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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., October ll, 1974 moi*** **higher taxes for middle income Americans. "Higher taxes will go to finance more tax breaks for America big business," the Waterloo Democrat said. , „ ,    , "Middle income Americans mittee. ll was announced friday have alread se(>n tWr lMe,i by the candidate.    shoot sharply higher because * Campaign Trail i MnoMeie&aMosneni    ^ Stanley in C. R.: Hits Culver's Voting Record Small Claims Court A Success: Scolaro By Tom Fruehling Armed with a thorough break- le’s court rather than a lawyer’s court." However, his statistics show Horn, a Democrat, is state inflation has pushed their in-; down of the 3,289 small claims I    |f| ^ m cases did representative from the 28th comes into higher brackets rourt cases handled in the employe and Mrs. Yates is a housewife. Horn's Republican opponent is John Arthur Yates of 400 I Charging Congressman John I Culver with collecting his full $42,500-a-year salary while "he is abient one day out of four," State Rep. David Stanley Friday called for an end to "the double-standard" he said exists(Twenty-ninth street MW. between Culver and Iowa's working people. Stanley invaded Culver’s home territory to tell a student assembly at Regis high school that working people get docked if they are absent but Culver is paid even though he "has missed 28 percent of house roll calls this year." district and a teacher at Wilson without really improving their junior high school.    |    standard of living." Yates is a Penick and Ford .    —    -  -- court s first" year of existence, j Par'ies rpPre5pnl    in associate disrict Judge Ant Ii- cour • ony Scolaro Thursday termed Mezvinsky to FAA: Assist Handicapped WASHINGTON - Congressman Edward Mezvinsky of Iowa’s First district Friday urged the Federal Aviation Administration to revise a pro- Crane Buckles -Galatia Photo posed regulation so it will "in- Stanley 'claimed a IOO percent!*11™ ,the. handicapped person s voting record for himself as a n?ht to air travel, member of the Iowa house this; In a ,ett*r £AA Adl"nnistra-, year.    I    tor Alexander Butterfield, Mez-1    D,oc\ot ?!xtn street mw the system "successful in speedily deciding cases." The small claims courts were created by the Iowa legislature and began operation July I, 1973. Suits are limited to complaints involving $1,000 cr less. According to Scolaro. who court. Of the cases filed, 604 were settled out of court, and 492 were dismissed by the court. The plaintiffs won 1.040 cases by default when the defendant did not appear at the trial and won 946 trial judgments. Defendants received 104 trial judgments. Out of 24 appeals. 20 judgments were upheld and four remanded back to the Youth Faces Drug, Beer, Traffic Counts A 17-year-old boy was charged Friday with possession of a controlled substance, possession of shares the    smau ciaims    court1    were beer as a minor and disobeying; bench with    Judges Lynn    Brady    court. Scolaro said    he felt bc- a traffic signal After police and siebenmann. the pur- fore the system was instituted stopped the car he was driving,    0f    the    court    is    to    allow    in-    that    there    would    be    more    ap- A passenger, also 17. was dividuals "to collect a debt or pea]s than this, charged with possession of beer settle a    small legal    con- as a minor. Police said they troversy . or to evict a    tenant    ,rom    p found beer under the front seat without going through a lengthy; He said 98 percent of the of the car.    legal process at great expense." cases have a judgment rendered The youths were arrested in    Within    a    Month    immediately.    You've    got    to shoot from the hip." he stated 127 a m. Friday after police! H« "0,(,d lhal cases which for-Ute added that he feels he made The TOP candidate repeated    -    observed    the car run a red' merly took ala ninths or mw but two wrong judgments In the his call for a cut in pay of U.S. senators who fail to attend sessions and to vote regularly. proposal, which was drafted in response to growing complaints that airlines have refused to Police said they found a small carry disabled passengers. Mez-1 quantity of a substance believed In remarks prepared for his vjnsky said there has been no!t» be marijuana in the driver’s second appearance of the day in    1......... A two-ton bucket of concrete being hoisted to the Ceder River Tower perking ramp in downtown Ceder Rapids buckled a 130-foot crane belonging to Coonrod Crane Service Friday morning. The extension dropped onto the third floor of the ramp, causing damage to the wood concrete forms. Damage was believed to be minimal as the crane missed all trusses in the structure. Workers at the scene said there were ten persons working in the area but none was injured. It was the first bucket of concrete of the day. Workers said the crane was not overloaded. It had bean used for lifting as much as five tons. Workmen began disassembling and removing the buckled crane late Friday morning. C. R. Firm Sued For S2i Million Court Prevents Suspension of Tavern License McGregor -has been issued An order bv District! State School Board Members End Meeting    An    Illinou company has filed > About 500 school board $2.5 million suit in federal court members and administrators; in ti* eastern district of Illinois Judge John _an jn c,ayton from around the state attended ;iKai"st    a Cedar    Rapids firn>!countv    prohibiting McGregor a conference on public employed ^signed an    ^ enforcing a suapension Mi negotiations Thursday in Veter- "I* .unc l0nlnf! roc ‘    1    *    the    beer    and    liquor    license    of an* Memorial Collum.    TV    Sphere    Illinois    '    Stone    *2^3 The o n e - d a y conference, I Co., which has a quarry in Bun- ..    .    .    SUSDend    the    !icensc • Preparing for Negotiations".,combe.    IU. named Universal    .XuvTmoS^ was one of three similar confer- Engineering Corp.,    625 C avenue    , .    De®nan however said ences in the state sponsored by NW, and Machinery Inc., of|the SU(ipension may ** car. five school organizations.    Cape Girardeau. Mo., as defend- rjed out    Wg    decision    w The conference was intended anj£    *    an appeal filed by attorneys for to help ftchool boards get ready J** plamUlF claims it pur-Byer£~ for negotiating with employes    the J0?* crushing plant The appeal claims the council under Iowa’s collective bargain- jn J971 *    and ,hat    ma^hmery    acted    without competent evi- ***•««    i    ii    •    IibH    ‘‘nnmaPAiis Hro a Lr si/turn c'    ...    .    _ Cedar Rapids at Mount Mercy college, Stanley attacked Culver as "a big spender." Stanley said big-spending congressmen perpetuate the myth "that a money tree grows in Washington’’ and called for the election of an inflation-proof congress. "The best way to fight inflation is to elect senators who will make the courageous decisions to stop inflationary spending," Stanley said. "I have a record that proves I will make the tough decisions President Ford called for in his inflation message. Culver does not." Addressing Young Republicans at Mount Mercy, Stanley said there is no money tree in Washington and “there is no|f°re'8n reason to tax the citizens into;country-bankruptcy with lavish, ineffec tive programs.” documentation of claims that front shirt pocket when he was handicapped passengers pose a searched safety hazard in emergency! The driver was being held in evacuation situations. "However," he added, "it is clear t h e handicapped are subject to discrimination and have been arbitrarily denied the right to travel by air." Culver: Crucial Need For Hard Evidence the county jail and the passenger was released to his parents. Columbus Day Federal Offices To Be Closed to settle now are usually decid- cases he handled throughout the ed within a month.    (year. Of the cases arising in the    The judges handle as many as Cedar Rapids court between 20 cases on some days, although July I, 1973. and June 30. 1974. the average has been between over one-third < 1.233 > involved five and IO cases The judge, services.    Scolaro admitted, is "kept Scolaro Dointed out that this busy category is made up of com-; Although saying, that the plaints bv individuals against small claims court has been doctors, lawyers, hospitals , me- shown to be "expeditious in the chanics and others who render fondling of c’ases, "Scolaro does a service.    think the process is perhaps Most of these cases, he added.! t0° are filings against hospitals. Notes. Loans The post office and offices in the Cedar Rapids federal building will be closed Monday for Columbus day. . _    .    .    Postmaster    C.J.    Seda    an-1 cerned complaints over by Congressman John Culver of nounced tjlere wjjj ^ no de|j. chandise. 0*a i    8    rc    '    t very of rural or city mail, other Almost 30 percent of the suits'll* Culver expressed hope "thejthan special delivery. Window were for less than $100. "These WASHINGTON - The house Thursday passed the foreign investment study act, sponsored Time Limit There is. for instance, a 20-During the 12-month periodidav limit for a caw to there were 456 nut* involving ™m* "> iTlal af,*r ‘he lndlal notes and loans, and 445 con hearfc« Thls' sa,d J* 'ud«e' mer sometimes causes problems. And he disagree* with the 10- day limit for filing an appeal. individual may not even . ^Hd|^vi«’'wiir noT^rov!^*^would no. ’hav. ^,1*!^heT.iim^ basis    on    which to formulate a    either the    main office    or    the    seen the light of day:    lawyers well-reasoned national policy on    First street    station.    just wouldn’t have taken them." investment in this    The lock    box lobby    in    the    Scolaro commented. main office    will be open all day. Another one-third    involved Scott: Ray Aware of Illegal Quota Systems Two Arrested W ATERLOO - Emery Glea- "With the influx of    Arab oil    and    the    lobby    in    the    federsl    amounts    between    $100    and $300.    Ron, 26. Cedar Rapids, and Sue dollars    estimated    to    have    building will be    open from    7 to    9    Only 289    cases fell over    the $750    Denut. 20. La Porte City, were reached $7    billion in new    U. S    a m.    mark.    being held in the Black Hawk investment in the first eight Seda said pickups at all col-    „p___rAlir#,.    county jail Friday in lieu of had "numerous breakdowns' and malfunctions. As a result, Southern Illinois Stone contends it had to modify the plant at its own expense and ing bill for public employes. Speakers were Fred B. Lifton, a Chicago attorney, who advises school boards on problems with negotiations; James Rogers, a. .    ...    .    , Des Moines lawyer who dis- los'produp,,on and    , cussed the language of the col I J™* *“'*    lled    ln ,*deral lective bargaining law, and Tom 1    Uhhs Woiff, a Des Moines public rela- ^    _ bons man who discussed com- Cdr Rolls Over munications during the negotia- VA/I .... n . bons process    Whittier Boy, 14 Sponsoring the meeting were Roger Smith. 14. Whittier, was the Iowa Assn. of School in fairly good condibon at Boards, the Iowa Assn. of Sec- Mercy hospital Friday noon ondary School Principals, the; with injuries suffered when a Iowa Assn. of Elementary car he was working on in Whit-School Principals, the Iowa tier rolled over him. Assn. of School Administrators. Linn deputies reported he suf-and the Iowa Council of Area fered a broken arm He repor* School Boards.    tedly had been working (rn the ~ car’s transmission linkage (under tne car, and when the linkage loosened up, the car rolled over him dence. and in violation of Byers’ constitutional rights. Heart Attack HARPERS FERRY - The death of Frederick A. DeCheva- lier. 71, Waterloo, has been attributed to a heart attack. De-Chevalier collapsed and fell into the Mississippi river while attempting to push his boat off a sandbar Thursday. months of this year and with the,    lection boxes    will    begin    at 3 petro-dollars available for inter-    p.m.    Monday.    There    will be    nor- DES MOINES    (UPI)    —    Ameri-5    national investment standing at    mal    pickups Saturday and    Sun- can    party    gubernatorial    can-    around $50 billion annually, it is    day. didate Ralph Scott charged crucial that we have hard evi-Thursday that Gov Robert D d«nce as to the actual and po-Rav knows there are illegaljtential implications for our quota systems operating in economy and society some state facilities and that; Culvers subcommittee on there is "Watergate-like politi-jforeign economic policy held extensive hearings on foreign investment in the United States earlier this year. The hearings because of the of such invest- "People'* Court"    .    .    .    . $2.a00 bond each on charges of Scolaro pointed out that it w as possession of a controlled sub-the legislature s intent to make stance. Thev were arrested near the small claims court a "peop- La Porte City Thursday night. in Iowa govern- cal intrigue' ment. In a statement released here, Scott said. "Ray knows full well were initiated some state facilities have been (sudden surge politicized. He realizes illegal ment last year, including wide-quota systems are operating in spread reports of foreign invest-some state facilities and that ments in agriculture, those quota systems disregard; "The foreign investment act merit and fitness."    will provide the government and, Scott charged that in some the American people the hard state agencies, "radicals have data necessary to determine the been and are being unduly re- impact of foreign investment,”' warded."    Culver said. Bread for Bread LA MESA. Calif. (AP(-Gross-mont bank is handing out about 125 leaves of bread daily, one for every deposit made in a savings account. Rapp Slaps Ford Tax Hike Plan Horn Nomot C. R. Couple to Staff Mr and Mrs. Elza Yates, jr.. CEDAR FALLS - Rep. Ste-of 2440 E avenue NW. have been phen J. Rapp. Democratic can-named chairman and financial didate for congress in Iowa s treasurer respectively of the ’niird district, has criticized Re-election of Wally Horn com-President Ford's proposal of OPEN HOUSE-Oct. IO, ll, 12,13 Peck’s New Flower Shop & “Green Room” Coma out A visit our compfotofy n%w, expanded facilities ORIN HOUSE SPECIALS I Doz. Roses $1.98 I Doz. Sweetheart Roses . . $1.98 I Doz. Carnations . . $1.98 Strawflowers........ 104 Each Terrarium Plants  494 Ferns 4" Pot...........$1.50 Register for free Open House Gifts Drawing Sun. 5:00. Need not be present to win, I Dos. 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