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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: FN.. May 1ft. 137< For Better HealthEggs, Meats and Butter Are Hiqh in Cholesterol By Dr S.L. Andelman “How dangerous is cholesterol?’’ That s a question dozens of readers ask Most have been told to reduce the cholesterol in their diet and they're trying to decide whether changing their ways is really necessary In the ease of cholesterol, you are always wise to take your doctor’s advice Studies indicate that many people who otherwise show no evidence of heart disease are increasing their risk of heart attack by following a diet that’s high in saturated fat and cholesterol Atherosclerosis Most Americans are guilty of ingesting too much cholesterol since our typical diet is rich in eggs — which are high in cholesterol — and meats, butter. cream and whole milk — which are high in animal (saturated) fats, ('holesterol in the blood contributes to atherosclerosis, a type of hardening of the arteries in which deposits form inside the arteries and interfere with the free flow of blood Atherosclerosis is the disease which underlies most heart attacks and strokes However, you can reduce the risk of high cholesterol and your chance of suffering a heart attack by following these simple steps — Control your intake of cholesterol-rich foods Eat no more than three egg yolks a week, including eggs used in cooking, and limit your use of shellfish and organ meats — Control the amount and type of fat you eat Use fish. chicken, turkey and veal in most of your meat meals for the week. Choose lean cuts of meat. Trim visible fat and discard the fat that cooks out of the meat Avoid deep-frying; Andelman use cooking methods that help remove fat — baking, boiling. broiling, roasting and stewing Sausage — Restrict your use of fatty luncheon and variety meats, such as sausage and salami. Instead of butter and other cooking fats that are solid or completely hydrogenated, use liquid vegetable oils and margarines that are rich in polyunsaturated fats. Use skim or low-fat milk and cheese instead of w hole milk and cheese While you’re improving your health, your youngsters will also benefit. They’ll form good nutrition habits early in life that may protect them from heart disease when they become adults. GUARANTY BANK’S NEW FACILITY AT 1819 42nd Street NE Economist Puts Port of Spiral's Blame on Public WASHINGTON (UPI) -Part of the blame for current economic woes lies with the American public, which gets the inflation it wants and deserves, says the administration’s top economist Herbert Stein, chairman of President Nixon's Council of Economic Advisers, told a meeting of economists sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute, a private research group, that public opinion {Kills show inflation to be the major domestic problem. “Nevertheless, it may be that while the American people rate the evil of inflation heavily, they are unwilling to {lay the price of stopping it and this is only another way of. saying we get the inflation we want and deserve.’’ Stein said Stein also scoffed at a bill sponsored by senate Democrats that would immediately cut taxes. “This proposal is being rationalized as necessary to combat unemployment but if it is adopted, it will be as much because people like to have their taxes reduced as because they are eager to stimulate the economy,” he said REGISTER FOR Ft DOOR PRIZES Communists Reduce Paper s Publication BUCHAREST (AP) - The Communist party announced a drastic cutback in the publication of Romanian newspapers to reduce imports of newsprint The party said its own newspaper, Scinteia (Spark) would appear six tunes a week instead of seven and would be reduced from six or eight pages to four or six Two other major Bucharest dailies will become weeklies, and dailies in eight of the 39 provinces also will come out only once a week The size and circulation of all publications will also be reduced, the announcement said Register as often as you like. 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