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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A *'*,p <’c«lar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. Mar. ti. 1974 C.R. Apartment Proposal Turned Down by Planners Redmond Enters Q-L School Board Receives Race for Senate c I d rn n    i In 13th District Salary, Benefit Requests The city planning commissioni avenue NW at at a meeting attended by about;Viva    Rovvray, 30 concerned residents voted Loomis Bros, Inc Tuesday against a rezoning re- tractors, quest that would have allowed! The Loomis development was Cedar Rapids Assistant City LOWDEN The Clarence- for this class aud plans are to Attorney James Redmond Lowden Education Assn. has have two instructors, the request of Wednesday announced his can-; presented a salary proposal to •secretary of didaey for the Democratic nom the board of education which Water Line Bids Science Fair Launches New Phase of Solicitation general con construction of a 48 unit apart-;approved on the condition that a James Redmond i included an $8,000 base salary for beginning teachers. This compares to a $7,100 j base this year. Proposed fringe ! benefits and extracurricular sal- jems The about The Eastern Iowa Science fair:    and science, fanning dom PTAs Bids    on    a    waler    main    exlcn-    ^    iaunched file second    in professional societies. .    .    sion    along    Forty-second street pbase 0f jts solicitation project Ernst> a comber of the Kirk- ie in school d! ive1 education were    far    b(.iow    estimates    to raise funds to stage the 1974    wood science faculty, invited fair, scheduled for next month.    pCrsons interested in additional The lair, a non-profit organ!- Wednesday. The extension is about 2,400 but also will af- feet long, from the middle of the /at‘or| of    "    ndrnfvil ...u..j..i:_ —u Twin Pines golf course to the a»d iaymen, is *pe«tot rite of the new Life Investors 111 r'-v 011 X( 'l(>n.11 ,)U    =’ wilding at the corner of Edge-! A,most the ?nt,re    *s aries also were presented to the    board w ts informed I building at the corner of Edge-i    , board    ooaici was mtoimcu    ,    ,, .    ,    used to provide awards to out- i    .    ...    ..    .    ahoiit a nm cohniii Houoton-1 wood road and Forty-second- cu, lu The board will meet on March dD0Ut d pie school dive lop-    -    j.standing science students. ll for further discussion con- mental class that has started atjstreet inl. Tipton under the direction of the Bids were for the labor Materials, costing about $12,OOO, |^^,“^a«.00o’biiigct win be supplied by the city.    jn    lhis    yeary    Fair    President;    .    , ..    - All nine bids were below the [{*bcrt E/ns, SHld wednesday. Truck =>*r"<es tar, school calendar tor 1974-75 estimate of $15,500 for the job, | “HQweve,* we are concerned be-1 Joint County school system. Calendar Set A information about the fair to contact him, lecher or Nylin. Contributions and inquiries also can be sent to Eastern Iowa Science fair, Box 1032, Cedar Rapids. The 15th annual fair will be ! “Despite inflation and rising (held April 6-7 in the Washington y' costs, the science fair board has high school gymnasium. program will be dropped at the end of the current year. The summer program is not only expensive, .. v.m. u    II.LSf    LUIS    YIM!.    I    I UWhCU    ll IUKA. I ; ment complex    at    1935 Mt. Vcr-! new site    plan    be    submitted, non road SE.    *    *    * The commission’s recommen-, In other action, the plan com-dation still must go to the city mission approved: council for a vote.    ;    ,\    38-unit    apartment    complex • Speaking on behalf of neigh- on 3.9 acres at 3715 Johnson av-    JI [cerning the salary proposal, borhood residents. Atty. David enue NW for Richard D. Jones.    ilSSfx    /    Old    Bus L. Marner said more than IOO A 33-unit apartment complex .    4    f _    ,    .    , ., , people had signed a petition al Thirtieth street and Pioneer JU    state    senator    from Board members have decided against the rezoning    avenue sc    at    the    rennet nr Tit lhe 13,h senator,al district. to reconsider an earlier decision    _________________________ Marner also listed the follow- bel t and Mary Boxa    '    “Thc    Iowa    le«islature    mvst to trade in thc school’s oldast T*5 ,adopted by fthl* boa,rdKw,th with the aPPare1nt ,0" bid Realise less than one-third of the inc reasons for ODDOsinc the A building at Rim™ FWv abandon i,s preoccupation with bus to the Watkins Co. on a new the first day of school being nutted by Barker Excavating bdt ^ b met ” suss. rsu:»ti5Stti«s«s»r“ m,r r Mm,m!■•?   mjhstssv! ?■ r: “-r t*?    A—*-.....* ly homes border the site. * aM imum of 54 employes whoia.l| Iowans,- said the 31-year-old it as a> spare during the next jt.ion days will be included forj B j r o rnaie n.Construction ^|and professiona, societies and resulted in injuries for ie car s Vacancies in existing apart-    acco    r^n^To^i    A    resident    of    Cedar HaPlds The Watkins Co. agreed to sell | The total calendar includes [Construction Co.; $11,929 50, ^v^ich^ive supported the "fair in David W. Sacora, 22, of 1JJ9 I) ments both in the city as a    (.act    ruing    a    lete    |c.nnn 1Qi, RoHmnmi firer oi.lu,„ k.ic tn tho dictrirt with-! urn toa,.hi.irr Hoxie rii-n niarinoilr n n rn t o viamtnn-mno ('n-    .    ,    ,0. Additional c*ftOrt avenue NE, was Seated previo s y .    Mercy    hospital    for    a    possible neck injury and released. The board learned that the!Sons; $13,500, Kenway Sewer braces 27 Eastern Iowa coun CR. Man Injured A collision Tuesday involving a car and a pickup at the intersection of Williams boulevard and Sixteenth avenue SW ,nn,    r    «,.«    societies    and existing apart- I operate irucKs dispatcnect tromi" ”"'*    scb?°l yea'’    .    ..    ‘ ,    $ 1 3 8 9 0 , Hennessey Brothers are issuing reminders to groups thlTrStv IT-J the site according to a tele- A res,dent of Cedar RaPlds    The Watkins    Co. agreed to sell    lhe    total calendar    includes; Construction Co.; $11,929.50, whjch teve supported the fair in    I . the city as a    'nmnanv    «nnb«maii s‘nce    Redmond    first at-ithe new bus to the district with- tao teaching days, five clerical Co n c r e t e Maintenance Co.; of the prOMS^'dcveloOTnMit A pizza restaurant and lounge teI\dt’d Iowa State university out a trade-in.    days    and    rive paid vacation I $14,910 Kutchera Construction a,s0 js launched in other SnitConine would be inronsis «t Mt. Vernon road and Forty- and 'J™ Northwestern universt-    A Slinlml.r    driver education    days.    Co.; $9,700. Ray Bertelli and;communities since the fair cm- spot somng would br mconsis    ^    (    ^    ^    |ty, whore he received a degree| pr#aranl ,vas appr0Ved by the b o a r d. Approximately 50 students are eligible tent with the area.    second    street    SE    for Brentwood. 'traffic generated by the com- Inc plex would add to an existing building tor Home tor Aged high level of traffic on Mt. Ver- ^omen    Ivvelfth street non road SE. NW in chemical engineering in 1965. After three and a half years on active duty as a reserve officer for thc navy, he enrolled in law Police said Sacora’s car was stopped for a traffic light when Streaking Legal -Atty. General Vnd a general    objection    on    A    revised site    development    scb°o1 ld ,bt    I    mu is tv of    Iowa, And, a general    (injection    in    where he earned    a    law    degree the grounds of noise, air and    P|an    J01    an area norlh 01 u    aNe’'    ■ V«..v. 1Q7. visual nollution    nue    between    old and    new    m May. 19H. usual pollution.    Edgewood    road.    j l;pon graduation he was em- The commission voted ap- 6    *    *    *    ployed as a law clerk by Justice, „    _    ,    ...    . » Proval of a pro{iosed 96-unit Th comm|ssion denied a re. Clay LeGrand of the Iowa su-jBy Randy    I70t    _ apartment complex at 3102 Fi b    {y    ‘jd    d    Marv‘Janc    preme court and    served    in    that    DES MOINES 'EID- Iowa quest bv    Donald    and    Mary    Jane    v    nosi-l    Atty. 6en. Richard Turner said kopeckv for approval of a plan capacuy uniu taxing ini posi .    .    ctrpnt in' tion as full-time    assistant    city |    ^ ednesday tilt current streak- attorney in 1972.    I    log craze on college campuses The 13th senatorial ^strict in-1 in the state is “legal. middle school science depart-Service; $10,870, Christensen ties.    ,    .    . ment is working with the county Brothers, Inc., and $11,876.    Lee    Ernst said that, over the years,    lhe pickup driven by    Buincll I . conservation board and the Mudd Construction Co.    support also has come through    Schuetzle, 41, ol hail    tax, stiuck Ixiwden park board to establish The bids were referred to    the    gifts from individuals and from    his car from the    rear. No an area for nature study.    water    department    for    study. ,groups interested in education'charges were filed. Open Thursday ’Til 9:00 p.m. Sovern Seeks Nomination for I owa Senate to operate a printing shop their home at 716 Eighth avenue SW. Steve Sovern, 32, has announced his candidacy for nom-i n a t i o n by the Democratic party to the Iowa senate from District 15. eludes parts of northeast and Turner said a supreme court southeast Cedar Rapids and decision handed down last southern Linn and northern month ruled unconstitutional a Johnson counties. Pack 139 — The following boys received awards at Sovern.    currently    serving his    Noclridge school: Bob Richter, second    term    on    the    Cedar    Kevin Menadue, Joe Stepanek, school    Randy Robertson. Ricky Ro bertson and Mike Barnard. Rapids Community Steve Sovern .portion of the states obscenity 'law dealing with acts relating to lewd and obscene behavior j which would have prevented I streaking. The attorney general said in i the Cedar Rapids case of the State vs. Laura Kueny, the high ST. LOUIS (AP) -—The 8th;cour( ruled that the statute was Court Upholds State Hospital Back Pay Ruling SOFA.. . SLEEPER! Pack 23 — The following boys clrclllt courl of appeals has vague and as a result persons received awards at St. Matth- uPke^ an ordo; which may re-1 c-o u I cl not be arrested for the ew's church; Mike llayek. Mike “L Payrnent ol m®I^ than latest nude streaking craze. Weepier John Jensen. John Val- J?50 000 hack <«2 ;f ™' Here Kirk Dvorak. Matt Bevcn- Pf “ ?j mKe '«"a hospdaIs our. Shawn Pink. Doug Urns- nlPhed rwas ,an°rder b    District    Court    Judge William Stuart of Des Moines on a suit filed Oct. 4, 1971. bv the U.S. den. Mike Kane and Kevin Ban owetz. Pack 29 - The following boys; dVpartment'of'iabo?. The suit received awards at Hoover Mark Tom John Duffy. Watson, Stark, board, said. “My interest in seeking this position is primari-    . a'Jer’ ly generated bv mv experience    £**er-    n’un"    "mc with slate government through    Walker'    Dav,d Boel,er' Rand-V U•» an hour school affairs over the last four years He said the only possible way the situation could be changed would be by an act of the legislature to clear up the state obscenity statutes, “but as it, stands right now this craze of alleged that the hospital em-!"1* is not illeSal in ployes were not paid the statu- school:    Mark    Duffy,    David RickyItoiy'minimumwageTpartoTthcI ,Ho^v![-.‘he a,torney *?*/• tiuerin tjmp st 45 an hour and later a sa    persons    could be arrested if they were disturbing Buresh, Keith Eastin, Raymond The department also alleged tbe    *n    connection    with Haase, Todd Hartwell, Cary employes did not receive extra    streaking activities. He ut Jhavp    hnth    _tatp Logan. Kevin Vial, Craig Astor, pay for overtime.    said thcre was . no question j fpriprai    rrm prnmpnts    .    j    Scott Eaker. Scott Lauer, Fran-    Hospitals affected would be    a^cut    “the    disturbing    the peace . m«ro    Hicant    frnm    th,,    c‘s Foutsch. Dan Rennekamp,    the state hospital-schcols at    slatutes    ’    in    Iowa    law. coming more distant from the!(iary utec|M and John E|y    olenwwd and Woodward, men- Pack 83 — The following boys: tai health institutes at Clarinda, received awards at Hope Lu-[Independence, Cherokee and theran church: Brian Franck,    Mount Pleasant, the Annie Wit- Milke Worke, David Voelkers.    tenmyer Home at Davenport, people they serve while at the same time usurping more of the authority of local government. “This trend is most alarming Allamakee Appraisal Contract Is Signed WAUKON — “We had to reap- in light of the current lack of gddje yobren Jesse Walters the Iowa Security Medical Fa- Pra*se ad commercial, residen- trust in government. In order to    *    ----- —u—*«_• restore the faith and confidence of the people of this state in their own government, we must Billy Schlotfelt, Chuck Lampe, cility at Oakdale and the Iowa tia1, andf.rural r^sldentIaI Pr0P* Joey Walters and Scott Shay. Soldiers Home at Marshalltown cr>ty ,in be county to meet the Pack 70 — The following boys The back pay figures to 2.500 a e f 27 . Perccnt of niarke k n» a u    received    awards at Nixon Past and present employes of    . reJ“irfm*nt a"d df,cldrd bring tho decision making scbooj. M,ge scott Sokal the state WWpitSrts were reached uas be best met^od’ said closer to home.'’    *    ’    ’..... ------ A,f“-J ,f—-J „    Joe Dummond. Ron Rathjens. bv D°y,e Loverririge of Kansas County Assessor Alfred Hans- Sovern is manager of Nesper Davi(j Jankowski Brian Caman. City, regional administrator of meirer, explaining why Van- Sign Co. He has been a Cedar Rapids-Marion resident for 26 years, having moved here with r7^’ttn7»w,TrMT™7 his family from Monticello. He “at‘ B^-..Dan Tem11' attended    Cedar    Rapids schools    1am T'ark?• Uav,d L    tfutc    t  Bruce Hartkemeyer,    Don    Hart- and was    graduated    in    1965    from    ,    .    .... ^    kemever. Jay Cooper.    Mike isch Devin Fmrich Scott the labor department’s Em- 8uard Appraisers, Inc., of Cedar Lawrence Allen OlTrogge, And P'oymen, Standards Adminis-    • ha* been hired to com- V...» rn.., I,* T„„M tration.    pletc    the countys first appraisal -by an outside agency. i    J    I Farmland also had to be re- Man Is Sentenced on appraised but this was done bv Rape, Kidnap Counts local workers last year. The George L. Wood- Present program may take the SCHWEIGER iNDtWRiis more VINTON Swallom and Ken Morgan. receded’    "    ,    *    «f    Newell    wae sen- coming    J"    I e .    TUzmn.An    tenced    in    Benton    county    district    how    many    workers    take na Bobby Meeer    Steve Kritz!    '» a of five years in Their work must be complet Robin Tucker. Mike Benson, art: •ted Marquette university, Milwaukee. In addition to his school board work. Sovern has been active in United Community Services. He served on the CCS board of directors and executive commit- M    Andv    ,    ,.kp    ,    _rrv    —- I— j— **■     -    «    „    .......... tee (1971-73), and was chairman L . J    it    .»    r-    ■    t    charge of assault with intent to ,n Waukon and will then go of thc UCS    at-large budget com- J® J ™T C!’    'rp9n    commit rape. The two prison    to other towns and communities mittee during    that    period.    pLWo!,Lm aun^t    u.( j^r'    terms are to run concurrently.    in the county. They will visit all Woodson had pled guilty to    properties, which will involve .    -    the kidnaping charge Jan. 24.    over 3,000, and will use sale Harriot, David    Levine,    John    and p|ed gUjpy Feb. 28 to a less-    prices of the last three years as Butterfield, Bill    Fritz.    David    Pr offense from statutory rape    a basis for determining values. prison on a kidnaping charge for ta* rolls in April. 1975. and five years in prison on a Vanguard employes are start-charge of assault with intent to commit rape. The two prison Meyer, Sovern, his wife, Bonnie, and E°de,d)er8* Ray ^a*sb’ children. Grant. 6; Erie. 4. and ^'J“kas' Jeff Keri, 3. live on a farm north of Hiawatha    where    they raise live-    u it h n. n ic    ------ --------------- stock    They    attend    St.    Matth-    Hemon’ Kurl Ue 'y001’ ^enny    to the charge of assault with in-    Meantime Allamakee county Ischopp, Jerry Nelson, Jay tent to commit rape.    residents will be hit next year Murphy, Bob Boss, John Know- Woodson had been charged with the state’s equalization roles. Erie A anes tad, Grog Larson, wj(b and Kidnaping in con- quirement that increased as-. Gary f abian. Mark < hipohas,    nection with thc abduction of a    cessod values of residential Costs    3oe Brunson, (»ary Nelson, Mike    17-year-old Newhall girl Aug. 29.    property by 15 percent, com- Robertson, Kevin Hrubaker,    1973. Don Erland, 25, Newhall,    rnercial by ll percent, residen- Scott. Thompson, Mike Glesse- also charged in the ease, isftial outside city limits by 40 per-man. Jeff Rodenberg and Tim scheduled for sentencing April cent, and agricultural lands by Townley.    IL    29    percent EASY TO OPEN' ew’s Catholic church. Road Unit To Pay Part Of Marion 151 AMES — The Iowa highway commission Wednesday agreed Get it all with this Nite-N-Day sofo! The lu xury of a superbly comfortable bed without sacrificing the handsome styling of on elegant sofo. Not just a convertible bed, it was designed first as a sofa, than converted to a sleeper. Gone is the awkward look that makes most convertibles look like sleepers, even closed' Featured above: Modern Nite-N-Day sofa. Hides o full size bed with heavy polyurethane foam mattress. Modern convertible with biscuit tufting opens into full size bed. Starting As Low As •rn EASY TO CLOSE' to pick up $23,000 of the estimated $32,000 cost for resurfacing of highway 151 (Seventh avenue) from Ninth to Fifteenth streets in Marion. Highway commission officials said the Marion council, scheduled to act on the resurfacing work Thursday, plans a contract letting for April 4. abe (Crbar Sufitbfi flwtxdlr E*toblt*he<l In 1**3 by Th* Gazette Co ond published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, iowa 52406 Secona Doss Pojtoge paid at Cedar Ropids, Iowa Subscription rates by carrier IS cents a week By mail Night edition and Sunday 6 Issues $2 25 a month, $24 a year: Afternoon editions ond Sunday 7 issues $2 50 a month. $25 a year Other stoles and U S territories $40 a yeor No moll subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service The Associated Press Is entitled e*clu tively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed in this newspa per os well as all AP news dispatches For the Finest in Paints Coming To Cedar Rapids! IN CONCERT! The Bill Gaither Trio and Henry & Hazel Slaughter Saturday, March 16    7:30    P.M. 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