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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Television Today By Jay Sharbutt Dan Rattler s Nixon Book NEW YOUK (AP) - ‘The Palace Guard”, a tart, lively book about the Nixon White House, isn’t exactly the kind of scholarly work la history professor might write. Personal opinions abound, fine print footnotes don’t. The tone is in the classic feisty manner of the Texas Observer. But the Texan who co-authored it insists it wasn’t written in that spirit. “I like to think it’s written in its own spirit,” laughed Dan Rather, the hard-nosed CBS correspondent the network transferred from the White House beat to ‘‘CBS Reports” after Nixon resigned as President in August. “It’s as close to the truth as we could make it without cutting the truth, that Is, watering it down . . . what we attempted to say was, ‘Here it is as best I could make it out.’ ” ♦ * * Rather’s collaborator was Gary Paul Gates, a CBS newswriter. Since CBS bars leaves of absence, Rather said, Gates quit CBS to work full time bn the project for six months, then was rehired by the network. Some of the book’s observations are funny, such as its portrait of economic adviser Arthur Bums: ‘‘His ample thatch bf pewter-gray hair was precisely parted down the middle, as though to indulge the slightest deviation might make him look raffish.” I But some asides are acid, to wit, the end of a report on how strong-willed H. R. Halde-man, bested in a face-to-face dispute with strong-willed John Coimally, later became a big booster of Connally for the vice-presidency in 1972: ' ‘‘In the classic bully pattern, Haldeman was the first to knuckle under when faced with a true show of strength.” ♦ * * Might not such remarks, many of them aimed at Haldeman, cause some readers to say, ah-hah, Rather really was out to get those folks? ' “Well, they’ll just have to jump up and down,” he replied. “For example, What is painted in the book is not only the Haldeman I know but the Haldeman I think an awful lot of White House ’people knew. I wouldn’t question for la moment that if Haldeman read the book he might very well say to himself, or someone else, ‘There’s nobody in that book that I recognize.’ ” Rather said the book was begun in 1972 and handed to the publisher last June after two missed deadlines, both mainly caused by the long hours he spent covering changing Watergate developments for CBS. He’s gotten no flak from CBS officials about the book, nor have they barred him from appearing on TV shows to discuss it, he said. But was it a factor in his transfer from the White House beat he’d covered more than eight years? * * * “No,” he said. “It was totally unrelated, and I’m glad you asked. The decision was made before anybody at CBS had read the book. They’re very good about such things. I “What they say is, ‘Listen, if you want to write a book, do it. We’d like to know about it, what the book subject is,’ that sort of thing. But our people are free to do that. “Now, obviously you have to live with the book. But they’ve I been I awfully good about the whole thing. Nobody even asked to read the book before it came out.” Economy Delays President's Pool WASHINGTON (AP) !— Plans to build a new White House swimming pool for President Ford have been temporarily sidetracked because of the nation’s economic problems, a White House spokesman said Thursday. “The President asked the American people to tighten their belts and avoid unnecesary expenditures and it doesn’t seem the proper time to ask people to contribute to a swimming pool,” said Press Secretary Ron Nessen. The White House had gone along with plans for a pool that would have cost an estimated $300,000 to be raised by a public fund-raising drive. Greeks To Protest Trip By Kissinger ATHENS (AP) — University students and other Greeks say they will take to the streets in protest if Secretary of State Kissinger comes to Athens as planned to mediate the Cyprus dispute. “We’ll never let him make it Into town,” one student leader said Thursday. “The demonstrations will surge between downtown Athens nod the airport.” Student leaders in Salonga, tile northern Greece home town of Premier Constantine Cara-manlis, said they will join their Athens colleagues if Kissinger comes. Other Athenians expressed similar sentiments. One shopkeeper said: “We’ll give him a reception he’ll never forget.” Two men sipping coffee in a popular sidewalk cafe j were talking about the American diplomat. “FII be the first one to demonstate against him when he arrives,” one said as he looked at a newspaper report that Kissinger plans to call on Greek leaders late next month. No date has been set, but Kissinger is expected to come here after Nov. 17, when Greece holds its first general elections in almost ll years. He will confer with the postelection foreign minister, and there is no guarantee that he will have a friendly reception. The former foreign minister, George Mavros, publicly has rejected Kissinger as a mediator. Many Greeks believe the U.S. leaned heavily towards Turkey and made no visible attempt to stop Turkish forces from invading the Mediterranean island July 20. President Ford’s veto of congress’ attempts to cut off arras shipments to Turkey for using U S. arms in the invasion has not improved the attitude of the Greeks towards Washington. Report Urges Conservation, Not Strip Mining, Offshore Drilling The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., October 18, 1974 J J Calls for Bank Condition Data WASHINGTON (AP) — all national banks as of the Comptroller of tho Currency L, f ^ Tu£sda in,,, »t inv \r /*r    a    I    James    E.    Smith    Friday issued a WASHINGTON (AP) — A ment inclination toward energy! This could be done by more ca|| for reports of conditions of 15 two-year study says the energy development. It was attacked efficient use of energy, it said, j conservation* tetead of mZ\ lmmM!,a,c')'by thc oil induslr-v' Kvcn ,he lower erow,h r*1*' fuel production, avoiding the lhe Amer,<*n Petroleum ln-;U. S. energy supply in 1985 need to strip-mine the West or stitute said reliance on energy would have to increase 28 per-! to drill for oil off Atlantic conservation would be a reek-cent above last year’s level, the beaches.    I    less gamble. The president of report said. But it added that lower BOB BROOKS and GUS SCHRADER REPORT The report, issued Thursday Mobil Oil Corp. called it “a by the Ford Foundation’s En-f j f perpetual economic growth “will make unnecessary ergy Policy Project, sharply    ,,    *J“    -    '    1    ’    >•    *< challenged the present govern- staKnati,m- -----j    However,    the HAWKEYE FOOTBALL SEC Charges 9 In Collapse of Franklin Bank report amici pated and charges. Halve Growth It urged cutting the rate of U. S. energy consump- additional developments which threaten serious environmental damage or increased oil imports rejected such whir*h pose foreign policy con cerris.” The report said energy cuts .. need not lead to economic stag-«rowth nation. year. NEW YORK (AP) - The Sc-    ,    I 11 cla,mt'd curities and Exchange Commis-1"0" half’ fr0m 1’lstor'C 4‘ <’VPn adoPl son has filed stock fraud Pcrcent ,0 about 2P*r“"t charges against nine former officers, directors and employes of Franklin New York Corp., the I va/ IJ X/^+a -f parent company of the insolvent ▼▼OUlu ▼Ole TU! h raklin National Bank    D    Moxa/    well-being Franklin National’s failure was IXOCK7 ,x,ynT INwW prove »»it < the largest bank collapse in the nation’s history. The civil suit was brought Thursday in U.S. district court here following a five-month investigation. Franklin New York filed a bankruptcy petition Wednesday in the same court. The bank was declared insolvent on Oct. 8 and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was appointed receiver. The SEC basically charged that false information had been issued both to the public and the commission. the nation could a policy of zero a energy growth beyond 1985 with-i out harming standards of living. -1 “We can level off energy con-! sumption and continue with an I economy in which consumer continues to im* said. NEW YORK (AP) — Chair- A major government, study of man Cannon (D-Nev.) of the energy policy is due for delivery senate rules committee said |in early November. But federal Friday he would vote to confirm agencies already are deep in Nelson A. Rockefeller as vice- preparations to lease areas off president if the vote were taken the Atlantic. Pacific and Alas-now.    kan    coasts for petroleum drill- “But that certainly is a judging, to strip-mine coal and oil ment that could vary, based on shale in the West, and to speed what I learn in the next two development and construction of weeks,” Cannon said on NBC’s atomic power plants. 1:30 PM Saturday IOWA MINNESOTA Brought to you by IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER CO. AND COLLINS EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION And Preceding the Game 1:00 PM—PIGSKIN PREDICTIONS BOHEMIAN SAVINGS 4 LOAN ASSN. 1:15 PM-WARM-UP SHOW FOPD S SHOES HALF-TIME SHOW FIRST AVENUE PLYMOUTH, INC. WRAP-UP SHOW ILTEN S, INC. “Today” show. RADI01600 “Troublesome” Suit Filed Against Matson Truck Line Defendant's Son Seriously Burned GEEN ECHO, Md. (UPI) -The 9-year-old son of Watergate cover-up defendant Kenneth Parkinson was seriously burned Thursday trying to set a turtle on fire, police reported. Hospital officials said Friday that Philip Parkinson Was in fair condition suffering from neck burns and a head cut. Police said Philip; his brother, Jeff, 12, and two friends had soaked a turtle in gasoline and were attempting to set it afire when the gasoline in the can exploded. The report described these en-i orgy’ sources as “troublesome,”! charging they present serious _    _    .    ,    .    [environmental and safety prob- The Goodyear Tire and Rub- jems ber Co. of Akron, Ohio, has filed ^    ^ na(jon meet suit in Cedar Rapids federal jts nee(js without them, partly court against Matson Truckj^y developing present energy: Line, Inc., of Cedar Rapids, sources an(j partly through con- claimmg the trucking firm owes serVation It said the major conservation $19,823 in Unpaid debts Goodyear, in its complaint, stated that as of April 25, 1973, Matson owed $17,000. The figure the company is asking includes interest since that date. measures should be: Mandatory standards for automobile fuel economy. Federal loans to homeowners and small businessmen for insulation and other fuel-saving im-British Price Jump    pavements. LONDON (AP) - Retail Revised electricity rates eli-prices jumped 1.1 percent last minating discounts for heavy month to reach July’s record, users. inflation level and trigger an- Channeling more federal re-other pay increase for over IO search funds, now* almost en million workers, the British government announced Friday tirely devoted to energy production, into energy conservation. Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa A—WHBF-TV,Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-—WRIT, la Cross* IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV,Des Moines Friday Night 8:00 9—Eyewitness News 2—Action News 7— News# Weather, Sots. 3—News, Weather, Sots. A—Action News 4—6 O'CiocK Edition A—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12— Aviation Weather 13— Eyewitness News 8:30 9—Hollywood Squares 2—To Tell Truth 7—Hee How 3—Price is Right 4—Let's Make a Deal 4— Hollywood Sauares I—Consequences la—Treasure Hunt It Joom Hee Haw 9—ABC Movie — •'Guns of Navarone * 2—Planet of Apes 3—ABC Movie — “Guns of Navorone" 4—P El1 Planet of Apes Hanford and Son lonet of Apes „ a of ord and Sou ■ 'Washington Week IO—Sanford and Son 12-.......... pup wilson *—Fttn Wilson IO— Flip Wilson .......treat “^on 12-Wail Street Week 13—Flip WI!' 2—Cgs ...ovte--er de Lone# vie— 4—CBS Mavli “Per de Lance” *—CBS Movie- „ • Per de Lance 12—Masterpiece Theater 8:38 7—Rockford Files 6—Rockford Files IO— Rockford Files U—Rockford Files 9:80 ^2—Lands and Seas OO E yewitness News -Action News -Ne*s, Weather, Sots. -News, Weather, Sets. -Achoo News -IO O Clock Edition -News, Sp**., Weather -News, Weather, Spts. -Oar at Niaht -Eyewitness News HO 9—Creature Feafure- • mack Castle Creature'1 2—Movie—  ..... • Hell to Eternity" 7—I anight    . 3—Wide Wnrld of Entertainment 4— Tonight I—Movie - “Massacre of Grand Canyon" Tonight lh—fonig ,s=n..... ,3-W, □mar Bergman 'liens    mm ^4—Mod Squad ^4—*Big Volley 12:88. *M2rJrF#0,ur#~ Ftankci Frankenstein" 2-Lost Word I— Miamaht Soeaal 6—Midnight Special IO— Midnight Special 13—Midnight Special Saturday Morning 6:38 2—Sunrise Semester I—Sunrise Semester 13—Agriculture 7:88 9—Yogi's Gang 2—Speed Buggy 7—Addams Family 3— Yogis Gang ‘ orally 4—Speed ““agy 6— Addams Fami A—Speed Buggy IO—Addams Family 13— Addgms Family ugs Bunny 2—Scoot)v Doo — Chopper Bunch 3—Bugs Bunny 4—Scoot) v-Doo 4—Chopper Bunch I— Scoohy-Doo IO—Chopper Bunch 13—Chopper Bunch 8;o» — Hong Kong Phooey z— Jeonnle LKgfiSgnmy 4—Jeonnle 4—Emergency 8—Jeonnle IO— Emergency 13—Emergency 1:38 9—Clinger; _ 2— Partridge Family 7—Run, Joe, Run 3—Gllligan 4—Partridge Family t—Run, Joe, Run — Partridge Family IO—Run, Joe, Run 13— Run, Joe, Run 9:88 9—Devlin 2—Valley of Dinosaurs 7—Lond of Lost 3—Devlin 4—Valley of Dinosaurs tLond of Lost Valley of Dinosaurs IO—Land of Lost 13—Land of Lost 9:38 v—Kora 2— Shalom 7— Sternum! 3— Kora 4— Sholom 4—Sigmund 5— Shalom IO -Sigmund 13—Sigmund 18:88 9—Superfrlends 2— Globetrotters 7— Pink Panther 3—Superfrlends 4—Globetrotters 4—Pink Panther |—Globetrotters IO—Pink Panther 15—Pink Panther 18:38 2—Hudson Brothers 7—Star Trek 4—Hudson Brothers ■ Stor Trek £ Brothers ,.eS 13-Star Trek Hudson Star Trek MMM 11:08 ♦-These Ara Days ^—Archie ti! etsons hese^Art Days 4—Jetsons I—Archie IO—Jetsons 13—Jetsons 11:30 9—Bandstand 2-Fat Albert 7-Go! 3— Bon 4-Fat ondstand Albert 4-Go! •-Fat Albert ■Go! •Goi Saturday Afternoon 12:00 9— Bandstand (Cont’d) 2—Children s Film Festival 7—Floyd Warren 3— Bandstand (Cont’d) 4—Children's Film Festival , 6—Laredo 5—Children's Film Festival IO—Dustv's Troll ' 13—To Be Announced 12:30 9— Football— _ Ark.-Texas 7—Bonanza 3— r OOf bo i I —• Ark -Texas IO—Victory at Sea 1:00 2— CBS Sports 4—CBS Sports 4—Movie— “Hemingway’s Adventures of • Young Man r *. “Three Faces of . Eve” 8—CBS Sports IO—Roller Games . Iowa Cattlemen's Vice-President Raps Slaughter AMES (UPI) — The executive vice-president of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Assn. this week criticized what he termed the “wasteful” slaughter of calves in Wisconsin. Saying the association does not support Tuesday’s action, Larry Fallen said, “Nothing positive can be gained by the wasteful slaughter of I calves. Farmers in Iowa, along with many city people, have been dismayed and angered over I smell unreasonable action.” i Farmers from the Curtiss and Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., areas killed more than 670 calves and dumped them into pits in a protest of economic problems facing farmers. Kallem said cattlemen and other farmers have justification to consider “drastic actions,” but added that most should be able to tell the difference between something that could help and a move that could cause further damage. a* Valenta’s TV *4* Vlrgnlon 2:08 2—THI* Week In NFL 4-Bible 8— Bewitched IO—Saint 2:30 Untamed World 3: I Roller Games Focal Point 4—Rawhide I—Honk Thompson IO—Film 3:38 7—Bobby Gc 8—jimmy D IO Lost In Si oldsboro , _    .    Jean IO—Lost In Spgct 4:88 9—Wide World Of SptS. 2—Movie— “Hold that Ghost" 7—Porter Wagoner . 3—Wide World of SptS. 4-Wild Wild West 8-Nashville Music 12—Villa Alegre 4:30 /—Wrestling « gabby Goldsboro onlel Boone I 12- 5:88 soma Street Philippine Sugar Price Increase By Associated Press The Philippines a n n o u need Friday that it hiked sugar prices 51 percent, and one Manila supermarket said out its sugar supply in less than 30 minutes. At the same time, sugar prices reached a record $1,012.30 a ton in trading on the London Terminal Market. One dealer said prices could go even higher when the Common Market and possibly the ll. S. start buying on the free market. The Philippines is one of the world’s leading cane sugar producers with an estimated (output of two and a-lialf million tons. It usually exports a million and a-half to the U. S. Manila housewives went into mild panic buying following the announcement that the Philippine Price Control Council increased the ceiling price of domestic sugar to encourage production. The council Thursday hiked the price from $7.38 lo $11.41 for 133 pounds of sugar but saved the announcement for Friday. 4—Jimmy Dean I—eerspeclive 5:38 9 — ABC New* New' New* 3—ABC New* 4-CBS New* New* Newt News :trlc Compony v— ABC ?~n!( 3 ABI 4-cis blF : £B& K&mqe/i'i For the Finest* in Paints for 100% solid-state Sylvania portable color lU-Iittewk GII Sylvania Sylvania portable color model CA4111 has* personal Size 13’* diagonal Chroma-Line 4 picture tube, AFC push button fine tuning, and is available in your choice of beige or * yellow cabinet of high impact plastic. Only $01 Q9S I Jm with SUGGESTED nETAl L PHICti Come in and pick up a great Buy. NOW. Whera?AT VALENTA'S TV and RADIO ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. - ★ Open Nights by Appointment Phone 362-5179 ★ Plenty of Free Parking for you. Honuf Service . . . Fair Price . . . it’s our mark of progress! kltHTAsJy SySfcAPlO 1734 B Ave. NW LIFE (for Mentally Retarded, Aged, Youth, Unborn) Respect Life Film produced by four Catholic Dioceses of Iow a Narrated by • Senator Harold Hughes WMT-TV SUNDAY, OCT. 20. 9-10 A.M. The Guns of Navarone Special Movie! One of the most spectacular adventures ever filmed! Starring Gregory Peck, David Niven and Anthony Quinn. 7:00 FRIDAY IV9 P Id MD IO KOO SUPER October 18, 1974 I. LIFE IS AROCK Reunion 2 2. HONEY HONEY Abba 3 3. LOVE ME FOR A REASON The Osmonds 1 4.1 HONESTLY LOVE YOU Olivia Newton-John 5 5. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET Bachman-Turner Overdrive 12 6. SWEET HOME ALABAMA Lynyrd Skynyrd 4 • 7. BACK HOME AGAIN John Denver 7 8. TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD Rufus 6 9. CAN’T GET ENOUGH Bad Company • IO IO. I CAN HELP Billy Swan 29 11. SECOND AVENUE Garfunkel ll I 2. JAZZMAN Carole King . 9 I 3. TIN MAN America 8 14. PENCIL THIN MUSTACHE Jimmy Buffett HB 15. WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN The Three Degrees 21 16. STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES Mac Davis ■ 17 17. RIDE’EM COWBOY Paul Davis 25 18. STRAIGHT SHOOTIN' WOMAN Steppenwolf 15 19. EVERLASTING LOVE Carl Carlton 24 20. CLAP FOR THE WOLFMAN The Guess Who 14 21. PROMISED LAND Elvis Presley HB 22. WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT John Lennon HB 23. WISHING YOU WERE HERE Chicago HB 24. ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT Cat Stevens 19 25. (YOU’RE) HAVING MY BABY Paul Anka 13 26. LONGFELLOW SERENADE Neil Diamond 30 27. CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE, BABE Barry White 23 28. PEOPLE GOTTA MOVE Gino Vanelli HB 29. I VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME The Kiki Dee Band HB. 30. ROCK ME GENTLY Andy Kim 22 am HIT-BOUND AFTER THE GOLDRUSH ROCKIN’ SOUL HEAVY FALLIN’ OUT NOBODY Prelude The Hues Corporation The Stylistics The Doobie Brothers Record* lilted on the KCRG RADIO 1600 “Super 30” ore selected by KCRG after evaluating and comidering record tales, listener requests and the station's own opinion of their audience appeal. Sola or resale of this survey is prohibited ;

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