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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bible Simplified Goal Is To Reach Illiterate CR. Worship Services B> David E. Anderson UP! Religion Writer Advent, which begins this year with the first Sunday in December, is traditionally within the churches a time of preparing for the lent!val celebrations of Christmas and Epiphany. So. too, with the American Bible society, which is deep into a project of preparing the Bible (or the illiterate arid the barely literate. “Literacy edut ation,” said the Rev. John D. Erickson, the society’s executive secretary, “has b<*en extremely successful in the past few decades.’’ But often, he said up to 50 percent of the new readers in Pastor’s Experiment Generates $2,161 LAHL LOTOWANA, Mo. (UPI) — Whether the congregation got the point of the sermon or not, it produced a profit of $2,161 for the I^akc' Lotawana United Methodist church. The Rev. David Flnestead, 30, said he’s uncertain if the experiment had the right effect on the church members who participated. Pastor Finestead put $1,000 of his savings in the collection plate and told his congregation to help themselves as a demonstration of the parable of the talents. Parable The parable concerns a master who gave money to three servants while he was away to do with what they chose. Two returned a profit for the master, but the third buried his “talents” and received a stern reprimand when the master returned. Pastor Finestead said the purpose was to demonstrate the1 parable’s message about using God’s grace given to each person Regardless the parishioners left the church Sept. 15 and earned the profit with bake sales, community dinners lawn mowing, music lessons and other activities. Heaping Sunday, the day of accounting, the collection plates were heaped with $3,181. “Some people thought the parable was about money.” Pastor Flnestead said “But it was about hew we should respond and dedicate our talents to the Lord “The emphasis of the parable is accountability. It shows what people should do when they encounter something that is given to them.” the world return to illiteracy because they have nothing to road. The aim of the society’s program, which officials estimate will cost some $82 fi million, is to produce and distribute some 725 million Good News scripture literacy selections in more than 200 languages. Matthew’s Version In the English version (or new readers, the birth of Jesus. from the second chapter of Matthew, reads like this: Jesus was born in the.town of Bethlehem, In the land of Judea. While Herod was king. Soon afterward some men who studied the stars came from the East to Jerusalem. They asked, “Where is the baby Who will become the King of the Jews? We saw his star When it came up in the East. We have come to worship Him . . .” Luke’s Version In the version of the birth of Jesus in the book of Luke, the story is told like this: She was pregnant. And while they were in Bethlehem, The time came lor her bi have he r baby. She gave birth to her first sun, Wrapped him in cloths And laid him in a ic-od box in a barn, For there was no room in an inn Where they could stay. According to society officials. not only is the simple language designed to assist new readers, but the arrange ment of the story into "sense lines” with the emphasis and stresses developed through indenting also playing a key role in helping the new reader learn. The program is designed around a series of 38 publications which start new readers with simple words and then move them through five reading levels of more complex material. The first level is barely above the primer level of basic literacy training, while the fifth level is near the common language level of much available reading matter, such as newspapers. Jewish Community . To Observe Chanukah Jewish people around the world will begin the eight-day celebration of CTianukah on Dee. 8. The celebration is marked by kindling lights on each evening of the holy day with an additional light added every evening of Chanukah. Chanukah celebrates the victory of the Jewish people over the enemy in 185 B.C. As a result of the victory, the Jewish people were able to worship freely again. They rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem to the service of God. From this event the name of the celebration, Chanukah, is derived which means dedication. The lights kindled on the holy days symbolize the victory of man’s enlightened spirit over evil and Ignorance. Temple Judah will hold Its annual Chanukah celebration Doc. 15 at 6 p m. The program will include kindling of the holy day lights, performances by the re ligious school children, singing and dinner. Rabbi Israel Zoberman wishes the people of Cedar Rapids, in the name of the Jewish community, the bussings of peace and happiness. He said. "Mav we all be renewed in spirit and together strive for a better world.” ASSEMBLY OE OOO Central — 3030 F ave. NW. Rome*! Sooth SS 9 30 Serv. IO. 30. Eve. 7 30 Wed. eve. 7.30. First — 2531 42nd it. NE Gory A Jerkin*. SS 9 45 Serv. IO 45. Eve. 7 Wed. eve. 7. BAPTIST Hereon — 5037 Center Point rd. NE. Glen V. High. SS 9 45. Serv. IO. Eve 7. Calvary —- (CBA) I 203 3rd ave. SW Harry R Egner, Wayne Peterson. SS 9.30. Serv. 10 45. Eve. 7, Wed, eve 7 Edgewood — (BGC) E ave and Edgewood rd NW Roger T Good ion. SS 9 30 Serv IO 45. Eve. 7. Wed. eve 7 30 First — (ABC) 1200 2nd ave SE Dr Wayne A Storeman. SS 9 30. Serv. IO 50. Galilee — (GARB) 1947 Waih-ington ave SE. larry R. Engle SS 9 30. Serv 10 40. Eve 7. Wed. eve 7. Good New* — (IBC) YWCA, 31 8 5th *t. SE. Terry Crague. SS 9 45. Serv IO 45 Who! I* A Christian? Immanuel — (SBC) 1900 E ove. NW. William R Riley. SS 9 Serv. 1015. Eve 7 15. Wed. eve. 7. Mf. Zion — (NBC) 824 8th it. SE. LeRoy White. SS 9 30. Serv 10 45. New Testament — (BBF) 749 Old Marion rd NE. Robert McGraw SS 9-30. Serv 10- 30. Eve. 7. Wed. eve 7 Noeirldge Parti — (CBA) 1147 Clifton ove. NE. Bruce W. Young, SS IO 30 Serv. 9. Eve. 6 30 Wed. eve. 7 30. Redemption Missionary — 1014 10th ave SE Harmon Webb SS 9 30. Serv. II. Eve. 8 Tues, eve 7:30 Twin Pines — (NAB) 3300 42nd st NE Warner temke SS IO. Serv. II. Eve. 7 Wed eve. 7 30. Valley View — (BGC) 5555 Mt Vernon rd SE Carroll Van Anda. SS 9 30. Serv IO 30. "The Purpose of Advent-1. To Destroy the Worki of the Is the Bible True?" Sunday Is Start of Advent Sunday marks the beginning of Advent when Christian churches begin preparations for the observance of the birth of Christ. The following' churches have planned ices: special Advent serv The Message Center Cedar Christian answer questions following the presentation. Cedar Christian church will hold Youth Sunday during its regular Sunday worship service. Central Park Presbyterian A congregational potluck supper is scheduled Thursday at 6:15 p m in the Fellowship hall of Central F’ark Presbyterian church. Foursquare Gospel The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Clark, missionaries to Israel, will speak Sunday at 7 p m. at Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Pastor Clark will show slides of Israel and the work he has done and will Galilee Baptist Dr Robert Sumner, an evangelist from Brownsburg, Ind., will hold meetings at the Galilee Baptist church for one Robert Surnner Biblical Evangelism and editor of "The Biblical Evangelist’’, a monthly publication. Interdenomin 'ti The film, "The Occult”, showing how dabbling with any form of the occult leads to a form of Satan worship, will be shown Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Interdenominational church. Rossville    Presbyterian churches in addition to the Bethlehem church. Postville Presbyterian week beginning Sunday. He will speak Sunday and Dec. 8 at 10 40 a rn. and 7:30 p rn. and each evening at 7:30 p m. Dr. Sumner is director of The Rev. Keith Kensinger has accepted a call to become campus pastor with the United Christian Ministries at the University of Wisconsin, I .a Crosse, effective Nov. 15. He has served as pastor of Bethlehem United Presbyterian church here since 1969. In 1971 he assumed duties in the Frankville Community and Radio Broadcast During the month of December, the church broadcasts schedule at 4 p.m. each Sunday on KCRG radio will originate from St. Michael’s Episcopal church. The Rev. Thomas Aycock, jr , is pastor Springville United Methodist “A Thief rn the Night”, a film shot on location in Iowa on the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, will be shown at the Springville United Methodist church Sunday at 6 30 and 8:30 p m. sponsored by the Springville and Prairie Chapel youth groups. Bethany Lutheran church will hold Advent services at 7. 38 p.m. each Wednesday during Dec ember. Each serv ice will Include Communion and a coffee following the serv ice. Christ Church United Presbyterian will hold its annual candlelight service Sunday at 5:30 p m. The evening begins with a sandwich supper in the Fellowship hall followed by the service in the Sanctuary. First Baptist church and Church of the Brethren will hold a family Adven* celebration Sunday at 4 p m. First Presbyterian church will hold an Advent festival Sunday at 9 15 a rn. There will tx* no Sunday school or regular worship serv ice this week. St. Plus X Catholic church will host an ecumenical Advent service Sunday at 7 30 p m The combined choirs of the sponsoring congregations will lead the sendee in music and liturgy . Participating with St Pius X are St. Andrew Lutheran, Hope United Church of Christ, Kenwood Park and lively Lane United Methodist, St. Michael’s Episcopal, and Noeirldge Park Christian churches. Want Ad office open 8-5 daily. Cml noon Sat. DaviC Eve. 7 Wed eve. 7. CATHOLIC All Saints — 720 29th st. SE Edmund J. Becker, James I. Blocklin-ger, Poul Otting. Manes:    Sot. 5j Sun. 6, 7:30, 9, IO 30, noon. Immaculate Conception — 859 3rd ave. SE. Wm, P. Leoncrd, John Casey, Richard J. Hen. Manes: Sat. 5:15; Sun. 6, 8, IO, noon, 5: i 5. St. Jude’s — 150 Edgewood rd. NW John M Gregory, Richard Ament, John Tilp. Masses-, Sat. 5 30; Sun. 7, 8 30, IO, 11:30. St. Ludmila* — 211 21st ave SW. Robert W. Cizek, Poul C. McManus. Manes: Sat 5 30; Sun. 6 30, 8, 9 30, ll, 1215 St. Matthew’* — 1st ave , 24th NE. A. A. Sodawaner, Arthur Kieve, T. J. Kilting Manes: Sat 5 30; Sun 6 30, 8, 9 30, Ii, 12 15 St. Patrick * — 500 1st ave. NW. Martin Laughlin, Carl A Ries, Joseph Schneider. Manes Sat. 5:15; Sun 6 30, 8, 9 45, ll, 12 15. St. Plus X — Council st, Collins rd NE Bernard G Collins, John Fnederick Manes: Sat. eve. 7.30; Sun. 7, 9, IO 30, noon, 5. St. Wenceslaut — I 224 5th st SE. Clarence Franc Manes. Sat eve. 7, Sun 6 30, 8 30, IO 30 CHRISTIAN Cedar —- 526 3rd ave. SW. Ne vide G Clayton. SS 9. Sere 10:15 "Youth Sunday". First — 840 3rd ave SE SS 9 30 Serv IO 40. Dr Joseph McCabe Noeirldge — 727 Collins rd. NE Ph-lip E. EwokJsen SS 10 45. Serv 9 30. "It Could Happen To You ’. EPISCOPAL Grace — 525 A ave. NE. Paul Troeumer Masses: Sat. 6; Sun. 8, IO. Children s chapel and SS IO. St. John’s — 355 19fh st SE D. A loferski SS IO 30 Communion 8. Serv. 10 30 Choral Eucharist serv, 10:30, first Sun. of month. St. Michael's — 220 40th st. NE. Thomas C. Aycock, jr. Choral serv. and SS IO. Eucharist serv 8 Eve. 6. JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES Cedar Valley-South Congregation — 1221 Center Point rd. NE. Public talk, 1:30. Watchtower, 2 30. McCloud Springs-North Congregation — 1221 Center Point rd. NE. Public talk, 9-.30. Watchtower, 1030 Pioneer Avenue Congregation —- 3 103 Pioneer ove SE. Public talk, 9.30. Watchtower, IO 30. LATTER DAY SAINTS Mormon — 4300 Troilndge rd. SE. Bishop Paul I. Garvin. Priesthood, 8 30. SS IO. Sacrament, 11:15. Wed. eve 7:30. Reorganised — 120 19th st. NE Eider James toy. SS 9:30. Serv. 1030 LUTHERAN Bethany — (Mo.) 2202 Forest dr SE. AC. Homboste! SS 9 30. Serv 8-.15, 10 45. Concordia — (Mo ) 4210 Johnson ave. NW. Paul A. Scheldt. SS 9:15. Serv. 8, 10 30 "A Message of Hope". First — (ICA) 1000 3rd ave SE. George W. Cor!son, Dennis W Wright. SS 9 25 Serv. 8; 15, ll. "I Wont to Se Ready!". Gloria Dei — (ALC) 153 Cherry Hill rd NW. Charles G Schultz SS 9 30. Serv 8 30, IO 30. Communion, 1st Sun. of month. Good Shephwrd — (WEIS) 2900 42nd st NE. Gary Kirschke SS 9 Communion and serv IO. 15. There ll Be Some Changes Made ' Holy Redeemer — (ICA) 720 Edgewood rd NW. Cedric J. tofdahl SS IO 30 Serv 9:30 Sat 5:30. Hope — (ICA) 2736 Bowling st. SW Michoel A last. Communion 1st Sun of month Sat. eve 6 SS 10:45. Serv 9:30. Ow Savior's — (ALC) 3634 1st ave NE. r William Milker, Marvin I. Ehnen. SS 9-15. Serv. 8, 10:30. St. Andrew — (ICA) 4420 Center Point rd. NE James M Lesher. SS 9:40 Serv 8:30, 10 45. "Time to Get Up". St. Mark's — (ICA) 2100 Is* ave NE David Frans Larson, Gordon londberg SS 9:30. Communion and serv 8 30, ll. ’The Hidden Incentive" . St. Stephen’s — (ALC) Meadowbrook and 31st st. SE. Landis J. Olson SS 9 15 Serv. 8 15, IO:30. Trinity —- (Mo) 1363 1st ave. SW Richard A. Osmg, Richard L. Thompson. SS 9 15. Serv 8, IO:30. Preparing Ourselves for Christmas ”. Sat eve. 6. Ward of God-Deaf — (Mo ) 1515 29th st NE Allan C. Page SS 9.30 Serv I I. Zion —- (Mo ) Highway 150, Hiawatha. Larry Brel|e. SS 9 30. Serv. 8 15, 10 45. METHODIST Asbury — (United) 351 26th ave SW. Charles R Mehaffey SS IO Serv. 9, 11. Bertram — (United) L. Neil Townsend SS 9.45 Serv. IO:30. Bethel — (AME) 512 6th st. SE. George Moore SS 9 30 Serv I I. Buffalo — (United) Blairs Ferry rd. NE. Wilbert R. Trustier. SS IO: I 5. Serv. 9 Faith — (United) 1000 30th st. NE. Wilbert R Truiheim. SS 9 15 Serv 10.30. Free — 800 G ave NW Wayne Ryan, SS 9 45 Serv. 10 45. Eve, 7. Wed eve 7 30. Hillside Wesleyan — 2600 1st ave NW. Richard Ernst, Sam Blackford. SS 9 45, IO 50 Serv. 10.50. Eve 7. Wed eve 7 15. Kenwood Pork — (United) 302 33rd st NE Clifton W. Ellerbeck, Tom Mattson SS IO. Serv 9, ll. ’ Body Building". Lovely Lane — (United) 4 2nd ond Wemg rd NE Don F. Maple. SS 9.15. Serv IO 30. Time to Stop Resting’’ Salem — (United) 225 1st ave. SW. Poul Pfaltzgraff SS 9 Serv IO Sharon — (United) 831 18th ave. SW. Everett K. Burham. SS 9. Serv IO. St. James — (United) 1430 Ellis blvd NW. Stephen R. Root. SS 8:45. Serv IO. St. Mark's — (United) 4700 Johnson ave, NW Lee Roy Collins. SS 9 45. Serv 11. "The Spirit of Expectation”. St. Poul’s — (United) I 340 3rd ave. SE Arnold Herbst, Denton Eric-son, Warren Webb SS 9 30, ll. Communion, 8 30. Serv 9 30, 11."Christmas A Time of Love", Shueyville — (United) Rf 2. (Commut'd: Page 6. Col. I ) Ii HILU B UHS! I HI RIH 1947 Washington Ave. S.I. 9 30 AM Sunday School IO 40 AM Morning Service 7:00 Evening Sendee Wed Service 7 OO PM Proverbs 15:7 states * The Ups of the wise disperse knowledge " From the pulpit cf a church, this consist* of exposition of the Word of God. Anything less tori* to meet God s requirement. BEAUTIFUL SELECTION CHRISTMAS CARDS! Scripture text Assorted or alt alike . Over 70 styles to choose from. CEDAR BOOK STORE 3519 First Ave. S.I. Cedar Rapid* 366-7189 WHERE CHRIST IS EXALTED AND SALVATION IS MADE PLAIN Sunday Pminbt r I A Color Film The Occult 7:00 PM It hat. all the Truth, but none of the pornography and h-vsdne-m which characterized "The Exorcist" • the movie that had such a popular shimmy recently in the theatres of our but cities The Interdenominational Church 3rd Si. A Sib Ave. SW \ Blessings on all who reverence ond trust rn the lord — on oil who obey Him* Their reward shall be prosperity & Happiness Your Wife shall be ton tented rn your home And look at cli those children* There they sit oround the Dinner Table os Vigorous & Healthy as Young Olive Trees That is God s reword to those who reverence & trust Him. May the Lord continually Bless you with Heaven s Blessings as well os Human Joys. May you live to enjoy youf grandchildren' And may God Bless Israel Psalm 1*8—living Bible Ih'iinin Burrier BYERS SND HAPPEL IF $OI il.Lli:$i . . . I dun’I tindervtand why our parent* make us go to church I really think it turns the child farther away from (iud lf they had their own choice, they probably a mid Ko Some iuds really hate church tiecause their parents put threats on them God doesn't want people that don t want Him He put religion here for a reason, and He doesn t want the reason not wanted (iud doesn't want us at church if we don’t want to be* there <0*1 gave you a chohf to love Him Can you give your child a choice to lose "EXPECT A MIRACLE” JACK SCOTT. FULL TIME EVANGELIST WHO HAS CONDUCTED HUNDREDS OF CRUSADES and SCOTT KILLINGSWORTH. RECORDING ARTIST AND FORMER MINISTER OF MUSIC. (BOTH FROM SPRINGFIELD. MISSOURI.) WILL Bt: AT IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH * im "F" AVE N.W. DEC. 1-8 7 OU PM JAI IL MOTI M DTT kit I IMtSHnR TH ATTEND GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday School 9:45 A M. Morning Service 10:50 A M. Evening Sen ice 6:30 P.M. Wed. Service 7:30 P.M. Independent 440 So. I 5th St. THIS SUNDAY Don Martin Ratter Home of Groce Christian School Groce Gospel Hour Sat 9:45 AM KT Of Free Bus Transportation Phone 377-5032 Fundamental Morion, Iowa The SPEER FAMILY in Person FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3113 First Ayr,. S.W. SUNDAY DECEMBER 8 TWO concerts 9:30 A J0:45 A.M. Reverend Hardy J. Powers, Pastor J WEEKEND SPECIAL SUNDAY, DECEMBER I, 7:00 P.M. Church Or Th. Foursquare Gospel Presents: Rev. A Mr*. Paul Clark, Missionaries to Israel Showing sitde* Rev Clark bo* taken m Israel Bringing people up to date of and about Israel Rev. Clark will open the meeting with a question and answer period • Sunday School——9:30 A M. • Die Hour of Worship—10:45 A M., Communion. • Crusader Hour-6:00 P.M., 4 groups meeting. WED 7:30 P M • Midweek Hour of Power and Deeper Life CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL ^^09FIRSTAVE^^^ DON’T MISS OUR TERRIFIC CHRISTMAS SALE NILSON    . PICTURE    4 BIBLE STORY BOOK Reg 5 95 STRONGS    w EXHAUSTIVE 11 CONCORDANCE Reg 16 95 I ft *    810 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK MINI-PLAQUES I ST 39< OTHER SPECIALS UP TO VS OFF rn re name imprinting on any rKtt CAMBRIDGE BIBLE IN STOCK-—2.00 VALUE OPEN WEEKDAYS 9 ro9 SAT. 9-5:30 CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE "Your Headquarters tor Christmas Items '1 “WE’RE THE CHRISTMAS SPECIALISTS1' 363 8697    529    4TH AVE. S E. REVIVAL DEC. 2-8 7:00 Nightly You are invited to hear Evangelist JAMES REBER Special Music SINGING BARTEL FAMILY Everyone Welcome! Grace Baptist Church Don K. Martin, Pastor 440 South Fifteenth Street, MARION 377-5032 ;

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