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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., November 6. 1974 McGovern, Bayh Win Third Senate Terms (Continued from Page I.) Edmondson was closing in on front-running Republican Sen Henry Belimon. In Nevada, former Republi can Gov. Paul Laxalt edgec ahead of Democratic Lt. Gov Harry Reid for the seat of retiring Democrat Alan Bible. Elsewhere, the incumbents generally won. The two biggest names among the Democratic senators, George McGovern of South Dakota and Birch Bayh of Indiana, captured third terms. Dole Comeback And Bumpers and Glenn won easily the Arkansas and Ohio senate seats now held by Democrats J. W. Fulbright and Howard Metzenbaum, their victims in bitter primary battles last May. In Kansas, scene of one of the tightest races, former Republi can National Chairman Robert Dole battled back to edge Democratic Rep. William Roy. And in Utah, Republican Mayor Jake Gam of Salt Lake City defeated Democratic Rep. Wayne Owens, a member of the house judiciary committee, for the seat of retiring Republican Wallace Bennett. Other new senators included Rep. John Culver in Iowa and former Attorney General Robert Morgan of North Carolina, both Democrats. G.O.P. Casualties In the house, the biggest name casualties were on the house judiciary committee — four Republicans who had defended Nixon, Reps. Charles Sandman and Joseph Maraziti of New Jersey; David Dennis of Indiana; Wiley Mayne of Iowa, and a fifth who voted against the former President, freshman Harold Froehlich of Wisconsin, Of the five Democrats who unseated Republicans in special elections last spring, all won again except Rep. Tom Luken of Ohio, edged in his rematch with Republican Willis Gradieon in the Cincinnati district. In Ford’s home district in Grand Rapids, Mich., which he represented for a quarter century before Nixon picked him for the vice-presidency, Democratic Rep. Richard VanderVeen won again despite Ford's visit last week. Republican losses tended to come in clusters — five in Indiana. four in New Jersey, four in New York, two in Wisconsin and two in Virginia, including out,ting suburban Washington Rep. Joel Broyhill, a 22-year veteran. In California, the G.O.P. was losing in four races. On the Democratic side, there were single losses in Florida, Louisiana. Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. Mills Wins Rezoning Plan Draws Remarks From Neighbors Problems with drainage of storm sewers and backed-up sanitary sewers dominated the comments at a public hearing Wednesday on proposed rezoning at 3028 E avenue NW. The proposed rezoning was the only one of seven public hearings to draw objections, but But in Arkansas, Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-Ark.), the embattlec chairman of the house ways and means committee, was easily re-elected over Republican Judy Petty, despite the adverse publicity of last month’s incident in which police stopped his speed ing car, found the congressman intoxicated and a former stripper jumped out and into Washington's Tidal Basin. In the governors’ races. Democrats scored expected victories over Republicans in a number of states, including New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, Tennessee and Wyoming. But Democrat Sander Levin's second bid to unseat Republican Gov. William Milliken again fell short in Michigan, and Republi can James Edwards was elected the first G.O.P. governor in a century in South Carolina as the result of controversy surrounding the disqualification of the Democratic primary winner. In Maine, meanwhile, independent James Longley surprised Democrat George Mit chell and Republican James Erwin. Big N. Y. Margin In New York. Carey ran up an 800,000-vote margin over Republican Gov. Malcolm Wilson, who became governor when Nelson Rockefeller resigned last December, to recapture the state for his party for the first time in 16 years. In Connecticut, Rep. Ella Grasso became the first woman to win a governorship without succeeding her husband. Incumbents re-e I e c t e d included Democrats George Wallace in Alabama. Reubin Askew in Florida, Milton Shapp in Pennsylvania. Wendell Anderson in Minnesota. Marvin Man-del in Maryland. Patrick Lucey in Wisconsin, Philip Noel in Rhode Island and Republicans Robert Ray of Iowa and Mel-drim Thompson of New Hampshire. Democratic newcomers included former Rep. David Two fromC.R. Win Regional Library Posts Kathleen Chapman and William Harnish, both from Cedar Rapids, and Thomas B. Powell of Anamosa were elected Tues day to the board of trustees of the 10-county East Central Regional Library system. They were elected from a field of seven candidates in the Linn-Jones district. Their terms begin Jan. I. Mrs. Chapman was the leading vote getter with an unofficial two-county total of 6.545 — 4.985 from Linn and 1.560 from Jones. Powell was next with a two-county total of 5,381 — 3.595 from Linn and 1,786 from Jones. Harnish had an unofficial total of 4.928 — 4,222 from Linn and 706 from Jones. Defeated candidates and their votes totals are as follows: Howard L. Beall. Cedar Rapids, 4.280 — 3,252 from Linn, 728 from Jones. Reginald K. Watters, Cedar Rapids, 3,762 — 2,981 from Linn, 781 from Jones. Kenneth Kersey. Cedar Rapids, 3,256 — 2,635 from Linn, 621 from Jones. William F. Rapier, Cedar Rapids, 2,746 — 2.250 from Linn, 496 from Jones. Urban for Culver, Rural for Stanley Collapse of Nixon Lung LONG BEACH (UPI) - Richard Nixon was too weak to watch the election returns on television Tuesday night but he voted earlier by absentee ballot. A hospital spokesman revealed that Nixon had suffered a collapse of a small area of the right lung last week but said it was not important enough to “push the panic button.” The condition was being studied, the spokesman said. He called it atelectasis, or an inactive area cf lung tissue. (Continued from Page I.) state’s 2.616 precincts reporting, unofficial results gave: Culver .............. 461.462 Stanley ................. 420,045 Lorin Oxley of Pella, the American party candidate, polled 5,978 votes,. Linn Margin Linn county sent Culver out into the state with a 14,006-vote margin over Stanley, second only to Polk county’s 15.736. Culver also got strong support from Second district counties other than Linn, including a 9.302-vote margin in Dubuque county and one of 2.555 in Clinton. Neighboring Johnson county, in the First district where Stan-ey lives, gave Culver a comforting bulge of 5,383 votes. And across the state in Woodbury. county seat Sioux City, where he worked hard to make his name known, Culver won a 2.005-vote victory. In fact, the unofficial 41.417-vote margin by which he defeated Stanley (with a few precincts still out) actually was surpassed in the state’s nine largest counties. which gave him a total margin of 50.972. Urban-Rural publican state office candidates who fared well in Linn. Ray carried the county over Doubts Cast on Validity of Results in Scott Blouin: Concentrated On 'People Programs' (Continued from Page I.) DAVENPORT (UPI) Mal- State Sen. James Schaben Dun-functionj votlng macWnes to Pfo*mly lap Democrat, 28.244 to 22,674    I    malic*    R by pushing hard for congressional reform. , .    an    advertising spe- ^ was 0bvj0US from the start cialist, Blouin was overjoyed at 0f t^e campa]gn that Blouin had with Ralph Scott, the American }he 62 Pre^n^s 1,1 Sc(,l! i his victory.    t0    w,n Dubuque big and hold candidate, getting 540 votes. have cast doubts over the valid- ,.yye jeej great an(j are deeply down Riley’s vote in Linn to win Neu’s Mark    d-v    resuhs from T uesday’s, pleased with the kind of vote wej the congressional seat. ejections.    were able to grab in Linn    Dubuque    Margin Voters complained that they county," he told The Gazette couldn't split their ballots be- fote Tuesday, while exulting in    That    s exactly    what he    did, Lt. Gov, Neu carried Linn over State Sen. Charles Miller, wUh 'SiTia^al0    Donwal'CanT'ReipuWi-, victory at his Dubuque toad corning out of Dubuque county 23,916 with Marlin Glade, ''du* running for thro*    wats on    quarters.    with a 9,017-vote margin and kee, American partv, getting 505 tans runnin8 for three    seats in    I    nickine tm 731 votes more over j    the    county board of supervisors.! “We re extremely happy with picking up m its more o\ i ,    .    ...    The    problems mean the election the wav people have responded Riley 1,1 ( bn ton (12f i, layette In other state office races ||s bab, wi|| be ap. t0 our sty|e of campaigning, our    Jackson,    1571 and Jones Linn results showed:    |ed r    stylP of'politics,    our ideas on '1591, all of which were Kepubli- State Sen. Lloyd Robinson. Gountv Auditor Cicoree Ox lev    government’’    can counties for congress bcfotr Cedar Rapid, Democrat, over 7/Fefl Great “vcr turned . em over durtng Secretary of State Melvin Syn- njn .L „h_llM    h "    ref    1    h.s ten-year stint, horst. Des Moines Republican. ren?oved from the machines    He    “We arc headin8 for    Codar    Meanwhile, Riley was able to for secretary of state, 26,373 to ■, . )H t pvniain ’    uv    Rapids tonight for the    1BEW    cu: Blouins margin by only 22 662    the    problem was so widespread.' hall and tomorrow , Wednev 3.256 totes in his; home county^ F. Harold ferret. Adel Demo- ThFe malfunctions did not    af-    da>' mommg wc« be    doing    Linn plus 2 216 votes in Altern* erat, over Auditor Lloyd Smith. fect other races, but would per-1 'ome^ handshaking a. Ltnk-Bc.lt k“    C«tar    rah    ,    (lint n Des Moines Republican, for mit only a straight Republican SPe,t'der „ . ,    .    „    i23al. Delaware IIJI) .md U to or straight Democratic    vote for „:1*rcaJ ZI''..    "?{ilcy made a valiant effort to the supervisor candidates. state auditor, 24,571 to 23.558. Daniel Fitzgerald, Denison Democrat over Treasurer Maurice Baringer, West Des ~    JA Moines Republican, for state beCOnCi Arr©St treasurer, 25.803 to 21.049, with i    p    Ta»    arn Charles Hartman, Stuart, Amor- ■*'    '    avern ican party, getting 412 votes. Arson Ca Se Ag Secretary A second person has been ar rested and charged with arson for a fire Oct. 4 which damaged thanking “the people of Linn The Cedar Rapids lawyer, Callsburg Republican, for secre-j the former Salty Dog tavern, have given me of serving in has served 12 years rn the tary of agriculture, 25.630 to 1601 West Post road SW.    12 years.    ’    l°wa    legislature,    writing    many 22,475. David Hintermeister, 23, of Francis York, Indianola Democrat, over Secretary of Agriculture Robert Lounsberry, Mein other words, urban Iowa voted for Culver and most of rural Iowa voted for Stanley, with exceptions in both cases. For example, Stanley carried his home county of Muscatine, as expected, by 2,050 votes. Mus- catine is one of Iowa’* more general 27,439 to 22,037.    with    arson, populous counties although not For Stanley, it was his second    was being held in Linn in the top nine.    defeat    in as many tries tor U.S.    county jail under $20,000 bond. Even Pottawattamie and Scott senator. He lost to Hughes by thomas counties among the top nine, j 6,415 votes in 1968 . J publican coun- He also lost the Republican    h    jn    connectlon    wirtl ties, gave Culver the nod overinomination for First district! Riley sent Blouin a telegram Wednesday morning congratu- overcome the fall-out etfect of lating him “on an impressive Watergate, the resignations ot victory.”    former President    Nixon and “You can count on my cooper- former Vice-president Agnew, ation in working to advance the and of President Ford's pardon interests of the people of the of Nixon and of P'ord’s surtax Second district,” Riley wired proposal that weighted against Blum.    all Republicans,    even though Thanked People    they had no connection with any He als    issued    a    statement of them. ‘I also want to express my the state s laws, campaigned Thomas Miller. McGregor I Davenoort was arrested bv 'appreciation to the many peo- *?ard as was indicated by the Atty. Gen. UnnX'tf's ^Duties W^nes- P1* "ho have worked so hard tact that he earned the dis-West Des1 IT    deputies Wednes- k    (.amiviiims ” trict s third largest county, Clin, -------- ncst ues day morning on a warrant in eacn °‘ m> campaigns.    ■» ,    *”,. Moines Republican, for attorney obtained Friday charging him I ^de-v sa*d P^ans t0 resurm* ’    wgcsi, wnn. 07 JIO OO M7    *    Iii. ln.ir    in    Won-    -r:__ Democrat, over Richard Turner, Mead. 26, also of his law practice in Cedar Rapids. Blouin concentrated mostly on what he described as “people programs’’ in his long cam- traditionally Republican coun- He also lost the Republican    »»'<!».    which    found    him    winning Stanley, but not by much.;congressman to U.S. Rep. Fred Culver’s margin in Scott was Schwengel in 1970 by 5,463 only 259. In Pottawattamie it votes. was a scant seven votes. All--- told, Stanley carried 53 coun- 5ettl6rTI8nt in ties, Culver 46. Stanley Attack Stanley, who attacked Culver vigorously on his home ground; the same fire. Tells Hospital Ban of Warren t h e Democratic nomination from three other candidates last June. His Campaign He came out    strong    for preservation of the    family    farm, a national NEW YORK    (AP)    -    CBS    re-    gram. ported    Tuesday    that    according    mental program    and upgrading ^HewT to former Justice Arthur Gold- of the social security program. 1 berg, the late Chief Justice He took a strong position for a An out-of-court settlement of Earl Warren Plane Accident Suit Reached First Time It was the first time a Republican candidate for congressman had carried either county since former Congressman James Bromwell did it in 1962. The defeat was Riley's second for congressman. He was the unsuccessful GOP nominee in 1968, losing to Culver. Born in Jacksonville, Fla., and educated in Florida and Illi-health insurance pro- nojs schools. Blouin first came a workable environ- t0 jowa jn jgg2 to attend Loras Chief Justice and throughout the state as a An out-of-court settlement of t<arl warren was denied ad- proposed constitutional amend- DuhunuVaftpr h^ina^oraduatod absentee con-!$187.500 was reached in Cedar|mission to Bethesda Naval hos- ment to outlaw abortion, if ap- frZToras Run Over by Car, Girl, 3, Listed "Good" A 3-year-old girl was in good I contributors, sent him a tersely-j the U.S. government and an El-j The incident was related by agency shop, condition at Mercy hospital I worded telegram of concession dora woman who had filed a $1 CBS correspondent Daniel Blouin also promised during •    «    ■    A.    .    -    I    L__f___     .    _    A    —.    L.    _    J    I    I    I    I    I    An    Im    a*    TMS    a    •    ♦    aw    r*    A    I    M    a1    I    4    C*     !    I    S'*      I    It    Jilt    _    »    _ a    A    a In his words, “I fell in love with the state” and he settled in big spending.        t_.    ,__w gresfman who takes pressure; Rapids federal court Wednesday phal, possibly through former proved by the people in a na-group money from out-of-state morning between lawyers for President Nixon’s inaction. tional referendum, and for the from Loras. French Strikes PARIS (UPI) - Strikes Wednesday after the car her;before going to bed mother was driving slipped into Wednesday. It read: gear and ran over her. Tammy Valentine, of Schorr, who said Goldberg told his campaign to carry on the;a8a*ns^ Frances govemment-Trial had been scheduled to him Warren spoke to him about work of the congressman he will owned industries spread Wed early million lawsuit against it “Congratulations on your start Wednesday, on a damage it on his deathbed. succeed. John Culver, Cedar nesdav- crippling train service  ______ 53051 election to represent the state of I suit against the government; Warren died July 9. Schorr lipids Democrat who was elect- a^d blocking mail delivery for Sixth street SW, suffered chest Iowa in the United States sen- filed by Vera Reisinger, whose said a sitting justice is entitled cd t0 foe U.S. senate Tuesday.’1113 day-and face injuries at 12:45 p.m. ate. I sincerely thank every husband was killed in an Oct. 3,jto be treated at federal military Tuesday near the trailer home;fowan wbo voted for Hie. the i%9airplane crash in Denver. she lives in. it drew plenty as several neigh-, q borhood residents and their law- ^or_ n rbnsasT'n" , .. .a .    •„    -a;    Ray    Blanton    in    Tennessee.    33- >er said it would ruin the quilt    j    ;n    nu    a    wa. character of the area    year-old David Boen in Oklaho- cnaracter ot me area.    ma, Michael Dukakis of Mas- The rezoning has been re- saehusetts. environmentalist quested by Larry D. Sharp. Six- Richard Lamm in Colorado, teen apartment units are Robert Straub in Oregon, Ed planned on the site, which is Herscher in Wyoming and located east of Edgewood road , George Busbee in Georgia Ben Shakespeare, 3008 E avenue NW, called the proposal a “monstrosity,” and his wife, Irma, said the extra housing The winners also included Jerry Apodaca, New Mexico's first Spanish-sumamed governor, and George Ariyoshi of Ha- thousands of dedicated volun-Police said the girl s mother. J leers w ho helped in the cam- gence by a Federal Av iation tive approval Mary S. Valentine, 25. stoppedand my and under- Admiiiistratkm air controller the car and got out to check the standing wife and family, mailbox as she was leaving. 1 Culver, issued this statement The car slipped into gear, jfote Tuesday night: causing the child to fall out. She; hospitals; but as a retired jus- Turn that unused piano into a Mrs. Reisinger claimed negli- tice. Warren had to get execu- bike, car. or whatever you want to buv with a want ad! was responsible for the crash of a commuter airliner, in which five of seven passengers were killed. “On behalf of my wife. Ann, was knocked down by the car an<* h I wish to express our    oriffinal    netition    Mrs door and run over oolice said heartfelt gratitude for the ex- D,n her ongrnal petition. Mrs. door ana nm over, ponce ««»■    *    and    trust    Ranger    asked    damages    of    $1 Youth Faces Charge In Theft of Wallet A 17-year-old youth was charged Wednesday with larceny after he allegedly took a units would add to an existing: wad, the nation’s first Japan sewer overload.    ese-American state executive. “A few years ago we were-- told to get rid of our outdoor Twn Rrw* HpM toilets because it was unsani- * wO DOyS^neia tary,” she said. “Now we have For Breakin at sewage in our basements!” ^    ^ Other neighbors spoke of hav-jw* R. Drug btore ing up to four feet of raw sew- „    . age in their basements in the MW( *s’    w .    . past few years    0,(i’    wcre    char8etl    Wednesday    me    wallet    was clio • I    .    .    ,    J    w»fo breaking and entering from a car owned by a friend of Sharps lawyer pointed out after tbey were caught inside the youth city engineering staff reports tbe Union Prescription center, approving the development. He 1130 ojq Marion road NE. with a also reminded councilmen the bag containing drugs valued at new Morgan creek sewer will $3 (joo soon be completed, easing the load on the existing sewer The boys were arrested by police who received a report of The experts employed bv a breakin at I a m. Wednesday, you have said this is proper,’ officers found the bag filled pression of support —    ------ ....    4L that the people of Iowa have ™11'0" or the death ot her has- placed rn me.    band'    Kennf“,h' 59    Rflsin«*r was an auctioneer and cattle Thanked Workers    buyer    in Eldora. “I wish to thank all those    who    A trial involving    another ........  _    ^    have worked so hard on    our    j party    in the crash was held last walleHrom a woman*attending behalf to make this victory Pos* year,in a Co!orado federa] cour| adance    sible.    involving the same factual The youth was charged with want t0 congratulate my issues as those in the Reisinger taking a wallet containing $16 opponent, Dave Stanley, on a suit. A judgment of liability: from a purse owned by Jean hard-fought campaign.    j against the government was es- Schellhorn, 1414 Oakland road    believe we all    fully recog-    tablished in the Colorado trial. NE, while she left the purse    nize    foe magnitude    of the prob-    Similar suits have also been unattended.    lems foa* confront our state and filed in California and Oklaho- The theft was reported at 2:20 nation now and in the days mf ,,    , a m. Wednesday. Police located ahead.    J In all eases* the plaintiffs tbe youth at the International ‘ To meet these challenges re- have charged that the controller Brotherhood of Electrical Work- quires a united people and I was negligent by providing enviers’ local 405 hall, 1211 Wiley    P*ed8e that I will    give to this    neous instructions for landing boulevard SW, where the dance    hi«h    responsibility    my best cf    and by allowing landing when 17 years j was held    forts in the public interest.” weather conditions were below The wallet was recovered    Top Vote-Getter Culver slept little or not at all during the night for he carried out a tradition of many years Safe |s Looted standing by appearing at the gates of Wilson and Co at 5:30 am. Wednesday to workers for their help acceptable standards. Alburnett School Child Exit from n L J    _ * _ /"N is    Kates of W ilson and Co.    at 5:30    \ safe tn the Alburnett Cornix MOO    GSI a v-/« »x.    a rn. Wednesday to    thank    munity school building was SALISBURY, Rhodesia    (AP»    workers for their help    pried open sometime during the — A judge Tuesday ruled    that    Culver was the biggest    vote-    night Tuesday and an undeter- v i( t a    ^    an American couple can take getter in Linn county Wednes- mined amount of cash taken. he told the councilmen.    '    with    drugs^he vouthiT allegediyiback ^ichmond’ Va * six o{ day- He beat Stanley here, according to Linn Sheriff Walter No decision was made by the gathered while burglarizing the tbe!r ,seJven thildren wh0 werc 32193    18197    “    14    006    votes    Grant storf    abducted    more than two years    James Whitford. Volga.    Ameri-    He said the breakin may be The boys were held overnight a^°    sevenfo* Edward    Dug-    can candidate, received 459    connected with one Sunday in the county jail The 17-year- 8anu J4; sa,d •*"“"«* 10 »*ay ; votes    night at Springville elementary old was released to    his parents    ‘i1 Rhodesia with his natural fa-    Gov. Robert Ray and Lt.    (tov    school in which safes were also Wednesday morning    and the    16-    ther’ and the judge a8rei’d-    Arthur Neu were the only Re-    pried open and $62 stolen, year-old was turned    over to    the council. Charles City Nurse Slain CHARLES CITY (AP' Charles City nurse was found slain in her home Tuesday, the director of the Iowa bureau of; criminal investigation said Director Craig Beck identified the woman as Lois Marie Jacobs, 21. Charles City police said the cause of death had not been de-1 termmed, but officials at Floyd, f County Memorial hospital said; the victim had multiple stab wounds. Beek confirmed that six BCI agents had been assigned to investigate the apparent slaying along with local and Iowa highway patrol personnel. Linn social services depart-^ ment. Expert 3-DAY Service on Watch Jewelry Repair Specializing In Olomond Remounting ana Diamond Appraisal! Malloy •h> leviers 329 SECOND AVENUE SE Enhance the beauty off your heme with a finely crafted Piano or Organ A BALDWIN! e e Alt styles and priced to fit your needs. C.R. PIANO & ORGAN HO THIRD AVE. $.W. (Bob Lutzelman) Since 1938 ;

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