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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., November 30, 1974 Hoping Pioneer Luck To Survive Jupiter Administration’s Ames Research Scientists are banking:Center, which operates the Pioneer programs. Best Yet I MHW* ATMI* fOtOCAST® I .'a    •    4mBnm|6£KIm9m SNOW Al* KOW '^flS®u . .  " 1 * Rain is forecast Saturday night in the Pacific northwest. Snow will fall in the mid-Mississippi valley and the Ohio-Tennessee valleys, changing to heavy rain in the Carolinas and Georgia. Freezing temperatures will dominate throughout most of the nation with mostly fair skies. The Weather Mi oh temperatures friday, low lam Dentures overnight and Inches of pre-1 eipitatlon: Anchorage M M M L. Angeles 75 51 Atlanta ..MMM Miami .77 74 Bismarck MMM Min'apolis 32 37 Chicano ..    34    33    .08    N. Orleans    «8 55 1.44 Denver . .    33    04    New York    43 27 Duluth ...26    17    Phoenix    70 40 Honolulu .    15    47    Seama ..513' Houston .    4*    32    .17    Wash'qton    50 30 M—Mi ssi no. Extended Forecast —■ Variable cloudiness with little cr no pre- Fire Damage Extensive to C. R. Home Iowa Deaths Center Junction — Frank Pcgorick, 65. Sunday at 1:30 at Hayden’s, Wyoming, where friends may call after I Saturday. Jesup — Mrs. Frank (Virginia) Senner, 36. Monday at I ent” street SW. Independence. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif (AP) - on the “luck of Pioneer ll” to I survive a rendezvous with Jupiter and give them an armchair view of the giant planet’s weather system. Dr. Tom Gehrels, chief of the team operating its picture-taking instrument, said Pioneer IO luck a year ago gave scientists their clearest view of the solid light weather zone in the planet’s southern tropical region. “It would be the luck of Pio-1 neer ll if we could see this zone break up,” said Gehrels. Pioneer ll is expected to make its closest approach Monday night. At that point it will be bombarded by intense radiation. Dark Spot Earlier, Dr. L. V. Baker said he had already detected a dark spot in the south tropical zone which indicated the solid light weather zone could already be breaking up. He said a picture showed the spot to be on the opposite side of the planet from where the famous giant red spot, a centuries-old hurricane, is located. “My guess is that the dark spot indicates the zone may be breaking up,” said Baker. An analysis of the pictures will give scientists detailed Snow: A Slick Way To Keep Track of Things nue NE, discovered shortly after IO p.m. Friday night that someone had taken a transistor radio from his unlocked car. He began to follow the tracks problems of the economy. In the fresh snow and it became The union’s wide-ranging of If the spacecraft survives the radiation bombardment, it will give scientists their best view yet of the mysterious north and south poles of the planet, Gehrels said. “These are very strange, deep gaseous regions that we've known about for a long time, but Pioneer ll will give us a look at them,” he said. Scientists expressed optimism the spacecraft would survive the    „E    _    ..    , intense radiation and send back . .    ■    '    !*!    _    . The snow may slow down drivers, but it sure speeds upjjhe United Mini' Workers, and tracking down thieves. MxT^^l|UW^te’^    I    coalfields    Saturday    in    an    at- Mine Union Officials Push Sales Campaign CHARLESTON, Wr. Va. (APHrank-and-file included eight dis-- Arnold Miller, president of trict meetings Saturday. In ad dition the UMW has launched a , . four-dav media blitz in coalfield other union officials went to the communjhcs tempt to win approval of a proposed contract and end a strike that is adding to the Miller addressed about 200 miners Saturday at the Boone county courthouse. Later, he told newsmen he thought the contract would be approved by 60 percent of the quickly evident that other cars|fort t0 selj the contract to the umon's 120,000 work,n8 "oners in the area were checked by the burglars. Fruechte continued to trail the thieves, following the tracks to a house in the 3300 block of C C. R. Snow— (Continued from Page I.) and another inch had fallen by 9:20 a.m. ed two juveniles and recovered the radio. The youths were charged with through 6 a m. Sunday, larceny. He said he had come to Madison, in District 17, to clear up any questions about “these socalled inequities.” “Will Go Back” He said he didn’t thinK his the information. Pioneer ll will come to within 26.725 miles of Jupiter’s cloud tops. Scientists hope to compensate    _ for the greater radiation by;-,    n    • sending it through the most dan- 0665 Oil PriC6 gerous area at 107,000 miles per pi i    A    * J hour — faster than any space-1 ll 60^6 8S Ald craft has ever traveled — so it t will be exposed to the most in- '0 Independence tense radiation only two to five WASHINGTON (AP) - Indus- minu s‘    trial nations might be able to break free from dependence on Middle East oil by guaranteeing high oil prices to spur development of new sources, an ad-ministraton official suggests. A guaranteed price of between $7 a barrel and the present world price (rf $10 might be — The! enough to encourage major Snow was forecast to continue bargaining team could get any- thing else from the coal operators without jeopardizing what Roy Jamesen, airport manager, summed up the situation saying, “It’s not a day for pleasure flying ” The airport “is open, has been open and is in near normal Stage Is Set For Relations With Peking Hj1Pa.!^d_-*'?!ab e damage J knowledge of how the w cattier | announcement that President companies to open up new oil- Friday afternoon to a two-story frame house occupied by the James Chase family, 712 Sev- Fire officials attributed Cedar Crest cemetery, b!aze defective wiring, — Beatrice sa‘d ^ames had a good start in at White’s Burial Jesup. Independence — citation expected Monday \jary Ingram, 64, formerly of    the    attic    and    walls    of the    house through Wednesday. Highs Oelwein. Monday at 10:30 at    by the time firemen    arrived mostly in the 30s and lows from Sacred Heart Catholic church, Oelwein. Burial:    Woodlawn cemetery, Oelwein. Scripture patterns on Jupiter operate, and    por(j will    be going to    China in    fields around the world. Thomas may help them better under-    1975 sejs    stage    for es-    Enders, assistant secretary of sys-tablishing    diplomatic    relations    state for economic and business I stand the earth’s weather tem, say scientists here at the between Washington and Peking affairs, said. ^National Aeronautics and Space and I ___________ in the not too distant future. He told a hearing of the mid-teens to mid-20s. C. R. Weather High Friday........... 32 Low overnight............. 311 Noon Saturday ............ 31 j 2 p.m.........................32 Precipitation ...............5 Total for Nov..............4.311 Normal for Nov............2.36; No one was injured. The house received extensive Normal through NOV.......31.75' zel, 79. Monday at 1:30 at Total for 1974 ..............43.98 Witt’s where friends may call service Sunday at 7:30 attire damage to the second floor Hintz’, Oelwein, where friends and roof area, and heat, smoke may call after IO Sunday. Monticello Goettsch’s. Ossian — Felix Zweibohmer, 64. Monday at ll at St. Francis DeSales. Rosary Sunday at 7:30 at Schmitz’. Elkader — Clarence E. Ment- and water damage to the first Ray M. Berlin, j floor. Flames shot through the roof Barometer, steady ........30 17 Humidity at noon ........ 93% after 1:30 Sunday. Sigourney — Gertrude Lyons DeMarce. of Des Moines and Harold C. Arnold Harold Clyde (Heavy) Arnold. 56. of 3914 Richard drive NE. died Saturday. A 32-year employe of Iowa the eco-l Bi fed-j land simply to visit the Great eral subsidies to oil companies Wall. Friday’s announcement might be one way of providing^ marks a major milestone, com- the guarantees in the U. S. mitting his administration to (further normalization of relations in accord with the Shanghai communique of 1972. No one expects that Ford will bouse-senate international be going to the Chinese main- nomies subcommittee that But Rep. Reuss (D-Wis.), subcommittee chairman, said he Sports numbers may jped tor up-to-date highway conditions.    i Bfip Rapids. (3b) 398-1884 Atlantic ^Belmond (515) 444-5288* Cedar Fails.... (319) 28*7575 Denison..., (712) 2feW888 Des Moines (SIS) 2884847 Fairfield (515) 4723194 Maquoketa .. (.lit) 852-2434 Storm Lake (712) 732-1563 operation . . . normal for inclement weather,” he said. “There was one commercial overflight due to weather minimums, but field conditions are operational. I think we’ve had the worst of it and we’re on top of it.” A spokesman for Iowa Elec- of the house as firemen were at- Manufacturing Co., he was born (ary of State Kissinger told tempting to bring the fire under May 25, 1918. in Pern-. 1 ..____......... One year ago on leaving | trial nations wou,<j t.become China after his sixth trip, Secre-|free of tyranny of the oil_ thought that, if Enders’ sugges-;tric Light and Power Co. said, hon became reality, the indus- “We’ve been pretty lucky. We tempting to bring control. Two engines and aerial were used on the call. Firemen were notified at 4:05 p.m. newsmen there were points in Wind direction and velocity at former Sigourney resident Gazette weather station p.m. NE at 17 mph at 2 I Nimmeir’s. Marengo — Mrs. Augusta Sun rise* 7-15 am • ain vie I Imhoff, 81. Monday at 1:30 at sun rises 7.15 a.m., sun sets, Hoover-Valentine Esmoil Picked As GOP Candidate The former Leota Snyder and the communique that the U. S. he were married in Perry Oct. would like to explore. 6, 1940. He was a member of There has been an impression International Assn of Machin- here that Chinese Communist ists local 831, and a World war leaders were unhappy at the III veteran. Surviving in addition (wife are two sons, Danny, Ilia pace of the exploration for more to his normal relations. According to informants, it 4:31. friends may Saturday. s where call after 5 p.m. Traveler's Forecast Sunday Weather, Iii-Lo Chicago ........Cloudy    32-15 Cincinnati  Cloudy 39-23 Cleveland ........Snow    35-26 Des Moines PtCldy    29-12 Detroit .........Cloudy    34-26 Indianapolis .... Snow    34-24 Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls-St. Paul Omaha . .  PtCldy    28-17    h    i    ]]    fit St. Louis ........Clrng    30-18    Pn>slcal*y    Ut. • 15 Over-60 Runners Finish Marathon LAS VEGAS (AP) u. Niue marathon runners ranging in DUBUQUE (AP) - Jim Esmoil was chosen Saturday as the Republican candidate to fill1 r    a a vacancy in the Iowa senate Rap,ds ’ and Esmoil was selected at a special convention to run for the seat vacated by Michael Blouin, Watha, and Larry, Cedar Rap-1 appears Kissinger was strongly ids; a daughter, Diane Lynn nudged by ailing Premier Chou Neely, Slater; five grandchild- En laU ^Puty Prime Minister ren; a brother, Lexie, Cedar Teng Hsiao-peng and Foreign a sister, I Hunt, Manning. Velma Minister Chiao Kuan-hua to set in motion diplomatic recognition Services: Turner chapel east of Pakln« n0» More th're nary at 10:30 a m. Tuesday by the any further changes in the Ch.- ------    --    J    nese    hierarchv producing countries only to be ripped off by the major oil companies.” Reuss also said oil price subsidies. combined with another administration proposal to support a $25-billion-a-year energy emergency fund for industrial nations, would pose a hardship for American taxpayers. Enders emphasized, however, that President Ford has not decided to include the subsidy plan or any other specific proposals in recommendations he will make to congress in Jan- a Dubuque Democrat who re- Pey-E p    Ford    is expected to make the signed in the middle of his four-1'.    ,    in    the second half of 1975, Pt=C,dy i£VrT 60 J?,? arriVfd Te year term when he was elected churctV, Burial: Cedar Mom  Snow 34-20jFriday from Hollywood to show {'TL'u'c 3,1'/"    orial.    Friends    may    call    at    Tur-    U.S'.of|'cia|ssald, ., ,. . .. He said the subsidy program puuriv 2a” I that "ten of uli ages cun remain F | ' f Democrat ner East until IO a rn Tuesday. .Rls .^gh y prodablet.lha.t.tde would not necessarily affect the  *29dy ?!->! rtvtriealfv fit    Lsmoii    win face Democrat     -    visit will come while the U. S. „■ The administration has decided only that fuel must be conserved and supplies increased, the official added had one pale dipped off on Sev- ee enth avenue in Marion, but1    r there was no power outage. is already in the proposed contract. “But if the membership wants me to try again,” he added, “I will go back.” Miller stayed a little more than an hour and then left by I car for Beckley and the District 29 meeting. Districts 17 and 29 are the largest in the union with a membership of more than '30,000. One miner said he thought it I would be a close vote. “Miller told us what the men had wanted and what we had gotten,” said Elwood Ferrell of Van in Boone county. “He said it was the best possible contract.” Ferrell said after Miller’s speech there was a lengthy question-and-answer session. “A lot of the men were dissatisfied with the right-to^strike clause,” Ferrell said. “But Miller told us we could strike for three months and the operators still wouldn’t agree on the right to strike on the local level.” “Hard To Say” Asked if he thought his local — 7604 at Kopperston — would approve the contract Monday, hard to say.” . .    ,    UMW    Vice    president    Mike    Tr- Due insulator was bumped bovR,h was ^Pittsburgh Satljr. day, where Districts 4 and 5 were meeting. But he was not on the platform for the beginning of the session and said he was there just as a guest. The nearly-three-week-old ; strike has idled at least 23,000 ! employes in other industries, mostly steel and railroads. Gov- off on a transmission line in southeast Cedar Rapids, but again there was no power outage.” The linn county sheriff’s department reported at least a dozen weather-related accidents in the county. However, there were no injuries. Cedar Rapids police reported ernment economists say a four- week strike could idle 400,000. The union will conduct secret balloting Monday with the results expected to be known late that night, Miller has said. lf ratified, the contract would take effect at 12:01 a rn. Wednesday. numerous accidents on city streets, most of which did not result in personal injury. City Briefs Buresh Rental —■ Rent better He said the subsidy program brand equipment -Adv. Sioux Falls PtCldy 29- Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4 6 fall .3 Lansing (18) 8 0 no change Dam 9 (18) 13.1 fall .2 McGregor (18) 7.0 rise .1 Guttenberg (15) 4.6 rise .2 Dubuque (17) 7.5 no change Davenport (15) 4.9 no change Keokuk (16) 2.4 rise .1 They covered the 300 miles in Robert Carr, also of Dubuque, in a special election Dec. 30. Es- Cedar at change C. R. (13) 3.5, no Fires Friday. Klinger relays rn an el,p«-d time of 4° moil    director    of hwu-s, 33 minutes. t«akuX! ia)uB.TV in Dubuque before their old record by an hour and wascd ,|on seven minutes.    |      J In track suits, they ran into heavy traffic as they covered the last three miles down the Las Vegas Strip escorted by the Nevada highway patrol. The race ended at the Sahara hotel, which has helped sponsor it for the last five years. Bill Selvin of Orange, Calif., 64, coach of the runners, suf fered the only injury. The casket will not be after the service. opened Find 2 Bodies In Plant Ruins BEAUMONT, Texas Firemen pulled two Roy Niffenegger Roy Niffenegger, 87 of 114 Twenty-fourth street drive SE. died at a Cedar Rapids hospital I notice before either side can Friday following a short illness, disavow it. A building contractor for 30 China experts here expect years prior to retirement, he ^lat ^ question of recognition was bom near Kalona Dec. 22. (AP) - 1886. charred , '    price of gasoline for American Best cn motorists immediately but those _ Adv. would probably rise over the next decade. Tai- remams treaty-bound to the Republic of China on wan in event of attack. The security treaty for Tai-    ____ wan has no set duration. It T.    D • • requires one year of advance Thr66 DTeSKinS * Rental Rents The Best. .    ,    „    . - A 50-year Cedar Rapids resi , „    . bodies from the ruins of a Good-dent. he and Murrel Kirkman 1 concer year lire and Rubber Co.(Mueller were married Jan 16  He chemical plant after a series of    1953,    jn    Cedar Rapids.    He    was    a False sprained an ankle but still man- explosions which destroyed 25    World    war    I    army    veteran    and percent of the $50-million complex. Earlier, Goodyear officials had said all workers at the    I wife plant eight miles south of here    m 3. of Peking will be worked out with a typically Chinese flourish I that manages to save face for street aged to run about half his turns 12:36 p.m. alarm at 5420 SW. 4:05 p.m. Friday. Extensive damage to house at 712 Seventh street SW. Defective wiring j blamed. 4:57 p.m. Friday. Stand by scene of accident at 3809 E avenue NW.    ii.    — 5:54 p.m. Friday. Stand by a*^ force has awarded General Increase Despite Cancellation Bid a 48-year member of Hanford Post of the American Legion. Surviving in addition to his are two stepdaughters. Harold Senst, Walnut Iowa Weather— (Continued from Page I.) Are Reported To C. R. Police Games Montrose doors Satur-    ^    . day 6:30. Sunday 6:00 — Adv. ♦ * * Shampoo living room $1195, bedroom $8 95. Diamond Carpet 366-6226. - Adv. * * * Fatal Crash— (Continued from Page I.) other Suleiman vehicle. Neither * * * Hugh C. Rawson was born Aug. 28, 1913, in Covington. He had lived all his life in the Covington and Cedar Rapids areas. He was an employe of the Police are investigating several breakins, one in which thieves escaped with $82 75 from a safe at Langer Manufacturing Co., 1025 Seventh street SW Authorities said the back door of the business was pried open. I Adv It was uncertain if the safe was Games. Temple Judah, Bever C**1* and Excavator division of Ave. and Lindsay Lane S. E December 1st, 7:30 p m. — Adv. * * * the FMC Corp. for the past 14 years, and a member of United Auto Workers local 299. Mr. Jack Sedlacek playing in the Kawson was a member of the Embassy' Club Lounge 6 p.m. to Seventh-Day AdvenUst church. 9 p.m. Sat. Bring a guest. — City during the first hour and a • left unlocked, according to die half of the storm resulting in no police report. WASHINGTON (AP) - Tlie ^ 10 injured had been accounted for, includ- Cr(^ Ca|lf < and Mrs; Davjd L Jacobs, Westfield, N. J.; eight downed wires in 2200 block of Dynamics Corp. C street SW. 10:29 p.m. Friday. Broken sprinkler pipe in basement of Memorial coliseum. 12:21 a rn. Saturday. Unmown to rhildren’s playhouse at rear of 3125 Shasta court NE. ...    Approximately    125    to    150    pcr*|grai^chj|(jn,n;    two    sist£rs>    Mrs. a $7.4-million    p!    Harry    Chody,    Kalona,    and    Mrs. increase in a contract for F-lll 38 P,m Enday. ,Joseph Thomas, West Burling- which was followed by four smaller blasts as fire spread. fighter planes, even though President Ford is seeking to cancel congressional authorization for 12 more planes. An air force spokesman said Action To Get Oil Friday the additional money is intended to keep the production ton. and a brother, Ray Niffenegger, Ainsworth. Services: Turfier chapel east serious injuries. The breakin, reported Friday, Both Iowa City buses and the occurred sometime Thursday or University of Iowa (IAMBUS early Friday, system were running on a At North tow ne Schwinn Cy-curtailed schedule because clery, 1800 Collins road NE, bur-drivers were unable to report glars forced open a rear door for work on time.    and took $25 from a pop ma- Officials of both systems have chine, requested patrons not to call Robert Groundwater, 120 West asking when a bus would be Post road NW, said someone en *    *    * Evy's Lounge Saturday Don Miller Trio. Next to Paramount three Theatre. — Adv.    Morris, *    *    *    Sasek, Iiook to the Stark! Christmas KJima, shop the Want Ads. — Adv. *    *    * He was married to the former Alta Hart son Nov. 18, 1937, in Iowa City. Surviving besides his wife are daughters, Mrs. Darold Biberon, Mrs. Jerry Marion, Mrs. Robert Coggon; a son, Counted ar Rapids; four Doris Johnson and Lila land, sisters, BEIRUT (UPI) - Two Injured in Amtrak Crash JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) —I as^ed congress to cancel the au* itary action to secure Simon: No Military at l:30 pm. Tuesday by Dr Ar- available but to take the first tered a storage area at 1924 Pl8n6S Reported Action To Get Oil    ,K>id    Herbst    of    St    Paul\s United bus coming to a designatedi First avenue NE Friday and    ^    Q* line open in case it is decided Secretary Simon said in an in-later to buy the planes. Ford terview Saturday that U. S. mil- Middle nold Herbst of St. Paul’s United Methodist church. Further ser-Treasuryjvices will be conducted at Pe-terseim funeral home in Kalona at 3:30 pm. Tuesday. Burial: Sharon Hilt cenatory, Kalona. Two railroad employes were in jured, not seriously, when a budget cutbacks, slow-moving Amtrak pasenger train with 213 holiday passengers struck a freight. “Some passengers just kept Pot Law Change . thorization as part of a scries of East oil supplies was out of the Friends may call at Turner Saxbe Seeks No on sleeping,” station man .gerj Hilliard Stamper said Saturday question. “Talk of military intervention to secure oil at loser prices is unthinkable and ridiculous,” he told the newspaper Daily Star Stressing V. S. interest in a GPI) — (free and open market for a fair saHj price of oil, Simon said, “I^et i east. bus coming to a designated: pick-up station Motels in Coralville and Iowa j merit. City report a large number of “stay-overs” as persons follow highway patrol warnings and are not driving. Lows Saturday night will be j mostly in the 20s, with snow (diminishing across the state. took $306 worth Friday of ski equip- Windows Smashed By C. R. Vandals Glass breaking vandals continued to wreak havoc in Cedar Memorial Services Webster, Lora E. — Monday ISome pattered flurries could Rapids Friday night. New York. The collision occurred Friday I marijuana laws. SPRINGFIELD, Ohio “It only made    them two hours    Attorney General Saxbe___ and 15 minutes    late getting into    Friday night he would reeom-    the    market decide the real pr ce mend no changes in the nation’s    00    *be basis of supply and de mand without control of production.” He visited several Middle East countries recently for talks on oil prices and is planning another Middle East tour in cember for discussions with oil producers, the newspaper said at I p m. at Chapel of Memories persist in the extreme east : by the Rev. Neville G. Clayton j through Sunday J of Cedar Christian church. Burial: Cedar Memorial night about a mile from the Amtrak passenger terminal here “Yes, we’ve taken a stand,” I he said. “It is a law of the land. The Amtrak train, enroute Marijuana is illegal and I don’t from Miami and St. Petersburg recommend any change in that to New York, sliced the Sea- approach We are swamped board Coastline freight in half, with prosecution charges at the derailing and demolishing five current time hut as long as it’s empty cars. Only the locomotive a law we are going to do our on the Amtrak train was dam- best to enforce it.”_ aged. “To my understanding the freight train had the right of way,” Stamper said. “As far as I know the signals were working.” smashed at St. Andrew Luther- da( ^ ^ar^ram, 16, was piloting Skies will be partly cloudy an church. 4420 Center Point one Plane w*ih a flight instruc‘- tery*FriendsrmayTai? at Cedar Sunday w‘ih highs in the upper road NE. The yard light at the tor’ Alien ()    *3- Memorial funeral home after, 20s to low 30s. noon Sunday and at the Chapel j _ _ of Memories after 9 a m Mon-1    m    'vTat nav^nnorV day. The casket will be dosed\b^acer 10 33 at Davenport at 12:55 p.m. Monday Highs Friday were from 24 at Lows Friday night ranged Mitchell, Ann* Ellen — Trin- from 24 degrees at Sioux City, ity Lutheran church Saturday j F o r t Dodge, Dubuque and at 3 by the Rev. Richard I Spencer to 31 at Davenport. Thompson. Burial: Cedar Me-1 monal cemetery. Turner chapel |    ——— west was in charge of arrange ments. church was also smashed Wanted: All old coins Free McCune, both of Los Angeles; expert appraisal. Jerome's, IE and Beulah Armstrong and Mrs. Tower. — Adv    I    Emil    Stodola.    both    (rf Cedar - Rapids;    two    brothers,    Donald and Thomas, both of J’alo; and 14 grandchildren Services; Tuesday noon at Turner chapel west by Pastor MT VERNON, Wash (ITI)is 1 e g f ,r *e d    Burial; — Two light planes reported    ('rove    cemetery. Friends may call at Turner’s. v in* Cvdnf RnpiiU (fljiifHe £»tot>it«htd In IM) by Th* baittle Ce. Ona Dubif»n*d doily and Sunday al SOO Third av* SE. Cedar Rapid!, Iowa S140* Second clon pottog* paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rotes bv carrier VS cents a. week By mail : Night Edition and Sunday * Issues SI ti o month, ti! OO a year: Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues S3 IS a month, MO OO o year. Other states and U S. territories »60 OO a year. No Moil Subscriptions accepted In areas having boiette carrier service The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the us* for republication of oil the local nows printed In this newspaper os well as ell AP news dispatches. stunting and chasing each other — one piloted by a 16-year-old — collide! In flight and crashed, killing all four persons aboard The craft (topped to earth in flames and seorced wreckage Two plate glass windows were was m attered over a wide area. Mark Rinas. 20, was piloting Randy Ankeny, of 1810 Park the other, with a passenger Mi-avenue SE, said vandals shot chael Irvin. 20 out three garage windows with; a BB gun. Four other windows1 at the residence were knocked! out. For 61 years , . . flowers for all occasions IO YEARS AGO - The Soviet Union rejected a compromise; formula put forward by U Thant in hopes of averting a U.S.-Soviet confrontation. FLOWERS SAY SO MU CH—SO WHI Ave. Floral I Botanical! 39 16th Ave. S.W. 366-7148 WREATHS GRAVE MOUNDS GRAVE BLANKETS Peck's Groan Thumb SOOt C*nt«r feint Rd. N.K. .MUIA K. LAPE* Convenient downtown location 308 Third Avinus SI. 365-0511 Serving all faiths since 1888. John B.'IUrner& Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave. SE Turner’s West,-1221 First Ave. West rn « f ;

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