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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Marion News Suits Charge Violation of Consumer Fraud Act, Code Changes Made in School Board Meeting Schedule Several chances have been made in the Marion Independent school board meeting schedule for November, Dr. Clark Stevens, superintendent, said The regular meeting, set for the second Thursday, will be held on Nov. ll instead because of a conflict with the Iowa Assn. of School Hoards convention in Des Moines on Nov. 14 The second meeting, set for the fourth Thursday, falls on Thanksgiving. This meeting has been reset for Nov. 21 at Irving elementary school. Both meetings begin at 7 pm. Stevens invited all interested patrons in the district to attend either or both meetings. it it it Two Meetings Set By Marion Chamber Marion Chamber of Commerce has two meetings set for the week The retail bureau will meet Thursday at 9 30 a rn in the Fanners State bank community room. The board of directors will meet Friday at 7:30 a m. in the Chamber offices. TWI Eleventh street. it it it Hickory smoked barbecued ribs, shrimp and chicken served Wednesdays, Stickney^ Scoreboard.—Adv. it it it Marlon Merchants Register now for free turkeys. Nothing to buv. — Adv. ★ ★ ★ XI Gamma Sigma chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will meet Tuesday night at 7:45 in the home of Donna Jayne, 410 Forty-first street NE, Cedar Rapids. The Linn County Council on Aging will present the program. ★ it it You Count With Kacena! Paid by J. Kacena — Pol. Adv. it it it Ear Piercing Clinic! Saturday — noon to 4. Ray’s Jewelry. Open Monday-Thurs-day ’til 9. — Adv. ★ * ★ Hospitalized — Dick Blok. 1494 Northview drive, is a surgical patient at Mercy hospital. Visitors are permitted ★ it it Don’t Forget to Vote! Paid by J. Kacena — Pol. Adv. it it it Now stocking micro-wave ovens by Panasonic. Marion TV and Records. — Adv. ★ it it Board To Meet — Lmn-Mar board of education will meet Thursday at 7:30 p m. in the administration building. ★ ★ ★ Vote for Kacena' Paid by J. Kacena —Pol. Adv. Buchanan Judge Gives Sentences INDEPENDENCE - lindy Johnson, 18, Troy Mills, was sentenced to 20 days in the Buchanan county jail by District Court Judge Peter Van Metre Thursday after she pled guilty to the charge of pointing a gun at another. She had been charged with going armed with intent following an incident outside of a Rowley tavern Aug. 3 and had pled not guilty. Her sentence is to begin Nov. 7. A one-vear suspended jail sentence was handed down to William Fred Lowe, 20. 301 Thirty-first street drive SE, Cedar Rapids, after pleading guilty to larceny in the nighttime of property valued under $20 in connection with a tire theft at the Boubin Tire Co.. Independence, on June 8. He was placed on probation to the Bureau of Community Correctional Services. Dale    Van    border,    19. Quasqueton, charged Aug. 21 with possession of marijuana, changed    his    plea from    not guilty to guilty. Judge    Van Metre deferred sentencing and plated    the    defendant    on probation during gins! behavior to Kenneth Met ardle for six months. Cases heard Monday in magistrate’s court were: Speeding — Nels C. Scranton, 1895 Douglas court, $35; Creighton D. Campbell, Central City, $30; Christopher B. Chaffee, 2210 Twenty-seventh street, $30; Rickey E. Pegum, 830 Sixth avenue, $30; Patricia K. Petty, Central City. $30; Anthony G. Murphy, 898 Eighth street, $30. Na valid driver’s license — Ty L. Ozbum, 2740 Fourth avenue, $15. Disobeyed police officers — Joseph A. Moses, Ely, $10 Expired license plates — Harvey O. Thompson, jr., 1010 Fourteenth street, $5. Criminal trespass — Leslie A. Warner, 375 Third street, $50. Intoxication — Russell L. Tollefson, 112 Second avenue, Hiawatha. $30; Paul A. Kittleby, 3085 Twenty-sixth avenue. $30 ★ * ★ YMCA — Wednesday’s activity schedule at the Marion YMCA is: Non-aquatic — women’s fitness class 9 a m., preschool gymnastics ll, men’s fitness class 11:45, women’s volleyball I p.m., gy mnastics 4 and 5, adult open basketball 7, bridge lessons 7; pool — school lessons 9 a m. and 2:30 p.m., pre-school lessons 11:15 and I, adult open swim noon and 7:30, youth lessons 3 30, swim team 8:30. ★ it it First tatted Methodist Church IMW Bazaar is November 8th, from IO a m - 5 pm. Every tine is welcome! — Adv. ir it it Reelect Ralph Tuesday Nov. 5. Paid by Potter for senator committee. M. L. Allen Chairman, —Adv. ★ it it Set Meeting — Marion water board will meet Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers at the city hall to receive bids for the Linn-Mar water main installation project. The board will move to the civil defense room following the receipt of bids to conduct its regular meeting. it it it Your Support is Appreciated! Paid by J. Kacena. — Pol. Adv. U. of I. Chosen Host for NEH Teacher Program IOWA CITY - The Univers-ity of Iowa is among 12 colleges and universities designated by the National Endowment for the Human Hies (NEH) as host institutions for a newly established $2 6 million program of fellowships in residence for college teachers. The new program provides for seminars at these institutions during the nine-month academic year 1975-76 in 15 different areas of the humanities. NEH will grant fellowships to faculty members from two-and four-year colleges to permit them to participate and at the same time to engage in personal study and research. The purpose of the program, according to Dr. Ronald S. Berman, chairman of NEH, is to make it possible for the fellows to enhance their competence as teachers. Approximately 144) fellowships will be awarded, each carrying a maximum stipend of $13,5(6) for the nine-month seminar period. An allowance covering travel and moving expenses up to $51)0 also will be available. Application for fellowships are available only from the endowment, and not from the seminar institutions. Requests should be directed to the division of fellowships, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, D. C. 20506, (2)2 382-5827. Applications should be postmarked no later than Nov. 18. 1974 Awards will In* announced in mid-March of 1975. ON THIS DATE in 1931), American novelist Sinclair I^ewis was awarded the Nobel Brize for Literature. DR. RONALD S. HOYLE CHIROPRACTOR 1530 IST. AVE. N.E. DES MOINES (UPI) - Two Minnesota firms were named in suits filed by Attorney General Richard Turner Monday for violating both the Iowa consumer fraud act and the new Iowa consumer credit code. In the petition. Turner charged Federated Reporting Bureau, Inc., and Hadley, West, ( lark and Patrick, Inc . both doing business as Federal Reporting Bureau, and Terrance Robson, vicepresident of the second firm, with fraud in selling distributorships for the operation of collection agencies. < ustemcr Promises "These distributorships have been sold to Iowans for U. of I. Hospitals Expand Services IOWA CITY - The University hospital school is expanding its role as a training and resource center for the state of Iowa in the care and education of handicapped children. The hospital school was established at the University of Iowa in 1947 by the Iowa legislature to provide a facility for the treatment and education of physically handicapped children and to conduct research into the causes, prevention and management of handicapped conditions A major reason for locating this program at the U. of I was to offer training opportunities for prospective workers in this field Until 1970, the vast majority of the participants in these training programs were U. of I. students. Since then, however, the program    has    substantially increased    both    its in-house training activities for professionals from outside the university and its “outreach" efforts    to    communities throughout the state. “Our programs for non-university personnel are now increasing greatly upon request,” comments Dr. Riley Hodges, the school's coordinator of training. Attend Workshops Dr. Hodges notes that during the first six months of 1974 a total of 324 professionals from all parts of Iowa and elsewhere attended workshops and other training opportunities at the hospital school, compared with 98 non-U. of I. participants in the preceding six months. “These outside trainees are in addition to the more than one thousand University of Iowa students who take courses and gain clinical experience at this facility each year,” explains Dr. Raymond R. Rembolt, director of the University hospital school and a member of its original staff. “Approximately one-half of our university students are registered in the college of education. We also serve students in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, speech pathology and audiology medicine and a dozen other disciplines.” Stimulate Training One factor that has helped stimulate the hospital school’s training activities for outside professionals is a new federal regulation which requires that IO percent of all children served by the Head Start program must be made up of significantly handicapped children. “Most of the people in the Head Start program have never had much contact with handicapped children,” said Dr. Hodges, “and so the University hospital school has responded to meet this new need for training.” Dr. Rembolt notes that the hospital school also has been gearing up its outreach programs in response* to a law passed in the last session of the Iowa legislature. Under this new legislation, which goes into effect next year, all children in Iowa, including those* with handicaps, must be provided with an appropriate educational and training program. New Programs “We are now developing new instructional programs to aid teachers as handicapped children are placed into the mainstream of the state school system,” states Dr. Hodges, “and we’re also preparing to provide the necessary followup services in connection with these programs. In August we added to our staff a field specialist who is coordinating workshops and consulting sevices to Head Start programs throughout the state.” Dr. Stanley Hew Ix*n, principal of the hospital school, thinks the new special education law also may alter the nature of the population of handicapped chilren who are treated and edueahd at the hospital school. At present the hospital school has approximately 55 physically    handicapped children and young people in residence and IO more are brought in daily. Some of these children and young people stay at the school for only two to three weeks; while others remain several years, with interspersed periods at home. In addition, there are about 50 mentally retarded day students who are bused in from the Johnson County area. Handicapped “As the state school system begins to pick up the less severly handicapped, the population we will continue to serve probably will be the more severely handicapped,” states Hew Len. In addition to developing training programs and support services in connection with the integration of handicapped children in local school systems, the University hospital school is expanding other outreach efforts to communities across Iowa. Groups serving the handicapped, such as Home-Parent-Child Stimulation unit in Marshalltown; Skyline ( enter Inc., in Clinton; Marquette School in Davenport; the In-Home Care Worker Project in Iowa City, and other similar operations are increasingly calling on the University hospital school staff for in-service training. “The University hospital school has become much more sensitive to the needs of the outreach and mainstreaming programs,” said the principal, “and our response to these needs is now more timely anil more intense. We have reorganized our staff and added the necessary expertise to fulfill this commitment.” amounts ranging up to $2,500 with promises to the customer of an average income of $400 to $800 weekly and all the help the new distributor needed to get going,’’ Turner said In addition. Turner said, “The defendants have falsely told distributors that their program was legal in the state of Iowa, when in fact it was not and also that the program had boon approved by the attorney general's office which also is allegedly not true . letters ( barge J Referring to alleged violations to the consumer credit code. Turner charged that the two corporations have used dun letters which appear to Im* from a governmental agency and which appear to be official documents.” The petition asks the Polk county district court to enjoin the defendants from selling distributorships “through the use of any deception, fraud, or misrepresentation "j Historical Sites Are filed With State Society DECORAH — Winneshiek county’s major historical sites have been filed with the Iowa state historic preservation program at Iowa City, a longtime objective of the county historical society, said E. J Weigle, president. James K. Beranek, of Iowa ('ity, free lance writer and photographer has been supplying technical assistance in the project. The new data that has been gathered will be used for the consideration of deserving sites for the national register of historic sites. Among the nearly 40 sites and objects under consideration for filing and photographing are Friends church at Hesper, St. Weneeslaus at Spillville; St. Anthony of Padua, Frankville; Locust Stone school; Freeport Paper Mill and line kiln; Moneek; Porter House; Sattre Log school site, Springwater; Twin Springs Keystone bridge; and the Pioneer cemetery. The Norwegian-American museum and the Ixiura Ingalls Wilder House in Burr Oak had reports filed previously. Weigle says an important by-product of Beranek’s work was the acquisition of a number ofitems for the archives in depository of the county historical society at Luther college library. Other activities of the historical society include ownership of the Porter house. Locust school, and Frankville museum, a historic markers program on old cemeteries and burial places and cooperation with state and nearby historical groups. A colored slide presentation on Winneshiek county's his-tozy is available for groups wanting to learn more about the history of the county. Vinton to Host Exhange Group VINTON — The weekend of Nov. 15-17 will be Operation Friendship weekend in Vinton. Local families will host a group of about 30 youths from the Newberry Center in Chicago. The Newberry Center is a Methodist started and United Fund supported facility serving a predominately black Chicago neighborhood Operation Friendship is an ongoing project to develop greater appreciation and understanding among people. The Chicago youths, mostly 14 and 15-ear olds, will arrive at Washington high school late Friday evening, Nov. 15, to be met by their hosts. Each fammly incorporates their guest into their daily living. For those who wish to participate on Saturday there are visits scheduled to Birker Farms. Inc. from 1-2 p.m. and OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT TELEPHONE: 362-2689 Su Front Drive iKi a I But (beret lo much BMR in’74. Subaru offers 12 mos. warranty with Unlimited Mileage For detail! call my tim* for a recorded message. 363*8563 the Dale Hensmg farm from 2-3 p.m. At 6:30 in a coordinated effort, the Vinton recreation department will sponsor a pot luck get-together of hosts, guests, and other interested people. Families wishing bi take part rn the program may get application forms at an orientation session to be held Sunday. Nov. 3, at Tilford junior high at 7:30 p.m. The forms should be returned to either Jane Jamison. Harold Shepherd, Ken Stark, or Jane {^Grange by Nov. 7. ON THIS DATE in 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt was elected to an unprecedented third term. How’s Your \ Hearing? diSToRtEd? COME IN FOR A FREE HEARING TEST HEARING AID SERVICE 337 Higley Bldg. Call 364-4030 Photo bv Mildred Quimby Beware the Cat Safe driving in McGregor these days means watching out for cougars, too. Because of recent reported sightings of the cats in nearby Pike s Peak state park, pranksters have put up signs along the highways entering McGregor to watch out for these animals. Cougars were reported seen last spring in the area, and recently two more sightings occurred, but it has not been confirmed that the animals seen were cougars. LAFF - A - DAY ARC Schedules Speaker On Establishing Homes "He trails me the beginning of every month when the bills arrive.” TAMA—William ll itchings, Marshalltown.    executive director of Central Iowa Residential Services, Inc., for Tama. Marshall, Poweshiek Sell Restaurant CHELSEA—The R and J restaurant, located on highway 212 on the north edge of town owned by Ronald Zhorne, has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Berry Prusha of Tama. and Hardin counties, will speak to the Tama County Assn , for Retarded Children at 7:38 p.m. Nov. 13 in room 201 of the South Tama County high Schall. Goal of the residential services, a non-profit organization, is to establish homes for the mentally handicapped Want to keep it or sell it? Idle items take up space . . . sell them with a classified ad! NOW! You can open and close your garage door from your car... It’s the Best “garage key” ever made: Electric Garage Door Opener! FREE! 30-Day Trial Don’t wait ’til winter! You’ll Say “What a big difference it makes. . . it’s more than terrific!” Buy QUALITY Md SERVICE ...Not PRICE ALONE! You savo, in tho long run. TMI Does your Garage look like this? 4-HT After we come, it could look like this. 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