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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAHON* WI MHH ll (VICI KMtlCMt I* Ian'iII Tp-rtTy* 30.00 DEATHS Heavy Vandalism Plagues Cedar Hills Pool Work Mrs. Lyman Stark Hazel Ii. Stark, 77, of 427 J av- n .... ^ enue NW, widow of Lyman j “Harry” Stark, died Thursday in Urbana following illness. She was born Oct. 4,.    .    ,    1L ...    ,    . j897    members    of    the- Westside neigh borhood don’t want it finished. Cedar Hills is finally getting a a lonei*onK*awa*t^d swimming pool, but apparently some younger Architect Leo Peiffer said Friday vandals have done thou- Mrs. Stark was a member of Cedar Christian church. The Starks operated a grocery store .    .    . „    .    .    lL in Shellsburg and a produce sands !? dol ar? dam?Se at,thc market in Van Horne    Pool site and delayed construe- moving to Cedar Rapids, where i1ll®'or seven.! weeks. Mrs Stark worked for Wilson ^ P“Ple are absolutely and Co. for ll years. Surviving are a son, J., Cedar Rapids; a brother, Dick Dannels, Cedar Rapids; three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Services: Saturday at 2 p.m. destroying something that’s Emmett kwHf0** them,” he said un WI Aliet I OI OC ASI • Rain is forecast Friday night for northern Texas, northeastward through the mid Mississippi valley and into the western parts of the Lakes region. Mostly fair elsewhere. •it’s Kid*0 Peiffer. as well as spokesmen for the general contractor, O.F. Paulson, and the plumbing contractor, Tom Bowker and Sons, in White-Phillips funeral home, ^youngsters arc responsible Vinton, by the Rev. Neville ,0,r the vanda"s™,at ‘he P001 riavton of Odar Christian ^ nearCherry Hill park. c au °hn Burialf OakwoS^ ceme- j —' **8 kida' "JE*” “‘h tery, Shellsburg Friends may Clarcnce Yock’ of Bowker and call at the funeral home. A me- built Bender pool, neighborhood children seemed to watch over the project because they knew it would benefit them. “I didn’t have five cents worth of damage there,” he said. The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Tri., October ll, 1974    3 Post: Companion Was Billed os 'Firecracker (Continued from Page I.) refreshments Mrs. became ill and I enlisted the was little chance she could win although she was expected to Battistella j take a hefty share of the votes. Some youngsters have been help of others in our group to i/!//c Inrirloni aught, Milden added. He assist me in seeing her safely1rn I"* I ii 1 UGH! ....    Prom pf $    Prank asked to drive    r c blamed parental indifference home.” for much of the problem, and “The man I said on a previous job when he was unfamiliar with my car and caught vandals and confronted among other things in the glare their parents with the crimes, of the lighted streets neglected the parents got mad at him, not to turn on the headlamps,” their children. He also stressed the dangers “It’s out-and-out vandal- smorial fund tablished at church. has been es- Cedar Christian The Weather High temperatures Thursday, low tem- perjure* overnight and inches of Pro- donation Anchorage 40 It L. Angeles 71 St Atlanta II SI Miami SO 7« Bismarck I* ll Min'apoils II M .4* Chic* «o ti SI N. Orleans ii st Oenver IO 47 New York 77 SO Duluth SO 4) Phoenix ti M Honolulu •a is Seattle 41 SI .04 Houston IS 70 Washington 77 SO and David Heard, Teresa Edwards and James Quass, all of Cedar Rapids. Ruth Chapel, Cedar Rapids, and Chester At-tebery, Kirksville, Mo. Bernice Sova, Marion, and Kenneth F a a b 0 r g , Alburnett. Eileen Sweeney, Cedar Rapids, and John Kremer, Coggon. Corlice No rain Brainard and Robert Petersen, Edgewood — Frank Peet, 87. Sunday at 2, Congregational church. Visitation at Appleton’s after ll Saturday. West Liberty — Gavina Rocha, 68. Saturday at ll, St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Rosa-| ry Friday at 7:30, Snider's. Clark: Measures Would Add Fuel To Oil Problem Sons ism.” Yock said pipe and fittings have been torn out, broken up and stolen. In some cases the destroyed fittings were specially fabricated, and duplicating them delayed work. Wally Milden, vice-president Extended Forecast ____ is expected Sunday through1 both of Minneapolis Tuesday. Lows in 20s Sunday to 30s and 40s Monday and Tuesday. Highs in 50s and 60s Sunday and Tuesday, highs in 70s on Monday. Mrs. John P. Lings Inez G. Ungs, 81, 2025 B ave-neu NE, widow of John P. Ungs, died Thursday at a Cedar of O F. Paulson, said vandalism Rapids hospital after a short is expected on all jobs, but illness. Born April 27, 1893, in never to the extent it has occur-Cedar Rapids she had lived here red a tthe pool job. most of her life. She was a “ifs terrible,” he said. “You member of the Altar and Rosa- name it, they’ve done it. Never ry society of St. Matthew’s jn my life have I run into any-church.    thing like it.” Surviving are two step- He said rocks have been daughters, Florence Not ten, thrown at hollow metal doors, WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. | Davenport; Florabelle Schell, I denting them; sugar and sand Dick Clark (D-Iowa) told the Bellevue, Neb.; two sisters, was poured into the fuel tanks Mrs. Joseph Walsh, with whom of heavy equipment at the site; existing at the site. “These kids don’t realize some of the dangers in there,” he said of the pool. “That’s my biggest concern. Someone could Mills said. Police Account The account given by a park police official to newsmen Wednesday identified the driver as Albert Gapacini of Arlington. Assistant Chief Franklin Arthur Clothes Ignited By Stove, C.R. Woman "Serious1 C. R. Weather Marriages Dissolved    wus    Wllll    „ir#Iil    lIW/    ________________ Rodger    Duane    and    Norma    ^nate Thursday a hdter-skelter    ^J* madeFher hQm’e and Mrs tools an<T building materials application of traditional ififla-    A j Diserens of Santa Paula, were stolen and destroyed. fey Jo and    Don    Charles    Wetter."ltion fi8htin8 measures would    Calif.; a brother, C. Emmett! Milden said the degree of van- only compound the global oil    Murray, of Charles City and dalism is especially unusual Fires    problem    seven grandchildren.    considering    the type of project Ho ffcn nil    no    Services:    Saturday    at    IO    a.m.    - he said it would be easier to finn! mn J    G?!at st- Matthew’s church by the understand if a school was rn . coordinate a wide Rgv A A    and    the    being    built,    instead of a swim- problem. IO p.m. Thursday. Investigate High Thursday ...............74    smoke odor at 1450    Fifth ave- Jfw overnight ......  54    nu9e;28Ea m Friday- Malfunction .................66    0f a,a™ »y*lem at    401 ™rd    c°Pe    with the current oil price'‘vuv.    /    r_.    rpmptprv 2 p.m. Friday............. w>    avenue SE.    situation    Burial:    Mt. Calvary cemetery Precipitation ..............None'    9:37    a.m.    Friday. Assistance    Wake services Friday at 7 p.m. Total for October ...........#.J» «•“*{    ,    A heher-skelter application    m ^ stewart funcral home MO    a m.    Friday, short In    ol    traditional inflation-fighting range of policies to successfully Rev. John Walsh of Garber, ming pool. He Bender Pool said when his company get banged up pretty bad or sajd Gapacinii Mrs Battistella ■    j    and Mills were in the front seat of the Lincoln Continental, Mrs. Sanchez and Liliane Kassar of Washington in the back seat. The Washington Post said Mrs. Battistella’s husband was out of town. Mills said “as we proceeded home, she (Mrs. Battistella) at-Mary Jane Koffron, 49, of 3017 tempted to leave the car and I Mt. Vernon road SE, suffered attempted to prevent it. In the second and third degree burns ensuing struggle her elbow hit to her face, neck, body and legs I my glasses and broke them re-Friday morning when her1 suiting in a number of small clothes were ignited by a stove cuts around my nose. at her residence.    |    “About    this time, the car was Mrs. Koffron was taken to i stopped bv the Park Service Mercy hospital and then trans- and Mrs Battistella was able to ferred to the bum center at Uni- °Pen the door and leave the car. versity hospitals, Iowa City, The next thing I knew she was where she was listed in serious *n the water.” condition with bums to over 40 Mills’ account did not say why percent of her body.    Battistella    was trying to Firemen were called to the Ieave the car and she has been residence at 10:31 a.m. Friday, unavailable for comment. Po-after Mrs. Koffron, a widow, | Hee said she was attempting reported the fire to a telephone suicide operator. Officals said the fire was out when firemen arrived. Damage from the fire was confined to a rug near the stove and smoke throughout the house. at "418 Second Normal for October ....... ^^transformer Normal through October . .29.39 j street NE. Total for 1974    Magistrate’s    Court Speeding — Jack Irvin, 6047 Barometer, falling Humidity at noon Crestridge avenue SW; fined Wind direction and velocity at:$35 and costs. Christopher Hu 2 p.m. S at 13 mph. Sun rises Saturday, 6:43; sun sets, 7:22 Year Ago Today — High, 76; low, 50: rainfall, none. Traveler’s Forecast Saturda Weather. Hi-Lo Bismarck  PtCldy    49-35 Chicago ....... Cloudy    70-46 Cincinnati ...... PtCldy    77-49 Cleveland ...... PtCldy    72-47 Des Moines  PtCldy    65-45 Detroit .. ...... Cloudy    75-45 Indianapolis ....    PtCldy    77-47 Kansas City ..    Tchwrs    67-46 Milwaukee  Cloudy    64-42 Mpls.-St. Paul .    Fair    61-39 Omaha ...... PtCldy 63-32 St. Louis    Tshwrs    76-50 Sioux Falls    PtCldy    62-36 Mississippi Staqes (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.0. no change Lansing (18) 7.9. no change Dam 9 (18) 12.6, no change McGregor (18 6 7. fall I Guttenberg (15)    4.1, change Dubuque (17) 7.4. rise I Davenoort (15) 4.4, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 2.2. fall .1 no berty, 1220 Third avenue SE; Patricia Greer. 3321 Pioneer avenue SE; William Blumer, 65 Cherry Hill road NE; Gary Va-l e n t a ,    238 Twenty-second street NW; Susan Nowlin, Clinton; Lon Milford, Toddville; James Adams, Postville; each fined $30 and costs. Steven Lawrence, Central City; Marshall Godwin, 1711 Northbrook drive NE; LaJune Brynegelson, 132 Broadmorc road SW; Barbara Dopy per, 1733 Chestnut lane NE; Donald Cummings, 275 Ninth street, Marion; William Curti, Minneapolis; James Hammon, 2273 C street SW; each fined $20 and costs. Improper turn Thompson. 761 Old Marion road NE; John Wombacher. 1500 Fifth avenue SE: Francis Vrba, Marengo; each fined $15 and costs. Resisting an officer — Judith Christianson, no address; fined $15 and costs. Failure to stop — Donald Hughes, Monticello; fined $15 and costs. measures, for example — such as restrictive money policies and protectionist trade restraints — will only compound the global problem, increasing the danger of a worldwide recession or worse,” he said in floor remarks. He said cooperative efforts to reduce prices are needed, but are not enough in themselves. Man Hospitalized With Gunshot Wound Henry E. Haidin, 23, of 1136 First street SE, Friday was in good condition at Mercy hospital with a gunshot wound to the upper left arm suffered during Kathy I an argument Thursday night with a man. Haidin told police he was arguing with an unidentified man at a location about two blocks from the Brown Derby tavern, 601 Twelfth avenue SE, when all of a sudden he heard a loud bang and felt the wound. Police said Haidin, who re- First United Way "wort Is MO,166 merly of 1400 A avenue NW,| First audit of the 1974 United widow of Edward J. Hofferd and way campaign in Cedar Rapids a lifelong resident of Cedar has placed returns so far at the Rapids, died Thursday after a $40,166 mark long illness.    The annual campaign for Bom May 17, 1887, in Cedar operating funds for 22 member Rapids, she was a bookkeeper agencies began Oct. I. It has a for the Borden Ice Cream Co. goal of $1,250,830 for several years before retir- Campaign Vice-chairman ing. She was a member of St. Herald Smith said the low total Patrick’s Catholic church. of the first report is not unusual, Surviving are two sisters, and voiced confidence that the Margaret Murphy, Marion, and Mrs. Orville Hofferd, Cedar Rapids. Services: St. Patrick’s church. Saturday at 9 a.m. by the Rev. Joseph Schneider. Burial: Mt. Calvary. There will be a Rosary Friday at 7:30 p.m. by Father Schneider at the Tea-hen chapel, where friends may call. goal will be reached. Target date of the 1,000 volunteers for completion of the drive is Oct. 31. Fire Department Has 28 Applicants Cedar at C.R. Coralville Lake Pool level Friday ..... Births — St. Luke's Oct. 16 — To the families of! 683.59 3 C. R. Men Arrested for Waterloo Thefts Faulty equipment — Karen fused to make a complaint of Abbott. 700 Thirty-fifth street, the shooting, drove himself to Marion; Dean Wheeler, 1504 hospital. Eighteenth street NW; each     *_ fined $10 and costs. Traffic signal violation — ...    ...    William Durspek. 2770 McGow- (13) 3.45, railjan boulevard SE: Nancy Frve. 828 E avenue NW; each fined $15 and costs. Right-of-way violation — Donald Kite, Vinton; fined $15 and costs. Intoxication — Judith Chris-Jack R. Harris. Hiawatha, a    Hanson, no address; fined $20    county jail    Friday for    Waterloo son; Virgil F. Ceryeny.    406    and costs.    authorities    on charges    of grand Thirtieth street NW. a    son;    Prohibited acts—Paul Ham-    ;larceny. Terry F. Mahan, 1805    Ellis    iiton. 2047 B avenue NE; fined    Arrested    Thursday    night by Cedar Rapids police were: John C. Fictner, 19, who listed an address in the 500 block of each fined Tenth street SW. Larry J, Henson, 20, of 419 Stop on traveled portion of Three Cedar Rapids were being held in the men Linn 1805 boulevard NW. a son: David L. |$20 and costs. Rierson. 361 I hirtv-first stro< t Driver’* license violation — drive SE, a son; Lonnie L. Corby Powen( 1053 Fifth av-Arkerman. 350 Thirtieth street neU(l S£; David FrosU 1237 drive SE, a daughter.    I    Third street NW; K a    $15 and costs. Births — Mercy Ort. IO — Mr. and Mrs Mal-1 road — Donald Findley, Ana-vern John, Oxford Junction, a mosa; fined $20 and costs. Twenty-eight men have applied for positions on the Cedar Rapids fire department, Safety . , -    .    , Commissioner James Steinbeck Memorial Services    Lid Friday. p.m° at Turner chape') eaat* by A .Rectal civil service com- the Rev. Everett K. Burnham, mission testing, set up because Burial: Cedar Memorial.    I of a manpower shortage on the Rick, Nathan V. —.1:30 p.m. department, prompted the ap- Sa t u r d a y , at Beatty-Beurlc nijpa*ions The denartment is 16 rhanrl Rurial: Urbana Memo- pUCatiOnS. inc Oeparimeni IS IO chapel. Burial: Urbana Memo rial cemetery. Friends may, if they wish, contribute to the cancer fund as a memorial. Curtis, Clarence — Friday at IO at Kuba funeral home east by the Rev. A. J. Stokes and the Rev. Wayne Wasta of Cresco Methodist church. Burial: Kindallville-Eddy cemetery. Pospishil, Emil F. — Saturday at 2 p.m. at Kuba funeral home cast by the Rev. Ralph B. Colton. Burial: Czech National. persons short of its authorized complement of 165 fire fighters. Steinbeck said he doesn’t think the department will be brought up to full strength bn* mediately, because the tough testing procedures always take a heavy toll of applicants Eighth avenue SW. Southwest C. R. Residents To Meet Residents of the southwest quadrant are being urged to attend a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the needs and problems i of the quadrant. Merlin Bean has been found The meeting is scheduled to Jury Returns Guilty Verdict Against Bean daughter. Oct. ll Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Herrcter, O’Conner. Central City, a son. fined $10 and costs. License plate violation Marion:    The    men    were charged with taking clothes Tuesday night Out of Town Birth*    Iowa    Death*    {*■"»    » Parked on a Wa- a* v...mh*6    rerminv i    Lowden    — Johanna Bur-    00    s rfe*' r f n M    Tarpon    a    "leister, ««• Saturday at 10:30, No estimate of the value of son*Sept 1*9. Larson is the JoniCh»Pman's in Clarence-    ti* clothes was available, but of Mi and Mrs. Ira Larson, Quasqueton — Arthur E Cedar Rapids police recovered 358 Garden drive SE    Free bern, 8(h Monday at 2,    ^ 0f items believed to I Quasqueton Union church. Ma-Mdrriaqe Licenses    services    Sunday at 8,    Ma- ^    son-Harris’, where friends Loretta    Olson    and Anthony |    may call    after    3 Saturday. Gallo, jr.,    Shirley Noble and    American    Legion    services at Emery Kohl, Debra Mottet and' graveside Reuben Ruckdaschel, 22, of j guilty of receiving stolen prop- start at 7:30 p.m. in the River- erty.    I    side    park farmer’s market, 278 Norman drive NE. have been taken in the theft. Dare! Taken, jr , Cynthia Shack The (ffilitr RnpifU e*fobli*h*<l in IMI bv Th* Gol«0* Ca Ona pubi!th*d bally and Sunday ol 500 Third av* SE. f odor Rapid*, low* SHOO Second ria** polios* paid al Cedar Rapid*. Iowa Substation rot** by carpel ti cent* a wee* tv mat! Night Edition and Sunday 0 itiue* ti fi o month. IM OO a year Afternoon Edition* ond Sundov I ti IS o monih, t40 OO a yoor Other ttptot and U S ter riforie* MO OO o veor No Mail Sub**notion* accepted in aroa* haying Gazette carrier »*'vice Th# A**ociotod Pre** i* entitled •■elusively to tho UM tor republic Olton a» oil the local now* printed In this now* paper os well Pl *M AR now* dnpatcnot Belie Plaine - Francis J Adams, 69. Monday at 1:30. Grand Jury Gets Marijuana Cate Michael Ramey. 624 Third Halverson’s, where friends may avnue SE, was bound over to the cai!(after 2 Saturday.    grand jury following a prelimi- Dyersville Joseph Heisier, 2.. . l 89. Monday at 10:30, Basilica, nar> hear,n8 Thursday in ma),-of St. Francis Xavier. Parish istrate’s court on a charge of rosary Sunday at 8, Kramer’s, possession of a controlled sub- A Linn district court jury re- Fourteenth avenue and A street turned a verdict of guilty SW. against the 43-year-old Cedar The meeting will be conducted Rapids man Friday morning by the volunteer committee of after about two hours delibera- southwest quadrant residents lion.    appointed by the mayor and He was accused of receiving city council to provide sugges-the property between July I and tions for the use of federal funds Nov. 30, 1973, when a search available under the new com-warrant was executed at his munity development act. house.    !--— Th.- state emphasized the Toom,r Fined $25 large amount of stolen property1 found in Bean s residence The defense contended William Penn Selects C. R. Student Queen Donna R. Washington, a seizor from Cedar Rapids, will reign as homecoming queen over homecoming activities this weekend at William Penn college, Oskaloosa. Miss Washington, an elementary education major, is the daughter of Ray H. Washington, 1017 Thirty-ninth street SW. She will ride with her court in Saturday’s homecoming parade through downtown Oskaloosa at IO a.m. She also will be presented during pre-game activities at 1:30 p.m. in Community stadium, where the William Penn Statesmen will play Simpson college’s Rodmen. At Penn, Miss Washington bas been active in the Penn Players drama group, Alpha Psi Omega, SISEA, Lambda Delta Phi, and Student Senate. She is a graduate of Washington high school. A member of her court is also from Cedar Rapids, Rebecca S. Ask, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ask, 1818 Ninth avenue SW. Now Directors for C. R. Children’s Home Two new directors were elected to the board of directors of the Children’s Home of Cedar Rapids. Firecracker” The Post Friday quoted three sources as saying Mrs. Battistella worked in 1973 as a stripper at the Silver Slipper in Washington under the name Fanne Foxe, the “Argentine firecracker.” The Post said the indentifica-tion was provided by Bill Carney, a Washington dancing instructor, who said he gave her ballet lessons three gears ago and bv two strippers at the SU ver Slipper who declined to allow their names to be used. The newspaper quoted the two strippers as saying that Mills and Mrs. Battistella had been seen together regularly since July 1973. The two strippers said Mills had spent as much as $1,700 in one night at the Silver Slipper, buying magnum bottles of champagne for his companions, the Post said. Manager Denies However, the newspaper said Arthur August, whom it identified as the establishment’s manager, denied that he had ever seen Mills in his night club. The Post also quoted August as saying he does not know Mrs. Battistella. In a telephone interview, a woman who identified herself as Beverly Payne said she was the manager of the Silver Slipper and asserted that Mrs. Battistella had never worked there. She also said Mills had never I been in the club. Mills’ statement said, “Of course. I am embarrassed and humiliated bv the entire turn of events and I want to apologize for the discomfort my involvement caused all of the well wishers who have expressed their genuine concern and to my family, especially Polly, who is blaming herself for not accom In Arkansas LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The prankster’s sign read “Go-Go Freeway” and was draped on an overpass along the highway named in honor of Rep. MUls. The prank was prompted by the bizarre incident in Washington in which Mills, the chairman of the house ways and means committee, became involved in early Monday morning. Perrin Jones of Searcy, who publishes the only daUy newspaper in Mills’ home county, said he tried to get some reaction to the incident at a civic club meeting Thursday. “I didn’t get any turnoff to Mills,” he said. “They were more concerned about him than about any political implications.” Residents of Mills’ home town of Kensett were generally defensive. “I don’t believe he done it, running around, drinking with women — old as he is,” said Lottie Franks, 81. Mills is 65. Pauline Wilkerson, who was peddling vegetables from the back of a pickup truck, said, "Everybody in town has heard about it on the news. I don’t know what to think.” Kensett Mayor Gene Walden, a next-door neighbor to Mills for 17 years, said, “He’s a good neighbor. He’s never done anything like that around here.” Two C. R. Men Arrested for Garage Breakin Two men were charged Friday with breaking and entering after police found them in an alley near a garage that had been broken into. Jim C. Kirklin, 18, and Steven A. Ramey, 22, who both listed addresses in the 500 block of Fifth avenue SE, were arrested at 2:35 a.m. Friday by officers who were checking a report of suspicious persons. Tile two men were charged with taking two tape decks, tools and automobile parts from a garage at the Ark) Kern residence, 225 Nineteenth avenue SW. Tile items were found by officers hidden along the buildings in the alley where the men were arrested. Bond was set at $5,000 and both men were taken to the county jail. Elected were: Chamm Var J?    I« m Si night even with her broken foot,” Mills said. Re-election Campaign and T.A. Parks, Timberlake Es tates, rural route I, Swisher. Mrs. Varcoe is immediate past vice-president of the Na- “I intend to be in my congres-tional Foster Parents Assn. sional office tomorrow (Friday) Parks is president of Kwik-Way and in the chair of the commit- Rule C.R. Man Took Own Life William A. Volz, 71, of 1828 I street SW, died Thursday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head Volz was found in front of his wheelchair in a first floor bedroom lying on a revolver. The Linn medical examiner ruled the death a suicide. ♦ * * William A. Volz, Cedar Rapids resident most of his life, was bom Nov. 22, 1902, in Omaha. He married the former Ora Railsback Feb. 4, 1925, in Cedar Rapids. He worked for the city parks department for 37 years before retirement. He was a member of the VFW Hanford post in Cedar Rapids. He was a World war ll veteran. Surviving in addition to his the Industries, parent company »f “ays an rneansunnlhe cJar ZTpmivTh t wilil,.^ ^iChildren and a Mr* Fred ™    Ililmer.    Cedar Rapids. Services: Brogh chapel Monday at ll a m. by the Rev. William Hamish. Burial: Cedar Memonal cemetery. Friends Cedar Rapids Engineering Co. and six other subsidiaries. The Children’s Home of Cedar Rapids currently operates three facilities; Heartwood, a residential treatment oriented center my home district to devote our attention to the re-election campaign,” Mills’ statement said. His opponent, Judy Petty, for adolescents between the said she would not comment on    ,,    . ages of 12 and it:^Maplewood aj the incident bu. her campaign ^ ?'! * residential group home for girls, J aides were reported to be delighted with the turn of events. Until now, it appeared there and Camp Good Health. from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hanford post will conduct military grave, side services. Copper Stolen From a Quarry when* friends may call after 7 Saturday. Mrs. Clarence Saturday at 9:30, Lutheran church. Postville Stella. 63. St. Paul Schulte’s. Dysart Ami*' Schmidt, 70 Saturday at IO, United Church of Christ. Overton’s. stance. He is charged with possession of marijuana and USD on Sept 29. On Trespass Count Michael Toomer, 922 Seven-state did not prove that Bean, teenth avenue SE, pled guilty as opposed to his wife or son, |Thursday in magistrate's court received the property, or that on a charge of ei-iminal trespass belonging to Potter Brothers,! Bean knew the items were sto- and was fjned $25 and costs. Lisbon, has been reported to the; len -    He    was charged with trespass-Linn sheriff’s office. He took the stand in his own jn^f ^ ^ property of Harold | The copper reportedly was Theft of about $1,963.23 worth of copper from a trailer house Sh*'* iptlmH Ut hor Know with Maw an PIERSON’S FL SHOP 1801 ELLIS BLVD. N Ftowerphonr 3*6-1824 Express Your Sorrow With Flowors 4 Seasons Shop 302$ Mt. V#<non Rd. 363 5115 defense Henley, 1340 First street NW,'stolen during a breakin on Oct. IO.    quarry    earlier    this    week. at a BROSH CHAPEL ( cd dr Rapids ‘"Ih’i oleil lo I'uhlic Sort ice” Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Services Solon JOHN E. LAPES a' flowers for all occasions 308 3rd Ave. St 3*5-0511 let our flowers »pook for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phons oniworod 24 hour* ovory day John B. Turner & Son Rhx*ral Directors sinc e 1888 Now, two completely-staffed locations to serve you. Turner’s lias! 8<K)Second Ave. SH Dimer s West U221 First /WrAMrst / t ;

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