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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa . 53 . 41 47 None 21 C. R. Weather High Saturday ti p.m. Saturday ll p.m. Saturday ....... Rainfall Total for Mardi ......... Normal for March    2.48 Normal through March    5 02 Total for 1974    3.17 Barometer, rising ........30.115 Humidity at ti p in 76% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at ti p.m. N at 25 m p h. Sun rises Monday, 7:2ti; sun sets, 7:08 Year Ago Today — High, OO; low, 38; rainfall, none. Births — Mercy March 9 — To tho families of David Drill, 1222'A Third street SE, a daughter; Dennis Kolda, route three, Cedar Rapids, a daughter. Births — St. Luke's March 8 To the families of Edward J. Sebastian, 3884 Johnson avenue NW, a daughter; Max W. Ilagcn, 3130 Coral lane SW, a daughter; Thomas A. Roue, 5536 Sharon lane NW, a son; Larry D. Wal-dcrhach, 8A Tower Terrace, Marion, a daughter; Timothy Leaker, Mt. Vernon, a daugh-t e r; James L. LaGrange, Amana, a son; Dewey D. Direks, Clarence, a daughter; Steve Burgess, Vinton, a son. March 9 — To the families of Clark A. Levsen, 3501 Dennis drive NW. a daughter; Theodore Smyth, 1835 Twentieth street NW, a son; Melvin I). Milner, 1847 B avenue NE. a son; Gary L. Roll wedder. 293 Twenty-fifth avenue SW, a; daughter; Steven C. Schwab, jacking Belle Plaine, a son.    rrom Angeles to New York. Iowa Deaths    j,y    Agent Brooklyn _ Charles Sulphid- tw:™ that incident he de-83. Services Monday at 2, Ne- ,Lf; ,    , venhoven’s.    mnnded $308,000, the release of a Cascade _ Nicholas J. prisoner being held in the Kremer, 29. Services Monday at I Dallas jail and the release of ]v'3((VSt' raulDCatholic church, black militant Angela Davis, the Worthington. Rosary Sunday at |Fm , . 8. Kramer's, where friends may 1**“* said, call after 2 Sunday. Keota — Ed Conklin. 86. Ser- agent in New York who posed viers Monday at 2, Powell’s. as a crew member. He was in Conn,".'’ 8»* Private l^kes the Ix)s An8elcs )ail awaiting Monday, 1:30, Bohncnkamp's. action on a state charge. Mechanicsville — Otis R. Lovell, 87. Horner’s. Monona — Thomas Scully, 71, rural Luana. Services Monday at ll, St. Patrick’s Catholic Fifth Person Arrested in DEATHS N.J. Snatch Floyd Bean, Well Known WASHINGTON (AP) The FBI arrested a fifth person Saturday and was searching for more in connection with the kid naping of 8-year-old John Cal-zadilla last Wednesday. FBI director Clarence Kelley said Maria Margaret Marida, 17, was arrested at her residence in Jersey City, N. J., and charged with conspiring to violate federal kidnaping statutes. She was held in Newark, N. J., and was to be taken before a U.S. magistrate as soon as one was available, the FBI said. Kelley added that information available to the FBI “indicates that other individuals are believed to be involved in the kidnaping and that an extensive investigation is under way to apprehend all involved ” Earlier Report Earlier in the day, the FBI said it was searching for at least three more suspects. The Cedar Rapid* JA Gazette: Sun., March IO, 1974 Firemen Pull C.R. Youth p. .    p..    Out    of Mud 1 a n I St | Lr I GS a Cedar Rapids youth was cold but unharmed after being stuck in a quicksand-like muddle for more than two hours jSaturday afternoon. Firemen were called to a tim-: bored area east of East Post | road SF] shortly before 4 p.m., and had to dig out Tom Meyer, 14, of 418 Red Fox road SE, one leg at a time. The ordeal began shortly after noon when young Meyer, son of I Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meyer, | and Mike Boley, 15, of 645 I Thirty-sixth street SE, decided to do some exploring. “I noticed there was a little water in this one area,” Meyer told The Gazette, “but didn’t think too much about it.” Both stepped in, but Boley was able J to step out. Floyd Bean Nationally known jazz, pianist, Charged in Kidnaping -UPI Telephoto The Fernandez brothers, Norberto (left) and Eligio, are escorted to arraignment in Hackensack, N. J., Saturday. They are two of the four suspects arrested late Friday by the FBI and charged with conspiring to kidnap and hold for ransom John Oalzadilia, 8. Both pled innocent. , The more young Meyer wig-Floyd Bean, a resident cf Cedar g|(,d deeper he sank. Final- Arrested in the kidnaping were    Rapids    the last ten years,    died    ly, he was up to his waist.. The Norberto F ernandez, 17; his    at a local hospital Saturday.    stickey clay held his feet fast. brother, Eligio, 19; Ricardo    ......    R/.i™ u/,.nt uft,.r *    k,,. Tuero, 17, and Wilfredo Alvarez, j B(ian- 69 - had k(l(*n ill on!) a.    ■    ; w , 18, all of Union City. The FBI short time. He had resided at1 Th(i    deDartment    wa_ said they were charged with 221 Fifteenth street SE.    j ca,led. Firemen tried pulling violating federal kidnaping sta- \^r pean pjayed with the Bob the youth out with a rope, but , JThQ    krrov.    Crosby    band, Muggsy Spanier    the mud held on. Ladders were The Fernandez brothers plead-1    jn. *    *    *    then nlarrd arms* the mudhnle ed innocent Saturday at their —Kidnap— (Continued from Page I.) an aircraft en route Culver Criticizes Nixon Health Bill —Simon— (Continued from Page I.) third change in that post during the fuel shortage. Asked if he shared fears of | some that the nation might be The proposed national health Harold Hughes, who is retiring using up gasoline supplies need-insurance plan offered by Pres-1 fro™ politics.    ; ed later this year, Simon said ident Nixon is “a masterpiece of The I resident s latest version that when the embargo began cynicism.” according to and Bob Scobey bands, and i then placed across the mudhole, arraignment here before U.S. many 0,her name orchestras.    «"“*■out Magistrate Bruce Banta, who He recorded many songs, * .d A f hour ld,er’ he set bail at $300,000 for Eligio and being an arranger and compos- • _'    ...    , I $250,000 for Norberto.    er a*s0- Perhaps his best known    “is parents had gone grocery Tuero and Alvarez also    plead-    ^Positions were “Lazy Piano ^bopping and had    begun    to !ed innocent. Bail for each    was    Man ’* and “I Never Thought    twLorry dbout /be two    boys.    Chi set at $250,000.    I’d Sing the Blues”. Mr. Bean was Other Suspects their way home, the elder lifetime Meyer said» ,hey n°ticcd all the i of Rep.!1'1 a Hymnal health insurance last fall, many senators, con- john Culver    plan    “denies    benefits    to many of gressmen and “so-and-so ex- The remark was contained in'"* |MW?lc- who "**" "*m Ht"*” were makinR dir* PrwUc- ted men and the boy’s parents are natives of Cuba, but he discounted any political motives tions about what would happen I for the abduction. member of the musician’s The report on additional sus-, union. He had a lifetime associ-pects came from J. Wallace La- ation with the Chicago School of Prado, special agent in charge Jazz. of the F BI in Newark.    Rean    was    Aug. 30, LaPrade said the four arres- ,904, at Ladora He was mar. emergency equipment. They soon were filled in on the whole muddy matter. •—Hearst— (Continued from Page I.) m „    .    .    ,    # j i, 1 most,” Culver said rrapnell was shot by an »BI|. speech prepared for de .very; ..Under the new Nixon plan,!by February or March. United * Panerworkcrs' Intern'!i,he wclf,re p00r have t0 pay l0: Th('y were Peeling that un-ling for ransom . i inn - ii 1 in inn Thin h J11 I!! percent of thpir cash welfare employment would rise to 8 to! at a news conference Saturday.!11'.. .. ...    .    ,    , o . , r . tional union which will con fundg for mcdicai benefits be- IO percent, utilities would face The $50,000 ransom paid by the ,1    ’    a    grand-!    restaurant ♦h p 3 H vfy co"ventlon at fore they can start to receive brownouts and blackouts, and boy’s father has not been reco- chl!dn'n-Hedberg, the FBI said, was the Roosevelt hotel today. |thpm r    |nHl|ctrw WAll1H Ka mnlrino ZU    Services:    Turner ried to Florence Schankle Sept., 7, 1937. at Davenport. Surviving in addition to his ••This appears to be a kidnap- fe are ? d?*?‘er’ ™ficia    ph»    Bm-hanau    “**' a fnr roncnm - i ,.)raHp ca fl Swanson (){ Klk (’rove Village, the tape was in a restroom of one brother, Ronald Bean! a downtown San Francisco man said an anonymous woman telephone caller told being held following his arrest them.”    industry would be making mas-jvered. Culver, a Cedar Rapids Dem- The IO percent margin would sive layoffs, he said, adding the Jan. 29 by local authorities on ocrat, is a candidate for the destroy the average family’s forecasts never came true, charges of unlawful flight to;Democratic nomination to fill day-to-day ability to get by,! “So now, the doomsdavers ,, |    now    beld    by^ Culver said.    have switched to gasoline,” he charge of assault with a deadly |_    _    _    J    “Medical    benefits    don’t    mean    said. “They’ll have their field church. Rosary Sunday at I avoid    prosecution    regarding altho    senate    seat 7:30, Schultz’,    where    friends1    & lint    senate    seal may call.    ,    ...    ... Parnell — Mary Rater, S6, wc;ipon on a po ice officer. jp    <-    I. Services Monday at IO, Et. Jo- The FBI said the plans of the rxeayan OayS ITS seph’s Catholic    church.    Rosary three    included a    demand for ut    r    J •» f $250,000 and a guarantee of po-    I OO    L0ny TOT litical asylum in Sweden Lured into Car The 20-year-old coed’s father hapel east j told reporters    at his    Hills- at 10:30 a.m.    Tuesday. Friends borough home    that “I    don’t .    ...    .. .,    _ .    ....    may call at Turner s after I think there’s any question about. Au    borities    said    the    ( alzadilla    p m sunday,    and until IO a m. it being her voice.” He said he boy was    lured    into    a    car    as    he    Tuesday. The    casket will not bef wanted to read    the tape’s    tran- waiked nm* from school i0penec| after t^e service.    I script before making any state- McSw'iggin Sunday at 7:30, and Uhlmann. South English — Ward Stoner, 65. Services Sunday at 2:30, Powell’s, w’hore friends may call after noon Sunday. Viola — Letha C. Holland, 76. Services Tuesday at 1:30, United Methodist church. Murdoch’s in Springville, where friends may call after I Monday. Waukon — Oswald Steinhart, 65. Services Monday at 10:30, St. Mary’s church, Hanover. Prayer .service Monday at 8, Bakke-Hanson, w-here friends may call after 2 Sunday. Cifv Briefs (More Briefs on page 20A) *vi L ii IV ti I i/LuviHo uuu i iiiLuii ddiu, A XJCjr ll lid va: iiicii    ,    ,    ,    .    ;    ’    *1'v‘    titi    ipi    unuiw    jjianifi|§ much if you have to skip the day in gasoline. And they'll say. I e n    y    a    a    The    family    suggests    that    ments    on    its    contents. rent to make the downpayment. I‘My God, we’re drawing down1    ^    S    .    woman    friends may, if they wish, con- On the tape, the SLA reported- “For non-welfare workers, the our inventories in gasoline.’ J J"’ ,s ^an    I    tribute to the American Cancerily claimed the FBI wanted to ..    out-of-pocket costs start at 6 per- “I’m afraid these experts|    The boy wa re S°cie,y*    ’’set    up”    to    be    killed    two    alleged Decision on 76 cent of income for those fami- don’t know any more about gas    r      members    of    the    organization, lies with incomes under $3,000 a oline inventories than they knew    •*     Ru*ssel!    Llttle    and    Joseph NEW YORK (AP) - Gov. year The av(?rage fami,y’ with about the blackouts and brown-    The 1 BI said the t"0 men ,n Ronald Reagan of California an income of $10,000 a year, outs and industr)' layoffs' e said Saturday he hasn’t decided would have to pay $1,500 out-of-whether he would run for Pres- pocket costs before benefits would start. “This obviously car were believed to be Nor-. Parts Taken — Brant Simp-.., .    ,    Jt    ,, son. of 407 Fourth avenue SW.\'6mt or whe,her hc would ac‘ reported theft of $60 in autoceP^ appointment as viceparts from a shed at his resi-1 president if the occasion arose, dence.    I    The 63-year-old Republican *    *    *    I    governor said at a news confer- Keport Theft — Nearly $200 in once it was “far too early” to merchandise was re p o r t e d!consider a presidential race in taken from Iowa Midland Sup- 1976. ply, 708 Third street SE.    |    “Sometime next year any of *    *    *    those of us who are being dis- _____ Juvenile Arrested — A 17-year {.ussed jn (bat connection will! poverty COLUMBUS. Ga. (UPI) — °'d juvenile was arrested haVe to look at the conditions Charging that Ut. William Cal- ^aturda-v aRt‘r he changed lhejbon and make a decision, he would be a g0 js ]jRcd be doubts that the ransom Calley Release Called Improper disaster lur most people in that American people will return to income bracket.    .    manv    0f    (heir    old    wasteful ways “Realistically, most of the in energy. “I think they have poor simply couldn’t make the learned a very important lcs-required payments and would SOn,” he said. be denied benefits. And even rU( some conservation propose who robbed one necessity grams may be relaxed, inciud-to pay for another would simply ling the voluntary ban on Sunday be thrust deeper into the well of gasoline sales, he said. “We’re concerned with its impact on ♦ * * Memorial Services |miro m preseiltjy in jad Tomlinson, Daniel L. — Ser- charged with the assassination Jberto Fernandez and Alvarez., vices 3 p.m. Monday ut Turner Oakland school chief Marcus LaPrade said Eligio F'ernandez chapel east by the Rev. James I- . UnH Tho™ inni nurt in nnnfinino Lange. Burial: Linwood come- rosier. The tape said Ramiro and Iris ll. — Services 3 Little have “already been issued tickets to ride the railroad to the gas chamber.” It is the SLA was considering transferring Miss Hearst “to conditions corresponding to a cell on death row.” outs and the industry they were predicting.’’ Wasteful Ways    .and    Tuero took part in confining £ Simon said that if the embar-jthe boy and in arranging for the C|ift LaPrade said the break through in the investigation p.m. Monday at the Olivet Presbyterian church by the Rev. Francis King. Friends may 1    call    at Turner chapel west came when the aspects hiding, untjj g p m Sunday and at the Icy was freed improperly. lhe|pri'e.iag.“^,i!!ir    “*!“«• army has asked the judge who set bail for him to reverse his decision. A motion was filed F’riday in Georgia district court by federal' K marf- 180 Collins road NE * * * place was found after the boys’ichurch after 10 a.m. Monday.| release. He said the hideout was Burial: Cedar Memorial. in Union City, but declined to be j Berger. William    A. — Ser- more    specific.    | vices 1:30 p.m.    Monday at    Previous SLA    taoes    have link- ^    I Braay-Kuba funeral home by    previous si^v    iapes    nave un* Rented    Room    jthe Rev. William    B. Harnish.    ed Miss Hearst    s rate    to that of „    Burial: Cedar Memorial ceme- Ramiro and Little. Bruce Sandier, a building su- tery.    „ftWever    a    Washingt0n,    D C. the    tourist    industry.    It    won’t    potmt<*ndent in I mon City, said Gladw in. Myron V. Ser-j radio    station    quoted KSAN In an earlier speech Hugh makc    nn.v    morc    gasoline    avail-1    Norberto Fernandez had rented, vices IO:Jo a m. Monday in .    saying    the    tape    said Miss in an earner sptein, iiugu    •    room    from    him    two    weeks    the Rev. E. Wayne Rvan ai „    .    .    .    , Clark, president of the Iowa I a*>le: ^ it wiH *>e,p some of our |a J,K)m    nim    uvo    "^Turner    chapel    west    Friends    I    Hearst was being set up for ex- I .    .    j    .    tm 1 riel arpfK ” As for possible appmnlnu-nt, AK|^,0- said a Rood work. tourist areas.-    dandler    who af vtee-president. should I rfS !mcn s compensation law was ■" «">er cner8y deveiop-S «“dler who , may runs a tavern in west It was filed on behaf of Army Secretary Howard “Bo” Callo call at Turner chapel'ecution by the F’BI. _________ f ______ until IO am. Monday. Money Missing - Violet Mc- ;'dent*\Nixon "resign "or'^be im-IJ"6"5\    ‘3W    ments:...........  ‘    |the    building,    said    he    believed    Burial:    Cedar    Memorial    ceme- Connell. 1106 Ninth street Sh, peached Rragan said ^ hope P *f [    \    senate    staff study of the the boy was kept in the room He u>ry; • gov repor,ed . m caF j3s the situation will never occurs The AFL-CIO will review e Middle F]ast warned that while said the FBI had found a sneak- ]2    Mondav ♦ aVnn frnm iw homo Tne^dav .    }    w0uW    have    {Q    consider    recently    passed    collective    bar-    th(j    Arabs    may    ,lft    (he oi, em.,er print left by the youngster on;United McthodiSt*chu ; gaining bill next week in an ~ ,    ,    I    effort    to    determine Tools Taken - Superior! "*    5“    ’    .    Clark    advised    Iowa ueorg.a mnrici too 1 uy gov- takon from her home Tuesday "hpn ernment lawyers asking .Judge or Wrdnesday. J. Robert FJliott to revoke bail.    ^    *    I ireh bv the Wrecker, 2323 Coldstream ave- way. Ma). Gen. ’Illamas Tarpley, nU(, NR r ^ |oo|s va|u(,d a, responsibility lay. the Ft. Benning commander.    .    k    F    idav    njcht    or    I    feel    rather    strongly    abl and Maj. Gen George Brugh, J';®    ^    8    completing    my    term    as    gov army judge advocate general. Calley, who was convicted of the 1968 murders of 22 Vietnamese civilians* at My Lai, was freed less than two weeks ago nor of California,’’ he said to attend political party eau-! Three senate-house subcom ibout cuse9 f°r ^e up-coming clee-: mittees recommended that er. j tions. “Too much is at stake,” i government roll back oil Clark said.    iand exert more control to ________________ The    convention drew about alleviate the energy shortage. Think small, use a Classified «•» “ni<>n members from Iowa, On Assault Charge,Ad for big result., Place y.ur|“'N “and ISE and South Dakota. Ikonalilv" 3 barB° "'ey iniphl use their ®« lhf,pr™i!es' and ,hal^    a"    everybody,    thai    the    F "SqUah,L again as a weapon in dealing self had seen a red headed I^d*c A. K & M. Friends |onds ,0 se, her up for wa mem his vvith difficult issues with Israel, woman with whom Aharcz tv vvcst untjj p p m Sunday and because that’>s what the early Saturday. C.R. Man Arrested information to the F'BI. I cemetery Station WASH quoted KSAN general manager Tom Donahue Services as saving: “They say the F'BI is at Trinity setting up Patricia Hearst, that the FBI intends to crash in and BI inexecution police ex-be particularly Mid- 1:30 p.m. Monday j westerners who support the * t, Cedar Rapids police Saturday ad todav! after boing confined at F t. Bon- arrcs|pd E wi||coxsoni 19J _' ning since his BITI conviction. (d ^ ppdor jane dn a vvar-j rant charging assault and bat-; vThr (llritar lapiba CftaHrttr ten . He was released after posting $125 bond. E»tobll*h*d in IIM by Th- OoztOt Sand publlihPd doily and Sunday a1 ThlrdTAv* SE. <*0or Rapids, .Iowa 06. Second Cia** Cedar Rapid*, Iowa, Postage paid at Subjection ratrs by farrier IS cent* week Bv ma,' Night edition ^and Kriit** ana u a itmiunn    .... lo moll »ubsrrlptlon* mcepted In area* having Gazette carr let service The Auociated Pre** it ent-med mc to. sivpiy to the u*e tor irpubllcotlon of oil the local new* printed In,thl* new*pa-per a* well a* oil AP new* dl*patche*. Fit KS ti . . . I0 runt p I KF O ll Fit S    Ile Ii nTff VbiW'S I I ll KI.UWIJI MIOI* 5008 ( enter Pl. Rd. N.I.. 393-5565 NOTICE! All winter decoration* Will b« Removed the week of March I 8 Cedar Memorial CENTURY BURIAL VAULTS Since 1927 Charles, Henrietta. & Charles Jr. Pnehobradsky 4219 MT VERNON RD S FL 384-7478 ll ht'ii u ord* fail    it a ith flower* from PIERSON’S ’step" Your no HORIST 18(H) ELLIS BLVD. NW ELOWERPHONE 366-1826 b\ Hic* Rev. George W» Chi Ison, ^livnn siHnninicfFAtinn TEAHEN FUNERAL HOME Since IWM* Marian F. Tcahen may call at ('ast ofter I p.m. Sunday until ll a.m. Monday. and It was the first message since F'eb. 20 from the SLA. NOVAK MONUMENT CO. FINI MEMORIALS SINH 1892 203 14th Ave. SE Phone 364-4439 Markers, Monuments and Private Mausoleums Elden B. Rohn OB MR    MOR    HCIAX Phone 3644627    600    Firsi Ave. NW .......  noon......Hunt • MI.......mitt INtOtWHMMMIMHM HIM' HilMllMtlllllHMIMIIttltMllttMMtlMIMtMIAIMMI We have so many beautiful ways to say something special FLORIST and GIFT SHOP <£ o 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day v *» A *»■ s *MM1\ K. l.WKS flowers Sine* 1909 Convenient downtown location 308 Third Avenue S E. 365-0511 Cedar Rapids' OLDEST FAMILY OWNED Funeral Home 8 i*r» four i oui inuit u» r* of [ntrtnnol ferrite to all Krligiont in Wefm. intl,inn (film Hiiftid* imludlag Pre-a minced funrraln Certified live I nucleation In l/ie I nil emily and h.ye Hank. Salionu'ide Shipping Vn »V*>, \\ iih.un J. Sienurt 1 .1 ■« I .D. Jttine* F. Slcwnrl E.F,., F.1). ST EWART FUNERAL HOME loniierh: Mtinnlian-Sie** ar! it Hi* offvr only the finvst in Sprvlci* ... lllflllllPN . . . know Inlge . • . InA Thv FamiUvH    Ila tv    Svrrvtl BAXTER MEMORIAL C'lUPKLS MARION: 377-1538 3 blocks north of Library MT. VERNON: 895-8806 Block west of Post Office A Funeral Home within our grounds makes our service to you complete. A capable staff, experienced in helping share the burden of your loss, will be devoted to helping you completely. (Ncliirj|ouuiri(it FUNERAL HOME ( emelcrs, I loner Shop 4200 Isl Ave. NE 391HOOO ;

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