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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HIGHWAY 30 COMEBACK?ll W as Once I own's "Main Si reel” (In Section A)NEW WATCH ON OLD BRIDGEPholo-Story on    Weig (In Section B) Section A r mm Weather— Partly sunny today, highs of mid-ids. It ain tonight a n d Monday. High Monday in low Ids. CITY FINAL 35 CENTS VOLUME 92 NUMBER 59 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY, MARCU IO, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESHEARSTS RECEIVE SLA TAPE FBI: New Kidnaping Plot Foiled LOS ANGELES (AP) j young woman and two Spurn FBI, Daughter's Voice Says SAN.FRANCISCO (UPI)-The jailed lions said they would refuse to mentation of a decision adopt- Symbionese Liberation army ed” at last month’s conference Saturday sent its fourth cornin Algiers of the heads of state munique concerning kidnaped of Egypt. Syria, Saudi Arabia Patricia Hearst, saying she was once, organized by Egypt, is ex- and Algeria. But it did not spell s:afe but decrying the inadequacy of the $6 million food spokesman giveaway program. Arab Split Threatens Embargo Talks Today BEIRUT (UPI)—An Egyptian been urging an easing of the oil1 newspaper predicted Saturday embargo as a “gesture” in re-that today’s meeting of Arab oil- turn for the U. S. efforts, producing countries in Cairo will lift the embargo against the    Implementation United States. But three of the Al Abram said the lifting of biggest Arab oil exporting na- the embargo would be “imple- inen were charged .Saturday attend the conclave, with plotting to kidnap a foreign The semi-official Cairo news-general to bargain for paper A! Ahram said the confer-of the two men, the consul the release FBI said.    |pected    to decide to lift the em-1 out that decision. One of the men is a convicted bargo imposed during the Oc- The oil ministry skyjacker, and the    woman was;    tober Middle East war.    said oil    ministers from Saudi    The tape was delivered to identified by police    as a former    oil industry sources    in the.Arabia,    Kuwait, Abu Dhabi,    FM radio station KSAN in San member of the Charles Manson    Egyptian capital said, however. Qatar and Bahrain already have | Francisco, which turned it over family.    they doubted the whole    boycott!advised    Egyptian authorities    to a courier for Randolph The FBI said agents arrested    would be lifted.    They said the    they would be arriving    in Cairo    Hearst, Patricia’s father    and Maria Theresa Alonzo, 22, at    Arab oil ministers might ease    Saturday or Sunday.    president and editor of the    San her apartment. The two men, the embargo to the extent of He also said Syria, which up Francisco Examiner. Garrett Brock Trapnell, 36, and    treating the U.    S. like other;    to now has publicly opposed a    An FBI spokesman said    the Robert Bernard Hedberg, .Jr.,    Western nations    now subject to    lifting of the embargo,    has said    bureau had no comment    and 37, are prisoners in Los Angeles the 15 percent production cut county jail, the FBI said. Trap- the Arab oil producers have nell is serving a life sentence maintained. it would attend for skyjacking, and Hedberg is being held on charges of unlawful flight and assaulting a po-; Beeman. “Serious Split” But Middle East oil sources said the scheduled meeting faces “a potentially serious split” over the issue of lifting UPI Telephoto Simon: End Could Mean Price Hikes EHRLICHMAN ARRIVES — Former White House domestic affairs ad viser John Ehrlichman was framed by two policemen as he arrived at federal court in Washington, D.C., Saturday to plead innocent to Watergate-related conspiracy charges. H. R. Haldeman, John Mitchell, Charles Colson, Robert Mardian, Kenneth Parkinson and Gordon Strachan, all former Nixon associates, also pled innocent. First Nixon Tapes to House Panel AI. WASHINGTON (AF) - Fed- Choice of Nations The three were accused of I the embargo on the U. S. conspiring while both men The sources said Libya,    .    .    IM were in jail — to kidnap the geria and Iraq have refused to erai energy chief William Simon (Consul general of one of the fol-itake part in the Cairo meeting. S3J(J Saturday lifting of the Arab lowing countries: Estonia, Para- Iraq’s official news agency an-i°y embargo would end long ser-guay, Uruguay, Canada, nounced late Saturday that Iraq v,ce station lines hut would not is opposed to    any    efforts to lift    necessarily stop the    tise in    the or even ease    the    embargo and    Prlce gasoline. But Simon scoffed    at the    no- ; had not heard the tape. A voice on the tape demanded that it not be turned over to the F'Bl i team investigating the kidnaping. j “I am a general in the SLA,” said a woman’s voice, beginning a lengthy statement that was almost inaudible because of noise on the tape. The voice said the Hearst empire “aims to divide the people by being deceitful.” She said that poor people were being given food intended for animals. Whether Miss Hearst faces WASHINGTON (UPI) — The the agriculture department and    House counsel John Dean,    most ic    surveillance under White House delivered the first (he Environmental Protection    former Atty. Gen. John Mitchell    Nixon    administration,    and batch of Watergate tapes and . documents to the house judici-i ary committee Friday evening vvlth iy/“ camPa,8n for its impeachment inquiry on t*°ns ,rom the milk industry and    The committee has threatened    called    Huston plan    for it was dis- corporations accused of violas    to subpoena the documents and    telligcnce operation. the the was once a President Nixon, closed Saturday. John Doar, the committee’s chief impeachment counsel, told UPI Saturday that the panel received the first of White House materials it had rcquest- the in- news- ing anti-pollution laws.    tapes it wants if Nixon does not paper said. Anderson, in a radio report supply them voluntarily. . The plan was named for Tom for the Mutual Broadcasting J    *    *    *    Huston, a former presidential System, said James St. Clair,    In another development, the    assistant, and urged the use of the President’s chief Watergate    Chicago Tribune reported Satur-    various devices and actions inlawyer, met privately Friday    day that congressional inves-    c I u d i n g wiretaps and sur- ed,    and    that    some    of    the    docu-    with Doar and Albert Jenner,    tigators have FBI memos in-    veillance against those consid- ments    were    from    “federal    de-    the committee’s G.O.P. im-dieating part of a secret domes-    ered domestic subversives, payments.”    peachment counsel.    tic intelligence plan was in Doar did not elaborate, hut    ma    Others    operation months after Pres- syndicated columnist Jack An-    8    ; ident Nixon said he had called it derson reported that the cartons! Nixon has agreed to give the off. delivered to the Capitol late Fri-; committee about 700 documents The Tribune said that the day included documents from and 19 Watergate-related tapes, memos were issued in the fall of the same materials he has fur- j 1970, and gave approval for the nished .special prosecutor Leon;FBI to recruit teenage infor- Jaworski for the Watergate    mants and conduct “discreet” j later because of (former FBI grand jury. Anderson said St.    investigations of black student    Director J. F^dgar) Hoover’s op- Clair was “vague’’ F’riday about organizations in colleges.    position.” the committee’s demands for Some congressional commit-    Congressional sources, the other materials.    I tees have been investigating do- Tribune related, found an FBI France, Germany, Switzerland or Haiti. The three are to be arraigned1 thus would not attend. Monday    Libya    hacked    by    Algeria.    tlon 1,131 increased gasoline allo- execution or freedom is “total- A I os'Ancelcs countv    sheriffs: tried to have the conference    rations this month are cutting    |y the responsibility of her lam- spokesman    said    Miss    Alonzo;held in the Libyan capital of    into supplies intended for this    i|y." the woman's voice said, spokcsma said Miss Al    .    ^    Wednesday.    Thcis.umm<r    Now    lho down. Miaa Hearst'l voice came on the tape for about ll minutes, but it too, was almost inaudi- counter-conference” in Tripoli In an interview in his office, hie. However, she asked her trial*Manson "and* three    Temple    to oppose any lifting of the em-    Simon said he continues to give    family “not to aid the FBI in followers were    convicted    in    1971    hargo that mi8ht be decided in    the same answer about    the odds    their investigation. Only the Cairo.    of gasoline rationing, “There is FBI and certain people can Even if the three Arab nations    a better than 50-50 chance, even ,    gain anything by my death ” go through with their plans to <    if the embargo remains, that wej    In another part cf the tape, oppose lifting the embargo, oil    won't have to institute    this bur-1    Miss Hearst said. "If anything sources indicated a Cairo deci-    den on the American    people,”    happens to me, it is because the sion backed by Saudi Arabia    he said.    FBI separated its intentions u I Charles MansonTmSw art Iud    said    these    three    court- payers have switched to gaso presumably dealing and former whi,e Housp »«“. house judiciary committee has . f    i 1    .    tries might go through with a ''ne. he said. IU79    urn,V,ion nnnfrihn IH’ Rt Ha,deman and John Khr* disclosed One Of its arCUS in its    JLino    h m d 1 “n«.ntnr.r«nfprf»nw»" in Trin 1972 campaign contrib* ,ichman    impeachment inquiry is the so    of Manson dunn* h,s murdcr followers were convicted in 1971 in the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons. Trapnell, the FBI said, was convicted in May, 1973, of sky- Oelwein Boy. 12, Billet1 in Crash May 22 Claim “In a May 22 statement,” said the Tribune, “The President acknowledged he had approved the Huston plan on July 15. 1970. . . . But Nixon said the plan was abandoned only five days Doar said previously that St. Clair had rejected a specific WESTGATE - A 12-year-old boy was killed and his father and another man injured Satur day afternoon in    the collision    of    rc?“st or*ix additional tap* a milk truck and    car.    rflati"B t0‘he Watergate cover- .    up. Committee sources said the Dead is Duane    Wilharm,    rou*^    s tapes contained conversations two. Oelwein. Authorities said|before ynd after March 2|, 1973. the accident happened about 3 Todays Chuckle You can’t see straight if you’ve got 1-trouble. Copyright p.m. at the intersection of highway 295 and county road W-14,; three miles east of here The youth’s father. Donald Wilharm, 40. was driver of the eastbound milk truck The truck was hit by a southbound car driven by Howard Rhinos, 57. Oelwein. The elder Wilharm was taken to Mercy hospital in Oelwein, suffering from hack, knee and leg bruises. Hospital officials refused to give his condition. Rhinos was taken to University hospitals in Iowa City, suffering from back and leg injuries The Iowa highway patrol said investigation of the accident is continuing Nixon Address At 12:07 Today KEY BISCAYNE, Fla 1AP1 President Nixon scheduled a na tlon wide radio address tor Sunday on the American bicentennial The Florida White House said the address would la* broadcast at 12:07 p rn on CUT on the na Ron s radio networks. involving Nixon, former White memo dated Sept. 16.    1970. which authorized recruitment of young informers. The Tribune said a second FBI memo, dated Nov. 4, 1970. i “broke ground by authorizing FBI investigations of black campus organizations.” (Continued: Page 3. Col. 2. Politics Candidates are becoming more numerous and active. Political talk is becoming more frequent. As the time for Iowa’s June primary draws nearer, what is the outlook for the top political parties? Will the state wind up with a Republican governor and IX'mocratie legislature or vice versa? For the latest outlook, read Associate Editor F'rank Nyc’s story on page 6B of the Iowa News Section. and the Persian would be effective. Gulf states Single Item The oil sources said the move to lift the bovcott stemmed from “We believe we can handle from mine.” the shortfall with our allocation she also said she had been system, he said.    receiving instruction on the “Thing of Past”    use of a shotgun for firing 011 „    ..    .    .    any F BI or police who would Even if the embargo remains , ,o ^ her U.S. Secretary of State Kis-j'n effect, the energy office can, '    ' singer s diplomatic efforts in the keep the gasoline lines down by I I really want to get out of Middle East    equitable allocation among the here. I really want to get out Al Ahram. which often re-states, he said    !    alive,' Miss Hearst said fleets official government poll- "If the embargo ends, the hhe said if her family would cy, said the ministers would lonK lines will be a thing of the only have listened to the SLA s coniine themselves to a single: Past.” Simon said in response lo,earlier demand for $70 in free item - a review of the Arab oil a question. The lines have been food tor all needy Californians, i in the light of a1! dev- noticeably shorter in hard-hit • wculd be^out of here. ^ areas in recent days because of increased allocations. situation in the light elopments in the Middle East since the oil ministers last met in Kuwait Dec. 24-25. These developments would include Kissinger’s prodigious ef-I forts to bring about troop disengagement on the October war fronts. Since last January. I Egyptian President Sadat has Labeling, Cuts, Trimming Shopping for Meat Made Difficult By Al Kwegle Here's a tip for you homemakers the next time your husband with a smug look on his face — complains to you about how much you're spending on meat. U*t him go shopping and try to do better. This reporter tried it. with the benefit of all the advertised price quotations of six stores carried in The Gazette since January, 1973. It was quite an education. At first the assignment looked easy, because meat prices do vary with the season. The status symbol meat, the T-bone steak, for example. Is popular iii (he summer, and demand pushes up the price. Roasts are winter favorites. so the best roast buys should be in the summer. Hams are holiday favorites, and prices move upward then. But there is more to meat pricing than that. Occasionally you can save yourself some money by doing your own trimming You can save, tor example. 4() cents a pound by boning your own loin roast Then, too, labeling is a problem. For example, I had a problem figuring out what a chuck roast was, but then I had the same trouble with ham, ham burger and loins, for that matter. Chuck roasts illustrate the point The hard part is comparing the price of chuck roast in one advertisement with a blade or arm cut chuck roast featured in another advertisement. Then there’s a seven-bone chuck roast and a boneless chuck roast to further confuse matters. The same can be said about the difference between ground b eof, ground chuck and ground round, technically all hamburger. They’ve got to come up with uniform labeling before we First of u Series men do the shopping for meat. Well, we overcame that problem, and we established the cheapest price quotations tor chuck roast at each of the six stores. The lowest priced meat must he the best buy, right? Wrung. Retail meat can be cut up in different ways, so that at times the consumer can be paying for more bone and fat than at other times. The difference in the amount of fat or bone on a cut of meat can mean whether one cut is a better buy over another. “Specials can be misleading,” Eldon Hans, Cedar Rapids area extension livestock specialist, said. “Meat managers leave more trim on their cuts when their margin is tight, and remove more when the price moves higher. “This is one ol the ways meat departments are able to show a profit.” This indicates that some standard government or voluntary system needs to be de veloped to market meat similar to the grade mid yield marketing system used at the livestock market level. The grade and yield system pays farmers for the actual amount of salable carcass meat each animal produces. An animal with a meaty carcass receives a higher price than one carrying a great deal of waste, fat and bone. A similar voluntary system could be devised at the retail level with consumers paying premiums for retail cuts with less bone and fat. One thing that a farm editor of an agriculturally oriented daily newspaper finds is that the price of livestock goes up and down. And there were some sharp (Continued on Page 21A, Col. I). Simon said lifting the embargo would brine a greater percentage of higher-priec foreign oil into the nation, tending to push up prices of refined products such as gasoline. But he declined to say how much the energy office, which controls gasoline prices, would allow the price to rise. The price of gasoline would be higher in areas depending more heavily on imported oil. such as New England, if the embargo is lifted, he noted. No Idea Simon said he had no idea if the embargo would bt1 lifted when Arab oil ministers meet in Cairo Sunday to discuss the question. Asked if he would take the ; post of treasury secretary if it were offered to him. Simon said, “As far as any job in this (government is concerned, I would do whatever the Fret-ident asked me to do.” He said he would do so out of “service to my country.” Assails “Experts” But Simon answered, “I have I no idea" when asked if he j thought his key job us energy i 'chief in effect disqualified him as a candidate for treasury sec-! rotary since it would mean a (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) I Later, a man who identified himself as Cinque comets on the tape for about five minutes. Previous tapes from the SLA carried the voice of a man who j called himself Cinque, general ' field marshal of the SLA. The radio station spokes- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8.) Today1 s Index Late New* ....... I. I, 20 Destin ...... .......... I Report Cord 4 Editorial* It City Hall Nota* . It Accent on Youth IS SECTION B Iowa New* MI Frank Ny* * Political Note* ll Television Table Political Calendar IO Food ____ IO Marion ll Building .... 14-1? 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