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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa TOA Ledar lipids Gizfttf: Thurs., Nov. 7, UTI Wife Objects To More Alimony By Abigail Van Buren DEAK ABBY: My husband has too much pride to ask his former wife to relinquish her alimony payments. We’ve discussed it and he is also opposed to taking the matter to court. Based on the following facts, do you think my husband should continue paying alimony? 1. She received all the equity in a home, paid-up car and ail furnishings as part of the original settlement. 2. Their children are now married and financially independent. 3. His ex-wife is in her forties, employed full-time and earns better than average income. 4 He has paid her alimony promptly for 14 years. I would appreciate your thinking. SECOND WIKE DEAR WIFE: You've stated that you have discussed the matter with your husband, and he’s content to keep the status quo. so my thinking is not likely to influence him. Alimony has been appropriately called, "the high cost of leaving." Perhaps unconsciously your husband feels that it's not too high a price to pay for what he bought. ★ A * DEAR ABBY: For the last eight years I have been ‘engaged” to a married man. I know you’ve heard this story a thousand times, but he says we will be married as soon as he can get a divorce. Lately I am beginning to wonder He is 42 and I am 29 When I met him he said he was separated from his wife. Irater on he said he was trying for a divorce but she was contesting it He claims he lives like a gypsy, staying with one relative after another and sometimes with friends. I have never had a phone number where he can be reached in case of emergency. And no address either. He owns his own business and has given me some expensive gifts, but I want to get married and live a normal life. I used to tell my family and friends that I was too young to get married, but at 29. that’s a ridiculous excuse. How do you figure this? Am I just a slow learner? I promise to take any adv ice you give me. Please help TIRED OF WAITING DEAR TIRED: I think you've been used. Don't waste any more of your valuable time on him. dear. Quietly relocate and make sure he doesn't have your phone number or ad dress. ★ ★ ★ DEAR ABBY: Our daughter is a lovely, 24-year-old. college-educated woman who is in love with a man who absolutely does not believe in marriage. They have been living together for three years and now they want to start a family We are heartsick and don't know what to do. He has no family, but we have. My parents would suffer even more than we if they knew that their beloved grandchild (my daughter) had a child out-of-wedlock. Should we say they were secretly married and try to carry it off, or forget it? We have no one to ask for adv ice as we are too ashamed to have anyone know HEARTSICK DEAR HEARTSICK: Ytu are not responsible for the decisions of your 24-year-old daughter, so hold up your heads and get over the idea that you have something about which to be ashamed. Do not lie to your parents or anyone else. It may ease your burden to know that you have plenty of company. A A A CONFIDENTIAL TO "IN DEEP IN HIGHLAND PARK, ILL.": There are exceptions, but a good rule to follow is: Don't lend money to a person who owes you money unless he has made an honest effort to pay at least part of what he owes you. Women Runners Need Some Fat Is SAN FRANCISCO (AP) fat good for you? If you’re a woman who likes to run, some of it is, says Dr. .loan Uilyot, a medical researcher and one of the world’s top women long-distance runners. The 34-year-old pathologist says her own research and competitive experience indicate that after 20 miles of running, women can, in fact, outrun men, largely because their bodies have a greater percentage of fat and they seem to convert it to energy more efficiently. But she warned that this is residual fat, not the excess fat associated with obesity. Excess fat is metabolized so slowly that ifs almost useless in cross country running, she said ON THIS DATE in 1904 a nearly-completed building collapsed in Rio de Janeiro, killing 41 persons The Mrs. The Miss The Missy The Ms. All hair needs Professional Care Professional hair care is for the housewife, professional women, the little girl in all of us, and the liberated woman .. You re never too young call today for an appointment PEG'S Iteaute Salon Your Full Serv ice Salon 112 2ftb Street NE 364 41b! Vt 1974 NHCA ★ EVERGREEN BRANCHES for Pots and Planters ★ PEAT MOSS and MANURE for winter mulch. A WILT PROOF for new evergreens. Baumhoefeners Nursery 4241 Johnson Ave. N.W.    Phone    363-8219 Next To Hoover School Mrs. Hicks Won't Reveal Anti-Busing Plans By Seth My dans BOSTON (AP) — "Are you that naive? How can you ask me a question like that?" asked Louise Day Hicks. "Five federal lawyers come into Boston and you’re asking me what kind of plans have I got to stop the busing," she said to a reporter. For IO years Mrs. Hicks has been at the core of resistance to forced school integration in Boston And although she may not want to talk about her plans, nobody is going to stop her now — not a federal court order, not 450 national guardsmen in an armory 20 minutes away, not five Washington lawyers sent here especially to prosecute those who resist. Widespread Resistance Organized resistance to court-ordered school desegregation in South Boston and Hyde park has been widespread and unyielding. Large crowds chanting the school cheer jammed the entrance to South Boston high school when the first buses brought black children last month. Motorcades have driven protesters to the doors of a newspaper, a federal judge, a cardinal. More than 5.000 residents marched through South Boston’s streets to protest busing one bright fall morning. And a determined school boycott remains in effect in parts of the city, with school department officials estimating that 12,(MN) students are staying out of class. Mrs. Hicks is at the core of the resistance, but it spreads beyond her. deep into the spirit of the community Irish working class South Boston is determined that nobody is going to tell it what to do. and that spirit has crystallized into an organization that has its roots in almost every home and on every street corner Not Sheep "They’re not sheep. They don't need people to tell them what to do, says Boston Police ( apt. Arthur (’. Cadegan, who has lived in South Boston for 45 years. Those who have become leaders, almost all of them women, meet secretly every Wednesday in city hall, with Mrs. Hicks, who is a city councilor. Their meetings in a group called ROAR (for Restore Our Alienated Rights) have continued despite the arrival earlier this month of the justice department lawyers. I don t see any action that is in violation of the court order.” Mrs. Hicks said And so far, the lawyers apparently agree. So far. they have moved only against violent attempts to block the busing order, and Mrs. Hicks says she is against violence girl*** famous nam** sportswear SAVE W. It's just about the most popular style and fabric any girl could want, and at a very special price. Shop now while the selection is great for skirts, slacks, matching jackets in coordinates for girls. Great gift shopping plans here! Sizes 4 to bx r».:t f to 1M17 Sizes 7 to 14 .l.ftft to I I.H7 Children s first floor YOUNKERS s a I ism l it i\ u n u s LINDAU; Pl,A/1 "I don’t have any axe to grind with Louise Day Hicks, says John Conroy, one of the lawyers. He does say he suggested to her that it would tie ‘‘inappropriate’’ to picket the home of Federal Judge VV Arthur Garrity, whose court order forced desegregation of the city’s schools eight weeks ago The women from ROAR run South Boston’s resistance like an election campaign. Tight-Knit Community Almost everybody knows almost everybody else in the tight-knit community, and over the last five years a system of block captains has developed. "When something happens, we call the block captains, and they in turn call IO people, and those people tell their friends," says Virginia Sheehy. a ROAR member. “Within a couple of hours ifs very easy to reach hundreds and hundreds of people." “I’ve seen evidence of what can happen," Cadegan says. "One day it was a quarter to 12 and they got word of something going on at the high school. By five minutes of 12 there were a couple of hundred mothers in front of the school." Mrs. Sheehy is one of the organizers of the South Boston Information Center, initially opened to counter the official information center in city hall. It has also become the center for an after school tutoring service at which eight teachers meet four days a week with some of the boycotting students. ‘‘This isn’t something that happened overnight.’’ Mrs. Sheehy said in an interview "This is something we’ve known was coming for at least five years.” Sound trucks and mim.-.nraph machine* operate Mel Ihjj information center, supplementing the ck ioniums, volunteers man the telephones. "We don’t have electronic computers or anything, Mis. Sheehy said "Ifs primitive tint it works. i it h'i« hroiiL'ht South Boston nothing lf resistance works, it has nrougm wui. but a stalemate. The ROAR leaders recognize that the only hopi » mobilize public opinion and turn the law aroum A nationwide march on Washington from desegregated ti* ties is being considered    funds ^ h|r(, And the information center has btgu    uoston»g    case a "famous constitutional lawyer to take a to court.    , ■ There s Kid to be a why.” Mrs. Sheehy said I here s po ,0 be some I lh,.Ie ar some annie that somebody hast. I thought of yet. ’’ BARNEY’S PAINT and WALLPAPER 1506 1st Avenue N.E. will be closed Saturday, Nov. 9th so our employees may attend the National Paint and Decorating Assoc. Convention Chicago to serve you better in I 975. in Zenith S2905 14” (Diag.) 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