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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Anti-Confucius Drive Like Criticizing Cal? By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) -Strange things are happening in China again. In a move somewhat reminiscent of the cultural revolution a few years ago, the Peking regime has undertaken a massive campaign to discredit Confucius. Everywhere the people turn, it is said, they encounter anti-Confucius posters and other critical material. To understand the impact this has on the Chinese, try to imagine what it would be like if the U. S. government suddenly began an intensive drive to discredit Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge, of course, has not been dead as long as Confucius, who expired some 2,000 years ago. Therefore, it might even be said the two states-men«phiIosophers are separated by a good sized generation Rap- Nevertheless, the sayings of Coolidge are the closest thing we have in America to the sayings of Confucius with respect to their influence on the nation’s political morality. Quoted below are a few of the sayings of each. See if you can guess which is Confucius and which is Coolidge. “The truly virtuous man in desiring success for himself strives to help others succeed.” Ecnomy is idealism in its most practical form.” “Virtue is to love men and wisdom is to understand men.” “The business of America is business.” “Within the four seas all men are brothers.” “I do not choose to run for president in 1928.” “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.” “When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results.” The four generations of Americans who have been steeped in the sayings of Coolidge will have no trouble recognizing that every second utterance above fell from the lips of our 30th president. How would we feel were we confronted with posters, billboards and bumper stickers reviling Coolidge as an enemy of the people and all-around no-goodnik? Bewildered, to say the least. Implicit in the attack on Confucius is a message to the Dick West Chinese people that all of the sage’s sayings are now inoperative. If you can picture the sayings of Coolidge going down the philosophical drain, you can emphathize with the Chinese during the anti-Confucius campaign. It must be a difficult readjustment, comparable to our being told that unemployment has no connection with being out of work. Dogs Chewing Disrupts Hearing Transcripts VISALIA, Calif. (AP) — An unlatched screen door and a dog with a penchant for chewing has caused court reporter Ron Coleman a month of misery. It was in February that Cole man left on his kitchen table the paper tape transcript of a pre liminary hearing for Henry Bor-bon, former head of Tulare county’s anti-poverty program, on charges of selling heroin. Enter Coleman’s 90-pound Labrador retriever, Chip. The big Lab pushed open the unlatched screen door and proceeded to chew the tape into pieces, into about 200 pieces, according to Coleman. “He really went crazy. He must have really gotten excited when the notes started unraveling on the floor,” Coleman said. “He tore up everything he could get his mouth on, including my shocks, shoes and the screen door.” Since then, Coleman says he has been spending about 15 hours a day piecing the sections of paper together. He finally turned the transcript in Monday. Meanwhile, Borbon’s attorney has pending a motion for dismissal of charges against his client, on the grounds it took 32 days to get a copy of the transcript, instead of the legally mandated IO days. Minority Front Charges Found Untrue by SBA WASHINGTON (Al’) Tho Small Business Administration says it has investigated and cleared three North Carolina businesses of allegations that they set up minority-group front companies to siphon off federal; funds. It said a review of the socalled Dunn Group headquartered in Dunn, N. C., showed no evidence of wrong doing or exploitation of Hie minority business men. Asst. Administrator Randall Woods said “all arrangements between the Dunn Group and SBA were legal, above board and clearly visible.” A spokesman for Woods said the investigatory report would not be made public. The spokesman said the report was an internal document for SBA purposes only. An external audit report last October questioned whether the four minority firms sponsored by three white business men “were established as ‘front’ organizations and thereby constitute a roundabout method for certain individuals ... to circumvent the intention of the program, and in so doing greatly ensance their own coffers...” Woods said the review, completed in early March, determined that the companies are now IOO percent owned by “program-eligible individuals” — disadvantaged business men, rather than by wealthy ones. SEVENTEEN Nixon Campaign Funds Will Pay Ex-Ai des' Legal Fees WASHINGTON (AP) - Trustees of President Nixon’s leftover campaign funds have decided to pay legal fees and expenses for former officials acquitted of criminal charges and possibly for those found guilty I of misdemeanors. One of the largest beneficiaries of the decision could be one of the trustees — former Secretary of Commerce Stans, who is on trial in New York on major beneficiary of the trustees’ decision if he is acquitted in the New York trial and of criminal charges filed in the Watergate cover-up two weeks ago in Washington. Stans is one of three trustees of $3.57 million in funds left over from the $60-million Nixon campaign. The others are Nashville insurance executive Guilford Dud- federal charges of criminal con-,, ...... , spiracy, perjury and obstruction y Washington business- of justice.    man Charles Potter. ...    ,    .    ,,    , Dudley and Potter, both Stuns, who reportedly has 1    J © 1974 by Chicago Tribun# N. Y NtwfSyftd lot World #»gbt§ #«t#rvfd spent more than $100,000 out of bis own pocket for legal fees, participated in the trustees’ decision, according to one of the other trustees. "There's no one here by that name...Who shall I say called?!" U. S. Asks War Rule On Dead and Missing GENEVA (AP) The U. S. Thursday proposed an amendment to the Geneva conventions that would oblige warring parties to account for the missing and dead in armed conflicts. Presents Credentials OTTAWA, Canada (AP) - The new U.S. ambassador to Canada, William J. Porter, has presented his credentials to Governor-General Jules Leger. 20 YEA ICS AGO - More than 5,500 East Germans fled to the West in two weeks. prominent long-time Republicans, had no official connection .with the Nixon campaign. Both indicated that they signed on as trustees reluctantly. In a telephone interview Although the decision expands Wednesday night, Dudley said a previous policy of the Nixon Stans was present at a meeting campaign organization, both of|in Potter’s office in Washington Stans’ co-trustees said in inter- last month when the trustees views they were unaware it was went over the trust agreement a change.    and signed it. Stans was finance director of    - the Nixon campaign. He is on 20 YEARS AGO— The Atomic trial along with former Atty. Energy Commission announced Gen. Mitchell in a case arising it was negotiating an agreement from a secret $200,000 campaign with the Duquesne Light Co. of contribution.    Pittsburgh for    the    construction Mitchell, political chief of the    and operation    of    the    nation’s Nixon campaign for several    j first full-scale    central    station months in 1972, also could be a    nuclear plant. The Cedar Rapids    J Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 14, 1974 Discrimination Claimed in Suit Against Wallace MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -A suit charging Gov. George Wallace with racial discrimination says only three blacks have been appointed by Wallace to posts on 61 state and county boards and commissions. The suit filed Wednesday on behalf of seven blacks in Houston county said there was a total of 768 positions on the boards, with the appointments controlled by the governor. The suit said an example of the discrimination was the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. There are no black managers or cashiers for the state’s 123 ABC stores, the suit contends. The suit also says Wallace has never appointed a black as a jury commissioner in any county. The suit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center here is a class action representing all other blacks seeking state appointments. Too many bikes and not enough riders? Sell the extra )nes with a Classified Ad! Dial 398-8234. Amtrak Reports 28 Percent Gain WASHINGTON (AP) - The number of passengers riding the nation’s rail system jumped 28 percent in January — the third straight month since the energy crisis began that rail ridership has increased, Amtrak reported Wednesday. The nation’s rail passenger corporation said it had no data on February ridership yet, but said advance bookings continue to run about Vk times its previous peak last summer. It said it now' has about 213,000 advance bookings in its computers on any given day, compared with its previous record last summer of 85,000 bookings. 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