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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Television Today By Jay Sharhutt — Networks Ready For Elections NEW YORK (AR) - The CBS, NBG and ABC television networks plunge into their all-night election coverage Tuesday night with computers readied, analysts alerted and anchormen and correspondents politically primed. The networks all say their reports will begin at 7 p.m. EST, broadcast live coast to coast. They say they expect the coverage, which preempts all their regular evening programs, to end at around 2 a.m. The Public Broadcasting Service, which serves the nation’s public TV stations, says it plans no election night coverage at all. A total of 504 elections are under TV scrutiny tonight — all 435 house seats, 34 senate races and 35 gubernatorial contests. The networks, each trying to be the first to accurately sort out key winners, major trends and what it all means, will as Usual do much of it from their New York studies, but in differing on-air ways. * * * At CBS’ studio, Walter Cron-kite is anchoring, Erie Se-vareid analyzing and John Hart trend-reporting. There'll also be four “regional” re-porter-interpreters Roger Mudd (South), Dan Rather (Midwest), Lesley Stahl (West) and Mike Wallace (East). At NBC’s studio, John Chancellor and David Brinkley are coachers. House elections are being observed by the “Today” show’s Barbara Walters and Jim Hartz. Edwin Newman is deciphering the senate races and White House correspondent Tom Brokaw the gubernatorial contests. ABC’s studio is almost deserted, comparatively speaking. Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner are coanchoring the over-all story, with only Sam Donaldson on hand to elaborate on key house races. The reason the on-air studio crew isn’t larger, says Wally Pfister, in charge of ABC’s coverage, “is that we think Harry and Howard can tell it better in a kind of conversational way, instead of the old ‘and now we switch you to Joe Doaks for the Eastern race’ thing.” ♦ * * While correspondents for all three networks are scattered around the country for “remotes” from the headquarters of key candidates, Pfister says Smith and Reasoner also will do long-distance interviews with some major candidates at the latters’ headquarters tonight. The networks’ trusty computers already are crammed with data ranging from past vote patterns to—CBS’ case— how all house candidates stand on major issues. And as the returns arrive, the computers will help the networks speedily report not only important “projected,” “estimated” or “apparent” winners — the terms will vary at each network *— but also the makeup and possible direction of the congress in 1975 well before midnight. On the visual side, the familiar large walls of studio “tote boards” are no more. At CBS and ABC, Tuesday’s vote displays will be flashed electronically on TV screens, with no wall at all needed. * * * At NBC, they say they’re using a gizmo called a “solari unit”, consisting of seven small screens — two for house races, one each for the senate and gubernatorial races and three for various other data. How much is Tuesday’s coverage and the months of pre-p a r a t i o n costing? ABC’s Pfister says “slightly under $3 million” for his network. His NBC counterpart, Robert Northshield, only will say it will cost his network somewhere between $2 million and $3 million. Their counterpart at CBS, Russ Bensley, says: “We regard that as confidential for competitive reasons and I don’t think I’ll tell you.” Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WH8F-TV,Rock Islond 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse 10—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO TV,De* Moines Tuesday Night 6:00 9— Eyewitness News 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sot*. 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—Action News A—A O Clock Edition •—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots.' 12— Designing Success 13— Eyewitness News 6:30 9-Election 74 2—Election 74 7—Election 74 3—Election 74 4—Election 74 • A—Iowa Football 1—Election 74 IO—Let s Make a Deal 12—Secrets of Deep 13—Let s Make a Deal 7:00 A—Election 74 IO—Election 74 12—America 13-Election 74 7:30 12— Movies— ' Meet Me In St. Louis", "Julius Cooser", "Mutiny on the Bounty" 10:00 9—Eyewitness News .7—News, Weather, Spf« 3—News. Weather, Sots. A—IO O'Clock Edition IO—News, Weathers, Sots 13—Eyewitness News 10:30 9—Election 74 7—Election 74 3—Election 74 A—Election 74 IO—Election 74 13—Election 74 Wednesday Morning 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—New Zoo Revue 1—Sunrise Semester 13—Not for Women Only 7:00 2—CBS News 7—Today 4—CBS News A—Today 1—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3— Lewis Family 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—Sesame Street 4—Copt. Kangaroo 1—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 9:00 * 9—Mike Douglas 2—Joker s Wild 7—Name That Tune 3—Cartoons 4 —Joker's Wild A—Name That Tune I—Joker's Wild IO—Nome That Tune 12—Sesame Street 13—Nome That Tune 9:30 2—Gambit 7—Winning Streak 3—Reed Farrell 4—Gambit A—Winning Streak I—Gambit IO—Winning Streak 13—Winning Streak 10:00 9-All My Children * 2— Now You See It 7-High Rollers 3—All My Children 4—Now You See It A—High Rollers 1—Furniture Refinishing IO—High Rollers 12—In School 13—HlghRollers 10:30 9—Brady Bunch 2—Love of Life 7—Hollywood Squares 3— Brady Bunch 4— Love of Life A—Hollywood Squares 1—Love of Life IO—Hollywood Squares-13—Hollywood Squares 11:00 9—Password 2—Young and Restless 7—Jackpot 3—Password 4—Young and Restless • A—Jackpot 1—Young and Restless IO—Jackpot 13—Jackpot 11:30 9—Split Second 2—Tomorrow 7—Celebrity Sweepstakes 3—Spilt Second 4—Tomorrow A—Celebrity Sweepstakes I—Tomorrow IO—Celebrity Sweepstakes 13—Celebrity Sweepstakes Wednesday Afternoon 12:00 9—Eyewitness News 2—News, Weather 7—News. Weather 3—News 4— Fomlly Affair A—Noon Edition 8—Noontime IO— News. Weather 12—In School 13—News 12:15 3-Town and Country IO—Virginia 13—Cartoons 12:30 9—Let s Make a Deol 2—As the World Turns 7—Jeopardy 3—Let s Make a Deol 4—As the World Turns A—Jeopardy I—As the World Turns IO—Jeopardy 12—Electric Company 13—Movie 1:00 9—Newlywed Game 2 - Guiding Light 7—Days of Lives 3 “Newlywed Game 4— Guiding Light A—Days of Lives I—Guiding Light 10—Days of Lives 12— In School 1:30 9-Girl In My Life 2— Edge of Night 7—Doctors 3—Girl In My Life 4— Edge of Night • A—Doctors •-Edge of Night IO— Doctors 2:00 9—General 2—Price Is 7—Another 3—General 4—Price Is A—Another •—Price Is IO—Another 13—Another Hospital Right World Hospital Right World Right World World ► To Order Your Gazette Want Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 A M. to 5 P.M. Monday thru Friday. 'Til Noon Sot. 4 Democrats File Prices in Marketbasket    Bomb Placed Po ll Climb at Slower Rate On Car Kills By Associated Press WATERLOO (AP) - Black riinB|inMipt| ant a Kif nt a m each of 13 cities, and Hawk county Democratic party chairman David Nagle said Monday he has filed a complaint of unfair campaign practices against Republican Charles Grassley with federal Fair Campaign Practice Committee. Nagle charged the Grassley for congress campaign with making false and misleading statements in its campaign advertising about Stephen Rapp in Iowa’s Third district congressional race. The complaint said Grassley issued a paid radio advertisement in which Rapp is said to have voted himself a 45 percent pay increase five months after his election to the Iowa legislature that Rapp opposed and Grassley favored property tax relief for widows at age 55 and that Rapp opposed development of Iowa highway 9. Nagle said he filed the com- March I, 1973. at a supermarket Arri PT Rd\/ Consumers got a bit of a m cac^ ^ cities, and has    ^ break at the supermarket dur- checked at the beginning of ing October, an Associated suc'cceding months. Up in Seven was I MILWAUKEE (AP) - _    ,    ,    newspaper    carrier boy Press survey shows. Grocery    Up    in    Seven    ,    „    .    ,    ,__, prices increased again, bat at a The ^ sh()wpd fa “ ^ Tuesday when a bomb slower rate than before.    dJrtVttober 'be bl for the    °"    a    Car    <'Xpl°<l<'d    h'S Sales on meat and eggs marketbasket went up in seven irou e' helped cut the bill and there cities, down in four and was Police said the bomb, were indications that the price unchanged in two. On the plain cardboard box, exploded I The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., November 5, 1974 9 Public Pays Part of Ford Campaign Trips items, checked the prices on Sugar Price Boosted by Russian Buy NEW YORK (AP) WASHINGTON (AP) - Re- Base; and $1 .OOO for hotel rooms publicans face a large campaign f°r the President and staff for bill for President Ford's trips to a rfs‘ st0P durin8 ,he u'>an<1' „    back    trip. 120 states promoting COP. can- ,    What    the    government    pays for a d.dates, but taxpayers will pay indudes a c.,4| cargo plane for a    significant part of the that transports    the presidential average,    the bill at    the start    oflwhen it was    moved    by the vie-    ,ravcl    cx')cnscs    fc?-SSK November was 0.7 percent tim, |,arry Ansted, 15, a car-1 Ford covered 16,685 nodes mii’f f“'J    I    ;h I a rier for the Milwaukee Sentinel, campaign swings that began Jet plane of the presidential Authorities said he anoarentlv 0ct ? with a trip to Burlington, fleet ,hat 8°^ aI°ng on the icame curiotL when he saw Vt. The While House is tabu-!£nger trips.to -serve the Pres.-the box alop the late model car 'ating the campaign bill and will de"' m case of an emergency. st the curb 3s he mBde his dc- present it to the Republican ns* Tcixp3yers 31 so psy the ex-survey showed the bill    was up    in!liveries around 6:15    a.rn    tional    committee for payment, penses of the secret service and ll cities    and down    in    only two.1 The bomb    was placet!    on    the    One    of the major expenses onJ^)tTllJlun!(atlon    men aJld equip- of sugar — which has soared 300 percent in the last year — may be leveling off.    'higher than    it was    at the    begin The Associated    Press    drew up ning of October and 13 percent a random list of    15 commonly I more than    at the    start    of thej became curious when he saw purchased food    and    nonfood year. During September, the AP with an average increase of 2.3 ear some time during the night, percent.    | police said. The biggest savings in the lat- Th« incident occurred outside est AP survey came at the meat ii10 home of R- K. Vermilyea, ounter. Farmers who say they and *he car was °wned by Ver- the G.O.P. tab will be for 77,600 ment. gallons of jet fuel burned by Nessen said all these items Air Force One, which consumes 2,000 gallons per hour of flight. On the other hand, taxpayers are necessary to support Ford in his role as President and Commander - in-Chief wherever The So- viet Union’s purchase of 400,000 tons of raw sugar has sent world ...    j    , .sugar futures soaring from the plaint because the ads began i48 97^ents-a-pound price in the running during the last week March delivery to a record 50% before the Nov. 5 election and cents cannot afford the high cost of niilyea’s son. Michael, 23, a will pay for much of the support J™ an(l vvolllfi he Pai(l tor feed grain have been selling number of a motorcycle club personnel and equipment that v c 80V^rnment. Limousine are “blatant untruths.” Police Drive Accused Robber To Bus Station WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. IAP) An accused bank robber was their livestock,    temporarily in-known as Heaven’s    Devils.    accompanies    the    President    and creasing    supply and lowering    his secret    service    protection. The presidentia] limousine js prices.    |complained several times in re- The only cost figures com- •.f ,h    , Tho nrioo of o oo.mH of cent months about harassment piled so far are for the Ver-P ,    5    President s pro- chopped chuck was down in (ive |r,,m !"cmbcrs <f a"°^r m°- «p White House press    in'*'accordance of the cities cheeked, unchanged ‘Te^^TsaMt“cnt- ZZ*"* Ne8Se" ““ ^ with the law on se “ The Russian purchase Monday in tour and UP in tour, with .    in    (.0urt    against a    _    Nessen said the Republican from the Philippines came on decreases generally averaging mpmj5er (.f ^ rjvaj (1|u^    Breakdown    national    committee    doesn’t split the first day of a new two-cents-    about    IO cents a pound.    charged with robbery    The fath-    Th€se> which will be paid by    hairs ab<>ut paying when any a-day limit on the increase per    Less Steep    er said a window in    the home    the Republican national com-    Part o{ a presidential journey pound in the price of sugar.    was recent,y shot out,    and there    mittoe, include $4,635.16 for Air    in™!ved a P°litical appearance. Analysts say the Arab nations OUkdr priues WUL up d>'dm 1,1    •    »----*«—    —............... ----:J— have been buying up more sugar than they    could    use    and    specu-i ~ ^nd    Dallas    ~ and was un    iseveral othcr    area    tomes, luting    in    the    futures,    because|n «»    ^ jn„J "We heard    the explosion and nearby nme^^^e^wml^lwere report., to''sum'me7''of Force One *372 52 for helicon    ^    P^ntial in two cities - Albuquerque. N.K boding, and gunfire atl'e-s or ‘^ round-trip Hight to ™<^°^adf '° , “ff‘clal M 1-------1    “    ■    and    from    the    White    House    and    ve provided under an annual consuming nations have been!^han8ed in iw0' ^ increases, . .    i    u/orn nee cioon fhon in Andrews Air Force contract between the secret inadvertently frepd from thp ...    ,    however    were    less    steeD    than    in    n^y    went    out    to    look    while n ...    .    y I*®?.. j .. pinched by short supplies. nowever, were i ss s ep man ii    h Crittenden county jail and driv- n*_____i.._. t, orevious months when the once 1 (<lilca me ponce, said ver- en to the West Memphis bus station. He hasn’t been heard from since. The U. S. marshal s office in Little Rock telephoned the sheriff’s office here Monday to authorize the release of Billy Charles Lasker, 31, of Conway. He had served a 10-day sentence for illegally opening a letter while employed by the U. S. postal service. Lasker was sharing a cell with Carl Eugene Webster, 27, of Jacksonville. Fla., who was their profit. However, other industry observers say the Russians may have sold too much sugar to the Soviet satellite nations and may have run short. The competition among the consuming nations for sugar has driven the per pound price up 20 cents during the last six weeks. Many traders have been surprised by the sharp jump. A German trade house has report- charged with attempted handedly lost $50 million on its short position, partially because the price surge made it difficult for the trader to get additional financing. robbery. And when jailers called out for Lasker to leave, Webster stepped out. The jailers didn’t notice the switch and Webster was driven to the bus depot.    tic    Npw^nrint Two hours later, Lasker asked    int jailers when he would be re pr;ce |ncrease leased, claiming he was asleep' when Webster left the cell. ! NEW YORK (AP) — Bowater ll    r    I    • pounds of granulated muyea. ne came running back    uHianS taring sugar soared from about 65 m and sa>d there was a body Pq'J* Food Face cents to about $2.    next to the car. The rising prices and reports awaye of the auto wa, blown Lead Danger of soaring profits for sugar com-; lhink ,hc bomb    J    NEW    HAVEN    ^ Tho analysts sav tho Hnssians previous months when the price 1    >’ flve ^nds ot granulated I-'yea. "Heel drive the price up and increase (AP) - service and the Ford Motor Co. “on reasonable terms,” Nessen said. He did not spell out the contract terms. The traveling White House press pays for press buses and its charter aircraft. Television networks usually provide the compared were not included in the over-all totals. WASHINGTON (UPI themselves to lead poisoning More than 25 popular brands of canned and dry pet foods tested contained lead ranging from safe levels to four times the danger threshold for chil- panies have spurred demands ^or my gon „ Vermilyea. Scientists working for the state sPecial lighting for presidential for government investigations, «<just 'bccause my vSon was of Connecticut said Monday that sPeeches and appearances, Nes-S    I- -.ugh to testify, this is people who eat canned pet food aa*d- what happens. These people to save money may be exposing       — Yale Students Fast To Protest U. S. Food Waste Ste- dren, scientists of the Connec- Two^hmisanH^v^?™'-7 phen Bull, one of the few per- ticut agricultural experiment ,inH«ror3H ♦    university The AP did not attempt to sons to have access to the White station said.    ndergraduates were to fast compare actual prices from city House tape containing the 18^-: They said tests on liverwurst i y Protest waste of U. to city - to say, for example, minute gap, has quit Richard and sandwich spreads also re.£ArlT^fS m the face of that cookies cost more in one Nixon’s staff and gone into pri-'vealed lead, although less fre- r'u Ifarnine- area than another. The only vate industry, it was learned quently and in smaller amounts. were in Tuesday.    Connecticut    officials    said    nei-    hdlf    the    un' nr th. .I...-. h„.,i,i. — dergraduatc body will be credit- last week that the dugtry was one of several food ha„ ^ lQ st | „ industries that will be inves-    1 tigated for evidence of possible q price fixing.    DUH,    Aide    TO Items temporarily out of stock kJIyrm Pocinnc on one of the survey dates being    •NGSignS comparisons made terms of percentages — saying a particular item went up Laster bas been «h«rged with (Sales Co. said Tuesday it would i eontCi"‘another. fo^xTmple.^' Z,C8l°r Nto"'S >S With Bull’s departure, only (her the stale's health nor con-    CTV111    0e.CI'M‘'- 19 former Press Secretary Roni.sumer protection departments thlt ^ mtor of organizations - — ■      r    r    mal    help    feed    the    world’s helping Webster escape. Laborites Beat Off Challenge LONDON (AP)—Prime Minister Wilson’s Labor government has weathered its first challenge in the new parliament, defeating by 14 votes a Conservative motion to block its plans to nationalize the shipbuilding and aircraft industries and ac increase its price of 30-pound newsprint $35 a ton, to $270 a ton, effective Jan. I. Two Get 99 Years for Other newsprint producers in I ‘Stringbean’ Murder the U.S. and Canada previously] NAS|IVU>LE Tem, {Ap) _ John Brown and Marvin Douglas Brown have both been sentenced to two 99-year prison I terms after being convicted of 'slaying Grand Ole Opry star announced increases to $260 a ton, also effective Jan. I. Fulbright Has Minor Surgery personal have received reports of lead    ..    . - , secretary, Rose Mary Woods, poisoning attributed to eating W    to    ,ho Rev' are left among the prominent pct food    ™'am Sloane OMn, Yale's holdovers on the staff. Sources There have been reports that i ^ . .. . ..    , . indicate Ziegler may leave next an increased number of poor    a . e.    cojn* February    people have turned to canned rfZZlLTT*    °f pet food for protein.    130 Dr. laster Hankins, a state! iin . ays ^ biochemist, said that animal . ff° P61,80115 worldwide livers and other organs are be- Th    , r.    ^    "J^nutntion. lieved to have been the main    nuM    /II    ^ t0. S€rvc SEOUL (UPI)—Eight persons    source of the lead in both pet    ti    , , 0    ,or    ® lnstitu- irn orrnctnH on/1 /•Viorrrn/1 ti/Hk    nnrl    cnrnuHc    Un    eoirl th*>    '    aaa to launch 3 Series Of Eight Arrested In Korean Fire David “Stringbean” Akeman were arrested and charged with foods and spreads. He said the WASHINGTON (AP) — Sena-    ana nls WIIe-    negligence in the weekend fire    effect of lead on animals eating    wovidTSh.lnYfie 'I'h' _______ for Fulbright tD-Ark.) under- The two men, cousins,    were    at an office building and hotel    the food has not yet been deter-|need ,    ^p tor tne ^ire V sT percent interest in wcnt minor surgery at nearby sent to the state prison Saturday complex that killed 88 persons, mined    .    The'    fast 'includes midday development of North sea oil.    Bethesda Naval Medical Center    a little more than an hour    after    (5 of them rn a nightclub, police Hankins satd animals proba- worksh    on |olb ™cdd> __  ^nl    J    ihnu    11/Am    mn    ♦    nnoorl    Kt»    IiiHnn    cam inncnQvi    Kiu;    fjhcnrK    mun    nv    AQtincr    arace    *    o    . The vote was 310-296. 2:30 9—One Life To Live 2—Match Game 7—How To Survive a Marriage 3—One Life To Live 4—Match Game 4—How To Survive a Morrioge 8—Match Game IO—How To Survive a Morrioge 13—How To Survive a Marriage 3.00 9—$10,000 Pvromfd 2— Tattletale* • 7—Somerset 3—$10,000 Pyramid 4—Tattletales 6— Somerset 8—Tattletales IO— Somerset 12— Supervisory 13—Somerset 3:30 9—Gilligon’s Island 2— Dr. Ma* 7—Room 222 3—Afterschool Special 4—Mike Douglas •— Jeannie 8— Bewitched IO—Lost In Space 12—Cover to Cover 13—Floppy 3:43 12- Bread, Butterflies 4:00 9—Afterschool Special 7— Bonanza b—Merv Griffin 8—Mike Douglas 12—Mlsterogers 13—Merv Griffin 4:30 V—Partridge Family 3—Two Missions East 4—Hogan's Heroes IO—Daniel Boone 12—Sesame Street 5:00 9—Family Classics 2—Consequences 7—Dragnet 3_Newsfeotures 4—Gllligan's Islond 5:30 9—ABC News 7—CBS News 7-NSC News 3-ABC News 4—CBS News ti - NBC News •-CBS News IO NSC News 12—Electric Company 13— NSC News Fatal Ship Fire INNOSHIMA, Japan (AP) -Fire broke out Tuesday aboard Gary a Liberian tanker. One Japanese senate candidate, was a passen-worker was killed and four were ger in a car involved in a traffic I injured before the blaze was accident on election eve. No I extinguished three hours later. | one was seriously hurt. Would-Be Ship Defector Reported on Way to U. S. MOSCOW (AP) — A Lithu- It has been known for weeks anjan sailor who tried to defect that Kudirka was to pick up an to an American ship four years exit visa from Soviet authorities ago but was returned to a Bus- and an entrance visa from the! sian ship captain was reported1 American embassy at Moscow, to have left Tuesday for the but officials on both sides have U.S.    been silent. A U.S. embassy spokesman Kudirka was a seaman aboard said “no comment” when asked the Soviet vessel Sovietskaya to confirm the report from a I Litva when he made his dra-friend of Simas Kudirka. The matic bid for freedom. The ship embassy would be involved be- was tied to the USS Vigilant as cause congress made Kudirka officers conferred over fishing an American citizen after it rights. [was discovered his mother was Kudirka jumped on the Vigi- Monday, his office said Tues- they were sentenced by Judge said Tuesday.    bly absorb lead    by eating grass day.    Allen    Cornelius.    Kim    Ho-jin,    42, owner of the or grains on which fumes from _____ Lawyers    for    the    Browns    said    building, and seven workers auto exhaust settle. It then Candidate in Crash they plan to appeal the convic- there were arrested.    Three    builds up in    the animals’ ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — tions.    others were sought.    organs. Hart, Democratic U. S. bom in Brooklyn. Kudirka was freed from a Soviet prison last August. He had been serving a 10-year treason sentence for jumping aboard a U.S. coast guard cutter at sea in November, 1970. His pardon reportedly was ordered by the supreme soviet. lant’s deck and told officers he wanted to live in the U.S. After consulting with coast guard j headquarters in Boston, the offi-1 errs gave him back to the Bus- [ sians. Soviet crewmen came aboard: and beat Kudirka in front ot the U.S. crew, then dragged Best-of-the year prices NOW...on NEW 1974^^0/IJ0f solid-state 25'aiant-screen console the Soviet parliament, after pro-    him back to    his ship.    After    am tests and appeals from Ameri-    investigation,    two senior coast can citizens and political lead-    guard officers retired    early    beers.    cause of the    incident. All 1974 Models must go! LAUNDRY .MTO-’A: Room FOR ANY DRAINAGE FAILURE •ASt MENT 365-2243 *WAV v4 DOW* rHt drain Be ail set for New Fall TV color shows and sports thrills—at real savings Choose Now— we ll bring out one of these beautiful sets Shop Mon. and Thurs. ’til 9 p.m.... and all day Saturday—Don’t wait 106 2nd Avenue SW 363-021 ;

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