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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa PEANUTS SO ME I Am at the BUS 5TA710N UAITIN6 v ce TAKEN TD MOU do these things HAPPEN TD ME ? NOONE ELSE I KNOW IS 60IN6 <> .’v MAYBE IU MEET A BEAUTIFUL OI Si AT CAMP, AMD MAYBE UE'LL FALL IN LOVE AND BECOME CHILDHOOD SUEETMEAP^ 'MAYBE I LL SPEND THE WHOLE TuJO WEEK'S IN BED] with poison oak BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WAI KKR NOV VoU'RE pfcui&EKAmy 6lA MM/N& TMEM £t4UT/ MARK TRAIL Bv ED DODD MOOSE By BOB WEBER OUR WILL se ARRIVING SOOK!/ affy, CHESTER/ MAV I RAVE GOMB OF THAT FRUIT Pouch? OK AV/... one cup/ ... .THBM ^CRAM^y NANCY uxteJU By ERNIE BUSHMILLER PEEWEE, HOW IS YOUR PITCHING-TODAY ? SLUGGO SAID I'M NOT THROWING HARD ENOUGH V HE TOLD ME TO PUT A LITTLE MUSTARD ON THE BALL LUNCH Beastly Answer lo Previous Puzzle • I Be- OW A*' l0H»y ■»! '»»*■.,> L — £FWA*/jg~~ (elOldU At KOSS I Z**t animal 4 Nocturnal flyers 8 African antelopes 12 .Jamaican product 13 Operatic soh) Vex (coll > Australian ratite bird Mexican Eneral It works Pilfer Help 22 (ireat Lake 24 I birlie cask 26 Orating 27 Snow runner 30 More wicked 32 Hts! canopy 34 Venerate 35 (Jet away from 16 Feminine appellation 37 Disorder 14 15 16 18 20 21 39 Elevator inventor 40 lateral part 41 Exist 42 Kuopean finch 45 Musketeer 49 Complainer 51 Former name of Tokyo 52 ((ne time 53 Italian Ka 1 mer event (comb form* Hardy heroine Icelandic tale 57 Light brown OFFICE HOURS DOWN 1 Creek war god 2 Cougar 3 Competitive NI.WSI* NCI K FA IFKI'I 4 Established 5 Sa nil a rat tree 6 Canner 7 Perched 8 Hasp • 9 Baseball team 10 Arm bane 11 Marin** aquatic carnivore 17 Stage whispers Name ( eremomes Hoad edge Iris layer Cupidity Account Military cap Isl \ss\ 29 Angers 31 Weasel I ike animal 33 Furrow 38 Was in a chair 40 locations 41 Homan rooms 42 Small food fish 43 Sea eagle 44 Mythical birds 46 Tear asunder 47 Nm ion 48 Presently 50 Holy Homan (Iturch <1 -alin ah 1 <gg^..... CK. OI Foot ii roo Syaduau. We. 1*74 World n«Ku root rr od. “No use upsetting your vacation — what I want to tell you about your job can wait until you get back.” AMANDA PANDA The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sit.. Jmm 29. lf74 By MARCIA COUR VE B _ The &IU£ WHALE is the largest animal of All -- Vet it F&eps mostly OM SHRIMPS, WHICH AKE VERN small' OVER IOO FEET' STEVE CANYON    _ WZC. oo I    sieve    canion willT FLw    have Hit- '    Pf    SLUE OUR SON ^ I MDU THINK THAT [ SIGNATURE R>\ t> I QUEEN THAJA, k >OU MAY BE KIL IEP Af ANY MOMENT/ Bv MILTON CANIPE I h STORY WILL BE HIS LAST VISIT MARY WORTH f SINCE V you're WORKING, I ASSUME YOU'LL HAVE THE LEASE j\ RENEWER \ PEGG/? AB I SUPPOSE 50, MATT.' FORSE? ON MY SON'S ^AND, IN CASE HF BECOMES CERTIFICATE. * DIFFICULT... ON THE THEN YOU CAN KEEP THE FURNITURE ' I'LL BE LIVING IN FURNISHED ROOMS FOR SOME TIME1 /ERY WELL/ BUT /OU MUST TAKE THE EASY CHAIR' YOU ALWAYS ENJOYED Lit so much ' K ! By SAUNDERS ANO (RNST IT'S MUCH IOO LARGE •• • FOR MY ROOM AT THE CLUB1 SO KEEP, V IT' 1 Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section BUZ SAWYER 5|ltY BUZ' SOMEBOPY ) “ » • *    JC    SEE    you    Ij Bv ROY CRANE GOIOX v<t ’"**rslPCHr COMM UKK Allow 7/WELL, UM... -» BABY SISTER GOT YOU OLD HORSE-    MARRIED AHD I COLLAR^ WHAT OH    . ..UH...MIELL, I EARTH BRINGS YOU / LEFT THEM THE WASHINGTON? A GROVE SO I COULD .11 rn 1 in ii 1 ii rn WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP BUT TM TIRED OR V TRAVELING ALREADY.) COME QUICK/ I WANT A JOB ' A    » anything    ^ Bv WALT DISNEY Jour1 HEY, WILBUR! YOU STILL TRYING TO LEARN TO FLY? WHAT DO YOU MEAN *> .EARNING"? v— "w-T' / DICK TRACY By CHESTER OOULD grin and bear it By Lichty I r- T" 4 V r~ I 8 9 IO ii 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ' rn h ■ ,... I 8 2* : ■ if 28 29 TO SP I 32 33 u 36 I 57 “j ■ 39 I • J rn 1 L 42 ii Pi I P IT 4? 48 48 _ Ll ................. 52 54 56 56 57 UA UL ABNER Bv AL CAPP ANY SPOT Yt?'D IN UOY HOLPIN' TH' . MATCH, WORLD'S DIRTIEST? / ftA^HIN' ROCK M ( ITS TH' WORLDS HARPIST J FORMATION O' DIRT- AH FEEL-a NATCHERAL /'AH CAI NT fSfeAR V . TV) Luarrr*Lj (t _ LEAST WE KIN PO PO TH' * WONDER RASSLER" 15 AX TOMBSTONE JAKE ID WHOMP UP A CUTE LFL MONUMENT FO' Him - BLONDIE "I am too listening! . . You're mad because food prices went up by 7 runs in the 8th inning Bv CHICK YOUNG ON STAGE - WELL, HOW AM I V ’ SUPPOSED TO KNOW UNTIL YOU TELL ME f y^ONlC^ b-7*? J 7 JI L KNOW BUT \ WELL LOOK AT IT, J BITSY® SPECIALTY Bm&! at first i < ie 0opy langur, HAP PRACTICALLY KO \ AMP BILLY 5AM PIA LOGI lf AMP MOW I J MAINLY 6RUNTS... HA Vt MAMS OF IT/ ...so someone J you sew huh? HAS TO SPEAK /OUT OF SORTS, J ... CM, IN THIS SALSA/ / Pf AR... ARC ~ ” AU RIGHT'' BV LRONAROSTARR .. I JUST NS VER \ fT*5 TMF RF AL I/FP HOW COMPANY i CRUPE BARNEY / HL 'fa HAP IS/ _ L k    ff    AR ft ;

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