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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., March 2. 1974 Senate Puts Oft Federal Raise Votes V».*aHINGTON (AP) - The senate, torn by election-year jitters over reusing the pay of congressmen and other high government officials, has put off any votes until Monday. And, under a complex agreement reached Thursday night, it may take most of next week before it decides whether to kill the senate is to take up a resolution to kill the increases. This proposal is sponsored by Senators Church (D-Idaho) and Dominick (R-Colo.) but the agreement sets no time for voting on it. Under a 1967 law, the raises Nixon budgeted will go into effect automatically unless disapproved or modified by either the The corresponding house committee reacted Thursday by ap proving a resolution to kill all the raises if the senate should vote just to block an increase in congressional salaries. Red Cross Visits Israelis in Syria DAMASCUS (AIM Interna- ...v- salary increases budgeted senate or the house.    ..    ,    „ , n bv President Nixon or to ac- March ii has been regarded ,onal R«l Cross representatives copt a compromise    ms    the    deadline    for    action    by    began    viahnR Israel, war pr.s- Thc agreement sets no time,congress but McGee, chairman"1'01'    in    auoidance with the senate post office and lhe agreement worked out by for a final vote and, because of of a threatened filibuster by Sen. Stevens, (R-Alaska! to prevent action blocking the boosts, a j sumption vote was scheduled for Wednes- March 9. day on cutting off debate. The first compromise to be voted on, proposed by Sen. Pong (R-Hawaii) would defer the start of the increases until Jan. I, 1975. but would not reduce the over-all amount. that the a predeadline is On cr Three Years civil service committee. said ; Secretary of State Kissinger, further study has led to a pre-    International Red Cross I Committee in Geneva said its men in Damascus visited 63 prisoners and would see the remaining two on the prisoner Nixon sealed down slightly list in hospitals before the end and spread over three years an of the day. immediate 25 percent increase Neither Red Cross sources in recommended by a salary com-1 Damascus nor the committee in mission he was required bv the ; Geneva had any immediate in-11967 law to appoint.    formation on the condition of The raises he proposed would the Israelis. Red Cross officials Next in line for a vote is a be at the rate of 7.5 percent a have said previously it would be proposal of Sen. McGee (D- j year for three years.    difficult to assess their treat- Wyo.) for a 5.5 percent increase Earlier this week McGee’s ment because five months have this year.    \    committee    voted    to    permit    all    elapsed since the October war Both of those votes are set the increases except those for during which they were cap-for Monday, after which the congressmen.    Hired. Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 2—WMT TV, Cedar Rapid* 7—KWWt-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock l*land 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8 WKBT, La Cro»»e lO-KROC-rV, Rochester I 2—KUM TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO TV, De* Mom#* 40—KDUB, Dubuque GM Anfi-Trust Suit Dropped, Lawyer Says 5.5 Percent Rise —Worship Services— (Continued from Page 3.) 10:45. “Prayer and Witnessing”. Dr. Conrad Thompson. Eve. 7. Dr. Thompson. Trinity—(Mo.) 1303 1st ave. SW. Richard A. Osing, Richard L. Thompson. S.S. 9:15. Serv. 8, 10:30. Sat. 6. Word of God—Deaf — (Mo.) 1363 1st ave. SW. Allan C. Page First and third Sun. of month. S.S. 2. Serv. 3. Zion — (Mo.) Highway 150, Hiawatha. Larry Brelje. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:15, 10:45. METHODIST Asbury — (United! 351 26th ave. SW. Charles R. Mehaffey. S.S., serv. 9, ll. Bertram — (United) L. Neil Townsend. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:30. Bethel—(AME) 512 6th st. SE. George Moore. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll. Buffalo — (United) Blairs Ferry rd NE. Wilber! R. Tru-sheim. S.S. 10:15. Serv. 9. Faith — (United) 1000 30th st. NE. Wilbert R. Trusheim. 5.5. 9:15, serv. 10:30. Free—800 G ave. NW. Wayne Ryan. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Hillside Wesleyan Church — 2600 1st ave NW. Richard Ernst. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:50. “No Need Of an Exorcist!" Eve. 7. “Helpful Hints for a Happier Home”. Wed. eve. 7:15. Kenwood—(United) 302 33rd st. NE. Clifton W. Ellerbeck. 5.5. IO. Serv. 9, ll. “Who Is the Devil?” Lovely Lane—(United) 42nd and Wenig rd. NE. Don F. Maple. S.S. 9:15. Serv. 10:30 “That Dirty Word Commitment”. Salem — (United) 225 First ave. SW. Paul Pfaltzgraff. S.S. 9. Serv. IO. “Two Men’s Discoveries”. Wed. eve. 7. “Towel and Basin”. Sharon — (United) 831 18th ave. SW. Everett K. Burham. 5.5. 9, Serv. IO. St. James—(United) 1430 Ellis blvd. NW. Stephen R. Root, 5.5. 8:45. Serv. IO. St. Mark’s — (United) 4700 Johnson ave. NW. Lee Roy Collins. S.S. 9:45. Serv. ll. “A Few' R. Davidson 10:45. Eve. 7. Church of God Prophecy — 3211 Edgewood rd SW. Michael Boots. S.S. IO. Serv. ll. Eve. 7:30. Tues. 7:30. Covington—Rick Miller. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Church of God — 1101 Oakland rd. NE. A. R. Moslander S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6. Eastview Church of Christ— (United) 310 5th st. I Christian—601 Old Marion rd. S. Shew, Larry R.|NE. Lawrence W. Merritt. S S. 715 38th st. SE. Earl A. Hueb-|Kurth. F nor. S.S. IO Serv. 9, 11:10. J 9:45. Serv “Another Kind of Love". Central Park—(United) 1700 B ave. NE. Allen S. Van Cleve. SS. 9:45. Serv. 8:45, ll. “Bread Through to Freedom”. Wed. eve. 7. “Our World Through Pictures". Christ Churrh — (United) 2000 1st Ave. NW. Robert Bouton. S.S. 9. Serv. 10:10. "Worship in Music and Song First — SE. John Johnson. S.S. IO, ll. Serv. IO. “Acting On the Lord’s Prayer”. Eve. 4 p.m. * Hus Memorial — (United) 2808 Schaeffer dr. SW. George B. McDill. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. “On Putting Off the Devil”. Indian Creek — (Reformed) K.P. Hall, 1001 Old Marion rd. NE. Mark Pett. S.S. ll. Serv. IO. Kenwood Park—(United) 327 35th st. NE. L. A. Chamberlain, Murry Haber. S.S. 9:30, ll. Serv. 9:30, ll. “You Shall Rejoice in All the Good . . .”. Knox—(United) 1525 Hollywood blvd. NE. Floyd J. Conroy. S.S. 9:30. Sen,'. 10:30. “Thy Will Be Done". Olivet—(United) 237 10th st. NW. Francis Roy King. S.S. 9:30. Communion and serv. 8:30, ll. “A Faith for Stormy Times". S.S. Saturday Night 6:00 9 Lawrence Welk 2 Action News 7 News. Weather, Spts. 3 Lawrence Welts 4—Lawrence Wells A Movie (Cont I 8 Lawrence Wells 10 - News. Weather, Sots. 12 —Foils Guitar 13 News. Weather, Sots. 40— Roller Games 6:30 2—Hollywood Squares 7—Untamed World IO—Victor v at Sea 12—High School Wrestling 13—Inside Iowa 7:00 9—Partridge Family 2 All In Family 7—NBC Movie “Green Berets" 3—Partridge Family 4— All In Family 6—NBG Mov Ie- “Green Berets" 8 —All in Family 10—NBC Movie — “Green Berets" 13-NBC Movie “Green Berets" 40- Partridge Fomily 7:30 9—ABC Suspense Movie— “Houston, We've Got a Problem" *S*H 2—M*A* 3 ABC Suspense Movie - “Houston We ve Got a Problem" 4 M*A*S*H R M*A*S*H 40 ABC Suspense Movie “Houston. We've Got a Problem" 8.00 2 Mary Tyler Moore 4 Mary Tyler Moore 8 Mary Tyler Moore 8:30 2—Bob Newhart 4 Bob Newhart 8 Bob Newhart 9:00 9—Owen Mar shall 2—Grammy Awards 3—Owen Marshall 4— Grammy Awards 8 Grammy Awards 40 Owen Marshall 10:00 9 Eyewitness News 7—News, Weather, Spts. 3— ABC News 6—10 O CIock Edition 10 News, Weather, Spts, 12—Chanese Way 13—News. Weather, Sots. 40—Newsline 10:15 3 —News. Weather, Sots. 10:30 9—Mov ie— "Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here" 2 Action News I Movie Flight of the Phoenix" 3 Movie "Counterpoint" 4 News, Weather, Spts. 6 Movie “Quilter Memorandum" 8 News, Weather, Spts. IO Movie "Cra/v House" 13 Tonight 40 Movie “Trapeze" 11:00 J Movie “Khartoum" 4—U F O 8—Movie -“Gypsy" 12 Woman 11:30 12 Sherlock Holmes 12:00 9—Wide World of Entertainment 4—Outer Limits 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7. Ellis Park Church of God — 726 L ave. NW. John Little. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 6. Wed. 8. First Church of Christ, Scientist 1242 2nd ive. SF.. S.S., serv. 10:30. “Christ Jesus”. Wed. eve. 7:30. First Covenant—701 25th st. NE. James F. Lange. Dean Ford. S.S 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. First Open Bible — 1911 E ave. NW. Neal B. Gail. SS. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7:30. First Pentecostal Church — 860 Center Point rd. NE. James O. McCoy. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Tues., Thurs. Eve. 7. Foursquare Gospel — 609 1st ave. SW. Lee Griffis. S.S. 9:30. Communion and serv. 10:45. Federal Study Cites Abuses in \ Funeral Homes WASHINGTON (AP) - A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study released Thursday depicted grieving funeral buyers as captive consumers who spend hundreds of dollars more than necessary. The study said people don’t shop around for funeral services because they are usually grief stricken and because funeral homes rarely advertise prices. It said customers often aren’t told cheaper funerals are available or certain services can be waived. Morticians sometimes misinform customers that things such as embalming are legally required, it said, and charge up to $200 just for cremation, even though the crematory charge is no more than $75. ‘ The funeral industry is characterized by a lack of price WASHINGTON (UPI) - A |former justice department attorney said Thursday that the government prepared in 1968 to file an anti-trust suit to break I up General Motors, but backed away at the last moment. Thomas Asher, testifying before the senate anti trust subcommittee in favor of a bill that would lead to the break-up of GM and other firms so large they dominate entire industries, said years of study went into the recommendation, but Don ald Turner, then assistant attorney general in charge of the an ti-trust division, hacked away from filing the suit. Several weeks after Turner resigned in 1968, he wrote a memo to his successor recommending a suit, Asher said. Nothing came of it, he said. I    ^    « Task Force A task force of lawyers and economists worked on preparing a case against GM, Asher said ,    in prepared testimony, one mortician to another, but ...    ,    .,    . that those who buy expensive A1> a«rood, that, 'ho ' funerals also pay more for ideo- tom°bllf “>dus‘ry ac,ed f a Ileal .services ' provided for monopoly, made money like a monopoly, was unresponsive to consumer demands and desires like a monopoly — in essence, that it had been monopolized and suit should be brought to restructure it so that competi-I    I    ,    tion might at least have a fight- Un Impeachment ing chance,” Asher said. LOS ANGELES (AP) - A call , ''Although the division's .molto congress to institute impeach- ,cl.u, ,    10v0    Gcner- ment proceedings quickly al Mo ors should bo brokon up mid 20th Century plutocracy, they all groped for a ‘legal theory’ which comported with judicial precedent,’’ he said Did Nothing “In the absence of a theory I which met his high intellectual demands, Turner did nothing, proving Goethe’s thesis that ‘thinking is easy, action is difficult; to act in accordance with one’s thought is the most difficult thing in the world.’ ’’ Asher said the experience shows that “shared monopolies which exist when a few powerful firms control an Industiy - will not be broken up by antitrust enforcement and thcrefoie ••it is clear that congress must act if there is to be any action at all.”    . GM makes half the cars, most of the buses and nearly all the locomotives this country produces. New French Cabinet FARIS (AF) - Premier Pierre Messier Friday named a consolidated cabinet, about two thirds the size of its predecessor, but kept the key figures of the previous Gaullist government. I: OO 2—Evil Touch cheaper funerals. Church Counci Asks Fast Action against President Nixon has and that an effort to do so been .ssued by the governing '™uld' more than any other sin board of the National Council of 8|e .aot J?™.™ tbat. an,1',™st can. Westminster—(United) 1285 "Communion Meditation”. Eve. 3rd ave. SE. Dr. John P. Woods. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 9:30, ll. “You Do or You Don’t — It’s That Simple”. Wed eve. 7:15. “James and John". UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Eden—(E and R) 351 8th ave SW. Glenn D. Hunt. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Wed. eve. 7. First Congregational — 361 17th st. SE. Glenn N. Bender, Robert L. Myren. S.S. IO. Serv. IO. “A Touching Story”. Hope — 150 9th ave , Hiawatha. Lyle V. Kuehl. S.S. 9:30. serv. 10:45. OTHER CHURCHES Baha’i Center—Tues. 8, 1810 Ridgewood terr. SE: Wed. 7:30, 2415 4th ave., Marion; Fri. 8, 2773 C st. SW, Apt. A. Bethany Congregational—1300 6th st. NW. Mary A. White. S S. 7. Wed. eve. 7:30. Fri. 1:30. Grace Brethren—2905 D ave. NE. Gilbert Gilgan. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:15. Interdenominational—225 5th ave. SW. A. J. Stokes. S.S. 9:45. Serv 10:45. Eve. 6:30. Thurs. Churches. The group represents Protestant and Eastern Orthodox congregations with memberships totaling 42 million. deal with the ugly realities of Thr> received at the office of the City Clerk in ( the City Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, until ic nine o'clock a.m. on March 20, 1974, and at that time publicly opened and read in The 250-member board of the advertisement for bids for NCC voted overwhelmingly to    ,N THE ^ater    rapids, adopt an impeachment resolu-j By direction of‘S? city council of the tion Thursday, winding up a cedar Rapids. four-day meeting here. board said impeachment needed “to restorp mnfidenrp in the Council Chambers at the City Hall tori iwtuvu IU ivbiurv LOUI lucy let I” SUPP|ying water main pipe for the Cedar1 the office of the President of the;RaP'£?. water Department.    i I Specifications are on file in the office of J United States    City    Clerk    and    Water Department, c    and may be examined at the office of the! “ T hp nrociHpnrv whoso    Wa,er Department, IIH Shaver Road I ne prtbiaency, wnost    Cedar    Rapids,    iowa.    Payment    for Competition, a lack Of consumer nrprnoativpc tho inonmhont    sai(1 wort< wi,) be bv City Warrant within r    ~    *•    pruogdlives me incumCKni IS    fhirtv days atter recejpf ot materials purporting to protect, is not the    ce^f?edb castes *hec\cTftdni*>ndVfo? property of successive Pres- idents blit of tho neonlo and *-'ty of Cedar Rapids, iowa, which sun\ lutnia, uuL ui me ptupit, dim sha|| b(? forfflt(Jd in case fhe bidder fal|Si they arc entitled to an account-, ing without concalmcnt or eva-jWf- >lrtue sta,ulory MMrity sions, said the NCC resolution,    provisions, a preference will be given lo _ ’    ,    products grown and produced within the ., i The resolution cited the Nixon state of iowa.    ...... on V the 55 funeral homes in the J • • i    <•    •    .    No bid may be withdrawn after thei IST u- * iuneidl Humes iii hic administration for engaging in time for Opening bids is passed . Washington arca, “the results    jm    wj    burglary,1    -iVJii’    tBrSluSS    STmiS,^ are in general accord with a    fnr th(1    wrrpt    h„mhin„ February, 1974   _ Arthurs, City Clerk t ■    -I    Published    in the Cedar    Rapids Gazette of justice and the corruption of on March 2nd and 9th, 1974. information and ultimately on the bottom line — a lack of consumer choice,” said J. Thomas Rosch. head of the commissions bureau of consumer protection. Although the survey covered omes in the ‘the rasults 7:30. Islamic Center—2999 1st ave.!*"^" KC,‘CI“L    "‘"j.    °    for    the secret bombing of Cam- advantage to°the SW. S.S., serv. ti =30; prayer, number of other cost studies bodia ^ for ..tho obstructlon 12. Friday prayer 12.    and estimates from around the Meth-Wick Chapel — 12241 country,” the study said.    ,, 13th st. NW. Donald Artman.; Rosch Kaid the commission is electlon Process. beNew Apostolic Church—2930 saying ways to provide more    ~7. Wilson ave. SW. S.S. 8:45. Serv. information to funeral shoppers    i/iswoem    in    r    _________ IO. Eve. 5 p.m. Wed. eve. 8. and make the industry more PARIS (AP) — Dissident Rus-|gjg, chimbenrs,Mcityh Hail, YnV cit* New Jerusalem Church of competitive.    novelist    Vladimir Maxi NOTICE OF HEARING ON PROPOSED PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS AND FORM OF CONTRACT FOR Water Main Pipe for the Cedar Rapids Water Department. Notice is hereby given that at nine of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there will be conducted a hearing on the proposed plans, I The study estimated the cost mov arrived in Paris Friday I    ^    witTthS God in Christ—631 9th ave. SE. H. Bassett. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 12. Eve. 8. Peoples Unitarian — 600 3rd at $1,886 although the cost of the granted an exit visa Feb. 13. ave. SE. Walter E. Kellison. very cheapest ranged from $210--- of a typical funeral and burial for a rest, a friend said. He was &cirdk^SheecoCsttvof0t Ced,r RaPids' . y    as. i. i I 18:45. Serv. IO. “Trophies of Choice Lessons About Disciple-: ship While Walking With Je-    Hllto Community Re. sos Toward Jerusalem .    formed    _    4980    Gordon    ave> St. Paul’s — (United) 1340 Third ave. SE. Arnold Herbst, James H. Riegel, Warren S. Webb. SS. 9:30. ll. Communion. Serv. 9:30, ll. “The Basic Step to Reconciliation”. Eve. 6:30. SW. Leon Aalberts. S.S, 9:45. Serv. ll. Eve. 6:15. Cedar Hills Evangelical Free — West Post rd. and Midway dr. NW. S.S. 9:30 Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. eve., 7. Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel— Shueyville — (United) Rt. 2 3412 Oakland rd. NE SS. ll. Serv. ll. Eve. 7. vVcd. 7:30. Cedar Rapids Friends Meeting — 9:30 a.m. Contact Berle Miller. Cedar Valley Bible Church — 3636 Cottage Grove ave. SE. Reagan Benedict.    'I homas V. son. Wed.    9:30    a.m.    “The    Heal-    Pwighlh'    T*yJor„ S‘?‘ ing Fountain’’    Mrs.    Walter    10.50.    Serv. 9.45.    I he Prob- Cerka.    lem °‘    Headdress    for Women . I Eve. 5:30 p.m. “Belshazzar’s Feast”. Wed eve. 7:20. Leonard Showalter. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Trinity — (United) 3rd ave. 5th st. SW. Ernest W. Larson. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. “The Family Situation Today and Hillcrest Services”. Tom Tillit S.S. IO. Forum IO. Sen', ll. "So You Were in Love”. Salvation Army — 1123 3rd st. SE. Eugene Adney. SS. 9:45. Serv. ll. Eve 7. Seventh-Day Adventist—42nd st. and Edgewood rd. NE. Siegfried Roeske. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll. Seventh Day C hurch of God — (Meridan) 3336 Piairie dr. NE. W. T. McMickin. School Sat. IO. Serv. 11:30. Temple Judah — 3221 Lindsay lane SE. Serv. 8 p.m. Except 1st Fri. of month, serv. 7:30 p.m. Unity Center—1015 2nd ave. SE. Mabel K. Swanson. Serv. 111. “God Is Doing What God ' Is”. to $900.    Too    many    bikes    and    not The study said the quality of enough riders? Sell the extra goods and services varies from ones with a Classified Ad! Dial furnishing Water Main Pipe. At s-’id hearing any interested person; may file written objections to the proposed plans, specifications or contract! form or cost of such improvement and may be heard orally in opposition thereto, i Dated this 27th day of February, 1974. John E. Arthurs, City Clerk Published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on March 2nd and 9th 1974. r TO‘n"    UKC    (LF (CTRADISir3£^ COUNC Kti/nqvto For the Finest in Paints Union Leonard Serv. 9. -(United) Ely rd. SW. Showalter. SS. IO. NAZARINE First — 3113 1st ave SW. Hardy J. Powers. S S. 9:45.! Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. Oakland—1515 29th st. NE. Crawford Howe. S S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Trinity — 1328 K st. SW.: James L. Hayes. S.S. 9:30. Serv. I 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. ORTHODOX St. George— (Sy.) 1202 10th st. SE. Constantine Nasr. SS. 10:15. Matins IO. Liturgy, 10:30. Sat. Vespers, 7:30 p.m. St. John’s — (E) 600 7th st. SPU S.S., Matins, IO. Morning Prayers, ll. St. John’s—(Gr.) 501 A ave. NE. Alexander Anastasiou. S.S. 10:30. Orthros 9:30. Liturgy 10:30. PRESBY I'EKIAN Calvin - Sinclair — (United) Central Church of Christ — 1500 1st ave NW. Penney F. Nichols. S.S. 10:45. Serv. 9:30.1 Eve. 6. Wed. 7. Christian and Missionary Alliance — 1622 42nd st. NE. S S. 9:30. Serv 10:45. David Beck-nell. Eve 7. Wed. eve. 7. Peace Christian Reformed — 6600 C ave. NE. Flail D. Dyke rn a. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Churel! of the Brethren — 1200 Second ave. SE. Dr Wayne JA. Shireman. SS. 9:30. Serv. 10:50. Ministry of Deliverance Church -1510 2nd st. SW. H G DISTRESS FURNITURE SALE Very High Quality at Huge Savings! Some slight removable smoke discoloration. Tablecloths, Cannon flat sheets, Flexsteel hide a beds, portable bar, queen size Knglander box springs and mattress, bedroom type credenzas, large mirrors, various tables and table tops, banquet chairs, wood dining chairs, carpet pad — and more! See at former Collins Radio Plant on Garnavillo Street, Anamosa, Iowa. OPEN I to 5 PM on March 1,2,3 and 8,9,10 Don Stickle    Lawrence Schwers    Frank    Takes BIBLES CHRISTIAN BOOKS GIFTS MUSIC & RECORDS SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES at ti •w BOOK STORE 3519 Ut Av*. Si C«dar Rapids 366 7189 BOB BROOKS REPORTS HAWKEYE BASKETBALL NORTHWESTERN at IOWA 7:20 PM SATURDAY Brought to you by KCRG Sport, Boo,tor Club Mombor, THE DICK SCHULTZ SHOW Preceding the game-Brought to you by Bohemian Savings I loan following the game-Brought to you by Iowa Electric light t Power Co. Warm-Up, Half-Time and Wrap-Up Shows Brought to you by Steitzer-lincoln Mercury HD RADI01600 Tonight, one great show after another! wmHm 6.00 jliiiL Lawrence Welk The happy program this week sings out the Welk family’s life credo, “We Believe In Music.’’ Join their song! 7:00 Partridge Family Beautiful new girl in school drives Keith Partridge to desperation in tonight’s family fun. Shirley Jones, David Cassidy star. MOVIE PREMIERE’ 7:30 “Houston, We’ve Got A Problem” Robert Culp and Clu Galager portray the quiet heroes at NASA Mission Control in engrossing, real-life drama! 9:00 Owen Marshall Jane Wyatt guest stars as mother of young men mistakenly killed by an over zealous police lieutenant. 10:00 Eyewitness News Turn to this report for an easy going, full-coverage, wrap-up of the day s news, weather and sports! MOVIE 10:30 “Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here" Robert Redford, Katharine Ross and Robert Blake star in drama of American Indian's search for identity in White world. 12:10 In Concert Peter Yarrow, linda Ronstadt, Commander Cody and His lost Planet Airmen and the fabulous James Brown among guests tonight! jO lb TU9 ;

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