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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa \ I Television Today By Jerry Muck Emmy Telecast Faces Boycott I .OS ANGELES (Al1) -Television’s newly streamlined Emmy telecast has been threatened with a possible boycott by performers, writers, directors and producers who feel it discriminates against regular series. Nearly IOO persons involved in series television voted to send a committee to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to press for a return to the previous system of awarding Emmys to winners in all categories. The committee was empowered to suggest a possible boycott of the Emmy telecast on NRC Television May 28 if the old system is not restored. Mary Tyler Moore, who was named to the committee, said. “I would just as soon not attend. The new system is unfair.” The Television Academy announced a new award structure Feb. 12 which eliminates individual Emmys in every category. * * * Last year in the actor categories, for instance, Emmys were given for best actor in a comedy series, drama series, limited series and in a drama special. Under the new system these winners would receive only a certificate and from among them would be selected the actor of the year. A similar system would be used for actresses, supporting players, writers and directors. Named to the committee to take the grievance to the Academy were Bob Sweeney, producer of ‘‘Hawaii Five-O”, the chairman; John Rich, pro-ducer-director of ‘‘All in the Family”; Allan Manings, producer of ‘‘Good Times”; Lee Rich, executive producer of ‘‘The Waltons”, ‘‘Apple’s Way” and ‘‘Doc Elliot”; Miss Moore, and Fred Price, a set decorator. * * * John Rich, chairman of the session, said, ‘‘What we’re trying to accomplish is not a boycott, but a change back to the old system. Anyone here who’s clutching an award tonight has a perjorative award The feeling of the session was that the Academy adopted the new system to cut down the number of Emmys and make the telecast more manageable, and that the new award structure discriminates against the series.” Norman Lear, executive producer of “All in the Family” and “Maude”, said the original idea of the Emmys was to reward people in the industry for merit and not to put en a show for the public. Jay Sandrich, director of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, said, “As a comedy director I don’t feel it’s fair for me to have to compete against the gentlemen who made ‘The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman’ and ‘The Glass Menagerie’.” Ask Rulinq on Topless TV SEATTLE (AP)—Polite have asked the city attorney whether a Seattle tavern is violating the law by showing topless dancers on a closed-circuit tube. Topless dancing in Seattle ended in 1972 when the U.S. supreme court ruled local governments could ban topless and nude dancing. The city council barred any female dancers “to appear in any cabaret with the breast exposed to public view.” The topless television show at the Second Story Tavern originates in a neighboring room. Lutherans, Catholics Think Papal Primacy No Bar to Reconciliation NEW YORK (AP) •— Scholars of Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches said Sunday that Papal primacy — the issue that split them apart in the 16th Cen tury Protestant Reformation “need not be a barrier to reconciliation.” Poll: 27 Percent In U.S. Approve Of Job by Nixon ,, , .    ,    ,    L    PKINCETON, N. J. (AP) - lea would bo ness amonu Lutherans of tho puWje approva| of rrcsi.lrn, inn juridical," necessity of a specific ministry Nixon.s performance in office aid in its 5,000- lo serve the church's unity and has    wilhin    „„„ I The ( pilar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Mar., I, 197-1 LAFF - A - DAY Lutheran churches more pastoral than the commission said in us a.ouu- lo serve me enurcn s urmy ana has again s]ipp0fj t0 within one word report    universal mission, while Catho-jpoint of his all-time low of 28 I he scholars representing lies increasingly see the needipercent, according to the latest for a more nuanced understand f;aIIur> poll 'n.®.    .^e    r?,e    °(    Papacy    Twenty-seven    percent    of    thof-e U.S. Catholic bishops and the three major branches of Luth eranism in    this    country said j    within the universal church.”    adults polled in two .surveys An official, joint theological)there are unsettled “points yeti The circumstances “make conducted Feb. 8 to ll and Feb commission, after three    years    to be examined,” such as    Papal    possible a fresh approach    to    the    15 to 18, approved of the Pres- of work, concluded    that    there    infallibility.    But    the    report    structure and operations    of    the    ident’s performance, while 63 are “possibilities of    rapproche-    added:    Papacy, ’ the report said.    percent disapproved and IO per- ment” of the once bitter con- It is now proper to ask, in    Voluntary Limits    cent were undecided. troversy over the Papacy.    the    light of the agreement we They advocated a renewed, i^avc been able to reach, that broadened Papal office, “com- our respective churches take nutted to Christian freedom” j specific action toward reconcili-and serving “a large commu- ati°n-’ President Nixon received the mon” both of Catholics and others, including Lutheran churches, which would remain self-governing in it. Pastoral “Perhaps this might involve a primacy in which the0 Pope’s service to unity in relation to WIN AT BRIDGE Accords The U.S. Catholic-Lutheran commission, working since mid-1965, previously has reached accords on early Christian creeds, the ministry, and the “real presence” of Christ in holy communion. However, the churches themselves have taken no action on the findings. Suez Withdrawa Finishes Early TEL AVIV (AP) — The separation of forces along the Suez Canal front was completed ahead of schedule Monday. The last Israeli troops pulled back to new lines in the Sinai desert and Egyptian forces took over both sides of the waterway for the first time since the 1967 war. j I*i*a    Under    the U. S.-sponsored ^ agreement, the Israelis were to 'withdraw to lines 12 miles east of the canal by Tuesday. in time.’ suggested voluntary I,mi-    ,    of    55    nl    of hjs taboos of Papal prerogatives f(.1|()W ^publicans, ,3 percent .md growing use of collegia of ,hc Ip^,K.rats and 26 percent government so that checks and of thow ca||j thcrosclves in. balances in the supreme power dependents may be effectively recognized.” Regionally, the polls have For Lutherans, the repod said ^f^n t^a^ almost four of the one essential is that Papal every ten Southern whites, primacy be so structured and ;a5oUt 38 percent, approve of interpreted that it clearly serve Nixon’s conduct in office, the gospel and the unity of the The surveys have found sharp church of Christ, and that its differences on the basis of reli-exercise of power not subvert gjon) with presidential approval Christi an freedom.”    registering 32 percent among “Both groups can acknowl- Protestants, 20 percent among .... edge that as the forms of the (Catholics and 12 percent among The new report said that over Papacy have been adapted to Jews the centuries “the Pope's claim changing historical settings in The polls also noted that the lo primacy and his exercise of it the past, it is possible that they President’s approval rating was have occasioned violent riis-j will be modified the better to lowest among nonwhites, with agreements. Lutherans and meet needs of the church in the only 9 percent registering in his others have even gone so far as future ”    favor christ’” th0 paP3Cy anti^    Study    of    Peter common Ground The report referred to a J°int $1 Million Haul in Catholic-Lutheran study of the    ^    I Cl I However, the report cited Ca-scriptural role of the apostle    V37emS IS stolen mlipicm’Q now nmnhncic nn I...I__________ Want ads are used the world over to produce desired results! Illinois Officers Begin Strict Speed Policing SPRINGFIELD. 111. (AP) -Sunday was the last day of grace for motorists who are finding it difficult to slow their cars down to 55 miles per hour on the major state roads and interstates in Illinois. State police I began strict enforcement of the lower speed limit at 12:01 a m. Monday By Oswald & James Jacoby Jim: “The code word ARCH Analyze the lead, Review the tholicism’s new emphasis on pcter, whom Catholicism views TrR,N ,,a,v ,AP, _ Twn bidding, Count your winner S|C0lIegially shared church gov.;as |he fjrs( .„ # papa, line m:Xi rn™ with oismls ,n eminent and the mutually deep- which took on added trappings tered the warehouse at Turin en,ng Protestant-Catholic in- through later tradition.    airport early Monday, forced quirt es into Scripture and trad,-, 0f tha, "Petnne function," |two security guards to open the lion as providing a conver- the report said it serves to “pro- safc and escaped with a million fence rn theological understand-mote or preserve the oneness of dollars worth of diamonds and inL, uP pnmacy- .    , J the church by symbolizing unity other jewelry, police reported. We have once again found and by facilitating communi- Investigators said they be-common ground,”    the commis-    cation, mutual assistance or    ijeved    the    thieves had been sion said, adding:    correction and collaboration in    tipped    that    30 sacks of jewels There is a growing aware- the church’s mission."    for the Italian market were in The commission is co-chaired the safe. Barbara Williams by Catholic auxiliary Bishop T. The bandits bound the two wen Mal a vt ii 1 la md'    Austin Murphy of Baltimore and    guards    and    taped their mouths Dies on    Location    the Rev- Dr Paul EmPic’ a Lu-    before    they    escaped. The guards theran leader, of Powder Val-    said it    took    them 30 minutes to RENO, Nev. (UPI) — Actress ley, Pa.    free themselves. Barbara Reick Williams, 42. NORTH 4 65 ▼ Q8 2 ♦ A Q J 8 4 3 ♦ J 5 WEST 4 J 9 7 4 2 ▼ 63 ♦ 62 Ay 1042 SOUTH (I)) 4 K 103 ▼ AK74 ♦ 1075 A A K9 EAST 4 A Q8 ▼ J 1095 ♦ K9 A 8 7 6 3 West Pass Pass Both vulnerable North East 3N.T. Pass South INT. Pass Opening lead - 4 4 and losers. How can I make this contract? is also very like- died here while on location for a film called “California Split”, a family spokesman said Sunday. She was best known for her! role in the 1950s film version ol Television Listings ly to help the defense if they; “car0Usel”. Her death Saturday s‘op to apply it.”    was attributed to natural Oswald: “ ‘H becomes How causes, can I beat this contract? Also Mrs. Williams is survived by (hey seldom get a chance to her husband, film composer 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport Tuesday 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 2—Action News 7 —News, Weather, Sots 9-Wild Wild West • 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6-6 O CIOCk Edition 8-News, Spts . Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots 12--Where There s a Will 13—Eyewitness News 40—Lassie 6:15 12—Inside Out 6:30 2—To Tell Truth 7-Sanford and Son 3—Let s Make a Deal 4—Dusty'* Troll 6—Hollywood Squares 8-Nashvllle Music 10—Bobby Goldsboro 12—Consultation 13—Sanford and Son 40—Great Sports Legends 7:00 2—Gunsmoke 7 -Magician 9- Rookies 3~Rookies 4—Gunsmoke 6—Magician 8—Gunsmoke 10—Magician 11—Special of the Week 13— Magician 40—Rookies 8:00 2—Here s Lucy 7—NBC Movie "I Walk the Line 9—ABC Monday Movie— "Cholos Land" 3—ABC Monday Movie— "Cholo s Land" 4—Here's Lucy 6 NBL Movie "I Walk the Line" 8—Here s Lucy IO -NBL Movie — "I Walk the Line" 13—MBC Movie- "I Walk the Line" ABC Monday Movie "Cholo s Land" Morning 8:30 7 - Dick Von Dyke 4—OIC* Von Dyke Dick Von Dyke Lifetimes? 9:00 7 Medical Center 4 Medical Center * Medic al Center 17 Washington Straight Talk 9:30 17 Theatei Macabre IO: OO 2 Ac lion New* News, Weather. Sat* I yrwtlnes* News Newsbent News, Weather, Spts IO O'clock I aition New*, Spt* , Weather New*, Weather, Spt* Day at Night Lyewitne** New* Newtline 10:30 I (BS Movie Death of Innocence tonight Wide World of I atef fOlnn'ent Wide Wof Id of t ntertalnment Wild Wild West T anight < BS Movie Death of Innoc enc e Tonight David Stmkinrf I onlghf Wide World of I ntertalnment 11:30 4 Rawhide 12: OO ) I ast Word tomorrow I amor row tomorrow I amor f ow 12:30 4 (ounliv Mu*i< 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong 8—Sunrise Semester 7:00 2—CBS News 7—Today 9—Garner Ted Armstrong 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—America Sings 8:00 2—Copt. kangaroo 9—New Zoo Revue 3—Sesame Street 4—Copt. Kangaroo 1—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 12—In School 9:00 2—Joker s Wild 7—Dinah's Place 9—Mike Douglas 3—Kid Power 4—Joker'* Wild 6—Dinah's Ploce 8 — Joker's Wild IO—Dinoh's Place 12—Sesame Street 13— Dinoh's Place 9:30 2—SI0.000 Pyramid 7 Jeopardy 3—Dr Brothers 4 *10,000 Pyramid 6 Jeopardy 8 $10,000 Pvromld IO- Jeopardy 13—Jeopardy 10:00 2- Gambit 7—Wizard of Odds 9-All My Children 3 Galloping Gourmet 4—Gambit 6 Wlrard af Odds 8—Gambit IO Wlrard of Odds 17 In School 13 Wizard of Odds 40 Not for Women Only 10:30 Love of Life Hollywood Squares Brady Bunch Brady Bunch I ave of I Ife Hollywood Squares I ave of Lite Hollywood Square* Hollywood Squares Hr ady Bunch 11:00 2 Young and Restless 7 Jackpot 9—Password 3 Password 4 Young and Restless 6 Jackpot 8 Young and Restless IO Jackpot 13 Jackpot 40 Password 11:30 7 7 v J 4 6 8 IO 13 40 T amor row Hattie Spilt Strand Spill Second Tomorrow Battle T amor r ow Brittle Bottle Spilt Second Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 7 News, Weather 7 News v I yewltness News I News 4 Dick Van Dyke 6 Noon Edition 8 Noontime IO News. Weather, Spts 17 In School IJ News 40 All My Children 12:15 I town rind t ountry IO Virginia I t (orloani 12:30 2—As the World Turns 7—Three on a Match 9—Let s Make a Deal 3—As the World Turns 4—As the World Turns 6—Three on a Match 8—As the World Turns IO—Three on a Match 12—Electric Company 13—Movie 40—Let s Make a Deal 1:00 2—Guiding Light 7—Days of Lives 9 —Newlywed Game 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 6- Days of Lives 8—Guiding Light IO—Days of Lives 12—In school 40—Newlywed Gome 1:30 7—Edge of Night 7—Doctors 9—Girl In My Lite 3—Girt In My Lite 4—Edge of Night 6—Doctors 8—Edge of Night 10—Doctors 40—Girl In My Life 2:00 2—Price Is Right 7—Another World 9 -General Hospital 3—Generol Hospital 4—Prlce It Right 6—Another World 8—Price Is Right IO—Another World 13—Another World 40—General Hospital 2:30 2—Match Game 7—How To Survive o Marriage 9 One Life To Live 3~One Life To Live 4- Match Game 6—How To Survive a Marriage 8— Match Same IO—How To Survive o Marriage How To Survive a Marriage One Lite To Live count both winners and losers, but they certainly can Analyze the lead and Review the bidding.” Jim. “One of the first things bridge players learn is the rule John Williams; mother actress Lorene Tuttle; and three children, Jennifer, Mark and Joseph. The family lives in Los Angeles. Funeral services were pend- Sees Big Soviet Missile Build-Up cf third hand high. Then they ling, learn when to disregard it.” | Oswald- “East analyzes the lead as fourth best. He reviews the bidding and notes that South opened one notrump. East has IO high-card points as, WASHINGT0N (AP) _ De_ does dummy. That leaves 20    washing I un (AH)    ue-, (or West and South and since/ensc Secretary Schlesinger I South’s bid has shown 16-18 says “a truly massive effort’’ West can’t have much. Fur-j in Soviet missile development thermos, it looks as if his king|soon wil, ^ a direct thrcat of diamonds is the only trick1. ., Irc , .    • , ,    . ,    1    to    the U.S. land-based missile the defense can take outside the spade suit.’’    j Jim: “This review and an- Schlesinger said the threat to alysis should be made quickly the I.(HK) American Minuteman because if East wants to beat missiles deployed in undcr- the hand he must play his queen; not the ace. lf he plays the ace South will hold back his king until the third spade lead. If he plays the queen, ground silos would develop before the end of the decade. He said the Pentagon is concerned over four new Russian missiles designed to carry between four South will be afraid to duck and six highly accurate war-and when East gets in with heads, each capable of being the king of diamonds the spade aimed at separate targets. suit will run.” f+CHRD Se*** 13- 40 3:00 2—Tattletales 7—Somerset 9 Love. American Style 3—Love, American Stvle 4 Tattletales 6 Somerset 8 Tattletales IO—Somerset 12—Supervision 13- Somerset 40—Movie 3:30 2 Dr Mo* 7 What's My Line ’ 9 Gllltoan's Island All My Children Tin* bidding has been West Not ta East South 14 I ♦ Pass Pass The bigger payloads of Soviet missies together with the multiple warheads would give the I Russians “on the order of 7.000 one-to-two megaton warheads in, their ICBM force alone,” Schlesinger said in a report to congress detailing U.S. defense goals. Mike Douglas I at toons Bewitched Not for Women Only Bridge F loppy 3 <    4 6 8 IO 12 13 4:00 7 Honanza 9 -Star Trek 3- Not tor Women Only 6 Jeonnte 8 Star Trek IO Bonanza 12 Mister ogers 13 Mer v Griffin 4:30 2 Bewitched 3 Let's Moke OMI 4 Hooon's Heroes ft Merv Griffin 12 Sesame Street You, South, hold * A K 7 6 VA K 7 6 43 2 *k IO I What do you do nos*'' A —Double. You are too strong lo lot West steal the contract at the one level. Your double here is for takeout and you are ready for l»oth major suits. • TOU AY ’N (JI ESTRIN You double and your partner bids one spade What do soil do now? Answer Tomorrow Fuel Con CARSON, Calif. (UPI) - A young Charlatan raked in about $100 during the weekend, convincing 20 motorists waiting in a gasoline line that they had to pay him in advance for the fuel. ... saying it all with a kiss and red roses. MSM \ OI It PROFESSION\L FLORIST WI) KST MUSH V COW KMENT CII \RGE ACOM VI . LEWELLEN Florist. 121 Town & CountryShopping Center 364 2146 KREIS Florist 2424 18th St SW Cedar Rapids. 363 2081 CEDAR MEMORIAL Flowei Shop 4200 1st Ave NE 393 8000 BEZOER'S Florists. 340 Marion Blvd. Marion. 377-1511 4 SEASONS Florist. 3028 Mt Vernon Rd SE. 363 5885 NEWPORT’S Greenhouse & Flower Shop. 2125 Wilson SW. 363-8128 LISBON Greenhouse and flower Shop. 403 East Market. Lisbon, Iowa, 455-2488 PECK'S Green Thumb. 5008 Center Pt Rd NE. 393 5565 WILLY'S Bot al Designs. Inc. 3501 - 1st Ave SE. 363 2675 BLAIR S Flower Shop. 3317th Ave Marion. 377 8239 FLOWERS BY PRESTIDGE. 3415 Mt Vernon Rd SE. 365 7334 NOVOTNY Flowers. R R I; Cedar Rapids. 365 1757 TOMAN Florist & Gift Shop. 615 Center Point Rd NE. 364 8139 PIERSON S Flower Shop & Greenhouse. 1800 Ellis Blvd NW. 366 1826 IM E TO THE ENERGY CRISIS VV K SI GUEST MM (HEHI R F MUA BOB BROOKS REPORTS HAWKEYE 5:00 2- 7- 9 3 4 I - IO 40 Consequent es Dragnet ABC New* Newsteatur es Gllligan I ll ' nut Consequences Munster s ABI News 5:30 2 I HS New* 7 NHC News v eyewitness News 3 AIU News 4 c ii1, News 6 NHI News 8 CBS News IO NHt News 17 I Ie, lr lr I ompnny I I NIU News 40 Newsline Hava you tried Henry’s1 All-American Breakfast? OUR MINU: I Igg. loetl, lilly, left**    SO* 7 lygt tom! Jelly Coft*#    /Sr I fantail*, Syrup, (atte*    3S< 7 font aka*. Syrup, (atte*    60, 3 famoke*. Syiup, loller    BS* Semap* lo, an    J Sr Hath Iraan,    IS* Orang* Juke    70* (eft**. I0« loll, TO, Milk TO, Mor».-Frl.— 6 ’til IO a.m. No Saturday* or Sunday* Henry’s All American Drive In 1115 lith Abb. SYV J BASKETBALL WISCONSIN at IOWA 7:20 PM MONDAY Brought to you by KCRG Sports Booster Club Members THE DICK SCHULTZ SHOW Preceding th* game-Brought to you by Bohemian Sayings I loon following lh* game-Brought to you by Iowa Electric light I Power Co._ Warm-Up, Half-Time and Wrap-Up Shows Brought to you by Steitzer-lincoln Mercury RADIO 1600 Tonight, one great show after another! ajBr a .'Hi l-#r -<v <. ^ my- Evening News With Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner News and commentary served their style ... easy-going, refreshing and complete! 5:30 I Eyewitness News Seasoned pro Larry Hightchew anchois this special half hour report on what has happened today in Eastern Iowa! 6:00 Wild Wild West West and Gordon tangle with pint-sized Or. Loveless (Michael Dunn) who has king sized scheme to conquer the world! 7:00 The Rookies Rookie Terry Webster and three women are held hostage by a desperate bank robber anxious to kill! TV PREMIERE 8:00 “Chato's Land" Charles Bronson stars as peaceful Apache who becomes the target of relentless, ruthless posse! 10:00 Eyewitness News An easy going, complete coverage report .. just what you're looking for in late night news! MYSTERY 10:30 Home For the Holidays An aged man, fearing for his life, calls upon estranged daughters for help! Eleanor Parker, Sally Field, Jill Haworth star. it) TV9 ;

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