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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Clear tonight with J«w» in the mid ;l0s, I artly cloudy Friday with highs around W). Ut1 (Sedge mgpidd ©gjfHt CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - M MEER 302 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES FARMERS WASHINGTON (AP) - U. S. District Judge John Sirica said Thursday that former President Nixon’s testimony in the Watergate eover-up trial may have to be taken on videotape in California. Sirica made the comment after Nixon’s attorney, Herbert Miller, reported to Sirica that it will be at least two or three mortths before Nixon can exert any “substantial mental or physical effort.” A little later, Sirica said he would admit into evidence 26 White House tapes which the j prosecutors say are the heart of their case. Sirica overruled objections from defense lawyers who said insufficient proof had been provided to show that the conversations on the tapes actually took place. Defense lawyers also argued that the prosecution has not shown in court that at least one of the participants in the conversations agreed to the taping. “Indeterminate” Reporting on Nixon’s health as required by Sirica. Miller said it will be “an indeterminate time” before Nixon can travel any significant distance. Nixon, hospitalized in Long Gazette Leased Wires Beach. Calif., was reported G.O.P. Senators Ask Broader Party Base Rap Food Meeting as Just Talk WASHINGTON (AP) -- Three ate, where Republicans led moderate Republican senators I three senate races by a total of say the G.O.P. must broaden its less than 1,300 votes, base and offer specific econom-1 G.O.P. victories in all three -ic programs if it hopes to re- j North Dakota, New Hampshire bound from off-year election de- and Nevada - would keep the ! feats that left its national:net Democratic senate gain to| ROME (UPI) — Farmers strength at a 10-year low.    three, from 58 to 61. Democratic1^0™ the rich crop lands of the The statements from Senators I victories could sell the gains as 0. S. Midwest told the global Weicker of Connecticut. Percy j high as six, to 64.    conference on food Thursday of Illinois and Mathias of Mary-! jn the other senate races one ^at    cannot continue to land came as President Ford ,cd by each party the margin Pay thc    grid’s meal    ticket. and Senate Democratic Leader was less than 5.000 votes. And in    The    presidents    of    the    Illinois Mike Mansfield pledged cooper- five governorship contests, too, 30(1 *owa Farm Bureaus, the ation Wednesday despite a gen-:the unofficial margin was less '    4 oral expectation of conflict over than 5,000. economic programs.    I    „    .    n r    Closest    Race “Inherent Weakness” I . The closest senate contest was ‘‘There is an inherent-in North Dakota, where Repub-weakness in the entire structure o f the Republican party,” Weicker declared. “They are not going to win any election until they broaden the base of their party. “The party doesn’t offer much in the way of specific programs or in the way of a philosophy.” Percy, sounding a bit like the presidential contender he hoped to be before President Ford Confers with Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield -UPI Telephoto (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Worry-Beset Israel Faces K>ssinger two largest food exporting states, criticized the conference called by Secretary of State Kissinger as just a lot of “fine words and brave talk.” “This conference doesn’t produce one iota of food,” said Harold Steele of the Illinois Farm Bureau. And “while we talk about the need for increased production in both developing and developed nations, we must talk frankly about who is going to pay for it,” said J. Merrill Anderson of I the Iowa bureau. “The American farmer cannot Mansfield Pledges To Cooperate TEL AVIV (UPI) - Secretary „ __ ------ Ford    succeeded    of State Kissinger flew Thurs- Richard Nixon, said, “The Re- day to Israel on the fifth stage of con ue lo Produce f°°d rf bis publican party can rebound, out his Middle East peace mission to (*xP°nses outrun his income, only by developing a distinct set face a nation worried that the Stee‘e sa‘d‘ of programs that realistically U. S. might bring pressure on Not U. S. Taxpayers attack the problems, especially! Israel to negotiate with the Pal-    . .. . the crunching economic prob- estine Liberation Organization    '    '    f    PL lems .hat confront us all." I IsraeU sources said the gov- !7cyTc M," te ^'d^b^t wc are saying that neither farmers nor American taxpayers should be expected to carry the burden 45 minutes Wednesday to dis-1 He is preparing a special mcs-i issues likely to be left to a U7 ,    .    .    .    *    j    i    WASHINGTON    -    President    cuss    plans for the lame duck sage to congress urging passage congress where more sweeping _____ Wednesday to have contracted al , ,    session    which    oDens    Nov    18    j    »    solutions    could    have more sud- Stoups Ford has won assurance from A . wnicn opens inov. hi. dunng the current congress 0f *    0    cornu    na mort c up slight case of pneumonia, fur-}j ther complicating his condition. He underwent surgery last week for a blood clotting condition. Miller said he spoke with Nixon’s personal physician, Dr. John Lungren, who gave him a detailed description of Nixon’s condition. Hospital Stay Miller said Nixon is likely to J remain hospitalized for another IO days or two weeks. “Because of the patient’s weakened condition,” Miller said, “it is expected that the earliest time he could participate, without a serious danger to his health, in any activity requiring substantial mental or physical effort would be two to three months Asked whether the huge Dem- port. Mathias, saying that he had eminent would press Kissinger received support from blacks, for further clarification of labor and ethnic groups in his    Washington’s stand. The confu- re-election, said he intends to    sion arose Wednesday when    a|0ne    ** see that the national G.O.P. White House Press Secretary *    ‘    ....    .    .    ~    . “docs reach out" to such    Ronald Ncssen said President    A    ^    ,    1*7*'    ? Ford still stood by a statement    B,utz;.    sa,d    •»    found    “ loci ,h.. UL. Pin  aal 'he conference willing to Warning on Spending    make    the    sacrifices    necessary last week that the PLO could still have a role in the negotia-Conservative Republican Sen.ltjons Israel has refused to have any dealings with the PLO on the world food to alleviate crisis. “With all the fine words and brave talk going on around here whose sole aim is the"dcstr7cOin «? end " wil' •* Anteri-(ion of Israel    cm    ,a*Pa-ver    who    Pa-Vs    for    “• In Contact grounds it is a terrorist group only members of Nixon’s family Senate Majority leader Mike (K.ra|j majorjtlcs wou,d under-^ 40 bills- including appro-    Increasingly    doubtful Mansfield .hat the heavily Dem-U Ftad’sWam. Mansfield Potions, energy and his coo-J ^^3 <KTaUc new congress wiH coop-.    said, “This will    not be a,    manic proposals.    action this year    on the nomina-t\TThe n adon stadd brareih crate with him in the fight on    congress that will    attempt to    Mansfield said he    told    Ford    hon of Nelson    Rockefeller as    sclf ..(or another round of highly m“ThZas no'S0 bing as a demeant,K Presiden'”    “we    would do our hest to fight vice-president.    by    .ta veto-proof congress.” the Mon-    Budget Decisions    inHaUOT    andr«e*sl^’    |    The    senate    may    finish .^overwhelming Democratic ...... (ana senator said. “That is an The President will spend    !!!i °VT. KUg, “I    C0"^retS T"Wer WaS n0t Up f°r      lButzsald impossibility. You have to do    much of this week    making key . .,    , siili favors    awe    i>e'avc    ac<:n “che ule . |    re-election this year. ......    Cuba    Flays    lf.    S. these things cooperatively.”    budget decisions before his trip    ‘    ,    ‘ mntmk    Th,    .    jMIn tbe bouw, w    e e the judice    He said rn a statement issued    Kissinger conferred in Damas-    (bum*)    *    scathing attack Mansfield met with Ford for to the Far East.    n^nTrl    h^viR    .“‘,ee    haa    “l. bc*u" bv h,s Austin. Texas, of ice that cus Thursday with Syrian Caba Issued a scathing attack ____ _____L __ _(Hi(dents plans rely heavily on hearings, it seemed likely that a number of fine, well quali- president Assad and said in a    ”    *    g    America voluntary efforts.    the final vote would come in fled Republican candidates fell statement at Damascus airport was using the hungry and starv‘ Little Action Seen I™    i    victim to economic condition*    men    jJHStETTo    J*    «*    *<*'d    «    P"™* “> Tho .    „•    -    rv. ! In the congress that convenes over which they - and the remain in contact and exchange for™ do*n odP'lccs- Hie sweeping gains Demo- m january, Democrats are as- White House — had no Control.'’ views over the weeks ahead “ ' crats scored in congress, especially in the house, could mean that the lawmakers will do little IOWA CITY — The University (cerning the possibility of locat-imore lhan niark tinie in the of Iowa scheduled a late-after-!ing the county ambulance ser-|,a™€ duck session. Major decisions on economic most of had little chance of enact- Second Major Gift To U. of I. Seen onths.”    noon    press    conference Thursday ''*0*1 m new ^arver und- I .a{°T. ec* I®”® Hr! ^ JSf4.    which,    sources say, Musca- “I have seen jwllmta* which had little dianci Carlo Rafael Rodriguez, sured at least 291 house seats. Nearly complete election re- ^ that strengthening"of friend(^ha’s vice-premier, told the more than two-thirds, with three turns showed Democrats fell jv u. S.-Syrian relations would I1 ^ delegates from nwe than races still unsettled. In the sen- short of their predicted pre-elec- continue    100    COUiltr*es    that    the    “interna- ate, they will have at least 61 lion gains by the narrowest of Hp ^ ^ had oxpla]ncd out of IOO.    margins, especially in the sen- . cvrion int Arrant of Hat5- caPltal,st countries is the fault _________!------- the Syrian mtercep ions of deci-f s(ub5orn    0f    the    U. sions taken at the Arab Summit are allowed to visit for only five ;t*nc Industnahst Roy (arver|emergency facilities will be ment this year in any case, are minutes of each hour.    was to announce a gift, believed I a m 0 n g' the finest in the more hke,y than ever lo ^ left plans and they indicate the new “The patient is very weak and to exceed $3.5 million, for Un easily fatigued,” Miller said No Decision Based on Miller’s report, Sirica said, “It may be that someone will have to go to San Clemente and take his deposition on videotape.” Sirica emphasized, however, that he had made no final decision on how to get Nixon’s testimony. The affidavit did not say spe I versify hospitals. Ona source said the Carver 1 ...    * • — unit. Voter Turnout Least Since 1946 at % Conference in Rabat and that in turn he reiterated America’s S.” WASHINGTON (AP) - Voter country,” Ward said. Plans in- th<! m°re Democratic, more dicate there will be patient care L .a younger congress floors above    the    emergency    i thai will con’vene in January. ,    ^    ..nit    *    I here will be a strong effort gift would be approximately $2 UIIU-    in    the    sena|e    t0    conclude    action    turnout for Tuesdays elections million, and that the $3.5 million I    Preparatory    Stage    thjs    yeaf    0n    th(?    gorej_    trade    fell to the lowest level of any figure represented the total cest Ward emphasized that plans bill, which the house has passed year since 1946, with an unoffi-of the new hospital unit.    .jq locate the county ambulance I and which was brought to the count showing 38 percent Carver is chairman of the j service at the new unit “are, verge of senate approval by aj°f f*10 voting age population board of Bandag, Inc, in Mus-|onjy jn ^ preparatory stage.” I compromise on Soviet emigra- cas* ballots, catine. It would be the second)^ said he was sorry the press tion policies.    s    disheartening    that    voters major gift Carver has made to | learned about the proposal be- Some senators also have pro- personally affected-both by Wa-the university.    fore ^ was submitted to the mised to try to attach to any tergafe and °ur econwnic crisis ...v  ......-    —- ,    donated    85,000    board of supervisors.    available    house bill some vcr- d*d n°f ,uri1 ou* 'n lumber num- cifically that    Nixon is too weak:shares    of f{;indag    st(>ck. then johnson    Supervisor    Bob    sion of the tax on oil company    bt’rs,” Ruth    ( lusen.    president    of    The to provide a    deposition, even if    vaIued    at about $3.5    million. The    Burns W()u](j    onj    say    tha(    windfall profits, which has been    the. I1f‘ague    ,of Women    doters,,the he remained    in California, but    Slft was used f(,r a    .nu”1*fr#, ^    something must be    done    “as    stymied in the house.    sa'd Wednesday.    gressr hv projects, including installation!, •    &    .    Tile    turnout,    tabu    ated    in    an    general "verod.,by|Pf Lim.   .? Finnic    M poss'hle about the,    „„    WaKtaf    U.t    Associated Press survey, was Deminratic 1942, when millions of men were “In the ruling circles in the U. ...    ,    .    *    „    |S. there is talk of negotiating willingness to pracetd on a step- (|    (ation    of    food lo ^ bv-step basis to br,nj; a just and    jn    couWrl<s ,.. tom? peace to the area    Hodriguez said. “Cuba knows Syria had been regarded as    lmperialist    methods, the most militant of the four    br Cuba (0 away from home because of Arab countries he has visited in j(s zkm,ps wj(h j(j mobilization for World war II. The official figure for Tuesday may turn out to be less than 38 percent. The bureau bases its figures on the vote cast for all house races, which usually is less than the vote in statewide races which was used for the AF* calculation. turnout was poorest in South, where many economic the past few days. He had won ,    , support from Egypt, Saudi Ara- J,c af.e A . . .. lf bin and Jordan and flow to Israi> Presc"te< Israel to tell Arab leaders of the OTa™Ple, U! dc.v' ”P'ng conclusions reached.    on    how    to    bulld    ,0od President Assad is reputed to have received more than $2 billion in recent arms aid from tile Soviet Union He backed Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Libera- and offered its help to other nations. Canadian Pledge Allan MacEachen, Canadian secretary of state for external told the conference con ,bon Organization over King Hus- gff^rs gressmen'ran 'unopposedin thei:^.n    ^    7 'hjratened to wednesday Canada “commits im*    ,|i^    u,, (.overed hv1P1 ojvcls, mciuuui^ m.vioiiduuo;    .    ,,    -    ., ■. ..I,,,, tv,    .    .    me    <uiiioui,    lauuiaieu    in    an    general election and where the '^'"t.„i^ b r°C' lo supplying .in average ct this apparently was covered by lr artificial turf at Kinnick vt-j. ^ possible about the,    On    Wai’ing    List    Associated Press survev was Democratic nomination f „ r 'he Dolan Heights.    I million tons of food grains an- Miller’s reference to “any activ- “ arimciai tun at Mnmck Ma-    s    present ambuiance scr- _ .    ..    .    Associated Press siiivey. was wmtKrauc nominal on t or KUsinger f)ew , Damascus nua|iv (or each of the Sext three tty.”    d,um    vice.    It    is located at the rear of Hu 'vide-ranging tax revision, the lowest since 946 when 37.1 statewide offices is often (anta- , Amman where he said he ”“a 'y..r **tl'    “* Nixon has been subpoenaed    No    Information    the    Johnson co,inly courthouse a nat,onal h,'alth Plan's ron«,b; P*,rcent cxaI>'lsed ,be r,«ht ‘° m“nt ‘°    ,    .    told King Hussein he believed a yC-jC Canadians became the by both the prosecution and by carver was unavailable for “and is encountering many traf-enlnK of„ the unemployment .vole, according lo Census Ru-l I he highest turn,,ut appeared    h    The    Cadrans - -    -    -    •    .....*---- i    compensation    system    and    a    big    rcau figures. The lowest figure to be about 60 percent in South r r    Mrsl major ioou piuuucm^ defendant John Ehrlichman. J comment and university of-1    r.i r . The prtix ufion has indicated    flcJajs declined    to provide any!    ’    °    ’’ that it hopes to be able to biake    information on    the 4    p.m. press its case without Nixon s R’stimo-    conferem.e scheduled    at Univer- ny.    sity hospitals. But Ehrlichman s lawyers J sources said Gov. Rob<*rt Ray have said the former President S|bas sent a telegram expressing' testimony is vital to their case.    bls regrets at    being    unable to MAYHILL, N M. (UPI) attend,    as    he    is    enroute    to    the    Several times last    weekend Virgin    Islands    for    a    brief    vaca-j    rural residers saw    boys, a girt and adults walking near a parked van or peering from its windows beside    a busy highway. But no one stopped and the family made no effort to communicate with strangers. Early Wednesday    rancher Edmund Runyan saw one of the children staring at him Rom inside tho van and decided to investigate. ‘ ‘ I thought maybe the parents had gone off and left the children alone,” Runyan said. “I stopped and opened the back door of the van. “I saw the woman lying public service job program are on record is 32.5 |>crcent for Dakota. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) Family Found in Van: 2 Dead, 3 Starving (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) Today s Index Comics .      8B Crossword ...........gR Dally Record Deaths ....... Editorial Features Farm ..... Financial Marion Movies Society Sports State Television Want Ads ...... 3A .... 3A ... HA 71$ 9B .... IB 4B 8A-14A . IC-IC 4A-5A I ti A •CIIC % -rn* tion. The gift has been confirmed by two non-university officials, one who asked not to be quoted. James Ward, director of the Johnson county ambulance .service, said be has seen plans for the new hospital addition. Both sources said the wing will be known us the Carver Pavilion. Augment Salaries? in addition to the hospital addition. one university source said part of the gift will be used to augment faculty salaries. Ward said he was contacted by a member of the University hospitals administration “con- there with her three boys,” he said. “I asked her if she was having trouble and she told me lier husband and daughter were dead in the front seat.” At the scene authorities found the father. William Orr, 48, and the* couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Annette, dead, probably since Sunday. The mother, Lillian, 44. and the three boys, William, jr , 12, Joseph, ll, and Gregory, 7, were rushed to a hospital in Alamogordo. Spokesmen said all four were so weak they could hardly speak but were expected to survive. “There is no real way of knowing how long they had gone without food until we can talk to the mother,” said Med- i c a I Examiner Lawrence Moon. “They were undernourished and suffering from malnutrition but not to the point of death.” He said Orr and his daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning from an open charcoal grill in tile van. William, jr.’s diary, found inside the van, indicated the family had run out of money and not eaten for several days. “The diary had an entry dated Oct. 31 which said they had eaten two watermelons the day before and planned to eat their last one that day,” said Otero County District Attorney Norman Bloom. “The only other reference to food was a hamburger the little girl had eaten.” Bloom, who plans to question the mother when she recovers, said he believed the family was too proud to seek help. “There was an apple orchard just across a fence and a house within 150 yards,” Bloom said. “But I think they refused to beg as a matter of pride. They might have accepted some help if it had been offered, but they weren’t going to go begging for it.” Bloom said the family apparently was traveling across country when it ran out of food and gasoline on the southern New Mexico high- tion to pledge a definite quantity of grain to a planned stockpile to help developing nations avert mass famine. Agriculture Secretary Butz, who heads the American delegation to the conference, refused to make any specific commitments and stressed America's I vie w that each nation must control its own food reserves. He said the creation of large way. In Pennsylvania, relatives of the Qrrs said the family had disappeared about a year ago, leaving their home intact    reserves from the    world’s    cur- with food and clothing.    rcnt short food supplies    “would Bloom said the family’s van call for less consumption tins held a number of religious jyear, higher food prices and signs. One, penciled    in    red    more inflation.” ink, stated they were out of ! “The best assurance of food food, money and gasoline. security is increased produc-“But it was written in a way that did not reflect begging,” said Bloom “They apparently made up their minds to die rather than beg ” Another sign, also    in    red, said: “You like your beliefs to be respected, so please respect ours.” I Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 ) lo duff's Chuckle Note on mail package: “Fragile. Throw underhanded.” Copyright 19/4 M j ;

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