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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Low tonight around 40. High Wednesday mid to upper 80s. rn VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 279 VETO CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESAID CUTOFF UPHELD Ford VoicesSays Al^eria '    “ . Will Follow Total Faith Lead by u. s. In Rocky RABAT, Morocco (AP) — AI-; I gerian President Houari Bou- J jmedienne has given Secretary! of State Kissinger his assurance that he will go along with a step-by-step approach to settlement between Israel and the Arab states, U.S. sources said Tuesday. Boumedienne, one of the most influential and radical Arab leaders, told Kissinger at a three-hour session in Algiers Monday night that he will not be an obstacle to such an approach when the issue comes up at an! Arab summit conference here next week. Newsmen were told on the | flight from Algiers that Kissinger made the point in his talks with Arab leaders that they have a choice between allowing King Hussein of Jordan to arrange a partial Israeli pullback or sticking with the Palestinians and achieving nothing. Faced with this choice, Boumedienne elected to go along with Kissinger’s plan to induce Israel to negotiate with Egypt and Jordan rather, than to push for an overall settlement now through the Geneva peace conference, sources said. Assad Skeptical Boumedienne's support, added WASHINGTON (AP)- President Ford fully supports Nelson Rockefeller for vice-president and “has complete faith in Gov. Rockefeller’s integrity,’’ a White House spokesman said Tuesday. The White House statement came after Senate Democratic Whip Robert Byrd said a book about Arthur Goldberg “is pretty reminiscent of the dirty tricks in the Nixon era.” Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott, however, described as generous Rockefeller's decision to take responsibility for the book financed by his brother. Press Secretary Ron Nessen said he did not see “any sense of concern" on Ford’s part that the gift-giving disclosures about Rockefeller would have any adverse affect on his confirmaton by congress. Telephone Call Nessen was asked about Rockefeller’s telephone call to the President last Saturday about the gifts and the financial backing by Rockefeller’s brother. Laurence of a critical biography about Goldberg, who was running against Rockefeller for the,to that of King Faisal of Saudi’ New York governorship.    !    Arabia    and    President    Sadat    of1 Nessen said the President’s response was that “such campaign tactics are regrettable,’’ Egypt, was regarded by U.S. officials as extremely helpful to Kissinger’s peacemaking pro- Nixon 'Misled, Lied to Ehrlichman: Attorney WASHINGTON (UPI) — John not here to defend the other de-Ehrlichman’s attorney charged.Pendants, nor are we here to Tuesday that former President Prosccute- Nixon “deceived, misled, lied to and used” and finally forced a resignation from his former No, 2 aide in order “to save his own neck.” E h r I i c h rn a n , one of five former Nixon associates on trial in the Watergate cover-up, was portrayed by defense attorney William Prates as a victim of the plot who had “repeatedly recommended” that Nixon disclose the truth. It was the first time Ehrlichman had turned accuser of Nixon, whom he served as chief domestic adviser in the White House until April, 1973, when the Watergate scandal became a major issue. “Richard Nixon deceived, misled, lied to and used John Ehrlichman to cover up his own knowledge and activities while publicly stating that John Ehrlichman was one of the finest public servants he had ever known,” Prates told the jury. “Had by Boss” “He (Nixon) was deliberately withholding information from him — covering up to save his own neck. In simple terms, Mr. Ehrlichman had been had by his boss, the President of the Unit ed States.” Prates said Ehrlichman’s de Dean To Appear Prates made the first opening statement for the defense. Lawyers for two other defendants, Robert Mardian and Kenneth Parkinson were to follow. The other defendants, Haldeman and John Mitchell, reserved their opening statements until the prosecution case ends. The first witness was to be John Dean, the first White House insider to accuse Nixon and his closest associates. Dean was to testify to a jury: that had been told by govern-1 ment prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste on Monday that Nixon once suggested Dean be given to investigators as a sacrificial “hors d’oeuvre and maybe they won’t come back for the main course.” Quoting from tape recordings to be made public for the first time in the trial, Ben-Veniste told of conversations among the former President, Haldeman and Ehrlichman in April, 1973, about the threat posed by Dean, then spilling the Watergate story to prosecutors. On April 14, Ben-Veniste said, the three men “considered a strategy of pushing Dean outside the circle of wagons around the White House.” It was then, he added, that Nixon House Vote Short of Overriding WASHINGTON (AP) - The house failed Tuesday to override President Ford s veto of congress’ cutoff of military aid to Turkey, killing the cutoff. The vote was 223-135 to override, 16 short of the two-thirds needed. The house appropriations chairman, Rep. Mahon said his committee Rail Veto Overridden WASHINGTON (AP) - The house Tuesday overrode President Ford’s veto of a bill to put a $7.1-billion tap on the treasury to help save the railroad pension system from predicted bankruptcy. The vote was 360-12. would meet later in the day to redraft an emergency funding resolution for a number of federal agencies. The resolution died with the veto because the cutoff was attached to it. “Reckless Acts” Congress has postponed its campaign recess for a week to act because the funding resolution involves agencies whose legal spending authority expired Sept. 30. Denouncing “reckless acts,” but that he felt Gov. Rockefel- gram. But they indicated that ler's "disavowal' and his apolo- Syrian President Assad took a gv to Goldberg “indicates the skeptical view of the process governor s “attitude” toward: when Kissinger conferred with such campaign tactics.    him Sunday in Damascus. “Even though Gov. Rocke-; Newsmen flying with Kis- —UPI Telephoto cis ion to leave the White House ; suggested sacrificing Dean, a Ford ^ in h- t message ai#.    ■    *____ .it.    (•Alf    Ainnn)    in    tIva    " feller knew nothing about the book,” Nessen said, “the Pres- singer were reminded that a consensus could develop at the ident admires him for assuming Arab summit imperiling piece-the responsibility and making mea| negotiations. However, the public apology, and the u s. officials appeared optimis-President has complete faith in tic that Kissinger will succeed Gov Rockefeller s integrity.” jin setting the stage for israeli The senate rules committee is agreements with Egypt and Jor-examining various questions ;dan when he returns t0 lhe Mid. raised about the Rockefeller d!e East next month. nomination    _    Morocco    was the last stop on A committee aide said it is Kissinger’s seventh mission to DEFENDANT — H. R. Haldeman and his wife, Joanne, and daughter, Susan, leave U. S. district court in Washington during a recess in the Watergate cover-up trial. High Court Will Heart8.9Minion Iowa Welfare Case was a “forced resignation . . .] self-admitted participant in the Monday that congress’ resoiu-so that heat would be taken off jcovcr-up.    fion {Q ^ off ajd to    is the President and the President “took DoWn Road” “entirely destructive” to U. S. ^n^gcom'ingkSr‘n* hC ”“i “The President recombed    to    bring    about    Cyprus e one covering up.    half!P°aoe    negotiations. He said the evidence would , ,an    y L I He said the cutoff might im- shnu, that \ixnn «ummnn#rt FhrJof hl* slaff 0011,(1 ** Considered no 5310 100 011(011    *m show that Nixon summoned Ehr ,,    told    thc!^1    u s- relations with Turkey to doubtful that a meeting could be arranged in the short time senators arc expected to be here before scattering for a campaign recess the Middle East and he met with King Hassan II over lunch about Middle East peace efforts and a case from Iowa, oil. He will be flying home to Washington later Tuesday. WASHINGTON (AP) — The authority in the federal act supreme court Tuesday agreed make the payments. to consider whether states may Other states that arc in court deny welfare benefits for unborn children. The court will review a lower School Bond Vote Slated lichman to Camp David, prior to his resignation April 30,i^ry '“and weaken us in the crucial 1973, “and told him -John, you|slron* suggestion that “Dean By Judy Daubenmicr Dec. IO will be the date of (Continued: Page 3. Col. 6 » Former supreme court Justice Hassan wili host an Arab Arthur Goldberg said he has;summjt meeting on Oct. 26 told Sen. (annon iD-Nev.) when Kissinger’s latest peace committee chairman, that he re- efforts will come under intense Bards further hearings as fssen- discussion. Kissinger will return f‘al-    to the Middle East in November Welcome Opportunity once the Arab leaders have de-Goldberg said he would wel-cided their next course in the come an opportunity to testify ;25-year struggle with Israel, about a derogatory book pub-    “Durable Peace” lished about him in 1970 when he was running against Rocke- Kissinger told reporters as he feller for governor of New York. j,e^ Alfema that 1 spoke to Disclosure that Rockefeller’s President Boumedienne of the! brother, Laurance, put up engagement taken by the United, $60,000 to finance the book alsostates to arrive at a Inland has brought other demands that durable peace in the Middle: the hearings be reopened.    Kast-    ,f    tlle    tw0 Parlies    oan! Senator Allen (D-Ala.), a    rules    agree    on    the    principles    of    the committee member, said Mon-    t10** stage, dav that Goldberg; Laurance    “I spoke    to    him of cer ain Rockefeller: Victor Lasky. au-positive tendencies I observed , thor of the book, and the cf-! The smiling secretary hulledj fleers of Arlington Houfc, its at a possible resumption of dip-publishers, should be called for questioning. Allen also said that recipients    a    • I of gifts and major political con    Dr ACI flan t    AclfC tributions from Nelson Rocke-!1    rum* feller ought to be brought before    I ■    .    T n    I pcOCI the committee to testify.    LIVv    I “Campaign Book” I WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres-Laskv said Tuesday he as- (dent Ford asked the nation’s sumed when he was writing the television and radio networks to book about fioldberg that it .broadcast live his Kansas City would be used in New York s I speech at 7 o clock CDI tonight gubernatorial campaign that;after they decided against live vear    ; coverage of it as a news event “It wa* a campaign book, ob-! Spokesmen for all three major viously,” Lasky said on the NHC networks responded to the reshow Today Lasky said he I quest by saying they will tele-knew nothing about tin* book s vise the speech financing and “I don't know; Press Secretary Hon Nessen what Gov. Rockefeller knew or said didn't know ”    "The networks did not feel it Meanwhile. Tile New York was newsworthy that the President would be addressing the American people on what they as individuals and collectively can do to assist in the fight against inflation and the effort to save energy, so for the first (time in the Ford administration |we have formally requested I time from the networks this evening ” He said Nixon made    J!a eastern Mediterranean hAVA    FvTorT rnT^vinitripnrp ' hiU ^    has 80t to look down the road f*0*1* tlie 110050 811(1 sona,c have    been my conscience, but I    rea)i7(, th(,rp is oniv one originally voted overwhelm- didn't follow your advice.    It si    , thcre ,s on,y 0jnelv    four to one to cut off the man    who    can restore him to the    , lu onc’, 10 tul U,IJ1W of law after ifs all    a,d Jo    force negotiations on Tut- key s withdrawal from Cyprus. then. Dean already    Lobby    Reference over the issue are Connecticut, referendum on an $8.9 million of Nixon’s White House conver- ha(i 8°no10 Pr(*coutor5 with his But pord    the    cutoff Georgia. Illinois indiana. Ken- bond issue for renovating four sations, which will be introduced s 0^:    .cn :! ‘n 0.^.ma would lessen U. S. influence in tucky.    Massachusetts.    Mississip-    junior high school buildings, the into eviaence beginning Wednes-    was brought t0 taf resident pY Retting Turkey to negotiate and .rn    Mkomiri    Nohroska    New    ,• ----------- a,..    th™ Attorney General Klein- w mean ^ indefjnite ^ dlenst, Ben-Veniste said, the p0nemen| 0f meaningful negoti-discussions turned to how the ^jons „ The tapes may have done situation should be handled.    a    rc|erencc    „    con. some    people harm but they re    Ben-Ven.s e called it ‘he sreS5men's sensitivity to Greek- the greatest thing that ever hap- cover-up of the cover-up.    I    American    lobby    efforts    for    the all my fault If I’d only followed your advice, we wouldn't be in!Pra,,ce this situation.’ ”    jfT# Frates referred to the tapes , j by    ... S8.9 million I of Nixon s White House conver- had gone to prosecutors w,th hts story. When that information a lower pjf Missouri, Nebraska. New    Cedar    Rapids    Community day. court decision on    the question in. HampSbire, New Jersey, North    school    board    decided    Monday Carolina, Ohio and Texas. night. Federal regulations give j jn 1972, legislation was instates a choice    of whether to produced in congress to prohibit count unborn children in com- granting the benefits, but it puting benefits under the state- failed to pass. * In the Iowa case, the federal ‘Tapes Greatest’ Additional school board stories on Page 24 federal program of aid to fami lies with dependent children. Thirty-five states do not count them. In 17 of these states, the question is in the courts. The Iowa case is the first the supreme court has agreed to review. Appeals in cases from Virginia and Flori- The bond measure would pay pened to John Ehrlichman,” be | Haldeman and Ehrlichman re- cutoff ^ sajd ,ack of negoti. said. "Contrary to obstructing    signed. Dean, who had    issued a    aUons’ wi„ not heJ    Greece    of circuit    court    in    St.    Louis    held    for remodeling Franklin,    Mc-    jostioe* 11 was everything but    public statement April    19 that    ^ Greek Cypriots    who    former- that the states    were    obligated    to    Kinley, Roosevelt, and Wilson    ^al an(1 tho taP°s w,*11 showi he wou,d 001 become    a bCaP°*    )y dominated Cyprus, include unborn children in the I junior high schools. All four c‘laPter verse buildings are about 50 years old. ”e hlr,^®(1 „ u ,    # while the district’s other    two    lor*Je^ ^1hi!ie House chief of the junior high schools were built f Haldeman, ^ ^ within the last IO years 1 benefits. State officials appealed. In other cases Tuesday court; Declined to review the case of A V v* * that Nixon and (Continued; Page 3, Col. 3.) Sites for athletic fields at Mc- co-defendants in the cover-up, never told Ehrlichman about the Hum Mipjima atm ■ mr ...   —    •       CHICS    IUI    dllHCUl    IICIUS    ai    .VII.-    *    tanjniY    cVdpm da also have been filed with convicted spy Igor Ivanov who Kinley, Roosevelt and Wilson.    H|vnrrp the supreme court but it has was found guilty of turning, jUnior high schools would also lirhman from Haldeman or not acted on them yet. The class action suit was originated by Linda Alcala of Dav- Ehrlichman from Haldeman. once Ehrlichman’s close friend. The two of them once were the most Liddy Freed From Jail on Reduced Bail "Reckless acts that prevent progress toward a Cyprus settlement harm Greece, for it is the Greek government and the Greek Cypriots who have the most to gain from a compro-I mise settlement,” he said. But opponents, including Sen. Eagleton (I>Mo.), said continued aid to Turkey is an obvious violation of law prohibiting Start Renovation Renovation of the kitchen. WASHINGTON (UPI) - G powerful Lien in Nixons White Gordon Uddy. the silent its usc (or invasion and occupa ,louse    .    .    member    of    the    original    Water- ‘‘Your natural inclination williga{c breakin team, was re- American military secrets over    be improved with the funds, and to the Russians    sma|j additions constructed at Agreed to review a lower-    Franklin and Wilson, igtiiaicu u>    riu-a.c,, puling that a social securi- enport and unnamed Jane Doe t,auff s[or , wjdows and Joan Roe of Scott county. Wfjts on|y t0'fl.males js dj|. Ironically, Miss Alcala had ■ crjminatorv twins, said special Asst. Atty, Upheld the Gen. Loma Williams, who is the Trans handling the case    thorization Act p „____„    ___________ ________„ She said    the    problem    stems    congress last year.    Hamilton Vasev, administrative    statement,    was    always    saying    Resell    reduced from a    federal    regulation    that    Agreed to review a decision    assistant for plant facilities.    ‘Haldeman-Ehrlichman.    Hal-    from    $100,000    to $5,000 and re-f    u    n if states do make the payments, curbing the power of congres- That remodeling phase has deman-Ehrlichman, Haldeman-t|oasc<l him from the District of 0rcc^ on    m‘ tion. “Itemize Aid” Other opponents such as the physical    education locker    1,0    these defendants in    leased    from jail Tuesday    after the constitutionality of rooms and industrial arts areas ono P01 and frankly that s my (.spending nearly 21 months in uj.M(>rP!!!lnI!!?Sv,!hljxmmih^ s-Alaska Pipeline Au-    ut McKinley    and Roosevelt is    Problem."    Prates said. "The    jail.    |hou    e    European ‘^committee a tion Act passed bv nearly finished, according to government, in its opening, u S. District Judge Gerhard v a ’    ^    s    , -------- --------------------- Ijddy.s bond N Y ), contend that so long as a U. S.    aid strengthens Turkey s federal funds may be used. But she contends there is no Ehrlichman.’ We’re here to de-columbia jail. (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8 ) (Continued: Page 3, Col 4.) fend John Ehrlichman. We’re Wisconsin Calf Slaughter Set Liddy’s attorneys contended the former White House aide, also serving time in connection with the breakin at Daniel Ells negotiate a pullout. Rosenthal disclosed Monday that he has asked congress’ General Accounting Office to itemize U. S. military aid to By United Press International “Several hundred calves will “ Wisconsin farmers near thc ^ l‘ned UP and shot; as part ct but I haven t heard near town of Curtis said several hundred calves would be lined Isented no risk of flight and no 'rn not for destroying food. a similar slaughter but agreed ganger to the community, anyone 1° delay the action bergs psychiatrists office, pre- T“rk'y S}K* thc Ju|y »»• 0 r J    r 'vasion of Cyprus — including the Wisconsin protest, ho said. Pavich said anyone who wanted to buy the slaughtered calves The U S. prosecutor’s office any future shipments — and advise him whether thcre is any NFO president Oren Lee Sta- djd not contest the request for:1*®*1 way to ,ocovcr tho v‘ilue .      !•__ .    rs/A___, I.    ....    .    '    Alf    inn    pnmnmpnl cojh* with our situation. Norman Newell. Kellner. (Continued: Page 3. Col. 7 It ultt a's Chuckle A good supervisor is a guy who can step on your toes without messing up your shine Copyright “,u ing at Fayette, Iowa. called for come of earlier up and shot Tuesday in their was welcome to." adding they Mmnm "'»*"•    pres‘“ “Set tough policy" to boost uddy. 51. on the National Farmers Organization would be sold “on a cost pro- ident of the group It s the gov- cattle, hog and dairy product tions. protest against the sagging Audion basis.”    crnment that's running us into prices    J    i,lddy,    former    White price of beef.    “I’m tired of rhetoric and a the ground " Wisconsin NFO President lot of farmers are tired of it. |n oklahoma, a group of cat-Steve Pavich said he was aware too," Pavich said. “We need to tleinen renewed talk of a mass that most of the 160 NFO groups bring to the attention of meeting across the country public that there is a problem the dilemma of meat producers. Monday night had decided to out here in rural America and hold off planning any protest something has to be done about calf slaughter for at least sever- it    ••»•••* —-----...    ...    • al weeks.    raulcmc.'.    Group    ta,,lcmen    ,‘,f    oklab#roa    must    first analyt farmers' sup- l.lc alf s'rved ,“")e °" •Sin’ No Ikifierenee    ^    '>la"n€‘,d    Ii    K°    P“rl    for    their program.    ca s order(for re,fU51n8 an; No Differente    A cattlemen's group, the ahead with the slaughter, K H(? sald NKq „lembcrs wouid^r questions to a federal “But that doesn't make difference to us,” Pavich said Assn “We’re going ahead with our about 20 calves Tuesday plans in Wisconsin " appeals by two convic- and dairy House! His message was recorded 3|de    and counsel for the Fi*i and played at many of the 160 nance Committee To Re-elect NFO gatherings — the first such the    President, was convicted! ju., , „ lM „ r    .    fu.ui    Im    ta    moolin8s over called by the and    sentenced in early 1973 to, cm bu    nf    moot    ,.r,Ltu.w,    ^    farm    cu0‘>l-ralivc up to 20 yours rn .he Watergate “Anxious To Fight” breakin and later was convicted and sentenced in the Ellsberg Oklahoma Protest A spokesman for the Concerned Cattlemen of Oklahoma Staley said the group “is anx-lous to fight,” but added that it must first analyze farmers’sup- a‘«) served said the group planned to tto pun for ,heir program. A cattlemen’s group, the ahead with the slaughter, He said NFO members wouldswer Muest,ons to any Buena Vista Beef Growers though no date was set pending ^ cailod together to determine t»rand ,ury and was conviotetl in also planned to slaughter meetings between federal of-    they must have for a non*iury trial °yrl‘or this year 20 calves Tuesday after-ficials and Texas cattlemen    on two counts of contempt of noon iii Portage county, Wis Texas cattlemen had planned (Continued. Page 3, Col. 3.) ;congress. Today's Index Comics 22 Crossword 22 Daily Record 3 Deaths 3 Editorial Features .......... 8 Farm 13 Financial ....... .......... 23 Marion ........ 9 Movies ........ 20 Society IO Sports ...... 1S-1K State 4.5 Television 19 Want Ads 25-29 ■A i ;

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