "eSa    on ,hc“,h    N'oycmber Miller about Nixon's possible1 ^ resolutions, the hquida-appcaranee. Sirica postponed."0"/ everything thats out-for three weeks a decision on standin« • • ■ I m now talking an illegal “silent treatment” that cadets, gave two comrades who had been accused of viola* ting the academy honor code.    men,    and , vvon-t Rlve up The two. James Pelosi and * j( exh8Uste lasl ounce o[ date. Rs’ not because he wants the job. or expects to win it, but because “I’m dedicated to clean strength.” His statement Wednesday declared that Californians have been “gulled and swindled” by both Democrats and Republicans. He's a dedicated nonpartisan and independent Simpson said, “I want noth- whether Ihe former President about Promises from July and: WASHINGTON (UPI)-Presi.|ing. No pay. I don't need the "...    . (or, 0 ,,,° August"    dent    Ford    Friday    signed    a    bill    damn    mansion.    PII live in a should be forced to testify at the.    he]p    (inance    $7    75    billion    hotel    " A ,e*    a,cr'    H“nl    worth of housing construction    '___ The government, which also says. “We think that now is the    4U.    j. Ford Signs Housing Bill subpoenaed Nixon, told Sirica it would not insist on the former President's testimony in the time when. uh. some moves1 He dca'One Horse Kilted, Cloudy 44-36 Kansas City Mil Waukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha St. Louis Sioux F’alls Dennis Lvnn Harris, 268 Ja-1    ..    ..    .1 Fj,ir    I    y    n    drive    NW.    Debts:    on    that'    W1,h    thc    application    of, . . It will be our assump-i Cornell— Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12)49. fall .1 Tensing (18) 7.7, no change Dam 9 (18) 12.6. rise .1 McGregor (18) 6.7. rise .1 Guttenberg (15) 3,8. rise .1 Dubuque (17) 7.0. no change Davenport (15) 4 3. fall .1 Keokuk (16) 2 4. me .1 ri°UH‘V' -o'™ $1*5.536.13. Assets: $1700* with llle criteria, practices and pro-) (Continued from Page I.) — a i7 a11 elaimed as exempt.    'cedurcs    set    forth    in    this    letter,■ r    “ITT- ,lr if    -    tArurras would continue to rise to corre ing at Cornell which was built in as exempt. Gwen E. Bankes, Elkader.,>u iunc-i.i,f,    •    t    . Debts: $21,666.14 Axxetx: $7.-|spond ,0 lhe numbcr of app|;. 18f. a"    »    s,udent 849.50, with all claimed as ex- ic-^nts ”    ’scholarship and faculty salary empt.    ;    endowments; and general re- Byron Leo Sullivan, Dubu- Jackson wrote Kissinger:    source funds t0 Sl^(ain qualitv “Wfe would consider a benchmark said it will give the should be made and. uh. surelyj^TnVTrm"" 'ndUS,r> |One Hurt by Cars your cheapest commodity avail-    The prosecution case    Since    the de-    able ls™n0.v.    law-vcrs    conslruclion of 100.000    houses. tense les imony is not expected have not been paid    j    Under    j(    ,he    government    wil, I to begin for more than a month. Says Colson. You don t need ;be em    red    ^ conven that gave the court time to to be more explicit.    1    ^ make a decision.    j0    Haldeman, Fhrlichman Sirica asked lawyers to suggest a panel of medical experts:    said be t0°k (he cassette ■ to examine Nixon for the court, °f (he conversation to Haldeman !should the health claim beland Ehrlichman. who were at    markAt Taised again. He said they also Lamp David. Md., the presiden-j    y ^_ J should decide w ho would pay. (*aj retreat. They listened, he ; because “doctors    aren’t going to    sa‘d- (hen (°ld    him to go to    rOrdOVI^111* go out there for their    health,    Mitchell in New    York, which he    (Continuod from    Pa    {    ) iyou know.” A car driven by a North Lib- .. .    .. ..    ,    ....erty man struck and killed one indent, the government will|horse and injured anoth„ Wednesday night. Julius Koefoed, jr., was driving on highway 218 two miles south of Cedar Rapids when his car hit a horse standing in the tional home mortgages from savings and loan associations and other lending institutions and in this way can pump more home kwn funds into the tight road A sccond horse was w, squarely by the car. thrown onto the car’s hood and against the windshield before bouncing onto the roadway. The second horse then was hit que. doing business as Sultak Roofing and Siding Co., and as a c o - p a r t ncr of Sultak-Henschol Roofing and Siding Co. Debts: $169,638.51. Assets: in the face of sharply higher ed-a minimum standard of ucational costs. initial compliance - lo be the .    .    0|h„r issuance of visas at the rate of ,    .    , --I$43,000. with all claimcd asieo.ooo per annum: and we un/ f, f f renovallon of *'aw Cedar at CS. 1131 3.15. fall exempt.    demand    thai the President pro-/11'    houses    the Magistrate's Court |K1M.S t0 use the famp    I department, of biology, geolo- Coraiville Lake Th?ff,efn*. —JST*JSf?'* „*“5 »«rk as the minimum standard***"*. a"d 1"a|h°ma"os. I bn ty-first street NE; fined    ..    .,    ‘“innH    Carnonm    ball u-hmh ic ncu Pool level Friday    683,601§40 and costs. Andrew* Baum-| initial compliance. Igartner, Center Point; David!    v«( > Uunia Erickson, Hiawatha; Ran<telph .04 Births Mercy Ort.    IT    —    Mr.    and    Mrs.    Don- Wymore, 4612 F avenue    NE; ald    Holub,    700    Thirty-fifth j Vincent Randles. 2835 Johnson street. Marion, a daughter. !avenue NW: Mark Springer, Ort. IR Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ellis road NW; each fined $30 Shrpley, 912 Harvest drive NW.(and costs. Robert Moorman, 711 agon.    Grant    Wood    drive SE; David Balvanz, 4218 Pineview* drive , NFL Ruth O’Connor, 5100    East I road SW; Mark Mulvany,    6039 I Eastview* avenue SW: fined $20 and costs. Vehicle control violation James Marshck. route three, Births — St. LuEe's Ort. 17 — Mr and Mrs. Robert Cheeseman. 1524 Fifth avenue SF. a daughter. Out of Town Births and Carnegie hall, which is now the chemistry building. Development of new music practice facilities is also on the \t- r h i-    day.    Dean    (bink    about what to do over- again by a car in the opposite a 4    1    ape    testified. Mitchell called him at night.    driven    by    Mark    Poulson, With Dean on the witness his parents’ home in Greenville, j Re said his decision was to do    Swisher, stand for the third day. prosecu- Pa , and said. “I think, John.    nothing and that he told Haig to    judy McConaughy. route two, tors planned to play a conversa- you ought to go back to Wash-    make that clear to Nixon be-    owned the horses. tion of March 17, 1973. when ington to see that the problems    cause he believed a vice-pres-    - Dean apparently held his first with the defendants are taken    (dent should take no action that    kjp Contract Erick substantive Watergate discus- care of properly.”    could    bring his own    elevation sions with Nixon.    Back    in Washington. Dean Jo the presidency. In its transcripts of sub-said. “I expressed with Hal-1 Ford testified at the hearing Strike at Cargill Striking Teamsters union em- At Norfolk. Va. Mr. and cwt! Mrs. Kenneth R. Rrtd. a .son Traffic signal violation — Ort. 6 Mrs. Recd is the daugh- j Ri c h a r d Loverin, Eldora; ter of Mr. ami Mrs. Ernest Thomas Elias. 3324 Fran-Brvant, 250 Flighteenth avenue brook terrace NW; each fined SW. Mr. Reed is the son of Mr $20 and costs. Gary Thompson. and Mrs. Kenneth M 4008 Vine avenue SF:. Degree Days Jackson told reporters the 60.IKM) did not represent a quota list of priorities. Other brigand presumably would eventual-1 range objectives are improve-ly be exceeded because of the ment of recreational, athletic proviso that the number permit-land fine art facilities, and gen-ted to leave the Soviet Union eral campus improvements in-would be in direct relationship |auding landscaping and utility each I to (he number of permits services. sought.    j Restoration of South hall, a Jackson, a critic of the ad- classroom building constructed Cedar Rapids; fined $25 and ministration's detente policy, in 1873; physical improvements had sponsored an amendment to and book purchase endowment bar granting most-favored-na-jfor the Russell D. Cole library, tion tariff treatment as well as;and refurnishing and repairs to Export-Import Bank credits to;several residence halls are also any country which does not per in the long-range plans poenaed tapes last April, the deman and Fhrlichman the fact That the house judiciary com- pioves at west-side Cargill Nixon White House released that the money demands had nu Bee s vote of^impeachment    \    return    t0 ^ejr only a small portion of the 35- reached a new crescendo and articles against Nixon was evi-    ' Monda f0n0winc    settle- minute conversation dealing that I was not sure the defend dence of Nixons guilt of ob- ment j,'riday‘morning. solely with the activities of po- ants would not wander off the struct on of justice in the Water-    nev^*    one.vear    contract litical prankster Donald Segretti reservation if something were Rate burglary,Jle also testified provides for an undisclosed in- and the breakin at the office of not done. ’    ““JJS”1P *    crease    in wages and fringe ben- Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.    rash Fund    j    pardon    according to a White Ironically, prosecutors and Cash Fund He said that in a later tele- Rei‘d.'271 Wiley , drivces^i,le«ch ‘fined sY.V’and'7'008'    j    autumn of 1853 as the Iowa Con- ! costs.    ; However, both Ford and for- ference Seminary, a Methodist Permit    unauthorized person    mer President Nixon said they [church related    school    which 500    pnfriyf.    77 Susan Humphrey    wou|d V(,(o t|)P lradt. hip jf the    was    the    first coeducational insti- ^2071$;5 an^ostsaVenUC ‘    ’ m C iamendment remained attached. Itution of higher learning west of Striking unattended vehicle Along with granting most-[the Mississippi. Robert Ebeling, 2145 High- favored nation tariff treatment Now in its 122nd year, Cornell Marriage Licenses 'mu-asts''' ’ Mar‘on; ,uud S20.to the Soviet Union and other!has a student body of 1,000. a Rosanne Krivanek and Mark Attempt to elude pollee - ^ 0,iimunist (ountries, the bill campus of more than IOO acres. F**tt, Kathleen Rice and Ernest Johnny Jacob, Boo Nineteenth'would give the President broad 30 major buildings and an en-Bird. Tracy Rivinius and Rich-1 street, SE; fined $50 and cost.s. I authority to renegotiate tariff dowment of $10 million. a rd Wilcox, Dianne Doden and Faulty equipment — Johnny 'agreements It includes provi-Donald Gray, Wanda I^dfordjJacob, SOO Nineteenth street i f id iy s ind,,strip^huri and    Tim    Canterbury,    all    of    SE; fined    $10 and costs.    sions to ald U. h. lOOUStnes hurl Cedar    Rapids.    Emily    Parks    and    Driver’s license violation    by foreign competition Raymond Williams, Sally Mill-j Charles Goyette, 1711 Washing-j ----------- cr and William Birmingham, all ton avenue SE: fined $15 and 20 YEARS AGO A sche-of Marion. Sheila Larsen. Hia-j costs.    duled mass evacuation to give the house impeachment inquiry learned what was said March 17 from a taped conversation of June 4. 1973, when Nixon discussed the day with Ziegler. Nixon recalled then that Dean con(nbutions More the Aprii 7j discussed Watergate in sub- ,972( reporting deadhne. stance for the first time March Dean said he asked Haldeman phone call Mitchell suggested Dean go to Haldeman and get some of the $350,000 cash fund Haldeman had on hand The money came from campaign House research memorandum “does in effect admit guilt.” cf its. Nowlin— (Continued from Page I.) (the (fedur HtipirU OlnjrHr Established In IU) by The Gaiett* Co ana published daily and Sunday o» SOO Third ove SE, Cedar Roalds iowa S2400 Second clast postage paid of Cedar Rapids, Iowa trial was taken on a venue. In both cases, Nowlin Subscnotion rotes bv comer »S cents a Af    #y    moM    N'«h*    Edition    and    Sunday Change of e issues S3 IS a month, Ut OO a year Af. ter noon Editions and Sunday I Issues *J IS a month MO OO « yeor Other stotet and U S territories $60 OO o vtor No Moil stood .    houlevmtl, NW:imi| frce emigration of its citi-1 Cornell opened its doors in the ,7» sa>dn8 (ha( no one in the,for tbe ,noney and got authori- before the judge while sentence (arnee Miller, 1309 Parkwoodi , .®e*» —    •— r*— i W h 11 e House had advance zatjon ,0 «et $40,000 or $70,000 was imposed, and told the court Thursday ........... Total to date Through October 17. 1973 Percent of normal year ,    705 Total normal year    6,631 Prohibited parking Rands Watha, and Theodore Karaboi tis, Cedar Rapids. Donna Ro-j Hey, 1323 R avenue NF1; sendahl and Norman Zimmer- fined $40 and costs, man, both of Mt. Vernon. Caroli    ,    n , Mefford, Marion, and William    Iowa Ueatns Kauffman, Hiawatha. Jan Mt. Vernon Burton K Daniels, Marion, and Daniel j Mellnav, 91. Elwood, Wis, Schmitt, Amana, B a r I) a 1 a Baxtet chapel Sunday at 2:30. Zie.'Cr, Walker, and Steve Visitation after 9:30 Sunday. Murphy Center Point.    Central    City Stella David- thc 170.0(K) residents of the F]rie, Pa., area experience in fleeing from an atomic air attack fizzled because of rain and lack of interest Boston Alert of Paratroops Ends WASHINGTON I API - Tho Pentagon said Friday it has ended an alert of army paratroopers wIkt were earmarked for possible duty in the Boston school crikis. _________ get      rn    rn    .. knowledge, except possibly Cor- from strachan Dean couldn't he plans to appeal don Strachan.    remember the exact amount. Any appeal must be filed Nixon also recalled saying “Did Mr. Haldeman know the within 60 days. that if any blame were to point reason this money was being    ------------- to former White House chief of delivered7” Dean was asked    YEARS    AGO    —    Govern- staff H. R Haldeman. “we’ve “Yes. sir "    m*nt troops battered the Viet got to cut that off.”    “What    did you tell Haldeman Cong from the northern border S*|H. 15 Tup*    th* purpose was?"    J* «" solllh<'r" dl'"a f*)»on. “I told him the purpose was inflicting more than 3(H) casual-1 Thc jury, listening with head- j0 pav ,b(l defendants, to keep tics on the communist guerillas. .phones along with judge, de- them on the reservation, meet fondants and spectators, heard their demands and keep their I two tap? recordings Thursday commitments.” — the first time any of the con-, I venations had been played in I public. A transcript w as given to jurors to help them tollow the 'often difficult-to-hear voices. The first tape was a conversation among Nixon, Haldeman and Dean on Sept. 15. 1972. Subscription* occupied In or*os having Goiett* earner service. the Associated dress is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of an the local news printed in this ne**-paper os well as ill AP news dispatches. Express Your Sorrow With Flowers From Flower Sh«p 3028 Mf. Vernon Rd. 363-5883 4 Seasons She's Spmdall hor Know with Newer* PIERSON’S IKOO ELLIS BLVD. NW Howerphone 366-IK26 FLO SHOP BROSH CHAPEL Odar Rapids “hnoletl lo I’uhlii ^rrriio" Inquirt ANiut (hir Pre-arranged Service* Solon let our flower* speak for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hour* ovary day JOHN E. LAPES fv W* % newer* for all occasions IOU 3rd Ave. SI .Ift-OSII TRAINED DOBERMAN SOLD Ahi registered red Doberman, ob*-rtmnce t rained. JAI SVD A. “Good results! Havo used Ga-ette want ads several times and they always seem to work/’ said Mike Webber. To order your action-ad, dial 398-8234. An ad-viior will help you word your want ad. ;

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