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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Cloudy wilh ii chance of rain tonight ending Friday afternoon. Cow tonight til). Highs on Friday in the 70s. vol,CMK \n NUMMER 111 * CUDAK RAPIDS, IOWA THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1074 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NUW YORK TIMES Hope Golan Firing Will End Friday CAIRO (AP) Henry Kissinger left the Middle East for home Thursday after hammer ing out a troop disengagement pact between Israel and Syria, A senior American official said the cease-fire agreement would take effect as soon as it is signed Friday. Meanwhile, about 12 Israelis, mostly settlers from the Dolan Heights shouted, “No retreat, , the Dolan is ours” Thursday as Premier Dolda Meir presented details to parliament. Mrs. Meir raised her voice and continued speaking as guards dragged the demonstrators from the hall and detained them for questioning. Officials said there hadnt been anything like it in a decade. In her presentation, Mrs. Meir warned that Arab guerilla at-; tacks on the Syrian front could seriously damage the accord. But she said Israel had an American commitment of support for Israeli military action against Palestinian guerillas if| they crossed the disengagement J line. Before leaving Jerusalem, thej American secretary of state told (Photos on Picture Poge) newsmen the pact may become, “a turning point in the history SLA Kin Ask Probe Of Deaths Panel Letter Says It May Be Impeachable Court Told Not To Act With Haste LOS AND ELKS (CPI) The American Civil Liberties Union land relatives of dead Syrn b i o n e s e    Liberation Army members Thursday demanded a public inquest into the deaths of six SLA terrorists killed in a fiery battle with police and FBI agents. Dr. L S Wolfe, of Allentown Pa., father of Willie Wolfe, and other relatives of the dead are asking for the inquest, the ACLU said Wednesday. WASHINGTON (AP) ~ White House lawyer James D. St WASHINGTON (AP) - The Nixon also told the committee h o u s e judiciary committee it already had “the full story of T hors d a y warned President Watergate insofar as it relates Nixon he may be providing to presidential knowledge and grounds for impeachment by re- presidential actions.” fusing to honor committee sub- The committee letter says, “It poenas for Watergate tapes. is not within the power of the By a vote of 28 to IO, it au- presidency to conduct an inquiry thori/cd the sending of a letter into its own impeachment, to to Nixon stating that his refusal determine what evidence and    Clair    told    the    supreme court will be weighed by the commit- what version or portion of that (Thursday    that    bypassing the tee when it votes on whether to evidence is relevant and neees- u s. court of appeals in the recommend his impeachment. sar.V to such an inquiry.”    matter of the Watergate tapes “In meeting their constitu- Th<* letter is considerably    yn(j    documcnts    would    resu|t    in tional responsibility,” the letter stronger than one sent last says, ‘‘committee members will month after Nixon released edit-be free to consider whether your c(i transcripts of Watergate con-‘ refusals warrant the drawing of venations in place of the tapes tundamcntal issues of the allose committee ‘unjudicial haste.” “When a case raises the most adverse inferences concerning ?ne conominee had subpoenaed, the substance of the material 0n that occasion the committee and whether your refusals in nierely se,)t Nixon a No New Leads and of themselves constitute a continuing search grou"d b)r impeachment.” White House Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler said the committee’s contention “is not a valid Inference.” Ziegler The FBI said it has no new leads in the for the three alleged SLA members still at large newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst and William and Emily Harris. “We’re still running out all leads,” a spokesman said “'Phe re’s no indication she (Miss Hearst) has left the area.” The younger Wolfe, 23, died of \ burns and smoke inhalation Weak Case? cation of flower among the three branches of the federal govern-four-linelment, it is more important that letter saying he had not com- it be decided wisely than that plied with the subpoena.    it be decided hurriedly,” St. Clair said in a brief submitted to the high court. White House lawyer James St.    .    ,    ,, ., Clair said the committee’s im    Ucc,8hra    ' peachment case does not Judge John Sirica ruled May amount to much, but some com- 20 that President Nixon must rn 111 e e members disagreed supply tapes and documents Wednesday.    subpoenaed by special prosecu tory few prosecutors ever Lor Leon Jaworski for judicial have this kind of evidence avail- inspection. blo,” said Rep. Rangel <D- Last Friday St. Clair appealed N Y ), a former federal prosecu- the judge’s order to the court Shortly afterward up the preliminary presentation Jaworski asked the supreme UPI Telephoto Glenn Turner Jury Deadlock; Mistrial Ruled of the Middle East.” Wounded Prisoners The senior official, talking to newsmen as the Kissinger party flew here to report to President Sadat on the accord, said wounded prisoners of war would be exchanged within 24 hours of the signing in Geneva. As part of the agreement to separate Israeli and Syrian mistrial in the eight-month mail forces in the Golan Heights, the fraud trial of supersalesman official said. Israel would give (j|enn Turner and up the Golan city of Quneitra sociates and six or seven villages taken ‘    ‘ in the 1967 war, as well as land Jury was un:i gained last October. The U. S. official said Israel would retain possession of BELFAST VIGIL — British soldiers guard a truck as it stops to deliver desperately-needed gasoline in Belfast after the end of the general strike. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) Tax Relief Bill Signed By Gov. Ray JACKSONVILLE, A federal judge El a. (IPD declared a seven as-Thursday when the to ’each a ver- Striving To Salvage Collapsed Coalition BELFAST (AP) — Northern World war !! He called Parlia- ■    .    ACLU    said it    jinns lela- Ireland's British administrator ment back from spring recess    IV(S    ,in    a    i)Ub,lc held crisis talks with Ulster’s for an emergency .session and    ln(Iuest m order    t0 ascertain an' political leaders Thursday after pledged Recs would make ev-a night of violence in the pre- cry effort to restore some form dominantly Roman Catholic city of power sharing arrangement. of Londonderry.    •    “Will    Be    No” DFS MOINES (AP) -to give Iowans a $42 - A bill million 'ourt to take the appeal directly, skipping the appeals court. The court meets in its usual private session Friday and could decide then whether to agree to an early ruling or leave the case where it is. An announcement could come Friday or Monday, when the court holds its next public session. St. Clair said he agreed with suers to a number of questions which have surfaced since the May 17 events.” In New York. Stephen Weed, Patricia Hearst’s fiance, says lh(' British ai my said a    band    But Protestant    hard-liners    she should avoid giving authorise    of about 300, many armed    with    were firm against    giving the    ties “the slightest excuse” to Gerald Tjoflat ruled a mis-'pick handles and garden shears,:Catholic third of Ulster’s 1.5.engage in a shootout such as the trial after saying the jury was attacked troops during the million people any more power, one that claimed six lives at a “deadlocked    on    every count night. Soldiers fought hack    with    ..Th(, ansvver wall    be no if    Symbionese Liberation Army against each defendant.”    rubber bullets and anti-riot    gas.    Re(1, romos U|) with    ,h(.„ idca -    hideout in I/»s Angeles. lh1 scheduled the start of a There was no word of casual-,gajd Craig, leader of the mili- Weed urged the 20-year-old new trial for Aug. 5.    ties.    taut    Vanguard    Movement.    newspaper heiress to “do some- ix of the defend-    Scvon snilHT attacks, without    The ulster Workers’ Council    thing    rational    . . . call a good with 25    casualties, were reported.    warned    that the strike could    lawyer” and    find out    her op- fraud. One de-    Mcrlyn Recs, Britain s min-    quickly be resumed if demands    lions Ben Bunt- islet* for Not them Ireland, met pjp early elections for a new as- Meed, 26, said the wipe them details    mg,    was    charged with 22 counts    w*tb Htian Faulkner, Protestant    st»mbly were ignored.    out    attitude    of law    enforcc- in    the    of    mail    fraud    All the defend-    hcad ()t tho ,0PPled provincial    Tht, militants believe they    ment    authorities made    him un named in a single coalition government, hoping to VV()U|d vvin through elections an certain as to the outcome of any Turner and ants were charge tfirce strategic hills and all of its settlements, but will yield about “a field and a half” of cultivated land east of the disengagement line. The text of the accord distributed to newsmen gives Syrian!counts of mal and Israeli negotiators until fondant, Turner aid Wednesday lo work out of the troop separation Golan Heights. Actual disengagement is to begin by next Thursday and bo completed by June 25. All of the remaining 73 Israeli and 408 Syrian, Moroccan and Iraqi prisoners are to lie repatriated by Thursday U. N. Force In a protocol said “a vote on impeachment should not be based on an inference. It should be based on a complete assessment of the information before them. “In a society based on due process, you do not judge on in-May 17 as six SLA members    f^rences. you judge on facts.”    tor-    after    the    committee    wound    of    appeals, shot at beseiging police and FBI    Ziegler said    ur>    ,b<*    Dr‘‘hminarv    nresentation    .lawnrski    5 agents from a burning home in a black neighborhood.    Softened Coroner    Thomas    Noguchi,    re-    An earlier draft had said plying to the ACLU, said his of-    members would be ‘obliged ’ to fice is “conducting an in-depth    draw such an inference, but it    * study of the deaths, lf at the    was softened at the suggestion completion of this study, an in-    of Rep. Hogan (R-Md.j. quest is felt to be warranted, it| Eight Republicans joined with will be held.    20 Democrats in approving the But, he    said,    sueh    an    inquest    ' letter, which was signed by is “not contemplated at this’chairman Rodino iD-N.J ). Ml™ u u f I , ^he letter was a response to    r    ~    "{Jaworski    that    the    constitutional Noguchi    has    a    ready    made    Nixon s |ctter „f May 22 saying    annual tax    break    was signed, jssues jR |h|s fase are CX(wd. public a    study    of the    remains    of ; no further Watergate matter    into law by Gov.    Robert Hay I ingly important would be provided The committee voted 29 to 9 against a motion from Rep. Conyers (D-Mich.), to report to1 the house immediately an arti-j cie of impeachment based upon Nixon’s failure to obey the sub- utiM Mivo ^IIW1 nnpnac    *.*.    .    “Prompt    judicial    action    is Conyers said that if the com-    f 10 tax    PackaBe tempts important in this case    but m,.t«Td not take strung ac    'prompt judicial adon does    not lion immediately this could set vjccs from ,h(. 3 1>crcent state!ouotmekrl.n1’a^mi su* a precedent that would enable    sajes uix    ‘’aid, quoting fiom a 1971    su- fulure Presidents similarly to    preme court decision, defy requests for evidence in    Doubles    Deduction    Plumbers’    Trial impeachment proceedings.    It    also doubles the standard; St. Clair said the case was The committee also rejected, deduction on the Iowa income of such importance “that the 32 to 6. a proposal by Rep tax from the current 5 percent court must be assisted to the Raiisback (R ill.) to seek a with a $250 maximum to IO per- greatest possible extent by the the six terrorists. Ascertain Answers The tives Clair lursdny.    i    ,.gut    jt    ^    precjse]y    because He also signed bills to create jf the importance of these is-an Energy Policy Council, de- sues that the President opposes sex the Iowa code, and grant any attempt to .shortcut the 7'a percent average pay hikes usual judicial process,” St. to state merit system employes wrote and area school employes. The tax package exempts food, prescription drugs, diabetic supplies and prosthetic devices from the 3 percent state: sales tax. Doubles Deduction ants were named in a conspiracy count. The indictments also named three Turner-controlled corporations. The charges stemmed* from the sale of distributorships in Koscot Intl rplanctary, Glenn W. Turner Enterprises Inc., and Inc., a mo accompanying |)ar,» To Be Great (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) tivational firm U.S. Lofts Satellite For Educational TV salvage something of the collapsed power-sharing experiment between Protestants and Catholics “I have made it very clear we will cooperate in every way possible to see a new partnership administration I o r rn cd,’’ Faulkner said overwhelming vote of support encounters between Miss that would kill British plans Hearst, her alleged SLA com which they see aimed at eventu- panions, William and Emily al uninfieation of the six coun- Harris, and the police, ties of Ulster with the predomi nantly Catholic Irish Republic. British leaders have not mentioned elections. Tile Workers’ Council suspended the strike Wednesday alter Protestant workers spontaneously began returning to work in droves The council had vowed to continue the strike until new elections were called, b u t the workers evidently Weed said he felt Miss Hearst is intensely involved emotional* f Continued: Page 3, Col 8 ) [court test cf the committee s subpoena power Albert Jenner, the committee's minority counsel. opposed Railsback’s proposal, saying it would delegate to the courts a power imposed by the Constitution en the house “Not Within Power’’ In his May 22 letter. Nixon based his refusal to supply ll tapes subpoenaed by the committee on the grounds that it would lead to “a never ending process” of continuing requests. .ent and a $500 maximum The inheritance tax exemption for a surviving spouse is doubled from the current maximum $40,000 to $80,000 The measure also exempts from the inheritance tax half lower courts and by counsel and that the court must have the opportunity for careful reflection and deliberation that wise decision requires.” In a second case. U.S. District Judge Gerhard Gesell hits the property held bv a couple (ordered Nixon to state in writing in joint tenancy All the tax by today that he understands breaks become effective July I. [charges in the plumbers case “I'm signing this bill to give against former presidential as-an honest tax break to the peo- sistants may be dismissed if sub-pie of Iowa —- a $42 million tax poenaed notes and records are break to the people who have not provided, paid these taxes,” Ray said at A White House CAPE CANAVERAL (AP) A $180 million satellite which will beam televised educational and health programs to isolated areas of the world was launched Thursday A Titan JC rocket blasted away from its Kennedy Space (’enter moorings, lilting the Ap plications Technology Satellite 6 into orbit Initially. ATS ii will be pose tlolled in stationary orbit 22,300 miles above the Galapagos Islands iii the eastern Pacific From I here, it will he able to “view ’ the entire continental I S and Alaska NASA officials said the sate! lite, which costs about half as much as a maimed moon mis-loii, will be used by the I S lor a year and then loaned for a y ear to India “The A IS and lls successors may eradicate illiteracy (rom the face of (he earth,” said We rn lier von Braun, vice-president of Fairchild In dustrics, which built the satellite. that their 15-day general strike had reversed British efforts to bring minority Catholics into Ile said tin* spacecraft could the Ulster government, returned be used to televise classroom to their jobs, subjects to students and teach Recs assumed administration ors or carry programs on sub- of the troubled province when jects such as how to plow a the British re imposed direct field    rule from London late Wednes It could be used by doctors to day by suspending the Northern examine and diagnose patients Ireland assembly for four thousands of miles away, said months. Von Braun    The move followed collapse of The spacecraft also will be tin* provincial executive Tues* tiscd iii communications tests day over the province wide eco-between ships and planes in noniie paralysis caused by Ila* a study of air sea traffic control strike and search and rescue tech-1 Prime Minister Harold W ilson naples And it will transmit jt c r in c d the developments data to the ground from other Ulster s gravest crisis since satellites, including a planned; I < * I ii t U S Russian manned flight, Toward Normal Recs said his meetings Thursday included talks with hardline Protestant leaders lan Paisley. Harry West and William Craig. prLviT""*'' ’.‘o«. ,'rd‘ norm J) "*««'•' «* >»'■ of th.' mod,rale names, and Viol satisfied government was sufficient now. North Viets and Cong Quit Talks on Missing as Protestant workers. Gun Battle Kills Two Bystanders PARIS i AP) ■ Two bystanders, a man and a woman, were killed in a gun battle between police and two gangsters also include.*: tin Thursday following a holdup at South Vietnam tempt at a jewelry store One gangster was arrest et! The oilier was believed in the area SAIGON (AP) North Viet-se and Vici Cong delegator lions to the military team set up to arrange and coordinate the search for more than 1.000 missing Americans walked out of ne gofiations Thursday, the South Viet n a in ♦* s e command announced It said the communist delegations vowed not to attend future deliberations of the team, which U. S. and group, called the JMT or Military Team, had been Election Coverage Cong delegation Hon fuels during in March that the energy crisis in 1975, The ATS ti is described by NASA as “tho most versatile, powerful and unique commum cations spacecraft ever developed I mf ii if Vs (hackle Sign at meat department counter “Choplifters will he prosecuted    <    >i>vnuhi Third and fourth in a series ut six stories on the candidates tor the Second district congressional nominations can lie (mind today on pages ti and 7. Subjects are Harry Sullivan and Martin Jensen, the tidal two Democratic candidates. Tht Joint hiding t|H. on|v peaee-keeping body set up by the January, 1973, Paris accord on Vietnam that was still negotiating, but its progress had been minimal Demand Privileges North Vietnam and the Viet search cannot be resumed Cong demand the return of there is a true cease lire some diplomatic immunities! The JMT made some progress 'and privileges granted them that month when North Vietnam under the Paris agreement but turned over to the I S the suspended last month by the bodies of 23 livers who died in host Saigon government.    prison. North Vietnam said The other jieace Keeping com these were the last I S prison* missions have not Ihtii function- cis it held mg. and negotiations between the opposing Vietnamese sides have been broken off Thursday's walkout ended at leas! temporarily all negotiations between the I S and the North Vietnam Viet Cong side The JMT has made little progress in accounting for Americans still missing in action or in recovering dead Dis Member Killed Search operations have been suspended since last Dee 15 when an American member of a team checking a crash site south of Saigon was killed in what the I S said was a Viet Cong ambush The Va chief said until the bill signing ceremony. Step Forward “I think it's a great step forward in balancing our tax program.” The measure to “desex” the Iowa axle changes tin.* references to men and women in Iowa laws to nonsexual words such as “persons." It also will allow cosmetologists to cut men s hair until July I, 1975, and directs the barber and cosmetologist licensing boards to get together and work out a joint license arrangement Under current slate law, iqv held by the Iowa supreme court, barbers can cut women's hair. but cosmetologists can cut the hair only of women and of boys under the age of 12 Temporary Agency The energy policy council is a temporary agency designed to handle emergency allocations of heating and transportable present s()okesman said Nixon’s response to Gesell will be delivered to the judge’s chambers and that it will be up to Gesell to decide whether to make it public. lf Nixon refuses to turn over the evidence sought by the defendants in the plumbers case, new ammunition would be provided to the house judiciary committee in its impeachment inquiry. Colson, Ehrlichman The defendents iii that case i n e I ii d e former presidential aides John Ehrlichman and Charles Colson. wIki say they (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) v Today s Index It is to take care of trails port.mon problems until the new Department of Transporta lion is fully established and ready to take over. The council is to go out of existence alter two years unless the legislature acts to continue a Comics 29 Crossword *29 Daily Record 3 Deaths 3 Editorial Features 8 Farm 2H Financial 30 Marion It MOV irs 27 Society 16-19 Sports 21-25 State 4,5 Television 15 Want Ads 33-37 ;

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