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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Obituaries Harry J. Williamson Harry J. Williamson. 81. of 211 Elmer Nelson Kl mer Nelson, 76. a former Ray Doubts Strong Protest To Pardon The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., October 15, 1974 Energy-Saving Steps by City Seventeenth street NE. died    ru?'fen(,nl?!l^rI|subjects at a press conference! Energy-saving # ^ Monday following a long illness. ,Ano    ’    at    tbe    University    of    Iowa Memo-idertaken by Cee “a good likelihood" that the committee would decide to recall Rockefeller. When Rockefeller concluded his testimony before the senate committee Sept. 25, the information about his gifts and the Goldberg book had not come to IOWA CITY - Gov. Robert Ray took on a wide range of measures unions illness    01 i,,c wm»«i on; wi tvna racinu*    • "J Cedar Rapids city Horn Oct. IO. IM. a. Hawkeye, j Mr. Nelson was born in Elroy ^ "uesday morning employes last win.er appear to he was married to Pearl Scligiin I BOS. He was married to A lnk (>n 11 *®rles 0 P° ‘ Tuesdav in a memr thank lliohi I. .    .u    lAoo    Seal questions. Ray acknowl-said Iuesday in a memo thank-light. Feb. 17. 1915, at Hawkeye HeiSelma Anders n there in 1923. e(lge(j hp wag “astounded and ing employes for their coopera- Rockefeller has taken full re-had been a resident of Cedar and moved to Cedar RaP/?s3surprised" at President Ford’s ition.    sponsibility for publication of Rapids 39 years.    JH.    Hewas employed _ at to pardon of eX-President Nixon i-ast November, Canney asked the book and apologized to Goalie was an affiliated past worv . ®    u    L    He    added,    however,    that    “I    for four steps to conserve en- berg for it, although saying he ;shipful master of Mizpah Ma-; r°nri 9441 until 950, w en e    wjjj    ^ a strong pro. ergy: reducing building temper- only learned last week that his jsonic lodge, A F. & A M., and moved to lakdaUv    {    .    h    ^    atures, driving 55 mph or less brother had financed it. past worthv natron of Malta Survivors include three sons,] c I was ast worthy patron of Malta - jurvivors inciuae nree sons, gressiona| e]ectjong as far as outside the city, turning off un- At a news conference in Las hapter, OKS. Mr. Williamson, yv*e and Bluford of Fry, and jowa js con(.erned    necessary lights and finding al- Vegas Monday. Goldberg said /as foreman of the sheet metal'3onn of »len Ellyn, 111., two.    _____ __ ternatives to their autos for net- Rockefeller's statement taking More Sophisticated believe the Iowa voter tmWMMMKMOCAH* Rain is expected from the eastern Gulf coast to the middle Atlantic states. A few snow flurries are forecast for northern Wisconsin and the upper parts of Michigan. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Surviving in addition to his wife are a son, .Jack W., Cedar Rapids; a daughter, Mrs. Robert Hammill, Cedar Rapids; two sisters, Marvel Mackie, Charles1    --- City, and Nell Hathaway, Pro ;    John    Lowery Itivin; five grandchildren and John lowery, 78. formerly of I four great-grandchildren. [cedar Rapids, died in Isanti. | Services: Turner chapel east j Minn. at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday by the) He is survived by his wife, the *\ or wron^ ternatives to their autos for get- Rockefeller's statement taking ting to work.    responsibility was "very remini- Additionally, depar t me n t s scent” of former President Nix-1 using most of the city’s gasoline on s statement that he would (department of the Chandler Co lighters, Mrs. Clifford Mus-: for 2*3 years prior to his retire*Wildwood, III., and Mrs.    I Relieve me iowa voter is ment in lr58    [Clint    Prior    of Cedar Rapids; 19 more sophisticated than that grandchildren, and R great-:andI will vote for the ^.ated to dit down Uike full responsibility for the grandchildren    Mate    and    on    the    issues,    re-    pl,on    Watergate affair Services were Monday aidless of past scandals in |R ^ flw| mnp    am    a victim of a scurrilous —    -    1974,    the    memo    said,    street    de-    book." Goldberg said. "The partment gasoline purchases book was a dirty business, ev-are 14 percent (46.000 gallons) erybody knows that. It was the below the amount for the same same hatchet job that had been didate and on the issues. Teat I gardless of past scandals in Washington.’’ ! He said he felt the pardon (“will not hurt President Ford’s political future as much as I some people seem to think I believe the consensus is that —Daily Record— The Weather Magistrate's Court Speeding — Occie Culp. Fourteenth avenue SW; | Rev. Michael Last of Hope Lu- j former Martha Bye ; two daugh- ' ’ ' no dea* was inv°lv®d theran church and Mizpah Mamers, Betty Mattson of Isanti    Key County sonic lodge. Burial: Cedar Me-Iand Vivian Dietman of Milbank,j Ray described Linn county ‘‘a morial. Friends may call atis D.; and a son. Jack, Min-key county that .should be very Turner s east until I p.rn. jneapolis    important in determining the Wednesday. The casket will not Services: ll a rn. Thursday at outcome of the Second district [Visitation af Murdoch's in Walker from 6 p.m. Tuesday to noon Wednesday and after 4 p.m. in the Marion chapel. Memorial fund established. Anamosa -177. Wednesday finnH ^'^^chmeet at Turner cast by" I:lYcfrnotprv Minneapolis D ™ fined Vinton — Owen E. Worthen n m Wednesdav    cemetery,    Minneapolis. $40 and costs. Brian Dietman,;98 Thursday at IO, White-Phil-1 Wednesday    .    ---- Snyder Infant period in 1973. Sanitation de- done on President (John F.) Ford'did 'it bon-1 Partment consumption dropped Kennedy and Sen. (Robert) seven percent in the same Kennedy ’ period, while fire department He said Rockefeller owes an usage was up 14 percent (2.500 apology to the American people, gallons i.    -------- Court— (Continued from Page I.) Hioh temperatures Monday, low tem f*retort-, cvermont and Inches of pre c (Citation: Anchorage 4* U .it L. Angelas II 41 Atlanta . m 43 Miami is n    _____ ?'*71*r«ck '    SH    {fin-pooiis    * »    1240 E avenue, Marion; Joseph |uns’ Denver .“4*3$    NewVarh*    4443    Thompson. 1509 Sixth street saw :    S 8"    BKS”    I! II    NW' %•' ®“rr?wV23" F a“! Heuitvn    is 54 .74    washington 74 42    enue NE; Charles Gaulke. HOO) Extended forecast — Little or Rosedale road SE; Richard Car Purchaser Harold Porter, be open after the service. Allice Strike funeral home in fsan-1 congressional race in which in-jC110c    - at 1:30 atjMaster Masons are asked tojj Burial: Memorial Gardens|cumhent Tom Riley faces Dem-'    5    v^nargirig energy Mileage Change Watergate— Mrs. Robert Kutchera no rain is expected Thursday! Hancox, 1845 Valleyview drive. (Continued from Page I.) through Saturday. Highs, mid Marion: Darlene Lovell, 1540 Margaret A. Kutchera, 69. wife of Robert Kutchera. 840 Seventeenth street SE, a Cedar Rapids resident most of her life, died Monday following a linger-Other than disclosures from;*0*? i,,ness She was a partner in the tapes, the story Ben-Veniste;^Kutchera Constniction Co outlined in his 3-hour, 10-minute statement, was a familiar one. i. . j o j • r Iowa c°uld experience a Mark David Snyder, infant h J1 son of Mr. and Mrs Michael    _____u;„u    _;t Snyder, 829 Nineteenth street! sional committees to obtain in-...... ...    .    ik 4.1    /m    formation    about    controversial oerat Michael Blouim    Mlleaqe    CHanqe organizations. The court will re- iris?* is"not necessarily"Tver’’ A Cedar RaPids man filed suit[view a ruling of the U S. court necessarily over|jn f(.dpra, distric( cour( Monday of appca|s ln washington bar- ncaiing ,        *.n    nn~ . irintr tho cpnalo internal «/*riirltv 6 ft S. SS top,!. rn low,    City.H, wa, h,(h „„ ThK „ , J" •    a    u■    * 4 message they can understand." Surviving besides his parents    Maj#r    pr#b|em are a twin brother, Anthony Ray stressed that the one of cn t .    _    _    .    a .Fifth avenue, Marion; Jerald    goat" in    the    Watergate    case 50s to low 60s.    Laws in 30s to Mayer. 184 Brentwood drive    was fired, lower 40s.    NE; Donovan    Noe, Vinton; CD ... .,    Jerry Johnson, 4635 Danbury . K. Weather I street NE; William Quinn. 317    .    .    ,    lllol    llIt High Monday ................ 53 G avenue NW; Mary Sheaffcr,    outlined in    his    3-hour, 10-minute    She    was    born    July    I.    1905.    at    Michael;    his    grandparents.    Mr., . major nrohlemg faeine the Low overnight ...... ....33* 1585 McGowan boulevardI.    statement,    was    a familiar    one.    Cresco    and    was    married    Feb.    and    Mrs.    Raymond    Snyder    and    .J .J    .    * Noon Tuesday ........   «    ^^ “Uh the moo,lugs a.    '6. '922. in Cedar Rapids, Mrs | Mr. and Mr,. Vearle    ^ 2 p.m.    50    Combs, jr., Des Moines; Lind-    which Mitchell, Jeb S. Ma-    Kutchera was a member of Im- all of Cedar Rapids; and    his |us^, K Precipitation ............None    se>’ German, 2436 Eleventh    gruder and G. Gordon Liddy    maculate Conception church. great-grandparents, Mr.    and He pointed out "30 000    acres a Total for October    ...0.88    avt‘IT    Mtichael    Bllcgedly planned the Watergate' Surviving in addition to her Mrs. John E. Bromley, lowai    . . J .    f ......... ...... breakin' .brough its execution husband ar^. two 4au*h,«rs.!Ci Iy, AnniM.ro ^" farm Z ^urban develo^ and the ever more-frantic ef-Mrs- John Heefner and Mrs., Rapids, and Florence Snyder of    . Wc do n0, obleci to oeo- Wasb- forls lo bottle up the story    Dale    Sage,    both    of    Cedar    Perry. ......IT    maklna    We^ A11 five defendants are Rapids; seven grandchildren p    winkle, 1670 James drive. Normal tor Octobf*r ......-.26    Marion; Steven Schmickle, 880 Normal through October .    29 39    Twenty-seventh street. Marion; Total for 1974 ............. 40.80    Lotus    Schwartz.    1530 Barometer, rising ........ 30.31    SThuCrn------------- ---i Humidity at noon    B5%    Davi'n,    ‘ 1665 Eleventh street, charged with a conspiracy to and three great-p-andehildren. Wind direction and velocity at    Marion:    Ruby Longer boa rn.    obstruct    justice,    which    Ben-    an(1 'bree    sisters,    Mea    May. 2 p m. W at 12 mph.    1905 Gretchcn drive SW; David    Veniste described    as    "an    agree-    Bock Island.    III.,    Irene    rair- Sun ri.ses Wednesday. 7: sun sets. 6:24.    I route one. Cedar Rapids; Rich Year Ago Today — High, 71;,ard Dittmar. 214 Sixth street asking more than $3,000 dam-!rinK the senate internal MCUrity Speaking of hioh oil and gas a8es from a firm which he comm‘ttee f,rom, subpoenaing claims altered the odometer of banks records of the Lmted a van later sold to him.    Statcs Servicemen’s Fund Guy C. Arnold. 1925 Central Agreed to decide whether tax-drive SW. stated in his petition > PaYers maV’ *n certain circum-that Smith Motor Co., Brook- s^ances’ sue Internal Reve-field, Mo., sold a 1969 van to a nue S**** t0 b,ock colIect‘on Cedar Rapids used car dealer-1 ship in 1973 and the odometer of' Dismissed a challenge to an the van registered 54.209.    Indiana prostitution law on Arnold claims that when grounds >t unconstituUonally ap-Smith Motor Co. purchased the I Pbcd^only to won^n. van earlier from Purdin Mer-! ^e*u8ed to order a jury rial cantile Co., Purdin. Mo., the to decide whether black actor Turner chapel west will be van s odometer showed 74.229. pie making a profit. We    he^rayed^he tradition Stepin Fetchit was defamed when a television documentary which will be announced later ___________________ —    .    The    casket    will    not    be    open    at    a    luncheon    in    which    the    I    be    higher    Arnold's    petition    said 2q. Wilhelm. Center Point; Charles ment among two or more rer-|banks. Birmingham, Mich., andiany time. ’ Janey, Ely:    Robert    Snyder.    6    .,    Ade!yn    Moycr> El PaS0i Texas, route one. Cedar Raoids: Rich- sons lo violate me laws.    •    .    J        ,___.    k    , low, 41; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast SW; Orville Boggs, 1512 Sixth 'street NW; each fined $30 and costs. Thomas Morrissey, Waterloo: Peggy Countryman, 228 Wednesday    Broadmore road NE: Donald Weather,    Drager. Tipton: William Elliott. Bismarck  • PtCldy 55-28 1516 First street SW; David Chicago    ...... PtCldy    63-39    Hurt, Anamosa; Wayne Wall. Cincinnati    ...... PtCldy    59-45j 1255 Fourth avenue SE; each in Charge of services, lime    mgredTnUo    progress"^    few'e7    miler    than    IhTtnie    ^le-^    tha,.lazy- s‘uP(d- pre^ omference was held ifEe so 'he selling price would    g&'ZX governor addressed U. of I. stu-| He asked $1,015.83 in damages [lllfd^ca°ins^Dr^ Denton Cbotev'1 to cover the cost of the excess f,,ed    k    Si purchase price due to the odo-iP,onceI hefa? ^c^hst, by the Memorial Services dents. Nixon Health Hearing Planned For Thursday Services: Turner chapel east at IO a rn. Wednesday by the n ,    Taylor,    Howard    L.    —    I    p.m. Rev. William P. Leonard. Tuesday in Chapel of Memories Burial: Mf Calvary. A prayer by the Rev. Lawrence A service will be conducted at Chamberlain of Kenwood Park Turner east at 7:30 p m Tues-1 United Presbyterian church, lomatic Kissinger— (Continued from Page I.) meter change and made to the van. for repairs survivor of history’s first recipient of an artificial heart. Rockefeller— (Continued from Page I.) Cleveland Des Moines Detroit . . . Indianapolis Kansas City Milwaukee PtCldy PtCldv 70-37 PtClriv 60-41 Fair 62-44 . . .Fair 75-45 Cloudy 61-35 tics between the U.S. day by Father Leonard. Friends I f“nr^e^a^ c“d«°M"mori«iS?nd Al*frs "**"* boardln|! WASHINGTON I LTD — U. S. may register at the chapel. The funeral home.    his    special    aircraft    Times    lh»l casket will not be opened at any Pinch. Floyd N. - I p.m. Kissinger said his three-hour j1^ fepormi ruesaay mal Wednesday in Chapel of Mem- conference with Boumediennel . House Judiciary Committee 57-421 fined $20 and costs.    District Judge John Sirica Tues Vehicle control violation - da> scheduled a hearing for.time. The    family suggests    that David Taft. 1351 Eighteenth Thursday afternoon on whether    friends    may. if they wish,    con- avenue SE; fined $20 and costs, former President Nixon should    tribute    to    the charity of    their Faulty equipment — Jimmy be compelled to testify at the    choice. Plan 336-Unit Housing Complex In NW Quadrant A proposal for a 336-unit hous- Mpls.-St. Paul . . PtCldy 57-28'U'rulkov 512 McKinley    Watergate    cover-up    trial. Omaha . ...... Fair    72-39^1    S.?•    Tlustv 2:124 Mallory,    F St. Louis ......... Fair    68-44 street SW; David Gage. 911 Sioux Falls    PtClriv    61-35    Thirty-seventh street NE; each of this the better off we ll be.’ I think the sooner we dispose §£|lQo| Bond-"" (Continued from Page I.) Mississippi Staqes (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.0, no change Lansing (18) 7.9. no change Dam 9(18) 12.5. no change Sirica said, announcing the fined $10 and costs. Traffic signal    violation —    hearing would be    held after the„    •. . _" Ransom Coughlin. 818    Nine-    lria, ariiniirns    fnr fh„ Hjlv    been    paid for out of the dis- teenth street SE; Robert Scick. ll? adjourns for the i tricfs 2.5 mill levy for school-Toddvillc; each fined $20 and Inurway.    house    construction. .....................Vol leon Ruth. «23 Eight-    Nixon^was subpoenaed to les- ^ arcas are s(U1 t0 ^ ^eXrrgU8!i65VnYrS„o!va""*    '*° Guttent)erg (15)    3.9,    no    Ronald Cashman    2900    Mans-    p „    .    .    b ^ c i    schools. Classroom refurbishing His    lawyers have asked Sirica    ^    mcd|a c(,nt(,r renovaljon ones by the Rev. Allen S. Van Momjay nighl centered on oil Plans ,0 look in,° possible con Cleve of    Central Park Presby- .    A,B    ia has stuck firm to!nections    between a    Rockefeller terian    church.    Burial: Cedar    j P*10”.    Algeria nas stuck iirm t0 f Memorial. Arrangements by its policy of high oil prices. ;am1!^ contr|bution to^ former . Cedar Memorial funeral home. Arab arrangements for the i>res^ident Nixons 1972 cam-, mg development nrai the inter-"cckff.    Hawi    C.    -    10:3°    coming Rabat conference haveiPa‘«n and Nixon s reversal of    section of O avenue and Edge- vhaoJUbl    ihe1 Rn    j'oK    ™' tot* Kissinger's mission, but    l"°,    rulin*s against an Eastern    wood road .W has been submit- the    Rev. John S.    ^    of s(a|e remained t Airlines    acquisition.    The Rocke-    led    lo    the    Cedar    Rapids plan- confident he    has made progress | [oilers have large    holdings in    ning departmen    . toward arranging a new round Eas,ern    Alon« wl,h ,h* Pr°P“at. a of Middle East peace talks.    In    a d‘sPa^h from Washing-    request was made to the city Kissinger, who visited Egypt.    ton’    the Times quoted commit-    council for rezoning the proper- chapel by Shew. Burial: Cedar Memorial. change Dubuque (17) 7.2, fall .1 Davenport (15) 4.3, fall Keokuk (16) 2 9. rise .4 field avenue SE; Robert Bean. 1215 Blairs Ferry road. Marion; Dennis Re i t e n b a ugh. 77 Hearing Set on Dismiss Motion In Murder Case Jordan. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria and Algeria, issued an op- its Cedar at CML (13) 3.53. fall .02 Coraiviile Lake Pool level Tuesday ...    683    66 Births — Mercy contending on the advice of his «sixti avenup SW: cacl1 doctors that traveling to Wash-fined $15 and costs.    .    ® OA ...    *.    »    m    ...    ington    would pose a serious Striking unattended vehicle . , . .. .    ,, Douglas Gipson. 4324 Marl- r*sk to his nealtn. Both the defense and prosecu- tee sources as saying the inves-    ty to B-l and R-2 from ligation would be in connection    present R I classification timistic report of his trip before with President Ford s nomina- The petition was filed by the lo excuse Nixon from tesiifvine — ------"       A    hearing    is    to    be held leaving Damascus Monday for *'pn of Nelson Rockefeller to be l^nd n'J’n^rs* Kenneth R. and to excuse Nixon from testifying. wou|d be done in    all    four build-    Wednesday    on a motion to dis-    Algiers    vice-president.    Ortha R. Harstad and Edgar L ings.    miss the    murder indictment    He told    newsmen    at    Damas-    Rockefeller has reported to    King, and the option holder, $1.1 Million More    against Eddie Ayers.    cus airport of finding “some committee that he made Donald M.( ara way. The hearing was scheduled positive and encouraging signs” totabng $1,778,878 to 18 The land, about 51.5 acres, is The bond package    to be con-    when the    23-year-old Cedar    during the    trip    and said    the job    Present or former P1161*0 of’    r0^y hounded by Edgewood sidered by voters    Dec. IO is $1.1    Rapids man was arraigned in    now was    “lo    put    them into    ficia,s or R,aff members while    road, Hillside drive, Elaine lyn drive NE; fined $35 and|    ^ “Meter violation - Richard IU" J!™!! Sn-e    Un"    Astrict court Monday” He concre'te''focus.,,r”     Ihe    was    Rovernor    of    New    York    drive    and    a    line    extending    north Plowman, 1811 Bever Ort. 14 - To the families of fined $20 and cosh*, Ram Wlsael, route 2. Marion, a Riaht-of-way violation Benjamin Ekwall. sponses to .Nixon s request by avenue    ^ Thursday. Defendant John Ehrlichman son; Ted F.aly. Belle Plaine, a »cnjarnm r.Kwan.    Fifth    contends    the    former President is son; Guy Williams. 457 l[rert SJ; fined a"d    ('osts;    -    an    indispensable    witness"    and Twentv-second street NW, a Daniel St eyrie. I * 35 D    street    •----- ^............ daughter; William White. 228 SW; fined $20 and costs. Blairs Ferry road NE, a daugh- Failure to stop ter; Thomas McNamara. 4101 Sixteenth avenue SW. a daugh ter: Dan Berner. 2609 E avenue NW. a daughter. Births — St. Luke’s 14 To the families of Failure to Stalberges. 2761 Iowa avenue [form. SE: fined $25 and costs.    I    _____ Permit minor to drive - Fay Edger Iv, Central City; fined ForfTIOrS""”” $30 and costs. Improprr passing Henderson. Coggon; 2975 Seventh and costs. Overload 1546 A avenue NE and costs. same project which voters re- jis accused jn the shooting death The Algerian government He als0 has reP<>rted outstand- from Twenty-sixth street, jected by a narrow margin last of John    at the gj.year_ agency APS said Monday inK ,oans of ^155 00° t0 three of Designed by Architect David spring. All of the increase is due L|d Vlctim s residence at    919    night fhTKissinger s ^ thp 18    L Brost. the development is to inflation officials said.    Sixth street SE ^ {    c-onviction" that conditions for A,,en said “an exhaustive    in-    called BriarRidge Estates, and „ J t .. School officials say approval, Also arraigned Monday on a neace have imDroved was not vestigation must be made and includes two swimming pools must be compelled to provide of the bond measure will speed murder charge in the case was based on "any solid promise or 3,1 ,eads Pursued" if the senate and two lakes as well as the Kenneth testimony under oath in some the work up and beat rising K e 11 e y Johnson. 17. Cedar    proton ’’    'committee is to fulfill its    re-housing units. C0*1*    ,    Rapids.    American    officials    said Kis- sponsibility in acting on Rocke- Housing will include 32 four- 6.V.' rR,rPnLW°A«t5Cs!£t Wit Johnson s allorn<'y ask*    for    sinRCr and Boumedienne alsoinomination.    plex town houses; ten ten-plex da> atternoon assi. hupi. wii-ja stay of proceedings in    the    discussed bilateral issues but1 Cannon could not be reached    town houses; two five-story, 30- Wh'le an appcal is bffore 'tori' was no word about the for comment on Allens stale-unit apartment buildings; and dUiss th^ junor hTgh b^d',h* l0wa suPrcme c"ur'' ^possible renewal of diplomatic ment- ^ waf c'uoled <‘arlier ,w0 ,wo and one-half-story, 24- — Veriel fined $15| their products and thai those ^ wUh (he ^ „ , 4 aPPfa' Jkallan«" „a    relations Frances Randier, prjces would then be announced. p.m work session Od. 28. Ramstad said a fee schedule Iowa Deaths Montirello "Farmers will be advised to hold    their    production    on    the .v^dd'J^r^monrt V^items^dTs ! The request for a s,av    was farms until    their    price demands).refused and a continuation    of are    planned    for the arrai«nmenl “•"eduled    for each    junior    high cussed Programs lice 3 in (Continued from Page I.) ......_    . _ _    _    ; U    tm * ft    t    ft    ( Ort .lames Woolard. street.    Marion,    a son;    Lyle Muael. 440 Owen street NW. a daughter. Marriage Licenses Sherry Bouslog and Daniel Monticello Anna T. Stead. are met,” Staley said. Strohman. Sharon Roelle and 87. Wednesday at 1:30 at St. Paul Ing. Debra Jibbon and Luke’s Methodist church.    ’’Quiet Determination Robert Franks. Jean Easterly Goettsch’s. and James Gillespie, all of; Decorah—Gunder O. Ranum. Cedar Rapids. Martha Dolziel, 76. Wednesday at 2 at Steine’s. j their products. Staley said Cedar Rapids, and Harley Fil- Burial: Washington Prairie js jUS{ as patriotic for farmers loon, Toledo. Kristine Johnson,i cemetery.    u nrice their nroduet** as for ”'1’ Cedar    Rapids, and    Joseph Decorah Wally Grant. 47. p    p    *    lion    on    the bond issue. Moellers Ft. Atkinson Mary, Wednesday at 7:30 at Atone-, manufacturers to price their Groff. Cedar Rapids, and How- ment Lutheran church. Over-ard F.ikenburv, Waterloo. San- land Park. Kan. dr a    For az if. Fairfax,    and Belle Plaine    Kimberly Gerald Hoppe. Verona.WU. | An no 0|e,wir^ IR    meeting.'    which    drew    'an    and    India restored telephone Marriages Dissolved Halverson’s. Burial:    Luzerne more than 300 persons from a Dean Arthur and Judy Jean1 cemetery. Visitation after lo; 10-county area of northeastern Ann'z’aruha“' J' i"’d Mlchal' WSSlE2!f>'    Howa. was one of "quiet deter Rres 1:49    pm. Monday, opened    at J04    Linda! NK    I 4:55 pm Monday. Unknown trick’ to playhouse shed at 409 morial drive SE. bv an aide as saving there was unit apartment buildings. court order permitting Johnson to be tried as an adult. next Tuesday. i . , „    .    .    •    j    cpi_____i Ayers’ dismissal motion con- "It’s time for farmers to price sc ’ a!.nsf a p 1    ^    p    f    tends    the state did not comply I  *.....-    "    -J    “KFT    k    r    .Z *,.r h.« wi,h a totoxte requiring dtsmiss- each school s curriculum, but . .    ..    *    .    .. .... a ,    _    ,    M    al    of    a case if an indictment is wil a so include some informa- ,    .    ,    ..    .    . not returned within 30 days after a suspect is “held to an suer" to a charge. lines or strike.’’ He said for labor unions to the mood of the “Hello?" NEW DELHI (AP) ^hr Cerine lUpiiU EOoblitS*a In IMI bv Th* Got«tt* Co and publisbcd daily and Sunday at SOO Third avo SE. Ctdar Raoidt. Iowa 52406 Second cloit pottage paid at Cedar Rapidt, iowa Subscription rates bv carrier OS cents a week By moil: Might Edition and Sunday * issue! S3 7% rn month. S3* OO a year Afternoon Editions and Sundov J issues S3 IS a month. S40 00 a year Other states and U S territories SAO 00 a year No Man Subscriptions accepted In areas having Garotte carrier service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively ta the use tor republication of a" the loco' newt printed In this news paper as well at all AR news dispatches. Pakis- Valvt Plaza, Calmar — Marc Bongfort. 62. Wednesday at I at Si. Mary’s ruination C atholic church. Rosary at 8    Although he    refused    to release Tuesday at French’s    nationwide    attendance    figures. i "v?“kr J* Da.vl,d, C\«.r’ Staley said he felt other meet-19. Wednesday at ll at St. Pa-i. J    , , Visitation from 2-10 mgs were well    attended. Me-! Tuesday and Rosary at 8 at I    ---—------- i Bakke-Hanson’s. 6:45 p.m. Monday. 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Turners liast hi k > Seco* ic I Ave. Sh I linier s West IJ JI I list Ave. West lf you seek the comfort of making arrangements prior to need. laea By all means, feat free to contact a funeral director Only a qualified, licensed funeral director is fully capable of advising you in every aspect of arrangements, services and protection. His knowledge and experience ere invaluable in assuring fulfillment of your wishes in every detail He is qualified to give you obiective advice on alternatives based on years of experience And, what s more, as an established service in your community, his reputation and continuity in service will give you an extra measure of assurance Why not give him a call. Send for Free Booklet 4,Facts Every Family Should Know" ROLAND WILBERT VAULT COINC. (Positively No Sales Contact Will Be Made) 1216 Blairs Ferry Rd., Marion, Iowa 52312 ;

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