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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAT ION Al WI At HI It Ut VI Ct fO«CA$t i* 7AM ISI Mrs. Chris Robinson    Teddy    Clyde Mary Iv Robinson, 91, of 1019 Edward Andrew “Teddy” Seventh street SE, widow of Clyde, 2-Vfe-year-old son of Mr. Chris Robinson, and a lifelong *ind ,!^rs‘ Walter ^-lyde, 1106 , . f ,, ,    ..    .    .    .    .    Twelfth street NE, died Wednes-i resident of Cedar Rapids, died ^ in ,owa cily atter a lin(,,r. tuesday in a Cedar Rapids bos* mg illness. He was born June pital.    130,1971, in Cedar Rapids. Horn Jan. 12, 1883, she was He is survived by his parents; I married July 15, 1903, in Cedar three brothers: john Charles,! The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Mar. ti, 1974 School Aid On 'Sliding' Scale Voted Rapids. Mrs. Robinson was a 50-year member of Valley Camp Royal Neighbors of America, a member of Sbor Amna Naprst-kova, Sbor Ceske Valstenky, a n d Damske Sbor Matice Skolske, and was Daughters of the Kevin James and Brian Lee, all at home; his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Clyde, Cedar Rapids; and three great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ll. Wallace, Cedar Rapids, and treasurer of Elsie Woods, Clinton, Mass. Pioneers of Services: Saturday at ll a m.. fall UPI WIAlHflfOlOCAM^ Wednesday night, snow is expected in the northern and mid Rockies, while rain wil from northern Georgia northeastward through the mid and north Atlantic states. Jane Boyd Community House. hn Knox United Presbyterian Surviving are two daughters, cnurch by the Rev. Lloyd .J Mrs. Frank O’Brien and Mrs. Conroy. Cremation committal Robert Horak, both of Cedar will follow the service. The eas-Rapids; five grandchildren, 141kct will not be opened at, the great-grandchildren, and two sisters, Mrs. Frank L. Billings, Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. George W. Swab, Venice, Fla. church. Friends may call at Stewart funeral home Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p m. The family will receive friends, at the fu- First 'Streaker' In C.R. Appears At Junior High The first reported incident in Cedar Rapids of streaking, the current fad of appearing nude in public, was recorded Tuesday afternoon. Police received a complaint from two girls, students at Franklin junior high school, that a man walked through the school’s halls clad only in an undershirt and socks. The girls said the streaker pulled on a pair of slacks at the end of the hall and disappeared down a .stairway. Streaking is a pastime that has recently gained favor on college campuses. Cedar Rapids police, who take a dim view of streaking, say the man in Tuesday’s incident could be charged with indecent exposure or con- (of students may he far more JA Sheriff: Ruling Bars Enforcement Of Liquor Laws Sheriff Walter Grant believes an injunction in a case involving By Frank Nyc    the Salty Dog tavern west of DES MOINES — The Iowa Cedar Rapids bars him from en-senate Wednesday voted a forcing state liquor laws at the major change in the house ver- tavern, sion of a proposed revision in Linn District Judge August the state school aid foundation Honsell, jr., who ordered the informula.    junction,    told The Gazette Adopted by a 35 to 14 vote was I Wednesday it was intended only a sliding scale for allocating to bar the sheriff from serving state aid to school districts with papers ordering the closing of declining enrollments rather the tavern, than a lixed scale as passed by ||e suggested the sheriff the houae earlier this session. should contact his legal ad- Under the fixed scale each of Iowa’s 451 school districts with a declining enrollment would receive 1974-75 state aid visor, the county attorney, about the matter. The sheriff replied that unless based on 98 percent of its 1973-74 ,hc wordinS of ,he injunction is enrollment even though its loss changed, he is going In consider Services: ll am. Thursday at moral home Friday from 2 to 4 the Beatty-Bourlo chapel by I p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Friends Robert Myren. Burial: Cedar may contribute to the Knox L. Angeles .72 47 Miami 75 72 Minneapolis 53 39 N. Orleans Bl 63 New York 66 44 Phoenix 74 43 ‘cattle 46 33 Washington 72 41 The Weather High temperatures Tuesday, low tem peratures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anchorage MM M Atlanta .. 79 SS Bismarck 52 29 Chicago ...56 45 ... Oenver 63 32 ... Duluth 43 36 Honolulu BO 7) 1.23 Houston 7B 68 M—Missing. Extended forecast —- Chance of rain or snow Thursday night changing to rain Friday and continuing through Saturday, ending Sunday. Highs 40s and 50s Friday and Saturday and 30s and 40s Sunday. Lows in the 20s and 30s. Terry Yuosse, 1613 West Post road SW; fined $60 and costs. Meter violation — Frank Guthrie, 1501 Fifth avenue SE; fined $35 and costs. Driver's license violation — Bobbie Palmer, 417 Sixth street SE; fined $15 and costs. Hope Triplett, 435 Eighth avenue SW; fined $10 and costs. Traffic signal violation — Rick Rasmussen, 959 Danville street NE; Patrick MeLane, 126 Twenty-seventh street NE; Ron Eggleston, 4617 Pine View drive NE; James Baugh, jr., 1604 Seventh avenue SE; James Bowers, Toddvillc; Melvin Neer, Des Moines; each fined $15 and costs. Failure to stop — Terry Chapman, Hopkinton; fined $20 and costs. Memorial. Friends may call at j Presbyterian missionary fund or the chapel.    I    to the pediatrics department of ---i    Mercy hospital. Mrs. M. E. Nye Marie Emma Nye, 87, of 222    Erwin    SoboL Thirty-fourth street drive SE., Erwin Sobola, 59, of 358 widow of Myron E. Nye, and a Twenty-eighth avenue SW, died Iowa Deaths C. R. Weather High Tuesday ............. 59 l^)w overnight............. 41 Noon Wednesday .......... 59 2 p.m. Wednesday........... 56 Precipitation.............None    [Kewanee    Friday    afternoon. Total for March . ......... 0.76 Normal for March......... 2.48 —Hearst— (Continued from Page I.) million program devised by the Hearst family to meet the SI,A’s demands. The operations at the San Francisco bay area’s 12 centers ran smoothly. Patty’s parents had hoped the I c*ar Rapids nursing home, continuation of the program.! Born Sept. 29, 1886, in Ke-which started Fob. 22, would wanee, 111., she was married to elicit some response from the Myron E. Nye, Sept. 17, 1906. kidnapers who have not been Surviving are a daughter, heard from the last 13 days. Mrs. Charles Thomas, Cedar However, the SLA failed to Rapids; a brother, Edward issue another communique. i Parents, Cedar Rapids; three Reagan Asks Prayers grandchildren; three great-.    ,    „    , ,    _    ,    grandchildren, and one great- As the food handout proceed- great-grandchild. od, Gov. Ronald Reagan asked | services: Turner chapel east | vrha ~ Ceda*r Rapids i grand for prayers for the safe and L* i go n m Frirt .v hv tho Rnv    ’ Cedar KaPlGS; a quick return of Miss Hearst. j charjes r Mehaffey. Burialdauehter and 3 crandson- “No one can fail to be moved Cedar trihutmg to the deliquency of a minor for his stroll. —Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) reports represented a “gross distortion of its contents.” Not “Accusatory” than two percent. Sen. Willard Hansen (R-Ccdar Fills}, senate schools committee chairman, argued that this rewarded schools with the greatest enrollment losses with more state aid than they were entitled to. Under the sliding scale pro- himself under a court order not to enforce liquor laws at the tavern He said he can read the order and has as much sense as the county attorney. Part of the injunction states the sheriff is enjoined from “interfering (with) or hindering the sale of beer or alcoholic beverages” at the tavern. Grant s,aid the order should Cedar    Rapids    resident    most    of    suddenly Wednesday in Cedar her life,    died    Tuesday    in    a    Ce-1    Rapid*. Born in Germany in 1914, he had been a resident of Cedar Rapids since 1952. He had been employed by Penick & Ford for the last 22 [years, and was a member of [Grain Millers union local IOO. (Married to Anna Hendrych in November, 1938, in Czechoslovakia, he came to the United States in 1952. Surviving besides his wife are a daughter, Mrs. Clarence Memorial cemetery. Toledo — Kenneth Davidson, by the anguish that this tragic (Friends may call at the Turner 69. Kewanee, 111. Services in,situation has meant for Miss chapel east. Hearst and her family,” Reagan!    __ said in Sacramento. “So I ask every church and Independence — Mrs. Chena l0 w . ,    Mrs.    Marvin Cheadle Normal    through March ... 5.02    -R^iey' _ Charles Ladd.!, "*>    1 aSk ?VCry    and    Mary Ann    Cheadle, 70.    of 2015 Total for    1974      2.72    White’s    in Independence    temple    and    citizens of    all faiths    Third street    SW, wife of    Marvin Brooklyn — Edward J. Stir-!to make this weekend a time of cheadle, died Monday after a mman,    81. Body donated to prayer    for    the safety    of Miss    brief illness.    Born near    Parnell department at the I Hearst    and    her quick    return to    I March daughter and a grandson Services: 1:30 p.m. Saturday in Turner chapel west by the Very Rev. Canon D A. Loferski. Burial: Linwood. Friends may call at Turner chapel west. 29.64 80% Barometer, falling .. Humidity at noon .... Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p.m. S at 21 mph. umvenratyd0f“iowa"' Memorial I"ear,S' ana„ner dulcK roturn w! March 5. 1903. she had resided mass Saturday at 2, St. Pa- ner lamiIy.    in Cedar Rapids since 1910. trick’s Catholic church. A me-i--She    was    a    retired    elementary Sun rises Thursday, 7:33; sun    ,flindhaJL J500? Am J am    Ischool teacher, was a member sets 7:04.    I    h£    WOW    ChrVSier    I of St. Ludmila's Catholic church Year Ago 'Imlay — High, 50; pital. Ghana. Nevcnhoven’s. Williamsburg — Madeline' (Mrs. Mike) Courtney, 75. Ser-I vices Thursday at 1:30, McAn-' low. 40; rainfall, l l Traveler's Forecast Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo .........Cloudy    18-1   PtCldy 58-32 .. PtCldv 62-37 PtCldy 55-32 . Cloudy 43-25 PtCldv 46-33 PtCldy 53-35 ..PtCldv 60-38 . PtCldv 42-25 .PtCldy 30-15 . PtCldy 70-40 .Cloudy 51-23 . . Xloudy 30-9 Bismarck .... Chicago ■ Cincinnati .. Cleveland . .. Des Moines . Detroit ..... Indianapolis . Kansas City Milwaukee . Mpis.-St. Paul Okla. City . .. Omaha ...... Sioux Falls .. Degree Days Tuesday ................ 23 Total to date ..... .. 5.320 Through March 5, 1973    5,599 Percent of normal year 80.24% Total normal year ..... 6,631 Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 675.41 Births — St. Luke's March 5 — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mayes, 2335 Blake boulevard SE, a daughter. Births — Mercy March 5 — To the families of Harold Dawson, Lisbon, a daughter; Dennis Klein. 1*238 Tenth street NW, a son; Walter llanimill, 1190 McGowan boulevard, Marion, a son. Marriage Licenses Mary Baker and Charles Bain, Nikki Weaver and Gregory Harplett, all of Cedar Rapids. Patricia Roberts, Hiawatha, and Robert Anton, Modesto, Calif. Lucille Kern. Relic Plaine, and Charles Dorward, Cedar Rapids. Janet Varner. OTTAWA (AP) — Prime Min-Keokuk, and Rickie Gail, Cedar jster Trudeau’s minority Liberal Rapids. Sandra Offerman and' inch’s in Victor Manchester — Alma Dutton Barr, 76. Services Friday at 1:30, Shelly’s, where friends    A    g e n    c    y    Wednesday    ordered may call after 7 Thursday. Chrysler Corn to recall R*>5 OOO Elkader — Louisa A Goss- nr>sler 1 orP- 10 reca11 man, 87. Services Friday at    1973    model    passenger    cars    — Clayton Center. Witt’s, where Lu.. t4 r lf ...    . friends may call atter noon    output    •    to Thursday.    'correct a defect in the air pollu- North Lihtrty — Lucinda Belt/, 60. Services Friday at % I    contr°l system. at Beekman-Butherus, where Order Chrysler n ll one AAA!and secretary 01 the Linn' Reca lf K5jB00 Co“n,yFLshandGan’('ciub-, Surviving in addition to her WASHINGTON (UPI) ~ The husband are a sister, Catherine Environmental Protection1^’ ^an’ Tledar Rapids, and three brothers, Louis and John W a I s h , Cedar Rapids, and James Walsh, Oakland. Calif. Services: 9:30 a.m. Thursday in St. Ludmila’s Catholic church % , S by the Rev. Robert Cizek. Rosa- th(, nartv ry: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Jan TU    i    ft « j i aaa eba-Kuba funeral home west, The action also affected 1.000 wh fripnfK. friends may call after HU 1974 model trucks    Here    friends may call after I Thursday.    |    irucfcs.    p m. Wednesday. B u r i a I: St. \v>st Union - Addy Phillips.! In the first large scale recall Michael's cemetery, Holbrook. 97. Services Friday at 3 at ordered by the EPA, Adminis-,     ll Burnharn-W°°d’s.    trator Russell Train said “vir- c r r \A/ n Winthrop — Rose N.    bara    c.    b.    Wells Zimpfer, 80 of Santa Rosa, tua!l ‘ the cars would emit Sara E Sedj k w j, 8J Calif. Fawcett’s.    nitrogen oxides “considerably f . resident of 836 Fifth Oelwein — Orville Soptr, 59. above the federal emission stan-    ‘ ‘    '    , Services Thursday at 2 ai dard ”    avenue    SE. died Tuesday in a Brant’s.    .    Waterloo    Care    Center.    Born    in Garnavillo John Schaub, ‘he defect cited is a tempera- st. Ixiuis May 18, 1892, she came 83. Services Friday at 11 at St. j lure sensing device that ac-Un portal- RaniHc in ibm Paul Lutheran church. Tucckc tivatcs an exhaust gas recircu-1    had    bTn    a lation system designed to re duce nitrogen oxide emissions. Chrysler must submit a recall plan within 30 days. The procc-jrjed manufac- Springville. She was a member —Israel— (Continued from Page I.) apparently were seeking to foment tension out of unhappiness with strides toward peace worked out hr/ Secretary of State Kissinger. “It has become known that a great deal of tension exists on the line with Syria,” the newspaper Ycdioth Ahronoth said. The National Religious party. Labor’s traditional coalition partner, had refused to join the new government because Mrs. Meir would not agree to rcli-legislation it demanded, switch was indicated by leader, Yitzhak Rafael, who said in a radio interview: “Will Influence” , posed by this committee, Han-Philip Lacovara, counsel for sen sajd each school with a the special    prosecutor’s office,    declining enrollment    would re-    read    the “,e^al sa,e”    rather disclosed at the court session    ceive f.tate aid more    in propor-    ^an    the sale, that the sealed report is not ac-1 tion to the loss of students suf-1 county hoard of super-cusatory.    fered    visors    revoked the tavern’s beer At the same time he noted    and liquor licenses last month that it is pertinent to the house    Example    Given    after a hearing based on a com- impeachment inquiry.    For    example, if a school had plaint by the sheriff. The injunc- Lacovara    in supporting trans-    a 197^74 enrollment    of IOO stu-    tion    bars the    enforcement of mission of    the report to the    dcnts based on state    aid of $20°    that    revocatlon    whiIe an    appeal house said precedents would Ppr student in 1973, it would re- is pending with the state beer no. bar such action even rn the ™iw S'96 iw    lf « **- and liduor contro1 case of accusatory present- ^ered an enrollment decline of    , ments “even though that is not:two studentsin 1974-75 under the    C y | J ivan    S what is at issue in this case.” i house s fixed Kale. It would re-Lacovara also said it would ce,Vd ,the1.same $196 under thp! be‘‘an unreasonable and unrea- seda!€® ,din^ ^caje; listic construction” of grand , J1 ’ the school lost 15 stu-1 jury secrecy rules to hold that ^ts ,l rwou,d redelv« theJar™ “the impeachment process .    -sjudent    |or 1974-75    UAt-rB which is of tremendous imper-    “n£er the/‘xed scaje    bat    only    on the    Iowa.voter* lance to this country should be    $175 Per student under    the    sen-    were outlined Tuesday night by excluded.”    ate s sliding scale.    Harry Sullivan of Ryan, can- addition to lawyers from    .. ansen taldtb^ senate    that    djdate jor the Democratic nom- ..    .    ,    the most difficult adiustment House the special |f    schoois o{ ali sj7PS to m.jkr ination for the Second district prosecutor’s office and the ,    1    1? V house judiciary committee, I ,rJV0 v.es. enrodmcn' decreases    congress,    . counsel for all seven defendants of “Pto.two Pefcen^ , u Speaking before members of were present for Wednesday’s^ he. ^nucd; under the Meat Cutters and Butcher hearing    sca sch°°l districts with Workmen local P-3, Sullivan Opposes Release    student losses up to 2 percent said the economy, the energy would fare worse than those'crisis and the credibility of our government are inseparable ees Three Issues in Election Drive Three issues he believes are In the White John Wilson, counsel for with greater losses. former presidential aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlich-man. already has notified Sirica by letter that he would argue that the grand jury had no authority to issue its sealed report. In his letter Wilson said the He said 74 percent of the state’s public school enrollment is in schools wftich will suffer anticipated losses of less than 5 percent. The fixed scale, it was con-grand jury “has no power to do ceded, gives small schools other than indict or ignore, ll. water financial support than    dividends and fringe moo n/\f rn ol/n piwm ol    ’    I fhPV    pnr itlnn TA    (    .    . benefits, real average weekly issues. “The economic situation is much graver than Mr. Nixon wants us to believe,” said Sullivan. “His economic message claimed that last year ‘the real income of American consumers rose 8.5 percent.’ Yet if we may not make special reports. ’ i (hey are entitled to. Wilson contended tho sealed, The senate stayed with lf*darnings were d“own7.6 percent report “prejudices our clients house in aiding some 18 to 19 and should turned to the the court’s instructions that I mittee amendment to retain the in 1973 — the effect of an 8.8 Allenstcin. Williamsburg; — Mrs. Elsie Fletzer. 79. Services Friday at United Presbyterian church. Friends may call at Jones’ after 9 Thursday.    Ll Fairfax Mary A. Movni- dure als0 requires the telephone operator for Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. for a number of year*-’,. She was mar-to Plem Wells in 1960 in Services Friday at lurer to pay the costs of fixing of TrinU Methodist church. St. Patrick s Catholic the defect. ban, 74 10:30 at church. Rosary at 8 Thursday at Tea hen chapel, Cedar Rapids, where friends may call after 3 Thursday. Confidence Vote Won by Trudeau —Energy— [Continued from Page I.) said a veto was George Marion. Vozenilek, both of Fires Furnace materials 1:40 p.m. Tuesday ignited combustible at 511 C avenue NW. 2:33 p.m. Tuesday. Mal-function of alarm at Third government has fought off a second no-confidence motion in live days despite criticism of its Besides the price rollback and economic policies by all opposi- unemployment provisions, he tion parties.    particularly    attacked    a    provi- The Liberals, who hold 109 of jsion to make low interest loans 264 seats in the house of!available for financing install- Survivors are a daughter, Pauline Straner, Apache Junction, Ariz.; four sons. Norman Cohea. Waterloo, Melvin Cohea.i Clinton. Harold Cohea, Washing-ergy Office said a veto was a ton. IXC., and Arnold Cohen, mistake.    Des    Moines; 26 grandchildren But Nixon argued that the bill and ll great-grandchildren, had been loaded down with Services: 10:30 a m. Friday in amendments that would do Turner chapel west by the Rev. : Ernest Hanson of Trinity church. I Burial: Czech National. Friends! more harm than good. Loan Provision -tm t and Sixteenth avrruic SE. cornrru)ns' werr aKa’n rescued! lion of storm windows and heat ing units. This could result in 2:41 p.m. Tuesday. Gas odor by members of the New Demoat 1305 Second street SW.    erat ic* party Tuesday night The Magistrate’s Court vote against the Conservative Speeding — Maty Otstott, motion was 129-109. Tut) Ninth avenue. Marion:    ___ |    ,    . John Reader, 701 Nineteenth    ~T    The time has passed for po- Ktrect NW; John Sweeney, I hnrALlo I Anrlv/ laical debate and posturing that :n, K„  .....1    HHV, SF; tiny onocoiaTe v^anayj^ fa|s<.    .•    mm    ^ ii.:/],.,,!7!,,'iwm['Wm'tLmw Recalled by FOA Ho urged congress to enact NW; Bobbie Palmer, 417 Sixth    ...    quickly a    series of emergency .street SE; Richard Leitz, Gres-!    «AMU NG    IDN (Al I Alter    measures    lie has proposed in- co; each fined $30 arid cosh    4/ r uses oi    food poisoning tho    »• I■ w|irii» a    windfall profit tax on Bunsen* Si Wi£r>^nr-: Kood and, ls)ru« Administration:oil |)r^ucers    a different Douglas * De Long, 2321 Mead- announced I ne* day the recall of unemployment insurance plan. ow lane NE; Mary Kindall, chocolate Lastei aud ( hristmas    In other    developments: 2919 Elaine drive NW; Leonard candy imported from Canada.    Th(.    house    votcd    Tuesday to (torn ' Bhd nit old*; | M)A said aJ* chocolate j ro|| ||H* wholesale price of Kent drive ('«uid\ produced by Begentjp,.Qp.,ne ^as j()    May 15, 1973, levels, lf approved by the sen- may call at Turner west until ll) a rn. Friday The casket will not bo opened after the service. Memorial Services Hu'tson. Archie I). Services were conducted Wednesday at I p.m. in St. Wonctslaws outlays for federally guaranteedchurch by Mercy Hospital loans of billions of dollars, he ( haplain tamis Gustillo. Burial: said. t 'hmrlirek, SW; Robert Karen Krai 6811 Kent NE: each fined $20 and costs. Chocolates, Ltd., in St. Hya-| Follow too clos©    Newellicinlhe, Quebec, and distributed Sc hoc Ii, route one, Cedar Rapids; fined $20 and costs. Driving left of center line — (under 16 labels is being drawn from the market. with ate that would mean a substantial reduction for users, most of whom are in rural areas. Cedar Memorial. Arrangements by Cedar Memorial funeral home. Fee. Mary Ann Seek I p.m. Thursday in ’Peahen el lapel by the Rev. Edmund Becker. Adams. Catharine Lovell Private services were held in Turner chapel east at '3 p.m. Wednesday b\ the Very Rev. Carton D. A. Loferski. Mitchell, \nna M. Tut tier chapel west at 1:30 p.m. Thursday by the Rev. Robert Bouton. Burial: Fairfax cemetery. Martin, Ham W. Turner chapel east at 3 p.m. Thursday by the Very Rev. Canon I), A. Loferski Burial: Linwood cemetery. Philips Addle J. Burnham-Wood f u n i' r a I home. West Union, at 3 p.m. Friday Burial: West Union cemetery “The quick and unexpected developments in the last 12 hours that made Moshe Dayan return to his position will undoubtedly have an influence on the NRP.” He also refused to say what the developments were. Mrs. Meir planned a meeting with Religious party leaders to urge them again to come in with her. She has reserved three seats for them in the cabinet, and restoration of the coalition would give her 68 of the 120 seats in parliament, or a safe majority of 16. Before the cabinet meeting Tuesday night. Mrs. Meir won an overwhelming vote of confidence from more than 500 of the 615 members of the Labor party's central committee. Meanwhile, President Hafez Assad of Syria said Wednesday that the Soviet Union is pressing his country t«> attend Arnh-lsraeli peace talks in Geneva. “But we shall go to the Geneva conference only when tangible progress is achieved on tin* question of military disengagement between Syria and Israel in the Golan Heights.” Assad told the Beirut magazine .Vs Savyad ;n an interview Assad’s interview appeared a few hours before he met with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko in Damascus for the second time in a week to discuss what a government spokesman described as Syria’s terms for an over-all Middle East .settlement. Khan Degree CINCINNATI (AP) Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban will be awarded an honoray doctor of laws degree from the University of Cincinnati. be expunged or re- property-rich schools however.    increase    jn consumer ie grand jury with j by voting down a schools com- pric(,s a£,ains( a 7 2    jn. ........  .    .    .    ,    crease in average hourly earn- their act was wholly illegal and present law which phases out a improper.”    $200 per pupil state aid program Leaks Cited    *to tbem June ^ 1975- Wilson expressed concern that    Continue Aid Because they are property-”ich. these districts raise so much in taxes through the uniform 20-mill levy, that applies to all districts, that they would not be entitled to state aid under the present formula. However, the 1973 legislature'3^ Fixation of the oil industry provided that each district    In this    f>rst step we    must    re- Wilson    also    argued    that    only    a,wou|d receive at least $200 per    move aecial breaks,    thus    recourt    “in    the    real    sense    of    the    student state aid regardless of    quiiing    the industry to pay    th< material given to the house committee would quickly leak to news media. “If there are more leaks in the District of Columbia than in the district courthouse, it is in congress,” Wilson said. “The leaks up there are big enough to drive a truck through.” ings. ’ Sullivan also attacked oil depletion allowances,, foreign tax credits, and expensing intangibles, available to oil companies as a form of “tax welfare” intended to aid in the search and development of new energy supplies. “We are ready,” he said, “to take the first sten toward ration* word” can obtain grand jury in- how much revenue    it    realized    sarne taxes, at the same    rates, formation. He    specifically    ex-    from the 20-mill levy.    and    under the same Ju^s< as eluded a congressional commit- Tho h()us^ voted to continue the rest of American industry, tee, including an impeachment this aid indefinitely. The senate At the heart o any issue, inquiry, from his definition of a|move to keep the June 30. 1973 concluded Sui ivan, is govern-court    phase-out    deadline    lost    on    a    24    mentaI credibility. Until we m- Wilson went    on to    allege    that    to 24 tie vote.    stall    men and women rn    office his clients “are held    up to    ridi-j    A Bnal note on the    bill was    ex-    u    J1! K1?1* n________ peeled Wednesday afternoon. aile” in the news media. Nixon Will Veto Education Bi WASHINGTON (API - Pres- be it in the executive or the legislative branch — we will continue to be plagued with the problems of inefficient and ineffective policy formulation and execution." Governor Is for Nixon Departure WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Gov. Francis Sargent Italian President Asks Premier To Try Again ROME (AP) — President Giovanni Leone tapped outgoing ident Nixon said Tuesday that Premier Mariane Rumor he would be forced to veto a Wednesday to form Italv’s new; Pcncbnl» education bill because ,    ‘    certain provisions on funding gov cr in.    jor grants "would create a ku_ Rumor, a 58-year-old Chris- reaucratic nightmare.” tian Democrat, accepted with |n a |etter ,0 <jen Harrison of Massachusetts said Wednes i est i v at ions and wasn t expect- Williams (l)-N.J.l, chairman of day1 that the country would be cd to make his final decision (he senate labor and public wel- better off if President Nixon left known until after trying to put fare committee Nixon said the'°B*ce and Vice-president Ford together another center-left co-[senatp bi!, to provide federa, ai(, replaced him. almon government. No partyU0 elementary and secondary drn 1 think impeachment commands a majority in th(Ueducation “differs en greatly would upset the country.” Sar-It.dian parliament.    from what I consider to be U^nt said, “and I don’t agree No one, I believe, can un- form i would be forced to veto with the suggestions that Ford derestimate the difficulties of desirable that, in its present wouldn’t be up to the job. the task that I am facing,” it »    think    the contrast of Ford Rumor said.    Among areas Nixon said he being an open and frank person h u rn o r resigned Saturday found lacking are categorical would be a contrast that should atta eight months as [tenner, grants, a new category of im- he refreshing His four-party coalition broke,pact aid to jm,as ()f high fedoral up over how to tackle Italy s government employe residency Given up on th.it electric gui-eeonornic ills, which have mien- andformulas for aid to disad- tar? 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