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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g Tile Cedar Rapids Palette: Thors.. Ort. II. 1974 The Investor s Guide By Sam Sbolshy Q — Tie ■•(iced yen's r advised some young people to “begin to acquire stinks gradually.'’ How can you do that when, say. IOC! shares of American Telephone requires at least $4,200 Is that “gradual" A — Na. it Isn t — Ifs a la! of money But who says you must buy IOO shares of Telephone at one time0 Many stock exchange firms offer a “monthly investment plan” and several large banks are offering monthly purchase of leading stocks, plus automatic reinvestment of dividends. The stock exchange program calls for an investment of as low as $40 every three months. That works out to around $3 a week. which I certainly would call “gradual This program allows you to slowly acquire any common stock on the exchange and also includes reinvestment of dividends The bank programs are limited to much fewer stocks — although, since they are all shares of leading corporations, I can’t see where that is any handicap I'm sure many commercial banks around the country are offering this service. In New York City, Chase Manhattan. First National City and Bankers Trust are among the leaders in this field If you live in a small town far from a financial center you might inquire of the nearest large commercial bank branch or a correspondent of the big banks I must point out that such “gradual” or piecemeal investing is not directly available in bonds — corporate or tax-exempts or governments. For that you would have to put money in small doses into a mutual fund investing in blinds Or, if you are interested in short-term investment, you could consider the money management mutuals which hold (upgrade bonds and also lend short-term money to banks In stocks there is no problem. And I, for one, welcome the monthly or quarterly plan since it tends to keep unsophisticated investors dollar-cost averaging — which I feel is a good long-term program And it also does away with the inclination of uninformed investors to plunge into the market with all they've got — usually at the wrong time. Q — I enclosed 2$ cents in stamps for a copy of your investment book for women, but have received nothing from the newspaper A — I'm n*t surprised Neither the newspaper nor I sell this book It is calk'd “Investment Guide for Women" and is obtainable only bv mail by sending a check or mail order for 95 cents to IPD Warehouse. 12b Secagogue avenue. Farmingdale. N Y.. 11725 and asking for the bttok. which also has a mail order number of ANOM5 0 — Haw is the net asset value of a fund determined’’ A — By adding up the market price of all its holdings on a certain day and dividing that bv the number of its shares the fund has outstanding in the hands of investors Q — Frtm 1959 through 19ti.) I acquired kl shares of AT and T at a total cost of about $5.-4191. I d like to take the loss for tax purposes and then repurchase in .‘ll days. \ — Perfectly okay Now all you have to figure out is when to execute this maneuver You have until Dec. 31 to sell for a tax loss Q — My parents can put aside $72b a year for my college expenses — in six years How should it be invested for the highest profit? A — First tell me how much risk you want to assume to get that highest profit lf you want to take the chance of quadrupling your money, for example. you must also take the chance of losing it all lf you want to hedge the risk you must hedge the chances of “profit ” The spectrum runs all the way from “no risk” bank Sam Shulshy deposits and K bonds to “all risk“ speculative stocks. Mr Shuts* y welcomes written ques Sons but he will be obi. to provide onswers onlv through the column For information on retirement, and arere firemen! planning, please include a celt addressed stamped envelope Address vour requests to Sam Shuls* v. core of The Gazette Sonior Citizen Btiitt Cedar Rapids System Telephone 30-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 398-50(15 Flscw here KlHI-332-5934 Your home can be more comfortable . . . worth more . . . and you'll save on heating and cooling — INSULATE! 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