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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Campaign Trail S:i itf£ ■’ **» 2 ITF" Rural Development m*ji ur al resow res, but Hie most Qjnsbera Promises i    n    •    •*    immediate    problem    is the mo- _    .    .. Jensen Priority    nopolistic    stranglehold    which    Evening    Meetings WEST UNION — Martin .Jon |the giant oil companies have on stanley Ginsberg, the Demo-•sen, a candidate for the Demo the American economy.”    cratic candidate for nomination erotic nomination for Second I rall(‘d aKain ,or implemen-1 for Uinn county supervisor, said dict r i f> i    .    I ,at'on °> a federal trade com- Wednesday “Linn county super- M ssmdn’ sa,(1 j mission staff study which rec- visors are only as effective as W( dnesday in West Union that <t(ommcndod earlier this year that The public allows or demands, top priority if he is elected to the eight largest oil companies;Ginsberg called for periodic congress will be “to assure adc- be forced to divest themselves j public: meetings in the evening quale funding for rural develop- of up lo BO percent of their Min-; J"    or* went progiams.    convenience are unable to al tho FTC staff report said 16-Year-Olds Are Arrested on Weapons Charqe By Roland Krekeler Two 16-year-old youths were .....    .    ...    Arguments    were    made    before charged Wednesday with .larry- *•    Jamcg • lie Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thins., May 30, 1074 Arguments Made over Zacek Redress Plea mg concealed weapons after po lice arrested them for possessing a loaded .41* caliber automatic pistol and a hunting knife “Unfortunately,” pointed out, “the .J c n s e n 1972 Rural Development act has been emasculated by presidential vetoes and impoundments. Many provisions of this legislation have either been denied funds altogether or funded only partially. the companies’ monopoly control of the petroleum market in tend daytime sessions. “What we need,” lie said, “is this country was (he direct I opportunity for «>e people cause »l current shortages and of I-™ county to tell Ute.r coun-...    .7    ity officials their concerns, their higher prices. Because they arc ^ (h(ij (|psjr|>s so powerful, and have no in- Gjn;ber(, promjsed (o makc d e pendent competition, the eV(,ry effort to establish a regu-giant companies are able to |arjy published schedule of cve-operate inefficiently and at an nin^r meetings of the I^inn sUper-“In my opinion, a partial .unwarranted expense to con- visors .He spoke at the home of commitment to the social and sumers,” Blouin said    Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Morf, 1377 economic needs of the people in    ~    Elmhurst drive NE. rural Northeast Iowa is not good Contributions for Stanley $21,774 DES MOINES — Contributions Cannon Is Endorsed By Sen. Doderer IOWA CITY (AF) - Sen enough. “A $10 million budget for the community facility grant sec-. finn of Ihp 1079 apt fur nvimn totaling $21,774.23 for the March ion ot the SII act, examp    J    Minnette Doderer (D-Iowa City) Ie, s not good enough. The ad-. 1-May 2,1 period were reported ^    wi||jam ministration request is ridicu- Thursday by State Rep. David of Mingo for the Democratic lously low. We all know the $ I; stanley of Muscatine, a Eepubli- gubernatorial nomination. million could be spent on need-1 can candidate for U S. senator. Mrs. Doderer said she knows ed and worthwhile community stanley said the contributions all three candidates but said she facilities in Iowa alone.    were from 1,025 Iowans and that was selecting Gannon as the Jensen made his remarks at a the average contribution was best qualified to lead Iowa as primary voter reception in West $21.24. He said Iowans in all 99 governor. Union hosted by Steve Story. (counties contributed    Gannon    was Democratic floor -He    said two individuals from (leader of the Iowa house in Martin: Linn Is    out *b€ state contributed $27. 1969 Phony Check Haven “Have you tried to cash a check lately? What did the bank or merchant ask you for first — your driver's license, your social security number. Judge Carter Wednesday on whether he should dismiss the application for post-con virtual redress for convicted murderer Richard Zacek , In a memorandum and order Hie youths weie arrested in a in y\prj| rk» judge said he in southeast side apartment where    j0    fjjsmiss    the applica- police went to search for a run away 15-year-old girl.    . When police first went to tho1 Three iGrSOns apartment, no one answered Later in the evening, police re ce iv rd information > the or j Three persons appeared in court tion, as requested by the state, violate defendants’ constitu-,argued that Zacek’s voluntary but gave Zacek’s attorneys an tional rights as long as they are guilty plea waived all defects opportunity to show why it able to keep it quiet until after*that might have been chal-shoulrl not be dismissed.    defendants plead guilty to avenged if the case had gone to One of the reasons listed by j crime, the judge as supporting dismiss- Judge Carter said Zacek’s at-al was that the only ground for torneys appeared to be trying to redress with factual substance extend to guilty plea situations    rights    were    violated    by    police, was that Zacek did not knowing- supreme court’s decisions which    as    a    county    attorney’s investiga te. ‘File Law Suit’ He said that if Zacek’s civil ly and intelligently plead guilty bar states from using in a trial because the defense was un- unconstitutionally-obtained    cvi- a w a r e of illegal evidence-, donee. gathering activities of the police, ||„ said it appeared that what Are Bound Over department. Guilty Plea tion has reported, a federal law suit for damages is the remedy available. Judge Carter asked whether they were saying was that the there would be a factual dispute unconstitutional search was so if he would set a hearing on ,r,    ,    ,    .    offensive that the guilty plea Zacek’s application, Faches re- ie ques ion o a nowing ate s|1(JU|cj b(, sej (,vcn though plied that he believes the search voluntary guilty plea has a1 cupants of the apartment were magistrate’s court and had    ,,..„rmm(.a    hv ,h„.»       bv    -    i............ —    ........ out of town and someone else    ,    My    D<<"    au    "n    ,    "> , milled the crime and there was tained even without information was inside.    C',S,    S    MW    ,0    KrM'1    lowa    court.    _the    judge|nolhjng sh(JW ,hat ,he ,)rcach obtained in the illegal breakin. Officers relurned to the apart- J    ,    i'm!,ii,,!,"    'n,*rep Ble c'insti*ut'on affected the Judge Carter was given, upon Bryce fisher. 5 fumer alley reeding is not available to reb- amJra„v of ,hp admissjon hi,    .,    “f ment, entered with a key ob- ",Jr" * 1 ,j* *    ■'    u,1,j     '    •    "    accuracy    of    tho    admission    his order, tained from the landlord and;SK» waived a preliminary hear- W”'*} ,sbU(‘ P'evnusiy at-    portions of the transcript of the found the pair standing in a mg Wednesday and was bound J . .    ,    *    *    ,    ,    ,    ,    county attorney’s investigation dark bedroom.    over    on    a    charge    of    drunk    driv-    ,;ir (. attorneys argued Hie attorneys rep led that the for him to view privately. \A/,.rin„cao„ ik-,1    |erjaJ    breakin did have a rela- A search of the pair turned up ing ,le was arrested May 13 the weapons, which police said Zacek’s attorneys argued Wednesday that such proceed- ii leg* ings are permitted under the tion to the guilty plea, in that Rule by June 7 their billard Glary, 2350 Blakely statute ii there is sufficient rea- defense attorneys were unable He said he expects to rule by pants 0U^IS )ncea *    boulevard    SE,    waived a prelirni- son why a point was not raised to advise Zacek of the likelihood jun(. 7 on whether to allow The runaway girl was found    JUe*?a.%.^ %as before>    of    eviction, since they did not zacek to proceed with his appli- hiding in the bedroom closet, police said. Rcpici, between .A...* .u--    ...    1,    ,    •—.....guilty of second-degree The 33-year-old Cedar Rapids bound over    on    a    charge    of    Jar-    Th(i z.JCek c;jS(>)    th    saj(j js    know    wbat    evidence    was admis-    catjon ceny    He    is    charged    with    taking    ;j c,assic cas(, (>f such    sufficient    sible word jus, ie property et .John reason sjnce pobce withheld They said the supreme court man jg serving a 75-year term ’    from the defense    the    informa-    has: stated    that the    question of    jn the    penitentiary after being tion that they had    illegally bro-!    guilt    is irrelevant, and that what    found    guilty    of Dee Bachman Changes Plea; Trial of Others Continues I) w i g Ii t Morgan Bachman I testify during the remainder of you* CD. card or possibly changed his plea from innocent The trial of Scott and Robert your thumb print plus your picture?” William Martin, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Linn county attorney-asked those questions while addressing the Hawkeye Labor Council Tuesday eve to guilty “at the eleventh hour” Weeks, 38, who has been nmg Martin said the county at- (witness, Thomas McWilliams, charged with three counts in-Wednesday during trial in volved with the Randall bank Cedar Rapids federal court on robbery, bank robbery charges.    -Prison    terms    for    the    two The Des Moines man’s plea cbar8es to which Bachman pled JU ... f guilty will run concurrently, change came in the midst of n0( consecuUvely) an(i testimony by the state’s last _The state will not bring Yr* SOye °n Th° *“rf Hearth C°*YV.' Co°U"9 “portable: fn*-1**’* and be co""'0 I Blown-in Mineral Wool INSULATION Fifth Desert 9    .    Tony T*iceman, no address,    ken into Zacek’s    house before;is important is whether the    murder. He had pled guilty to Vlr + im    Poi inn    Wuas b0und WVer fpu€sda>! on a    obtaining a search    warrant and guilty plea was knowingly and    an open charge of murder in the ▼ I Vr I ll 11    I vui ivj    charge of escape. He is charged    seizing evidence.    intelligently made, not whether    ocj 19 j%g slaying of 17-year- GILA BEND, Ariz. (UPI) _ w*Th escaping from Linn county    Violate    Rights    it    was    accurate.    *ld Washington high school sen- Searchers Thursday found the Jal] May 18      ‘    County    Atty.    William    Faches    ior, Jean Halverson. bodv of the fifth victim of the    -------- Io    d,smiss    the    case    without desert sun which felled    booking    for more .storage giving    Zacek    a    chance    to    pro-    ---- members of a brass-scavenging sPace?    Sel1    y°ur don t needs ducp    evidence,    they    argued, expedition on the Gila Bend wlth    a want    ad-    vvou!d    be t0 tel1    Police they    may gunnery range.    -— .  -    ---——— Sheriff’s officials said David Capistran, 19, apparently died of exposure as did four companions who were found dead Tuesday. Capistran’s body was found 16 miles south of Interstate 8 by some of the 75 deputies and possemen who participated in the search. Survivors said the promise of $25 and a bonus enticed the group to spend the Memorial day weekend picking up the brass shell casings. IOWA call us! HOME IMPROVEMENT Call 363-5577 IOO Sq. Ft. in Unfloored Attic Free Estimates Minimum Job ... J GREAT PLAINS GAS Insulation Dept. -- HOI Second Ave. S.E. Phone 362-1 186 or 365-4647 charges against Bachman for jomey “should be working as who was testifying under court- alleged post office burglary hard as possible to rid Linn j granted immunity from prose-county of the reputation of cunon being the phony check writ- McWilliams, who gave his oc-er’s haven, by bringing to jus- cupation as “stealing,” testified Bee those who choose to rob (hat Bachman and Jack Ray-through bum checks.    mond Scott participated in the He added that law-abiding Swaledale bank robbery. Scott citizens should not have to is on trial for the same charges be put through    the third- degree to use a check for paying bills, and    merchants should not be    forced to hamper commerce because a bad check writer is given the freedom to commit his crime time and time again as Bachman involving the 1970 Randall and Swaledale bank robberies. Sentencing Deferred Judge McManus deferred sen-i tcncing on the two counts pending completion of a pre-sentcnc-ing report. For his testimony Wednesday, McWilliams was purged of a contempt of court citation that McManus had charged him with Tuesday. McWilliams had balked at testifying Tuesday on Blouin: Break Up Oil Conglomerates BERNARD - A Democratic candidate Bachman and Scott are both nle ground that his testimony 30 and of Des Moines.    would    put him in “danger.” First Time?    The    defense    chose not    to I don t know if this has ever    l,r“cnt any <'v,dc'nct'    m "s    hc‘ happened after seven days of    half Thursday morning    after    the trial.” commented Judge Ed-    state had concluded    its case ward J. McManus on the late    Wednesday. plea change. “Your right to a fair trial had been commenced. for Second district h,u' " uwaus interrupted at I he congress, State Sen. M,chael!cl<'ven,h hour- ho ,old Bach' Blouin (D-Dubuque) said Wednesday he believes a breakup of the major oil conglomerates may be the only practical solution to the energy crisis in the immediate future. man Bachman pled guilty to one! count of conspiracy to rob a bank and another count of stealing from an insured bank a sum of money in excess of $1(K1. Court officials indicated that “In the long run, there is no ^ a resujt of the pjea change: doubt in my mind that we must __Thc remajning four counts develop new and better energy of bank r(>bberv concerning, alternatives, and I believe we thc Randall and Swaledale I have the technology to do that'banks wjn t* dismissed. in this country,” Blouin said. I    „    ,    „ Release on Bond “I realize there are a number, of factors which contributed to —Bachman will be released of witness the state called. Aj the crisis such as the Arab oil bond providing he not con-[defense attorney said Grant s boycott and an American life- tact any of the government wit-immunity and potential per-style which has wasted jmtcious I nesses.'    »nal    gain did not result in end-1 .. _ I    —Bachman will no! have to ible witnesses. Closing Arguments Closing arguments were presented Thursday morning to thc seven-women and f i v e - in a n jury. Kirshen cited the “interlocking eye-witness testimo-j ny” of the three most signify! cant witnesses, Mark and Helene ' Powers and Thomas Mc-Williams. The defense declared the government “wanted’’ the defend-1 ants at “quite a cost. Mr. Kir-: shell has immunized about as many people as Dr. Salk did with his polio vaccine.” The defense attacked the type Grant Merrill Wiley of Center Point received a bachelor of arts degree Friday from North Central Bible college, Minneapolis. 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