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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa to * Variety of Resolutions Okayed fhr Odar Rapids (.a/fUr Thurs .. CM. IO 1971 Int? Cedar Rapids city touncil met in regular session Wednesday with the mayor and all commissioners present. Invocation was Riven by the Rev C arroll Van Anda, Valley View Baptist church. The following business was conducted; all resolutions were passed unanimously and all petitions and reports taken under advisement, unless otherwise noted Accounts, Finance Resolution authorizing refund on cigaret permit to Emergency Room, 4650 First avenue NE. Resolution approving demolition in Oak Hill Riverside urban renewal areas as specified in contract D-404 Resolutions authorizing execution of quit claim deeds for certain properties located in Cedar lake urban renewal project Resolution authorizing execution of contract with Brenton Banks, Inc., and DEB, Inc., for certain site improvements in the Civic-center urban renewal project. Resolutions filing plans and specifications and advertising for bids for the proposed furnishing and installation of Seminole Valley park well field pumps Resolution transferring funds from water works fund to sewage rental fund. Parks Third reading for ordinance providing for opening times fpr city parks; ordinance adopted. Resolutions rejecting bid for construction of forestry department maintenance building, filing plans and specifications and advertising for bids for construction of maintenance building. Improvements Resolution granting permission to Francis G. and Patricia LaBarge to construct a driveway access on city right-of-way between the Fifteenth avenue paving slab and the north right-of-way line of Fifteenth avenue SW from the alley off Hamilton street SW to 1410 C street SW. Resolution authorizing mayor to sign an outlay report and request for reimbursement for construction programs from the environmental protection agency relative to construction of Morgan creek interceptor sewer. Resolution authorizing execution of change- order for public improvements in Oak Hill Manor site. Resolution authorizing execution of change order in downtown asphalt overlay project contract. Resolution authorizing mayor and clerk to execute lease with St. Luke's Methodist hospital for certain air space over A avenue NE between Tenth and Eleventh streets Resolutions awarding contracts on water pollution control plant aeration basin equipment Resolutions filing plans and specifications and advertising for bids for proposed construction of storm sewer in alley east of Third avenue SE between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth streets, from exist ing pip** to Indian creek. Resolution accepting mam tenance bond from Bjornsen Investment Corp. for sanitary sewer in Interstate Properties first addition. Resolution authorizing mayor and clerk to sign change order with Cedar Valley Corp. for FAM project, Sixth street SW from First av enue to Eighth avenue. Resolution authorizing payment number three for concrete pavement on Sixth street SW to Cedar Valley Corp Public Safety Resolution authorizing re fund to 7-11 stores at 3315 First avenue SE, 4958 Johnson avenue NW and 5427 Center Point road NE for surrendered beer permits. Resolution granting permission to Brenton bank to install a mobile home to be used as a temporary office at First avenue and Second street NE Resolution granting permis sion to David L. Axline to build a garage on a utility easement at 477 Jacolyn drive NW. Traffic study of Seventh and Eighth streets NE regarding 1-380 placed on file at clerk’s office. Resolution granting permission to muscular dystrophy Assn. to hold annual house-to-house drive Sunday, Nov. 17. Resolution granting permission to Junior League to hand out flyers downtown on Oct. 12 and 19 to promote bargain bazaar. Resolution authorizing auditor to issue a warrant to Loomis Brothers, Inc., for hoarding the vacant building located at 1403-05 Mt. Vernon road SE. Resolution rescinding load ing zone on the east side of Eleventh street SE from a point 60 feet north of Second avenue SE northerly 45 feet. Resolution establishing two-hour parking from 8 a.rn to 5 p m except Sundays and holidays on the east side of Eleventh street SE from a point 45 feet north of Second avenue SE northerly to the alley between First and Second avenues SE. Resolutions (3) rescinding stop intersections as follows: (I) Stopping Fifteenth avenue at First street SW; (2) Stopping Fifteenth avenue for C street SW; (3) Stopping Fourth street for Fifteenth avenue SW Resolutions (4) resending one hour parking; (I) from 8 a m. to 5 p m on the west side of C street SW from Fourteenth avenue to Fifteenth av enue; (2) from 8 a.rn to 5 pm on the north side of Twelfth avenue SE from Second street easterly to the alley between Tin rd and Fourth streets; (3) From 8 a m. to 5 p m on the east side of C street SW from Fifteenth avenue to HO feet north of Fifteenth avenue; (4) from 8 a m to 8 p m daily except Sundays on both sides of Fifteenth avenue SW between N street and Fourth street. Resolution rescinding no parking on the west side of C street SW from Fifteenth ave nile to Sixteenth avenue Resolution rescinding 15 minute parking from 8 a rn. to 5 p m. except Sundays and holidays on the south side of Twelfth avenue SE from Third street westerly to the alley between Second and Third streets. Resolution rescinding 90 minute parking from 8 a m. to 5 p.m. on both sides of Second street SE from Tenth avenue south to Wilson Packing Co. Resolution rescinding reso lution that established dis continued state highway streets as through streets with all stop streets to remain in force, of which the intersection of Fifteenth avenue and K street SW was established as a stop intersection, stopping Fifteenth avenue. Resolution rescinding load mg zone on the east side of C street SW north of Sixteenth avenue for Bartunek Appl! ance. Resolutions (4) establishing one-way streets as follows; (I) Fifteenth avenue SW west bound from C street to Ninth street; (2) Sixteenth avenue SW eastbound from Sixth street to Hamilton street; (3) Sixteenth avenue—Twelfth avenue connecting street east-bound from its beginning at Sixteenth avenue northeasterly to C street SW. (4) Hamilton street SW northbound from Sixteenth avenue to Fourteenth avenue Resolutions (9) establishing no parking anytime: (I) On both sides of Sixteenth avenue SW between First street and Hamilton street; (2) North side of Fifteenth avenue SW -WANT TO KEEP MOKE OF YOUR PAYCHECK7 Dial 363-8563 r Open Tonight ’til 9 Smutetoffs Jewelry Dept , Main Floor The Texas Instruments electronic calculator: it multiplies/' divides and conquers And ifs on sale % 44.95 Some of tho f mature* of tho DAT AM ATH • Convenient portable size — use it any where • Weighs less than I 2 ounces • Fully guaranteed • Add, subtract, multiple and divide in sec onds. • Fot the businessman, student, house wife anyone who works with number* • AC adapter charger included to recharge built in batteries or operate directly from wall cutlet The Datomath conquers every problem in your doily arithmetic Instantly Accurately Floctroni colly And, above all, easily It I built by fetas Instruments and it adds new pierision and confidence to all youi per sona1 calculations It s talent for budget /uggling, checkbook bal anting interest calcultamg, and a thousand athel counting chores Helps the businessman do business Helps the shopper shop Helps the stu dent study the salesman sell The builder build And so on In its own carrying case it fits in purse, briefcase ar fust pocket it And it s completely rechar geable The Datomath electronic calculator from Texas Instr aments It always proves you right from Second street to 50 feet west of J street; (3) West side of Second street SE between Eleventh avenue and Twelfth avenue; (4) Both sides of ( street SW between the most northerly leg '*f Fourteenth avenue and Sixteenth avenue, (5) North side of Fifteenth av enue SW lietween Third street and L street; (6) Both sides of Twelfth avenue from Third street SE to (’ street SW, (7) Both sides of Sixteenth ave nue-Twelfth avenue connecting link from Sixteenth avenue SW to C street SW; (8) South side of Fifteenth avenue SW between Hamilton street and Sixth street, (9) South side of Fifteenth avenue SW between Eighth street and Ninth street. Resolutions (3) establishing one-hour parking (I) From 8 a.rn to 5 p m on both sides of Second street SF between Tenth avenue and Eleventh avenue; (2) From 8 a m to 5 p.rn on both sides of Second street SE from a point 290 feet south of Twelfth avenue south to the south end of Second street or to Wilson and Co ; (3) From 8 a m to 8 p m dai ly except Sundays on the north by Cedar Rapids City Council Planning, Zoning side of Fifteenth avenue SW between N street and Fourth street, Resolution establishing a three way stop intersection at J street and Fifteenth avenue SW. Resolutions (12) establish mg stop intersections as fol lows (I) Stopping L street SW at Fifteenth avenue; (2) Stopping Third street SW af Fif teenth avenue; (3) Stopping westbound traffic on Fifteenth avenue at C street SW, (4) Stopping First street SF at Twelfth avenue, (5) Stopping westbound traffic on Sixteenth avenue af Hamilton street SW for eastbound traffic on Six teent h avenue and northbound traffic fin Hamilton street; (6) Stopping Hamilton street SW for Fifteenth avenue; (7) Stopping First street SW for Fit teenth avenue; (8) Stopping Second street SW for Fifteenth avenue; (9) Stopping K street SW for Fifteenth avenue, (IO) Stopping M street SW for Fifteenth avenue; (ll) Stopping N street SW for Fifteenth avenue; (12) Stopping Eighth street SW for Fifteenth ave nue Resolution approving final plat of Interstate Properties first addition Third reading for ordinanc e rezoning, R I to R I A. proper ty on First avenue W, north of Clive drive, petitioned by Midwest Development Co; property rezoned Petition from Jack R and Marian Barnes requesting c hange in zone from R 2 to R 3 at 4935 Louisa street NE. Petition from R W Rin derknecht Co requesting change of zone from R 4 to R T at 1300 Second avenue SF. Resolution approving pre liminary plat of A and II first addition Public hearings conducted, no objections, on the following rezoning requests — R I to R .3 at 4208 Mt Vernon road SE. petitioned bv Mark Peters; — R I to B 2 at 410 Edge wood road NW, petitloned by Robert E Davis; — Industrial park to M I at 1716 Blairs Ferry road NE, petitioned by Larry J Janda, — Industrial ^ark. M I and R I to B-2 and K 2, north of Blairs Ferry road NE, west of Council stret NE, petitioned by Louvar, Louvar, Morris and Dyer Public Hearings Public hearings held on a number of zoning matters (see above). Public hearing set Ort .30 at 9 a rn. in the city council chambers for proposed construction of storm sewer in alley east of Third avenue SF] between Twenty ninth street and Thirtieth street SF] from existing pipe to Indian creek Public hearing set Oct. 30 at 9 a.m. in the city council chambers for proposed construction of maintenance building for forestry department. Public hearing set Nov. 13 at 9 a rn in the city council chambers for proposed fur nishing and installation of Seminole Valley park well field pumps Petitions, Reports Auditor's statement of claims and tember. payrolls for Sep Petition from Guerin Thompson, principal of Nixon school, requesting help from the city with student pedestrian travel problem. Protest from attorney for Adora S. Jones, regarding estimated assessment for concrete pavement with curb on Edgewood road SW. Petition from Steven M Bertch and others requesting installation of a street light in the 1700 block of Sixth avenue SE. Petition from Terry R. B|ornsen, Interstate Properties, Ltd., requesting a waiver of the installation of sidewalks in Interstate Properties first addition. Petition from attorney for Lyle* Floyd requesting the sidewalk requirement be waived for Floyd’s first addition. Reports from the dog pound, building safety department and fire prevention bureau. 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