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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jensen’s Congress Theme: Let Your Voices Be Heard Bx Frank \ve If you want some impart on national policy. \ (tiers. lot your \ oleos t>o hoard That is tho adv loo of Martin Jensen, 38. Hiawatha Doino-orat, as ho campaigns for tfit* Democratic nomination for Second district congressman. Jensen. a Decorah native, a former WMT newscaster, and for the hist sevi'll years ail aide to I S Sell Harold lindies of Iowa. is fearful that people have lost so much confidence in goveminent recently that they are ready to dump the entire political process through non-participation. Climate Right That s what he said when he announced for office last Oct. 17. Ho also espoused then the theme lie's been followup: over since: This is no time to surrender government to "the select few '’ — not when the climate is right “for those of us without a btlnkroll to regain control of the political process He set's an encouraging sign. he said iii an interview, in that the people are letting their voices bt' heard now on at least one subject: The national economy. Jensen, in turn. i> letting ins voice l>e heard on how to slow down the inflation that continues to push prices ever upward Breakins Staged By Constable 'To Look Good' SHEFFIELD. England (IPI) — Police constable Terence Murphy often was first on the scene after a breakin and often recovered stolen goods. But his reports always showed he had no clue to the culprit. The paradox was solved in Sheffield crown court when Murphy and the thief were found to be the same man. Murphy, a 26-year-old father of two. pled guilty to four charges of theft and burglary and asked for 24 other offenses to be considered in sentencing. He was jailed for 18 months. His lawyer told the court that after five years on the force Murphy felt he was not advancing fast enough, so he committed the breakins to “look good" by recovering stolen goods and earn promotion. Want to sell your riding mower fast0 Try a Classified Ad for best results! Dial 398-8234 C He $ a booting enthusiast . . . and takes pride in his croft . . . and the equipment he uses. So when it comes to shopping he turns to the Want Ads, where he can find a large selection to choose from, lf you have something for sale that he may be looking for, you should advertise where he ll see it ... in the Wont Ads. GAZETTE WANT ADS To Order Your Action-Ad Dial 398-8234 Federal spending and the economy definitely are related. hr explained, and President Nixon I*' partly to blame for excessive federal spending by tailing to show any fiscal restraint iii his proposal budgets. Congress is partly to blame, too. ho went on. for it isn't doing a good budgetary job V Solution “Congress has to get its hands on the budget to hold it (low n.” Jensen said “Fortunately. legislation is nearing passage to require congress to set budget priorities in advance — before making appropriations " As it stands now. lie continued. congress appropriates and appropriates without really knowing, as it moves along, how much it actually is spending. Prebudget priority-setting would help to solve that problem. It would help immeasurably, too. if information presented congress were on a three-year planning basis rather than an annual basis It would enable congressmen to look ahead more than they are able to now This would mean requiring executive departments to divulge their long range plans. which they refuse to do now under the so-called "executive privilege" dodge. Something must be done to stabilize the economy. Jensen said. for it is absorbing all the resources of those on fixed income through continuing increases in medical care. property taxes, food and fuel. I ost of Energy File high cost of energy. based on petroleum, is one of the prime reasons for inflation. Jensen said. which means congress must support research for new energy sources Inflation, he added, is exactly what former I S Sen. Jack Miller. Sioux City Republican, used to call it "The cruelest tax of all. " Jensen opined that one reason President Nixon has let the budget "get out of hand is that his mind has been on his troubles stemming from Watergate. income taxes and presidential homes at San Clemente and Key Bisc ay ne. The reason people aren't saying much about these tilings now is “because llicv have their minds rn Hie up " "They Micve the President should leave office. Jensen said. " They also feel that the Democrats are slow mg (low n impeachment proceedings due to politics C ampaign Financing \long vs uh stabilizing the economy. Jensen noted, there is “a tremendous public demand to clean up campaign financing.” "I am an apostle for government financing of campaigns. ” he confessed, “with an absolute limit of s I (HI on any private contribution permitted ” If the government financed campaigns, lie continued, it would result in displacing “the excessive influence of wealthy interests as we know it now “Moreover, it would v ir-tually insure that some veteran incumbent congressmen who seldom face opposition freelection would get v igorous challenges to hold their seals "This. iii turn, should mean some of them would lost'. which would help to erode the seniority system and the present power structure in congress Like his three opimnents for the Democratic nomination for congressman — I' -I \danis and Michael Biouin of Dubuque, and Harry Sullivan of Ryan — Jensen would like to see some changes made in congress, including doing away with the seniority system. Health I are If elected. Jensen would like to serve on the house ways-means committee since it deals with tax reform, welfare. social security, national health care and international trade — subjects he is interested in and where he could do the most good for the Second district. Jensen favors a national health care program administered by a governmental agency, that would not be limited to insuring treatment to catastrophic illnesses Here s how bt* stands on other subjects Agriculture — lie favors tax laws blocking non-farm investment in big farming operations and international trade policies that would keep world markets open. More Helpful Hints on Backpacking Martin Jensen Amnesty — "the most cf fee-tivv vv,iv to deal vvitll it is to make it unconditional. Hut it is my responsibility to represent my constituency and I would accept amnesty on the condition alternate serv ice I*- performed. ” \ bort nm — a Catholic, lit* opposes abortion "as a matter of personal conscience” and lie would support moves to restrict its availability. "But this doesn't mean I am opposed to birth control nt public funding for expansion of birth control sci v ices Kldcst of eight boys, Jensen is married and the father of four daughters — Julia, 13; Jeannie, IO; Ham. 8 and Cathy. 5    , On March I they returned to Iowa from Washington with their motlier. Mary Ann. to finish the school year and to help iii the campaign IU hit k West u \M11 N(i ION i ( IM ) Camping and Inking, particularly backpacking, has been grow un; bv leaps and bounds in many places and by Imps. skips and jumps in others That is nothing, however, compared to the growth of ad* v ice to campers and hikers \ on might think by this time that outdooisy books and magazines would have covered every conceivable aspect of backpacking which, after all. is a fairly simple pursuit Hut no Here are some addn lanai hints on gear, equipment and .prov i stuns not prcv iou sly I published Sleeping Bags decision a backpacker must make is whether to buy the tapered mummy type sleeping bag or the rectangular pappy type Min Ii depends on vv bother one sleeps with one s head at the open end of the bag or at tin' closed end A camper who sleeps with his head at the open end will find the mummy bag quite comfortable, but most who sleep w itll the head at the closed end prefer the more spacious pappy bag Hack Frames — It important to adjust your pack frame so that most of the weight rests •ut your ellxiws During a long luke, your feet. legs. back. shoulders and Dick West eyebrows are apt to get pretty tired But tilt* elbows are seldom used except when crawling through lava beds or fending off bandicoots Therefore, they are better able to bear the weight of the pack Ftenslls — Neophyte back- put kefs tend to lug around a Int of cooking aud ennui; utensils they don’t need Some even lug around unnecessary lugs I See clothing) Don’t make that mistake Dot tile dehydrated tv pc A dehydrated knife. Im 1 . and fondue pot lakes up little space in one s pack Hill vv lien mixed u it Ii w ater. they are (putt' adequate for most meals that do not include sauerkraut IVnts — Iii deciding whether to include a tent in your rigging. be guided by whether you enjoy indoor tennis A brisk tennis game can lie wonderfully relaxing al the end of a bard day on the trail, but I lu t e aren t that many outdoor , dints available iii Hie wilderness \ t,.ut roughly ’1 ,n * will enable von lo play singles indoors Oilier arrangements \\ ill tie necessai v for mixed doubles ( lathing Nothing is more v Ila! iii the vv ildet ness I hail boing properly dressed Start wuh sturdy lugged-solc shoes, making sure to take along spare lugs (See utensils) Other items of apparel you’ll want iii your pack include ( .muscles, cummerbunds, tarbooshes aud knickerbockers Woolworth Satisfaction Guaranteed • Replacement or Money Refunded OLD TIME SAVINGS HALTERette MAY 30 thru JUNE 6 FINAL DAYS! 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