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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weath er~ C h a n c e of min through Friday. Ixiws tonight 30ft and «0s. Highs Friday in 40s. VOL!IMF 02 NUMBER 56 %lie HMar ftatptfk #H3f CD CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES PORTION BOOSTED Strikeover; Increased 14.2 Million NewColSOIT, Rritich Fnri    Gallons    Over    February CLri:r|,mail lllwll LUU WASHINGTON 0 PI) The I courage oil production and [■ ll I 11 ll SVS Cl ll —UPI Telephoto President Nixon stops to chat with Sarah McClendon following his Wednesday night news conference. Miss McClemdon is a correspondent for a number of Texas newspapers. Nixon Holding Back, Probers Told 3>Day Week LONDON (UPI) Federal Energy Office said make fuel shortages worse Thursday that Iowa's gasoline But the rollback immediately allocation for March will be 88 8 popped up again as the house percent of gasoline demand for j added a modified version to a March, I972. In February, Iowa;bill for establishing a Federal The gov-1 received 86 percent of February Energy Administration Indictment ernment Thursday ended a crip-i^72 gasoline levels pling three-day work week im lowa wi" receive "S 4 million posed on industry since Dec. .'II and announced that it is restor- gallons in March 14 2 million higher than the 104.2-million gallon February allocation - or ing normal five-day working at 88 8 percent of 1972 levels midnight Friday.    j    The    FEO    said    the    March    allo- The announcement was made cations will give every state by Erie Varley. secretary for more gasoline than in February, energy in Prime Minister some of them more than they Harold Wilson's new Labor used in March. 1972 party minority government He said a return to normal 8.0.1 Billion Senator Henry Jackson (D-Wash ), author of the vetoed energy bill, said he would try again to roll hack oil prices, but said he would work with the administration toward a stripped-down emergency hill authorizing gasoline rationing and other fuel-saving measures. Nixon declined, in his WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal grand jury Thursday indicted former White House aides John Ehrlichman and Charles Colson on a charge of violating the civil rights of Daniel Ells-berg’s psychiatrist Indicted with Ehrlichman and Colson were G. Gordon Liddy, alleged mastermind of the Ells-berg burglary, and three Cuban-news Americans — Bernard Barker, a Eugenio Martinez and Filepe De working was possible as a result, conference, to speculate on The FEO said the March sup-; lifting of the Arab oil embargo ^>ego, all of I-—1--* *■    •• -...... —1 Martinez Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON - The house judiciary committee was told Thursday that President Nixon has refused to yield ad the evidence sought for its, impeachment inquiry. John Dour, the committee’s chief impeachment ilawyer, reported that Nixon has offered only material dealing with Watergate and has rejected — at least for the time (being — requests for other materials, including some White House tapes. The committee decided against issuing a subpoena at this time. Chairman Peter Ro dino (D-N.J.) urged withdrawal of a motion by Rep Robert Dri-nan (D-Mass.) for a subpoena until the committee has had a chance to examine the material Nixon has promised to deliver. Hoar made inis report after the committee, voted unanimously to insist that it be given a sealed grand jury report on Nixon’s handling of the Watergate case. i Doar, who informed Judge John Sirica Wednesday the committee wants the material, asked for the committee vote to emphasize the importance of the request. . St. ClMir’s Points Doar said’ James St, Clair, Nixon’s chief Watergate lawyer, rejected some of the committee’s requests for material in a letter dated Wednesday. He said (St. ("lair made three points: President” involved Watergate alone. That the committee needed no White House evidence othe (Photo on Picture Page) than materials furnished specia Watergate prosecutor I .eon J a worski. That he was confident the house panel, after examining the evidence, would exonerate Nixon. News Conference Nixon has offered to give sworn testimony, in writing or in a White House interview, to speed the impeachment inquiry. But some congressional Republicans had already questioned whether he would be open enough. Nixon told a television-radio news conference Wednesday night he will surrender to the house judiciary committee all tapes and documents made available earlier to Jaworski, besides making himself available for questions Although Nixon labeled his offer as “very forthcoming.” he hedged at promising to provide other evidence the panel might seek. And he said it would be improper for him to submit to cross-examination Not “Responsive” Rep John Rhodes of Arizona, the house Republican leader, said it appears Nixon “has opted for disclosure and cooperation ” But he said ‘‘every rele- That (br* “case against the vant fact and piece of evidence Price Index Rises Slower Inflation Rate simply must be furnished to the, was informed then that it might judiciary committee if we are to; take $1 million to ensure silence WASHINGTON (UPI) High er costs of food, fuels and metals pushed wholesale prices up an average of 15 percent in,prices welcome but February, the government re i that no conclusions President Nixon’s Council of Economic Advisers, called the less explosive rise in wholesale he added could be ported Thursday. The increase made for about one month and was Hie smallest advance in “in any event there is a long four Months suggesting a way to go slowdown in the nation s worst Stein said ‘‘victory against in-inflation since right after World Ration will not come quickly war 1.4    bul still was at an an-1 and will require steadiness of nual l ate of increase of 18 per policy iii the face of good or bad cent.    short-term    news.” After adjustment for seasonal The February increase left factors, wholesale prices only wholesale prices 203 percent went up 12 percent last month, above a year earlier. It will or at an annual rate of 14 4 per- mean a continuing rise in retail cent*.    prices in the coming days, TO.- I i pc rem! un;   w^*cs and    “ «* hl«h,'r Jim. IncrciMf ii. Fcbrui.ry was | wholesale prices are passed lese* than hall the January advance of 3.5 percent, which we,ii exceeded since HHK only bv it 5.8 percent Jump last Angust Herbert Stein chairman of J down to consumers. Hic labor d e part rn e n t ’ s bureau of labor statistics said wholesale prices of farm prod 11lets and processed foods and i Continued Page 3. Col 3. > have any hope of resolving this matter.” But Rep. Robert McClory *R-III.) said of the letter from St. Clair, responding shortly before the news conference to a committee request for data: “I don’t think it’s satisfactory It doesn't appear to be responsive.” When Nixon outlined at the news conference his offer of at least limited cooperation, he declared. “I believe that that will serve the purpose.” He expressed strong opposition to letting the committee go to the White House and ‘‘paw through it on a fishing expedition.” Other Subjects Continuing Watergate inquiries dominated the 39-minute session with newsmen, Nixon’s second in nine days. But the seemingly relaxed President also said: “The best advice I can get is that there will not be a recession in 1974.” Ile opposes public financing of federal election campaigns, an idea with strong congressional support, because he regards individual giving as a healthy thing and because use of tax dollars to finance one party or the other would mean “taxation without representation" for citizens of opposing views. March 21 Meeting The President appeared to break some new ground in discussing his taped March 21. 1972. meeting with ousted colin J sol John Dean and former staff hief ll. R Haldeman Dean has testified that Nixon by those originally convicted of participation in the Watergate breakin, and that Nixon said raising the money would be no problem. In subsequent testimony, for which he last week was indicted on a perjury charge. Haldeman reported that Nixon said the money could be raised but that it would be wrong. At an August news conference. Nixon supported Haldeman s recollection. Perjury Question Asked to explain Haldeman’s perjury indictment in light of the grand jury, Nixon said he told Dean payment of hush money would have to be linki'd to a grant of executive clemency and that extending clemency would be wrong “I meant that the whole transaction was wrong,” Nixon said, acknowledging that others hearing the tape “may reach different interpretations" He added: “I know what I meant, and I know also what I did.” Denying he ever authorized clemency or payment of hush money, Nixon said that as soon as Dean told him that day of the Watergate cover-up, the policy was one of full disclosure ” Saying he wants the impeach (Continued: Page 3, Col 4.1 Miami. Barker of a peace settlement in the 3*2-1 of    8as°bne would total 8 03    against    the U.    S., but said    the    and Martinez had been    sen- week-old strike hv 280 000 mal billion    gallons, averaging out to    chances    were    improved by    dip-    fenced to jail earlier for    their mjners    around    89    6 percent of the lomatic progress toward disen- Part 'n    ^ original Watergate But much of industry will take Marc*L 1972. base period levels, gagement of Arab arid Israeli breakin some time to get back into full The new allocations were ad- f°rces in the Middle East.    The indictment charged that production because the shorten- justed    for growth in numbers of    "Indicating    what they    (the    the defendants engineered the ed work week disrupted the flow t ars so that no state should    Arabs)    would    do might    lead    breakin at the Beverly    Hills of raw materials and component hav<* a shortfall of more than 15 them to do otherwise,” he said, office of Dr. Lewis Fielding parts.    percent    between    the    1972    base    Arab Review    with intent to search for con- Maintenance men began pre Period and the new supplies, the Arab oil ministers are sohed-1^    mf°rmation concerning paring the coal pits Thursday FE0 said    uled to meet in Cairo    Sunday I)anl<‘1 Ellsberg. just hours after the leaders of The eight states with supplies    to review their policies, an    Earlier    Indictment the miner s union reached a equal to more than the    base    Egyptian oil ministry    spokes- $230-mi!lion-a-year wage agree- period consumption were    Alas-    man said The lifting of    their oil ment in 12 hours of bargaining ka, Kansas, Louisiana, Minneso-with the National Coal Board. ,ta. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Threw (.ut Guideline ITeXaS and Wyom,n« ; The FEO said its goal is to The settlement was the first make pure no state varies more order of business for Wilson s than 5 percent from the national * Labor government which average “Equality” a speech to the National (Continued Page 14, Col. 3.) Golda Seals Coalition for Israeli Rule new took office Monday after displacing Edward Heath’s Conser vatives    in the general election'    „ # last week    i    Governors    Conference, preced To get the settlement, the gov- inR FEO announcement. ^jQoj^M^emereed trium^ant with the ,eak of the Pcntagon eminent threw out th* 7 Decent IerSy chief William Simon said , a ,fMr (mn^d triumphant p vv    /    percentL ... alternation to aetlfrom two months of political!    .    .    .    .    , I*. # ?    $,    attempting rn get    Thursday    as    th* National The #rand    also    indicted “state by    state equality.” He    "”,s    Inursaay    as the    /vat onat;    «*    counts    of    refuMine said that    in April, no state    | ReliRious    party    indicated    ,t[    on two counts    of    relUrtnf A Ijos Angeles county grand jury has already indicted Ehrlichman. Liddy and David Young, a former White House aide who helped lead the ; “plumbers” unit on charges of conspiracy and burglary in the Ellsberg case. Trial is slated to begin April 15. The burglary took place on Sept. 3, 1971, when Ellsberg was under indictment in connection join her government and a majority in parlia- a new to testify mittee. before a house com- anti-inflafion ceiling on pay raises which the Conservatives ..    .    .    ... tried to defend in the elections. sa‘ J3 m fjr ’ #tno    7*7”| would u„.„ I would have an allocation    above Even before the voting, how- g,.    1972 remand    give her    _ ________ ___ ______ ever, it was generally conceded ?rcent of 1972 demand.    Liddy    already    1S    semng    a that whichever party won would Simon    also said    he was con- ^rs    announced    a new    sentence tor contempt    of court put aside the ceiling to end the s,dmnK    e"d,n& a    Sunday-ctos-jcabinet    of    socialists and    liberals    f°r his refusal to testify    before a strike. And the settlement that J1* °!^r    [Wednesday night    an    hour before    grand jury. was accepted was proposed bv a gave no indication when a ^    .    deadjme    inking    Liddy    wa?    sentenced    to serve fact-finding pay board appoint- J™1 J*!51?? "ou'd L™ ' tired,    she    told President    a maximum    of 20    years    for    hts od by Heath's government. L l LL L LL LA,    Ephraim    Katzir    in    a subdued    ro|o '» 'ho June 17.    1972 breakin The miners will get an|^ur*'* a l0*    ™    ,1. * voice that    she was able    to form'*4 Democratic national    commit- average increase of 22 percent j    tourism    industries.    '    f Government made up of her j4** headquarters with the lowest category of    Labor party, the independent    Lying    Charges basic pay increasing from (91.171 sa'd «“res ®" P^'outs'V Llbera]s and ,hrpe Arab |e(,js)a. Ehrijchman als0 was charficd to *71.30 a week and the highest;'    * *'•    •''PP    tors affiliated with Labor    .with one count of lying to FBI from $94 till to $103 50. Bonuses    '°*    "    Agreed    To    Join    agents and three counts of lying for shift    work and    other    benefits. I.Pf”'"1 oft™ '■ -    Mo    .. to a grand    iurv    about    the    activi- „ .ii    .oo    on    iHH.finnoi    «i« in188 high as 110.7 percent, and the    I That    lineup commands only 58    grana    jury    aooui    me    acuvi will mean an additional 518.4U,    .    .    0    ties ol the n I urn ben national average was 84 3    per-of the    120 seats    in the    knesset,!    * cent of March 1972 levels. I Israel’s parliament. But she    indictment    alleged    that The FEO said the March allo-1 told newsmen the leaders of the ?n y 27’    ®    Krogh    and .. u u    ♦    Wniimnnc nartv Tatar’*: traHi 1 Young sent a memorandum to cations should prevent    any    Religious party,    leaoor    s tradi-    * The    size    of    the proposal re-1jarce    shortages such    as necessi-atonal coalition partner. ha(j    Ehrluhman which    discussed a suited    from    the pay board    s dis- tated    two pmergency    allocations    agreed in principle to join thej^<|J,est l«Sr?are    * psych,atric covery late    in    the election    cam-;for certain states in February,    government before she submits    sU,d>' on Ellsberg^ the cabinet lo the knesset Sun-    Kr,°«h "as Pled    ,sdllly10,a day for a vote of confidence I slnK|e l harGc of vlolat,nG f ,eld' mean for most of the underground force. Approval Formality paign that the miners, who ra-j new aji0{.a(jon takes into ditionally hav'e gotten more account the three additional money than other manual labor-days jn \|arc^    fact    that ers, had slipped to seventh moro gasoline is being proplace because their earnings dumj, now that heating oil re-vvere being computed on a (*!**! quirements are down, ferent basis from that of other workers. The settlement, $29 million Continued: Page 3, Col. 3 J    i The Keligious party's IO seats '"G s civil rights and is semng would give Mrs Meir Oft votes in a,s“ Tonth sfnt?!T al a ,ed"' th<, knes„,t    al prison at Allenwood, Pa. The Religious party's execu.| Krogh agreed to cooperate with tive committee voted 30-17 to re- Senate Upholds Nixon Veto Tells Donation Delivery To Stans, Bid for Help Senate Kills Pay WASHINGTON i.APi The senate late Wednesday sustained President Nixon’s veto of the emergency energy bill, in eluding a price rollback of | crude oil prices, by a vote of 58 to 40 Nixon later praised the vote tract its previous refusal to join the new government after government sources circulated reports of a Syrian military build-{up on the Golan heights and the prosecutors. Money from Colson The indictment also alleged that on July 28. 1971, E. Howard Hunt sent Colson a memo which discussed a proposal to ‘‘obtain Ellsberg’s files from his psychi- the party’s central committee today approved participation in!atric analyst.’ the government The party The indictment alleged that (Continued: Page 14. Col. I »    :    (Continued Page 14, Col. I.) ncrease WASHINGTON it I’ll The senate Wednesday killed a pay raise for members of congress, high level officials in the administration and members of the federal judiciary. The senate voted 69 28 to disapprove the pay increase rec (unmended by President Nixon It would have been congress’ first pay raise since 1969 Unless the senate or house had acted, the pay raise, including $10,.'MMI for congressmen, would have gone into effect at midnight Saturday. IWfiii's i hucL'lr A 7-year-old kid told his folks he was going to run away just as .soon as there s a definite upward trend in the economy.    c«*vu»h« WaOtmtton    Star Nawi    Sarvica    UPW disclosure law Went    into    ef- NEW    YORK    -    The key f(Vt prosecution witness testified |n jlls nieeting with Mitchell .....— _____ r....... ......... Thursday that a business aide t« J after lunch that day. Sears tes-and predicted energy prices financier Robert \esco asked j tified he remarked. “I hope would stop rising and maybe Maurie knows what he's doing ” [start falling later this year. John said, Well, I rn    sure    he    hv    sustaining    the    veto    Nixon knows his business*    Sears j said,    the    senate    “vetoed    longer sa'd    I    gas    lines and vetoed nationw ide I he New Jersey attorney said I rationing.” he reminded Mitchell that he J was still trying to get a meeting Discourage Production with William Casey, then SEC The White House has argued chairman, to complain about his that a price rollback would dis-|kwa>’ staffs investigation of Vesco Nixon Fund-raiser .Maurice [Stans for help in a government fraud probe when he turned over a briefcase containing $200,000 as a secret campaign donation. Attorney Harry Sears said Laurence Richardson told Stans, “Mr Vesco wants me to deliver a message . . he'd like to get some help ” Seam testified that Stans replied, "That s not my department, not my bailiwick That’s John Mitchell’s department “ The New Jersey lawyer said he met with the former attorney general on Ila1 same day, told him the donation had been delivered and got an appointment that afternoon with the head of only one side of the story and! the Securities and Exchange!had an abrasive attitude toward I Revised Plan Submitted For New Shopping Center Cedar Rapid* Haws-- A site plan and |ments with three major tenants, rezoning re-j^ut has nut released the names quest were submitted this week 0f (|u, fjrniv for a large shopping center on the west side of Cedar Rapids The project, to he located west of the intersection of high-1 149 and Edgewood road LjNW. is being planned bv Hahn Let of me Bill “Let Me See” “Mr. Mitchell said. fee if I can get hold now.' ’’ Sears testified He said Mitchell talked with Casey by phone arranged an appointment for 4 p rn that day Soars testified he told Casey that the staff was giving him Today s Index is Commission Three Days After Sears, attorney for Vesco, said he and Richardson took the briefcase to Stans at campaign headquarters i ii Washington Vesco He said he naked Caney to give Yesco’s officials a I chance to present their arguments at the top SEC level Sears testified he told Vesco | after the meeting with Casey, “L Comics 26 Crossword .. 26 Daily Record ...... 3 Deaths 3 Editorial Features 6 Farm 17 Financial 27 Marion .... 28 Movies 24 Society IO 14 Sports 19-23 State .4.5 Television 16 Want Ads 2933 I Newman Development Corp [Overland Park. Ran, and [dubbed Westdale mall Originally, the site covered! acres Tfie proposed new center will be about four times the size of the Lindale Plaza shopping center on First avenue E. One of the department stores will have 190,000 square feet of °f floor space, and the other three will have 150,000 square feet each. An enclosed, two-level mall 66 I acres and included spaceU,|| have 126,600 square feet of for three department stores and space that is in addition to th* a number of small shops. Tin revised plan .submitted this week to the city planning department includes an additional 21 acres which the developer wards rezoned and calls four department stores, shops, service stations, a and other facilities April IO 1972. three days after a think I made progress Three Major Tenants The developer is believed lo have reached tentative agree- total gross leasable area of the various buildings, which is LI I million square feet. Parking Space Iii addition, more than 3.1 tor;million square t«*et of parking plus will h<» available with space for bank j about 6,300 vehicles. The site plan and zoning re quest arc si heduled for consul oration by the planning comniis- i (’ontinued Page 3, Col 6 I \ ;

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