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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa "I hr Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Mar. TI, 1974 Aschoff Heads Doctor Program Ray: 'Awful Lot' Of Work Is Left cent annual interest on the se- Monday Services for carity deposits they hold.    Burdette    Gienapp,    53 CENTRAL CITY Burdette Magistrate Court rn (Bud) Gienapp, .YI, a resident.of Central City for the last IS Awarded Scholarship —Quinn Free Hairstyling for Work-1 M. Dolan, son of Mr. and Mrs. shop, Sunday. Monday. Call for John F. Dolan, jr., 357 Windsor appointment. Cedar It apids drive NE, and a senior at Regis, School of Men’s Hairstyling, 426 has been awarded a scholarship 2nd Ave. SE. 362-1488,—Adv. for the 1974-75 school year at St.1    *    *    * Joseph’s    college,    Rensselaer.    T Ii    i rd Anniversary    Celebra- Ind.    tion.    Cut Roses,    $3 per doz., * * *    :    Sweetheart Roses, $1.49 per doz. „    ..    , inU . „    |    Saturday, March 23 from I to 4. ejection - TheOctree In- Kasler'Bunny treats tor tho ema ennui evil, , children. Goodman's Plants and payer assistance number was pos m Majn s Cen|er incorrectly reported in Wednes-,., .    .    , day’s Gazette. The number ’ * * * *    * should be 1-800-362-2030.    J    Foo(J    Rank    Ljnn    County *    *    *    F00d    panfc win    meet    at 7:30 Decoupage    classes    to    start    lp m.    Monday at    First    Presby- Monday, March 25, 7 to 9 p.in. tcrian church, 310 Fifth street Please sign up ahead. Classes SE. The meeting is open to any-are limited. American Handi-|one interested. crafts, HO 2nd St. SE. — Adv    *    *    * * * * bu urn wcf niuuauiG* at    Manchester. On Od. 5, tow, (•'rn i M,..-.mu hor *in at    Manchester, he was married Ernest Mi mwedther, 311    .,    • Sninin.. skinner Mr    Charges against ihirty-second street NE, has kuniu hpmlti .    /'who    cave    a    Des    M leon hired on a part-time basis Oienapp worked as a pas, eu‘ “ when wrested, a Five Appear on Three Appear Drug Charges On Charges of Five persons have appeared Drunk Driving in magistrate's court on charges    nmnaa-nA of possession of controlled sub- rhrec persons have appeal, d stance.    m magistrate’s court on charges Robert Kite, of drunk driving. Moines address Kenneth Johnson, 816 Four- Dr. Dr. Carl Aschoff Carl R. Aschoff, 49, of * * *    3109    Ridgemore drive SE. has Eggs. 39c dozen—Ray’s Mar- been named director of the Elected Editor —Kaye Ross, 5701 Briarwood street SW, has been elected editor of the Drake stud e n t newspaper, “Drake Times Delphic”, for 1974-75. * * * 1974 “Red book” of United kct SAVU—Adv. in ; Trial Is Set Urbana Couple's Cedar Rapids Medical Education Program, effective April I. Dr. Aschoff succeeds Dr. L. Robert Martin, who has served as director of the program since June, 1971. Dr. Martin leaves Court Action better Rapids to become the founding director and head of At the end of the rental agree-_    .    •ii    men!,    the landlord would be re- For LGQISIcJtur© quired to give tile tenant a writ- ten statement of any damages. DLS    MOINES (AP) - Ow.    ,0    be deducted    from the deposit.    >,«"'*• dlc<l »• his    hn""' l,HUV ! Robert    liav wishes the legists----‘‘‘‘V- ,    ...    ,    -    .    —,    ,    •    ..    Born    May    30,    1920,    at Dundee. lur,' could have adjourned last    £rne$| Mem Weather    he    was    married    lo Velma week    but only after they    I J a ■ _    Everett, who died    July    23,    1962 passed    44 points of my program    IO    SUTVOy    Industries    ;d Manchester. On    Oct.    5,    1963, and an energy package,” Ray said Friday. Ray admitted the score on his been hired on a part-time basisj(7! akeTb-drv!whon'    a»d Tt’r e s ajteenth street SE, pled guilty 44-point program now “looks    ,lU tbe remainder of    the veal to '    , ,    Rapids    He was a    f4'r*sc*h,    who    gave    a northeast    Thursday, lh* was given    a    eix- about O-tt —but , hope they    '°r "*    memb/r of .heated Methodist    -'•*    month .suspended    jail    sentence *    *    city s manpower otrite.    .    .    were dismissed Wednesday in and ordered to attend the school don little better than that    Bob    Brown,    manpower    Mr-1®*    court.    for drunk drivers at Kirkwood The governor said everyone dinator. said Mcrriweather's ex- ;    1    J>d "    ■    KUe    was charged with posses- Community college. Ile was ar- would like to have an early ad-    perience in industry    and public    ,    ‘    rrv«t«i    Rivpr Fla    s‘on    °f    marijuana    on Nov.    it)    rCstrd Feb, 29. journment, but the legislature “Xd 7of fhe tiltrtieh aml Mrs. Glen,, Kerre. of Ced.7 Krisch was charged with  ....... McNei„. 215 Twenty- "has got an awful lot ct work |-jn„ created lo determine Rapids; his mother. Mrs. Elmer Possession ii maiijuana nu . seventh street NW, waived a lef,,odo”    changing    indus^v demands for 'Veils of Lamont; two brothers.    ^ avcnu(,;preliminary hearing and was He said he hopes legislators different occupational cateogo-1Donald t.tenapp ut (h.mdlii.    Tuesday and 5? jovcr ,, ..rested get busy in the nest few weeks dos.    An*... and, Glen"    SS ‘’was defend unlill^f "e W*“ and pass some important lcgis- His salary will bo paid by a 'Vvonimg, Iowa and one .sister, . ){) J975 He was charged N1dl(h 9 lation so they can adjourn in grant from the federal depart- ^,rs-Mark Doyle ut Minnea|x)lts. t possession of marijuana on    Streeter,    route one, early April.    ment    of labor.    Services: 1:30 p.m. Monday at '    >    Passion    of manjud Cedar Ilapidfi, pied guilty Tucs- * *    *    Merriweather, a tailor, has    'J11' 1 nilpd Methodist    church rn    urt.d*/    1833 E avenue day and was fined $300 Gov.    Ray said    he    wants    the    served as an instructor at Kirk-    ( ral ( % ____ _    ___— umrvrl Pnmmiinitv onllnnn a    C6ITt6tfrj. I* Tie and States Coins, $2.50. Jerome’s. — D    . .    .    ...    ...    ,.    . .    .    .    .. Adv    Barring an out-of-court settle- the division of family practice *    *    *    ment, a $32,754 damage suit    at the University of California. ,,    ,,    ,    ..    f    filed in Cedar Rapids federal Fos . Angeles, department of Great wallpaper selection for    H    ...    medicine. Eastern Iowans, Diamond V* <™r‘ by an Lrbana couple .HI SCl    :    ,Ver    f '° ,nal by )Ury 9 a m gram is a cooperative effort bel non bd. SE, .!V5-*>00! Adv. April 29.    tween Mercy and St. Luke's *    *    *    Harold and Irene Robinson hospitals and sponsors a three- Expericnced beautician    part    seek the money from Magnavoxlyear residency program for time. 363-4443.—Adv    co. in connection with a fire at    physicians specializing in fami-, * * *    their home July 17. 1970, which    !y practice medicine. Permanent Special    $8    with    they sav was started bv a defec-    . pr°gra”1 °P*ra es s.mHv TnndMv nnlv 99i onH y *    *    Family Practice Centei Sandy, Tuesday only    5-4    -nd    uve Magnavox television set.    cedar RaDlds and the Pioneer Street SW. 363-4443.-Adv. I    6    Aeadr ttdP,as dna ine f ,unetr Page 5.) The senate, which has been debating a bill to replace current state credit laws, has sent that measure back to a committee with instructions to break it into three bills. county health center. tailor has United Methodist church in tailor, nas_ .    ,    Scott    Brady,    1533    E avenue .    Poh    ifi Burial. MI. CUk|N^ ^ ^    by g ]ury costs. He was at tested Feb. 16. Tuesday. He was fined $100 and    ad J costs and given a 15-day sus *]"y^Q ATG Bound sentence. He was    JI with having marijuana To errand Jury legislature to pass a whole con-wood Community college, a ^    ’ i , .    ■. a* I    ,    a    f    member    of    the    urban    renewal    ,hp    Murdoch    funeral home in sumer credit package instead of    memDei ot tnt moan    renewal    vuaia aiui ( just setting higher interest rates    board and as chairman of the    (,umal( l!>    ,ter    1 [:nm’    SallJ    Dondcd    iail just sen g nignet interest talcs    . committee at    the ynn    day.    The    casket    will    not    be    P ,uua    JdU on credit charges. (See storv on    personnel tommuitt ai    mc lann    f    ^ service    charged    wit Cub Scouts in his possession Jan. 23.    .    ,    . Charges of possession of con-! Two people appeared in mag-. trolled substance and contribut- istrates tour anc were )t t SBA: Irregularities Limited to Richmond jng to the delinquency of a minor over to thf' grand jury. WASHINGTON (AP) Aside*iagainst Spencer Krueger, 1316 John Westphall, Alburnett, .■ from previously disclosed H Eighteenth street SW, were senti was bound over Monday on a ' Park 111 - Award* were ore- regu,ari,ies in the I{iclimond* I to the grand jury. He is charged charge of arson. He is charged sented at St Judo school to Bret ^a”.    ,an    1!!!!<Lr,nail ^nvcs' with possession of marijuana on in connection with the March Bill on Tenant the Burkhart, Ed Kellogg, Billy Larson, Jeff Bada, Monte Streit, Dpnoci+c    ,,im    Wp8mann'    David    Ford- ueposiTS odiri5 Adam Miller Kcvin Aiderman and ♦ * * tive Magnavox television set At a pre-trial conference,    at-    Medical Center in Mechanics- j torneys for Magnavox    argued    Ville. There are 16 physicians in Terrarium    Plants,    regularly    the television set was    not    the    the residency program at the: 69c, now    49.    Peck s Flowers.—    cause of the fire    present time and there will be Adv-    The    Robinsons    claim    the fire 20 physicians in the program *    *    *    was started by a shorted deflcc- next year. tion coil in the set which ignited Dr. Aschoff has been in gener-a plastic housing supporting the a1 practice in Cedar Rapids ligation of the Small Business Jan 15 and encouraging two fire at Prairie high school. Administration has uncovered mjnors f0 be guilty of immoral John Feasel, Anamosa, was “no evidence at all of any cor- conduct on Jan. 15    bound over on a charge of ^irruption,” the agency’s chief    _ ceny. He is charged with taking    , says.    .    -    £    a boat and motor, the property “SBA has no more Rich- Man v.OnviCted    Or    of Francis Conner, on March IO. monds,” Administrator Thomas, Assault and Battery DES MOINES (AP) - A bill I Jeff Smith, Jim Dostal designed to protect tenants Steven Langhouser. whose landlords require a de---- posit for their home or apart-    Strom    Will    Run ment was passed 45-2    by t the    GREENWOOD, S.    C. (AP) senate and sent to the house    Senator J. Strom    Thurmond,    bad called for the probe    after l’rida> *    who has been in    the senate    allegations of abuses were    made    battery"and"fined^$20    and costs.'    day    to    resume    talks    on    estab- Tho measure would    require    since 1954. says he    is going to    bv the house banking committee    Re    ^as    charged    with    assault    lisping    U.S.-East    German    dip- landlords to pay tenants 5 per- seek re-election in 1978.    staff.    ing    Fred    Bascom    on    Jan.    25. lomatic relations. Kleppe said in a report released Thursday night. The house small business subcommittee Robert Newmire, 5414 Center    German Talks Point road NE, was found guilty BERLIN (AP) — A team of Wednesday in magistrate’s state department officials ar-court on a charge of assault and rived from Washington Thurs- set’s convergence coil. Block Continued as Clinic Director since his graduation from the! University of Nebraska medical school in 1952. and completion of his internship at St. Luke’s hospital in 1953. His professional affiliations include diDlomate of the Ameri-1 Best Rental Open 7-9 Weekdays, 8-5 Sundays.—Adv. ♦ * * Rent Ryder Trucks at Bur-esh East. Local or one-way. 366-1519. - Adv. *    *    *    Dr.    Walter    Block    was    con- Saturdav Movie for all ele- ’tinued as director of the Child mentarv children, “Brighty and Evaluation Clinic during the can Board of Family Practice. the Grand Canyon”, Saturday,    clinic’s annual    board of    direc-    member    of the American Aca- 10 a rn. and I p.m. Admission    tors meeting    Wednesday at    demv of    Family Practice, chair- 50c. Washington High Audito- Mercy hospital.    *    ™an the Iowa Medical Soci- rium. - Adv.    Re-elected for the coming ety c0mmittce on scientific pro- *    *    *    vear wpre.    grams, member of the board of ...    _ .. _ u . . .. . *    .    ,    '    .    , . directors of the Iowa Academy Cedar Rapids School of Men s Charles Beusch, chairman; of Fami|v Practiee dcleKate l0 air Styling is now honoring the Maurice Nathanson. viee-chair- |he lowa Medical soeieiv house Park and Shop Plan -Adv. I man. Robert Blascr treasurer. of df]    vice-president    of * * *    and Mrs. Nylene Awbrey,    secre-    (he Un„    c#un|). Mcdjca| ^ Any size living room sham-    lar-'    ety, past    president of the Mercy pooed for $9.95. Any bedroom Benamed to three-year terms hospital medical staff and a $7.95. Diamond Carpet 366-6226 0n ,be board were Charles past member of the Mercy hos-—Adv.    Beusch, Bernard Grahek. Nath- pit a1 board of trustees. *    *    *    anson. Paul Phelan and Mrs. pr Aschoff and his wife. Jac- Opciung for experienced hair jd°hn Skogsbergh.    queline. have four children. dresser. Full or part time. Roy E. Nordstrom and Dr. Dr. Martin will remain in Bob's Hairstyling. 393-8147. — Myron Rhode were elected as Cedar Rapids until April 15. He Adv.    new members of the board. begins his new position May I. For An Abundant Harvest Plant Early c •. T »». Fruit Trees Berry Bushes Grape Vines Free Gardening Book Asparagus Plants Seed Potatoes Onion Sets 69c lb. Burpee, Northrup King & Ferry Morris Seed Cow & Sheep Manure Blood Meal, Bone Meal Garden Tools Fertilizer Just Arrived Begonias and Hanging Begonia-Rulbs Also Glad and Dahlia Bulbs Hrs. 8-8 Weekdays 8-6 Sat. I 0-5 Sun. FLOWER & GARDEN SHOP LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS AND CONTRACTORS 5008 Center Pt. Rd. N.E. ms is my way of life COE lf El SESSION J 974 in experience designed lo (tiler the com biunity J I/    %/ cxci I i ng opporlu ii iii cs at only $150 per course! M <4 iL jB- ■ ... ti mm S’ ^    The Fine Arts * business Offerings * Workshops * Concentrated Courses * Degree Hark mm x -SI    1    -    S    >. /    ’    «►    r*    ^    '-T    c    guff • - •• tt , * * -'f- % ■ * --V been Ubod to ^11 the hard umrk u/e nut u/hn urtd.rclanrt mu Farminn : My farm has been good to    all the hard work we, put    who understand my farming *    over years and has    into it.    problems and dig right in ^provided my family and me    ! Sometimes things don’t    to help us make things work. * with a good way of life we    work out as you plan, like    It’s a good life with help from / enjoy. I like to see my land    expensive machinery break    my friends like First Trust produce healthy crops from    downs or obsolete equipment    and Savings Bank. *    that finally needs replacing. *    For ail those financial prob- • 1201 THIRD ST. S.E. J * 'H rn—rn—rn—^    lems I get the answer from * 1820 FIRST AVE. N.E. • .Mm*, I    First Trust. They’re people • 1600 DOWS ST. ELY, IA. i    ’ Jkr- J A • i    >•/ for example: concentrated courses ti'im.in UpxUtil    Mf.    I jftx/p '/* jrindht & Nphru: Archifdcts of fv.i o jntJ Build**!, of Moduli lr d .r; Mr, t’atwardhiin/The )tu**:. O’! Method (it I .lf iv Childhood IdjMCoo: Dr. Kct tar/ I Plan . Mr, Walts/Rtdiri'): Jh*. Huutttr ... -it; f.L. Sintrnons/Art t lac mis Through Pholography; Creative Photoqrapfiy Workshop; Mr. Kiln If/I arwfcidgtj Disorder in Uuldt'o; Dr. Bi<)<)te/Worf shop in Den*:**; Ms. bosti*lc/Childfen‘. theatre; Dr. Hammer. , see tomorrow night’s pa per tor workshops Call: 364-1511, ext. 428, and we will mail our bulletin - or from 4:30pm to midnight -364-1511, ext. 382. or write: just small enough to treat you bigFirst Trust and Savings Bank IFull banking services with bankside parking 364-0101 ' * / v ' K * V MEMBER FDIC - Summer Session Box 91C Coe College Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 COE COLLEGE - A Keginnol Center of excellence' ;

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