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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Max IO. 1971 What Young People Think Commercial Critics Say Humor Sells IU Nj no Gilbert Vouth Ser \ H -cpy r, 6 Stilts \\ alkine “ti ''I ills is lilts ni run .md most tv en one* can easily and qui* kIv learn In de ll well The u lid 11‘ la in 11> cr neighborhood can lune many happy times with stills — having races, contests or sill! hikes Walking "ii snits is c.iyx since it is really onl> a matter id shifting your weight from side to snit* as von hold ami lilt each pole for beginning stilt walkers. stilts made from ropes and la rue cans are easiest To make these you need two heav y-duly cans F.mptx paint i ans or co flee cans an* best Near the top on opposite Md*"-of ( ach can. poke holes direct!) across from each other Now you need two pieces ot rope lorn: enough to pass through the holes in the cans and reach up to your hands, or you may wish to wear the ropes over your shoulders Hither way. you can measure and cut the ropes yourself. Now run the rope through tin* hides, tie the two ends. and your tin can stilts are ready to walk on steps of th*’ stilt, you need two pieces ii wood that are two in* tics tim k and measure four by six inches ( ut the pieces as shown making a slanting line cut UMOH is the manic ingredient which yourn: persons respond to in commercials. accordion to a recent survey Iii answer to the question. •To w hat ty i>*‘ of T\ adv fit is mn do you react most favorably’’' as percent said humor Straightforward, factual and to I he-point ads rated next best. with Hi percent, followed by real-life situations, in percent; and musu al and enter-tainmn ads. 9 percent \nimated ads didn t no over well, at 7 percent, nor did celebrity spokesman ads. less than I iK’tvent Joe Namath Nm**im the IV ((tinmenaals the you un persons queried had seen lately and most liked were doe Namath for l.enns Panty hose. 7-1 p's takeoff on Kme' I’u Nerov ads vv Uh foot ball players. Purina ( at ( how Dr Pepper, any commercials featuring Pill Cosby aud I ii-(h’rvvood |)ev lied Ham Among the losers were ones for toilet tissue, most antiperspirant ads and floor* waxing commercials As for radio advertising. the you ny: persons said the pimple cream ads are the most con-v in* urn \sked to niv *• adv ice to ad v ertisers vv ho are try mu to reach young people, several of those surveyed respond*1*! “There is not enough humor in this world I watch an advertisement thai makes me laugh. said Keith foehn LMI. Dalton, Mass No Insults "Try and get tIn* message across humorously, hut don’t insult til** intelligence of the viewer, said Joe Tisone. LMI. Yomigstow n. Ohio "Relate th*’ product to my Teens on Wheels dr - rn. Wooden stilts are a bit more difficult to make and walk on. They can be made from standard one bv two inch lumber cut to a length of five to seven feet for the poles To make the Next. attach the six-nu Ii side (•I the step portion to the pole with stroll^ Kl Ut* at the hemht you desire. Then turn the stilt so that th*- pole side is upward and hammer several nails through it into the step He certain to attach the step on each pole at the same hemht Then some sandpapering, painting, and practunm and you will soon discover the en-loymeiit and excitement your stilts can brum Dog Wins Pig In Raffle LIMA. Peru (I PD - A dim won a pm in a raffle, the newspaper I ai Pretisa reports Eusebio Del Aguila, owner of. the dog, said he got so disgusted at his bad luck in prev lous raffles that he entered the name of his dog, Sambo. Sambo emerged the winner of a large pig. The raffle was held in the settlement of Tarapoto in Peru’s Amazonian regions. Dear Mike My gas gauge stays at ’* full in my IMH7 Plymouth One mechanic straightened the needle in th*1 gauge. No help \nother tells me I need new wiring and. of course, a new gauge He wants sun tor the lob Please help (flit cl I las Dear Out That s too high a price A defective gauge or gas tank sending unit or a break in the wiring isn t hard to froce. Those are the three possibilities, and a good diagnostician should be able to find the trouble within half an hour (or about $ I 2 50). After that, he can give you a reasonat repair estimate Dear Mike We have a 1%4 CMC half-ton pickup, w hich I bought in I MHH In 1%9. I had to have the clutch disc replaced Pour thousand miles later, allot her clutch disc And 4.000 miles after that, another The garage says I ride th** clutch, wInch I don’t. IU Michael Lamm I’m a very careful driver and have driven many other manual-shift cars that never suffered clutch failure What gives ’ Mad Dear Mad: The only thing I can figure is a weak pressure plate, which allows some slip all the time, or perhaps the wrong throwout bearing for the some result. Of course, you d be able to hear t v' II.    V    I lilesiy Ie so I call relate to it Samuel Amvudolara. L’l Youngstown "Cut out th*’ gimmicks, they do more harm than good t’se straightforward facts.'’ said Mary Harrison. IS. Dallas Me sensible and    non discriminatory tow ard women." adv im*s Dolores Blum. LMI. Dallas "Have outdoor scenes witll woods and rivers    and peacefulness Kids    are ecology -minded. say s Rita Brubaker. 22. Springfield. Mo Rose Padilla. LMI. San Antonio. Texas, advises against being so cheerful aud singv'g away about housecleaning. since most housew iv es don’t feel that way And JoAnn < bombers. IX. Youngstown. Ohio. says. ‘ Don’t try to attract the audience with jingles and dances I remember the jingle and forget the product Radio /hack Former Nazi SS Guard Gives Up AMSTERDAM. Netherlands (AP) — A YI year-old Dutchman, once a member of lh** Nazi SS elite guard, has turned himself iii to Dutch authorities after living iii Prance for 27 years under an assumed nam*' The man, identified as J Van Meel, was immediately jailed tinder a IT) year treason .sentence imposed in 1947, ac cording to the public prosecu-1 or iii th*’ southern Dutch town of Shcrtngenbnsch where the man gave himself up Van Me* ! worked as a stone mason in Prance under the „f pud Amli nausea and lived with a French woman and their three children, aecia ding lo Dutch newspaper accounts Van Meld s wish to marry th*’ woman caused hun to turn himself iii, the reports said ON THIS DATE iii INXI, a report that New York’s new Brooklyn bridge was about to collapse created panic Six persons on the bridge were trampled to death Ti Need a new furnace? You can get it now with a low-cost Merchants National Home Improvement Loan. Merchants National Bank Im A BANKS < * ONA BANK and feel the clutch slipping and since you don t mention that, maybe it's something else lf so, I'm afraid I can t think what i Write to Mike I.anim at Room KOI. 50 Rockefeller plaza. New York. N Y 10020 I C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll 362-2174 (4 p.m. to midnight) I B S * ■ I Im a i S 9 N g 9 S lilly?: , J.:,. : ■. I HANDY POCKET LIGHT NAME_ ADDRESS__ CITY_ STATE_ Free E.ich Additional Pocket f'ush'iQhf 69C ZIP CODE Kids can use going to school on dark mornings Mom and Dad too Batteries ne* included 68-1004 Persons Under 16 Must Be Accompanied By A” Ae • Ofter Expires 6/8/74 BEAT    THE HEAT AIR Conditioners in Stock Whirlpool Enjoy Cool Comfort All Summer, Now Offered At The Lowest Prices! 5/000 BTU    $ Reg. $1 I 9.95 SAVE $10 8.000 BTU    s Reg. $208 SAVE $49 I 8,000 BTU    $ Reg. $308 SAVE $59 32.000 BTU    $ Reg. $499 SAVE $50 109 159 249 449 I 3 other Models and Sizes To Choose from CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE Always Plenty of Free Parking ★ Open Daily 8 AM to 5 PM * Saturdays 8 AM to 5 PM Mon. and Thurs. ‘Til 9 PM C.R. LUMBER & APPLIANCE BONUS OFFER GOOD AT ALL PARTICIPATING RADIO SHACK STORES I I I I I I I I I .1 902 Second St. S.W. Phone 365-0467 Radio /fiaek "N REALISTIC TAPE SAVE 50% BLANK 8-TRACKS FOR HOME AND CAR • Made In Our Own USA Factory’ • Better Quality, Lower Coit! 00s an mini itc< 80 MINUTES PLAYING TIME H**U 2 ?9 Oil 2 FOR 499 f llj 44-840 029 . 44-84 At Radio Shack H^u)99b REALISTIC STEREO 8-TRACK 095    RECORD-PLAYBACK DECK Records from any source' Features automatic stop, fast-forward pause control, program indicator lights, illuminated VU meters Walnut enclosure There s only one place you can find it Radio Shack 14 881 CLOCK RADIO SPECIAL FOR GRADS AND DADS! I EXTENSION SPEAKER ’N® J [save $2 I*—r- 298 HUMM11* -1 ;ve------- ----- _ _______I . awl ' V-ll ' ¥ Req <9 9b AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE [bABOAIhQ ANSWERING SYSTEM CLOCK RADIO 3795 Spue** saver by Realistic1 cf numerals Lighted dials 3 bour sleep switch i ar phone jack 12 14% REALISTIC" AM RADIO- r  --    i PHONO COMBINATION I SAVE S.IOjLTJ Answers your phone and l ikes messages' f as/ to install and operate Sri) to %‘>Q lower than coiTHKrtmq brands 43 2r>0 7995 flute Customer **'J f'l J ‘ [ I ’ -i ff ti 2488 ti it a un tint lo twtof thorn- company ftgotpi'wnt iii.ry */«• it>(♦•< I lo lot .ll (.nill Reg 34 95 mays all record speeds1 Int lud**'. 4!j NPM adapter, batteries. Accord f.arphone lack 13 11MJ 4411 FIRST AVENUE SE PH. 393-8361 STORE HRS.: SUN. NOON TO 5 P.M. MON.-FRi. 10-9, SAT. 9-9 3113 16 th AVENUE SW PH. 363-8907 STORE HRS.: SUN. NOON to S P.M. MON.-FRI. 10-9, SAT. 9-9 51 2nd ST., CORALVILLE PH. 319-351-4642 STORE HRS.: SUN. NOON TO 5 P.M. MON.-FRI. 10-9, SAT. 9-9 ‘    •    *    I    '    '    ■    i    S-qn V. MAJANOv coequation company I III* I * MAY VAI* Y Af INLHVU HI At bt* IMI !, ;

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