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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa PHYSICAL FITNESS TIMEPol in*, Reporter do iii pieta 'Tests (In Section A)LIFE CHANGED IN INSTANTll /l<ic 2(K Paralyzed by (trash (In Section B) Section A Weather— Increasing cloudiness and mild Sunday. Turning colder with rain possibilities Monday. Highs upper Ms. Low IO. VOLUME 92 NUMBER i2 lEbt CITY FINAL 35 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 1971 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES RAY OVERTURNS TRUCK RILL Says Israel,    White House: No Try Syria Gap    ToQuJurY Still Wide Nips Limit On Length Of 65 Feet WASHINGTON (AP; — High And. it was learned last week, White House officials rejected J()hn Ehrlichman, who super-, as “sheerly speculative” Satur-I vised the plumbers unit when he day reports that President Nix- was domestic affairs adviser to on’s attorneys were planning to the President, rejected an offer try to quash a sealed grand jury .to Plead guilty to the same AMMAN, Jordan (AP) A report now in the hands of the charge. Ehrlichman was one of I “very wide gap” still separates chief Watergate judge.    men    indicted    on    Friday. Israel and Syria in Secretary of The offjciais insisted that Nix- Mo**e campaign contributions bill which would allow 65-foot \,('l t    on s attorneys have no plans to|fases- ^he prosecutors alreadyjtwm-trailcr trucks on four-lane DES MOINES (AP) - Gov. Robert Ray Saturday vetoed a for therZlan HSmantSePntw    altempt to block any ,nove by    T    cl,aT- T*”*    highways in    Iowa. tor tne i*oian neignis, a senior    Judge Sirica to tlirn the secret    n,ne corporations and eight cor- American official said Saturday.    repQrt QVer tQ thfi h(>usc judi.    prate officials in connection    . Israeli and Syrian military    Ciary committee now consider-    with illegal contribution.? t0 the    ,oat    although    he    is sympathetic In vetoing the bill, Ray said land diplomatic representatives ing resolutions seeking Nixon’s will travel to Washington later impeachment. | this month to try to narrow the ' gap, reversing the “shuttle di-    Sealed    Report plomacy” that has brought His- After seven of Nixon’s former r* • 11 T * I i singer to the Middle East four top White House    or campaign VAUGHN cl I NQI Ot times since the October war. aides were indicted by    the The official made his com-Rrand jury Friday, the panel with businesses which would gain from allowing the longer trucks, the meagre would benefit only a few Iowa-based companies. The governor said the bill Rome Terrorists WOu,d Provide a Sreat advantage for out-of-state trucking ( Continued: Page 3. Col. 3. Official Reports —UPI Telephoto TALKS WITH VETERANS — VA Director Donald Johnson (left), formerly of West Branch, talks with protesting veterans Saturday in a long-sought meeting in the office of Sen. Alan Cranston (D-Calif.). VA Chief Ta’ks with Angry Vets ment as Kissinger flew into    handed Sirica the scaled report. KUWAIT (AP) — The five firms and competitors at    the Amman for an overnight    stop    in    which the judge said he would    Arab terrorists who firc-bombed expense of Iowa citizens. Jordan after a visit with King keep secret for the time being. n American jetliner in Rome The controversial measure will f algal of Saudi Arabia.    I,    The    Washmgton    Post    reported    last ^cember,    ^    now return to the legislature, Embargo Prospects    h<    acm!    reP°rl    flown    to    Cairo    Satur-    whcre il was doubtful whether :    Nixon’s alleged involvement in    80055• werc I,own 10 Oairo balur 'tho hill had adenuate suooort    to During the five-hour    stop    in    the Watergate cover-up - anole    day for trial before a guerilla livorriL tho veto Riyadh, the Saudi capital. His- heatedly denied by the White revolutionary court.”    j    p_v *_ (.yiminated an- SfCnrS$^«nTt^h ' Arah    offlcials    aRa'n    on    Satur'    Kuwait‘s dcfcnse in,erior other determined effort by pro- prospects for easing I he Arab    day    minister. Sheik Sand cl AbduIIci    truck interests    lo secure    pas- oil embargo against the United .,We kMW wha, basis said the five were handed to the    sage 0f the bill and virtually States. U. S. officials declined to    there ig    f0r    that rep0rt sint>(, Kuwait office of the Palestine    eliminated the    possibility    that give the substance of the con-    fbe    President    hasn«t    Liberation Organization, the    thc 65.fo<>t twin    traiier rigs    wil! vcrsation or say whether His- i/ac * Ktcpr mo nm Af*    i    ..    u.    Mf    *    *    *    • ,    .    u    a    a ua charged with anything,” the umbrella structure of the five be allowed on Iowa roads for at LOS ANGELES (UPI) — A after a two-hour meeting with line for veterans to get infor- protest, and were hopeful for its singer had made any headway 0ff|c|ai added “We’re totalU major guerilla groups.    jeas* another year three-week hunger strike and the veterans and several news- mation on a wide range of sub- future effects.    in getting the embargo lifted. j conndent of the Presidents He said the PLO represent- Present Iowa law allows only sit-in by a small band ol dis- men to consider the veterans jects trom veterans benefits to “in the last three weeks we In Amman, the secretary is| position. As we said before, it ative in Kuwait, AU Yassin, 60-foot twin-trailer trucks and sident disabled veterans ended three-point plan for tho VA. refeiral services.    have    reached    millions    of    peo-    taking    up    with    King Hussein the is one of non-involvement.” then arranged the flight to Cairo 55-foot single trailer trucks in Saturday atter VA Director lo set up a continuing mom- Kovic insisted after the meet- pie,” Kovic insisted. “We have role Jordan will play in the    ♦aa* where top guerilla leader Yasir the state Donald Johnson agreed to con- toring program of all facilities ing that those proposals “make told them the story. We have over-all Geneva peace talks. Of- I long-awaited indictments Afafat arrjved Friday presum.    5    MUes    ()ff sider their demands for reforms including panels to review vet- more sense” than all the official told them there is a veterans fieials said the most difficult ino «>ver-uP case climaxed a abJ    R    dctails    of    thc 20-month investigation by the than all the official told them there is in the treatment of veterans. erans laws under title 38 and to va programs of the past 25 crisis. “The strike is over,” Ron review and update standards, i years.    The    veterans    set March 29. a Kovic, a 27-year-old former r“ create disabled veterans    Hopeful    date    already    set    aside by Pres- marine sergeant now confined centers as alternatives to conv a-    ;ident    Nix(m    for    natjonai    day to a wheelchair, told a group of Ascent homes.    The    veterans were obviously |of recognition of veterans, as a Cheering supporters on the steps *° establish a national hot pleased with the results of theirideacj|ine for Johnson’s official of the federal building in west)    (response    to their demands. No Commitments Made in Ti» va chw tow th* veteran* Los Angeles. “We have won a tremendous victory. “Consideration” “Johnson promised to give ample consideration to our de-    with    (hcm mands, and we will meet within rimo ('muster main intl Liberal party leader Ihorpe told Heath-Thorpe Conference Israel oppose yielding any part    I    ,    •    sought    refuge    there of thc Jordanian west bank cap- 4 irica told the grand jury it    airport attack tured in 1967, particularly east was not dismissed and probably Jerusalem. The territory was in would be called back into ses- ... d.,finjtejv ^ * the ancient Biblical Jewish sion in about two weeks.    “revolutionary    court    ,u    w*    ku    •    , kingdom.    I, Meanwhile, two special grand    Arafat'in his ’capacity as Kay said hc set em,,t,,>nal ! settlement may be the one be-    trial    with    Egyptian    authorities.    I, Tb® w°uld logali“.*2* Itwppn israel and Iordan bo- same 8rand Jur>’ ,hat ‘"dieted    .    j twin-trailer trucks on four-lane cause religious elements in thc ori8»nal Watergate conspira- Tj*\f,ve    10    1    2?*    roads and up to five miles off ,    .    ,    *! tors on vSept 15.1972    custody    e    nce    Dec.    i7.    They    jthose roads to load and unload. Israel oppose yielding any part    P    sought    refuge    there after thel u wouJd ^ aIlQW fhe Jong trucks on other highways de^ig-reporters the five pated by the Iowa Highway will    definitely be    tried by a    Commission. “revolutionary court.” to be set at the start of Saturdays meet- ^ secretary loaves the Mid-    juries are trying to wrap    up in-    n?    ^ra^dt in    capadtv.ks    arguinents aSidc    and weighed zx Mgr£c.n£ jXtKjs    ss:1    ^^ “you have been through diicom-|Bonn and Brusse,s 00 hls way including.    lution.    1 (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) LONDON (AP) — Conserva-no elected government to deal fort and suffering and I certain- h°me to Washington.    The III anti-trust settlement |y don’t want to be responsible! The offlcials- who declined to and whether it was influenced one month in Sen. I Alan I Cran-,w i t h Libera, party ieaderl morpc iota newsmen. No forpro, onging .ha. any longer, •    ^    ^an^no    ™^'und^    1^ ston’s office.”    Jeremy    Thorpe    for 80 minutes undertakings were entered into, He left the meeting quickly: ionger are insisting on immedi- costs of the 1972 Republican na- The protest ended after John- Saturday in an opening bid to 00 e‘^er s*de’    ^a^    a or c aCc0r(i was reached ate |0(aj ]sracjj withdrawal tional convention. Part of that son flew here from Washington. jn officc with he, from^d discuss “themattcrs    lands caPtured in 1967 ^investigation involves whether for the second time in threelformer D0litical foes but each    have ar,sen th,s aftcrn()0n with b°ua,lons or agreement.    october. A limited    first-phase I former Atty. Gen Mitchell and days to meet with the veterans. |sajd m commitments were    his party colleagues over the    TTT!    pullout c^ould reduce    the danger his successor, Richard Klein- Last Thursday he demanded ‘    weekend. He gave no clues to Ngw I PLW'.    OME Hedu the veterans meet with him inj ®    rru . ,    ,    the basis of his talks with IT ,    '    . the VA office on the seventh Results from thursdays clee- Heath.    Needs    Senate    Okay ""or of the federal building But tion were virtually deadlocked    ..Quite tlcarlv    ,, is    in the in.    viAcuivi'TnNi    .ap. Saturday he met with them in and left Britain facing its worst    trrest of the country    that some    in    (At ) — I    ris- their encampment in the thir- political and economic crises government should be formed ” ,dent ^‘xon 00 Saturday signed teen th floor offices of Democrat- since World war ll. Critical eeo-    Thorpe said “It    should be one    ’oblation that provides for    sonic Sen. Cranston.    nomic problems demanded im-    that will unite    the    nation on    ate confirmation    of future    ap- policies. I represent P°,n,m™‘s ,0 «•* posts ct direc-n people who have    and.d?u,y d,rc<;tor Johnson agreed Saturday mediate attention but there was moderate million 24-Hour Surveillance On Marquette Bridge MCGREGOR fear that the old Marquette-Prairie du Chien bridge may collapse at any time, Wisconsin officials Saturday announced Expressing to bourse surveillance facilities. I It will be manned by two Wisconsin state patrolmen. In addition, because officials six million people who have    ,,I,U    u“cv;lu‘ ‘/'.J11! Un l%7 voted for this kind of govern- °"cc Moment and Bud- m.l™‘ h Ret, the White House announced. • Heaths office said the two    .    ,    .    ... leaders discussed •'the urgent , basl ycar-Nixon ve oed a bill need . . . [or an administration ‘hat wotild have abolished the which can carry on the business ^s"10,,a an<! w,ould hav‘' l'r,'a|-of government." lf said bolti cd sln"1;"' pasts r^a»"'8 sen-Heath and Thorpe agreed to * ton irina ion. report back to their colleagues! ^u> version approved by        ....... ................... “to see whether a basis existed    exempts    current    DMH    irder Q0jda ^tMr forms    her new for further discussions,” and    H,oy    Ash and I deputy caf)uu,( q'|u, Syrians Okay $21,500 Budget For Ca mo Good Health A budget of $21,500 for the The Gazette and operated by of conflict while negotiations dicnst. lied to a senate commit- operation of Camp Good Health the C hildren s Home of Cedar proceeded for a wider agree- tee when they swore they had for 1974 was approved last week Rapids. ment.    not discussed the ITT case with bv the camp board of directors. , Mrs. Barbara B. Bjornson, Step Forward    the President.    The    figure is $3,265 greater chairwoman of the Camp Good This marks a step forward in Additonal activities of the than the 1973 budget and re- Health committee, also an- Kissinger’s mediation mission White House special investiga- fleets an estimated increase in nounced the appointment of Mr. since Israeli leaders have bons unit known as the plumb-cost of operating the camp, as and Mrs. Stephen J. Friedman vowed not to give up all the °rs Egil Krogh already has well as a desire on the part of as director and assistant direc-Golan Heights territory seized pleaded guilty to a charge of the board to make the camp tor for the camp. violating the civil rights of Dr. available to a larger number of Friedman, who is now study-Moreover, the official said. Lewis Fielding, the Beverly children.    mg f6r an advanced degree at Kissinger has succeeded in his Hills, Calif , psychiatrist whose Already donated to the camp Loyola university in Chicago, major goal for the current Mid- office was burglarized in an at- fund is $1.738 94 which will be was employed at the camp in die East tour: setting up a nego- tempt to get information about applied to the new budget. Rations forum.    his    patient.    Daniel    Ellsberg The secretary hopes to get the process started by mid-March with the arrival of an Israeli mission to be chosen after Pro- said that it will take five men to that “no commitment was en-’Hifoetor tered into on either side.” Heath was the main loser in Frederic from the necessity confirmation and V. Malek for senate makes no ably would ward. In arranging presum-irrive soon after- (Continued an Israeli Page 3. Col. 4 pull- T od ay's Chuckle Once there was an absentminded nvai who found himself holding the automobile door open for his wife when nobody was even looking. - Copyright Camp Good Health is located on old highway 30, east of its J junction with highway 13. The camp, which has been in existence since 1934, provides a summer camping experience ■for children who would not otherwise be able to attend a I camp. It is supported by donations from subscribers and readers of [Continued on Page 2A, Col. I) Five Governors Report SLA Threats plans for a 24 hour surveillance make the operation succeed. of the span    Crawford county sheriff’s of    ...a.,,    ‘“chances    in the nowers or Hut ins Every    truck crossing the fjcors and Prairie du Chien city (Thursday’s inconclusive election <)f th®ir offja,s bridge will Le stopped and policemen will help out.    which swept away his parlia- checked for rn overload with Robert oiUman chairman of l,u‘ntar>' majority but produced violators coming from Iowa the (:rawf0r(1 county board ofi00 outri«ht winner. The prime being fined and those from Wis* su,M»rvisors; James Peterson mm‘ster was reportedly assured consul not permitted on the Wisconsin state highway patrol of voting help from some Ulster sPaM‘    coordinator, and Col. Lewis Vei-    Buf    vvd) .S,d\.ne'd BOSTON (UPI) -— Five New did not anticipate increasing Maine, Francis Sargent of Mas-,Hcarst announded that he will There also will    be    strict    en-    sand, chief of    the Wisconsin    n >ei.i    suppoi    o    s av    in o    m.    Fngjand governors said Satur-guards, but    spokesmen had    no    sacluisctts and Thomas Salmon    break more than a week    ol forcement    of    the    present    law    highway patrol,    spoke    at    the,    Funnel    Prime    Minister    Wit    day Jbt,y j^ave received letters    other comment    of Vermont.    silence in his daughter's kidnap requiring cars to keep I OO-too I meeting.    son. whose opposition Labor purportedly from the terrorist A spokesman for Connecticut    xn«.»ker\    Vim**    ,n# with a televised statement! The officials said the action |MI,N W(Ul nios< •5l'ats.10 1,u’Syinbionese Liberation army, j Gov Thomas Meskill said Ins    ‘    ‘    Sunday.    He    is    expected    to    ask is spurred because overloaded mu l,ajoami'nl nit tell short of kidnapers of publishing oft ice staff did not open mail Field Marshal Cinque was SLA to resume negotiations: trucks are beginning to roll a ,nilJority. waited at '"T heiress Patricia Hcarst.    Saturday, but that no such com- tlle r.ame used by the speaker for ^er release. again over the bridge.    i',1    ‘n" ,I"’!?    Tile FBI declined immediate    munieation    had been received    un f-‘Pe recordings addressed lo \ spokesman for Hearst    in comment on the aDmtrentiV'Pr*0,r    time.    publisher Randolph Hearst out-    formed newsmen outside    his --    -    •    lining and trucks 500-loot when crossing the intervals intervals bridge. in addition, officials are con-1 sidcnng making the bridge oneway at peak load times. Surveillance Post At a two-hour meeting ut Prairie du Chien, Wis, Satin a majority, waited at bis country home for a call from -Queen Elizabeth ll. If Heath “We arc trying to keep the old fails to form a government and bridge standing until Docent- resigns, the queen would call on ber, one official said    Wilson next to try to resolve the New Bridge    j political crisis. A new bridge, now under eon-! 1''inal ,'U'l'lio" rcs,,lts «ave thl' day morning, Wisconsin oftieial»|stU(.tjon    MjNsissippi b(,.; said that a mob Ie borne will be |w(„, M.ir    t|l. ,„d ^n{, set up on tile Wisconsin side of the bridge as simhi as |>ossiblo (('(ntiniicd Page 3, Col 5) identical letters which at least    Hampshire    Gov.    Mel-1 lining tne SLA’s demands for Hillsborough home Saturday three of the governors said they drim Thomson was the first to the release of his daughter. that he “will make a statement did    not    take    seriously    disclose    receipt of the    letter.    Thompson would not sayjabout 10:30 or ll o’clock” Sundial he    described it    as “a    whether he was threatened with    day morning, threat” from the SLA.    death    or    injury,    but    said    the    Hearst    did    not    indicate    what Philip    Noel The other governors    to re-    mailed threat did include a “de-    he would discuss or why he j .635-seat house of commons, the said    the    letter    addressed    to    him ce i vc    mimeographed    letters    aland that certain things be    would make his first comments before reporters and TV news iii San Francisco,cameras since Feb. 22. Conservatives 296 seats in the Rhode In Mail Island Gov. Laborites 301, tile Liberals 14. was contained in mail opened signed by “Field Marshal (’in- done.” and other parties 24    Saturday morning He said he que”, are Kenneth Curtis of J Meanwhile, Today s Index SECTION A Late N*w*    I,    J,    14 City Hall Nous    I Deaths    I Editorials    I    * Report Card    14 Accent On Youth    14 SECTION B Iowa News    1-11 You and iowa    I Frank Nye s Political Notes    S Television Table Political Calendar    IO Marion    IO Food    It Amidin*    IMS Movies    14-17 Record Reviews    It Farm    ti-lt SECTION C Social    1*19 Around the Town    2 Travel    I* SECTION D Snorts    ll Outooor Iowa    ■ Financial    MI New York Stocks    IO Want Ads    ll    ll Crossword    IO Parade Mata*‘no    114 Comics    IO t I V L’sry *'V ‘ -St ;

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