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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy tonight with ti chunce of ruin on Friday. Lows tonight, mid 50s. Highs Friday, low 80s. CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 274 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER IO. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES G.O.P. HOPEFULS RAP SURTAX Jury-Pick Shift Due To Pardon WASHINGTON (AP) - U. S. District judge John Sirica changed the final stage of the Watergate cover-up jury selection process Thursday to lessen the chance that the five defendants will have an unfair advantage. Sirica acted after the prosecutor expressed fears the defense could stack the jury with people who believed President Nixon’s pardon made it unfair to prosecute the defendants, three of whom were Nixon’s closest aides. The judge instituted a mathematical system for peremptory challenges — the procedure where attorneys for each side can dismiss a prospective juror without stating a cause. Under the new system, the defense will have two consecutive strikes to each one for the government. Eighth Day The judge and lawyers were| closeted in Sirica’s courtroom for the eighth day, sifting I through a large pool of jury! prospects to find the panel of about 50 from which the 12 j jurors and six alternates will be1 chosen. An aide said he doubted the! SANTO DOMINGO (AP) — the hostages since Sept. 27 in a intermediate choosing would American diplomat Barbara second-floor room of the Vene-end today but said Sirica was!Hutchison was in good spirits zuelan consulate, were flown “still hopeful about Friday — iuand joking after seven leftist aboard a special Dominican jet looks good ”    {terrorists released her and sixjto Panama, where they pro- The prosecutor1, memoran- <db*r ^esin return tor safe.claimed victory and said they conduct out of the country. were exhausted. “Suddenly I became a tre-j As they left the Boeing 727 at mendous bargain. I went from a Tocumen International airport million to nothing,” the 47-year-near Panama City, the gunmen, old American quipped to news-led by leftist Radhames Mendez men Wednesday night after the Vargas, were met by Lt. Col 13-day episode ended. _.    .    .    .    Flown    to Panama The memorandum by special Watergate proscutor Leon Ja-worski spoke of a “pattern of responses to questions about the Nixon pardon” in the private questioning and said if usual!safe getaway    , , , ,,    treated well    during the    siege procedures are followed there | The terrorists, who    had held    and evep developed “something of a friendship” with their cap- Mrs.    Ford To    Be    ,0£-    .    ... .    I    r •    I    But    she said there were many Re eased    Friday    tense    moments, the most    dif- [    ficult    being “the waiting    and WASHINGTON (AP> — t*>rst;then the various crises as they tedy Betty Ford, making ex*| occurred There was a package stage will begin.    eellent progress, will be re- 0f dynamite, and we were living Under the regular procedure, | leased from the    Bethesda    lWjth that ••    BOSTON (AP)    -    Mayor a clerk would seat 12 jury pros- Naval medical center Friday.!    Kevin White said Thursday that pects in the order on which her surgeon announced Thurs-1    short    of    Water    j    he cannot cooperate with imple- they appear on a list made up at day.    She said gunmen and hostages i    mentation of further school    inrandom before the trial started President Ford’s    wife has    alike often were short of water,    tegration plans until the city    re- Oct. I. The defense then would peen hospitalized in    the subur-    The government intermittently    ceives federal assistance    in be allowed to remove up to lo ban Maryland center for two    allowed food and drink to be    guaranteeing the safety    of people and the prosecution 6 — j weeks since she    underwent    taken to those inside the consul-    schoolchildren, ail without stating a cause. As breast cancer surgery    on Sept.    ate.    White    said the    federal    and f»ain on record Wednesday each juror-candidate is struck, 28    Miss Hutchison told newsmen state governments must commit The How Jones average Mills at Night Club Before Park Incident Candidates Disavow Ford Plan WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep.'gr(>up, a woman identified as| Mills spent at least part of    the    Anabolin    Battistella, crying    and i evening    drinking, dining    and    shouting    in mixed Spanish    and dancing    with friends hours    be-    English,    ran to a bridge    and fore he    was involved in a    bi-    leaped into the water. She    was zarre incident in which one of rescued by an officer who dove j his women companions was res- in after her.    WASHINGTON    (AP)    A cued trom drowning by police “Would Recognize” Him number of Republican can- night    to    ArS*    J"    »    !j™»    conference    called    Mate, in next month’s dee- ; Democrat has been a frequent.afor    he    was    bons have dissociated them- patron said Mills, three women not Involvcd\tArthu^ said’ ...W® selves from the anti-inflation and another man were in the cs- !\an    .u^    ^    *    1    surtax that President Ford con- tablishment for about hours on Sunday night. —UPI Telephoto LONG ORDEAL OVER — Barbara Hutchison, right, of Newark, Del., U. S. embassy public relations officer in Santo Domingo, talks to newsmen after she and six other hostages were released by guerillas. With her is Mrs. Robert Hurwitch, wife of the U. S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic. (More photos on picture page.) American Jokes About Captivity He added, “I think the officers ,    . Ihrcc would recognize him "    1lends    "ould cosl taxpayers only During th'ii limo thcv ha,I ,lm Mi,ls administrative assistant. a fc" ccn,s a day-nor and , rinL»hirh r, af h,Mi!()scar ''Gcnc" G0SS- wh0 had Crilicism trom G0P- senate $80 in ah and then teb accord carlicr ma>cd Mills' denials of a"d gubcrna,onal candidates Sine to (Yore. Horir ,n 47 m m involvement to newsmen, said came as the senior Republican ager of^te Jur^nOT restaurant a*tor «“ ■*«<* press    ,hc housc "a*s and ™ans £ «r„ »rr zrsvr— licit about 9:30 p.m., he said. ' to a hospital but later released ^sa rests on the American The whereabouts of (ho infill and reporters who called her Pabll(- and what they tell me wncrcaDouts ot the inllu-    Wednesday    were    when we go home.” ential 65-year-old congressman, dPd,tmcnt on weonesoay were ^    ^ t chairman of the tax-writing (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) ways and means committee, re-    ______ mained a mystery between that aw • a hour and the 2 a m. incident at YXICS IIICrGdSv the Tidal Basin near the Jeffer-    . son Memorial    At WHOICSalC in Seclusion us Cut lo 11% Ford, who has conceded that many thought the proposal politically unwise just four weeks before the elections, tried a new approach in defending it Wednesday at his news conference in the White House Rose Garden. A family of four with $20,000 gross income would pay $42, or durn Wednesday was an indication that massive publicity was not the only matter stretching out the procedure, but that the Nixon pardon also was a sticking point. “Unfairness” all diplomatic kidnap victims and we had to get along to- li have to leave the country once gcther and keep up our morale.” they are freed,’ she said. “But A|jss Hutchison said one of the I was informed that I would terrorists was a former USK have the option to go or stay, and I told Mendez I was stay-ing “ employe she identified as Frank Mills himself remained in seclusion late Wednesday as the       r_„    T_,    „ U.S. park police disputed a WASHINGTON (AP) — Whole-j 12 cents a day, while a family claim Mills made through aides sale prices rose only 0.1 percent .with $16,000 income would pay that he was not present at the jast m0nth as falling farm only $3 — or less than one incident and knew nothing about prjces of[sel lncrcases in the P*™* l»r day. Ford said. Mills is currently involved in eost o( indus,rlal goods’,bc gov'    °",y 28 PerC“‘ a re-election campaign and fac- ernmcnt reported Thursday. |' And he said only 28 percent of ing his stiffest challenge in The modest September price Jhe taxpayers would pay any years from a woman Republi- rise followed near-record in- additional tax. He said cnact- The hostages j— who also in- agency before 1960 eluded two secretaries a mos-! Thc n senger boy, a Spanish priest    aftcr    ,hey    kl(,napw| Santana. She said San'ta’na can tandldale-    [creases    in July arKlAu8ttst_Jt metreo' 'he sm-lax Md merest As recounted by police, themas the smallest arnee whole-ms anu-uutauon v<Mka«e worked for the American) Tidal Basin incident occurred prices declined O I percent when two officers stopped a 1973 last October. intl, ,    ,    „    i    .l    .    riuietimorc Lincoln Continental that was Consumers still face sharp re and the Venezuelan consul    leveling    at    an    unreasonable    tad Price hlkes in the coming --------,     ..j    ^.JMiss    Hutchison    from    outside    her    b    months from the big wholesale price boosts during the summer Only Temporary would be “a possibility of unfairness to the government.” Once the judge and lawyers, have settled on a minimum of 45 prospective jurors — plus an undetermined number extra — the “peremptory c h a 11 e nge” vice-consul - were greeted by    7W“ Manuel Antonio Noriega, chief    Joyous friends and relatives    ,hc ear|y £ of |he sj » intelligence officer of thc Pana-    when they emerged from the    (he gunmen clajmed lhat 23 tcr. manian national guard.    consulate.    rorjs(s    werc jnvoivcd mandedTTniTlionrlr8ansom and MiSs ,Hutcbison’. dircclor °'    Trcated    Wel1    Miss    Hutchison said she be the release of 37 leftist orison    in^ormat‘on    Service    *n    Ambrosina    Ares,    one    of    the    lieved    the seven had particu- ers Thev pot nothine extent a ,hc Dominican RcPublic- said    secretaries held captive, said,    lady sought thc release from cr™    she and the other hostages were    - They always treated us well    prison of Plinio Matos Mosque- ... We were all in one room,    ta, founder of the tiny leftist   January 12 Movement now headed by Mendez, a convicted and paroled airline hijacker.! Matos is serving time for a number of political and criminal actions. Federal Aid Vital, Boston Mayor Says Stock Market Soars Again could produce “a meaningful reduction in the rate of inflation’’ by early 1975. Ford went to Philadelphia to boost Republican candidates Wednesday night. He told a fund-raising dinner the surtax is fair and equitable. The American people “want (AP) - The REP. WILBUR MILLS Also, the drop rn farm prices las: month is likely to ^ only^ s, up and ^ whafs right temporal with ^"“"^Politicians ought to do the same er expected to drive prices h.gh. |hj he jaj« cr once again.    ,    . mi ..    .A.\ But just before the President The September grease, ad-j miye6 the Rcpubiican guber. lusted to discount soasonal n-    candlda7e    in PeraisyI. Iluences, works out to an annual,    ' ttn    l    m    /in—    vania,    Drew    Lewis,    told report* irate of 1.2 percent, a sharp con-! •    f    ^ . * au aco    onm.uiiers he opposed the surtax and trast to the 48 8 percent annual suggested closing tax loopholes I rate in August.    , instead In absolute terms, without    Travestv    I    abel seasonal adjustment, wholesale,    ^ prices actually declined 0.1 per- { And Sen. Schweikcr (R-Pa ), cent from August to September, up for re-election, denounced 19.7 Percent Higher    the surtax. Wholesale prices remained “it is a travesty to assume 19 7 percent higher than a year the middle income taxpayer, ago with the government's who pays the brunt of our taxes NEW YORK stock    market surged    ahead    speed with lights out at 2 a m.    wholesale price index at 167.2.    today and has to fight the major Thursday in very    heavy    trading    Monday. Five people spilled out. Translated into dollars, that    part of the battle against infla- after    posting its    sixth    biggest    The oar was registered to Mills,    meant it eost $167 20 to buy the    tjon, will be able to handle a 5 same volume of wholesale goods    percent surcharge,” Schweikcr ore of the men that $100 purchased in 1967.    ; said. police said, ran They said another takes his place, still in in the 13th hospital bulletin that despite her ordeal she in- themselves^ to"^vinTfinancial* j UP a 24 33-point gain to 655 35 at identified himself to the officers The labor department report-    Rop utt (R.Miss.)f expected the order on the list.    jssued    Thursday    morning, navy tends to continue her tour in the aid to Boston as thc costs of 2 P m Thursday and trading ran as Mills and the police report, od that farm preducts, processed    to casi,y Kain reH?icctl0n( had Might Pass    Dr William Fouty said that ail Dominican Republic that began implementing forced busing ahoad of the tape repeatedly ,according to Franklin Arthur, tads ant leeds e .i season serious doubts about the propos- ,    "    of the sutures from the surgery in 1972 after a long USIS career mount.    Wednesday,    the    blue chip in- assistant chief of the park po- ally adjusted 19 percent in Sep- a, ..A furthcr tax burdon on Jaworski said in the memo- have ^ rem0ved that Mrs jn other parts of Latin America. He urged that blacks and dica,or ral,led 28 39 P°mts’ the 1,ce> descr,bed th!s'nai; as "m* tember following increases of those consumcrs already too randum he was worried that the Vnrii,s    ..r„    « «»,*♦ i u- h i ♦ « c in offsixth largest cain on record at t o x I c a t e d His face was 6.4 and 7 6 percent in July and)heavi|y taxcd wj|i on|y wm. defense might pass on its early ma|ns excellent,” and she “has would have to leave the Domini- borhoods participate in formula- td<> tork Stock Exchange scratched and bleeding, they August, respectively, challenges^d then^at^ he cnd,excejjent use 0f rjgbt arm .• can Repubjjc because (he said> j tion of a second phase of school ai^ biggest since May 24, said^    ndus    na    prices    r(;sc I per- have enough remaining to exercise 12 or more strikes. “If at that time defendants know thc 9 or 12 individuals who are next in line, they will have complete control in selecting a final panel of 12.” the memorandum said. He gave thb example: “If it is obvious to the defense Marion Searches For Contamination Source By Larry Tanner Marion water department em-! health department and the state marshals. integration. State and metropolitan (whee Thursday began patrolling racially-troubled South Boston streets and schools. Governor Francis Sargent sent additional police into the city Wednesday night after a federal judge re- 1973. when it climbed 29 42 While police questioned the cent last month. HitCar.ChargeTed s Wife Drunk McLean, Va (UPI) — Juan lice substation atter the incident, McLean atter receiving word ot Kennedy, the wife of Sen. Ken- hut he declined to make* public taccident McGrath said Mrs. Kennedy’s car hit his smaller one with a the result. pound the problem,” he said. In Kansas, G O F. Sen. Dole declared that many people in the state who made $15,000 were suffering economically and “the last thing they need is an additional surtax to pay.” Rep. Wyman iR-N.H i, running for the senate, said he had “reservations about this 5 per- Busloads of black pupils quietly entered schools in the affected neighborhoods Thursday. White charged President Ford with “taunting” Boston into “becoming another Little Rock.” that a number of jurors among pjoyes are searching for thc dt’Partment of environmental Hic first panel of 12 arc jurors isoulw of t.ontamjnaljon of thc qualify on thc problem who have expressed rather firm cjty>J walcr supply    Not    Determined rn prosecute1 thete'defendanls^n    «"    Hope,    «» JtofMr Nixon’s pardon, lh" we^kly^aler sample blowed a “J ,he ',r»bk™ b>' Ih*' defense can reserve some of i s bacteria content. Residents challenges while in effect com- wm to|d tQ m fhe water ^ Fairley told The Gazette the polling the government toexer-jfore drinking    it or    usi R for    DEQ still has not determined the cise challenges in the early c<)okjng,    nature of the bacteria in the rounds ”    f    Boiling    should    be    for three to water    '    with ,he court order for busi«« The government cant do the * f|Ve minutes, City Manager Joe “We hope anyone knowing of “has jeopardized the civil and same, Jaworski said. because it pajnter SUggL,.stt.d.    a private well in the city that    human rights of    the    citizens of has only 6 challenges    Water Supt    Jack    Fairley said    might bi* connected to the water    this city.'’ He suggested a complex Thursday his    water    crew U tak-    system will contact us so we    He said    Ford    is    telling the mathematical arrangement to ing samp|os    at different loca-    ‘ an check it for the excess bac-    the country    “you’re on your own tions throughout the city to try teria,’’ Fairley said.    'ti the implementation of federal to find the source of eontami-1 Fairley paid the city’s storage court orders, unless and until nation    tanks and welLs were checked ‘here is riot and rebellion in tho “We think it is possible a immediately afted learning of streets of your city.” Today'* I hackie private well has been connected the contaminated waler. _-C4aith:. LirlnLC0Un!y Feted White's request for U.S. ncdy (D-Mass.i was ciiargal ^ charge of driving under    *’*''ho“hi'Tm-,Mer^one'wUh a 05111 surcharge” and preferred with drunken driving Wedncsda> influence is the only charge 11,rem solid bump. ' and ins a --'ut in government spending. Called Unfair .    Republican    Gov. Malcolm vehicle driven b> arui ^,json 0f \Cw York called the *r. Ik of \ leiiiia, va. pjan unfajf ^ unjUSt and said Only McGrath s car suffered    --- (Continued: Page 3, Col 6 ) (Continued: Page 3. Col 7.) aller her convertible bumped    i„ the state ot Virginia if alco-    au(o b „ u,, c e d forward and into a car stopped at a roil    hoi or dnigs are found above a    sinacked ml0 the back of the light in suburban Virginia. certain level    nex( There were no injuries, and Fairfax county police said the pindc total damage in the three-car charge on conviction carries collision was estimated at $1,400. maximum penalties of a year in    Wlth    ljoth Kdward MeGraih. whose car;)a.l and a $1,000 fine. and Z ' ba.k e«is ea csi i, He sod Ford’s stalement was struck, said Mrs. Kennedy J pension of drivers license for fr®"‘ and hatk ‘f- taud 11 ttednesdav    thai    he    d^saZtd    :1» ' «as 'W concerned about    six months. Police said, how-    Met.ruth said Mrs Kennedy. tt.dncsduN    that    he    disagree    ^ ac(.|dcnt a(K| V(.ry up5c( ,    ev(x ,hat iU(.h |K.na|ties are re-    who was wearing while tennis really thought she was a nice    served for very grave cases    s,10t’s and a leather coal, ex- ludv    that usually involve injuries or changed drivers licenses aud Comics “She said over and over again fleeing the scene of the accident, other information with him after Crossword she was really sorry that it hap- circumstances that don’t exist in ad three t ars involved pulled Daily Record pined and just thankful that no Mrs Kennedy’s case.    0V£>r to the side of the road and Deaths one was hurt.”    Mrs.    Kennedy, who was alone lilted judice    Editorial    Features McGrath. 49, a defense depart- in her car at the time of the Asked lf there were any ob- Farm Today s Index a vious indications that she MTT? had Financial “I Marion When we were borrowing customs from older nations. who was the idiot who passed up thc siesta?    cowrie* to the city system somewhere and this is backing into the city ’system,” Fairley said. “This city and her people will not accept taunts and temptations from Washington,” White “The wells and storage tanks said. “We won t allow a child to In The Mains ment employe, said he was    not    accident, appeared before aware at the time that    she    magistrate and was released    on    b('vn finking,    he    replied. would be cited for drunken driv-    personal recognizance. No court    womdn t say that    there    was any Movies date has been set    r‘*al evidence.    Society . .    „    „    .    Mrs.    Kennedy    lias    been    bos-    Sports Breathalyzer    “Solid    Bump mg A police spokesman said a A spokesman for Sen Ken- jiitalized for rest and therapy on State three occasions in recent months I lie vision 32 32 3 •3 6 . 31 33 12 23 16-20 25-30 4,5 ll The water department is j 'vere ad    we    know    *be:;*)e    8acr'^ce<^.J0    ^orce    ^    breathalyzer    test    was    adm    inis-    nedy    said    he    left    Capitol    Hill    to    at    two    institutions    which    treat    Want    Ads        31-41 BMUS, j working with the state depart- (Continued: Page 2, Col. 4.) (Continued: Page 3, Col 8.1 tered to Mrs Kennedy at a po- return to the family home in j emotional problems ;

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