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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The C edar Rapids Gazette: Sat., March 2, 1974 ' MA1I0NAI WtATHt* ««VtCt fOMCASl •» 7AMtS1 Paul Snyd cr Florence Culver Paul Snyder, 85, Inverness,' Florence Iteusch Culver, 63, a Ma., a former Cedar RapidsjCedar Rapids teacher for 30 resident, died unexpectedly last month at Inverness. Mr. Snyder was employed by Business    Men Ask That City Quit Burglar Alarm Business the Cherry-Burrell Co. here before moving to Florida about ten years ago. Surviving are his second wife, Jessie; a daughter, Honor Rohr-bacher, Dunedine, Fla., and three grandchildren. He was nd at Woodlawn cemetery, Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 21. By Mike Deupree . „ ..    , Representatives of burglar years, diet. F richly afternoon at'alarm companies complained the home of her sister, Mrs. Friday the system maintained A W. Salisbury, in Macomb, 111. bv the police department repre sents unfair competition and an invasion of free enterprise by Horn June 6, 1910. at Ottumwa she attended Iowa Wesleyan college and received a degree in;ldy government, public school music from Ober- *n a mee**n8 wbb im, Ohio, college. She received an MA from tile University of Iowa. Buses Delayed, But Service for Elderly Slated She taufiht at Anamosa before jbusinCTS Dining to Cedar Rapids and! yjsok js the city council and representatives of the police department, Robert Visek and Jess Fandel asked the city to get out of the alarm coming ; moved to Macomb five years ago. She was a member of Wesley United Methodist church in Macomb; Delta Kappa Gamma, AAUW, Psi Mu and the Anamo-j sa chapter of OKS. Survivors include her sister crime by making alarms available to small businesses that could not otherwise afford them. When the grant expired, the city took over operation of the system. The police department is now operating 303 alarms on a non-profit basis, with a monthly charge of $6 to each business. Systems purchased from and jersey firm installed by private business, I ' Coldd Compete such as those operated by visek and Fandel, are wired into the Visek, in reply to a question same monitoring board at the by Safety Commissioner James alarms I Steinbeck, said he probably goes to the police department for its monitoring system. Fandel Mid he fee's he has been treated unjustly by the police department. He was told he would receive the contract for installing the 350 alarms in the original grant, he said, but the contract later went to a New $5 monthly to the private com-! Even wjj|1 same rate, how-  UH WEATHER fOlDCAST^ Rain or showers are expected tonight across parts of the mid and north Atlantic states, as well as in the mid Mississippi valley area. Snow flurries are expected in upper New England and in scattered areas of the Rockies. Generally fair weather should predominate elsewhere. president of Mid-1 police (Station as the America Alarm S c r v ice, operated by the city.    j could compete with the city if Marion, and Fandel is president    Monthly    Charge    t,(‘ did not b!iVC t0|.l)ay , 10 '} of Fandel, Inc., Cedar Rapids. „    ,    ,    ^    ,    'dei* to (he pol,ce dcpart- Although they look no scion! Hie police department charges | ment. one way or another, councilmen .    ,    . appeared to be unimpressed by Pa"Jes for eacn a,a™c mi>n ever, he said competition would the arguments presented by the1 e Prwae u cs    be difficult because most bufi- and a brother, John W. Reusch.    business men    have complained bitterly about    ^ mer; would    rather work Two new buses designed spe-l^tH‘ar RaP'ds.    .    the situation in the past because ^ p^g than with a I epically to serve    elderly    per-    lifST‘CeS: Monday at 1 p m> in    “    they say they are, ?nablc • ?    private company. •    1    Wesley United Methodist    The controversy    goes    back to    compete on an equal basis with sons mav not arrive rn Cedar    -    --      h<    Ul church, Macomb. Graveside I a grant from the Law Enforce-Rapids until next December, but I services: Monday at 3:30, Aspermont Asisistance Administration special bus sendee for elderly j Grove cemetery, Burlington, persons may begin within a1 Friends may call at Clugston fu-i month. (LEAA) in 1969 for installation of 350 silent burglar alarms. The neral home, Macomb, from 7 to: program was intended to reduce 9 Sunday. Friends, if they wash,'- --- At a meeting Friday with the contribute to’the American The Weather Iowa Deaths C. R. Students W in Awards at OE Conference board of transit trustees, the Cancer Society. Robinson Charges Banking ■. ,    .    .    He said he felt "oppressed” Vituperates™ alarms and by the police in the matter and said he was told by former iii ..a m m Mr ?'? sTrjyss: sn «« r •“ “i" ITS “S'Sr about the situation, his alarms Anchorage* Atlanta Bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth ... Honolulu Houston Beth* Plaine — Thomas M. Icvck, 87. Services Tuesday at St. Michael’s Catholic High temperatures Priday, low temperatures overnight and inches ct precipitation: 17 02 L. Angeles 70 50 .87 t n 72 47 Miami    7169 I . ’ , 0 . .    ... .5731 Min apoiis 37 js i church. Scripture service Mon-48 40    n. Orleans    75 63    dav at 8 d rn    Hrabck s 73 44    New York    49 36    d f    , 27 23    Phoenix    85 63    Keota    — Edward J. 83 67    Seattle    47 39 .44    mnnrtnpr att    Pownll'g 73 62 Washington 6i4i.io aiounner, OD. roweu s. ^    Clutier — Anna Chalupmk.i.. . Extended Outlook—Chance of 82. Services Monday at 10:30. Moines. and Immaculate Conception church. !fo0nla^anSdUmdTama.7 P'm' MH«> students from Jefferson, Ken-day. Cooler over the period., sneinrviiie — No*I r Ear- nedy    and Washington high (would be disconnected. Approved Alarms Chief 'Anti-Credit Union' i Visek, citing reasons why pri- rain or snow Monday Wednesday. Partly cloudy Tues- RosaJ^ Sunday at 7 P-m- city council authorized using! two 36-passenger buses not nowi in service to provide transport    WIJItJ #11111    ^ tation for older persons.    Edith    Buchanan Meyer, 84. of    va*e industry should take over Tbe buses oil, be   pped    UPI    a|“    U"‘#nS    ^    ! sU.le^    his received    during^'the    aM    -d an employe of Chandler andjcedm Rapids lawyer Friday The Cedar Rapids Democrat.    ^ received awards during the    Serve unU1 two    m,N;l)Uses are    bon for 50 years before retiring    warned that the approval    of Iowa Office Education Assn.    delivered by    Twin Coach    *n d‘Gd *n a Cedar Rapids    Cecil Dunn as superintendent    of state leadership conference    Products Co.    of Kent, Ohio,    hospital Saturday following a    banking in Iowa could jeopard- Thursday and Friday in Des    The company    said it’ needs    bncf lllness’    ize *be future of credit unions    of nine months for delivery.    Born    Sept. L9, 1889, at Nor-    Iowa. The new buses are 31- W?y’ .h~ .mad® ber bome! Sen. Cloyd Robinson (D-Cedar The seven were among some ,    .    Springville    —    Neat    C Highs in the 30s north to lower son, 81. Services Tuesday at,schools who competed. Cedar 40s south. Lows in 20s to lower 1:30, United Methodist church.!Kanjd< award winners were* 30s Monday, cool.ng to (he teens Murdoch^  .....  jbterson    high-Angie    Sehnei- brief illness. Born Sept way, she had made her home new buses are 31- j wjt^ Et passenger vehicles with air-con-| che| [or over 50 ditiomng, tinted glass, safety1 with Ethel Pirie and Eva Hers-1 Rapids) was one of two senators HUL I    ii    A    I    IL... who has served as a former derwriters Laboratory an . credit union manager and treas- '"uke the alarm owner eligible urer. said previous banking sa- tor,.low‘:r '"SU SS. p    b all isn’t the case with police alarms, he said. Steinbeck said the city doesn’t perintendents have done they could’’ to eliminate any mistrust between the unions and,    « the banking interests in the|«*nslder !ho alarmJ ^,Stem a Tuesday and Colesburg —Charles Barn- 90. Hoover-Valentine. and low 20s Wednesday. C. R. Weather High Friday .............. 44 Low overnight ............ 38 Noon Saturday ............ 54    -*■    A    j I p.m. Saturday ........... 64    L/Oe I O    Award Rainfall ..................None Total for March ..........None Normal for March ....... 2.48 Normal through March .. 5.02 Total for 1974 ............. 1.96 hart, 91, a resident of Marion Ider> third, and Janis Astor, the last 23 years. Services honorable mention, data pro-Monday at 10:30, Appleton’s, cessing clerk; Dana Baughman, Edgewood    r; „ r    *•    • Marengo A. B. Patterson,*f 1 r s 1 » information communi- Junior Status cations I, and honorable mention. job application; Kerry Weaver, honorable mention, typing and related I; Patsy : Newcomb, honorable mention, handrails, low steps and other features designed to assist elderly passengers. Twin Coach was the only company to submit quotations on the buses. The company will supply the two for $71,628. Money for the buses was allocated by the city council from federal revenue sharing funds. A committee will maku recommendations next Friday on state. "There’s something wrong who voted against the confir-Mrs. Meyer was a member of mation of Dunn in the Iowa Central Park Presbyterian senate on Friday. Sen. Gene wlth hav,n& the department of church, the American Legion Kennedy (D-Dubuque) was theibankin8 oversee the credit ci r>~( __,    ..    iiininn    rf business, but instead believes it is a crime prevention function. Mayor Don Canney repeatedly asked Visek and Fandel why private companies should be al- Auxiliary, Star of Maine Rebe- other lawmaker casting a dis-dn‘dn reguIati°n in this state, ,    .. t k over the system, kah lodge and Cedar chapter senting vote in the 44-2 vote.    Robinson said. "However, we vc ,ovveu lo    _    J OES.    '    '    been able to overcome this con- Surviving is a stepbrother.    Push    Backwards?    flict of interest in the past be-! Delbert Turner, Marion.    Robinson    said Dunn’s pre- cause the superintendents have jbc police should be involved in Services: Turner chapel east vious anti-credit union stance done all they could to promote prjvate enterprise. at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday by the could push the advancement of good communications."    Canney    said the purpose of Counter Query They countered by asking why Rev. Allen Van Cleve. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. Friends may call at Turner east ^ a a rv    I    general clerical I.    ,--------------   „    —.    ...    ,    _ On AA Decree Washington high — Debbie routes, fares, hours of service antl1 \ Pm- Iuesday. I he cas- n h • r *    i    i    •    J    and other factors of ODcration ket Wlb not be opened after the Community college graduates Opheim, first, general clerical f #h " iaclors ot opc^tion j service    ^ Barometer, falling ........29.681    with an associate of arts degree H; Jo Buress. first, steno- t°‘' tnG twa Dufs- Humidity at noon .........86%land a grade point average of 2.5 graphic I.    |    J accepted by the council he Wind dirprtinn and vpltvitv wiiI now ^ able to transfer into students who won first- plan 'vll! int0 dfict W1,h thc Coe college with junior status. . through-third-place honors in old buses as s00n as P°sslble-P' ’I The change in admissions pol-J Des Moines will compete in Na-j SSun1 rises Surdav 7 39- sun! icy was approved by the facultytional Office Education leader-y’    last    week.    ship    conference in Minneapolis Year Ago Today - High 54 In the past’ a cornmunity col- April 28-May 2. io. ..nintnii . ,’ 11 c g c graduate seeking to    Joanne Lietz,    Washington transfer to Coe had each course, high, will participate in national his transcript evaluated'talent competition. Sue Maas, service. Mrs. Arbie Weiton Ada Weiton, 84. of 1122 Fifth street Reynolds Seeks Demo Nod for Atty. Genera Shellsburg Men Are Jailed on Assault Counts in Terry L. Konicek, 18, and low, 42; rainfall, none Degree Days Friday .............. 33    by the admissions committee, I Kennedy, is state Office Educa-j    ^ /    ^ Total to date .............    5,242    which did not consider the AA    tion parliamentarian, and williC,ary Konicek* 19- both of    route Through March I. 1973    5,!>04    degree status.    participate in the national ses-i 1> Shellsburg, were being held    in Percent of normal year ... 79.1 With the new policy, transferjsi°n-    the Linn county jail Saturday in Total normal year' 6,631 students will continue to be se- Office education teacher-coor-1 connection with an alleged as- fire?    Iec.‘.ed    byu ,he a?Tsions CT:    Bomkamp-    sault on Richard Kvach, 1105 rires    mittee,    but will be accorded    J e f f e r s o n data processing; 9 a.m. Friday. Assistance call    junior status when they come    tary Harker, Jefferson office Bowler street. Hiawatha 57AA T-? I /-» La    M r\    A    WTI?    -    .    J However, Robinson said Dunn, the pr0gram would be ill-served who has served in an interim if the aiarms were too cxpen-capacity in the past, "has failed I sive for small businesses to into show to me” that he would sta|j continue good relations and ‘ Visek sajd be could lower his would change his apparent op- rates if he had 300 alarms in position to credit unions in the service and did not have to pay DES MOINES — James H. state.    a $5 fee to the police department, Reynolds, 35, Dubuque trial law- There are approximately but he said he cannot match the kvttuun. OH OI UA* rinniyer> today annaunced that he 4 5 0,0 0 0 members of crediticity's charge under the present 0 .. f ’‘l Ic' n. d Tre?ar will make his second bid for the unions in Iowa, and Robinson astern. 1 Rapids for. od years, diedA nday. Democratic nomination for at-'said they “represent what can    ------ I evening in a Cedar Rapids nurs- torney generaj    happen    when    members    of    a 1onn    ,    Reynolds    opposed    Richard    community    work    together and Born beb. 28, 1890, at Crocker, Turner< Republican, in the 19721 borrow together.” general election.    Consumer    Code The main fb^st of Reynolds \ *.j cjon*^ make a practice campaign will be a return of' Steering Failure In Pickups Told WASHINGTON (AP) - The National Highway Traffic Safety tcrs, Mrs. Donald Randall of Tucson; Mrs. Irvin Williams of Lincoln, Neb.. and Mrs. Lester  ______ ________________ „    .    ___    _______ Williams of Cedar Rapids; three atg33~n Richmond drive NE. ifrom an accredited school    with    education; Colleen Holmes,    The younger man was    held in    sons, Earl and Lewis of Cedar rrass fire at Rockford road and tbe required 2.5 grade    point    kennedy office education, and    beu °f $1.000_ bond on    a    charge    Rapids, and Paul of Marion; 18 Sixteenth avenue SW.    average (4.0 is straight Ak    Angela Svoboda, Washington of-1°f assault with intent    to inflict    grandchildren; eight great- 7|55 p.m. Friday. I nknown to The policy change was made Hee education.    great    bodily injury and $125 grandchildren, and a sister, Ava 10:0?rpam FridayVe AWaM after a surve>’ of over 100 com'--'b.0nd    °n 3 malicious damage Fletchall of SI. Joseph. Mo engine failure at Cedar Rapids triunity colleges and contacts! Two Are Named to Municipal airport.    with    some two dozen colleges to    Kl    r *    o 11:19 p.m. Friday. I nknown fjnd out ^eir admissions poli-    Nature Center Board junk car behind. 10041    v Mo., she was married to Arbie Weiton in Cedar Rapids. She was a member of the Ellis Park lue .IUd111 Ul neyuuius I **i don’t make a practice of Church of God and the Ladies caP!Paig” "l a rijtur” 'voting against the appointments . . . . . ..    u    . Missionary Society.    pubhc off.ee to the people “For of sBons .    ^    Administration    ays    it    ha(    re- “< -• •-">*■ ssKssxats =•"“«" tS* “jar sa» they stopped and listened to hc deserves ,heir (rus, w a the people say. bls ^ watch him. believe me.” i win rtrucks    „„ The trucks were identified as 1971-72 Chevrolet models C-10, to Eleventh avenue SE.    cies    concerning    the    admittance    Carl    Franks,    631    Sixteenth    av- 1:38 a.m. Saturday. Cigaret of AA graduates.    enue    SW,    and    Dr.    Eugene    Gran- to davenport cushion at 801! It is estimated that by enter-Tvventy-fifth street NE. old’s East, McDonald's Armstrong's Sporting Goods Downtown.—Adv. ♦ * * Honored—Jeffrey Greenblatt, 2160 Cottage Grove avenue SE, has been named to the fall term ling qualified AA degree holders |don’    avenue    SE, have j car from Cedar Rapids to near as juniors, Coe will admit an b*®0 e,ected tw°- and three-,his residence and that Terry additional 20 students in thc!^Ga^* ^ci"ms respectively on the I Konicek hit him and his car board of trustees of the Indian; with a rubber hose. Gary Konicek allegedly I ’!’*%/»    Al__I _.... I I____a I •    I    I W’est, jyear within five years. especially rue of the powerful Robj offices as that of attorney gen- ..conf,ict of j p „ problem;G-10 and P IO and 1971-72 OMC erat, where the office can be- coldd bc a|levialed    models    C-1500.    G-1500    and P- of the uniform consume? credit!'500- ti ” Rm tmW5iCOde- which clearcd the Senatci T h C Safcty adminislratlon ’    state    government committee1 urged owners to be alert to any _ this week and is due for debate | loosemess in vehicle steering of $125 bond on a charge of as- ducted bv the Rev. John Little. Lu,1    tbe    uPP^r    chamber    later this and to seek immediate inspec- sault and battery.    .Burial:    Cedar    Memorial ceme-|„^ Z    SS!"*    j    lion    of the steering system. It ......  j„    „„    •„    .,    He    said    under    the    bill, the also urged owners to report reported the men followed his chapel after I p.m. Sunday. i charge. The older one was held in lieu in Beatty-Beurle chapel — ' Services: Tuesday at ll a m*|«ai<l con-! “j pledge that I will discharge City Briefs I I y wi I w I 3    1974-75    academic    year. and as Astros book tickets, McDon- many as IOU AA students each    *’alure tenter. The appointments bring trustees’ membership to 24. Hiawatha police said Kvach tory. Friends may call at the nilhiir’itv hut will Ho StfTin' S sa‘d under the bill, the (also urged Dorted the men followed hisU™i    ~    !    professional manner i„ keepjng j credit unions would no longer be failures to it. !with Iowa’s reputation (or quali-|re®a d y bankrng defy and common sense."    :partmet.t    and    would have (her —Democrats— (Continued from Page I.) Reynolds was assistant county attorney from 1965 to 1967 and own director. Shot Fired, No , A , /.    / c .    , . Charqes Filed! Adelines Extravaganza Has Beauty in Sight and Sound the I grabbed him and tore the but- ning a ,arge chunk of deIe8ates has been in the private practice in just one primary, such as: in Dubuque with the firm of California’s which gave the no- Reynolds, Kenline, Breitbach, C. R. Man Faces Weapons Charge I tons off his coat. Dennis Morningstar, 26, of 1305 B avenue NFL has been charged Police were rges called ly 20 percent of the needed delegates. Although Friday’s vote makes the rules the official party poli- pretty stiff competition in the J* na,lonal "Caravelle*"    th,.    «K(.    Jskcd    thc    compliance the, dean’s list at    the University of I Magnus tap after a    shot had! Michigan college of engineering. I been    fired into the    air there    By Les Zacheis *    * *    early Saturday; but no    charges j The Cedar Rhapsody    chapter    “Caravelles" and the "New    .. . Don’t miss    the special Fun were    filed.    of    the Sweet Adelines    reeled    off!T^nds”, a pair    of excellent !?    ’ and Games at the Legion on Authorities reported they were opening performance of its quartets composed of members ‘ v,*p Saturday, March 2nd. Games,    told a man returned to    the tap annual extravaganza    F'riday,drawn from the host chorus. start    at 1:30    and 7 p.m., $4,000    with a gun after being    ejected I night in Jefferson high school    The former excelled in its cash    prizes.    Legion Hall, —    and fired the shot after    making, auditorium.    rhythmic, "Beautiful Baby”, Adv.    threats.    i This year’s edition    of the    while the latter shined with the ♦    *    *    However,    the complainant re- show, ‘Tor the Love of Music” reflective, "Love Is a Sale: 1974    Proof Sets, $14.!fused    lo press charges, officers    is    a visL,a| evening    of    beauty    in    Splendora! Thing". sight and sound.    SoIo    I)ance The Cedar Rhapsody chorus, 85 voices strong under the di- J^n Beane appeared — _ rec Hon of Sally Eggleston, was brief- but effective solo dance |?pP,y to, ,state Party activities Thursday again the cornerstone of the J?u|jI|g to ‘^ar^ °* Something —Privacy— (Continued from Page I.) mince, George McGovern, near- McCarthy & Clemens since 1967.    Hist" and use of political spies to    undc,r a    manner    of    convey- ........... . infiltrate    Democratic Cam-'ance” statute for a,,c8edly hav* ,    Daiens    I    inR a .22 cal. rifle fully loaded in Items Taken from    pi“!?*•    r..    .    his    car ,    ,    Many of these actions by our    n,s Ldl- Church Recovered    government    have been defended Police    reported    finding the MANCHESTER (UPI) — An    on 6rounds    of national securi-    gun while    making a    routine review    anonymous telephone call has    ^y> Hart said, "but we have    check    of    his    car    parked in Mo- will super-    led to    the recovery of the taber-    come to understand that there is    hawk park    late    Friday. vise their implementation, to    macle and    a ciborium    taken    a w'de range of constitutional    Morningstar    was    released recommend if changes should    from St. Mary’s Catholic    church    abuses a determined political    from    the    county    jail    Saturday    to be made.    here earlier this week.    operative can seek to have ex-, Hic custody of the community KF(,*rn.H t« Pun.i    Delaware    County Sheriff Bert icused under the comfortable court services.    f Referred to I ane!    EHedge said    the items were mantle.” Many! Chairman    Iiobi?rl    s- Strauss    found    in thc shallow water of a! Hart sa,d the President *- headed    off    a    challenge from the    creek    on the southeast edge of    sough! 1° paint the threat to pri- state chairman by referring to    Manchester    after the Rev. Jus-    vacy mostly in terms of module compliance panel the ques-    tin Kress,    the church    pastor.    crn’ computerized technology, tion of how the new rules will received an anonymous call “Wt‘ bave learned to our regret that, with or without so- Belli Suspended From Practice in a 20% off many others. Jerome's. said — Adv.    --- r    .    Kirkwood To Offer Great wallpaper selection for, u    .    .    _    lltvwll    ociny    Wt!Ui!    —, M. --------- —      _    ,    t Eastern Iowans, Diamond Vogel    Horsemanship Course ^ cornerstone of    the    routmg to "Start of Something    besides delegate selection.    Thc sheriff said two male ju-    phisticated technology, unprin Paint Center, 2704 Mt. Vernon    A new basic    horsemanship    production    Big” by the full chorus    The meeting took place within    veniles were questioned Friday    cipled men can    find ways to in* Rd.    S.E. 365-6901. — Adv.    course will be added to the cur- Immaculately rehearsed    and    Also appearing as guests were,a minimum of discord amid    and they admitted taking    part    vade our privacy.” Hart said. ♦    * *    riculum at Kirkwood Communi-    minutely disciplined, the    large    tbe Harmony Hawks barbershop    calls for unity and compromise,    in the theft.    A crowbar, after all, is a Linwood cemetery, all wreaths ty college this spring.    Chorus    appeared    in    two    sections    chorus,    under    the    direction    of    Hie    rules    require the states to The sheriff said the two were radler simple machine used to I Friday ruled 6-1 that he violated and blankets to be removed    The course is    for persons    0f the program The .stunning    Hen Bjella and Chuck Traylor    establish affirmative action    pro-    released into the custody of    jimmy a door.”    state    rules of    professional    con- after the 15 of March.— Adv.    wishing to take    preparatory    array of costumes provided    the Us repertoire of barbershop    g,ams to encourage broad    par-    their parents, and he said two sa'd that.    if Nixon is sin    duct    by    soliciting    business  --training before entering Kirk-    patrons with an intriguing    visu-    standards was leavened by a    Heipation in the delegate selec-    other boys also    were wanted for    cere' be sbou|d publicly order    through    advertising    or    other Alcoholism Center    wood’s two-year degree pro-    ai spectacle.    moving arrangement of a rnaj-    tl0n Pyocess and in all party af-    questioning in    connection    with    everyone in his administration    means. IOWA CITY — The University gram in horse husbandry, ac- Guests of the evening    were    estic sacred hymn melody,    H'irs.”    the theft.    1° refrain from political spying    It cited,    among    other    things, Several chairmen complained        of    any    kind    and    should    support'ads in the New York Times and that this could result in med- SAN FRANCISCO (AIM -Flamboyant trial lawyer Melvin Belli has been suspended for 30 days from the practice of law in California. The California supreme court _    Guests    of    the    evening of Iowa alcoholism center will cording to Allen Peterson, coor- the "Latest News”, a quartet "Cool Water ”, featuring the fine hold its eighth annual banquet dinator of agribusiness and nut-composed of a pair of blondes, a solo voice of Chuck Worsfold      .       o___ at noon Sunday at the Oakdale ural resources programs at the redhead and a brunette from In- Both large choruses combined dling in their state and local ac- Rico Gov. Luis Marin said that military personnel from spyingiture with his endorsement of campus. A coffee hour starting college.    dependence,    Mo.    forces for a pageant-like presen- ; HviUes.    Ids    country    was    a    dependent    of    on American citizens.    Scotch    whisky. at ll a.m. will precede the noon The course will cover tech-    Well-Balanced    tation of "OI’Man River”, with..... 20 YEARS AGO Puerto a st'Wde passed bill to prohibit New Yorker showing Belli’s pie course will cover tech-    Well-Balanced banquet, which    will    feature    a    niques of horse training, fun-    a smooth and well-blended    v<-‘m    Horsky as soloist    for guest speaker,    Bob M.,    a    damentals of horsemanship, rid-    group,    very svelte in appear-Brand    finale, member of the board of trustees    ing and nutrition-health. 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