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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa KATIONAl WtAtttfft &t«VICI tOtfCAST to ZAM ti? 3-1J- (HE At T i t    /A HOLTON *8L /WIW YORK DEATHS Mrs. Owen R. Roberts Theresa L. Roberts, 73, of 2405 Wisconsin street SW, died Friday in Iowa City following a long illness. Born Sept. 8, 1900, at Anna, III, she was married lo Owen It. Roberts May 26, 1919, at Anna, 111. She was a nurse prior lo her retirement Mrs. Roberts was a member of Star of Maine Rebekah lodge, the Womens Re lief Corps at Williamsburg and I the Presbyterian church at Wil I liamsburg. Surviving in addition to her —Ordinance— (Continued from Page I.J mg police, had drawn immediate criticism from the city human rights commission and the state civil liberties union,! which claim it abridges an officer’s constitutional rights. Minds Unchanged Woodward, The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Mar. 22, 1974 Reserved Comment on Discipline (Continued from Page I.) profess-; Richard Turner “They are dedicated .    , .    „    sionals,’’ he said. the evening hours was    virtually . , ,    . without personnel.    Ask(,d    lf “"S' disciplinary ac- Only one patrolman on the !1"" « P|anned against the of-evening shill and (he midnight <rs who missed work, noun Attorney    GeneralL, , a m shjf,    „.d    (or du,    cilmen said (hey expect none. ir    and    City    Altor-I|)ot|| are m |h(1,r    probationary    although    it will depend on Act- ney Dave McGuire maintain the ^ ^ rp(.pivpd (h(, ,„rmjsJmg Chief Johnson's recommcn- ordinance is legal and cite several U.S. .supreme eourt decisions to back their claim. In fact, one of those decisions figured in the council’s decision to change the ordinance Thursday night. Woodward had requested the sion of other officers to report, according to several of the absent. officers. RCI Backup Plainclothes members of the BCI patrolled the streets in un- “I think everybody wants this settled so any implication of wrongdoing on this department be settled once and for all.” .Johnson said Woodward indicated he believes the grand jury proceedings will end soon. None of the testimony present-dations.    t*d to the grand jury was dis- Steinbeck pointed out it is pos- CU;SS(,(' «,|f *he meeting, Johnson sible disciplinary action would sa'di be warranted if, for example.    Expressed    Thanks an officer was guilty of insubordination during the walkout. “We’d like to thank the high-way patrol, the sheriff’s departed. would bf a different situ- merit, the Iowa Bureau of Crim- tors, Mrs.iordjnance to" lid the cum-ntl ti th rn    Johnson    adon    (rom    disciplining    an    of-    in a , investigation and tho rs. Glenn ",Ztovhive Cationof Ll Va? , a „    T    T"IT ^ 5*°““ **■ J"*’ Marion police department    and a, and a Simpro^rac fvifes bv " • to back up the pollee deice- the safety commissioner said. |a,| othcr le |hat he| d «, Brawn S*8".    ’    tiin case a situation requir-    Ni„    lh,* siti.ation ’’ Johnson void • I Ufi WtATMItfOTOCASI t> 37Wm 'N Cold from Nova Scotia across the western Atlantic and central Florida to tho southwestern Gulf. Cold from a low in Quebec across southern Michigan to northern Illinois across Nebraska to North Dakota. Snow is likely along the edge of the Great Lakes gion. re- —Daily Record— —Fatality— (Continued from Page I.) husband are two sisters, Roy Baggott and Mrs Casper, both of Anna brother, Warren Yates Brown, |jce officers. He is serving as jnc investigation arose *    From'scs    this    situation,    Johnson    said.    *    I Lumbar, 111.    special prosecutor in the inves- BGI agents arrested two1 Chief Johnson, who attended [ ,f was ;| example of Services:    Chapel    of    Memories    ligation.    youths on charges of auto theft,    the meeting    between the mayor.    I(,w rlSf a corn    nned group can at ll    a.m.    Monday    by    the    Rev.| The ordinance    prepared by The agents said they came upon    Woodward,    Steinbeck and    of*;L,pnc^tm '''Lhbe ioJThv the city legal staff used much of the boys on a dark road    fleers, said no    promises were ^ y’ '    J    v the same wording of ordinances poNce sajd the tw0 WPrc strip. made to anyone.    '"TX*'for    comment on the previously upheld by the SU-    DinR a car that was    taken short-;    Ile reserved    comment on    .    k    ,    Darwin    Ammeter nres- preme court.    | af(cr midnjg(1t from a park.    whether he    will discipline    of-    tjv A ,n    jd    „w bpbpVP w0 Common    Procedure    , lot a( PoMy.s penthouse,    fleers who    failed to report    for    ' ,bp "ord    .„ fiT Borrowing language from 44l5 Kirst avenl/e SE charges^.    ^The    Zv    w'e    Mon    tram- cases which have already been    WPre pending against the pair.    Several days    will be needed    pled    over, we    feel we    have to in    ,    .Lie*    j .,i«i i , . .    ,    'The    highway    patrol    handled    before the paperwork is done I fight it everv stet) of the wav” Jly suggests that friends may, lf legal procedure, but in this case investigation of a collision in and then cadi case will be ' We look L it to be handled they wish,    donate lo the Amen- it r('sull*d in an ordinance that    wblcb a 17-year-old    motorcyclist described on its merits, he said,    in    the    iudiral    system    because MnrnnoonComotu    was broader than Woodward re-    was kl||pd    juuu.ni    ayswm    oetaust Dean Wailers, chaplain at Oak-noll in Iowa City. Entombment: Chapel of Memories mausole previously upheld by the urn. Friends may call at the Cedar Memorial funeral home Sunday and at the chapel after 9 a m. Monday. The casket will be closed at 10:45 a m. The fam- tested and upheld is a common can Cancer Society. The Weather Marie and Bevins. Dorothy George Karaboltis. Magistrate's Court Speeding — Ernest Cad- quired. Woodward said he is taking full responsibility in the matter, A police officer who met with we believe it is discriminatory Closed Session    the    officials    at the station said and unconstitutional.” The decision to end the “sick most of the police officers who    —------------- Hiqh temperatures    Thursday,    tow tem Dentures overnight    and inches of pre clpitation; Anchorage    47    it    L Anqeles    68 54 Atlanta    ..    70    30 .03 Miami ..    70 73    _____ Bismarck lo J oi    Minapoiis    2* 13 walladcr, 5816 Underwood avo- Chicago . 37 31    N, O'leans    75 45    otic    CHUM. Denver    si    78    n*»w York    55 321.72 J    nuo    SW;    Norman    McMurrin,    .    . Duluth    17    ti    Phoenix    7454    !    864    Twelfth    street    NE;    Janet,    nedCl injuries. west and turning south onto Charles Crowe Center Point road, was driven Charles Crowe, 78, Cresco, because he did not point out to in” was apparently made in a were .summoned back to work by Dorothy O. Heiden, 46, of formerly of Cedar Rapids died city Attorney McGuire that the c,osed session Thursday night had doctor s excuses, which m-.—earjy p'riday morning ,M"lA ---*    41---f- Honolulu 4519 Navajo drive NFL    Thursday.    ordinance was more than he Lemon died instantly in the Surviving are his wife, Hazel; J needed. He suffered massive sons; Ted, Cresco, and Re added, however, that the ........  -    Charles, jr., Minneapolis; two original ordinance is completely Houston *6 44 wat'ngton 4*33 *4 Bittinger, 2107 Lincolnshire1 The Iowa highway patrol is daughters, Mrs. Odin Birkland, legal and both he and Turner F^xtended Forecast—Cool Sun- drive SE; Ira Harrison, 1510 N continuing its investigation into McMinville, Ore., and Mrs. would stand behind it. day through Tuesday. Chance of'sE?L'r"Ma!^Ulhe accide^ ,    .    ^ncL"™',,eSCribinR himseU ilnd rain or snow Sunday,    l^ows    in    433 Twentieth street NW;i    stepchildren, Dean and Donald    Turner as “friends of law en- the teens and lower    20s.    Highs    Barbara Ham. Solon; Page    Rick    G.    Lemon, son of Mr.    Groshus, Charles City,    and Mrs    forcement officers,” he asked in the 30s and 40s.    Lemon, 6400 Parkview drive and Mrs. Gordon B. Lemon, j William Wilson, Oak Creek, Ube council to revise the ordi- C. R. Weather    Rod-    2227    Shady    Oaks    court    NE    was    and    12    nance Thursday so officers . bud road NE: fined $25 and a senior at Kennedy high school. I great-grandchildren.    wou|d be subject to polygraph High Thursday ...............4)    cos^g john Ironside, 1911 J    Born    Sept. 12. 1956, at    Cadil-i Services: Saturday    at IO:30    tests and involuntary testimony Low overnight ...............28    street SW; Richard Wilson, jr .llac, Mich.,    he had been a    Cedar    a m- ^ Assumption    Catholic    onjy jn grand jury proceedings. Noon Friday ................ 40    Central City; each fined $20sRapj(fo resident six years. He church, Cresco. Conway funeral    “Not    Yielding” 2p.m. Friday............... ^^Trifflc    sienal    violation    _    I    was    a    member    of    the    IzaakWal    home is in charge.    Woodward    said    the    revision    is Allen Kenstrom, 3619 Elmwood Ion league. court NE; fined $15 and costs. Surviving in addition to his    Harrv    Thomas Driver’s license violation pi parents are a brother. Roddi.    R    T. Anthony Fawcett, 3202 Shasta    o______Harry    (Buzz)    Thomas, —Seifert's— (Continued from Page I ) and early F'riday morning at would exempt them from dis- th* police station toweenM^-1 cl^na^^on lie refused to tj ^ ownpd a„ „f |hp k or Don Canney, (larry Wood- name the source of the excuses, ward, special prosecutor in charge of the grand jury inves- Steinbeek Called so it was owned. completely locally ligation into alleged police Johnson said Steinbeck called “Now, as happens with small wrongdoing, Safety Commis-hl01 l!ujrsday n»fiht and asked■ ■ familv-owned companies    the sioner James StoinLck. com- ,hat spvcral representatives of ^"y-owned companies, the mand police officers and about the officers meet with the istock was dispersed among eight Precipitation ..............None Total for March ............1.72 Normal for March ..........2.48 Normal through March .....5.02 Total for 1974 ...............6.35 Barometer, falling ........29.79 Humidity at noon ......... 60% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p.m. SW at 21 mph. court NE; fined $20 and costs. !an(^ a *s',sR'ri Rene, both at Randy Oaks, 623 First SW; fined $15 and costs. Faulty equipment — Jeff Schumacher, 1700 Hillside drive NW; fined $10 and costs. Prohibited passing — Charles Dlask. 348 Twenty-fourth av- street home, Golda Meis, Marion, Mich. Sun rises Saturday, 7:05; sun cnue sw;fincd 520 and costs 33, o    I Orland, Calif., formerly of , , i Mich Cedar KaP‘ds' died w«>ne«lay rl*lJ|s' Services: Saturday at 10:20 ^'"wng a short .llncss Hc was born in Cedar Rapids May 25, 1940, and had lived in California 12 years. A foreman for a con sols, 7:22. Year Ago Today — High, 52: low, 32; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Saturday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ........ PtCldy    19-0 Chicago ........ Snow    32-12 Cincinnati ..... PtCldy    38-26 Cleveland .......Snow    33-19 .    PtCldy    21-11 ,.    Snow    39-17 .    Cloudy    33-20 .. Fair 35-15 . .Cloudy 25-12 Iowa Deaths a m. at Twin Pines Baptist church by the Rev. Werner Lemke. Burial: Maple Hill cemetery, Cadillac. Friends may 15 policemen    mayor    and    Woodward    to    discuss!stockholders. As I looked down The meeting at the station new ordinance.    the road, I saw in the next gen- began after the city council ses- The officers repeated their op- eration between 20 and 25 stock-sion in which the new ordinance position to the new ordinance. holders That makes for a very was adopted. The session ended on the grounds any requirement!    „ about four hours later at 3 a m. forcing officers to take a lie de- awKwara operation. The session at the station was Rector test was unconstitutional,! In order to get the Higley closed to the public at the re-Johnson said.    building back to local    ownership quest of police officers who in-1    The officers said    they felt    and perpetuate the    corpora- departmerit ”    and"    said neither    dusted the issues discussed    they had proven    their point    to    tion’s present policy,    tire build- ordinance    took    away officers'    wou,d deal wi,h personalities.    the city council    and    would    be    mg was sold to Seifert’s. Councilmen were obviously hack to work starting with th'*    Downtown    Strength It probably expands their Pl°as°d to see the officers back day shift, rights, if anything,” he said lon duty friday morning, and A court test of the ordinance s . . not in any way to yield to force or threats by the police James FL Seifert, president of Seifert’s, said. “One of the He said that s because under Steinbeck praised their decision, legality will be sought the of- ?    -    downtown    Cedar tho orHin tnoo mo nffioor ic M    c.iih,,.    fleers    indicated    at    the    meeting.    ^Irenkins    oi    downtown    eaar tm ordinance an officer is en-    Judge Caliber    johnson    said    Rapids is that so much is under struction company, he and the syrpd nothing he says before the thjnk t^e p^pjg 0f Cedar call at the Murdoch chapel in formcr Harris were mar-|grand    ^    Lrlerifnes'!Kapirts Cln jud8c whal calib,,r Matthew David Marion until 9 p.m. Friday and'r|«d m c»IHornia in September.    ,k„    d.    ^ of individuals Conclude Probe Toddvillr - Thomas, 47. Services Saturday I at the church after 9:30 a. rn. at at Alburnett Christian Saturday The casket will not be 1971. Des Moines .. Detroit . Indianapolis . Kansas City . Milwaukee .. Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City church.    Friends    may    call at! Turner’s east in Cedar Rapids until 9    Friday    and    at the church Saturday until IO a m. Iowa City — Lee J. Seemuth, 73. Services Saturday at 1:30 at Donohue's. Postville — Robert R. Harris, 69. of Bethesda.    Md.    Military .services    Monday    at ll    at St. Paul Lutheran church. Friends may call at Schutte’s after noon,evacuation” em- Fair 14-0 Sunday. PtCldv 44-20 Iowa Citv - Charles Haney, Degree Days Thursday 42! of the ployes. he added. KciZ 27 in I *2. Services Monday at 1:30 a1 Tcn,sion has been rising at the .......; George I, Gay’s, where friends!she for several days over a may call after 9 a.m. Sunday. labor dispute between the Con-Anamosa — Carl H. uiferts.J federation of National Trade 5goo,It: SP^r    «* y-bec Federals    I;',,    „    IQ-,    SQ'4    Friends mav call at    Goettsch’s    tion of    Labor. Through March    21.    19.3    »^.aftfr ,«saturday.    T„.»    .m. Tipton — Mrs, Anna B, Lauer, 73. Services at 2 Saturday at Sheets and Son. Decorah — Mrs. Emilia Dah-len. 90. Steine’s. Decorah Marvin Sande, 77. Steinc’s, Decorah — Roy Wicks, 69. Services Sunday at    2    at Con-    and a general    strike    followed, cregational church.    Steinc’s.'    Office    Takeover E2 Surviving, in addition to his    .    ..    ,    ,      0      —    —- opened a. any time. The family,He are .wo daughter,,|hfm. because <-''d‘"8'» go throngh the courts suggests friends may. if they amrny and Kasandra Thomas: un)ess he was specifically gram wish, contribute to Twin Pines a stepdaughter, Kimberly . jmmunuv hi<, testimony Baptist church as a memorial. Harris, all at home; his mother.    jd h d against him ------------- Margaret Thomas, Cedar C0Uid Rapids: three sisters, Shirley Carr, Waterloo; Patricia Lee, Cedar Rapids, and Alice Thomas, Seattle, Wash., and a brother. Donald Thomas, Fort ;bem";e|v'e';' Madison. Rapids local ownership. In other cities, where this is not the case, the  we have on the “The officers asked Mr. owners are more interested in P    ^’.police    for    ce    by    their    action    in    Woodward    if    he    could conclude taking out than putting in. ‘recovering from illness’ and dc- his investigation as soon as pos- “A prerequisite in our pur- sible Without ficer would have to refuse to an- -Evacuation- (Continued from Page J.) 9(H) Not Incriminated “If they take the F'ifth Amendment they’re going to be fired.” he said, “but they aren’t going to be forced to incriminate By Staff Writers Woodward Says Reaction Lessens Ordinance Value he treated at least as well as chase was that Chandler Higley continue to take active interest in the management of the building.” Seifert’s, which now owns 26 women’s apparel stores in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, moved to the Cedar Rapids location 16 years ago. At that time it was Percent of normal year Total normal year ......6,631 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.8, fall .2 Lansing (18) 8.1, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 15.6, fall .3 McGregor (18) 8.4, fall . Guttenberg (15) 7.1, fall Dubuque (17 9.8. fall .2 Davenport (15)    8.8, changed Keokuk (16) 8.3. fall .9 Two employes members, were laid . , „    •    ,    „    .    ,    ..    .. its fifth store. Offices and mer- .    .    Pp c1 a I Prosecutor Gurry criminals, he said He said if ,handjsj hPadquarlPrs arP Services are pending at    sa,d ,ho -finance Woodward said Friday the eh the police officers know of (    ^    hprp    JamM p and Turner east    sh?uld "? b,‘ COns'rfd 10 ""Ply/ecttvenefs of a new city ordi- wrongdouj hey should testify.    ,    bro(hers,    arP ___police officers are dishonest. nance concerning police testi- but he said it is different requir- partners in the Seifert’s opera- “I don’t think there s any    mony before the grand jury    has    *ng (hem    to    take    a    lie detector    k    F Mrs. Joe E. Kelty    group that could stand up to    been “largely destroyed” by    po-    fest. Rose Kathryn Kelty, formerly    P°bce officers as far as honesty    lice reaction to the ordinance    *    *    * CNTU of 512 Twenty-sixth street SE, and ^ood conduct is con- Woodward also said he ex-    Senator    Tom    Riley    (R-    b ildi g as started bv lhe Hig. off last vvidow of Joe E. Kelty. and a cerned,” he said emphatically,    peds the grand jury to he fin-Cedar Rapids) said he will seek . work with lifelong resident of Cedar Steinbeck said he changed his ished with its investigation of early action - possibly on Mon- y'____ on a bill which allows the of immunity to wit- tion. They plan to continue the updating and improvement of the week and went to another contractor on the site Rapids, died F'riday. She was a v0*e because the three reserva- the police department by April day whose employes are represented member of Immaculate Concep- tions he had against the original 15, possibly earlier.    granting by the QP refused to The QP'L employes tion Catholic church work with the two .2 un- Surviving are a son, Paul Kelty, Cedar Rapids, a daughter. Donna Dobbert, Dora, Mo., ordinance are no longer applica-j Concerning the ordinance, he nesses required to give incrimi-blc.    said    he    would    not    go    so    far    as    to    bating    evidence. .....    1    Union members took over the    ,inH Wellman — Dora A. Snyder,:    ,.    ...    „    ,    .    ,and three grandchildren ti. of Williamsburg Powell’., execu,,v* offlcos Tll0sda>’ and-/ j•>\ r_I. where friends mav call Satur- while the site manager, Laurent Cedar at C.R. (13) 5.4a. MI|day afternoon.    ,    Hame, was spfaking t0 com. Burdette pany executives in Central City (Bud) Gienapp. 53. Services, ^    .. Monday a1 1:30 al United:rommimiCBt'On biles were cut. a Methodist church. Burial: MI.patties Hay Corp. spokesman Clark cemetery. Friends may rail Murdoch’s after I Saturday. The casket will not be Services: Turner chapel east at 10:30 a m. Monday. Friends Montreal imay cad at *he chapcl after I p m. Saturday. opened after the service. -Watergate- (Continued from Page I.) said. On Thursday, he said, the union members took over the gasoline pumps and refused to allow any construction vehicles to refuel. The spokesman said there has been no communi- Memorial Services haffey, pastor of Asbury United Methodist church. Burial: Campbell cemetery. Stndola. Fred IO a rn. Sat- !cation with the site since Thurs- urday at St. Wenceslaus church (day morning. tty the Rev. Clarence Prana. Ja- .15 Coralville Lake Pool level Friday ... 670.80, Births — Mercy March 21 — To the families of Steve Fairley, Lisbon, a son; Orlie Workman. 4721 Pine View drive NFL a son. Births — St. Luke': March 21 To Ute families of Ronald J. Fitter. 2049 Shar- wood drive NE, a daughter;! authority in turning over the Dayle R. Moyer, Shellsburg, a sea|cd rpport and satchel of son    o* iL evidence. Out of Town Births    Re recommended that the At Cedar Falls Mr. and Mrs. house committee be given,    ..    ...    .    .    .    . strvr Archibald, a daughter accPSS (# entirp proccpdin^s atuation that might be (rag March    21.    Archibald    is the    son    J*    ..    . ,    ic,    he said. of Mr.    and    Mrs.    Sam    Archibald,    the grand jury that investigated    ________ too Twenty-seventh avenue SW. the Watergate cover-up. but Mrs. Archibald is the daughter on|y aRcr |be jrial is completed. of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dauber*-    K    . mier 3240 Mound avenue SE    11 *ne repori is given lo uie At Plymouth, Minn. Mi I committee, MacKinnon wrote.; md Mrs K«*ith Oltrogge. a    son    “Congress would only be forced    and t’Ommercia!    eneigy use <)l,,..°,KUM.!'s|to come back for additional tcs-    F°r    P°rson timony if it is to judge eredibili-    Industrial energy use    per per- ty (of witnesses) as it certainly    son    W0ldd increase    .15    percent should do.” He added that the    by    the year MOO, he said.    barrel cut    off ahead    of the committee would bo “having    ^    etcrson s«iid energy    saving    forearm with stock    cut    off at credibility prejudged for it” by    (nuld he achieved in    many    pistol grip,    wrapped    with black the report and other evidence, [Ways, including design of mote electrical (apt owa Boy, IO, Dies in Blaze BURLINGTON (AID - A IO- laying he sympathizes with the police on the issue of the year-old Burlington boy died hastily enacted ordinance, Thnrcaav riurino a fire in Hic Ills Objections    describe its effectiveness as In opposing the ordinance “completely destroyed.” Wednesday, he said it was being    Re was    speaking in response    n a s 111 y enacted ordinance,    Thursday during a    fire in    his done too hastily, it could pave    to a question whether use    would    Riley added: "If such an ordi-    family’s apartment the way for further limits on in    be made    of the ordinance,    nance is good, it should    apply to    Authorities    said Timothv dividual rights and it could be    adopted by    the city council this    all public employes in    sensitive    rve|v was    asnhvxmied    when used as a “political hatchet” to    week    positions and should be uniform    be was Traoo^ bv    smoke    and weed out officers who had per-!    Because    police officers    stood    throughout the state.”    heat in an upstairs bedroom sonality conflicts with other of-    together in    "opposition to the    Riley said the police    have a    The boy’s father, Uiren    Chee- ,    ...    ordinance.”    he said, “a few can-    dutv to the people and    that he    ly. 44. Urns ley, Hazel- -Saturday at    He sf.,d th* pasfage of add,*|not he singled out    A few    can would be glad to serve as a me-brushes 2:30 p.m. at Stewart funeral Itional tune has eliminated his stand shielded by all the homo by the Rev. Charles Mo- [concern about haste, and he is f;ppr4. iHaH (    ...    ..    ...    Heeia convinced the ordinance will not lead lo other restrictions. He said his fears of a “political hatchet” were allayed was cleaning paint in the kitchen with a w*idiator to help resolve any con-jf I a rn rn a b I e substance when tinuing differences between the fumes were apparently ignited Woodward obtained an order    police and the council.    by    a    pilot    light, Burlington fire from District Judge August    ^0    bill. SF    568, is    on    the    authorities    said. Hornell, jr., extending the grand senate s unfinished business cal- cheely rescued his four other when the ordinance was JUry “5.V.L Lorder °! the endar Riley said it would allow children who were sleeping in I * i c * m ,L r    .    .    Burial: St. John’s cemetery. Ja- . y «•••••• ^ *•    *    court, without such an order a    „nmi.|ntn i(p an upstairs bedroom, but was •Sine e lh™, fragmentary; „eha-Kuh., (unoral homo we*, changed lo apply only to grand d . cann#, de)iberate    "able lo reach Tim. thy auih communications etna n a 11 n g | is in charge    jury proceedings.    L j    _______investigation without aDridging    .,    "z* from neighboring worksites hint Calmar Henry Twedt, 77 Grand juries investigate only given    4U„*    muu      J    Services Saturday at 2    at Trini-1 indictable    offenses    and their „rtn„„pnmi, ty Lutheran church.    French’s.    Dr(HTlHlmC5 are secret    concerning police reatuwn tu    Re    Jamej    We„f    (l,.Cet|ar C ascade-- l^*ter A. Volk, 66.    ^    fourth reason he said is    ^ ordinance were not intended Rapjdsi termed the council s Services Monday at ll. St.    n    iwuimi icaavii, ut    ls    f0 be critical Martin’s church. Ti ll-Didesch,    because tho officers can    take where friends may call ofter 2 U h e    ordinance through    the Saturday. —Energy— (Continued from Page I.) beyond tho end of a quarter. constitutional rights Woodward said his comments    *    *    * reaction to orities said. action “most unfortunate” and said “I’m amazed these four on March 21. Mr the daughter of Mr. and Mi Waldo Berger, 1407 Sixth avenue SFL Marriage Licenses Debra Tilley and Patrick McDonough K.ithi \'ii Dean .md Clelene Hite —Murders— (Continued from Page I.) legality in Iowa, ac- and George Bratten, Mabel During the oral argument, |officrient appliances, better de- No gun was found in the    un’j'    i    .    r    nassed Holliday and Stanley Wolfe,    phm Ucovara (.011nsp, for thc sign and insulation    of    buildings,    searches.    rclurnl blM    des;Kn*d 10    R'va 1 ' Lorraine M,d'Vba'„*ndd °wi|!    special prosecutor, said tho! tower    room    temperatures,    re-    A    iumrmg has lie™ scheduled congress much    lighter control • ""rn Me,,Dc! Oil of I'   material given Sirica by the source recycling and Improved in Linn district court tor March ovE.r    »P?nd'nS Rapids. Emily Andrcscn, Cedar gfuid jury focuses on the pres-!*^dl,s^a^ ®Wlciency.    27 at 1:45 p m. to determine Rapids, and Bruce Billings,    role.    “There    are    hidden-    saving    could    be    whether    items    seized    in    Linn Delhi. Maretta Bttllard anf!    f .    that do rebill* in made    in Gerald Portzlinr, both of    [tai references tn.u no relate bb Judy Buelow. Blair- the petitioners Haldeman and Slk,u(> He “appreciateis)” their posi courts and get a decision on its'^th iPhe said^ ^ 8grCf Rent,cmen would blind,y ** lod * * * Comments also were made Friday by Gov. Ray and two members of the legislature. The governor told newsmen he believes the Cedar Rapids council was on “very shaky” senate Friday passed a budget constitutional grounds when him to do so or he fired the controversial ordi- Graduates Senate Passes Budget Reform WASHINGTON (AP The into such an irresponsible tion.” Saying he does not want “to leave the impression I condone the action taken by Cedar Rapids police." he said it is one thing to order an officer to submit to a test and another to tell Speaking on a point of per-,    sonal privilege at Friday’s ses- I    dont    think    those    people    sjon he said, “lf there is ever a The 80 to 0 vote sent the Go*'    polit onion •    wanted    10    need to implement collective measure to conference with the stiiki tin t wanted to make a bargaining, this action should case doubts in anyone’s mind.”! M;ii ion an st own, and Kenneth (Vital Rapid Cluther, Strachan,” but, he added they '('ss *b;,n    percent per person    The suspects are “do not go beyond the allega-!ov*’r    ^    years    in the    Linn county jail Marriages Dissolved tions in the indictment."    council    plan,    Peterson    said.    $325,000    bond    each. Nikki Ethel and Terry Ray-! uhuh! Luke. Bonnie transportation, as- county may he held for possible b<)USt‘. whit Ii passed a similar pcdld' aid energy increase of use as evidence.    measure    in    December^_ _Jhose people have a right gag- Dirk Douglas Dunbar,1684 Sixteenth street NW\ was graduated from Western Illinois university, Macomb, with a bachelor of science degree. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 if you need help: Foundation ll... 362-31 74 4pm to midnight) to held in in lieu the, of M. and Thomas I. Desotel Belinda J and Tommy M Vangorder. Sunday Col debut and Donnie I ,c Kress. Mary Ann and Dennis Lawrence Amdahl. Pamela M and Truman O. Dial. Karen Diane and Roger James Hansen Edward <’ and Joan A. Sht'i Spacial! Ut bar Know with Howan PIERSON'S1 shop I MHO I ll IS IU VI). NW' I lowerphone Mf-1 Att! BROSH CHAPEL ( ed;u Rapids ’ Pct ttlfj hp I’uhlie Servire” Inquire Ahoul Our Pre-arranged Service* Solon AiM’k-HgtSiSte sp1 JOHIX E. I,APES let our flowers speak for you flower* for all occasions 3(W 3rd Ave. SI m'l-O.'t 11 O FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 f hours every day ;

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