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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATION*! WI ATNI* M»VICt IOMI AU I. 7 AN Ut ll - ?Z ’>.59^    29.65    20.77 William Maurer Man Faces Five Counts Of Robbery Magistrate Court Magistrate Hears William Maurer, 75, of 1057 F avenue NW, died Wednesday following a long illness. Born in' -lames Stick, 21, no address, Three Drug Cases Luzerne June 27, 1899, he had was charged Wednesday with lived in Cedar Rapids since five counts of armed robbery    lhree persons appeared The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., November 6, 1974 JA Linn Voting Turnout An Apparent Record Linn county voters turned out j at Erskine school, registering in apparent record numbers for the highest, 67.6 percent. in a non-Presidential election 50,644 persons I I V U \*,\J U11 vm V/1 (I til IV- Vi I v t    •■j    j    ^ childhood. He was married to after police arrested him leav-'magistrate’s court ori charges of flo“,^‘the i>ol,S Edna Zachary, Dec. 12, 1923, in! mg the second of two businesses j possession of a controlled sub-] ^    /ini Cedar Rapids, and had been in the 3300 block of First avenue stance. employed at Turner Co. until hi* E that were robbed minutes Michael Richman, 1047 The county’s computer calculi lated the turnout as 55.5 percent The lowest turnout was at Cedar Rapids city hall, 28th precinct, with a 36.4 percent turnout. The previous high for a non- ..trmnn,    •    Mr    Manror    aoart    gent street NE, pled guilty Mon-    °f 91>246 persons registered to    Prudential election was in retirement    in 1966. Mr.    Maurer    P ■    d and was jwn a 30.day sus.    vote. However, Merle Rope!    |%6 when the governor's race w,IS a member of trinity 1^* Wnen arrested in front of    ,    ,    ...    sontencc    was    said    Tuesday    latest    registration    drew the largest number of theran church of Cedar Rapids.;7-Eleven food store, 3315 First P^ded jail sentence, ta was    j    *    arew ine largest numoer ot avenue SP shortly after 9 a m charged with possession of ‘‘gores .cl me loiai ai    t voters, 47,380. Surviving m odd.hon m his    "    in„    marijuana on July 30.    which    would    mak<‘    a    55.3    per-    The    record for a Presidential nearly $400 and a .32 caliber re-! Dwight Johnstone, no address, cent turnout.    flection year was set two years volver.    was bound over to the grand    a check of county records    ago when the governor’s race Stick    was also    charged    with    Jury Tuesday following a pre-    back to 1950 .showed that the    again attracted most votes, loriesat the    Hairy    Maid    liminary hearing He is charged    66.644 turnout is the highest    ! 67.921. Surviving in addition to his wile are a daughter, Dorothy Schoonover, and a son, Donald Maurer, both of Cedar Rapids; two sisters, Mrs. Harold Miller, Mrs. Russ Graham, and a I hrnth'»r Walter all nf OH ar store, 2026 Sixth street SW, on with possession of marijuana on during that period for a noncom.r, wailer, ail or oaar w J u  t , fv>t ,Q    Prudential    year,    with IAI uiii.i, nailer, sill VI lycuai    ft,,,    in Rapids, and two grandchildren Monday where an undetermined c    i    ...i______amount of money was taken:    1    mmP UU WI ATH! I f OI OC ASI ® Rain is expected Wednesday night from northern California through Oregon and Washington, over central Florida and western Texas. Mostly fair elsewhere. Legislators— (Continued from Page I.) the Rev. Richard L. Thompson. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. Friends may call at I Turner chapel west until 9 p.m. Friday, and at the church from IO am. until 1:25 p.m. Saturday. The casket will not be opened after the service. j    -- Memorial Services Bramow, Limo R. - Thurs- The Weather Presidential    year, with the s'7rvi    •    Trini'tvl mhpran    I amount of    money    was    taken;! fillip Rasmussen, 1115 Sixth    totals in the    earliest years of churoh -    f    MO    n r    Saturd v    hv    the Clark    service    station, 2020 street NW, pled guilty Monday    the period    running about church at    1.30    p.m.    Saturday    by    six(h ^    ^    wherc I and sentencing was deferred for    30,000. $230 was taken from an atten-    one year De was charged    with    sixteen    precincts    in    the dant, and a robbery of three    possession of marijuana on    Aug.    county    were    jjstecj    as    having residents of a house at 350 Edge- 27 wood road NW on Oct. 17 where stereo equipment valued at    Five-Day Sentence $1 250 and »152 cash were taken. j0rdered for Assau|t Police are still searching for a w w second suspect who took p-art in Two persons appeared in ^    I • #    «    I the robbery of the three men. magistrate’s court on charges of f    Cl HO I Cl Cit 6 J Police were called to the assault and battery.    j    , Clark service station across    Steve Jones, 124 Janice    drive    J Iowa Turnout Also Apparent New Record „    DES MOINES (AP) - Iowa turnouts of more than 60 per- bucked ,he na(jona] (rend #f |ow cent, with the fourth precinc . voter turnout Tuesday, but the state’s assistant election com- What Is in a each fined $20 and enport; costs. Vehicle control violation — sentcd Robert Dozier, 206 Twenty- mayor and a Republican 9 931 Bramow' l,mo R — Thurs- Clark service station across btl 7 c.n *    ’    day    at    I at Chapel of Memories the street from the food store by NW. was given a five-day jail '    .    cni/nf    Tnnitv'i    uThr    r    ^ThnTrh"    Collin    R.    Howrey,    712    Thirty-sentence with four days sus-1 In the 13th district, now repre-j‘Rnrial. r>H,;r Mrmnriai remnJ second street NE, who reported pended. He was charged with I By Associated Press in the senate by Sen. !tery. Cedar Memorial in charge High Temperatures Tuesday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anchorage    31 74    L. Angeles    71    54 Atlanta ....4* 47 .32 Miami    .    84    74 Bismarck    40 27    Min'epolu    40    24 IST ::: ii I? ” HP n ii * Dla<;#“u,ni"f be" , in publ,!' mend, assistant' city''attorney IcommJSty" church'“.t TuValj'^ and «** ata «'» and road SE- P'.«d guilty Tues- Honolulu    84 7 3    Seattle    54    44 .21 Place — I aul Cannon, 1402    J    ‘    'Toddville bv the Rev Maurice three cartons of cigarets.    day    and    was    given    a    two-day avenue SE; fined $35;was the winner.    Gamble and the Rev'. William    -    ~urnn, defeated former State Lane- Burial: Cedar Memorial    ” a man approached him in front assaulting Gary Skala on Aug. seventh street'’drive SE-’firwdiTon> Riley, Cedar Rapids Re-!of :‘rranBements.    lot the station, pulled a nickel 18. S20 and costs.    publican,    Democrat    James    Red-    Tlun'd","'    a?"    Greers    Grove plated revolvcr’ ordercd him in' Harley Kephart, 4217 MI. Vcr- Consuming beer in public    ii.    X.    .    ®    .    J.cid* and took ahnut SHO andinnn mad SF. nlerl euiltv Tuos- He Houston .. 43 SS Washington 74 48 .20 ; Third Extended Forecast — No rain and costs is expected Friday    through Sun- Faulty equipment    —    Philipr„d tv_    o/L'L 'ridar    ll    cemetery. Friends    may    call at day. Highs in 50s.    Lows in the    Tucker, Springville;    fined $20 P.    ; ’    _ £,C    P    ,s    the Cedar Memorial    funeral rnner 30s to mid 40s Friday and and costs- Deanna Lineweaver, Ropublican, 10,441 to 7,825. Red- home after noon Wednesday m a sT    h, s„lr    1306 First strctl NW;    ,ined    mond got    *-«»    votes    from    Linn    and at the church    after    IO a.m. Saturday to mid 30s    by Sunday.    sl5 and costs    coun(y    wi    | i|(    ,    Thursday. C. R. Weather    v.^^op*o,ntUT? w'llla"; Johnson county precincts. Of Vernon, 930 Twelfth street,    cto-o    t    i- . High Tuesday ......... 46 Marion; fined $20 and costs.    S,anle>    s vote’ 6-8/8    came from    f Ofp/    Citw Low overnight    32 Traffic signal violation    Linn county and 947 from John- _ _    *    _ / Noon Wednesday ........ •. 47 William Morey, 2420 Twenty- son- .? „ m    is sixth avenue, Marion; Scott Fi- .................w.n„ field,    2125 Haven court SW: I recitation  ..........™m^Gary    Stephan, 527 Second    state    Rep John Patrhett , Total for    November ....... O.OBjstreet SW; Gregory O’Brien,    I atcnett, Normal    for    November  2.36    4420 Bowling street SW; each    INorth    Lll»rty    Democrat, was Inflation has apparently fined $20 and costs. Cornelius    successful in his bid for re-elec-    caught    up    with Cedar    Rapids gutter, 1807 Fourteenth avenue    tion to    a second    term in the 25th    duffers.    If    an ordinance    placed 30.361 fined    $?5Cand cost.    cach    district    embracing both John-'on    file this week is passed, ifs 60°;, Striking unattended vehicle S°n a" "n C0Un,y Preclncts    lo    cost    more    to    play golf Herman Boeding, 1738: Patchett defeated Norris Dob- nex* year jail sentence. He was charged with assaulting Carl Leitner om After Howrey called police, he ort. I. saw the suspect leaving the food    _ store and alerted officers who! missioner didn’t know why. “I really don’t know what caused it,” said Herman Sch-weiker. “It was more than anybody had ever projected.” Unofficial returns showed 919,2fX) Iowans went to the polls — about 47.4 percent of the Here are some of the people state s    million    eligible Ivotprs who ran for governor, senator c    . and congressman in Tuesday’s c ary 0 ;state Melvin elections:    Synhorst,    who    also serves as Coon, Fox, Salmon, Mink ®ject,0R (7I?^fs*ofler’l ^ad cs‘ timated 82o.OOO people would Hunt and Fish.    vote    in Iowa ^reel    The    turnout    was    the    largest Weaver, Miller, Taylor, Cook, ^or a non*Dresidential year elec- Patchett Successful Plans Tee-Up Ticket Hikes Normal through Nov  31.75 Total for 1974 ..............41.30 Barometer, rising ..... Humidity at noon — Wind direction and velocity at nerman Boeding, 1738 j    aeieaiea    morris    UOD-    • 2 p m. NW at 12 mph.    ui^e^S‘l^v.H*:rhSSl    “o    ^C?dar.    5?pid!.    Not    all    rates    are    hiked    by    the Thursday, 6:46; sun sets, 4:54. Year Ago Today High. 40; low, 29; rainfall, none. Degree Days Tuesday ................. 29 Total to date..............766 Through November 5, 1974 522 Percent of normal year ... 11.55 Total normal year .....6,631 Traveler's Forecast Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ........ Fair    57-29 Chicago .... Cincinnati ..... PtCldy    53-41 Cleveland  PtCldy    49-39 Des Moines  Clear    54-42 Detroit   PtCldy    53-39 Indianapolis ...... Fair    52-37 Kansas City ...... Fair    57-43 Milwaukee ..... Fair    54-36 McKinley* sfr^SE^inc.i si? 5'706 10 3'°°3 0f P^ett’s .ordinance. Season tickets for se-i,old ■*>«« hls name was John and costs    ’    *'    '    votes    3    989    were    cas^ i*1 Linn nior citizens and city employes arrested Stick    Drunk Drivin9 Cases Further checking revealed the Aired by Magistrate food store had been robbed of TL    , Three persons appeared in A clerk. Kathye Tucker. 400 Gima8is,ra,fe's c0^t Tuesday on avenue NW. told police a man    drunk    driving. lingered in the store until sever-    The ,char6e aSamst Marvln ungerea in me store until „t vt r    94 fXl(|ook    driVC    sw a1 customers left and then came dismissed Hc was arrcsted to the counter with a carton of !\    , ™    arrestea milk    March 16. The man pulled a gun and or-'    Arlie Weaver 1514    Fmst    ave-; i dered Mrs ' Tucker lo put the    You"e.    Small,    Long, money in a paper sack and lie ”fanng ana wa‘J. ™una overt^    Tubby. .i.e. v v    the grand jury. He was arrested    ”    - r, Oct 24    Keen,    Sharp and Petty. LeRoy Hilleshiem,    314 F    ave    ^hisler. Baker, Butler, Shephard. Jock. Duke, King, Noble. Sargent. Preyer and Church. Bell and Horne. Franks and Burger. Pickle. Ginn and Schiltz. Staggers. Haven, Paradis, Angell. Bliss. tion in Iowa history, although Schweiker said it might not be a percentage record turnout for such an election. The vote was about 128.000 higher than the 1972 turnout. The previous record for a non-Presidential year was 893,172 in 1966. Iowa’s vote in 1972 — a Presidential year — was 1.225,944. Short, on the floor. When Stick was arrested he G. Ryker. Police said they dis-!nue NW' »a« bound over follow- street* for storage _ Mi- count.y', *-737_ in Johnson. OI will remain at $35.    [Covered    later'Sitek had given a ^ arrested OcM9. ehael Gardner, 3214 Soutter Dobbin’s, 2.295 were from Linn, The season ticket for adults *alse name-    __ avenue SE; fined $15 and costs. 708 from Johnson.    would be raised $15 to $80 under    *    *    *    Po«»«4in«    fhnm One-way-strect violation — In th* 97th glicirini r^A^. tho nrHinanrn th* inninr caasnnl Earlier police investigated an- KcSISTing \-narge Ford, Dodge and Kaiser. Carr. Pike, Layne, Rhodes. Nuveen Offer Is Accepted A proposal by John Nuveen and Co. of Chicago to find a fi- Claude Nelson, 1607 Twenty-fourth street NW; fined $15 and costs. Kraig Spratt, 1954 Washington avenue SE; fined $10 and costs. Fighting — James Kurnes, 318 Eighth street SE; fined $25 and costs. rv/,1 co 4, Resisting an officer — James 5^15* Jq'j! Kurnes, 318 Eighth street SE: fined $25 and costs. Meter violation — Quality Floor Covering, 406 Twenty-first street NE; fined $25 and costs. Leona Thompson, 2373 Thompson street SE; fined $25 Mpls.-St. Paul . Fair 53-40 anIi l.usts; St Louis .........Fair    58-34    _ Dr*ver s license violation — Sioux Falls ....... Fair    54-32' "teven    .    three, _ i    $    Marion; fined $25 and costs. Coralville Lake    Frederkk Coppess 2357 Blake ■ 683.5 I the ordinance, the junior season ticket would go from $35 to $45, the green fees at Ellis, Twin Pines and Squaw Creek would go from $2 to $2.50 and the fees term over Dorcas VanAlst.jat Jones park would go from Cedar Rapids Republican, 6.660 $125 to $1.50. to 1.962. In the 27th district, on Cedar Rapids west side and including some Benton county territory. State Rep. James Wells, Cedar Rapids Democrat, won fourth and Squaw Jones. Linn countians cast 6.583 of Wells’ votes, Benton countians 77. Of Mrs. VanAlst’s votes, 1,945 came from Linn county, 17 from Benton    USDA:    Cost    of Re-elect Horn    ^    J    D    • In the 28th district, also on the 'OOC* rSSSing west side. state Rep. wally;Stamp Increase Horn ( priar Ramnc Dpmnrrat    ' NE, shortly before I a.m. The ordinance also sets junior Wednesday, announced a holdup other armed robbery at a First Dismissed by Court avenue business where three    ... men got away with $559    I.A charSa »f ««« . ,i I tion of process against David Two masked men entered theiEdger|y Contra| city. was dis- missed Friday in magistrate’s Pizza Hut, 1616 First avenue court. He was charged with resisting ^ Clay, Cotton, Steele,    Wood,    nancing method for    a communi- Gravel, Glass.    ty center in Cedar    Rapids    was Green, Brown, Black.    officially accepted    by the    city Cleveland, Houston,    Rich-    council Wednesday. mond, Ogden.    The    acceptance is subject to Parris.    approval    by the city attorney Justice and Freedom.    and agrees to pay    the    invest- English and French.    nient banking firm a    fee    only    if Kindness and Devine.    the firm s financing    method    is Flowers, Mess, Glenn, Bush, I successful. fees at $1 23 at Ellis, Twin Pines and ordered the customers to fa ynn county depUty sheriff on Creek and $1 at get on the floor. One of the men grabbed a i waitress, Cindy Hepker, 353 Sept. 28 Fountain and Flood. Hart and Soles. Nix. Rites Are Friday Crossing Rule Given First Council Vote Pool level Wednesday Births — St. Lu!:e‘s Nov. 5 — To the families of Page Worley, Ely, a son; Fares Issa. 540 Thirtieth street drive SE, a son; Leon Thomsen, 333 Windsor drive NE. a daughter; Richard Levesque, 1313 K avenue NE. a daughter; Everett James. Walker, a daughter. Out-of-Town Births At Moline, III. — Mr. and Mrs. David Markward. a daughter Nov. 5. Mrs. Markward is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo L. Sedore, 501 Thirty-second street SE. Marriage Licenses Karen Cosper and Peter Pash, Sheryl Kimball and Kurt Alexander, all of Cedar Rapids. Nedra Rolfe, Marion, and Fletcher Beohm, Greeley. Ellen deChicio, Cedar Rapids, and Richard Mahany, Marion. Su Horn, Cedar Rapids Democrat, ly boulevard SE; fined $20 j was re-elected to a second term' WASHINGTON (AP) — Spi-1 WontSntHFr?troot0 ’ #100j over Republican John Arthur raling grocery costs are rapidly SIO and costs. Ce ’    Yates,    Cedar Rapids, 5.052 to bypassing higher food stamp allo wa D*a*hs    1.695.    lowances    the    government    plans Monticello — Mrs. Willard In the 29th, in Marion and Pu^ *n*° effect Jan. I to help Yeoman, 60. Saturday at 1:30.parts of the county State Rep jlow-income families, new fig- churchC vfi^inn    B*    JosePh    Rinas>    Marion    Demo-jures    bV    the    agriculture    depart- church. Visitation at GoetLsch s ^ wofl    ^    oyer    ment    indicated    Monday. Dan Abram, no address. For Mrs. Boquist was found guilty Monday in The Cedar Rapids city council Wednesday took the first step Pleasant drive SE. by the    hair    Man F°und G,uilfV and demanded she give    him    Of Trespass Charge money from the cafh register.) The man gave her a brown IUUIJU gumy .viunuav in Henrietta Boauist 82 of 1545 ----------J      *““v    ""t oaper sack into which to    put    magistrate’s court on a charge    Hcnrietta    .7^    ’    4    1540    toward    banning    train traffic th,, mnn-v    magistrate s touri on a cndrgi    Twenty-fourth street, Marion,    Hnwntnum    during    th» the mon-y.    0f criminaj trespass and was anrl w;fp nan Ronnict Hind downtown «uring the evening Kicked Manager    fined $25 and costs    t a    Boquist    d    id    rush h stijj hoping coopera- ivKKta ivianagcr    imea szo ana costs.    Tuesday evening at a Cedari tinn „nn,H _v_pt    anH wallet He was charged with trespass- Rapids    hospital following a short    Maatbn    g    3    d mg at Kennedy high school j innp_    litigation. Sent. 17.    illness.    The    counci|    gave    jirst    rea(jing Born    Rear Wyoming June 15,    an orcjinance    making    it    a after 7 Thursday. Keota — Mrs. Richard (Stcl- Ee LC r^’shetSburgPldS' andj Vienna. Kramer's, Dyersville. Marriages Dissolved Funeral Leave James D. and Judy Kay    .    . M L^UandAJ“nS Pol,Cy Expanded ^drpaJtriria I!'Bfriwm" Bertha i a'dar RaPlds ,city emPloy“ M. and Harold S. Moore.    ;can now receive leave to attend a j * a i • r* i.    funerals of aunts and uncles. Magistrate s Court    jhe leave, previously limited Speeding— Roy Wilson, 2901    to    more    immediate    family Ninth street, Marion; fined $75    „ a and costs. John Palmer, 224    members,    was (•xpiinded    by    a 4- Lincoln Heights drive SE; fined    *    vote af    Wednesday    s    city $35 and costs. Marvin Donaldson, 6004 Langdon avenue SE; la) Hagist, 64. Friday at 1:30 at Powell’s where friends may call after noon Thursday. Willis—hwy — Edwin R dudes much of northern Linn Dill, ,65. Thursday at 2 at county, State Rep. James Jor- Vinton _ Harry Al Harmon, df. Marion Democrat, was re-84. Saturday at 1:30 at Camp- e,ected to a second term over bell’s.    Monty Bertelli, Marion Republi- ™W~stJ’nion — Mary Mvcrs- can, 4,743 to 3,435 90. Friday at 10:30 at Holy Name Catholic church. Burial St. Mary’s Cemetery, Waucoma. Rosary on Thursday and parish rosary Friday at 8 at Burnham and Wood’s. New Vienna — Herbert F. Mescher, 64, formerly of New Jay Kacena, Marion Republi-J    monfMy    cosf of a so- can, 5,436 to 3,771.    ca,lcd economy diet for a family 4U *>A4k a■ * • $    ,. * . ! ly of four was $155.10 in Sep- In the 30th district, which in- J    K tember. That was up one percent from August when the economy plan, used to compute The suspects took a from the manager. John Dority, 2921 Sixth street SW. who was on the floor in a back room. They kicked Dority on their way out after discarding his wallet because it was empty. A customer followed the men for two or three blocks to a waiting car driven by a third man. police said. The robbers were armed with food stamp allowances, was I a sawed-off shotgun and a re-$153.40 for a family of four. volver, police said. Rate Is Changed for Dumping Septic Tank For the second time in less than a month, rates for dumping septic tanks at the Cedar Rapids waste water treatment plants have been changed. run J* -j n a .^ misdemeanor to block rail Rapids    resident since 1937 uRLljcrossjngs    downtown    or    activate making    her home in Marion    in;warning    signals    between    3:30 1964 She was married in Wyom-1 p m ancj 5 30 p m mg Nov. 29, 1929. Mrs. Boquist -pwo more readings, and of-was a member of St. Paul's Lu-    fjcia|    publication, are    required theran church of Marion and the    before the ordinance    becomes Royal Neighbors.    |jaw however, and an attorney Surviving in addition to her representing railroads Raid he It,    didn t cast dnythinj^    until    husbBnd, 3T0 three sons, Glenitropes the tr3in-3uto    conflicts last    month, when the city    coun-    Felker, Commerce City, Colo.;    ean be resolved without the or- Under    federal    law,    LSDAi    I he    two    suspects    who entered    iii    instigated a fee of 50    cents    (lsir Felker, Savanna, III., and    Jjnance bv discussions    with city must revise    food    stamp    alloca-jthe    store    were    black    and    both    per    licensed ton of the vehicle    Charles Boquist, Marion; eight    and railroad officials. The senate seat in the 14th tions twice annually to reflect wore    stocking    caps,    green fa-doing Jie dumping.    grandchildren, ll great-    ......... tigue    jackets    and blue pants.    That brought complaints    from    grandchildren, and a brother,    'clit    (f filar Rn pul* (fltijrtFf One of the men was    described;    haulers with large    trucks    who    j Bill Behnke, Manchester. as 5 feet 8 inches tall, 150\said they seldom dumped more) Services: Friday at 1:30 at St. pounds and clean shaven.    than    one    tank    at    a    time,    yet;Paul’s Lutheran church    in! The    second    suspect    was de- were    charged    more than    opera-    Marion    by the Rev. John    I), j scribed as 6 feet 2 inches tall, tors of smaller trucks.    Huber, jr. Burial:    Wyoming 175 pounds with a short haircut.' Wednesday, the council;cemetery. Friends may call at The witness did net get close changed the fee to $5 per load. Turner east until 9 p m. Thurs- district. on the west side of changes in living costs. The Au-C edar Rapids, wasn t up for re- gUst economy plan will be used election this year It is held by Sen. Cloyd Robinson. Cedar Rapids Democrat, as a basis for setting food stamp allowances beginning Jan. I. When the August rate of whose term has two years to $ 1 5 3.4 0 was, disclosed last Needle in Candy Reported to Police Police investigated a report Tuesday of a needle in a candy showed Monday, the economy bar received by a child while P^n already is more expensive trick-or-treating    tban    tbc    USDA    may    allow David A. Mulholland, 3742 CLfamill(>s next ■janaa» v month, the department indicated the Jan. I food stamp rate probably would be rounded off at $154 per month. Currently, the four-member family gets $150 worth of food stamps. But as the September figures I vtobiivhed rn 1813 bv Th* Goittt* Co ono published doily and Sunday at SOO Third av* SE. Cedar Rapids, iowa 5740* Second clots postage paid at Cedar Ropids. Iowa Subscription ra'es by carrier ti cents a week By moil: Night Edition and Sunday * issues $3 75 a month. *39 OO a year : Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 issues *3 85 a month. $40 OO a yeor. Other states and U S territories SAO OO a year. No AAail enough to the car to provide a I regardless cf the size of the day and at the church (rom IO G«etiePtorr'•“$*”!** oreo*r,ow,r'® truck.    a.m.    until    1:25    D.m    Fridav.    The    The    Associated    Press    is    entitled effusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches description. tral City; James Glandon, 1328 Twenty-second avenue SW; Margaret Chebuhar, Twelfth avenue SW; Rebecca Smith, council meeting.    , avenue NE, told police he found Dissenting was Commissioner Jhe needle in the wrapped candy Carve? ^^r^arkrtewc^rt Richard Phillips, who said the bar received by his child. Police SE: Ma urine Waterhouse, Cen- policy had to be curbed at some found a hole in the wrapper j point.    where the needle was inserted. --^4—    j Mulholland said he tick the] Promote Enthusiasm child to about 40 houses in his Anamosa; each fined $30 and! TOKYO (AP)   The govern- np*8hborhood, but the child' costs. James Forde, 1238 Third .    , ramnaion inr> could not remember who gave street NW; Victoria Davidson,P”®"1 Plans a campaign of Ict^-Iowa City; William Luke 6691 lures and advertisements to pro-1 dWd> mt d u> ‘ Eleventh street, Marion; Geraldine Gaffney, Hiawatha; Trent Packingham, 1724 Sierra drive NE; Gerald Auf, 710 Nineteenth street SE; Harry Dipple, Duv- mote public enthusiasm for( President Ford’s visit to Japan Need a compact, Nov. 18-22, Kyodo news service!car!The best buys said economy are featured in the classified ads! GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS for Newt, Sports, lookktepmg. Cenerol Inlet motion and Offutt Net listed (clow (off .......................... 39*1211 Circulation Subscription Dept ......391 *333 Men thru Sat. I a rn to 7 p m. Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays 11 a rn. to J p.m. ion! Ads    .......... 39* 1234 Mon. thru In I em. to S pm. Saturday until 12 Noon Display Adversing ..............39* *222 lorn to S p rn Monon Office .............. 391 *430 Alpine Deaths MEXICO CITY (AP) - Six men were killed as they were climbing the west face of 17.400-foot Iztaccihuatl, an extinct {volcano 35 miles southeast of Mexico City, the Alpine Rescue Brigade reports. Mayor Don Canney and Parks Commissioner Stan Reinis voted against the change, because they felt the fee should be based on size of the truck. a m. until 1:25 p.m. Friday. The casket will not be opened after the service. There is something new happening everyday in the classified ads ... see for yourself! 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