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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Finnish Maritime Rank Isn 't Impressive to Woman By Gay Pauley HAMILTON, Bermuda (UPI) - Arja Tytti Marjatta Rauramo claims no pioneering part in careers for women in her role as first officer aboard a luxury passenger ship. Miss Rauramo already has finished her formal training for master’s license, which means she’ll be qualified to skipper ships. “I’m not the first in the world,’’ said this lovely brunette of 29 years, in Russia, the men and women have always been equal in the maritime. I just happened to be the first woman in Finland.’’ Her employer, Flagship Cruises, believes she is the first to attain first officer rank in Scandinavia as well as in the whole world on cruise ships. She is the first mariner in the family. A grandfather was a priest, other relatives were lawyers, her father teaches languages. She took secretarial courses and trained for law before being compelled “by something I’d always wanted to do," she went to sea. Aboard the 626-passenger Sea Venture she ranks with two male first officers, all of whom share duties ranging from computerized satellite navigating to checking supplies to flying bridge duty when moving in and out of port. On Board Apparel America s Policy In contrast, the maritime industry in the United States has just opened its doors to women, permitting enrollment in the four-vear course at the U.S. Maritime academy, Kings Point, N Y. The rule that women might work toward a commission in the U.S. naval reserve came from the commerce department, which runs the service academy. The fourteen women who entered Kings Point last August are still there studying with 321) men in the first-year class. lier apparel on board is a tailored, gold-buttoned jacket, skirt (just covering the knee) in white or navy, with the visored cap traditional for officer uniforms. Her below-shoulder length hair, except for bangs, is tucked up under the cap when she’s on duty. And certainly she wears lipstick — "a little never hurts." Duty on a cruise ship is a much cleaner job than those she’s had on cargo runs where she added up years of sea experience, plying the ports on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Then it was shirt and trousers while she chipped rust, painted and climbed right alongside the men. There’s only one sailor in port for her. a Finnish sea captain based in New Orleans "who’s waited for me six years, although we don’t get to set* each other often." UPI Wirephoto Still Openings In Cancer Group Program Series The Linn County Chapter of the American Cancer Society said Tuesday that there are a number of openings still available for a series of programs designed to teach women how to perform self examinations for breast cancer. Six programs will be held on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon in the Mercy hospital cafeteria. Each of the programs will feature a question and answer session moderated by physicians from the Linn County Medical society and the Family Practice center. To attend any of the sessions, women are asked to call the Cancer society offices at 365-5241. Six more sessions will be held the week of November 18 at St. Luke's hospital and in upcoming weeks programs are planned in other Linn county communities. Adel Hacker Is Wed to Scott Neil IOWA CITY — Danforth chapel on the University of Iowa campus provided the setting Saturday for the marriage of Miss Adel Marie Hacker. 116 Sixteenth street NE, and Scott Allan Neil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Neil, 1038 Thirty-first street NE. All are of Cedar Rapids. The ll o’clock ceremony was performed by the Rev. Roger P. Simpson. Following, a reception for 75 guests was given at the home of the bridegroom’s parents. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hacker of Tulsa, Okla. For her wedding the bride selected a gown of taffeta-backed chiffon styled with a Chantilly lace edged sweetheart neckline and an empire bodice. A cloche headpiece held her chapel-length veil and she carried a Bible topped with white mums and blue-tinted baby’s breath. Honor attendants were Miss •Jennifer Hacker, sister of the bride, and Steve Huber of Cedar Rapids. The maid of honor wore a navy blue linen gown designed with an Except for the bangs, Arja Tytti Marjatta Rauramo’s below-shoulder length hair is tucked up under her cap while she s on duty on the flying bridge of the cruise ship, Sea Venture. Now a first officer, she will qualify to captain a liner after finishing another several months of sea duty. Society for Women Features Mrs. Neil embroidered panel insert on the front. She held a single red rose. Ushers included Kenneth Hacker and Kelly Ned of Cedar Rapids, both brothers of bridal couple. On return frtm a brief wedding trip, the newlyweds will reside at the Sixteenth street address in Cedar Rapids. The bride is employed by the Hy-Yee stores and the bridegroom bv Auto Shine. ^ Solo Parents Announce Activities The Solo Parents club of the YWCA will meet Wednesday evening at 9 at Armar ballroom for dancing. Saturday at 7:30. there will be a planning meeting in room 101 of the YW. Anyone interested in attending the Solo Parents Harvest Ball in Mankato Saturday, call I)€*e Gray, 364-0830 The YW will sponsor a holiday cake decorating workshop on Nov. 21 at 7 o’clock. The cost of this workshop, and all other Christmas workshops, is $1 for members and $1. 50 for non-members. A nnwerSary. / leu/A n The Frank Dvoraks Will Be Honored WALKER — The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank VV. Dvorak will be observed with an open house next Sunday from 2 to 5 at their home. A family dinner will be held Saturday evening. The former Dibble Koutny and Mr. Dvorak were married Nov. 8, 1924, in Belle Plaine. Hosts for the event will In* their children and families: AP Wirephoto Blanche Butterfly, 69-year-old process server pictured at her desk in San Francisco, is back on the job after being jabbed with hairpins and hit on the side of the head with a brick. She calls the incident all in a weeks work” and says it happened when she tried to serve papers on a woman who hadn t been paying her rent. Blanche Butterfly Serves People —with Papers By Mike Silverman SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Gray-haired grandmother Blanche Butterfly didn t want to stay home babysitting, so she took a .job where she can serve people. With subpoenas, eviction notices and other legal papers. “It s not a job I’d recommend, but it pays a lot better than minding babies," the 69-year-old process server said in an interview recently. “There aren’t too many things a person my age can do to support themselves. Besides. I like the challenge." The challenge includes coping with elusive and often angry targets for her summonses. One woman recently hit her on the head with a brick when Mrs. Butterfly handed her an unlawful detainer notice for being almost 12 months delinquent on her rent. “I’ve had to climb up ladders and rap on windows a couple of stories high with papers in my hand. I even had to deal with a nude man who was hiding under the water in a swimming pool,” she recalled. Generally, though. Mrs. Butterfly, a short, plump woman who admits to tinting her gray hair. says she avoids chasing people or trying to find them. "I go to the door like a lady, and i'm usually treated like a lady." she said Mrs. Butterfly, a divorcee who worked for 38 years as a private detective’s investigator, set up her Attorney’s Beck and Call service nearly IO years ago and has built up a clientele she estimates at 1.000 lawyers throughout the country. Working 17-hour days, she still has to refuse* assignments. She says she doesn t accept finance company collection work — "I don’t like harassing decent people who happen to have run into financial trouble.” lier normal fee per case* is 17.50, but the lee may range as high as $250 for out-of-town work She sa\s she makes a comfortable living. But whatever those she serves may think of her. Mrs. Butterfly said she is secure in the* admiration of her employers. “The? people out there may think I'm a bad person, but to my attorne*ys I'm a very de*ar and nice ole! lady." ii* lr) The Dvoraks Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dvorak of Walker; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Usher of Center Point and Mr. and Mrs. Len-ord Waddle of Urbana. The Dvoraks have 12 grand-children. THE SCHMITZ’ NOTE SILVER ANNIVERSARY VINTON - Mr. and Mrs. ,1m* Schmitz will note their silver wedding anniversary Tuesday. Mr. Schmitz and the former .leanette Brinkman were married Nov 5, 1949. in Urbana. They have three children: Judy of Des Plaines, 111.; Canelle of Cedar Rapids and Joel, at home. Bridge The Shufflers Winners of the rubber bridge game played Monday at Noelridge Park Christian church were: North-south — Marlys Kula and Jo Carlson, first, and Linda Touro and Tait Cummins, second; east-west — Linda Nickle and Diane Yinquist. first, and Mrs. Robert Thompson and Mrs. Charles Gregory, second. Over all winners were Mrs. Nickle and Mrs. Yinquist. The next game will In* played at 9 Monday at the church. Miss Goldsmith Becomes Bride HOPKINTON - Miss Cheryl Goldsmith and Gary Gates were married during a ceremony at 7 Friday at the United Methodist church. The Rev. Paul Figge officiated. The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Goldsmith of Earlville, wore a gown with an empire bodice of blue with daisy lace overlay and an A* line skirt of sheer fabric over satin-finish acetate with a train of daisy lace edged in blue. A Juliet cap held her lull-length , veil and her flowers were blue roses on a Bible. Lynne Lux, sister of the bridegroom, was matron of honor and bridesmaids were Dee Gearhart and Sheryl Schnitter. Their gowns were of apricot satin accented with brown ribbon. Each carried a hurricane lantern. Serving the bridegroom, son of the Kimbal Gates’ of Hopkinton were his brother, Biti (iates, best man; Dave Lux and Jeff Goldsmith, brother of the bride. Ushers were Bruce and Andy Goldsmith, also brothers, and Susan Goldsmith and Kim Gates, sisters of the couple, were candlelighters. A reception for 180 guests was given at the Methodist fellowship hall. ★ WW The bride is employed by Maquoketa Valley high school and the bridegroom bv Lux Pullets. ' i m Swim* CitizM Busts Cedar Rapids System Telephone 90-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 308-5605 Elsewhere 800-332-5934 By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: This problem concerns my two sisters. One is 28 and the other is 22. The man involved (I’ll call him Steve) is 38. Steve has been living with my 28-year-old sister for about IO years. They have five children but they never got married. Steve has been running around with my 22-year-old sister ever since she was 17, and now she’s pregnant. My older sister knows about it but there isn’t a thing she can do. Steve and the younger sister are sneaking around, but everybody knows what is going on. My older sister says she loves Steve no matter what, and my younger sister says the same thing. Steve says he loves them both. I think both my sisters are nuts, and I’m not so sure about Steve. If you have any ideas on how to straighten out this mess in my family I sure wish you would let me know. SISTER IN BETWEEN DEAR SIS: As I see it. both your sisters want the same man, and neither one will give him up, even if it means sharing him with the other. The man can't decide which sister he wants, so he keeps them both, lf they are satisfied with this sick setup, which includes a flock of children out-of-wedlock, I can't see what there is to "straighten out.” ★ WW DEAR ABBY: I am a widow and I am going with a very nice gentleman who is a widower. We are quite serious about each other, but if we were to marry one of us would have to go to live in the home of the other and he doesn’t want to leave the beautiful evergreen tree in his back yard and I don’t want to leave my lilac bush. This may sound crazy, but it is the truth. How can we settle this? STUMPED DEAR STUMPED. You do the moving. It's a lot easier to transplant a lilac bush than an evergreen tree. WWW DEAR ABBY: Who said. "To be thought rich is as good as to be rich'.’’’ ROD DEAR ROD: W M. Thack eray. But he was wrong. Those who are only thought to be rich don’t have to pay the rich man’s taxes. love is c T is \ \c o ? m US} . . . tiot dating her merely for her money. 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