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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa lo The ( odar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Ma> IO. 1974 BRIDGE B> (Kuald & Jam?' Jacobs uith the ace. South had to ruff in dummy and the three — zero trump break made it impossible for him to enter dummy to cash good hearts. The second declarer had a chance. East played the jack of clubs at trick one. West huddled; decided it was a suit preference call for a spade lead and led one. The queen was played from dummy but East did not cover with the king. At this point South should have romped home. All he had to do was to lead a heart to his ace and then play trumps but South didn’t bother to get his ace of hearts out of dummy’s way. He just led a trump immediately. East had been using the “H” of “ARC H How can I beat this contract? He visualized the possibility of South’s exact holding and rose with his ace of trumps. After that he just led his deuce of clubs and once more dummy’s good hearts went to bed. 9tCflRDJfeft** The bidding has boon    IO West North Ka si South I A Ba's 2* I ’a" 2* Bass 3 N T Bass 4V Bass 4 A Bass 56 Bass SA Bass SA Ba's You. South. Iiold A K 2 * A J 7 6 5 A A b 4 AQ 9 4 What do you do now ’ Pass You made sour slam tr\ and sour partner refused it TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding five spades \our partner has bid six diamonds over your five diamonds What do you do now ’ * * • Correction The accompanying chart corrects the bridge hand published Thursday, which displayed the wrong number of trump cards. NORTH s A 10 3 2 9 Q 2 A Q 5 3 2 A K 873 VS EST EAST A A J 8 7 9 J 10 9 8 5 9 7 6 4 3 ♦ A IO 8 ti ♦ K 9 A 1954 A \ 10 6 2 SOI TH D) ♦ AK Q9654 9 AK ♦ J74 Aq North-South vulnerable West North Last South I A Bass I N T Bass 4 A Bass Bass Bass Opening lead- A J AU FISH t SUPPLIES ! FAMOUS BRAND NAME WATCHES ON SALE AT A SAVINGS OF    | 40%    I REGULARLY TO 85.00 VALUES! 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