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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa *    2    TW    Cedar    Rapids    Gazette:    Ties.,    Ort.    IS,    1»74 MARMADUKE    By    Anderson    A    looming I N BRIDGE By Oswald A Janes Jacoby Some automatic plays are less automatic than others. The one shown today was first used by Harry Fishbein of New York, one of the great players back in the ’30s This isn t the exact hand but the principle involved is the same East wins the first trick with the king of spades and leads the suit back. The slam is a NORTH    I    ’ ♦ A 64 ♦ a y lo ♦ Q J 5 A K Q108 WEST    EAST A 1098    6 k 753 *J73    *8652 ♦ 962    ♦ 8743 A J 9 7 4    A5 SOETH D» A QJ2 ♦ K94 ♦ A K IO Aa 6 3 2 North-South vulnerable West North    East    South I NT Pass 6 N T    Pass Pass Pass Opening lead —IO a "How can I run away* when Marmaduke keeps bringing me back?" Comeback by Stutz Marks '75 Car Debut good one. South has already lost the spade finesse but will make his contract if he can score four club tricks He has a sure thing against any 3-2 club break — only a 4-1 break can hurt him. In the normal course of events he will play dummy’s king of clubs and lead a club back to his ace because if East has four clubs to the Jack-nine there is no way to pick the suit up East will show out on the second club. South will have a proven finesse against West's jack-nine and be home with the bacon. When he defended the hand Fishbein played the nine of clubs on the first lead of the suit. This falsecard gave South a chance to guard against four clubs to the jack in either hand. He fell for it like a ton of bricks. Played the second high club from dummy and went down one trick The bidding has been IS West North East South I ♦ Pass ta Pass 2 N T. Pass 34 Pass 36 Pass 4 NT. Pass 5* Pass 9 You. South, hold ♦ A K 8 4 3 tA2 6Q 4 4K Q8 7 What do you do now? A—Bld seven notrump Your partner holds the king af din* mends and a long diamond snit. He can rome to 1.1 even w ithout the heart king. TODAY’S QI ENTIO.N Instead of bidding three diamonds your partner has bid three notrump over your three-chibs What do you do now " Answer Tommorow By Bah I onsidiae NEW YORK - The 1975 cars have come, before the 1974s are all sold. There must still be some brand new 1973s lurking around in the dark corners of company morgues But that was always so. except perhaps during the days immediately following World war ll when car-starved buyers would settle for any available color, or make, or price — which included wooden planks for bumpers The ’75s are beautiful, of course, and represent a progressive step forward in the designers’ eternal quest To create a car that is shaped as much as possible like a cigar box There have been a number of space-age- inspired innovations sealed into the new models, such as streamlined ashtrays and color radio Some will rome equipped with large vats af concealed babble gam gaaraateed to ballooa la a fraction of a second after colllslaa with another car or aa inpost This precaution. the brainchild of some bureaucrat in Washington, will protect the driver and the passenger who is riding shotgun until the next accident. A fortune awaits the inventor of the retractable and reusable bag of wind. There was a new note introduced in the release of the ’75s One major company set an enviable record It released 75JNW of its newest cars on a Wednesday and recalled them Thursday. In the old days, as Ralph Nader has pointed out. it used to take months for that to happen. But lovers of the past in automobiling were placated bv two perennials I) The big companies, mesmerized by Madison avenue, continue to feel that the best way to make you feel unhappy with your present car, and buy a new one. is to show the new one abandoned in a field At first glance it appears that its driver and passengers have been shot, thrown into a ditch, and the car has been steered off the road bv the Bob Consigne Bank Not There lf Closed LEXINGTON. Ky. (AP) -At the branch hank that David Sledd manages, you can tell when the bank is closed because it isn't there at ail' Because of construction delays on a shopping center near the University of Kentucky, Sledd’s hank decided to use a motor home until its new branch was completed Sledd drives the bank to Tsltprtlrag VMatita Telephone MicKoot Dooley 177-mi dblt: . - tf .rn </”    a.- Work and locks it in a parking garage overnight Each morning he stops at the maul hank downtown, picks up the cash needed for the day and drives out to open for business But traffic doesn't alway* cooperate and sometimes he’s late “One time I got held up in traffic, so my assistant drove over in his car and held the customers there, telling them the hank would tx* along any minute ” Sledd said “Ifs working out fine hut with me. my assistant and an armed guard, two customers make a crowd bandits and permitted to come to rest either on somebody’s well-groomed lawn or in the desert, or tall grass. When s the last tune you saw an ad showing a new car parked in what would seem to bt* its most natural habitat, in a garage or driveway, or beside a curb" 21 The Still/ is hack. No kidding. Once upon an age it was the last word in status symbols. No affluent young man worth his salt, or for that matter his 'coonskin coat and silver flask, would have wanted to Im1 caught dead without his Stutz Roadster. In the ads. there was always a John Held girl, wearing her floppy galoshes and dizzy look Sorry, you just can t go into a shop and pick up today's Stutz. called (in highly limited circles) the Stutz Blackhawk. In the first place it costs from 152.tmh to MU.(NNI. depending on your tastes, and if a man named Jules Meyer of West Los Angeles doesn t happen to like your tastes, well, you’ll just have to drop all the way hack to a Rolls He's the only Stutz Blackhawk distributor iii the world The feature of the old. old Stutz was the leather strap that kept its hood from disintegrating at speeds as high as 70 The feature of the Stutz Blackhawk. in case you’re shopping around, is your choice of gold or silver instruments and handles, mink or chint billa rugs They are selling like hotcakes — made of platinum flour Production figures are estimated at a dizzying 60 cars a vear lf you buy tine. you are permitted to wave to Elvis Presley when you pass him He’s got four of them The Lilt lilt* Balls, the Robert Gimlets. the Dean Martins and the Sammy Davis’ have * his” and ‘ her* Blackhawk* Butter Quality Butler will maintain its quality for two months in the freezer. ReMOmRM ast | Special Interest “CAR CARE” Tabloid Section Thursday, Oct. 17 Cat C are is especially important during winter months Today more than ever there is need for proper car maintenance, for safety sake, to fight pollution and to assure the best possible gas mileage. Read how you can help in the informative stories and timely advertising coming Thursday. October 17 in your Cedar Rapids Gazette mmmmmmmmmmmrn -PDQ- FOOD STORES SUPER SPECIALS SCHLITZ BEER $069 12-12 Cans U.S.D.A. CHOICE ROUND STEAK Riot Department Open TIII 7sOO p.m ML* BRICES GOOD THROUGH SAT., OCT. 19 806-34th Street S.S. 22S Edgewood Rd. N.W. 1944-42nd Street N.E. For Better Health i Muir I .irrr - Skin Cancer Cures High By Dr. S.L. Aedelmae Skin cancer is so common that almost everyone has a friend or relative who has had it. Fortunately, most skin cancers are curable, easily prevented and seldom fatal. Of all cases of cancer in men. about one in five is confined to the skin; in women. about one in ll. The high cure rate is partly due to the fad that precancerous lesions and cancer are easily identified on the skin surface Most skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma and is often found on the nose. eyelids or elsewhere on the face. Like other skin cancers, it seems to be caused, or at least aggravated. by exposure to the sun for long periods People who do most of their work or play outdoors have the highest rate of basal cell carcinoma. It occurs most readily among people with blond hair and blue eyes. Grows Slowly Basal cell carcinoma of the skin grows slowly, starting as a small, round lump or swelling with a waxy appearance. Later, if not removed it ulcerates in the center and a Dr. Andelman scab grows over it Finally, if still untreated it may invade adjacent tissue or destroy eye or nose tissue. It seldom metastasizes to remote parts of the body Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin usually grows faster. It may resemble the basal cell variety somewhat, but the lump is often red and cone-shaped It tends to metastasize to lymph nodes more often than the basal cell type. Blemishes Skin cancer may be preceded by skin blemishes or lesions known as benign dermatoses Some of these precancerous growths include senile keratosis, or deteriora tion of an aged person’s skin; radiodermatitis, caused by radiation exposure, and xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare childhood disease with changes in skin color Almost all basal and squamous cell skin carcinomas can he eliminated quite effectively by surgical removal. If the cancer has started to spread, nearby lymph nixies also must be removed Irradiation treatment may he used separately or as an adjunct to surgery in cont rolling the cancer As with all types of cancer, skin cancer is treated hest if it’s caught early. Be alert to the symptoms — lesions or other unusual changes in your skin Get medical treatment early and follow your doctor’s advice to avoid a recurrence of the cancer. Iowa Cattle Iowa ranked first in the number of fed cattle marketed in 1971. In the last 20 years, annual beef consumption in the United States has doubled from 56 pounds to 115 pounds. Virgil Smith. 88. participates in two programs at Jane Boyd Community house — Over-60 club and congregate meals. In conjunction with his participation he volunteers four hours a day. five days a week. setting tables, serving food, collecting money, etc. Although bus service is provided, Virgil walks to and from Jane Boyd each day in all kinds of weather to “keep n shape ” When asked what the program at Jane Boyd means to him. he smiled and said. “It’s a place to come every day to keep active — sitting around home just makes a man deteriorate United Way makes it possible for me to have a place to go where I feel I’m useful." 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