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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mu* Cedar Rapids (ia/rtte: Tues., May 7. 1974 — City Briefs — Big George! Virgil Partch Claims White House Asked Milk Disabled \ets and — Regular meeting tonight at 8 at coliseum. Members are asked to bring snack food tor hospitals. ♦ * * Auxiliary    a*    $189 and a five-gallon gas tank valued at $20 were baken from Ellis park. * * * Trailer Taken — .John Hillman. 451H Center Point road NE. Shampoo living rooms $9.95. «,l»r!^ a ,rU(* ,r(allcr v?locd Car at $3,500 was taken from a lot at Saw Taken — R. ll. Cooper, street SH , between Frida> and Monday. * * * Clock Taken A clock valued bedrooms $7.95. Diamond pct. 366-6226.—Adv. ♦ * * Open Forum — A discussion on children's television will be held Thursday at 7:30 p rn. at $    ,aken Mon. the Kenwood Park Presbyterian    f    ,h(. resldcn,e of u. church. I he public is invited. x ona sdm ab m A avenue NW *    * *    *    *    $ Beautician, full or part time.    Saw    Takeil __ R H Cooper, Wilson Beauty Salon, 377-055|r. 616 Second street SH’, a self Marion.—Adv.    employed contractor, reported a * * *    masonry saw valued at $250 was! Donna Pound back at La- taken from a construction site Femme Coiffure. 365-9955. — at 2231 Glass road NE between Adv.    Sunday and Monday. *    * *    *    *    * Killian’s    Downtown Beauty    Unpaid    Bill    —    Eli    Abodccly, Shop    is    still    closed until    May    manager    of    Howard    John son's, highways 30 and 149 WY Fund Be Set Before Price Hike Dorsen, and the committee It says Nixon was swayed by passed the information along to political considerations, inelud probers.) Festival    Set Bands from five elementary schools and McKinley    junior high school will participate iii By Brooks    Jackson    Dorsen,    and the    committee It says Nixon    was    swayed    by    ,bp    McKinley district    hand WASHINGTON (AP)    Her-    passed the information along to    political considerations, inelud    festival at 7:30 pm Thursday. bort Kalmbach is t%aid to    have    house impede hment pioheis,    j^g pressure from Democrats in    The program will feature the testified that a dairy coopera- the sources said.    congress who wanted prices up. beginner and advanced bands five leader    was    asked for confit- The    White House    has    denied    ,irrW,.H    a    mice    rn-from    Grant Wood, Johnson, mation of a $2 million Nixon hat the promise of dairy farm- ‘    Monroe, Squaw Creek and Tyler campaign pledge before    milk    ors’ money influenced President    crease March 23, 19/1, the White    ejenu,ntary schools, and the Me- prices were raised, and house Nixon’s decision to raise prices,    House says. The public ani|<inlev |azz band, seventh grade impeachment investigators want [although it says Nixon was n0uncement was made two days hand’;,od honor band. The honor band will perforin I “Hall of Fame” by J. Olivadoti; On the eve of the public an- ..Amcrican patrol’’ by F.W nouncement, around midnight of Meacham. “Estampie” bv Vla- cav    Nelhybel, “The    Gospel it says Nixon to know more about it.    aware of the $2 million promise,1 |a|er caking the increase of- Informed sources say Kalm- which was made in 1970.    fil ial, bach swore he took part in a Change of Venue Again Is Denied In Hall Action 1971 in midnight meeting in which a dairy-farmer cooperative leader was told that tin' administration was going to raise milk price supports, and that the White House wanted confirmation of a promise of $2 million in donations to the Nixon campaign. House Probers Kalmbach told the story under oath to two investigators “Hey, mister, you forgot your board. May 13. Downtown operators still working at the Lindale Plaza shop until re-opening.—Adv. * * ★ Don’s Barber Shop, 1314 2nd St. SE. Now open for business. Hours: 9 to 5:30 daily. — Adv. ★ * * Beautician wanted, part time reported Monday a registered guest left without paying a $60 bill. * * * Residence Entered — James Arnold. 1651 Thirty-fourth street SE, reported a set of rings valued at $425, a pair of pre- Massive Fire A+Goldwyn Movie Sets March 24, Kalmbach says hi took part in a meeting in his room in the Madison hotel, following a “Salute to the President” fundraising dinner at-IOWA CITY—For the second tended by dozens of dairy co-op time, a prosecution request for officials, according to the ac- a change of venue in the Jamesiroun*- ..    ,    . .... j . . , .    .    .    Heard (homier Hall murder trial has been de- nje(j    ; Kalmbach said he heard Mur- „ on ,    ray Chotiner tell co-op leader Hall, 20, a former University ,, ‘ .. v fnr thi* s:nnatp Watergate1 com* *    *    HctroId Nelson th8t \\hlt( HOU. ( mine.' Alan Well* and David 0 lwwa foolb'111 playcr' is ac‘aide .John Ehrlichman expected cused of murdering Sarah Ann dairy farmers to reaffirm their Ottens, 19. a U. of I. coed March $2 million promise in light of the James 13 |973    forthcoming price increase, the kjjjer ,    *•    u    .    .    sources said. Nelson is said to K a he prosecution has contend-,.    .    ...... j... KmK* Drug Possession Judge Sets Date Charge Is Filed For Challenge by (T Truth” by Edward Madden. “Beautiful Colorado”, and “Stormy Heather” by David Bennett. Tickets for the concert in the McKinley auditorium will be $1 for adults, 50 cents for students, and will be available at the doer. James Earl Ray Will Stay in Solitary Cell NASHVILLE. Earl lenn. LOS ANGELES (AP) Two men have been charged with possession of a controlled substance after they were rested in the downtown (AP) -Ray, convicted of Dr. Martin Luther will remain in solitary at Hie Tennessee State prison. ar- Sandra l^ees Beauty Salon 719 sorption glasses valued at $50 grabbed everything I could and Saturday night. 3rd St. SH’. 364-5991.—Adv. *    *    * Fashion Cleaners — Wedding gowns, formals. — Adv. *    *    * Hickory smoked barbecued ribs, s h r i m p and served Wednesdays, 6 to 9 p m Stickney’s Scoreboard, Marion - Adv. *    *    * and $20 breakin donee. * cash were taken Sunday at his . sources said contend-,.    , ..    news    coverage    of the murder ia\e    ,j    aiul UK Ut1' confinement Wil Ham Colley antl possible black student 1)1'i( s,v')' ^ disruption of the trial make a    ..J\ MivnnCnrrsnna'l    law* Judge L. Clure Morton ruled COLUMBUS, Ga. t AP) — A change of venue necessary. .. ,rSmH hk h- fundraiser Monday that Ray’s constitution- areaIL^*th|l<ii,tegforhhlaAne William, Judge Louis Schullz- den>'-'Chotiner had resigned from the1 al r«h,s have J*™ viola"'d A al ev's catena? of hiconvic-ing "* ehange' sald "ews cover‘ While House staff three .reeks1 by lhe confinement. in a, jumped." said actor Robert: Jack L. Forrester, 18 of 338 to f(^ murdering 22 Vietna- ag! has Hnot bee" P«-ejudioial. earlier and, as a private lawyer. Ray claimed in a suit that resi-^    .    ..    .    I. .    .    10*    non    ior    uuiucimg    an(1 modern transportation ,vas he inc Daid $57 OOO a year bv solitary confinement was rum- i oni ad after fleeing flames that Eighteenth street SE, was being mese civilians.    methods would make it easy for Nelson’s group Associated Milk ing h*s physical and mental ^    ravaged nearly    half    the    Samuel    held    in the Linn    county    jail    on    The    date was set on .Monday    disruptions to take place, no    Producers. Inc.,    the largest    health.    But the judge said, Mac Maher Uoldwyn    Studios    in    a    real-life    $2,500 bond    on    the    possession!as    Robert E1,iott took    matter where the trial was held.    dairy cooperative in the nation.    “During    his hearing before this under study a government re- Johnson county Attorney Carl Chotiner died Jan. 30 of inju- court plaintiff appeared to bi* quest    that bail allowing Caney    j Goetz Tuesday refused to com-    ries suffered in    an auto ac-    in good    health, was alert and his freedom be revoked.    mpnt on whether the prosecu-    cidcnt. More than    a year before    responded quickly and intelli- Elliott indicated he would con-Callev’s bond although Fun and Games. Tuesday 8 Sister Dies VV achter, 86. formerly of Cedar) Holly wood spectacular. Rapids, and sister of F. D.; Scores of actors and c    Maher, Cedar Rapids, died Sun- corkers ran to safety day in Burlingame, Calif. Ser-j day in Burlingame. Calif. Serv ices: Tuesday in Burlingame. ♦ * * [charge, and $125 bond on a film charge of resisting officers. Monday John B. Kidder, 19, of 3007 Thirtieth street drive SE, was (Photos on Picture Page) tinue held in lieu of $2,500 bond on the: Asst u s Atty charles Erion possession charge.    argued that “substantial consti- --------   .    .    Coin    club    _    Robert Dougias after fire erupted on the set of a Police said an officer ob- tutiona, questions” on the issue p.m. Marine Benefit. Evy’s Up- m    about    tbp bau doiur children’s television show and sfrved the pair smoking a sub- b ^ been ansvverp(j jn various ^ u™. na vt ta Pa,. ^ p°, meetinR of thf quickly sprcad.    'SHUSH? *?TZ T on wnetner the prosecution may seek a stay order from his death, he testified that gently to questioning ” the Iowa supreme court, which    ‘ ‘ u n d e    r no circumstances” could delay the trial.    would he    ever have linked gov-    Too    many    bikes    and    not Goetz however, confirmed he    eminent    favors with campaign    enough    riders?    Sell the extia to discuss such a stay    donations    in his discussions with    )nes with a Classified Ad!    Dial plans stairs Lounge, next to mount Theater. — Adv *    *    * Mother would love a First Edition Grant Wood Plate from The Stable on the Alley 365-2448 — Adv. ♦    *    * Save on patient gowns and under pads — Buresh Rental. — Adv. Cedar Rapids coin club VVednes day at 1820 First avenue NE.    .    .    . ..    . ^    ^    j    workers leaped through a win- Food Meeting - The Natural do"' )usl Mo1* a »al1 caved in Food Associates will meet Fri- on the set of “Star of India”, a day at 8 p m. at the YWCA. Dr. movie Conrad was co-producing. R A. Zmoos, state president, They were unharmed. will sPCa^    pin?    arid    smoke    damaged weekly three bui^m8s covering half the However, Elliott noted that thought in the downtown Conrad said he and his co- pair ran away. Thev were ar-    .    .    ,    .    . rested a short time later after the supreme lour ha gran c begin Thursday. three additional squad cars were called to assist. order with Asst. Attorney Gen- dairymen. era! Garry Woodward.    _ The Hall trial is scheduled to 393-8234. Stor\ * Hour ♦ * - The Benefits for Vderpr,vdeged *,ory hour for P«-^oo!ers wiinaudio lot .1)0 given    Wednesday    in    the    officials said only one man. downtown    public    library    at    studio employe Mike Graslie. 10:30 a.m. and at the Edgewood was seriously injured. He branch at 1:30 p m    received second and third de- *    *    *    grec hack burns. Two other Sunrise Optimists    District    persons received minor in meeting at Newton, Saturday juries. The studio was one of the Children’s Camp. Buy garden and flowering plants at Gamma Phi Beta’s “Garden Party” at 2626 Bever Ave. S.E. Wednesday evening, 6-8. Thursday 9-Noon — Adv. Breakin Reported (jaroj[No regular mecMng^ Tumm, 710 Thirty-fourth street NE, reported a .22 caliber pistol Fu I bright Hop es Watergate Ends 'Imperial Cocoon' FORT SMITH. Ark I AF I - Eleanor Russell Dies, Solon Services Set Five Seasons valued at $20. a microphone Embassy club, Camel valued al $25 and a far of Den- noon Frlday . SPca.k<‘rs: adaw alued at $25 and a jar of pen „ ..    .. .    .    _ Hies of undetermined value Martin, Phil Kuhn. C arles Can were taken between Tuesday and Sunday from her residence *    *    * Money Missing — Six pack ages of cigarets valued at $3 and $22 in coins were reported taken in a breakin .Sunday or Monday    from    the    residence    of Donna Garth.    851    Fifth    avenue SE *    *    * Tools Taken McVay.    2701    0 owner of McVay reported Monday bail to a former army captain in 1969 Elliott said the case was similar to Callev’s. Galley, 30, was freed on his personal recognizance in lieu MONTICELLO — Eleanor A.1 of $1,000 bail on Feb. 27 after Russell. 76. route one, Mon-nearly three years of house ar-: ticello. widow of Clarence Rus-rest at his bachelor apartment sejj died Tuesday in Cedar at nearby Ft. Benning.    j    Rapids after a short illness. If Elliott denies his petition Born Nov. 28, 1897. near Mt Senator    Fulbright    says the    Wa-    seeking reversal of his convic- Vernon, she lived in the Mt tergatc    scandals    have taught    tion. Galley would be returned I Vernon vicinity most of her life. to army confinement. But he J She was employed as a hostess also would be eligible for parole I at Holiday House restaurant in after less than six months of)Mt. Vernon for 14 years, additional imprisonment.    Surviving    are    a daughter. ----- Mrs. John Stahle. route two,) Solon: two sons, Richard, route one. Monticello; Robert. Vine-) Price 3.2 Centssrovc- Ky: ,hree sistcrs- Mary Believe It or Abt/ Exxon Hikes Gas Cutting Torch Blaze Seriously Burns Linn Man Americans that they should not surround their President with a “cocoon of imperial grandeur.” Fulbright said Monday    the Toastmasters eldest homes of movie-making Watergate has revealed how room. in Hollywood. Fire fighters es- dangerous it is to accept Hie of-Paui timated the loss at well over $1 ^ Dee of the presidency as a dem-million, other reports placed it igod. adding “We shouldn’t amas high as $10 million.    tinue to surround him (the Pres- Saimiel Goldwyn, jr , son of ident) with all of this cocoon of gallon increase the late studio    head    who    died    imperial grandeur, which    we    prices Tuesday- last January,    also    fled    the    have.” flames. terized the Watergate incident as a bursting boil, resulting in Of INDIA CONSIDER THEMSELVES MARRIED SY EXCHAN6IN6 AND CHEWING BETEL LEAVES out The fire broke out on the ,    ,    „    set of “Sigmund”, a Saturday A rural Sprmcnllr man m()rni(ls ckMm-, sbow. suffered burns over the top part Firemen said set employes. of his body Monday morning filming at the time, reported when a cutting torch apparently ^ blaze erupted when they ignited gasoline vapors and !urnfd ” an ,tl*ot,ic <-urrcn* r    for lhe stage lighting. burst into flames. /•Ia j    „    Swiftly a fiberglass set burst Clifford Grother, 37, was .    ® into flames that raced through working at the    J    Avenue Sal-    tbp high-ceiling set with its    man was being held in the vage Co . 5(19    J    avenue NW.    mazes of catwalks, frames and    Cedar county jail over    the week when tho mishap occurred    sidings    — all made of wood    end in lieu of $10,000 bond He was taken to St. Luke's    Some witnesses said they    aHcgedly kidnaping hospital, where    he    was listed rn    thought they heard explosions.    tncer *oman- lair condition    before being    but firemen couldn’t confirm State troopers said    Roy Dan- transferred to University hospi- this. One woman employe said.jner, 29, turned himself over to tal’s burn unit.    fit sounded .quake.” S e r o v y , Solon: Genevieve HOUSTON (AP)—Exxon Co. Snyder and Amelia Beckman, USA announced a 3.2 cents per Los Altos, Calif.: a brother. in gasoline Leonard Kleineck, East St. Paul, Minn.; 13 grandchildren and Exxon also boosted prices bv seven great-grandchildren. . .    three cents a gallon for such Services: Thursday at 9:30 at e Arkansas senator charac- fjistiHate products as diesel Brosh chapel in Solon and at IO atergate incident jucj hCatin^ oil and kerosene, a rn. at St. Mary’s church. t«a °U^SIU1^ bort- resulting in An Exxon spokesman said Solon Rosary : 8 p m. Wednes-all of the accumulated poisons {bp jncrease js a pass-through day at Brosh's. where friends in our political system coming unrecovered costs for raw may call Wednesday. Burial: like an earth — Charles avenue NW, Construction, that tools valued at $5U0 were taken from a construction shed at 1103 Twelfth avenue SH’. * *    * Tools    Taken —    John    Wyatt, I 305! JSixth street SW, reported tools valued at $300 were taken Sunday or Monday from his car while it was parked af his resi-' dence. *    +    m    i    Grother was    reported    to    have Garage    Entered    —    Leonard suffered burns    on    his    hands, Casteel, 1124 Nineteenth avenue arms, back, and face. SW. reported tools valued at $100 were taken Sunday or Mon- 30 YEARS AGO — Creation of day from    his garage    volunteer noncombat units from *    *    *    among Italian prisoners of war, (anoe    Taken —    James    E.    under the command of Ameri- Hanson,    2646 Mf. Vernon    road    can officers, was announced by roads was lifted Monday by the SE. reported Monday his canoe the war department.    county    board of supervisors. Winneshiek county roads had been closed to vehicles over eight tons in an earlier action. until roads had firmed up following inclement spring weather conditions Man Surrenders on Kidnaping Charge TIPTON (UPI) - A Newton for What materials and products Such are authorized by Federal orgy Oft ice regulations. for imported St. John's cemetery, Lisbon pass-throughs--- Of A WILD DOG STUFFED WITH STRAW, IS SUSPENDED OVER THE ENTRANCE OF THEIR. CAVE Br HERMITS IN THE HIMALAYAS TO KEEP OUT EVIL SPIRITS THE'/4NN ALEXANDER" A fULL-RlGGED WHALING SHIP FROM NEW BEDFORD MASS. S^iK IN A FEW MINUTES'IN 1850 AFTER AU ATTACK BYA WHALE En- LAFF - A - DAY Winneshiek Lifts Embargo on Roads DECORAH—The spring embargo on Winneshiek county the state patrol Saturday night atter Jasper county authorities had issued a warrant for his arrest April 28 Authorities said Danner allegedly kidnaped the 23-year-old What Cheer woman on highway-14 south of Newton. The woman said Danner forced her to go to Rock Island. III., where she escaped She reported the abduction to authorities in Malcom CS SiP—F / ! TV r rj “Haven’t you got anything a little more masculine in a shower cap?” SEVENTEEN by Bernard Lansky to £ 1974 tw Chicago T"t>un« H V N»»* i, l l Vici' 6 *    «*»•»»•(! "I'm writing Steve McQueen a fan letter...Anything you want to tell him?!" Daley in Hospital; Trouble Diagnosed CHICAGO (AP) - Richard Daley,    hospitalized for the    first fn another action Monday, the bme since becoming mayor 20 board authorized the Min- years ago, was diagnosed Tues-neshiek county crime commis- (jav as suffering (rom high blood sion to represent the county in pressure and mild diabetes the    receipt,    deposit    and    disbur Dr    Thomas Coogan    said sal    of    federal    funds    received    Daley.    71. has probably    been from the Iowa crime commis- working too hard sion    Frank    Sullivan,    a    Daley County home Steward Gary spokesman, said the mayor will Gavley’s monthly report, and probably remain in (tie hospital all county claims, were ap- several days to receive treat-proved    men! and undergo more tests TOILET LEAKING? install THE ORIGINAL korky THE ONLY ONE PIECE FLAPPER TANK BALL Fit* oil conventional flu$h valve*. 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