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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Brilliant Diamonds 25 magnificent diamonds set in a ring or pendant of rich 14 karat gold ... an exquisite gift she will treasure forever. Truly a crowning glory of brilliance tor your 2bth anniversary. 3A He Cedar Rapids Gazette: Than., Nev. 7, 1174 Federal Act To Affect Sports Programs at MVC Schools By Dayton Blair TULSA. Okla. (AP) — Are the glories of the football field and the excitement of a big-time college basketball team going to give up part of the show to women? Missouri Valley Conference Commissioner Mickey Holmes says a new federal requirement may mean just that in the future The nine-member conference of the midland area is taking steps to comply with Title 9 of the Education Act of 1972. The act deals partly with “if a men s program has a $1 million budget, we will either have to provide a comparable fund for women or cut the men's $1 million in half — or get the heck out of the business,” Holmes said of the rule which could possibly go into effect the first of next year. • I don’t think anybody is really considering the last alternative, though.” he said. Holmes recently wrote the health, education and welfare department on behalf of conference officials to express concern in some areas of the proposal. Drastic Changes As proposed, he said, the rule “would mean drastic changes in the present structure and would have a negative effect on sports now scheduled by draining funds off to start new competition.” For instance, he said, money would be required for teaching-coaching positions, equipment, uniforms and travel. One provision would permit a student vote annually on what competition to continue. For example, the student body might vote to cancel a sport where schedules have been made up in advance. “It seems to be a rather unrealistic provision,” Holmes said. Eligibility is a whole new subject, if the rules go into effect, he said. Women have no eligibility requirements at present. “lf you're in school, you’re eligible. And there are no rules on how many years women can compete. Graduate students are eligible. “The first time we rule a man ineligible, he can say these rules are supposed to be equal.” What happens, for instance, if women decide to have a field hockey team: Does the athletic director have to give that team equal time on the football field? Or if women decide to have a volleyball team, some men may decide they want one. “The athletic director will have no alternative,” Holmes said “The men and women are to have the same advantages.” Remains Optimistic Despite the problems. Holmes is optimistic about some sports, such as Women s basketball. “I can foresee the day that women’s basketball will be* playt*d in conjunction with the men’s game, although that is probably several years off I have a tendency to be more optimistic than some of my associates.” The Valley for the first time will have a conference championship program next spring for women. Competition will be held in tennis and golf. lf enough member schools are interested, the program may bt* extended in the future to include volleyball, gymnastics and track and field. Several conference schools now have intercollegiate competition for women, but they have never had a chance at conference time. Gazette Leases Wire Services Photos Spring Fashions, Already? A model at left shows a feather-pattern chiffon print for evening during a recent showing of Oscar de la Renta s warm weather collection. At right, from Pauline Trigere’s resort and spring 1975 collection comes this typical Trigere sheer chiffon print over a sheath-type formal underdress. The hat is by Frank Oliver and is a revival of the old ‘horsehair, an after-five hat with a see-through brim. The collection was shown this week in New York. Denies Mitchell’s Statement DENVER (AP) —■ Former International Telephone & Telegraph Corp. lobbyist Dita Beard has contradicted statements by former Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell that White House plumber G. Gordon Liddy spirited her out of W ashington more than two years ago. In a telephone interview Wednesday from the Rocky Mountain Osteopathic hospital, where she is being treated for a minor ailment, Mrs. Beard said Biddy had nothing to do with her coming to Denver when the senate judiciary committee was seeking her as a witness. The committee was investigating Richard G. Kleindienst after his nomination for attorney general Last July, Mitchell told the senate Watergate committee that Liddy helped in “spiriting her (Mrs. Beard) out of town (Washington).” Mitchell called the act one of the “horrors” ordered by the W Mute House. Went on Her Own “It never happened that way. Mrs Beard said I came out here myself Liddy had nothing to do with it.” The Watergate committee turned up evidence, including Mitchell’s statement, that Mrs Beard may have been taken out of Washington so she wouldn’t be on hand to testify about a memo she allegedly wrote. The memo, published by columnist Jack Anderson, suggested that the administration settled a major antitrust suit against ITT in return for an ITT subsidiary’s pledge of $4<NUNMi toward the 1972 Republican national convention in San Diego, Calif Mrs. Beard denied writing the memo. When Anderson’s column was published. Mrs Beard was located in the Denver hospital undergoing treatment for angina pectoris, a heart condition. Dita Beard, shown here in a March file photograph, Wednesday contradicted former Atty. General John N. Mitchell’s statement that she was spirited out of Washington two years ago by White House plumber C. Gordon Liddy. Mrs. Beard is currently a patient at Rocky Mountain Osteopathic hospital in Denver, Colo. Collapsed At Session She testified briefly before a senate judiciary subcommittee while a patient in March. 1972, but collapsed during the questioning, thus terminating the session. Mrs Beard 54, has confirmed to the Denver Post that a hospital visitor who came to see her prior to the senate panel's visit “possibly” was Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt, jr However, she denied rumors that Hunt had brought her to Denver for her stay in the hospital. Mrs. Beard said she has been in the hospital since Oct. 12 for treatment of a minor concussion suffered in a car accident She said she would probably leave the hospital Thursday and return to Calgary, Alta Stil on the ITT payroll, Mrs. Beard has been assigned primarily to Canada out of ITT's New York office. Wight BOOTMANSHIP! For the Young at Heart! In rich ruddy brown calfskin Wonderfully comfortable. Sizes 7 to 13, widths A to E. WE ARE TRAINED TO FIT YOU If he’s purchased shoes at Armstrong’s before, chances are we have his size on file. Smart gift idea. ARMSTRONG MEN S SHOES—STREET FLOOR Your New Home Is In The Want Ads fREE*E»R PIERCING WHAT DOES FREE EAR PIERCING MEANT Curiosity Shop charge* only for the gold earrings, $9.95. lf you were to purchase the earrings without having your ears pierced, the price would b« the same. Therefore, the piercing is free HOW ARE EARS PIERCED AT CURIOSITY SHORT Ear lobos and earrings are cleaned with alcohol and the piercing spot on the ear lobe marked with a surgical pencil. The earring is inserted into a piercing instrument which injects it into the lobe quickly and painlessly with pin-point accuracy. Each piercing is done with brand new earrings which were received in sealed containers. WHAT ARE THE PIERCING EARRINGST The piercing earrings are ball post earrings but are unique because they are 24 carat gold applied to surgical steel. This is usually safe even for people with metal sensitivities. The piercing earrings make good-sized, straight holes so it is possible to wear all types - of earrings. (Home piercing methods often produce croaked holes that are too small for posts.) NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY — COME IN TODAY CURIOSITY SHOP Society for Women Features Home Lodge Honors Long-Time Members Long-time members of Rebekah Home lodge 79 were honored at a meeting of the lodge Wednesday evening at IOOF temple Included in the 25-year and over members are Miss Helen Baker, 51 years; Miss Hazel Ramer. 60 years, and Mrs. No Wilson. 53 years. New members also received certificates. Co-hostesses for the event were Mrs. Elmer Beems, Mrs. Arthur Bamsey, Mary Hansen and Mrs. Cecil Raley. Home lodge also received a certificate of award for its donations to the anti drug program, Rebekah educational fund, Schyler Colfax memorial and to the World Eye Bank Visual Research foundation. First Lady To Receive Fatted Calf Bob’s ('lab Winners in a Mitchell movement game played Wednesday at the YWCA were: North-south — Mrs. F (I. Johnson and Mrs. Howard Wilfong, first, and Mrs. Richard Swarzentruber and Mrs K V Harrington, second; east-west — Richard Nassif and William Jennings, first, and Scott Denison and George Kanellis. second The next scheduled game will be played at 12:30 Saturday at the YWCA. Get a shower of results with a classified ad Call the magic number . . . 398-8234! SEGUIN, Texas (UPI) -First [.ady Betty Ford is going to receive a fatted calf from Texas ranchers who want her to know that beef is a bargain when middlemen costs are eliminated. “Since you are First Lady of the United States, we must assume also that you are the first housewife,” a letter accompanying the processed meat said. “For this reason, we would like to tell you just exactly how little this meat cost us. This calf weighed 465 pounds and cost 27*4 cents per pound for a total of $126 71 “The processing of this calf cost $38 28 and the carcass weighed 261 pounds. Adding these expenses together, this meat cost 63 2 cents per pound after it had been packed and ready for your freezer. “We realize that this is a great deal cheaper than offered BRIDAL PARTY FETES MISS CHRISTINE CLARK Miss Christine (Mark, 1248 Third avenue SFL was feted with a bridal party given Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Fred Weber at 1215 Country Club drive, Marion Co-hostess to the 20 guests was Mrs Man in Fernow Parents of the bride-elect are Mr. arid Mrs. Thomas Clark, 2734 Meadowbrook drive SE. Miss ( lark will be married Nov 30 to David Bauer, 139 Thirty-seventh street NE. son of Mr and Mrs. Leo Bauer, Blairs Ferry road NE. A group gift was given in the supermarkets in this area, and we are sure in your area as well,” the ranchers told Mrs Ford to emphasize how much profit middlemen make from ranch to market counter “The ranchers w ho grew this beef are rapidly going broke They work long and hard hours, use tremendous amounts of capital and not only are they not making a profit, but they are losing money every day,” the letter said “These are the facts that we would like to convey to every housewife in the U.S. Their families deserve good beef, and we like to produce it for them, but if something is not done soon, we will be out of business ’’ EASTERN-STYLF The Kastern-style tub fits almost any bathroom. It measures just 40 by 40 inches. But it is deep and has a builtin seat so that a bather can sit and soak shoulder high in sudsy comfort. The wide flat rim all around holds bath and grooming supplies. Final Vote Count Shows Madam Lost LIDA JUNCTION, Nev (UPI) — The euphoria, the last of the house booze and the winning vote margin vanished with the dawn, leaving would-be Solon Beverly Harrell just a madam again. I,ate returns appeared to indicate that Harrell, who runs the Cottontail Ranch — a brothel - had lost her race for the state assembly by 122 votes. “I think FII demand a recount.” complained the petite, red ha ired owner of the legal bordello, a collection of trailers topped by blinking red lights at a lonely desert crossroad. “In the early evening, I was leading and the margin widened.’ she said “Then all of a sudden nobody seemed to know anything about totals for many hours, and now today the unofficial count shows I have lost. . . . something funny started happening to that vote around midnight.” The count showed Ms. Harrell lost to Don Moody, a service station owner, 2.874 to 2.552. Both are Democrats. One of the problems is that the three-county district covers 25,800 square miles, almost all of it uninhabited desert, broken by occasional ranches, mines, tiny towns and federal installations. Voters use paper ballots, and the counting goes slowly. When it appeared that Harrell had become the first madam to win election to the state office in Nevada — w here prostitution is legal on a local option basis — she gave her “girls” the night off and served free champagne to the crowd of wellwishers that jammed the house. “This place was a madhouse.” Harrell said the morning after. “People were wall to wall I guess I could figure out how many by taking inventory of the liquor — whatever I had I guess they drank ” Harrell said she plans to fight the vote count, but in the meantime “it looks like people may still he calling me madam.” Choose From A Large and Unique Selection Of vvP4<o ^ To Fit <<* ^ Any Decor jQ * CEDAR RAPIDS PAINT 50* 3rd Av*. Si Phono 363-9634 >Siebhe &L 777 2nd Ave. S.E. 366-447S PALMS HEALTH SPAS, INC. 222 Glenbrook Or. S.E. (Next to Executive Plaza I FALL SPECIAL! 13 Visits SQM • Personalized Supervisor • Heated Pool • Whirlpool Bath • Finnish Sauna • Turkish Steam • Diet Consultant FIRST TIME BEGINNERS ONLY CALL US NOW 393-8710 FOR AN APPOINTMENT nims* IHHO t filar Kapiiln' Hill1 Ji ll riff I hut ulna a. J JI 'ni’iinnl lunar. Yf., t > ;

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