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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Cloudy through Sunday, chance of show-crs. Lows, near 40, highs near 60. VOLUME 92 NUMBERS! LCI CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA, SATURDAY, MARCU 2, 1074 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES HEATH BIDS TO RETAIN POST Israel and Mitchell-Sians Judge Syrians to    Weighs    Ca// U.S. Talks RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Israel and Syria have agreed to send mi itary and diplomat c M .., . „    , , J .    ... ‘ . .    . N Mitchell and former Com- representatives to Washington within about two weeks to nego- m,’rr'(* Secretary Maurice Stans tiate a first phase of disen- ar(* charged with obstructing gagement In the Golan Heights, justice, conspiracy and lying to U.S. officials traveling with Sec- a grand jury rotary of State Kissinger said Prosecutor ,Iames w Rayhn| Saturday.    executive    assistant U.S. attor- The two sides will    send their    ney, near    the* end of a two-hour representatives separately and opening statement urged the work through Kissinger    in    jurors as    they listened to wit- what was described    as an    in-    nesses to    “put yourselves in the NEW YORK (UPI) The|him to order the trial to con-trial of two former Nixon cabi-1 Tinue. net members began Friday, hut ,n <:vrnt a mistrial is de-...    ..    ' dared, the jury would he ex- it ran into trouble atter just two ,.us(,| anr| a ^ f„rnew tna, hours when the defense called might be set The defense then for a mistrial.    would    he expected to request a Former Attorney General John change of venue. There was little likelihood Gagliardi would dismiss charges, the sources said. the Demos Set Delegation Guidelines Finding on Nixon Kept In Secrecy WASHINGTON (AP) - The Watergate grand jury kept one! tantalizing secret as it indicted1 seven associates of President Nixon: Its finding about the*| President himself. Those conclusions were in a large envelope handed to the judge as the grand jury indicted H. R. Haldeman, John I). Ehr-lichman, John N. Mitchell and four others for conspiring to derail the Watergate investigations. U.S. District Judge John J Sirica glanced at the report and ordered it sealed and kept in the court’s custody “until further determination.” Aidas said he had not decided whether to turn the report over to the house judiciary committee which is studying possible impeachment of the President. Bulging Briefcase A briefcase bulging with grand jury evidence also was given to Sirica and there were reports the jurors had asked that it go to the committee. Sirica banned any statements by prosecutors, defendants and their lawyers and grand jurors. The jury, which had bren hearing evidence for 20 months, was not discharged and was told its    ...    4    ,    ...    ,    4    _    ...    .    .    , . presence might be needed    in    SANFORD, Ma. (AP) — A;into a fire station near Sanford    department of public safety re-    nior officials said, the chance court in two weeks    business man kidnaped Thurs- to ask for help shortly after his    ported Saturday that traffic    was about 50-50 that Kissinger’s    j. tUr. \jcocViinrrtr\n Pnci in    -J    daY was released unharmed release. His car, taken by the    deaths during the first two    efforts would fail and he would    *d    ,    ..    . ..    --------------o—  ---------- story attributed to informed ear,y Saturday after his abduc- kidnapers, was found aban- months of 1974 are nearly 20 have to go home with nothing to wpr^iVtrniiWoft »hoir° ITn candldates- a change over the Help could come either in the sources' said Saturday that the tors were Paid    ransom,    doned    and    free    of    fingerprints.    percent lower than the total for show for the trip except deli-    m    P.h *’    s>’slem under which a candidate forrT1 of a coalition, meaning Tand jun'f secret report de P°Iice *aid    sheriff    John    Polk    said    at    least    the same period last year very of a list of Israeli war pns- ^ th^r    S    and>oftcn *ot V,rtUally a11 * date’s caller party representation in scribed “its belief that Pres-! George Jackson. 52. was freed |f»? men were involved in the; Commissioner Ctartes Urson'oners that_he had in his pocket    had neglected to re- serve feats. They waited Huddle Set With Chief Of Liberals LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Edward Heath arranged to see the Liberal party leader, Jeremy Thorpe, Saturday in the first round of backroom bar* gaining aimed at keeping Heath’s Conservatives in office after Britain’s indecisive election. An announcement from No. IO Downing St. said Thorpe had waquimctom < Am    ti peopled an invitation to discuss WASHINGTON (AP) — The »kp nolitical situation lam Satnr verted shuttle. The Israelis are place of the grand jurors who Democratic national committee day afternoon to arrive first, about March 16 investigated this case, citizens has approved new delegate se-This will probably cause Kis- like yourselves . . .”    lection rules that could lead to a    gaining centered on form' singer to put off a trip to the So- The defense forthwith shouted wide-open presidential nominat-viet Union, where he intended to for a mistrial. The judge sent ing convention in 1976 speed negotiations on a new the jury to lunch The defense The rules, the result of a nuclear arms-limitation treaty, argued its motion. He may also delay a fifth tour of the Middle East. “Outrageous Thing” ing either a minority or a coalition government because no party emerged with the 318 , ,    .    seats needed for a majority in year s work by a party commis- ..    „    c,r „ . . , 1 . y J    \    .    the new 635-seat house of colli sion that compromised on most were approved mons. UPI Telephoto George Jackson with His Wife After His Release Kidnap Victim Freed Iowa Toll Cut After $30,000 Paid BV20 PwMn* •Mr Ravhill’s statement in    T"*’    TI“•<:u Harold Wilson's Labor partv .-vir. na>niiis statement in j-nday by an overwhelming    m..el    «ni    ‘    / dicated, contrary to Your hon- vojCP votP jn the form recom- n most se,at:s^3<)1 llPath s j i I 0    ', recom Conservatives had 296. Thorpe s mended by the party sexecu- modcrate ubrrals I4 anrt othcrs 24. DES MOINES 'Hie Iowa 50-50 Chance Kissinger went to Saudi Ara-tor’s instructions to this jury, bia Saturday to see King Faisal said Defense Attorney Walter five committee a day earlier about lifting the oil embargo.    Bonner, “that because people Thnv retain laree nortions of The secretary scaled the just    like    this petit (trial, jury    th(. ,V972 "Is    that reamed    Help Needed Syrian-Israeli negotiation*1^    >nd>ch’" these two men.    party    procedures, but make sev-    The figures meant that nei- procesi during a four-hour ^a*    llleY    should draw a natural    eraj    important    changes, the    thor the Conservatives nor the meeting with Syrian President inference    from that fact that    main    onp bPing    a proportional    Laborites could form a majority Hafez Assad    in    Damascus    Fri-    these m(‘n    were RuiIt v.    representation system through-    coalition with the help of the day night.    “This is    an outrageous thing    0Uf fhe delegate selection    Liberals alone. Either would At one point    in    their    talk,    se-    do a"d,,his fase should ^    process.    need help (rom the smaller in- dismissed.    I This means 1976 delegates will dependent parties, including P ederal    .Judge I>eo Galliard!    |^p awarded according to the    ^-ottish and Welsh nationalists i!    relative strength of the different    a"d Northern Ireland loyalists. he would consider report “contains approximately 50 paragraphs outlining evidence against the President.” “Specific Aets” The seriDt words. jurors judge went to the tran-and reread RayhilUs He had informed the earlier that an indict- wcre involved in the ident Nixon    was    involved    in    the    26    hours    after    being    abducted    kidnaping.    said 43 persons    died in Iowa    anyway when he set out to    the conspiracy    to    obstruct    justice    in    from    his bakery ingredient    shop    H°*k    sa*d    the    ransom was    left    crashes during I* ebruary, com-    Middle East Monday, the case.”    in this small    central    Florida I in a bag on a rural dirt road by    pared    to 48 during the    same The storv.    bv    Carl    Bernstein    town.    Jackson’s    son. Attempts    to    month    last year. For the    year, and Bob Woodward    said    the “I don’t know    why    they    track the    kidnapers from    the    80 persons have been fatally in-    A    senior    official    said    Israel picked me,” he    said.    drop point    failed.    jured    in Iowa crashes,    com-    and    Syria    are    still    far    apart    in “I was only able to give very! The abduct°rs had told the pared with 98 killed during Jan- their negotiating position. Other limited help to police in describes00 *n a telephone call that they I wary and February, 1973. sources said, however, that ing anything about the wholeiwou*d kill h's father if they I We are anxious to see what Israel is willing to give up aJ”|sonai3|e doubt or lo^ its case. thing,” he added.    Iheard    or read any news ac-|eHect the new 55 mph speed; most all the territory it gained counts    of    the    kidnaping.    At    Unlit will have    on our crash    after being attacked Oct. 6. pro- Polk’s    request,    the news media|record,” Larson    said, “since abided a U.N. buffer zone is    es- “According to the sources. ’ the Post said, “the document cites specific acts by the Pres- “Not Well Known” “My concern was just ment is not a fact but merely an accusation which the prosecution must prove beyond a rea- “Gravely Concerned” ident as well as a theory    of the    lhey might abandon me after    son’s release, case that holds that Mr.    Nixon    they got the money and no one Jackson and    his wife,    Laura, participated in the conspiracy to    would find me. I didn’t think    were working    late Thursday obstruct justice.”    they’d kill me because they had    when two masked men    armed Friday’s indictments indirect- blindfolded me.    with shotguns broke in. They ly challenges Nixon’s version of “The whole time my hands bound and gagged Mrs. Jackson year his role.    were taped behind my back and while taking her husband. She The grand jury said Hal-, my feet were tied together.’’ managed to free herself and no- Jackson said lie is not well tify police. that;carried no stories until Jack- combination of reduced travel tablished and the Syrians thin turned brought about by the energy out their armor and troops in    announced    he    was    ”grn- At 3 p m. the jury had not re-Gagliardi took the delegates by finishing a few government, or through infor-votes ahead of his nearest rival. ma* understandings with the smaller parties. Wallace Benefit    Heath    advised    Queen    Eliza- Every candidate with at least beth Friday evening that he 15 percent of the vote could re- would stay on as prime minister ceive delegates in 1976.    for the time being and attempt Most observers think the new to form a working majority in system would benefit Alabama parliament Gov. George W’allace. who dom- Conservative sources said onstrated in 1972 that he could Part of the justification was that get some support in all parts of the Tories got more popular the country    v°tes than Labor — 11.9 million However, it would force most to 11.6 million. The Liberals got candidates to expand their cf- more than six million forts into more states since thev problem, and a voluntary re-    the Golan Heights.    velv concerned over    the appar- duction in speed seems to have    During his meeting    with    pnt' excesses of the    prosecution 0011,(1 no ,on£er wunt on win played a significant part in our Assad, officials said, Kissingei jp jjg references to the grand reduced fatality totals this brought with him Israels first jury and its functions—his per- proposal on a disengagement of SOnal conclusions as though he ~    forces after talks with Israeli were a witness in the matter— I rotocol Chief    Premier    Golda Meir.    and I will give it    appropriate W A SH I NGT ON (AP) — j Syrian spokesman    said    “the    consideration and    mature re- l’leads Flu deman lied when he swore Nixon rejected the idea of rais- known in Sanford, calling him-! During the following hours, Marion Smoak of Aiken, S.C., thoughts’’ Kissinger broug hi flection over the weekend ing hush money for the Water-jself "a family man not much in- (he kidnapers called the family has officially been promoted to with him were not accepted by When the jurv returned. the gate burglars. Nixon had said terested in politics or making several times to issue their de- chief of protocol by President Assad, who presented his own lyjpc told it: “The government    at or Hsldeman's testimony was ac any kind of a public name for mantis    [Nixon.    views    in ts opening statement made curate, and had given a virtual myself.” ly identical version himself The grand jury also said that the cover-up continued even after March 21. 1973. That is the day the President said he received new information about the burglary and ordered hi? aides to “get the storv out.” Chief Accuser The staunchly Conservative Daily Mail reported that Heath had reluctantly decided against resignation only at the insistence of his cabinet. But some j observers saw signs that the decision had less than total Conservative support GREENSBORO,    NC. (AP)    -    Employment Secretary Wil- Sam Ervin says    he    ,iam WbitP^w, who had urged agrees    with the    White House    ,,ea,h t0 sct,le with ,hc biking (Continued: Page 2. Col 5 ) Ervin: Impeach Only for Crime Police said Jackson walked People Have Changed Minds; I Dislike DST WASHINGTON (API — A Hart Rips Nixon on Privacy reference to the grand jury m*:conten(|on that president Nixon coal mincrs and avo'd (be crisis . which I have told you Mu|d ^ impeached on,v for a election, pled •valence Iou are re- cnmma| of(enSfi    away from dictment if, not ev minded that an indictment is only an accusation. These de-,    _ nationally-broadcast radio antees of personal privacy con *fondants start trial with a clean Iress    I    tamed    in    the    Constitution."    Hart    i    slate    with    no    evidence    against    |    ^fj^i^oun1    to    alteza ,    *    j    em.    u    4    •    j    said.    i    them    A    grand jury does not ex congressional Democrats, Raid The speech contained the re-    .    .    ,    -u.. *    '    “Actions    by    government*    and    amine    the question of guilt. WASHINGTON (AP) - Sena- a tor Hart (Mich.), speaking for address. Saturday    that the administra-    sponse of house    and senate    whjte    Houge    pprsonnp|    dunng    rile    judge    then    sent    the    jury government-commissioned pub-    (jon ^as made an unprecedented    Democrats, to the    President’s    President    Nixon's    administra-    back    to    its    sequestered    hotel    ac- Thc President s chief accuser, lie opinion poll shows that p^.    undermine the eonsti- promise in his State of the Hon threatened the privacy of commodations for the weekend, former White House Counsel pie have changed their minds !    .    ;    „    ,    Lu«»pv Ampripan ”    He    directed Ravhill to docu- John W. Dean, was not among and no longer like year-round    right of privacy. , Union message lo mu e a .-    ^    ^    g    ww    m,,n|    in    wriUng    any    |cca]    n.    regarded as the seven indicted, despite pub- Daylight Saving time    Hart    called on I resident tone beginning on the task of    political meet- cusc he can find in ca.se law for Constitution, said he believes its lie accusations bv Senate Re-1 Asked last month how they Nixon to issue immediate orders defending and protecting tho I TV    ,    1    hi«    remarks    framers considered only .specific publican    Leader Hugh Scott that like it. 51 percent of    Hie 3241that no    wiretapping, bugging.,    rigid of personal    privacy for    t.....j\u,    .......... criminal charges when thev re Dean lied    under oath    persons questioned said    they dis-    breaking    or entering be carried    every American breakin and bugging and the Dean previously pled guilty to like it somewhat or very much, lout by any government agency Hart said he believes that ^f^berr’sf1 plyc,1 r*Vrt°f I)‘,nU'1 rimes and mu a single "conspiracy'count and if The remainder liked it to some without prior court approval.    message contained little of sub- awaiting sentencing. He is ex- degree or didn’t care.    “He    should state without stance peeled to he a key witness in As recently as mid December, equivocation that the label of “Despite all the revelations of -    the pollsters asked people ‘national security’ will not be) Watergate, the President made whether DST should be inst!- used again to hide or excuse no promise to instruct his ad-tuted all year. Given a yes or no such illegal acta,” Hart said in ministration to live up to guar-choice. 76 }mtc nt chose yes    ——- t he a key cover-up trial Bernadette Loses In Ulster Voting Bernadette Hart also noted attempts to use confidential Internal Revenue Service files “to harass persons on a White House enemies (Continued: Page 2, Col 7 t Doubt Mistrial ferred to high The defense, in turn, was demeanors.” given an opportunity to bolster He cited Article 3, Section 2 in writing its motion for a mis- which states: “The trial of al trial    crimes    except    in    cases    of    im Court sources said it wasjpeachment shall be by jury.” doubtful that Gagliardi would Ervin said that ”recognize: declare a mistrial. They expect (that there must Ik* a crime.” flu and stayed Heath’s cabinet .meeting Friday evening So did I just don t think you can im- .... ... J ii a . c '    ., • Wh Maw s political associate, Prncinpnt fnr cnmmhmi? i    » Agriculture Minister Joseph God ber Political commentators stressed Friday that, amid the confusion over who ks to rule Britain, it continues to be faced with its massive international balance of payments deficit and industrial disruptions because of Ma* strike Both problems require urgent action on the part of the government, they said. misdemeanor.” the senate Watergate committee chairman said in an interview published Friday in the Greensboro Record The North Carolina Democrat, an expert on the LONDON Hevlin, in AIM 1969 Similar results favoring all-year DST had been shown in polls going back to Aug 31 The Ma* youngest I P°U|ng organization, the Nation* I/*... ., oi al Opinion Research Center of member of parliament at age zi.    k ■ • rn .a,.,.finn Ma* University of Chicago, did was trounced in a re election    •    . ... .. u ii innn un ni m 'not offer an explanation for the bid but says she ll soon De tam |    ' paigning again GI in Wild Berlin Ride in Stolen Tank Now Mrs. Michael McAlis-key, the Roman Catholic leader ran third in her mid-Ulster dis* ,rKl-    „    ,, , shortage and policies Militant protestants won ll of I „    ^    \ tin- 12 parliament races iii Cl ster. change of tveart. The pi'll is conducted weekly at the expense of the department of transportation to sample public opinion or. the energy Results Federal are provided Energy Office ti** 'hullin'* Chuckle lf you can’t pay at a side walk cafe, do they throw you inside?    (opyrloht Bomb Tragedy NAHA. Okinawa (AP) Two i construction workers and a child were killed and at least 2(1 persons were Injured Saturday I when a buried World war II • ! bomb exploded. BERLIN (UPI) - An American soldier stole a 50-ton Patton tank from his armored unit Saturday and went on a wild 30 mile drive through West Berlin to two East German border checkpoints While East German and Russian soldiers looked on, he swung his tank turret with its cannon around threateningly .several times, West German customs police said. Hut there was no shooting and the soldier, identified by a U.S. army spokesman as Sp 5 William Thompson, 22, of Columbus, Ga , surrendered to his commanding officer, Cap! Thomas Grace of Kimball, Neb . on East German territory. Grace was given permission by Russian and East German authorities to drive up, talk to the soldier and lead him away in handcuffs. “We do not know his motives,’’ the spokesman said. “We are investigating ’’ The soldier gave himself up 70 minutes after he broke through a locked gate al Turner Barracks, home of Company FFF of the 40th armored regiment near American headquarters. “There was no evidence that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” the .spokesman said American Russian cooperation averted an incident at the I b ewit/, highway checkpoint manned by both Russians and East Germans at the Berlin end of the superhighway to the west The Russians allowed Grace, accompanied by American provost marshals, another officer and a tank driver, to enter East Germany to talk to the soldier and return the tank to West Merlin. The soldier raced the tank through West Berlin at 46 miles per hour to Checkpoint Charlie at the Wall. He crossed tin4 East-West Berlin border, drove through a border barrier and came to a halt with screeching brakes at a Communist watchtower at the Friedrichstrassc crossing point for foreigners West Berlin customs police said that, before Eastern border guards could take abaction, he turned around and raced to the outskirts of Berlin to the Drew it/, highw ay, where Russian and East (lei man soldiers cleared traffic to and from West Berlin. In predawn darkness, 15 West Berlin police and Amen can military jxilice radio patrol cars pursued the tank but could not stop it Another tank was sent out to block its passage to Drew it/, but got there too late An American spokesman said there was little damage He said the tank broke through the harrier at Checkpoint Charlie, damaged a sidewalk crowd control railing there and brushed against railings at the Drewitz highway. Officials Freed By Rebel Police CORDOBA, Argentina AIM -Gunfire erupted Friday night between civilians and rebellious police shortly after the police released two provincial officials they had held for two days Officials said at least one person was killed and several wounded in shooting near police headquarters. Today s Index Church 3 Comics 9 Crossword ti Daily Record 2 Deaths I Editorial Features 4 Financial IO Marion IO Movies & Sports 7. K Television 6 Want Ads 10-13 r ;

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