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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATIONAl WIAIN!ft llftVICt fOtfOST ♦© 7AM ISI I - »A - 74 1AAA 29,7? OO (ti" Truck    Strike Is Spotty; New Handcuff, Th* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., May 13, IAT! 3. No Effect Seen in C.R. Search Policies Hall Murder Case While many    Iowa independent    Truck-stop spokesmen    'n Al truck drivers    appeared to be    laude    and Williamsburg said laking a wait-and-see stand onjSunday truck traflic was much Hie I ti re a I e n e d nationwide lighter than usual for a Sunday, truckers strike, al least one Truck stops in the Sioux City, group has voted in favor of it. Council Bluffs, and Iowa City The strike appeared to be areas reported traffic was down having no cl feel iii Cedar slightly Rapids. A spokesman for Tubbs Transport service station, 2519 Sixteenth avenue SW. asked ll there was any difference in normal traffic, said, “Not a thing*’’ 1 Kyle Mills,    owner of Kyle Mills Bus and    Truck service, til) Seventh avenue SW, agreed following a long illness. Mrs Oliphant, 1523 E Begun by Police Opens in Iowa City A policy of on-the-spot I    " searches for weapons and hand- By Ford Clark    ,a    hair    found on the blouse be- cuffing of persons arrested has IOWA CTIY — The battle j been instituted by the newll'nes wcre clearly drawn Mon-! Further, a hair later found on Cedar Rapids police chief Wal- day morning in the James Hall a Palr Hall’s tennis shoes, lace Lanciers    j    murder    trial    in    Johnson    county    found    as a result of a search The search will be a “general district court here.    warrant, belonged to the mur- pat-down for weapons,” La-1 Carry Woodward, state attor-dered girl, the prosecutor said. Peters told The Gazette Mon- nay general’s special prosecu-i    Marijuana day, and will not involve any Hor, in graphic detail, related | T|,e possibility that marijuana Mrs. Glen Oliphant j illegal searches.    Hic    autopsy    report    of    Sar    ah    un    may bave heen jnvo|vecj jn |bp Luanda Oliphant, 78, widow "There have been a number; ' u- oP £*»    ^    case was hroufiht out by Wood- of tili'ii Oliphant, died Munday ^saults on police officers [; , ’J y J,,,, ward in describing how he con DEATHS to UM WI AtHI» tOIOCASt *> Rain is expected Monday night Sn and aiound is expected elsewhere. “Apparently there’s not too much,” he said. “We havent heard much of anything. Even the two-way radios have been while they were driving the Nyy I car,” LaPeters said in explain . „ avenue ..... had been a resident of Cedarlns th<1 reason for ,he n,’w Pol‘-Rapids since 1964.    cy- She wa? born Dee. 17. 1895, in “Common sense will be used ,Troy Mills, and was married to 11 won’1 app!y if we have a war-P y q l’    Glen    Oliphant    Dec.    17,    1914,    in    rant    ,or    fallin«    t0    aPPear for a I traffic ticket, or something ered in a coeducational dormitory March 13, 1973. W o o d w a r d conceded the state’s case is largely circum-1 stantial. Crime Described The Weather HioH temperatures Sunday,    low    temperatures overnioht and    inches    of pre cipitation Anchorite    47    3*    L. Angeles *7    40 Atlanta    78    S?    Miami 87    74 Bismarck    48    3* .14    Min aoolis 54    39    .05 Chicago    SS    39    N. Orleans 85    58 Denver    85    49    New York 77    51    .53 Duluth    49    30    Phoenix 101    45 Honolulu    85    73    Seattle 54    41    05 Houston    85    70    Washings 71    57    1.37 C. R. Weather High Sunday .................tilt I/)w overnight ...............44 Noon Monday ........  16 2 p.m. Monday    47 Precipitation .............. 0    74 Total for May ............. 2.83 Normal for May ........ 3.59 Normal through May ..... ll    40 and power lines at Thirty-fifth street and C avenue NE. 8:3ti p.m. Saturday. Downed tree tit power lines at 1018 Fifth street NW. ti: 12 p.m. Sunday. Unknown to rubbish iii (arace at 371 Seventeenth street SE. 6:33 p.m. Sunday. Stand-by for downed lines at 1231 Fifth street NW. 7:49 a m. Monday. Tripped alarm at 717 Sixteenth street NE. 8:19 a.m. Monday. Faulty ballast at 4ti()l Sherman street N E 8:55 a.m. Monday. Short in wiring in front of 1221 First avenue West. First Lutheran church. Peffers-II it I verson. Prairie Ii uric George M. ’ranskunas, 8R. Wednesday at 0:30, St. Joseph’s Catholic ! church. Rosary Tuesday at 8, Murdoch’s, Central City, where friends may call after 2 p.m. Tuesday. A group of independent and Winthrop company truck drivers in the; surviving are five daughters tbat nature. Generally speaking, Burlington area voted Sunday A)ice Kra/Jer anfj Ramonaofficers ()n the strect win be night to go on strike. The na !Hcirtmant Cedar Rapids Mayo-lmakinK arches and handcuff-tionwide shutdown was to begin |a Po||c(    £ at 12:01 a m. Monday.    lock    (>ntfr    ,.o|nt Olin Amus. a spokesman for|Richey, Dover, N.J.; five sons,! The previous policy was ap- material was found on the girl’s Concerning the autopsy itself, °*'he said, the physical examination of the body clearly indicat-1!011 ed she had been mutilated in *lc the anus and vaginal areas tends the murder was discovered. According to Woodward there were only two female occupants of the dormitory at the time of the death because of the university’s spring break. Woodward said Brenda Simp-accompanied by a male she had been mutilated mi friend, passed loom 429, the livid, iVIdjrU*’    ri    lilt’    (mud nm! Valium Cli tao • • •    ,    ,    . eVee Ash-    offenders    before putting bhat she was brutally beaten, Ishc beheved    may and Wilfa    m ,n ’bt' car    even    after death . . . that fecal manjuana. smelled have what been It s Tough Being a Nice Guy These Days The rewards for being a Good Samaritan can bi* bittersweet at best sometimes, James Moldenhaucr, 3005 Bowling street SW, discovered hat unusually sons, I the Burlington group, said 36 of n 0 | a n t Troy MiljS) Ap parently just to place the of-the 41 drivers at the meeting [Brighton, Colo., Robert, Viro-I fender in the car without hand-voted in support of the strike,|qua wjs., j)arreu) LaFarge, cuffs, LaPeters said, which is backed by Michael wjsand Wayne, Lafayette,! The new practice is fairly ^enth Parhurst, editor of Overdrive|Coj0 ; four sistprS( Vio|a 0j. common among other police de Woodward said death was due Magazine.    fridge,    Walker,    Zelma Schu- Pa**tments, according to the L asphyxiation Amus said the group wants a man, Hopkinton, Reafha Dake,|chief. The change was instituted lation rollback of fuel prices and a Vinton, and Effie Boddenhofer,Thursday, the day after La ! upper lip. . . “That she was mutilated after death , . . this very brutal fry permanent freeze placed on the prices and higher speed limits. He said another meeting would he held Tuesday lo determine if the truckers would remain on strike. Elsewhere in Iowa, truck traffic was described as close may call at Turner’s after I to normal in the central area, p m. Tuesday. The family sug-ight Clinton:    two    brothers,    Willis    .Peters    assumed    his Betzer, Anamosa, and Earljcb,(‘fr Betzer, Wyoming; 45 grand- # children and 36 great- Hiawatha Man grandchildren.    I    A ± J Services are pending at    IS AlT6ST6d    OJI Turner chapel west. Friends    r\ urug Charges Regarding the mutilation of even the special duties as the body. Woodward noted a admits. There Shortly afterward, shc report cdly went to room 429 where she discovered the body. Defense Speaks A defense attorney for Hall, in a brief opening statement, strangu- stressed the prosecution's case “is wholly circumstantial as prosecutor eycwit-at. the body, Woodward noted a admits, mere are no broomstick was discovered near nesses placing Hall the body with evidence indicat- murder scene, ing that the broom had been| “In effect, the state’s case used at least in part on the at- rests on a finger print and two hairs. “The state knows, but did not tell you, how that fingerprint. tack on the girl. State’s Evidence Woodward then outlined the got there. The state also con- Total for 1974    .    .    .    ..    .    .11J5    .    Magistrate*.    Court Barometer, rising Humidity at noon 29 73 90% Speeding Thomas Kelly, 1175 Twenty-eighth street, Mat ion: Joseph Carpenter, Cen- Wind direction and velocity at ital City; Neil Balinger, Edgc- Gazette weather station at 2    nav.idA11 biJ:*v J^pnrlg" ,,,,,,    ...    ,    : Ville; Darrell Aler, 215 Twenty- P m    at    21    mpn.    first street NW; Carole Kenney, Sun rises Tuesday, 5:49: sun 2050 Glass road NE: Mavis sets, 8:18    Johnson, 5028 Louisa street NE; Year Ago Today - High, 64; Rodney Schlotf.lt 32 Wilson h    ■    avenue SW; Mary Grubbe, 2929 Tama street SE; Wayne Grif- low, 42; rainfall, .02. Traveler's Forecast Tuesday Weather. Hi-Lo fioen, 409 La Salle drive SW; Guy Hopkins, 1053 Fifth avenue SE; JoAnn Ockenfels, 1009 Center Point road NE; James Bismarck   Cloudy 50-35    stewart, 10fi3 Center street Chicago ........ Slivers    71-51    NR; Raymond Kibler, 1238 Cincinnati ...... PtCldy    76-55    Eake avenue NE; each fined Cleveland    PtCldy    71-50    $30 anfj costs. Joseph Galley, Des Moines.......Shwrs    67-45    307 Filth avenue SW; Duane Detroit . . ....... Shwrs    69-50    Pospisil, Lisbon; Harlan Bruce, I Indianapolis  Tshwrs 83-60    Townville: Mark DeSotel, route j Kansas City . Tshwrs 72-48    ono, Marion; Carole Hilton. Milwaukee . Tshwrs 64-40'5657 Colorado drive SW; Dean Mpls.-St. Paul . Shwrs 62-48 Blanchard, 2448 Illinois street Omaha    Shwrs    63-45    SW; each fined $20 and costs. St. Louis    PU    Ids    1    <-50    Damage to vehicle — Harold Sioux Falls.......Shwrs    57-40    Usher, Anamosa; lined $15 and Degree Days    costs. Saturday ..... 9 Sunday .. •......... Total to date ....... Through May 12. 1973 .. 6.801 100 30 $20 and costs. Sunday night. Police said Moldenhaucr picked up a man in Dubuque, gave him a ride to Cedar Rapids and offered to let him stay in his home. When they arrived in Cedar Rapids, the man. identified as Richard Kyde, 18. of Milwau-kee, Wis., robbed Moldenhaucr at knife-point. He escaped with Moldenhauer’s wallet, $25 in cash, four credit cards, a $1,500 diamond ring, and Moldenhauer’s car. He drove back to Dubuque, police said, where he was apprehended by Dubuque authorities. Kyde was being held in the Dubuque city jail Monday pending transfer to Cedar Rapids on charges of robbery and larceny of a motor vehic- and western sections. ★ ★ ★ —Trucks— (Continued from Page I.) smashed with rocks 1- r .    .    ,    -    -I    Bruee    A    Slaymakcr,    20.    of    ..    .    ..    .    ,    ,    ------- — -----   — in eastern gests friends may, if they wish, Ba]i Ha, Estates Hiawatha has mam Portlon of the statc s eV1*'tends the hairs belong to the 1 make a contribution to the been charged with possession of ?,cn,?e wuh,ch    contended ,ied defendant and victim, knowing C hristian radio station in Cedar marijuana    t0    murder.    fUu    well,    the report states only Rapids.    Linn    deputies and Hiawatha JJT *fid,.'hc stat* "ould P™™ 'hat the hairs could have been --police executed a search war- a Mo«dy 'tngerprint found at the.rf daimon M-igin to the defend- Mrs. Leo McSwiggan rant at his residence early Sun'-    “?!?““'L ant and viclim ” Urea E. McSwiggan, 74,-day, They reported finding    !    hi™?..    "Mystery    Person” in the lieu of said. The prosecutor contended Thieves Batter Down Wall To Gain Entry ; vi/irinw Af Ion F MpViu/iooan anxt    ii    I    ♦    •    a    cla(l    on^y    >n    a    blouse, Woodward mil.hrt,    widow    of tiro t. MtSwiggan nndjmarijuana plants growing under.,Tuy  ......... wire sma. nod with locks in    a loimer Cedar Rapids resident, a lamp,    marijuana seeds,    a Fayette county, Pa., and pickets died Saturday in Sioux City’quantity of a substance believed tried to halt trucks along U.S. 40 after a long illness. Born in to be marijuana and remnants and U.S. 19, authorities said Martelle Dec. 13, 1899. she had of marijuana cigarets A trucker in Bedford county resided in Cedar Rapids until Slaymakcr was held escaped unhurt when his wind- i960, when she moved to Sioux county iail Monday in shield was smashed by a rock; City.    '$1,000    bond thrown from an overhead    She was a member of St. Mar-'    ___-______ bridge    igaret’s    circle    of Immaculate Crvpri;*I Dr^m^ Despite the scattered violence Conception church. Surviving is    Ul    amd    tpenth Pennsylvania authorities said a sister, Alta Hasek, Sioux City.    Showina    Slated light trucks were rolling at near nor- Services: Brady-Kuba funeral    ^    T,    ... e ^ a . . • thp mal rates in the state.    home at 10:30 a m. Wednesday Senior citizens will be guests    PS    >    mdshed Checks around the nation by the Rev. William P. Leonard. the Jefferson high showed truck traffic was near Burial: Mt. Calvary. Rosary: drama department and Kirk- normal Monday in Delaware.;Parish and St. Margaret's circle! w<)°d Community college retire-Maryland, Texas. Florida. Mas-    at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Brady-!menl    office at a presentation    of sachusetts, Indiana. South Caro-Kuba funeral home, where I “No,    No.    Nanette” Wednesday The defense also noted that the last time Miss Ottens was seen alive was when she took an elevator to the fourth floor of the dormitory, accompanied by a known university student and A cement block wall was no another male the defense des- barrier to thieves who broke !cnbed as ,he “mystery person in this case.” into the Derby Station, 1796 Six- The defense objected to much avenue SW, Saturday 0f state’s opening remarks. i Judge Louis Schultz admonished jury that prosecution con-School 8 cemcnt bl0ck wal1 t0 Sain en-|tentions “are merely that. Driver’s license violation— it Douglas Horn, 1961 Thirtieth drive E; 6,758 st*’e<‘t, . 1 762 e lith avenin Percent of normal year Total normal year ..... 6,631 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 7.1, tall I Lansing (18) 8.9, no change Dam 9(18) 7.3, rise .1 McGregor I 18) 9.5. rise .1 Guttenberg (15) 8.1, rise I Dubuque ( 17) Kl 4. fa ll .4 Davenport (15) 9 ti, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 9.3, no change Gary Taylor, SE; each fined Michael Hacker, Fairfax; Robert Brown, 2220 Tenth avenue SW; Benny Tapia, 526 Sixteenth street NE; Rick Secora, 2625 Fourth avenue, Marion; each fined $10 and costs. Registration violation Magistrate Court call after I p m in Jefferson auditorium lina, Alabama. New York. South friends may Dakota and Connecticut among Tuesday. others.    j    - Wait-and-See    xa-,    jQLn    RurLp Truckers’groups in Minnesota. Minnie \i Burke. DO. widow ol ficc, wl" pr0.''ide„.fr<’,1’ b“s"d,;!i|?"d ehecks ,rom trance to the back room The in- merely what the state hopes to strument used was not found. | prove, rather than being prov- They escaped with $150 to $200 en evidence.” in cash from the safe and two| - coin changers valued at $6 The 1920s musical will start al 2 p rn The Kirkwood retirement of- In another breakin, someone entered the Taco Kid. 3429 First avenue SFL and took $288 in cash a blue bank Nebraska and New Hampshire John J. Burke, died at the home    ^R,Lnm[1?    at.    ’    from Moth-! ag adopted a wait-and-see position of her son and daughter-in-law.    ,    k    O    lor_    Geneva    lower. on the shutdown call. A spokes- Mr. and Mrs John J Burke, jr.,I    ac    Hou^ man for independent drivers in 680 Twenty-sixth street SE, Sun-    .    Ha^,h®rne    Hl ,s    aPart* Denver said the strike was day after a lingering iHness. en    buses    will    return    at ,2740 Worthington drive SW. waslworking there but was not ablejBorn Feb 12. 1894. she had been I revoked Friday in magistrate’s j to provide figures.    a lifelong resident of Cedar Parole Is Revoked; Meyer to County Jail f’rabation for Kevin Mover. —Weather— (Continued from Page I.) 4:30 Larry Grower 1201 Grande av-icourt and he was sentenced to! In Utah drivers voted to keep Rapids ,area because of downed power Reservations for the bus may j:nrs be made at 398-5535    wet    weather    is    expected enue SE; fined $20 and costs. Traffic signal violation 'Steve Huggins, 1408 B avenue NE; fined $25 and costs. Robert j .’IO days in the county jail. He their rigs off pled guilty Nov. 13 to a charge midnight. of possession of a controlled Spokesmen for 5.1 rise Lake Cedar at C’.R. (13) .09 Coralville Pool level Monday    67190 Births—St. Luke s May ll Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Heartily, 1016 Bowtel street, Hiawatha, a son. May 12 To the families of •’hilip Evans, 1715 Miami drive NE, a daughter; Galen Mollrn-haurr. Walker, a daughter;    costs. Ferny Wittinan, 700 Thirty-    Striking fifth street. Marion, a daughter;    street Mark Snell, 2143 C street SW, a son; Stanley ftnrriehter. Monticello, a son; Robert Melsh. Fairfax, a son Fults, 5710 Briarwood street substance and was given SW; fined $20 and costs. David pended jail sentence Sitter, 3920 Nancy Jane lane NE; Victor Lacy, 1502 D avenue NE; each fined $15 and costs. Vehicle control violation -Karen Funk, 1632 A avenue j NP’,; fined $15 and costs. Faulty equipment Victor Lacy, 1502 D avenue NE; fined $10 and costs. the roods after) Besides her son she is survived bv five grandchildren, the scores of| Services:    Wednesday at 9 a sus- independent trucker organiza- a m. in All Saints church by the tions that sprang up during tho Rev. Edmund J. Becker. Buna —Court— (Continued from Page I.) call He was charged with having last strike generally said they .Mt marijuana in his possession Oct. J either couldn't afford to shut the Knights of Columbus will 28.    down or didn t think it would do recite the Rosary Tuesday at - any good    j7:30 p.m. at Stewart funeral Charge Is Dropped; Sentenced on Felony Alley Dropped A charge of possession of con-j From City's '74 Paving Program Births — Mercy May ll Mr. and Mrs Larry MeCalley, 2715 Worthington drive SW. a daughter May 12 To the families of Donald Lereh. 3000 J street SW. a son; Walter Szyszka, Norway, a son. Marriage Licenses Betty Taschner and Richard Nelson, Annette Grave? and Robert Graves, all of Cedar Rapids. Diane Pospisil and Bradford Henry, both of Minneapolis. Linda Daringer, Cedar Rapids, and William McCool, Marion. Debra Hanzelka, Cedar Rapids, and Michael I Wore, Des Moines. Susan Hofei and Mark Remington, bolti of Marion. Petition for Bankruptcy Abri T and Doris G Lozano. 2126 Eighteenth street SW Both c I a un e d debts of $1(1,657.07 and assets of $1,000, with $560 claimed as exempt. Ronald Clair and Lynn Rue flake, 5311 Pine Grove drive NE Both claimed debts ol $31,840 88 anil assets of 24,122, wilt) $21,196 t binned as exempt Fires 4:35 Saturday Lawn mower fire at 1613 B avenue NE 5 65 p iii Satin (la v I biotin! carburetor at 1564 Second ave nile SE 5:36 p ut Saturday tins r I ii silt ai Ii avenue and Tenth street NWL 7 59 pm Saturday Downed power hues at Ellis boulevard ami ll avenue NW 8 pm Saturday Downed tree Railroad signal violation — Don Hamilton, 862 Fifteenth trolled substance against Elmer avenue SW; fined $15 ami Lappe, jr., 714 First avenue fixtures adjacent to MW. was dismissed friday in Rose Kahlid, 1437 magistrate’s court because he Die city council decided Mon-Highwood drive NW; fined $15 was sentenced to the men s re-iday to delete an alley from the and costs.    | for ma tory, Anamosa, on a felony proposed 1974 paving program. charges.    |    The alley that was to be He was charged with having paved is between First and Sec-marijuna and hashisti in his pos- ond avenues and Eighteenth and session Oct. 2.    I    Nineteenth streets SE. - !    Residents who own property to remain in the state through Tuesday. Late afternoon highs! Monday should be    in the 60s I northeast to 70s southwest with, judge can immediately sentence I wjndj tln„ up    30 ml,es an . r, .i *> I * 'j persons to jail for contempt of    hrklir Calvary. Father Becker and;    .    ,    f hour. 'court when they refuse to testify Lows M„nday njght shou|d ^ at    a    trial    after receiving    im- Lr 40,,    northwest to the    50s, prosecution.    'southeast.    Cooler readings    are: Dismissed a challenge •• «•»    expected Tuesday    with highs constitutionality of V.rginta law    most|y jn |he ^ alimony only lo j    Pos,    was    sported    in „    ,    ,    ,    some sections of northeast Iowa i Refused to review a h»**f overnight. Highs Sunday ranged court order Ilia! the IBM Corp jfrom M a, [)ubu ,0 M a,| turn over some TIKI documents! Sluux C||y and Amcs, 0ver.| home, where friends may Tuesday from 2 until 9 p.m. Memorial Services Bevins. George CL Services were conducted Monday at 9:30 a.m. in St Patrick’s allowing women. Fighting Jerry Kraft, Vinton; fined $36 and costs. Improper turn    Richard Bova, Ramada Inn; lined $15 and costs. Iowa Deaths Watkins    Rita    Mullin Wallet , 54 Wednesday at IO, St. Patrick’s Catholic church. Rosary Monday and Tuesday at 7:36 at Halverson’s, Blairstown. Fight    Louis    Klingman. 73 Tuesday at 2 at Methodist clunch. Muelethalta’s McGregor Joe Kluosncr, 64. Tuesday at 16:36 at St Mary’s. Thornburg's. Oelwein    Mallei Arnold, 84 Tuesday at I 36 at Christ United Presbyterian church. I Brant’s. Hazleton Dennis Tupper. 122 Tuesday at 1:36 al Methodist church Brants West Union    Mi Rex Guyer, 73 Burnham Wood’s. W aukon    Mvi I Sullivan, 68 Tuesday .it I 36 at St. Pa trick’s church. Rosary at 8 Monday at Mart in s. Tama Joseph S. Vavroch,1 58. Wednesday at IO, St pa (tick's church. Rosary Tuesday at 8. Mason Band Keota    .latin < i Ie? net ! Rhndeboek, 79, Canyon City, Colo. Thursday a1 2:30, Powell's, w here It tend? may call I aft et I pin Wednesday Calmar    Mr Joseph Va- leida, 69. Wednesday at 2, Cal-, itnai 1'itheran church Friend? i may call alter 2 p.m. Tuesday at French’s. Wellman lima M I.ting. (iii Wednesday at 2, Powell’s. where friends may rail after 7 ! j).rn. Munday. Belle Plaine K Mal Im Sinful, 54 Tuesday at I 30, Damaging Vehicle Charge Dismissed Martin, to government anti-trust law-in Mt. lyers or face a fine of $150.(KH) a day. Refused to hear a plea that universities discriminate against women students when ... they require them to obey dor-Set at Prairie burg tmtory curfews not imposed on I’KAI RI KIU IU i — George M rnen students church by the Rev. Laughlin. Burial was Calvary cemetery, with military services by the American Legion. Pranskunas Rites on the alley had objected to tis    Pranskunas. 86. a retired farm    Let stand a lower court ruling inclusion in the paving pro-    or al1(j a resident of Prairieburg    that gram I hey said the paving    for |as|    35 years, died Sun A charge of injury to a motor wasn’t necessary, and would in-day m a Cedar Rapids hospital vehicle against David Pierson, j crease the dangers in the alley ue was iMirn m Lithuania on 2316    Coldstream    avenue    NE.    by permitting higher vehicle    Apnl 22, 1888. On August 5. 1919 was    dismissed    Friday    in    magis-    speeds.    he was married to Margaret Rate's court on a    motion of    the! Richard Jensen, director of|Slaekuti. at    Cedar Rapids Mr state.    I public services, said the paving    Pranskunas    was* a member of He was charged    with damag work also presents engineering    st. Joseph's    Catholic church mg a vehicle,    belonging    to!problems because tin* garages    Surviving    are his wile tin* Rhode Island's amended anti abortion law is unconstitutional The statute said the fetus is a person from tht of conception night lows were from 36 at Dubuque to 50 at Sioux City. Sioux City reported 62 of an inch of rain by 7 a rn Spencer 24, Ames .16. and Cedar Rapids, .75. —Watergate— (Continued from Page I ) ce Terry Andrews, 2323 Coldstream on it are located at varying daughters. Emma and Dorothy avenue NE. April 20. Man Bound to Grand levels above tile alley grade He said deleting the alley work from the program will cut 1    about $27,000 from the estimated Jury on Drug Charge $714,000 cost of the paving pro Stephen Huggins. I HIH B ave gram About a thud of the cost paign is afoot to    poison the public's mind against Nixon bv moment charging that ethnic slurs were leleted from the Watergate trail 1 scripts released recently by the Coggon    Man    Charged    White House After    Home    Incident    Thf Ne" '0I| T,"10ls <pl10t!"S sources with direct    knowledge Joseph F Haas. 22. of Coggon;of Nixon s continents, has re 1 was arrested earls    Sunday on    ported that Nixon    used the, in sister. Veronica in Lithuania Services: 10:30 ani Wednesday at st Joseph's Catholic nue NE, waived a [ii(‘liminal \ would have gone for relaying a (.biireh hearing Friday in magistrate’s)sanitary sewer    iii the alley court and was bound over to the    —    -    I    may    call    at grand jinx on a charge ol pos lit YEARS Alit) The open m \',,11(n| session ol controlled substance    mg    all ack of a    promised war    of He is charged with having    s a    Ii 0 t a g e    and harassment 1 ^"    rc*c*i(ecf    at 8 marijuana in his possession against the Fidel Castro regime,-J_ April Pranskunas, Cedar Rapids, and three charges following an iii terms “Jew tx»> s’’ and "wop” Mrs. Jerome Hogarty of Iowa eident iii a home on the south-referring to public officials. (tty; four grandchildren, and a west side    Ru/hardt,    appearing on CBS’ Police were called to remove “Face the Nation”, said he had Haas from (tie home of Colleen listened to “close to 40“ of the Ruth, 933'l* Eighteenth avenue tapes and heard no ethnic slurs. SW When officers attempted to How e v e r , a source with serve him with a warrant for access to unedited tapes told the failure to have his vehicle under Associated Press: “No reason-control. Haas allegedly resisted able person who heard those officers, and was charged with remarks could possibly deny intoxication and resisting    that they were racial slurs “ iii Prairieburg Burial Joseph s cemetery Friend? the Murdoch chapel City atter 2 p in Tuesday where tilt* Besan will p in Tuesday —Schlesinger— (Continued from Page 1.) Polk — but in each case with the interpretation that the doctrine would be nullified if t h e case concerned impeachment "No President has ever asserted the contrary prior to Mr. Nixon." Schlesinger said. Perhaps Schlesinger’s most severe criticism was the contention that Nixon, unlike other Presidents, has not only refused to accept but also has attempted to nullify any “system of accountability’’ for his actions as President. ‘Scrutiny, Challenge’ Schlesinger defined such a system as one of “scrutiny, challenge and criticism” as provided formally in the Constitution and enforced informally through the President's political party and cabinet, the news media and the general public. The necessity of such ac-countability, Schlesinger maintained, has been recognized by the majority of American Presidents, including such “imperialistic” office-holders as Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin D Roosevelt ’ However, Mr Nixon . . . with some signs in his immediate predecessor . . actively resents scrutiny, challenge and criticism and sees it not only as unfair, but illegitimate and subversive.” Schlesinger said Election Mandate The President’s attitude, he added, seems to be that each election confers a mandate of approval on the President, and between elections the President should be left alone Calling ttiat an “interesting but self-serving concept,” Schlesinger contended that it also subverted the will of the country’s Founding Fathers, who believed someone should “always tx* on the back of the President iii Cuba was reported by an exile group a raid on a sugar mn* ill iii Puerto I‘lion. Virginia M. 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