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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ‘fiAr' SIN* ti r *' *,V • At 34, Sullivan Has Spent Half His Life in Politics The (riiar Rapids fia/eMe: Thurs., May 30. 1971 Bv I rank Nvr 11<‘ won't Im* .15 until ,\Ukr r, lull Hat iv Sn 111\ .iii ut Rn .iii has bren iii pol 11 irs ut nile Im iii or anollier since lie was ii pane iii the Iliad Democratic national eons out mn in ( Im arm Sn lie s basing Ills bul for Hie Democrat ic nominal Ion for Set oikI district congressman on Ins exponent e iii politics lieurlv half ut Ins life Sn I Rn an is making only one campaign promise llmiesty in i amjuiignmg and iii olio e Starts in ( ampaign ' \\ hen we folk about credibility iii "<i\ ci muon! he said iii an mien low. "it starts in Hu* campaign ll you don't level w itll the people iii the campaign, you don't level witll them after the election Sullivan's political experience includes selling I ii bets to the late < 'ongressman I -conal d \\ oil s bean feeds iii Ullin set A HIK tis president ut Iowa St ;i t e university You im Democrats iii I ‘HiI and spend nm a "\\ eek iii U ashinKton w itll other students its guests ut former Congressman Pron Sc Ii vv cur - i    Di \ en port Republican, that same year Then. alter three years iii the marines, Sn I li\im w ound up on the stafl ol then < ongressman John Hansen. Manning Dem im lid tor two years \\ lien Hansen lost hts bid fin re-election iii I%fi, the I andon .lohiison \\ lute House chose Sullivan, who had won a law dourer iii lour years ol night school iii American university in \\ ashinglnn, as its emigres s i o ii ii I 11 «i lson man for the S111 ii 11 nosiness Admmist ra-t ion Since l!»t>9. Si; 11 iv an has been director and counsel of the \rmod Monos Marketing ( oiim ii, ii non-prolit association sri Ii nu consumer products to the military This wits the lob Sn 11 iv ii ii left bist December to return to Ryan, where lie was graduated from St Patrick s limb school iii    to prepart1 his cam- paiKtl lor coiiKfess Ideas on Economy S ii 111 \ an. vv ho is married. said ll there is a substantive issue iii this campaiKii from the voter s point ol vlew it is till1 st ate of the national economy and lie s got some ideas how to stabilize it Congress, lie said should come up with some responsible eiiergv legislation iii response t" Hie ‘'Inuit aud unwarranted cost ol oil and lot annual disclosure by the oil companies ol i eserves aud inventories I lull is \ ital infill million we should Im \ e he Hecla red We know how many steers are on feed bul we don't have the information we need I rom the oil companies Next he would demand an account lim — OII overseas ; I s well as home-based operalions I l oin the oil companies of the tax tree money si I aside under their 33 percent oil depict ion allow alice Sullivan believes that the oil shortage was deliberately archest filled by I lie oil com panics ii ll d ai quiesced III bv the federal government, iii im effort to blackmail the public into accept hik out raKeoiisly Ult lated prices liven so u> a oniiKressmaii. he would work to institute a serious research effort to find alternate oiiergv sources Then too. he'd In to jet coiiKress. ill loll IK l;M to come to grips with the nation's deficit spending problem — a confrontation he thinks is long ov crdiie Other Issues i otiKrcssioiiiil reform, cam pa i.K it 11 ii it ii c i ii k amnesty, 11 Lf Ii t -to-lile. Womens risKht s. IiiKIu*i education tax deductions. health care aud ;i.iki itll I -Hire are other subjects Sullivan discusses iii Ills quest for votes He would do away vv itll the seniority system iii ((ingress and modify the closed rule. under wInch the rules committee sends lulls to the floor with no amendments permitted. He would work to open all committee meetings and try to persuade conKt'ess to change its “incredible way " of dealniK vv itll the federal hudKct This business of congress “nevcr decidniK wludlier one proKram is more important than another never lookiiiK much beyond the immediate, nev cr consideritiK vv bet her ii biuret surplus or deficit is needed and never coord mat inK anubing in this lilin print for the nation has Kane oil Ioiik cnoiiKh" and must stop. ae-corditiK I" Sn 11 iv an He believes iii public linanc-itiK "f presidential campaiKUs throuKh ii check off system. and .i Mint limitation on contributions to non-prosidcntial campaiKUs with complete disclosure bv candidates of personal financial holdmns as well its comp,Hen pills and ex flenses He ,*U|j|>urts tot I amnesty lot itll who left the country or went to prison duritiK the \ let nam coni lid with I he pruv isiou that I hey spend one year iii public set \ ice Ile favors im amendment lo the Constitution insulin:' the relit to life of the unborn and would si mi ii pc I if iou lo discharge from a house com mittce a proposed amendment oil tills subject for floor debate Women should be insured the same nills and opportunities lot careers and professions as men in Sui I iv ans book To iud parents and students sending students to colleges and universities Sullivan favors lax deductions for the cost of education \ s .I (OI I -1 ess, 11 la II Sn 111 x all would work for adoption ol a comprehensive health care id.iii for .ill Ameen ans Ile would close tiix loopholes I Ii iou v’ Ii w Im Ii some wealthy cit i/ens escape pay inc income I axes. 11 k 111 en t lie I a x I real infill of corporate profits .iud eliminate the loreign t;ix 11 ii x ens t hose corporal lolls en joy." wmmtm. Harry Sullivan Hide I Iv I It I/OIIS Would 1)1 of I ered property t a x i red it I these are av tillable now under low ii la w ) Ii iii it al lolls vv on Id tie placed on deduct ions ci eat HIK art itll nil Pix losses for iii div Kina Is and I he income tax form would be simplified it Sullivan has his way Tax advanla.Kcs now enjoyed by corporate farm investors vvould be chanced to encourage the cont moat ion ol filmily si/« (I farms. Sn 11 iv a ii said And "lo insure IniiK-term Mirv iv iii ol prime farm kind a .r ii iii st strip mines aud erosion    fie    favors -hi improved kind use policy and increased emphasis on soil conservation programs Report Posters Attacking Chou In South China TAI I’ Kl, Ta man (AC) -Taiwan's Central News Agency said Thursday thai wall posters areijsiriK Chinese Premier ( hon Mn tai of tx nip “ii swindler like Tin Ciao and his ilk’ have reportedly ap pearl'd in Kwang'tung prov nice iii southern (’luna Tm, ;i former defense minister, was iii (used of plot tim' lw icc to kill Chairman Milo I ’ck HIK says Tin died iii I UTI I be I iiiwan news am Hey quo! iii:’ w hill it railed m-1r||metier i rpm Is. said one poster iii it KwaiiKtiniH commune had sn ow led across it iii red ink <ippose chou Modal s pol icy of I oilily nip I o forciKncrs The agcnev said Kvvangtung arca posters atlackiiiK the JHI dent sam1 * oui ii* his — part of a (Urn ut ( hinese polit ic;il campaiKii — reportedly can ted sketches of < mifueiiis done iii * lion's likeness. ( hon recent Iv has appeared iii lew ceremonial functions, IciiditiK some analysts to speculate he is ill or bciiiK forced from power. Others believe < hon. Th is voluntarily relinquishinK some of his ii ca v x work load to Vice- NOKTII A K 8 7 3 *Q8f> ♦ A o 73 *A». 3 WEST    KASI ♦ S    A J 3 V A 7 4 2    f K.J10 6 ♦ JIH 6 I    AK 10 2 ♦ Q » 5 2    ♦ A 8 7 4 SHI TH (|)> A A 0 IO 0 4 2 fit 3 ♦ J 5 ♦ tx .I IO hast West vulnerable v fy & WIN AT BRIDGE V\ est North Mast South I 4 Mass 34 Pas 14 Pass Pass Pass 0| ion mg load 2A premier Tong llsiao-piiiK hut still retains major authority I he ( rut nil New s Agene! (plot* d reports that Tciik hits also been attacked in southern ( lima A poster attackin'.; Tin cai l ied ii portrait printed iii Tem' s likeness the report Nil id Wile Heating W ife-beat HIK tv an lnereasiriKl.V common marital problem" that is “one of the most underreported crimes iii the country,’’ today asserts the1 .lune issue of Tadics' Home Journal, w Inch Ka vc a “con-servativc estimate of the number of battered wives nationwide as “well over ii million Bv Oswald & James Jaeuhy Mom spades isn't ii very Kood contract, loll South doesn’t have mix Ii of an opening hid Things start out nicely for him since West opens the deuce ol clubs and South does not have to guess iii that suit Mast takes the ace and leads a club bark Shu I ti draws two rounds of trumps with his acc arid (preen and continues by leadiriK the five, not the jack of diamonds Dummy's queen loses to Mast s kiriK and right there Reese and Dormer separate the men I rom t lie Poys Iii order for Mast to beal the contract lie must lead a heart It looks like ii really desperate play to do tins. N'ct if Mast ttCRRD<fr»** The bidding has been    JO West    North    Mast    South 14    Double    Pass    I N    I Puss    24    Pass    34 Pass    4#    Pass    ? You, South, hold 4Q9 65AK2 4 7 4 3 2 AA ti 5 What do you do now ’ A —Bid live * tubs Your ace of clubs and king of hearts are tremendous cards here TODAYS QUESTION Your partner continues to five hearts What do you do now ’ Answer Tomorrow stops to count to in he will make the play West had opened the deuce of clubs to show four Hence South stinted with til rec clubs. He is going to make six spades, one club (the king already taken) a club ruff, and the ace ol diamonds Thus ii he also has the ace of hearts he is sun* of his contract. A heart lead might cost an overtriek tut it aho might heat the contract and a heart should lie led ' if No ACOOl, I 7J self binding, day dot* calendar, 98 2 0 ».o*er teated, »tamle»i Keel, Woo dial, adjustable bracelet $69 50 How many times hove you wished for a Photo-Identification card that simply tells people that you are you? Guaranty Bank has the card you want, and it s free to all Guaranty depositors. Not a check guarantee, nor does it require a minimum balance. Because it bears your picture, it is positive identification. And because of its construction, it can’t be altered without destroying it. Guaranty Bank s free photo-identification card , . .it tells people that you are you! GUARANTY BANK & TRUST CO. SEIKO, THE EXPENSIVE^ WATCH WITH THE BUDGET PRICE. You don t hove to spend a fortune to get a treasure of a timepiece any more. Seiko s introduced automation to the watchmaking industry. 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